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  1. Welcome to the region Joosty! I hope you enjoy your stay here on Eurth. The best way to communicate with most of our community is by joining the Discord, if you haven't already. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your nation.
  2. I'm very excited for this. I'm intending to use the New Wurld Colonization phase as a precursor to my expansion into the Kidney Islands, after which Fulgistan, Yeosan and the Kidney Islands will become the Federation of Alharun Socialist Republics. Besides that, I'm very keen to do battle with the Europan imperialists and their New Wurld running dogs wherever the need may be. I am also interested in using the D20 system for some events.
  3. Zhao leaned back in his chair contemplatively, his tongue pressing against his cheek in a gesture of contemplation that revealed his peasant origins. This was a natural response to his own question, and an answer from all parties would be necessary if the provisions agreed that morning were to ever develop into a reality. It was, Zhao decided, time to speak from the heart. "I will begin, if I may, with what I do not see in our nations in the 21st century. I see no more devastating famines, or outbreaks of preventable diseases. I do not see any mothers wondering whether they can afford to
  4. The prompt of the day for December 30th is... Generations! What are the defined generations of your nation, age-wise and culturally? How do different generations get along? And who makes up the next generation to lead your country in the future?
  5. The prompt of the day for December 28th (and 27th, and 26th, oops) is... Parks and Preserves! What does the average public park look like in your nation? Do you have wildlife or other natural preserves and reservations? What is the ecological future of your nation's flora and fauna?
  6. The prompt of the day for December 25th is... Holidays! What secular and religious holidays are observed in your nation? What are the rituals that accompany them? And what specific traditions does your nation have around wurldwide holidays, like those celebrated by major religions?
  7. The prompt of the day for December 24th is... Weather! What are the most common weather patterns in your nation? How have your people adapted to the weather? What, if any, natural disasters or hazardous weather commonly plague your nation.
  8. The prompt of the day for December 23rd is... Travel! What are some popular destinations, foreign and domestic, for your nations citizens? Do people tend to travel more for work or for pleasure? And which other countries on Eurth are most likely to visit your nation?
  9. The prompt of the day for December 22nd is... Drugs! What are the most common recreational substances in your nation? What is their legality? Which demographics use which drugs the most?
  10. The prompt of the day for December 21st is... Healthcare! What are the most common causes of death and injury in your nation? How is your healthchealthcare system structured? How available is access to healthcare in your nation?
  11. The prompt of the day for December 20th is... Armed Forces! How many branches of your military are there? What are famous formations within it? What is its history and social standing in your nation? And what are the plans for the future?
  12. The prompt of the day for December 19th is... Land! What is the terrain of your nation's land? How is the ownership of land divided between various groups and classes? Are there any lands that lay outside your nation's borders that are considered traditionally part of your nation?
  13. The prompt of the day for December 18th is... Clothes! What are the traditional elements of formal wear on your various occasions, and what do your citizens wear while relaxing? How has clothing changed over time, and why? What outfit(s) might be considered your "national dress"?
  14. The prompt of the day for December 17th is... Sports! What are the most popular sports in your nation? What is their history, and how is professional play regulated? Are there any "extreme" sports that are popular?
  15. The prompt of the day for December 16th is... Migration! Are your people the original inhabitants of your nation's lands, or did they displace another group? In more recent history, how are your people moving around within their own borders? Are some regions experiencing a population boom, and are others experiencing a shortage of people? Why?
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