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  1. "Alright... one hundred Seylosian pounds... will come out to twenty six thousand and eight hundred Tenges." The man in the window said handing her the bills through the slit. Chloe Sinclair took the bills in her hand and turned excitedly to her friend, Merilyn Alberts. "What do you think this'll get me? Twenty six thousand, that has to be a lot yeah?" Merilyn laughed looking at her holding the Tenges up with pride, "I imagine that will get you a hundred quid of things love." Chloe grimaced a bit looking down at her bills before giving a quick smile, "Well it's the first time I've held twenty six thousand of anything, that's something right?" The two laughed before rejoining their group, which had just got out of the airport in Bogd Gioro, @Fulgistan after traveling all the way from Kirkwall in Seylos. Mordon College had arranged some the trip some month earlier, which the Fulgistani embassy in Selbourne had been happy to rush the applications for. Everyone had been excited for this trip for so long, especially since it had been harder to get out of the country recently with all the troubles in Ceris. Parents had been worried that their darlings would get murdered by evil Sentists, or abducted by perfidious Dolch pirates prowling the seas. Of course for Seylosians it had been just about as safe as always to travel, but it had taken until now for normal travel to resume internationally. The group had chartered a bus specially procured for them from the Fulgistani government. Undoubtedly it had been hired to make sure nothing bad happened to Seylosian children as they made their way through the capital, but the school was grateful nonetheless, and all that accompanied them were the bus driver and perhaps the most bored policeman of all time, considering they were probably never going to run into any trouble. The bus wound its way through the streets of Bogd Gioro, everything feeling just a little more chaotic than in Seylos. The two girls stared out the bus's windows as the passing buildings. Sometimes they would pass through narrow alleys, and other times into large avenues displaying the size of the city. "It's so different innit? Everything feels so much more busy." Chloe said glancing back at Merilyn in the seat next to her. "Probably just the old roads? Fulgistan has been around a lot longer than Seylos." "Really?" Chloe said, adjusting herself to look back at Marilyn, "I suppose everything looks a bit old doesn't it." Merilyn rolled her eyes and laughed, "The city has been here since... Forever. Selbourne has probably been around what... a little over four hundred years? Bogd Gioro has been around for like two thousand." "Oh wow, no wonder." "Were you even paying attention in history Chloe? Chloe gritted her teeth, "Not really." The bus came to a stop outside a large wall with the doors opening up. One of the teachers stood up and clapped her hands briefly before addressing the student, "Alright everyone, we're inside Kongque Park, and we've been allowed to pull up right beside the old palace grounds. Now we are going to be escorted by a few of the park's caretakers through the grounds. Before we enter the palace though, we are going to grab a spot of lunch. I've heard they have to very good Jianbing on the street carts." The students hurriedly jumped off the bus, filing out into the open park next to the palace walls. Chloe and Merilyn walked out with the rest of their group and stared out across the massive park. Nearby were a group of older Fulgistani participating in what looked like some sort of aerobic exercises, and beyond them the trees stretched out marked by paths. Of course it was hard to forget it was a park and not a forest as the city was easily spotted on the edges of the park itself. "It's so sweet innit? All those old couples getting out and about." Chloe said giving a smile to Merilyn. "Yeah... it is. I wonder if we'll be like them." "Oh I hope so, my grandparents spend all their time in front of the tele. Sounds like a bore to me to be honest." Chloe said staring out across the park. "By the way, what's a Jianbing?" Merlyn looked back towards a collection of street carts their peers were all flocking to on the outside of the park, "I think it's like veggies or meat or something wrapped in a pancake." Chloe's eyes went wide, "Oh really? I love pancakes, I need to go to more of those Fulgistani restaurants back home then."
  2. It's pretty much in essence the North Adlantic Union. I think you are just labeling it differently on the map than myself. To be fair though, NAU countries tend to be small and difficult to label on the map. I can't see this being an issue.
  3. "Let us through!" A man shouted. The crowd surged forward against the line of Kasekan Militia at the border crossing. Their bare fists slammed against the riot shields the troops carried. The line of militia went back for a moment, then surged forward pushing the crowd back. "Please do not attempt to cross the border. The border is closed to further crossings without a valid visa. Those whom have immediate familial relation to those who have already crossed can be processed and rejoined with their families, any others will not be admitted." A blaring intercom rang out over the chaotic scene. It continued to play out over and over again even though the crowds continued to ignore it. Brigadier Tecuetlaza was near the chaos, directing his small contingent of militia across the hot spots that appeared across the border. What he had predicted had come true, riots had broken out all across the border as desperate individuals trying to make their way to the vastly more prosperous Kaseka we finally denied their entrance. Sadly though it needed to be done. No matter how much leeway Seylos gave when it came to humanitarian matters, they couldn't willfully reduce the quality of life or even endanger the people who were already inside the border, citizen or not. They had taken more refugees than customary, but even with the brilliant use of paid refugee labor to build a sustainable settlement, the thousands flowing in were simply too much. The war in Ceris had drained much of the humanitarian funding, and the simple reality was that Kaseka just was not big enough in land area to accept more people. At the moment, there had been no response from Metzlitlacan border units in a request for assistance. In fact the Seylosians and Kasekans had been shocked at the complete lack of response from Metzlitlaca over the sheer quantity of people crossing their territory to try and make their fortunes in Kaseka. For many in the Kasekan political establishment it had felt like nor more than some political ploy to cast Seylos in a bad light. Help the refugees and incorporate them into Kaseka, it could be spun as stealing the people of Mesothallasa. Turn them away and it could be spun as a new heartless Seylos allowing the suffering of displaced people. Of course for most countries this really wouldn't mean much, but for the Seylosians, of which their reputation relied upon their humanitarian goodwill to set them apart from the other nations of Eurth, it could prove problematic. Still however, they held the moral high ground when no other country was willing to happily accept so many displaced. The situation at the border though was deteriorating, with more and more conflicts with the Kasekan Militia happening daily. ----- FROM: Mahuizoh Maclver, Governor of Kaseka TO: The Government of @Metztlitlaca The Government of Kaseka, and the Foreign Ministry of Seylos come to you in hopes of some sort of agreement that can help assuage the suffering the of people of the Kesekan/Metzlitlacan border. Kaseka can no longer support the sheer quantity of refugees coming through from Sitallo to Kaseka through Metlzitlacan borders. Kaseka has already taken fifty thousand refugees into the territory, which is more than ten percent of the population of the city already present. Still however tens of thousands are trying to cross the borders in hopes of trying to make their way to Kaseka, something we can no longer afford to do. We have seen little action from your military forces to help control this and ask directly for their assistance to control the numbers trying to make their way into the city. Kaseka and Seylos wish only to cooperate in peace with Metzlitlaca and hope your government can come to use with a solution soon before the situation spirals out of control.
  4. Europan News Network Last Free Azanian Nations Fall TAGMATIKA, Tagmatium -- The OCA has finally overcome the last desperate defenses of the free Azanian nations, marking a startling turn of events as almost all of Western Europa has fallen to Anglia and their OCA allies. The only unaligned nations still standing are @Tagmatium Rules, @Haruspex, and the @Gallambrian protectorate of Bashan. Occupations have begun in earnest throughout the region with reports of massive reconstruction of the basic societal institutions Azanians are used to. Anglia has opted not to directly annex most of the territory it has taken during its campaign, directly taking only a small portion of Wajoka, known colloquially as the 'Dragonryders', in the north which is known to be rich in oil reserves. Several OCA members have claimed annexations for themselves, while there are talks of building puppet nations under the control of the alliance. As of now the map of Azania hasn't taken form yet. Still resistance to this occupation has continued, with bands of fighters throughout the conquered nations waging desperate guerilla wars against their new occupiers. Earlier in the war, the Ryderian government was rushed out of the country in dramatic fashion while being chased by the Anglian Navy and rescued by the timely arrival of Seylosian ships. Rumors have also appears of Haruspexian occupation in Cabarria though reports have not been substantiated as of yet. Global Response The world has been quick to respond and statements from several nations will be featured below: "The world is falling into a dark, dark time" -Premier Nažreković of @Sanarija "I speak on behalf of the Rhodellian government when I strongly condemn the abhorrent actions of Anglia and its allies in recent months. The situation in Western Europa is tragic and regrettable. The imperialism and military expansionism that has defined past centuries has no place in the 21st century. Anglia must cease its aggressive expansionism at once; it must respect the sovereignty and independence of Azanian nations; and it must immediately withdraw its armed forces back to its own internationally recognized borders. This unjust war of conquest must come to an immediate end, so that peace, diplomacy, and stability may once again return to the region." - Philip Seymour, Prime Minister of @Rhodellia, Head of the Rhodellian Socialist Party “The totality of the government of Metztlitlaca, in the Dominion Courts and in both legislative bodies of the government, have agreed to deeply condemn the continued aggression of Anglia across Europa and the greater Adlantic area. Such hostility only reminds those across the Adlantic of the previous historic attempts by the Anglians to secure power through violence and bloodshed. And like those attempts before they will ultimately fail. Such violence will only bring an era of instability to the region and further regress the attempts to reestablish functioning societies after the Europan Financial Collapse.” - @Metztlitlaca Priest of Foreign Affairs "Ebrary sends its prayers out to all those impacted by Anglian aggression. Europa is just across the water from us, and a stable Europa means a more prosperous Ebrary. We must particularly pray for our friends in Tagmatium, who must make very tough decisions concerning this situation." - Government of @Ebrary “The Government of the Stedorian People’s Republic strongly condemns the imperialist course of action taken by the Anglian government. Sovereignty and independence is the desire of all nations and peoples, upon which the Anglian government have spat in the face of. All imperialist and expansionist military action by Anglia’s government must cease immediately. Stability and peace must be maintained within Europe lest its people suffer immensely and pointlessly.” -Government of @Stedoria “It deeply troubles me that such a great historic continent has crumbled to such a deeply ill-intentioned expansionist force as the Anglians, as they trample out most of the last holdouts for freedom in western Europa. What troubles me further, however, is the potential repercussions for the success of an expansionist force like Anglia among other aggressively expansionist nations who see the success found in Anglia and study it in hopes of replicating it in the future. This ugly Anglian beast must be slain, lest the world fall under the oppressive boots of expansionist powers like it.” - Linus Albertsson, President of @Fina “The aggression demonstrated by the Anglian nation shall not stand. As of today, Chief Executive LaCroix has instituted a groundbreaking embargo against the state of Anglia, forbidding private and government entities from selling or purchasing goods from any Anglian entity. The people of the Hinterlands, and this government, hope for the swift restoration of the liberty of self governance to all peoples under oppression by the Anglian war machine.” - @Hinterlands Parliament Tower press release “The Hemahatik State hereby condemns the imperialistic actions of the Kingdom of Great Anglia in its war against the free peoples of Europa and Azania. Their actions against the nations of Azania have been aggressive conquests that the Hemahatik people can only respond to with disgust at the aggressors and solidarity with the defenders. The Government of Hemahat demands that Anglia immediately withdraw from their occupied territories. Otherwise, the Government of Hemahat offers its moral support to the currently oppressed people of Azania.” - Heptuin Aymed, President of the Republic of @Hemahat "Angleiki ministers and rulers are welcomed to the gilt halls of imperium. In this way they follow in the footsteps of great Arhomaneia long ago: a laudable show of strength. However, these ministers and rulers would also be obliged to recall the fate of all imperium, which always arrives, regardless of how long this takes. [...] As Aurelians and Arhomanoi, we pray that the suffering is not prolonged. The hands and eyes of the New Wurld have not been idle. That will be all." - Chrysanthe Stamatis, Exarcha tou Taurapetra of @Kirvina "The people of Fravina are devastated and apalled at the imperialistic expansion of the Anglian state. It is the most important right for all peoples to have a free government chosen by and for its citizens. However, the Anglian brutes are ignoring this first right of mankind. They have caused death and destruction, heartbreak and suffering all over Europa. There is no greater pain than what the Anglian menace has caused and will continue to cause if left unstopped. It is the greatest hope of the Fravi people to see that peace and stability are restored to our comrades just across the sea." - The Government of @Fravina "The Socialist Federal Republic of Volta condemns in the harshest and strongest possible terms the Anglian invasions and occupations. Such acts are not consistent with international law nor with international norms. They are a threat to global peace and stability. Anglia's aggression is a threat to all, not just a select few countries. As such, we no longer can afford to do nothing. Should Anglia continue down this destructive path, Volta will have no choice but to respond appropriately." - Ernst Krenz, Chancellor of the Socialist Federal Republic of @Volta "In the end, it won't bode well for the empire that lives in the past and not the present and future. But we are just Oyusards that have withstood the test of time, who are we to question Mr. Creighton?" -Remark made by Queen Maisie of @Oyus "Every night I pray for the brave defenders of Europa fighting against the new empire. Until the Anglish imperialism is halted, no country in the world that chooses not to cooperate with this criminal regime will be safe. In this situation, however, neither earnest prayers nor economic sanctions are measures severe enough. To stop this expansionist regime, to restore and preserve the rightful sovereignty of the oppressed peoples of Europa, all free nations of the Wurld must unite and take immediate military action!" -Government of @Grenesia "Seylos has gone down the dark road that Anglia has seen fit to travel down. The Mandate will forever be a dark scar in the history of this great nation, a scar that seems to have become a fresh wound again with the rise of this 'Anglian Empire'. We implore the nations of the OCA and Great Anglia to cease their aggression against our Europan brethren, and cease your attempts to gain favor in the New Wurld. Seylos never wants war, but it has become clear that Anglia seeks only that path. Let it be known, despite our common heritage, the Kingdom of Seylos and her allies will never join your corrupted empire." -King Aidan Redmond of @Seylos “Salvia continues to condemn Anglian expansion as an unjust war that has caused untold suffering to millions. If Anglia continues to influence and aggress against nations, both near and far, Salvia will call on her allies to intervene. This can not stand.” -Government of @Salvia "The Holy Imperial Government continues to condemn the actions of the Anglian government and those tidied to its cause. Their actions have done nothing but cause much pain and misery, something that should be unconscionable for an apparently Christian nation. King Creighton and his ministers should take note of the growing international condemnation and sanctions against his nation that the course he is pursuing has caused. It will only be a matter of time before Great Anglia's grasp goes beyond its reach and dire consequences may then befall his majesty's realm. The Aroman people pray for a peaceful end to this crisis but it need not be pointed out that the Great Holy Empire has weathered many conflicts before. May God see to it that peace is once again restored to Eurth." -Archbishop Doxapatres Kalothetos, Minister of Information of @Tagmatium Rules “We are saddened to hear that Anglia has continued its trend towards expansionism and has seized control of its neighbors in Europa. The Corporate Board strongly condemns these actions, and is looking into the effectiveness of economic sanctions against Anglia.” - Lynne Androni, Androni Commercial Solutions CEO of @Galahinda It remains to be seen how the Anglians will respond to such a negative reputation amongst the New Wurld nations, but it will most likely matter little as Anglia continues its overtures and aggressive policies in every New Wurld continent. OOC: We have left the Europan phase of Anglian expansion, and have begun the New Wurld phase.
  5. To: Eduard Blanco, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republica Christian de Ebraria From: Geoffrey Tatum, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Seylos The Kingdom of Seylos wishes to extend its hand in friendship throughout these tumultuous times. The people of Alba, Cymry, and Eire share common bonds with the peoples of your nations, and it would delight them to no end to establish permanent positive relations with your nation. Of course we have had diplomatic contact, however we would like to establish a definite presence in your nation with the construction of a new embassy and appointment of a new ambassador to your fine nation. Seylos wishes most of all to build positive and productive relationships with all Argic nations. With the threat of Anglia looming above us all, Argic nations need unity now more than ever. As a representative of the North Adlantic Union and Eastern Argis Trade Zone, we hope over the future to foster positive diplomatic relations with Ebraria.
  6. I'd say Anglia, and not just because of the obvious choice, but also that it gives Anglia a historical foothold in the New Wurld beyond just hopes and dreams and breakaway states.
  7. Seylos


    Reconstruction in Liechnenfax had been slow but had never stopped. Clearing the massive fields of debris of the once massive city was a colossal task especially for a country in the midst of such a disaster. Yet major thoroughfares were already cleared out and delivering the tons of needed supplies to the people who had come back to the ruins. One thing that had been focused on was the creation of a new government quarter by the ports. With almost all the major government building destroyed, new purpose built ones had to be put into place. They had received help from a curious source, one Teóxiwitl Mulle, an architect from Sitallo who had found the destruction in Ceris to be a particular challenge. He had been renowned in Mesothallasa, and had even contributed to a few projects in Kaseka before the conflict in Sitallo had spun out of control. However as luck had it, the Provisional Government had found out that Teóxiwitl had made his way as a refugee to Kaseka and had quickly issued him any documents he needed to make the long journey to Liechnenfax. Delighted, the man had quickly accepted arriving in Liechnenfax to see some of his first buildings being constructed. After many months the buildings were erected, with their vibrant splashes of color and Hodrean cultural iconography built into their architecture contrasting the pale greys and simplistic geometry of the surviving buildings. It was enough for people passing to give pause and feel something positive for once. That maybe they could rebuild. At the end of the war Seylos had pledged seventy five billion pounds for reconstruction, and they certainly weren't holding back. Ship after ship came into the port of Liechnenfax delivering every conceivable necessity to the people who needed it most. Though while the Seylosian government offered assistance without strings attached, the Provisional Government wasn't above taking help from companies either. Companies from all over the world, especially North Adlantic Union members, were lining up to get their share of the new labor market at their disposal. With millions virtually unemployed Hodreans could be the best cheapest source of labor in Argis. Of course the Seylosians had to ruin it for most companies stepping in to ensure that Hodrean workers weren't exploited too much, but even still the opportunities were abundant. One notable example had been the Tahdg Brewery Group, which made an enormous amount of the beers consumed in Seylos and abroad. They had approached the Provisional Government with a simple offer, they would pay workers on their farmers slightly more than Seylosian minimum wage and help with restoration of the lands in Hodrea. For the skeptical they would be confused as to why Tahdg would offer something like this, but numbers didn't tell lies. Seylosians cost three to four times as much to employ, and Seylosian minimum wage was an enormous amount of money for any Hodrean. But the best part was a company actually invested in restoring the land to its former glory, because you can't grow crops on dead land. Of course not every deal was so wonderful, the bigger the corporation the sweeter the deal, the smaller... well the public relations consequences less consequential. Still though, it was a godsend to the Hodreans who had little means to help themselves at the moment. Luckily for the Hodreans, the massive reconstruction package from Seylos included a large sum of money to help create and foster Hodrean businesses. Whether or not it would prove fruitful in the future was anyone's guess, but Hodreans weren't out for the count yet when it came to claiming supremacy over their economic destiny. And it was a destiny they would have to seize aggressively, because eventually the Seylosian money would run out, and they would be left to fend for themselves in the global market.
  8. Another emergency meeting had been convened at the Gubernatorial Complex in the center of Kaseka. They had convened at a board room which looked out over the bay, giving and impressive view of the city and surrounding landscape. At the head of the table was Governor Mahuizoh and she was joined by various other representatives of Seylos's administrative and military organs. "Thank you all for coming, for the sake of time I've gathered all of us here for this meeting. As we all know the situation between Sitallo and @Metztlitlaca has been deteriorating rapidly, and our refugee situation isn't improving as well. Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Breckinridge if you please, fill us all in on the refugee situation." Mahuizoh said gesturing towards the two them sitting close by. "Thank you ma'am," Dr. Mitchell replied, standing up along with Dr. Breckinridge, "As you all know the numbers coming across the border have been... exceptional. As of yesterday we have fifty thousand people located within the camps on the Metztlitlacan border. The population of Kaseka as of last month was four hundred and thirty two thousand people. We don't believe the city can support anymore incoming refugees, and the current increase of population by eleven percent is incredibly taxing on the resources of both the state and the city. As much as it pains me to say this, I believe we need to close the border to additional refugees attempting to cross. " "I see..." Mahuizoh muttered, "Brigadier Tecuetlaza, what's our manpower situation on the border?" Brigadier Tecuetlaza, who commanded the Kasekan Militia, sat back in his chair for the moment thinking on how to respond, "Well Governor, right now we have one hundred regular Royal Army at our disposal, and only about a quarter of the militia activated. About eleven hundred troops. Most of those people though are stationed with either assisting in the camps or processing refugees. We don't have much to close the border up with, considering how many people are outside of it. It's going to get messy if they sense they can't get in anymore." Mahuizoh gave sigh, briefly putting her hand on her face before looking back up, "Alright for the moment I can authorize the activation of an additional thousand militia to help secure the borders. It's going to take more time to do anything more." Tecuetlaza leaned forward into the meeting table, "Ma'am, considering the security situation both at the border and between Metztlitlaca and Sitallo, I highly recommend we activate the entire militia. I'm not saying we should be expecting any sort of attack, but we should be ready should the situation out there deteriorate." "I will... keep that under advisement Brigadier, thank you. Is that all Dr. Mitchell?" Mitchell stood back up again, "No ma'am. I'd like to report that our camp programs involving the employment of refugee specialists has become quite the success in my opinion. A large amount of permanent infrastructure has been successfully setup, and most importantly permanent habitation are being completed on schedule. With the majority of these refugees coming in under the threat of violence, they will probably not be returning to Sitallo, so permanent constructions have been of high importance. We've actually been quite lucky, a prominent Sitallan architect actually has been helping us..." He trailed off as he could see the faces of everyone in the meeting get annoyed at his rambling, "Regardless a good success. However of course the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has also decided to sponsor an immigration program with a stipend for Sitallans who are fluent in Anglish, have an appropriate occupational specialty, and would be willing to move to Hodrea to assist in reconstruction efforts." "You're kidding me," Mahuizoh said, "A move like this could spark tensions immediately with our neighbors. Who thought this would be a bright idea?" "The Monarchy... ma'am" Dr. Breckinridge spoke up, "To be frank, Hodrea has been laid to waste. Many of the skilled professionals would be the most valuable in reconstruction were killed during the war. And... to be totally honest outside of humanitarian and military organizations, Seylosians aren't exactly queuing up to move over there. This is a purely voluntary program, and any Sitallans who might take up the offer could do a huge amount of good for the people of Hodrea." "Fair enough," Mahuizoh replied, still uneasy, "But we'll have to be ready for any diplomatic consequences that might arise from this." Mahuizoh looked over to another man in a suit sitting close to the Brigadier, "Mr. Sandford." He nodded and stood up, passing two folders to both the governor and the general, "My name is Agent Tyler Sandford, I work in Field Intelligence for Foreign Intelligence Services. Right now FIS is monitoring the conflict in Sitallo and the Metztlitlacan government very closely. Suffice to say that we believe Metztlitlacan military intervention in Sitallo to be certain within the future. And with that comes even worse news, a special forces team operating in Ceris during the war was able to procure evidence of Sentist chemical weapons possibly making their way to Mesothallasa. We were unable to confirm a probably destination until recently, but we have every reason to believe that Metztlitlaca has begun gathering, and maybe even producing chemical weapons." "Good god, are you serious!?" Brigadier Tecuetlaza, "This is beyond an enormous threat to Kaseka. The damage they could do could be immense-" "We are aware of the dangers, Brigadier," Agent Sandford spoke up, cutting off the general, "I can assure you the FIS and the military are coordinating to make sure nothing like this happens. As of now, we don't believe the Metztlitlacan military would make any moves on Kaseka. With Anglia's shadow over the region, they have no reason to start a conflict with Seylos. We are hoping to use the current geopolitical situation to our advantage when dealing with these chemical weapons. We don't quite yet know how far their research or production capabilities have gone, so for the moment this information has been kept secret." "You understand with this information, I have to prepare the Militia accordingly," Tecuetlaza said. "Yes Brigadier, if we didn't want you to know we wouldn't have told you. We don't believe there will be a high risk to them finding out just yet, especially with our normal interactions with the Dolch and the Sentist War, preparations for chemical conflict wouldn't be out of the ordinary for the Seylosian military." "Is that all Agent Sandford?" Mahuizoh asked, and Sandford nodded back sitting back down, "Then for now our meeting is adjourned. We have a lot of work to do."
  9. Seylos


    After decades of deforestation and misuse of the lands much of Hodrea had become desolate plains. Farmers for years had tried to tame these hot empty lands, but after the loss of so much of the natural vegetation no amount of irrigation and could save the old farmlands that weren't already close to a river. The land had been dying for years, and food imports had been keeping Hodrea alive. With the rise and fall of the Sentists however any semblance of organized farming had almost completely collapsed. Millions had died in the struggle, and this had left thousands of farms without their farmers. Almost as bad though were the desolate cities. A dozen major cities had been heavily impacted by the conflict, none more so than Liechnenfax. The once massive urban sprawl which had stretched far across the land, holding many a slum in it were nothing more than burnt ruins. The Sentist attack had first destroyed the center of the city and what modern building they had, but what had been far worse was the fires. As the Sentists had retreated they burned through the city, so intensely that firestorms had appeared through the destruction only hastening the spread of the fires. Through the hell that the Sentist attack had spawned, two million Liechnfaxers had died. And the majority of the population had fled, leaving the city nothing but an ash filled ruin. But there was hope. Through the fires Coalition naval crews had left the safety of their ships and fought the fires on the ground. The centered their efforts around the great Liechnenfax Cathedral and the dockyards. Through their efforts they managed to secure a section of the city three quarters of a mile from the docks. However the defenders could do nothing more than watch in horror as the rest of Liechnenfax burned away. Now after over a year the Sentists were gone. The Coalition forces had swept their decrepit armies away leaving a scarred country. Millions had died but many more millions remained. Never before had Seylos taken on a humanitarian project of this scale, but the Seylosian were determined to not let Hodrea fail. Cargo ships came into the Liechnenfax dockyards by the dozens delivering endless tons of life saving supplies. It didn't end there as supplies from Ostros came in from the east as NAU nations contributed their own stock to supporting the Hodrean people's in their time of need. For the Seylosians, reconstruction was a point of national pride, and a way to atone for the sins of the past. Many nations would raise armies for occupation, while Seylos sent farmers, engineers, and doctors. Despite the tribulations the Hodrean people were not broken. The Hodrean Provisional Government under Derren Werner, the Major who had fought with Seylosian forces to push back the Sentists. The Hodrean Militia throughout the war had gained strength and had the luck few occupying armies had, not fighting a major resistance. People just wanted peace, and while the specter of Sentist remnants still existed, their people did not fight against them. ----------- In the town of Bayreuth, Ranger Hayden Eckhardt sat on a chair outside on the town's larger shops keeping watch. In the north, the Seylosians kept order, but in the south it was a job for the Hodrean Rangers. There was little law out here, and the people who were left looked to the Rangers to stop the rogue criminals and Sentists who roamed the lands. Eckhardt's Rangers had arrived two days prior after the call was put out. Remnant Sentists had taken to roving the countryside near the southern border, taking the opportunity to flee into the Sentist State before the Militia could track them down. The Rangers had taken a different approach, keeping their ears to the ground trying to figure out where they would strike next. They had found out these remnants had actually come from Bayreuth, and the people who made it up had a past with the townspeople. Mostly made of outcasts they had made life in the town hell during the occupation, but like the cowards they were fled when the Coalition forces swept through the region cleaning out the Sentists. With all the armies gone, they had come back, picking at what was left and apparently to wreak more havoc on these people's lives. Of course this time they wouldn't get the chance. His second in command, Cal Benedikt, walked up to him dangling his radio in his hand. "Kapitän, they are coming right on schedule." Eckhardt groaned as he stood up, grabbing his rifle,"Lass uns gehen. Gather everyone." The group of ten Rangers gathered near the center of town before heading out. Each one had been a veteran of the war and did not look on the Sentists kindly. Standing at their front Ekhardt silently motioned them all forward as they left the town when darkness had become to set. -- The remnant Sentists had set up camp just a few miles outside of the city. All in all there were around thirty of them and they had decided to throw themselves a small party for the loot they'd be taking the next day. They had nothing to fear after all, no Seylosians and no Militia were patrolling near them, and it wasn't like the townspeople could stop them either. They had lit a campfire and had taken to celebrating, drinking and causing a general ruckus. Their camp laid inside a gully carved out long ago by mountain waters. Their revelry was short lived however. Their drunken leader, man seemingly in his late thirties had stood up with bottle in his hand intent on addressing his misbegotten band of raiders. As he raised his bottle a single crack was heard as a bullet slammed into his chest knocking him backwards and onto the ground. What followed was mayhem. Sentist cried out in shock running for their weapons as the Rangers, who had silently gotten into position around their camp, opened fire on their vulnerable enemies. Within moment a third of their number had been cut down by the rifle fire. The survivors scrambled to find cover under the withering fire. Pinned down with nowhere to go the Sentist tried their best to defend their position, even holding the Rangers at bay for a moment until their grenades began to find their mark against the men huddled behind the sparse cover. It was over in about twenty minutes. The Rangers cautiously stood from their positions and silently made their way into the gully. Ekhardt stepped over the bodies of dead Sentists as he surveyed the scene. A single sentist was crawling on his back away from struggling to pull up a pistol with his wounded arm. "Verräter! When we come back you'll be the first-" Ekhardt swiftly raised his rifle and fired a round directly into the man's head. His body went limp, dropping the pistol he had tried to hard to raise up again. Benedikt approached from behind taking stock of the scene, "No survivors Kapitän. Amery took a bullet to the arm, she should be fine." "Gut," Ekhardt replied, "Gather as much as they stole, we'll be taking it back to Bayreuth."
  10. What bandwagon? Haha and welcome
  11. I am ok with this as long as it's split with the advancing OCA forces. However I would like to see the effect another invasion is having in your homeland, societal and economic. Don't forget as well the Anglians will either be expecting you to join up or will be looking at you with some very very angry eyes.
  12. No objections. Always happy to see more poor war torn countries added to South Argis.
  13. Monarch scoffs at the unprofessional forces on display here.
  14. Commodore Linnette Rowland had been placed in command of the Second Fleet following the transfer of the former HMS Trabezon to the North Adlantic Union. With the next Defiant Class carrier still not finished yet, her command of the amphibious assault ship HMS Terra Firma was the next choice to head the fleet on a temporary basis. They had dispatched on what she had considered probably one of the most impossible missions she had faced to date. Save the remaining Ryderian fleet without firing a shot… versus the Anglians. Fighting the Anglian fleet was on the bottom of the list of things she ever wanted to do, and despite similarities between their two peoples on a superficial level, she felt nothing but contempt for the aggression they were perpetuating across the Europan continent, and fear for what they may bring to the New Wurld. Despite this, her orders were simple, save the Ryderian government without firing a shot. Easier said than done. “Captain,” a junior officer said while approaching her, sticking to the custom of calling the commander of a ship a captain instead of their actual rank, “We’ve managed to establish communication with the Ryderian fleet. It isn’t looking good ma’am.” Rowland nodded, “Get me in communication with whomever you made contact with.” The officer sat back down and fiddled with some instruments before handing Rowland a microphone, “They’ll hear you ma’am” “This is Commodore Linnete Rowland of the Seylosian Royal Navy, we’ve been dispatched to safely escort your ships to Seylosian waters,” Rowland said, speaking into the microphone nervously waiting for a response. “Commodore, it is good to hear a Seylosian voice. This is Captain Adekoge Babtunde of the RDS Manyikeni.” “Captain, we are on an intercept course at flank speed. Can you tell us the status of your fleet?” “It is not well Commodore. Admiral Temitope took the Oluwaytowin to hold back the Anglish to give us time. We are certain they have been sunk. Only ten of our ships remain. We have been saving our munitions for our meeting Commodore.” “Copy that Captain. You understand our constraints? We can’t fire on the Anglian Navy.” “Understood Commodore… we have a plan in place.” The transmission then cut. “Lieutenant Aster, what’s the fleet’s position relative to the Ryderians and the Anglians?” Rowland asked, turning to a young lieutenant at the bridge’s radar station. “We are currently ten kilometers from the bulk of the Ryderian fleet. The Anglian’s appear to be in pursuit another eight kilometers behind them.” she replied, suddenly a look of concern on her face. “Ma’am I think two of the Ryderian ships have broken from their formation and are doubling back.” “What are they doing?” a voice called from behind, Rowland’s first officer, Commander Longstaff, had just gotten onto the bridge. Rowland sighed, “Probably trying to buy us time to intercept their ships.” “The two Ryderian ships have finished their course change and are heading full speed at the Anglian formation.” Aster said. “It looks like the Anglian fleet is adjusting itself in response.” There was tension on the bridge as radio silence had fallen between the Seylosian ships and their Ryderian counterparts. It was another minute before the communications officer spoke up. “I’m hearing an open transmission from the Anglian fleet demanding the surrender of the Ryderian ships.” he said, “They aren’t replying back.” “Ma’am radar is showing several missile contacts coming from the Ryderian ships moving towards the Anglian fleet. The Anglians have also returned fire.” “How far away are we?” Rowland asked again. “Five kilometers,” Aster replied, “The Ryderian missiles have reached their targets, it looks like they were intercepted before impact. The Anglian missiled have also reached their targets… with a probable impact.” Silence again on the bridge, broken by Rowland, “Commander, prepare the fleet to pull alongside the Ryderian ships at close range. We have to make sure that the Anglians risk firing on us as well if they fire on the Ryderians.” -------------------- “As always, Naval Command has managed to prevent us from securing another victory. Why won’t they let us sink those ships!? When they reach the Seylosians-” “Enough Captain Morce, do tend to your ship instead of complaining about our superiors,” Lord Admiral Parish said. Morce angrily glared at the back of the admiral’s head before walking back to the radio operator's station. “The Seylosian ships have closed into range with the Ryderian ships. If we don’t fire now, we won’t be able to distinguish between the ships.” The bridge’s radar operator spoke up. Admiral Parish stared forward stoically while Captain Morce turned around again and ran up to Parish, “We have to fire now.” Parish quickly turned his head to the side, keeping his body still, “Do you think you know better than the King?” “Of course not,” Morce replied carefully, “But another government fleeing to those pretenders-” “Admiral! We’ve received authorization to fire on the main Ryderian fleet.” Morce stopped talking to the Admiral and turned his attention to the radar operator,”Are we clear?” The operator shook his head, “No sir, they’re too close now.” Morce grumbled in anger, while Parish kept looking forward, “Don’t worry Captain, I’m positive we will get another chance.”
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