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  1. @Orioni That's interesting. I've only had experience as a Zetaboards admin previously which was quite simplistic. I've done a bit of reading and I've found a few plugins that look interesting to me: Layout Manager - This tool allows you to separate the text area into boxes, rows and columns, meaning you can format the text without using fiddly tables or unsupported boxes. I believe this would allow Wiki-style factbooks. The Demo link on that page explains it well. Magic Line - Makes it easy to insert new lines in places where it is otherwise impossible, works similar to Microsoft Wor
  2. Would it be possible to allow users to edit the actual source code of their post (whether it's BBCode or HTML+CSS)? It's not possible using the WYSIWYG editor to include a BBCode floating box (or a box at all) because it seems it only understand a more limited form of BBCode, and a box isn't included, meaning Wiki-style factbooks aren't possible on the forum. The WYSIWYG editor also makes other compromises regarding formatting, such as regarding each {hr} divider as being in its own paragraph spacing-wise, inflexible tables, and being unable to choose a more granular font size (or, for that ma
  3. That border looks very reasonable to me, and I have no objections. Time to start buying stock in trans-national railway and border security outsourcing firms.
  4. I would have no objection at all to you being positioned in spot A. I haven't submitted my claim yet, so I may end up in a different position entirely, but my preferred claim is outlined in red on the image below (ignore the blue). If you were located at A, then my preferred borders would simply be shifted to be flush with yours, and expansion for me would be limited south-westwards. This would be a fair trade-off considering the benefits that would come RP-wise from sharing a border with another nation, and I think this outlined claim would have been overly generous anyway. How
  5. 1. What is your country’s general views on homosexuality? Homosexuality is viewed by most as a sexual perversion and social ill. Some of the younger generation and the elites view homosexuality in a less negative light, but these views are not widespread. Homosexuality is represented by the powerful Church and moralistic State as a destabilising force within society. Homosexual individuals who are not successful in hiding or do not wish to hide their sexuality are often shunned to the margins of society. Conversion therapy is legal and, while not funded by the State, is often promot
  6. Thanks, Orioni! I'll have a read through that, and all other help articles I can find. Nice to see some other nations with the same idea, Mauridiviah! Discord sounds very helpful, I'll sign up to it now. And yes, it would be a Republic in-name-only of course.
  7. Dear reader, Welcome to the Boletín Nacional, the foremost source for news from in and around Monvisret. As the only State-sanctioned news agency in the nation, we provide breaking news on important developments as they happen, from which all other news agencies draw. Headquartered in Ellata, we have offices in 15 towns and cities across Monvisret, and employ over 6,000 journalists and support staff to provide premier reporting. Watch this bulletin to receive breaking news and information on all relevant topics such as Finance, Government, Culture, Internation
  8. Hello everybody! I've only ever done forum-based regional RP before, so this is a totally new experience to me. I'm going to write up a Factbook and some news releases over the coming days, still creating the backstory as I go (there's still many basic details I haven't decided on yet - am I a Kingdom with Dictator as Regent like Franco's Spain, or a Republic? I'll have to find out!). Really looking forward to getting involved!
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