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  1. yeah, im still here lol. I'll probably post something sooooon.
  2. Probably something with foreign relations or prymont. Also, idk if you got it but I sent you a message about how I should go about expanding my borders. Thanks for the spot aswell
  3. Welcome from Theodoria! And as Fulgistan said, join the discord!
  4. Theodarian Air's latest promotional advertisement to the market. As of this morning, Chancellor Tarkin has confirmed in a press release that, "Theodoria cannot withhold itself from the world, we must endorse and enlighten those abroad, therefore, we must open our borders to the world" Soon after, he announced that "Theodorian Air" has been formed by the Assembly. What does this mean for our great country? Not only shall we be able to utilize our position and resources within domestic territory, we will be able to become a prominent player in world trade, and reap its be
  5. Greetings from Theodoria! A great nation waiting for its chance to take over the world, we enjoy many cousins such as dog tail!
  6. C´╗┐ontatus Shipyards, the largest in the nation, accounts for most of the nations exporting routes. The Assembly has recently voted to expand the shipyards to accommodate military construction. The shipyards will also be the location for a new national oil extracting company, "SABRE." Tarkin has also approved funding of freighters to use for overseas trade. This is part of his initiative to boost the Theodorian economy via overseas trade. Infact, this expansion of the dock has created nearly 17,000 jobs for the residents of Constatus. It is estimated to bring the valu
  7. Actually, no, I was going for a Dystopia like name- Central European in fact lol. Thanks though! Plus, im still waiting for a spot on the map.
  8. Literally star wars and Kaissereich Germany, and Victorian Britain. lol, sorry for the unoriginality >
  9. Nation in Europa: Theodorian States Flag: Capital name: Constatus Capital location: 22-75 (The one peninsula type protruding spot.) Factbook link: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=theodorian_states/detail=factbook/id=main (needs work) Newsroom link: Culture: German Climate: Theodoria is in the temperate climate zone and does not have extremes of temperature or rainfall. Location History: The classic revolution style foundation. If anything, the October Revolution basically.
  10. Chancellor Sheev Tarkin (Center) stands behind Eobard Mercie (Front) on a visit to the Congressional Chamber to commemorate the forming of the Theodorian Assembly. Sheev Tarkin visited the home of Alexie Tarkov, former ruler of the Republic after hearing of the death of the Grand Imperator, his son, Aeurilius Tarkov. The nation mourns after the death of the man, who may have saved the Republic from the tyrannic rule before the revolution. Sheev, made remarks saying that "Aeurilius, though a great leader - his time had come." Head of Government, Eobard Mercie did not attend, rather,
  11. The Theodorian Passel, and the Committee of Experts congressional building, as shown mere weeks after its completion. It stands less than a mile from the Capital building. Theodoria - The nation of Theodoria was founded after its leader, Sheev Tarkin proclaimed the Republic of Theodoria after the Theodorian revolution. Out of the ashes, this great nation, a benchmark of prosperity was founded. Though, still, a miniscule shallow of its former title, the nation is recovering from the economic constraints. The Committee of Experts, the congressional organization of the nation, aims at recu
  12. Acaralex news is a proud Theodorian News Agency. Providing you with quality, reliable news. Acaralex News is funded and operated by the Government of Theodoria . The Confederacy of Theodorian States
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