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  1. Hey everyone I wanted to see who would be interested in a global adventure on Seylos's new big research ship the HMRS Revelation. It'll be a big one, so we can fit all the international scientists on board and go on for a non stop adventure. Operator: Royal Navy Oceanic Research Division Builder: Norfolk Naval Dockyards Laid Down: June 13th, 2018 Completed: February 4th, 2021 Launched: April 2021 Cost: £450 million | Seylosian Pounds Homeport: Norfolk, Kingdom of Seylos Tonnage: 6400 GT Displacement: 7100 tons Length: 553ft Propulsi
  2. BREAKING: Tarentum Falls Around midday today, Tarentum, the capital of the Social Democratic Confederation fell to Anglian forces. The fighting around the capital could only be described as intense and hellish as each side ground against each other for several days. The heavily outnumbered SDC Army held back the Anglian forces and fought ferociously for the position they were in. Even after the capital was totally surrounded SDC forces fought on and were nearly impossible for Anglian units to dislodge, even with massive air superiority. Eventually though the weight of of numbers and being
  3. I'm on board and look forward to the RP. You filthy barbarian.
  4. We need to start this again, starting in Prymont. CHUD-21
  5. Commodore McKellar took the opportunity after Minister Remmen had finished speaking to stand and address the room. "I am forced to be in agreement with both Dr. Varazzo and Minister Remmen. The presence of an alliance based mainly on military objectives can only cause further issues in moving forward. The EOS would have extraordinary leverage over individual nations within this council especially considering the military assets it has at its command. Each area of Antargis should be representative of an individual nation and their non-military interests. While I understand that TRIDENT aff
  6. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    The team had arrived where the intelligence coordinates had specified. It was just ten miles west of where the heart of the Sentist beast lay, and the factory complex could be seen from miles around. Surrounding the factory was something best described as a thick shanty town where the workers had gathered as there was no proper settlement nearby. They had parked their vehicle just a kilometer from the sprawl and began the approach on foot, wading through the tall unkempt grass that was growing out of control outside the shanty town. The entire landscape felt eerie, an imposing calm permeating
  7. Excitement has been building across the nation as two major events have been rapidly approaching. With the war in Ceris turning radically in favor of the Coalition forces, several Ceris nations with Seylos have been revealed to have been in talks for the past few months discussing the possibility of a supranational union. The idea was first born out of a potential mutual defense pact in its infancy, but with the destabilization of the entire island, many nations have been looking for an anchor in the middle of the brutal storm. It appears that with Sentist attempts to breach Eastern Ceriser de
  8. Tarentum, Social Democratic Federation In the late hours of yesterday, forces from the Anglian Army crossed the bridges spanning the gap between Anglia and the Social Democratic Confederation. Tensions had been mounting between the two nations for some time, however it had been thought that the two countries had finally been able to find some common ground in which to stand. All of this was proven wrong last night when Anglian tanks, which had been on standby, charged over the bridges taking SDC forces by surprise. SDC attempts to destroy the two major bridges crossing the bay were thwart
  9. Hi everyone I wanted to try out something and see if it's something people would like. Though the time frame can be variable, I'd like to post simple summaries of what has been going on in Eurth to keep everyone on the same page. So let's start the first one. March 22 - April 5 2021 In RP: Ahrana: The monarchs of Ahrana take a casual stroll amongst their people. The federal government shows concern over the elections in Delamaria Delamaria: Vice President Van Roose wins the Delamarian presidential election after a contested re
  10. I basically have no choice but to accept this from the European Union as an American. You win you bastard.
  11. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    “So at least we finally get a payoff for camping out here for so long.” Oswin said as he nestled into some bushes. He brought up his rangefinder that included the laser guiding attachment. Command had finally signalled their moment would come, and from their commanding viewpoint they had a perfect sight for miles. From their observations the Sentists had made the disastrous decision to position their limited anti-air assets in almost clear view and sometimes clustered together. Maura crept up beside him, taking up a position to get the best view of their targets, “To think they are givin
  12. Hey I'm just putting in a small expansion request for the future North Adlantic Union to fit in the map update. The MH portion is straight to MH but the Seylos portion will be fast tracked for North Adlantic Union membership. It will be offered NAU membership to counter balance Haru influence there and support the country, now split in half. The Republic of Corinium has a small population of about 70,000 with an Aroman culture and ethic group that inhabits it. It has a modest economy with a GDP of 1.1 billion that derives most of its income from shipping lane access from the Occident to N
  13. Some good thoughts, perhaps a lot of these "landing" sites will be more places they were able to coerce into client status? Or allies that will become intensely dependent on Anglia in the future. And also it was meant more in the way of where the rest of the community would have the most fun with their landing zones.
  14. So to continue on with the New Wurld landing sites, does anyone else have suggested landing areas for Anglia?
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