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  1. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    The city of Brilon had sat relatively safe throughout the course of the war, hundreds of thousands of refugees had fled to the city after the sacking of Liechnenfax. Now though refugee ships were fleeing again en masse as forward elements of the Sentist army had already begun a soft occupation of the city. Panicked civilians rushed to the docks to try and escape the terrible fate that might become of them if they stayed. However this is what the Sentists had hoped for, as the Hodrean militia still in the city abandoned their posts as the military docks and set up protective lines around the ci
  2. Hey everyone, 2020 has been... well a year. Some nominations have been short this year, so I've filled in some extra choices for people in some categories (Those nominated in the original thread will have the [Nominated] text after the poll choice). If you feel like someone should be recognized in any of these categories please write in down below! Nominations Nominations are open up the community. You can nominate more than once. This is an opportunity to tell everyone about that great story you wrote that went unnoticed. Are you feeling low on nomination inspiration? Ha
  3. The Horror of Ceris The war in Ceris has dragged on for some months with only some hope on the horizon. The loose coalition of Seylosian, Gallambrian, Tagmatine, Salvian, and ICEB has managed to hold the line against the wave of religious extremists known as the Sentists. However what has been the human toll as a result of this? Most of these nations can hold their heads high and say their military casualties have been quite low, but as the SBS has noted throughout the conflict they haven't done most of the fighting. The brunt of these attacks have hit independent Ceriser nations causing
  4. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    Alaster, now promoted to sergeant after his former one had succumbed to his wounds during the attack, had made himself as useful as he could in the aftermath. The city still smoldered, the districts and slums had been so vast that even ten thousand firefighters couldn’t have extinguished the flames that had consumed Liechnenfax. However emergency crews deployed from the Seylosian fleet off the coast had managed to protect the docks and some of the local buildings. The city was dead however, it served no other purpose now than as a staging point for Seylosian and Gallambrian forces as more men
  5. The wiki for this is actually very out of date, we've been putting together documentation in Discord and have changed a lot of things around. Right now the war would officially kick off in 1945, slowly drag in other participants and end in 1953.
  6. I see no issue with that location as long as everyone active near you is good with it.
  7. Hello everyone, this as many of you know has been in discussion for ages. What is the Alharun War? The Alharun War was a conflict that officially started in 1945 with the declaration of war between Seylos and Gallambria. Of course, the war spread quickly from there as Seylosian Mandate ambitions grew and much of Alharu become embroiled in the conflict, to the extent where much of the fighting occurred in the continent. The History In 1937 in Seylos the Mandate Party was formed in response to a growing idea that Seylos should use it's riches and importance along the trade li
  8. Cities: Cities all across the Kingdom of Seylos have a varied history, and in many cases fill specific roles in the nation’s economy and culture. Selbourne is the most well known city in all of Seylos, serving as its capital and most populous city at around seven million. This urban hub first started as the initial landing point for the first Seylosians fleeing from Great Burlington and from where all of the country spread forth. By the 1800s the city had become a shining beacon of modern industrialization, though it was plagued by massive worker strikes and general unrest by the end
  9. I absolutely love this and in fact I want to just get into it. Nation Name: Seylos Continent: Argis Short Description: A partially parliamentary monarch situated on an island to the south of Argis. It is known for its humanitarian outreach and extensive naval footprint. Geography: Relatively flat with large mountains to the north of the country, the now inactive volcanoes are thought to have been what shaped most of the island of Seylos. Climate: Fairly warm, though not quite tropical. It's saved from being an island savanna by an ocean stream passing nearby delivering cooler air
  10. Military: The Seylosian military has always been standout from its peers, but not for it’s raw power, but its versatility and devotion to causes other than warfare. In peacetime the Seylosian military dedicates itself to research, humanitarian works, and infrastructure projects both in Seylos and beyond. In the past few years the Royal Navy, the nation’s largest branch, has been involved in multiple humanitarian projects and have devoted hundreds of millions of pounds into scientific research for the nation to benefit from. The Royal Army’s main function during peacetime is mainly in
  11. Weekends in Seylos don't vary dramatically between social classes, though of course the rich can have more unique experiences. The standard work week is 5 days a week, though the days can vary depending on jobs. Essential workers such as those who work infrastructure or medical professions will work on the weekends. However the Seylosian work week is cut off at 60 hours per week maximum with the 20 hours after the initial 40 forced to be paid in overtime. These rules can of course be flexible in the case of emergencies. Seylos is a warm country with many beaches that run around the nation
  12. Hey guys I just wanted to post and say I'll probably be mostly away for another two weeks or so with some life/work stuff.
  13. The following is a non-canon post. If anyone wants to throw in a post for fun to show your nations horrible experience during the dark tide go for it. It's all in good fun. October 31st 2020 The war room had been buzzing for the past several months as the conflict with the Sentists in Ceris had continued to drag on. The pressure was being felt all over the region, with Seylosian and allied military resources being stretched to their limits as the hordes of Sentist recruits flooded the battlefield. A young analyst had been hard at work in the vast converted palace ballroom, sif
  14. House of Governors Enacts War Bonds Act Today the House of Governors passed the War Bonds act, only the second of its kind in Seylosian history. The last such institution of financial measures such as these was created during the wars over Alharu which Seylos had become directly involved in. From sources within the Monarchy we have learned that this situation has become exceptionally draining. For the moment popular support lies with assisting the Cerisers but opinion polls dropped from nearly 70% to 59% after the attack on Liechnenfax. Many in government are worried about Seylos's contin
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