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  1. Take To The Streets By: Henry Jones Jr. 10/3/18, 5 PM: "Let the people draw and scribble on the walls of our great city to show others of the world a symbol of a culture." . This was said by Raj Pitt, the mayor of Dargen Bluff, this morning as the first annual Day of the Street. The Day of the Street is a day where people are given chalk and are allowed to make graffiti with the chalk without being arrested for vandalism. This day was thought up by the mayor when he was on a walk and saw some graffiti on a wall and thought quote "This is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever
  2. Nation in Europa: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=bergistan Flag: Capital name: Oxwall Capital location: Near a mountain Factbook link: Newsroom link: Culture: I would say it is mix of American and Dutch culture more learning on American. Climate: Temperate, but with well defined seasons Location History: Bergistan was first founded when Variotian settlers settled in the area.
  3. ^ About to take one < Is bad at history v Bought a strip club to act on fetish
  4. Massacre At Holy Oaks High School By: Jose Hernandez 7/28/2018, 8 AM: Today the country is in a state of mourning. Yesterday at 11 AM in the town of Holy Oak, a former student of the school Tim Harenger, age 15, came into his school with a automatic rifle and proceeded to open fire and kill 27 students and seriously injured 13. The massacre ended when Tim was shot in the arm and taken into custody by local SWAT officers. From the information the BCN was able to obtain from the police and multiple of the students of the school Tim was a schizophrenic and social recluse and often poste
  5. Let There Be Smoke Says Industry By:Jake Elam 7/5/2018, 4 PM: "Today is a new day" states Paul Henderson after the legislation to institute a more strict pollution agency to replace the PCA (Pollution Control Agency) passed today. This legislation was put into the system because of the rise of corporations finding loopholes within the old PCA standards, the hope with this new agency is to create a more better funded and iron tight way to control pollution from the many industry of Bergistan. The NEPA (National Environmental & Pollution Agency) will be the new name of this new a
  6. Gay Marriage: A Perceivable Future? By: Jose Hernandez 6/29/2018 8am: After five weeks of protest from the LGBT community in front of the Congressional Building in Delft, the Consul of Representatives will consider repealing the long standing ban on gay marriage. The vote for the appeal will be held on July 2nd along side with the vote to legalize prostitution. Today at 6am Michiel Ronhaar made a speech on the matter. The Speech was reacted with both praise and hate from both sides of the debate, we were able to get some interviews from some of the audience after t
  7. The Free Land Of Bergistan Etymology The name Bergistan comes from the name of the first king of Bergistan Dik Van Der Berg Geography Bergistan is a country that is filled with rivers and forests, but most of the forests were cut down in the past to make room for urban development leaving mostly flatlands filled with grass and small shrubs. Brief History(To Be Edited) Bergistan was founded in 1425AD when settlers from Variota came and settled the land. It was led by Bergistan’s first king Dik Van Der Berg. Under his rule Bergistan entered a golden age;
  8. I am Bergistan, I am new to the Nationstates role playing community, but I hope to have some good times here.
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