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  1. Thought I should share my take on these With the rework, I will be reshaping Shffahkia's history away from tradition colonialism and making the first settlers refugees fleeing from Europa meaning Shffahkia will never have been a colony of another nation. As soon as the NPC has an event that prompts something like this, I will be happy. Going off from what has been informally discussed in the Eurth Discord VC, the general idea would be that the Manamana canal would already be built in the present day. Instead there would be a historic RP where an SSI politician/businessman goes
  2. Marcel was pleasantly surprised over the Duchess' interest in the topic. The opinion that she held was not entirely unfounded. Ever since the Shffahkian Collapse in the 70s, the country found itself physically cut off from its own sphere of influence. The Parannese Republic had largely been supportive in joint efforts to exert influence over this area but differences in opinion meant that direct military intervention was rare. As a result a more indirect approach was chosen. Supporting satellite regimes and arming local syndicates to create a web of influence that spanned a greater distance an
  3. The Trans-Aurelian Railway or sometimes called the Great Aurelian Railroad in a more grandiose fashion is known by a very different name within in the continent than outside it. Countries outside Aurelia see it largely as a series of iron roads (Lys. rues de fer) impressive in scale and in its pertinence to continental trade and call it thusly, while Aurelian countries themselves often call this the Gold Road (Lys. rue d'or), a name in line with the continent. This name is not completely for the sake of vanity but carries within it a certain truth. For example, timetables are often merely sugg
  4. Welcome to week 15 of our 4-week IRL pandemic event...
  5. News in Shffahkia is reported on by a myriad of news organizations the largest of which are known as the Elle-Apostrophes. The name comes from the fact that each organization's name begins with the letter L and an apostrophe. These organizations are: The Macaw/L'ara, The Inquiry and The Aurelian. From its most popular to its oldest to the continental, these news organizations alongside other publications shed a light on the daily goings-on in Shffahkia and bring a myriad of viewpoints to the table.
  6. Announcing the Shffahkia Rework With both Limonaia and Rihan long gone from Eurth among with other changes having been done or being in the process of being made, there is an opportune moment to rework certain aspects of Shffahkia to make it better fit into Eurth lore and to make it a more interesting country. They won't affect other countries that much as I am holding off from such changes until the Manamana rework and the addition of Aurelian NPCs. In short, I will be taking things down a notch from overly-zealous collectivist dictatorship to a pan-leftist democratic presidential federa
  7. With great Shffahkian protest, I will add.
  8. I'll say that I'm not all that interested in continuing with Shffahkian involvement at all with Antargis and most likely will retcon the whole Mercier research base thingy on the basis that it hasn't really gone anywhere as initially planned. Also with the new Antargis, the placement of the base makes little sense. My initial IC gripe with the treaty is that its prelude states that "The purpose of ARTHA is to allow the last untouched continent of Earth, Antargis, to remain free from harmful Human activities, devoid of Human ideologies, respected for its soil, conserved for its envir
  9. On the topic of the Wiki Cleanup, I wanted to share two things. Firstly I think the names of certain articles about Eurth in general should be changed where names like List of Spoken Languages on Eurth and Capital Punishment on Eurth be changed to List of Spoken Languages (Eurth) and Capital Punishment (Eurth) since real-life wiki articles aren't titled Capital Punishment on Earth. Secondly is to let everyone know that Rihan's work on the iiwiki does go deeper than expected as I had a no-wave flag on my iiwiki page as soon as I had the first chance to make one, but my Country data T
  10. I was mentioned so I'll give my take on the parts that concern me and Aurelia. On the point of the island right off my coastline, I'd prefer not as well for what I hope are pretty clear reasons. Historically @Salvia owning parts of the island would be a nice piece of history but I wouldn't like them to own it up to the modern day. On the point of the island south of Aurelia, I'll say this: Aurelia is very undefined at the moment. By that I mean that it isn't clearly defined whether or not Aurelia is a developed or developing continent for example. Rihan was developing while both Kirv
  11. Senate Majority Formed Following Month-long Talks A functioning Senate majority has been formed following talks and various negotiations between Shffahkian political parties that have lasted for almost two months. Following these talks the LUP (Lyso-Unionist Party), Kvar Steloj and Nuova Alternativa have agreed to form a tripartite coalition in the Senate to bring an end to the month of speculations. A point of contention in the talks was that both Kvar Steloj and Nuova Alternativa demanded Union President Larue to appoint new members to the government as previously almost all government
  12. New Years Celebrations Light the Night Sky Arriving late but not last to the new year 2020 is Shffahkia lighting many of its cities with the splendor of the firework to celebrate the new year as well as to look back at previous decades. Alone in Port-Réel, Shffahkians numbering in the millions have gone out to the streets to herald in the new year. As is typical for the event, many Shffahkian hospitals and emergency response units are on high alert as every new year they're flooded with injuries caused by fireworks or related activities. The more environmentally conscious are hoping this
  13. Amamihe Wins Heated Senate Presidential Race Massimo Amamihe from the Nuova Alternativa party has won the heated Senate presidential race with 21,24% of the vote or 11,52 million votes. Despite the inconvenient timing, a total of 51 886 325 Shffahkians participated in the election which is most likely due to harsh mandatory voting laws in Shffahkia. Many voters, when asked, said they were relieved to have gotten their duty done with so they may continue with their holiday affairs. Some voters expressed disappointment over the timing of the elections as normally national election days are
  14. Political Division - No End in Sight Political division keeps hitting hard as major parties in Shffahkia prove incapable of holding their internal factions within themselves leading to various exoduses of different interest groups. It all began in mid November when the PNC (New Collectivists' Party) experienced severe drain when many of its prominent northern members decided to leave and start Alziamo! (Let's raise!), a political party aiming exclusively for the Northern Cristinophone voters. Alziamo!'s successful secession inspired many varying groups in different parties to secede and c
  15. Calcuotta Breaks Filibuster Record SCUL politician, Andro Colcuatta (right), broke the record for the longest filibuster in Shffahkian history after talking for a total of 37 hours when attempting to block the LUP's constitutional reform from passing into law. The collective efforts of both the SCUL and the PNC were successful as the almost three-day-long Chambre of Representatives hearing concluded with the formal withdrawal of the constitutional reform bill and in the announcement of new Senate elections. Following the ending of the hearing, many politicians were seen asleep in their ow
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