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  1. Take To The Streets By: Henry Jones Jr. 10/3/18, 5 PM: "Let the people draw and scribble on the walls of our great city to show others of the world a symbol of a culture." . This was said by Raj Pitt, the mayor of Dargen Bluff, this morning as the first annual Day of the Street. The Day of the Street is a day where people are given chalk and are allowed to make graffiti with the chalk without being arrested for vandalism. This day was thought up by the mayor when he was on a walk and saw some graffiti on a wall and thought quote "This is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen". Later the next day he declared today the Day of the Street, after what he thought brought inspiration to the artist. After this was announced people started to prepare for this for unbridled creativity, local arts and craft shops were stripped from chalk, pastels and oil paints. This day has also brought worry to law enforcement as represented by this quote by the chief of police for the city "This is going to be a disaster, how are we going to know when people are using materials that will be washed away from the rain, we are police not artists." We will bring more news on the event after it's conclusion. Pictures of the art
  2. Nation in Europa: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=bergistan Flag: Capital name: Oxwall Capital location: Near a mountain Factbook link: Newsroom link: Culture: I would say it is mix of American and Dutch culture more learning on American. Climate: Temperate, but with well defined seasons Location History: Bergistan was first founded when Variotian settlers settled in the area.
  3. ^ About to take one < Is bad at history v Bought a strip club to act on fetish
  4. Massacre At Holy Oaks High School By: Jose Hernandez 7/28/2018, 8 AM: Today the country is in a state of mourning. Yesterday at 11 AM in the town of Holy Oak, a former student of the school Tim Harenger, age 15, came into his school with a automatic rifle and proceeded to open fire and kill 27 students and seriously injured 13. The massacre ended when Tim was shot in the arm and taken into custody by local SWAT officers. From the information the BCN was able to obtain from the police and multiple of the students of the school Tim was a schizophrenic and social recluse and often posted pictures on social media of him posing with guns. Now in the town the community are lighting candles to commemorate the people killed in the shooting and are planing a rally for more funding for mental health research. The government has also issued condolences to the family of those who have been killed in the massacre. (People burning candles in Holy Oaks)
  5. Let There Be Smoke Says Industry By:Jake Elam 7/5/2018, 4 PM: "Today is a new day" states Paul Henderson after the legislation to institute a more strict pollution agency to replace the PCA (Pollution Control Agency) passed today. This legislation was put into the system because of the rise of corporations finding loopholes within the old PCA standards, the hope with this new agency is to create a more better funded and iron tight way to control pollution from the many industry of Bergistan. The NEPA (National Environmental & Pollution Agency) will be the new name of this new agency and it will take 6 months to convert the PCA into the NEPA. The Industry in Bergistan are taking advantage of this time of converting and looser regulation by releasing more pollution. "we might as well do it while we have the chance" say Eugene Silvermen, the known owner of the Larshek Electronics Corporation. After this statement we were able to reach Mr. Silvermen for a interview. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reporter: "Do you have some time for a interview Mr. Silvermen" Silvermen: "I don't see why not" Reporter: "Why did you think it was necessary to make such a bold reason for your company's increased pollution" Silvermen: "It's this country and all of its goddamned regulation. Its kicking the sh*t out of the industry" Reporter: "How so" Silvermen: "It's by these yuppies complaining about too much smoke, whaat about the envirroment, WHAT ABOUT TEH f*ckING TREES. THEN WE HONEST INDUSTRY FOLK NEED TO ABIDE BY SPENDING ABSORBENT AMOUNTS OF MONEY TO STOP SOME MEASLY SMOKE AND OTHER WHATSITS" Reporter: " But what about the global warming that the pollution will cause" Silvermen: " Oh can't handle a little heat you yuppies" Reporter: "Thank you for your Time"
  6. Gay Marriage: A Perceivable Future? By: Jose Hernandez 6/29/2018 8am: After five weeks of protest from the LGBT community in front of the Congressional Building in Delft, the Consul of Representatives will consider repealing the long standing ban on gay marriage. The vote for the appeal will be held on July 2nd along side with the vote to legalize prostitution. Today at 6am Michiel Ronhaar made a speech on the matter. The Speech was reacted with both praise and hate from both sides of the debate, we were able to get some interviews from some of the audience after the speech. Tom Ushgo Age:74 Occupation: Tacolics Priest Reporter: "How do you feel about this new announcement" Tom: "TTHHIIS IS A TRAVESTY. THESE FAGGOTS ARE A ABOMINATION AGAINST GOD AND NOW WE ARE GIVING THEM THE RIGHT TO GET MARRIED, I DON'T THINK SO." Reporter: "What do think we should do instead of this" Tom: " WE SHOULD FIRST GET THESE LIBERAL FAG LOVERS OUT OF OFFICE AND START SENDING THESE GAYS TO REHABILITATION LIKE WE DID IN MY DAY Reporter: "Thank you, for you input on the matter." Tom:"DAMN RIGHT" Timothy Russo Age:32 Occupation:Iron Miner Reporter: "How do you feel about this new announcement" Timothy: " I feel like this country is heading in the right direction when it comes to civil rights, but it has quite a bit farther to go" Reporter: " What else should this country should do to improve itself" Timothy: " Well I think the government should get rid of the requirement of education for voting #Let the people decide" Reporter: "Thank you for your time" Whether or not this law passes we can expect more changes and remove of old laws with the new generation.
  7. The Free Land Of Bergistan Etymology The name Bergistan comes from the name of the first king of Bergistan Dik Van Der Berg Geography Bergistan is a country that is filled with rivers and forests, but most of the forests were cut down in the past to make room for urban development leaving mostly flatlands filled with grass and small shrubs. Brief History(To Be Edited) Bergistan was founded in 1425AD when settlers from Variota came and settled the land. It was led by Bergistan’s first king Dik Van Der Berg. Under his rule Bergistan entered a golden age; Bergistan was a prosperous trading hub and importing exotic goods to their ports. This golden age ended around the year 1590AD. In 1757AD a revolution occurred because of the high amount of poor in cities starving. This revolution ended in 1544 when the revolutionists won. The government was replaced with the democratic government that Bergistan still has today Government Bergistan is currently a Presidential Unitary Republic. Bergistans president is Michiel Ronhaar and the Consul of Representatives currently has 47 people. Bergistan also has 23 districts. There are 3 branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Executive Branch This branch includes the military, police, and departments for regulating goods and departments for state security. This branch is led by the President, which is the leader of the departments mentioned above. The President may make temporary laws or military actions without the legislative branch, but they may only last for five months. The President may also veto any laws made by the legislative branch. This veto may be overridden by a popular vote from the citizens of Bergistan. The President is elected every 5 years. No foreign born person may run for President. Legislative Branch The legislative branch includes the Consul of Representatives. The Consul of Representatives is comprised of two representatives from all districts and additional representative from the most populated district if the amount of representative amount to an even number. A Representative may propose a law to the Consul of Representatives and then the Consul of Representatives will vote on the proposal and if there is a majority vote then the proposal will become law. These representatives are elected by their home districts every 2 years. No foreign born person may run for representative. Judicial Branch The Judicial Branch includes the Supreme Court, Regional Courts, and District Courts. The Courts are used to handle criminal and domestic cases in terms of the law. The Courts may also give punishments or court orders for these criminal and domestic cases depending on the alleged crime. Criminal or Domestic cases will start in their local District Court. This court is comprised of one judge and an unbiased randomly selected 18 person jury. In this court after the evidence and reasoning is presented by both the prosecutor and defense the jury will determine the guilt or innocence of the said defendant. If the Defendant is found guilty the Judge will determine the punishment based on the crime If the Defense believes that a Districts court’s decision is wrong then they may apply to have the trial redone in the Regional Court. Its structure is the same of the District Court. All High Crimes (Murder, Spying, Crimes against Humanity) trials start in the Regional Courts. If the Defense believes that the decision of the Regional Court is wrong, then they may apply to have their case reviewed in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is comprised of 7 Judges; these Judges are elected by the citizens of 7 areas of districts. These Judges will determine the guilt or innocence of the defense after hearing the evidence from both sides and administer a punishment depending on the crime if the defense is found guilty. Requirements For Voting · Is a Citizen Of Bergistan · At least 18 in age · Is not in prison · Has not been found guilty of a High Crime Ways to Apply for Citizenship Naturalization 1. Establish Residency by applying for a resident permit and live in Bergistan for a total time of 3 years 2. Prove that you have enough of an income to support yourself (Around $19,523 Per Year) 3. Take the Bergistan Citizen Test Jus sanguinis 1. Be born of a Bergistanian Parent 2. Prove that you have enough of an income to support yourself (Around $18,523 Per Year) If 21 years or older 3. Fill out the Jus Sangunis forums Marriage 1. Be Married to a Bergistanian Citizen 2. Present a valid marriage license 3. Fill out the Marriage Citizenship Forum Military Bergistan’s armed forces are a modern force of 134,000 active duty soldiers and 366,000 in reserves. The pride of the armed forces is Dark Orange the highly skilled Special Forces unit of the armed forces. Economy The Bergistanian economy is highly industrialized and heavily led by consumer electronics, machinery, textile products, minerals, arms manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. Demographics 84% Bergistanian 16% other Minorities Culture Bergistanians are an optimistic people who are very patriotic. Bergistanians prefer to use alternative ways of transportation (bikes, trains, bus) and can be usually seen enjoying or watching the national pastime soccer.
  8. I am Bergistan, I am new to the Nationstates role playing community, but I hope to have some good times here.
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