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  1. TO: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion FROM: Aidan Redmond, King of Seylos, Eire, Pleinmont, and Sark I will apologize Emperor for my lack of decorum in the following message, these times are trying and I have little time to try and make myself sound more grand than I truly am. Thank you Kommodos, while our various intelligence services were concerned over possible Anglian desires towards Argis it only confirms this. We've spent a long time dealing with our... parent nation. Their interest in Seylos waxes and wanes throughout the years. I
  2. Welcome welcome welcome!
  3. Anglia Assaults Qubdi Positions Across Disputed Zone Anglian military units have launched several attacks in the the Qubdi-Suverninan border zone, repeatedly slamming against the entrenched Qubdi forces. However what was expected to be a quick victory for the Anglians has turned out into a drawn out affair as their continuous assault reaches its fifth day. While there have been several small retreats, the Qubdi military is holding its ground far more than most experts predicts, though not many believe that under this overwhelming assault they can last indefinitely. It is fair to say thoug
  4. I'm good for this, seems like your neighbors are on board too.
  5. Suverina Submits to Anglia, Qubdi Launches Attack Late today Qubid launched an invasion of the disputed border zone between themselves and Suverina. Unprepared Suverinan units were quickly pushed back as Qubdi's military threw as much as they could at them. It appears that the results of the conference between Suverina and Anglia was leaked to the Qubdi military which triggered the attack. Though there has been no official statement from the government of Qubdi regarding the start of military operations, it's been theorized that they believed that a quick attack to grab the region would f
  6. Massive Stock Volatility Hits Seylos After the fall of the Radiant Republic, the Seylosian stock market went through a series of massive ups and downs throughout the past several days. Indeed the volatility was so bad directly following the announcement of the closure of the Sunset Sea Island's border, that trading was suspended briefly to prevent a mass sell off. Companies with investments in SSI have already seen almost a hundred billion pounds in losses as business ceased overnight. On the other side however, the markets also saw extreme growth in other areas, especially in companies t
  7. FROM: North Adlantic Union Council TO: @Galahinda, @Delamaria, @Fravina With the foundation of the North Adlantic Union, our constituent nations are excited to begin reaching out to our regional neighbors to strengthen our ties and create a stronger and safer Eastern Argis. With the destruction in Ceris, the threat of Haruspexian fleets near our waters, and the collapse of the Radiant Republic in the Sunset Sea Islands cooperation is more important than ever to secure a bright future for our peoples. It is clear that further trade and economic cooperation between our nations i
  8. April 6 - April 21 2021 In Individual Nation RP: Ahrana The government passes Act No. 002 and 003 which defines police powers and new economic regulations. Ahrana declares neutrality towards Anglian intentions. Ateenia: More conspirators are arrested from the Ateenian Ministry of Finance. Delamaria James Leckhampstead Sr. is named Ambassador-General and despite economic growth, Delemarian economists predict a future recession. Galahinda Yvee Bloom's personal bodyguard, Monarch specialist Tyler Cliffton, makes
  9. Anglian Military Officials Invited to Suverina In an ongoing feud between Suverina and Qubdi to the east, Suverina has called in their diplomatic nuclear option by openly inviting Anglian military officials. The past several months have been tense as Qubdi has pressed more and more on its border claims within Suverina. The lands in question have been in dispute for several years after Suverina was able to expand into them without negotiation between the two states. However times have been tough for Suverina, as the Europan Collapse had effectively crashed the economy, making much of its p
  10. Hey everyone I wanted to see who would be interested in a global adventure on Seylos's new big research ship the HMRS Revelation. It'll be a big one, so we can fit all the international scientists on board and go on for a non stop adventure. Operator: Royal Navy Oceanic Research Division Builder: Norfolk Naval Dockyards Laid Down: June 13th, 2018 Completed: February 4th, 2021 Launched: April 2021 Cost: £450 million | Seylosian Pounds Homeport: Norfolk, Kingdom of Seylos Tonnage: 6400 GT Displacement: 7100 tons Length: 553ft Propulsi
  11. BREAKING: Tarentum Falls Around midday today, Tarentum, the capital of the Social Democratic Confederation fell to Anglian forces. The fighting around the capital could only be described as intense and hellish as each side ground against each other for several days. The heavily outnumbered SDC Army held back the Anglian forces and fought ferociously for the position they were in. Even after the capital was totally surrounded SDC forces fought on and were nearly impossible for Anglian units to dislodge, even with massive air superiority. Eventually though the weight of of numbers and being
  12. I'm on board and look forward to the RP. You filthy barbarian.
  13. We need to start this again, starting in Prymont. CHUD-21
  14. Commodore McKellar took the opportunity after Minister Remmen had finished speaking to stand and address the room. "I am forced to be in agreement with both Dr. Varazzo and Minister Remmen. The presence of an alliance based mainly on military objectives can only cause further issues in moving forward. The EOS would have extraordinary leverage over individual nations within this council especially considering the military assets it has at its command. Each area of Antargis should be representative of an individual nation and their non-military interests. While I understand that TRIDENT aff
  15. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    The team had arrived where the intelligence coordinates had specified. It was just ten miles west of where the heart of the Sentist beast lay, and the factory complex could be seen from miles around. Surrounding the factory was something best described as a thick shanty town where the workers had gathered as there was no proper settlement nearby. They had parked their vehicle just a kilometer from the sprawl and began the approach on foot, wading through the tall unkempt grass that was growing out of control outside the shanty town. The entire landscape felt eerie, an imposing calm permeating
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