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  1. Over the past several years, The Mandate had pushed to transform Seylosian society. Though of course the task at times felt almost insurmountable, as the Royalists plagued Mandate ships on the open seas, and many of the people still longed for their exiled king. Still progression of Bradford Ness's plans had been pushed forward, some would say with reckless abandon. Only a few years after the King was forced to flee, Eire, Pleinmont, and Sark submitted to rule from Seylos. It had robbed him on a early chance to test his new armed forces with such an easy capitulation, but it had given more time for the Mandate to prepare. In 1942, the Mandate Navy set sail to Galahinda and demanded full annexation. With their refusal, the new Mandate forces quickly landed on the island, shattering the early small resistance from what little Galahinda had in the way for self defense. Still however it wasn't the test Ness wanted. That's when his eyes turned to the Hodrean Kingdom. It had control of the majority of Ceris, and under its control millions of potential workers to expand the Mandate's industrial base. In the winter of 1945, Seylosian tanks quickly crossed the straights to Ceris, seizing control of the small states that bordered Hodrea as a base of operations. Quickly the borders became tense, and at the start of 1946, the Mandate Army smashed through the Hodrean lines in the east. Easy victory seemed all but certain until, to his unending frustration, they became stuck, fighting a grinding war of attrition against the Cerisers. Seylosian technology versus Ceriser manpower, one that Seylos couldn't hold onto for long. Ness was sat in his office, alone, pouring over every new report coming in. Industrial shortfalls, major victories undercut by a series of losses, discontent in the ranks, protests in the streets. He knew if he didn't begin achieving victory in Ceris, the people might end his reign in short order. And so he had arranged for an upcoming officer, one who seemed highly unpopular amongst his peers, to come for a visit. The door to his office opened and in stepped an officer, a man in his thirties of slim and tall build. He stood at attention as the door was shut behind him. Ness gestured toward the chair on the other side of his desk, "Brigadier Ward, at ease. Please take a seat." Ward nodded and took a seat in the chair, still quite rigid in his demeanor,"Brigadier Layne Ward reporting as ordered sir." "Brigadier, I'll be blunt, you're quite the unpopular character amongst the rest of the general staff. Tell me, why did you stay in Seylos." Ness asked, leaning back in his chair. "Seylos is here sir, not in Gallambria." Ward replied bluntly. "You haven't become a member of the Mandate Party, like the rest of the staff. Where do your loyalties lie then, Brigadier?" Ward stared at Ness coldly, "My loyalties are to Seylos, sir." "Not the Mandate, or the former King?" "To Seylos sir," Ward replied, the look on his face suggesting he did not want to be asked the question again. Ness stood up, wandering around his desk to a massive map that had been pinned up on his wall, it showed both Seylos and Ceris on it. He looked at at while talking to Ward, "I see then. Why do you think your peers dislike you so much?" "I'm not a party member, I'm not ruthless towards the Cerisers, and I'm better than them." Ness glanced back at Ward and gave a chuckle, "Yes they can be quite the ruthless sort. Many of them are more radical than me... people always to keep a watch on. But from your performance it seems you are quite right. Strings of victories and almost no defeats. When General Langston was wounded and you took temporary command of the First Army during the spring counterattack you managed to save the entire campaign from collapse." "Exactly what am I here for sir?" "You're here, because I intend on giving you permanent command of the First Army in Ceris. There are no superior cultures, only superior nations," Ness said, quoting his own words to the Brigadier. "I will ensure that the rest of the general staff will see that truth, regardless of their agreement. Their destructive personalities will not cause any further issues for your campaign. But in return, General, I require... Seylos needs victory in Ceris. The preparations for our campaign in Alharu cannot be halted. What do you say to this?" General Ward looked up at Ness, no emotions betraying him on his face, "Then Seylos will have Ceris."
  2. Europan News Network Azanian Nations Begin to Buckle Under the Pressure KEROON HOLD, Dragonryders -- The OCA has been relentless in its onslaught against the remaining independent Azanian naitons. For weeks now the battle has raged on across the front of several nations, however we can now say for certain that tide has begun to turn against the independent holdouts. Afropan army units have finally managed to break through the treacherous mountain terrain in the south of Chrysiakti, with the latter breaking into a shattered retreat back to its northern territories. Even more dire, scattered reports have begun to surface about the fall of the Mawlikan capital city, which has been viciously fought over after an early breakthrough by OCA forces. The Yuropans, now cut off from their allies in Dragonryders, as the two are incapable of breaking the naval blockade between the shores of the two countries. The moment most military analysts feared had come earlier today, when the Anglian Navy launched multiple naval invasions across Ryderian and Yuropan coasts. Initial reports show that while some of the attacks were a failure, several were able to gain successful beachheads, with Anglian units pouring into the new fronts. With the Yuropans and Ryderians being the last major military powers in the area to stand against the Anglians, it seems the writing may be on the wall for a Western Europa free of Anglia. ---BREAKING--- With territory rapidly shifting across Dragonryders, the Ryderians have been reported to have made a massive last gambit against the Anglian war machine. Up until now, the Ryderian navy has held itself in port in Keroon Hold protected by the city's anti aircraft emplacements. However it seems, as reported to the Europan News Network by sources inside the Ryderian government, that the entire upper level government of had already been evacuated to Keroon Hold. It seems in a desperate attempt to defy the Anglian onslaught, the Ryderian fleet has made one final push to escape the Anglian blockade. Our own Sevda Aliyev was able to to get us a live report by satellite from the Ryderian ship RDS Manyikeni, where she was able to board having been attached the Ryderian government to document the invasion. -- News Host - "Sevda, can you hear us?" A slightly pixelated video is shown on screen next to the anchor, showing the reporter on the deck of a ship, with sailors scrambling around her. Sevda - "Yes Shir! Right now I'm on board the RDS Manyikeni, a Ryderian frigate which has joined the fleet in a desperate attempt to break through the Anglian blockade. As you can see, the situation is frantic and we've come under attack several times over the past hour!" Shir (Host) - "Sevda, what are things looking right now for the Ryderians? How much danger are you in?" Sevda - "I honestly don't know Shir. I've already seen the remains of several Ryderian ships that we have passed by, but somehow this fleet is holding steady. We have already made it a hundred and fifty kilometers from the Ryderian coast, but the Anglians haven't let up. I've already heard from the captain of the ship that the only Ryderian carrier have suffered battle damage and has decided to stay behind to delay the Anglian Navy." Shir (Host) - "What do you think the Ryderians are trying to achieve right now?" Sevda - "I've heard rumors from the crew that somehow-" A the sound of a jet is heard and a distant explosion, followed by missile fire close by. Sevda looks distraught, but regains her composure. Sevda - "The crew of the ships is talking about the Seylosians somehow. We appear to be racing to a set of coordinated in the Adlantic, and they seem convinced they will be met by the Seylosian fleet." Shocked the host leans into ask his question. Shir (Host) - "Is this the Seylosians entering the war against the Anglians?" Sevda shakes her head. Sevda - "It's highly doubtful Shir. However the Seylosians had already taken in the exile government of the SDC, and this could be an attempt to do the same. Our best guess is the neutral Seylosians using their ships as some sort of diplomatic shield for the fleeing Ryderian Navy. But I'm still not clear on the details!" Another distant explosion is heard and sailors are heard yelling in the background. Sevda and ushered away from Ryderian sailors and the fottage cuts. Shir (Host) - "It seems Sevda has been moved to a safer location during this battle. We hope she stays safe during this intense battle. For now, our thoughts are with the brave crews of the Ryderian ships fleeing from the tyranny of Anglian oppression."
  3. They had been out of the country for the past year, and all of them were excited to get back to Seylos, well all of them but Kieron. He had never seen the country before, in fact the only place he had ever known was Hodrea. Despite its reputation, Hodrea hadn’t been the worst place in the world to live. In fact he had been living what had equated to a life of luxury before the war. Of course now he knew that had mostly been due to his Aunt’s extensive intelligence work, which he had never suspected. But now all that remained was ruin, and the life she had built for both of them was long gone. He had thought about staying in Hodrea, but where would he go? What Kieron hadn’t expected was the level of respect they had gotten on their journey back to Seylos. When they had finally made it back to the ruins of Liechnenfax, the Seylosian military had arranged for their transport back to the mainland. When they had boarded the plane, he had remembered the confused looks on Oswin and Maura’s faces as the pilots, technically their superiors, had addressed them as one of a higher rank. He guessed that word had spread about what had happened with their exploits through the war torn country. He had been silent most of the journey by plane, staring out the window taking in the sights as they went along. The plane journey wasn’t terribly long, and as such they hadn’t taken too much altitude. He got to see the northern coast of Seylos as they passed it by. Everything from this high up felt so much more peaceful than he knew from the ground. Another hour passed and he could feel the plane begin its descent. He watched as the farmland, forests, and cities passed by until he watched the urban sprawl of Selbourne take shape. When they landed he stepped out with the rest of the team, the plane wasn’t large enough to taxi up to an umbilical, so it sat on the tarmac of Selbourne International Airport and let its stairs down. At the base of the stairs, a group of people had arrived, two or three cars with them. A man approached the team, his arm outstretched. “Welcome back to Seylos, and a proper welcome to you Mr. Bretz. I’m Major MacKay from Army Command. I’ve been sent by the king to bring you back to the Royal Residence.” All three of them stood there slightly shocked. Oswin took a moment to speak for the three of them, “The King, sir?” “Yes, corporal. He’s watched your journey fairly closely and wishes to speak to all three of you.” Maura took a step forward glancing back at the other two, “As long as we can shower first sir?” ---------------------- After a long overdue rest stop, the small convoy had split up, and the car carrying the team had made it to the front of the Royal Palace. After a brief security check, they pulled up to the residence’s main entrance. When they stepped out they were greeted by an older man, dressed smartly who approached them hands behind his back. “Welcome to the Royal Palace… or residence as some may call it. My name is Waylon Bradley, head steward of the royal household. The King has requested your presence and as such you will respect royal protocols. I will explain as we make our way through the palace.” The group followed Waylon as he went on about various royal protocols. Kieron couldn’t help but barely pay attention as he was distracted by all the sights and sounds of the residence. It was much more busy than he had imagined, with what he assumed were government officials and even some military personnel shuffling about the corridors. He noticed that Waylon held some disdain for this. “Please excuse this racket. The King has deemed it necessary to have certain… functions within the Palace proper. Normally the Palace would not have so many people milling about the place.” They continued their journey until they reached the door to a room. None of them had expected to approach what was the equivalent to an office, least of all Kieron. He had always imagined the King of Seylos to sit in some sort of great throne room, surrounded by courtiers and the like. Instead he saw Waylon knock on the door and open it, revealing the large office within. He walked in, gesturing subtly behind him for the trio to follow. “Your Majesty, may I present Lieutenant Róise Maura, Corporal Royle Oswin, and Mr. Kieron Bretz for your audience.” At the end of the office, King Aidan stood up from his desk, walking around it, “Please! Come in. Waylon, thank you for bringing them to me, you’re dismissed.” Waylon gave a curt bow and closed the door behind him, leaving the group and the king together. “Well whatever he told you to do, I’d be happy if you didn’t do it. It’s hard enough trying to run an entire country, let alone behind a wall of tradition,” Aidan said, gesturing to the chairs in front of his desk. “So you three. We have a lot to thank you for.” Maura shifted uncomfortably in her chair, “It’s just our duty, Your Majesty.” “Just duty?” Aidan asked, “Your mission was to gather some intelligence and be extracted. Instead you stayed behind enemy lines providing invaluable targeting for our air strikes. You found and destroyed Sentist chemical weapons, and revealed their capital. Most of all you captured the fucking High Priest. It wasn’t just duty, it was fucking brilliance.” With the other two speechless, Kieron spoke up, “It… was sehr gut.” Aidan briefly pointed at Kieron, “See he’s got the spirit. But now I’ve finally got the opportunity to do the good part of my job. I’ve spent the past few weeks telling families how they won’t see their loved ones again, and I won’t lie, it's good to give good news.” Aidan stood up, with the other three quickly following suit. He fished two small boxes and a folder from his desk holding them standing before the three. “Lieutenant Maura, you’ve led your team through something I couldn’t even imagine. You made sure that not only that the people under your command came back alive, but you went far beyond your team’s original objective in Ceris. I’m proud to present you with the rank of Captain, and the award of the Adelia Cross, our nation’s highest military award.” He gave her a brief salute, which she returned in kind. Aidan smiled and stepped over to Oswin, “Corporal Oswin, your technical skill and combat proficiency ensured not only the survival of your team but was instrumental in the capture of the Sentist High Priest. I’m proud to present you with the rank of Sergeant as well as the Adelia Cross, and if you choose to pursue it, I’ve arranged for your entry into the officer candidate program. Any other requirements are waived, but you’ll still need to pass the test to do it.” Oswin took the box holding both his new rank patch and his officer candidacy papers. He looked up and gave a salute which Aidan returned. He then moved to Kieron, “Mr. Bretz. Kieron. You aren’t in the military and obviously I can’t promote you. But, I can still present you with two things. First, the Montgomery Cross, our highest civilian award. Your work as an analyst regarding Sentist intelligence was instrumental to defeating them with the lowest amount of loss of life. I’d also like to offer you this.” Aidan took the envelope he had pulled out of his desk and handed it to Kieron, “If you want it, I want to give you Seylosian citizenship. What you’ve done for not only our country, but all the countries in Ceris is beyond what should have been expected of any single person.” Kieron took the envelope, “Staatsbürgerschaft… Citizenship...?”
  4. Hey! Have you seen our discord yet? We do a lot of our worldbuilding there. https://discord.gg/brhxSws
  5. Where would the Ceriser people stand with this organization? Inside the North Adlantic Union (NAU) are two large nations with significant Ceriser populations. And just for basic background for anyone unsure about the Cerisers, they are the culturally mixed people of Ceris who speak both Dolch and Anglish. They also in a general sense combine Dolch and Seylosian traditions for their cultural background. In general Seylos is very interested in Southeastern Argis stability, and the North Adlantic Union would want to further that goal fostering cooperation in a positive way amongst the Dolchic peoples. We do know that Fravina, Delamaria, Seylos, and Galahinda have an economic free trade zone, perhaps the Dolch people's can interact with that bloc on a more substantial basis with this?
  6. Considering Seylos isn't a democracy, going from democracy to socialist wouldn't really make them blink an eye. Assuming we have Kaseka/Bab Al-Bahr at this point we'd probably just recognize the country to keep things nice and peaceful.
  7. The North Adlantic Union, under the authority of Corinium, is willing to rent the island, which they consider their sovereign territory to Iverica in the name of security.
  8. Unaligned States of Azania sounds fine to me. So just for my own edification if conflict between the EOS and OCA happens how does that look RP wise? Are the NPCs run by yourself? There are like 14 or so of them, that might be a lot to do yourself.
  9. FROM: Seylosian Ministry of Defense, Department of the Royal Navy TO: Argis Marenesia Maritime Industries (@Gallambria, @Iverica) -Classified Communication- The Kingdom of Seylos has immediate needs to expand her navy owing to the continued instability of the North Adlantic Region. With the end of the war in Ceris, and the inevitable withdrawal of Coalition forces as a result, Seylos needs a greater presence in the region to better ensure the security of our seas. In addition, Seylos and the North Adlantic Union have continued to grow closer to TRIDENT affiliated nations and believe that purchase order aimed at continued cooperation between these allies in the in the best interest of all involved. It is in this spirit that Seylos would like to put forward for purchase of two Trident-Class Frigates immediately. Normally Seylos does not outsource naval technology or construction to other countries but we all these time call for extreme measures to ensure proper self defense. Payment and ship specification requirements can be directed to the Naval Procurement Office of the Royal Navy. Given our close relations, the Seylosian Royal Navy has every confidence in Gallambrian shipyards to produce what is required. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Trident-class_Frigate
  10. Exactly how large is the EOS sphere of influence? It seems to be a lot of NPC power.
  11. Can you give us some information on what makes up these NPCs?
  12. TO: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion FROM: Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffrey Tatum The Kingdom of Seylos is delighted that @Tagmatium Rules is willing to enter into negotiations for a defensive pact, one that we hope will bring further stability to the North Adlantic. Typically Seylos is not in the habit of creating concrete military alliances, and has owed much of its success to its general neutraility in foreign affairs, but the actions of Great Anglia, as well as the actions of Machina Haruspex have made us consider this position for the moment. As I am sure has become clear from recent developments, Anglia has begun massive shipments of unknown goods to various locations throughout the New Wurld, undoubtedly as a way to solidy control and relations with countries it has had encounters with here. Of course, we understand what is most pressing to Tagmatium is the continued conflict in Azania, of which the independent powers in the region will most assuredly lose. We understand the concern regarding an "imbalance of power" as of course Seylos does not have the same military might as Tagmatium. Regardless, Seylosian naval assets are not small, and combining them with the Tagmatine fleet in times of conflict could mean the difference between defeat and victory on the high seas. And of course Seylosian industrial capabilities combined with the growing markets of our Ceriser allies could become a key supply chain, defended by Seylosian and NAU fleets. At the end of the day however our proposal is designed as a deterrent, one to show that neither of us will stand alone to Anglian aggression, something Anglia will have to think twice about. We also agree with your assessment of the Haru we do not believe that this moment they pose a direct threat. However we of course still have our concerns on their continuing military building on the island of Corinium, though we believe any strengthening of relations between our two nations should be more than enough deterrent against any hostile action against the NAU. We would also suggest something to test the waters, internationally of course. The King has asked that the Seylosian 1st Fleet and a Tagmatine fleet participate in naval exercise in the Adlantic, to see how the powers of the North Adlantic react to such an arrangement between our nations. We look forward to continued negotiations, Minister Geoffrey Tatum
  13. Europan News Network OCA Nations attack Northern Azania in Force KEROON HOLD, Dragonryders -- OCA nations in the south, which have been clashing to their neighbors to the north, unleashed a furious attack on Northern Azanian nations claiming that nations there had been provoking them too long. Positions in southern Dragonryders, Cabarria, Mawlika and Alshamal were quickly overrun as the Anglian backed militaries of the OCA pushed northwards seeking to quickly defeat their opponents. Meanwhile in the Amnalos Sea, the Anglian navy has begun a massive building of naval forces, and rumors are abound at the probability of a northern naval invasion. Such an invasion is seen as a test of Anglian naval power by many military observers, who believe that if successful, could create a massive threat to the New Wurld. Should northern Azania fall, Western Europa would be solidly in the hands of Anglia, leaving only Machina Haruspex, Tagmatium, and the Gallambrian Protectorate of Bashan free of the OCA. Anglian ground forces so far have been limited, however the OCA forces flush with Anglian supplies have already proven to be a formidable foe. The previously unremarkable militaries of Southern Azania have somehow managed to become a potent fighting force in a relatively short period of time, however it is still yet to be seen how the alliance will perform in sustained military operations, as their northern neighbors have shown no sign of backing down. But with the significant oil reserves of Dragonryders in the balance, it is certain that the OCA won't be stopped easily. Stirrings in the New Wurld SELBOURNE, Seylos -- Observers in the Dolch See have been unnerved by the presence of cargo ships, originally hailing from Anglia, setting course for Dolchland. The extremely xenophobic and aggressive nation has inexplicably opened up its ports to Anglian vessels, which have been carrying unknown cargo in bulk for some time. Anglian officials have claimed the cargo as simply humanitarian aid, something that Dolchland in the past has always been seen to have desperately needed, despite it's attempted outward appearance of strength. Debate has raged in the NAU council as to how to handle the influx of the ships, but without an overt military presence from Anglia their hands may be tied. The Dolch however is not the only place that is seeing this influx of Anglian export. Shendao, Fearannteth, Triple Commonwealth, San Castellino, the Kudish have all been rumored to have begun receiving such shipments, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Worries have been amplified further as Anglian diplomats have been seen to have visited less prominent nations in Aurelia and Marenesia solidifying the idea that the Anglians have truly global plans. So far however, no armed conflicts have appeared between New Wurld and Anglian forces, but only time will tell how long until Anglia will push its limits.
  14. I'm ok with the edit as it is. It would be good to see more of how this is affecting the empire internally as Oyus has said. The massive amount of resources Haruspex put into securing North Korinon vs the relatively tiny amount of expense Seylos put into it on the other side must have ruffled some feathers. Not to mention the presence of massive quantities of fleets and personnel would have been very costly. Someone somewhere is paying for all this after all. Also worth questioning how the Korinon locals would be handling this. On the southern half of the island, military presence is definitely there but in relatively limited numbers, on the north I would imagine the people of North Korinon are wondering if they have essentially been colonized and are in danger of being wiped out as a people. Maybe even wondering if they made the wrong choices. It seems just from this snippet alone Haruspex has already made the island natives a minority from military personnel alone.
  15. A place for miscellaneous stories from Seylos. Corporal Terry Dodge walked into the small shop that sold breakfast next to the border, walking right up to the counter and giving a wave. The owner, a jovial old woman smiled and approached. "Hello Terry! The same?" Dodge nodded, "Buttered fish scone as always Ms. Pompania." Ms. Pompania beamed and tottered off to the kitchen behind the counter. Dodge sighed a little and leaned back gazing outside the shop's windows outside. It was a bustling day outside in Southern Cunetio, the townsfolk were extra busy preparing for an annual festival, one that Dodge wasn't entirely sure the purpose for, but still sounded like fun one the less. She had taken a liking to coming to this shop ever since she had started her guard duties on the border, and of course it helped that the military had granted an extra stipend for serving on such a possible volatile border itself. In truth she had been grateful, she had had a lot of friends from home that had to deploy to Ceris, but somehow she had been lucky enough to have been here. Though she wouldn't lie, the stress of worrying whether or not the Haru ( @Haruspex ) would spill over the border one day was fairly heavy. "Here you go my dear." Ms. Pompania's voice called out from behind her. Dodge turned around and grabbed the wrapped scone before taking a second thinking to herself, "Gratias panis et piscis" Ms. Pomapania gave a chuckle, "You are getting much better Terry. Kind of. Keep practicing!" Dodge shrugged and gave a half wave as she walked out of the shop, walking towards her post at the border. It was a stark contrast between the two sides. On the southern side, NAU guards casually patrolled, taking the occasional moment to interact with the random civilian who might walk by. Beyond it though on the northern side, things were much different. Red house banners hung from many of the buildings, and from their position all they could see were Haru soldiers or North Cunetian policemen making their rounds. One thing that she hadn't expected though was what looked like the Haru starting to bring down the earlier hastily constructed wall between the two sides of the city. As she approached another NAU soldier, another corporal from Ostros, threw up his hands. "Guter gott! What is it with you and those fish scones?" Dodge unpacked the scone holding it up, "They're delicious Wähner, come on just try one." Wähner shook his head, "I didn't think even Seylosians could try something so terrible sounding." Dodge broke the scone in half and handed the other half to him. Wähner stared at the piece with mild disgust while hesitantly reaching out to it, "Just give it a try, I fuckin promise you'll like it." Wähner snatched the half in his hand glancing around, "Fine, just this once. Es ist deine Schuld, wenn ich kotze." He took a slow bite from the scone, slowly chewing it before bringing it up to his face, "Jesus Christ this is amazing." Dodge threw her fist up in triumph, "See I told you!" "Alright, to be fair this sounds terrible," Wähner said, starting to roll his eyes before catching himself. He was trying not to adopt the strange Seylosian habits he had seen on display here, "Look like they are taking down that shitty wall." Dodge took a bite of her scone, glancing over the border, "Really? They seemed so intense about it earlier. Still seems like they have more soldiers than civilians over there." "Probably," Wähner said, shrugging, "Still can't get one of the masks to talk to me." The soldiers on the border had taken to calling the Haru soldiers 'masks' since none of them, beyond the officers, had taken off their gas masks yet. Wähner had spent the last few nights on a personal project trying to get one of the Haru border guards to talk to him, since for the most part they stood stoically at the border rarely moving beyond changing shifts. Dodge held up the remainder of her scone, "Maybe we should get them a fish scone?"
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