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  1. Revolutionary Guard Reserves Deployment to Aid Rhavan Government in Relief Efforts "As the Socialist Republic of Rhava reels in the wake of a string of recent tragedies, the Central Committee has authorized the deployment of 3,000 reserve military personnel, and a further 4,000 civilian medical personnel to central Rhava in an effort to provide much-needed material and medical aid to the rural population of the area affected by the devastating Hurricane Ongan. This announcement is expected to be the beginning of the Party's expressed intention to consolidate the socialist and continentalist states together into a cohesive bloc to resist Anglian aggression in the New Wurld; depending on the willingness of the Rhavan government, further relief deployments may be sent to Chow Cho, another area of Rhava suffering badly from disasters and unrest." "For BGCTV, I'm Chen Weihuang."
  2. I'm okay with that placement, as long as @Rhavais okay with me expanding up next to his northern border, leaving room for Rhavan expansion in the west.
  3. General Secretary of the Workers' Republic of Fulgistan Tomur Almas (啊儿马同母 A'erma Tongmu) A Party cadre from Kuanqiao, Mingsheng Province, Almas was born in 1967 into a secular Muslim family, apart from his maternal grandmother who was a Bozan woman of the Blue-Black Orda. His personal name, Tomur, means "iron" in the Bozan language, and it is common for Fulgistanis both supportive and unsupportive of his policies to refer to him informally as 钢I母 (gangmu, “Iron-Mur”) in conversation and political cartoons. Almas first rose to prominence as a representative for Mingsheng Province, after which he ran a successful campaign for Mayor of Bogd Gioro, a position he held for 8 years starting in 1990. In 1997 he was instrumental in the overthrow of the Lihun Clique, an opportunist faction that had seized control of the Central Committee. Almas provided the anti-Clique faction of the Revolutionary Guard, led by General Jinhuang Choinom, with the intelligence necessary to seize the Xuanwu Palace complex and arrest the Lihun Clique. He steadily gained a following in the People's Great Khural around his support for limited capitalist opening of the country in order to build the country's limited and outdated productive forces. In 2015, he became General Secretary of the Party, and in 2017 oversaw the opening of the Samarkhand Province Special Economic Zone, an experiment with foreign investment. Almas is married to Wei Haiying and has 2 daughters, Shujie (20) and Alyona (26). In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, reruns of the 1980s animated show Star Fighter Jinjian, and attending games of his favorite baseball team, the Bogd Gioro Thunder.
  4. Liu Weiwu shaded his eyes with his hand as the aircraft cannon shells struck home amongst the artillery positions on top of the ridge. A cheer went up from the men as the Anatean pilots finished their attack run, giving a wing-waggle as a farewell before pealing off into the blue sky again. Captain Liao, who had not even deigned to duck from the oncoming fire, waited for only a moment before his tanned arm and gravelly voice once again began to issue orders. "Shang qilai! Shang qilai! Pan and Liu, get up that slope and clear those dugouts! Don't give 'em time to regroup!" Once he had made certain that his subordinates had heard him, he took the whistle around his neck and sounded a long piercing note, swinging his arm forward in a chop. "Company, advance!" Most of the company had gone to ground in or around the flooded rice paddy, and the men rose dripping with muddy water from the Eurth to give a shaky cry of "Sha!" and begin the advance. Liu Weiwu, his fingers tight around the uncomfortable stamped-metal grip of his pistol, took his position along the company's left flank, opposite Captain Liao on the right. As the other company commanders of the 1st Battalion gathered the initiative, the entire line, previously thrown into disarray by the sudden attack, began to take shape as it marched quickly up the ridge in a wavy formation. As the left wing of the sweeping advance, Liu's company was the first over the ridge. "Keep at least three meters between you, men, don't clump up!" Liu took a stick grenade from his belt pouch and gave a tug on the priming cap, lobbing the explosive over a wall of sandbags, where it detonated with a great cloud of dust. This first line of Salvian artillery positions appeared to be abandoned. Beyond the first row of dugouts, Commissar Liu could see scattered groups of crewmen running for cover, many of them being cut down by Fulgistani rifle fire. It appeared that the sudden arrival of air support, coupled with the initiative of the ground forces, had significantly stymied any preparations for a Salvian massed attack. "Lieutenant Liu, look out!" "Na'er ne? What are you talking a-" Liu managed to catch a good look at the driver of the observer half-track before it ran him down; he was a young man, his brow dripping with sweat and teeth clenched in a rictus grip like that of a dead man walking. His forage cap was askew on a tan face, and his brown hair, overgrown at the sides, was likewise in disarray. It was as if time were standing still in that moment; the terrified expression of the Salvian non-com in the driver's seat was etched into Liu's mind as the half-track careened over the artillery embankment and into his body, throwing him down as the machine's wheels and tracks threw up gravel and debris around him. As he lay dazed, but very much alive, he could hear the shots ringing out, the half-track shuddering to a halt as its driver bled out, and the calls of his men. "Corpsman! Get a stretcher over here! Comrade Liu's been wounded!"
  5. "Can you go a little faster, Mahmoud? I'd hate to be late." "And I would hate to get a traffic citation before we even get out of the airport; that would certainly look bad." "What's the use in having diplomatic immunity if you never get to exercise it?" Dr. Zaitao Binsar found herself in Altaria under very different circumstances than those of her last visit. For one thing, the government had finally shelled out for a chartered flight to Iverica, something that the delegation to the First General Assembly had not had the benefit of. They had also given Dr. Binsar significantly greater freedom to negotiate; the Central Committee viewed the ATARA Development Bank as one of its primary international projects for the coming decade, and was prepared to spend a little outside of its means if it meant securing Fulgistan a seat at the table in the guidance of the bank and its projects. Important too were the proposals on financial regulation; as a nation without a stock exchange, Fulgistan had very little to lose and much to gain from the reigning in of predatory capitalist officials across the New Wurld. More than that, Binsar's own disposition had changed significantly; with one General Assembly under her belt she felt much more prepared to enter the metaphorical ring and advocate for her nation. The wurld of ATARA delegates was a small one, and she had managed to establish some professional but nonetheless warm friendships among the other delegations on her last visit; she looked forward to re-entering the room with old colleagues and new. "Here we are, ma'am, Terminal A. Shall I come in or wait outside?" "And deny yourself Moira's famously warm welcome? I think not. Let's go."
  6. LAANN Continental Defense Council Passes Oyusard Proposal to Stop and Search Anglian Ships "Citing the continued threat of Anglian aggression to the nations of the entire wurld, the Continental Defense Council voted unanimously to ratify a proposal introduced by Representative Anika Yeoh of the Matriarchy of Oyus which extended the stop and search protocol already in place in the Oyusard Navy to the entirety of naval forces under LAANN command. Beginning immediately, all Anglian and Suverinian vessels will be subjected to the stop and search protocol wherever they are found. " "Although the Matriarchy of Oyus currently boasts the largest navy in the League, both Yeosan and the Worker's Republic are expected to also play a major role in the stop and search of Anglian ships, as both nations have experience patrolling the Adlantic for threats. Although neither the People's Great Khural nor the Central Committee have yet released a formal statement, it is expected that several vessels will be diverted from Metztlatlica's Nanniwan Naval Station, as well as West Ceris, to conduct patrols in the Adisi Ocean and the Qingming Sea. BGCTV solicited the opinions of our viewers via Wittier, and what follows is a selection of responses received." "Whether the Continental Defense Council will consider any further action in the face of Anglian aggression remains to be seen. For Bogd Gioro Central Television, I'm Chen Weihuang."
  7. February 28th, 1947 Kingdom of Huachuan, 850km South of Bogd Gioro 15km Behind the Front Lines of Occupied New Salvis "Liu Weiwu! Liu Weiwu!" The young political commissar jerked back to awareness; he had been staring at his shoes, shading his brow from the hot Alharun sun. The whole 1st battalion of the 23rd Laocao Rifles was marching in column toward the town of Luqiao, where they hoped to join with General Guo and the rest of the First Corps. "Coming, Comrade Colonel!" Weiwu was grateful he only wore a pistol on a lanyard as he hustled to the front of the column. Unfortunately for the rest of the troops in his company, they were carrying old, heavy rifles that hadn't seen parts replaced in 20 years. He jogged up to his commander Ai Gui, at the head of the formation, and saluted. The old man returned the gesture and pulled him aside with an arm around the shoulder. The two fell out of step with the column, walking a few meters off to the side. "What is your report, Lieutenant?" "The men are not very highly motivated, sir. They complain of poor rations, bad water, parasites, and a thousand other problems. Their gear is in poor repair, and replacement clothing is very scarce. Even when they are in town, the King of Huachuan's rationing drives most of our men to the black market for what they need. It is an unfavorable situation." Colonel Ai took tobacco and paper from his uniform's breast pocket, rolling a cigarette on his hard, weathered palm. Weiwu reached into his own pocket and pulled out a packet of Party machine-rolled cigarettes, striking a match to light one. "Tell me something I don't know, Lieutenant Liu. We're all suffering together. I haven't had a solid sh*t in weeks. Is this battalion prepared to fight the Salvians? That's the question that needs to get answered. And if you can't find an answer for me, Lt. Weiwu, I'll have the First Corps Party Secretary send you back to Bogd Gioro and get somebody who can." As usual, just as the young officer was beginning to savor the taste of his kretek, something came along to spoil his day. In this case, it was a bursting artillery shell, which exploded 40 meters in front of him. With an ear-ringing bang, the shell showered the rice fields with shrapnel and clods of eurth; most of the column scattered into the fields off the road as the rest of the shells began to fall. Men's shouts and the sound of gunshots filled the dusty air as they scrambled for cover. Weiwu grabbed the colonel by the collar and threw them both prone to the ground, grabbing his pistol with his right hand. "Lieutenant, get back to your company and dig in! Sergeant Gong, get on the headset and tell Major General Wang we need air support! "Yes sir!" Weiwu first bear crawled, then crouched, and finally sprinted back the 20 meters to his company. Captain Liao, the de jure leader of the company, was waiting for him. The brown-bearded Huang man gestured with his left hand as he cocked his rifle's lever action with the other. "Take Pan and the rest of his platoon to the berm at the edge of that field on my left. Get those machine guns throwing some fire downrange, but don't waste all of your ammunition; we're probably going to be facing an infantry attack once the shelling stops. Get the anti-tank explosive pack off of the mule, and give it to Sergeant Pan. He knows what to do with it. The rest of the platoon, stagger 'em along that berm, dig in first. Move!"
  8. TO: Republique de Fravina Département des Affaires Étrangères Attn. Foreign Minister FROM: Ismail Tian-Han, Secretary of Foreign Diplomacy, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan It is the desire of the Fulgistani people and government to enter into formal diplomatic relations with the Republic of Fravina. It is the hope of myself and this government that our shared socialist cause and our revolutionary history will provide the foundations for a friendly and mutually beneficial relationship between our two nations. The People's Great Khural of Fulgistan has hereby nominated Ms. Wu Niania as the Ambassador to the Republic of Fravina, and requests that the Fravi government nominate their own ambassador in turn.
  9. Welcome to the region Joosty! I hope you enjoy your stay here on Eurth. The best way to communicate with most of our community is by joining the Discord, if you haven't already. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your nation.
  10. I'm very excited for this. I'm intending to use the New Wurld Colonization phase as a precursor to my expansion into the Kidney Islands, after which Fulgistan, Yeosan and the Kidney Islands will become the Federation of Alharun Socialist Republics. Besides that, I'm very keen to do battle with the Europan imperialists and their New Wurld running dogs wherever the need may be. I am also interested in using the D20 system for some events.
  11. Zhao leaned back in his chair contemplatively, his tongue pressing against his cheek in a gesture of contemplation that revealed his peasant origins. This was a natural response to his own question, and an answer from all parties would be necessary if the provisions agreed that morning were to ever develop into a reality. It was, Zhao decided, time to speak from the heart. "I will begin, if I may, with what I do not see in our nations in the 21st century. I see no more devastating famines, or outbreaks of preventable diseases. I do not see any mothers wondering whether they can afford to support their children. No dirty air, no beaches littered with trash. What I do see, however, is a continent that for the first time stands up together, unafraid, to the bandits and vultures that come to exploit it. What we have achieved today is a moment that will resonate through the history of the wurld. If we are to do our duties, in time it will be a much greater achievement than our own puny contributions to the matter. As for Fulgistan itself; my duty is to serve the people. I was a farmer before I became a government official. In that way, I came to understand the importance of real democracy, real willingness to pitch in and do the job that you have to do. So in the case of my own countrymen-- I'm not sure if this saying is understandable, but: I cannot guide the tiller, I can only draw the map. What those who follow me choose to do is not my decision; and certainly, I hope I'll be retired thirty-six years from now! But it is my hope that as a result of our doings here, the Fulgistanis who follow me in office will be better able to care for their own people, and to extend that hand of relief across Alharu to our sister states who are less advantaged. Of course, one must count on Northerners like us to always have fiery hearts; I expect that the Worker's Republic will take a continued interest in the defense of herself and her allies. In time, I believe that this will prove the chance for my people to reunite our Huang cousins under one flag, and truly realize the visions of our revolutionary forebears. However, as in all things, there will be much work to do." Zhao reached for a bottle on the lazy Susan, a gold-stamped bottle of Jintou plum wine. Traditionally, it was aged and sold in the miniature clay pots used for rice wine, but both the bottle and the ostentatious label were a concession to changing tastes, especially among the bureaucrats who got to serve the good stuff more than once a year. He filled three small cups with the honey-colored liquor and stood, lifting one of the cups toward his guests. "Would you join me, then, in a toast to new beginnings?"
  12. The prompt of the day for December 30th is... Generations! What are the defined generations of your nation, age-wise and culturally? How do different generations get along? And who makes up the next generation to lead your country in the future?
  13. The prompt of the day for December 28th (and 27th, and 26th, oops) is... Parks and Preserves! What does the average public park look like in your nation? Do you have wildlife or other natural preserves and reservations? What is the ecological future of your nation's flora and fauna?
  14. The prompt of the day for December 25th is... Holidays! What secular and religious holidays are observed in your nation? What are the rituals that accompany them? And what specific traditions does your nation have around wurldwide holidays, like those celebrated by major religions?
  15. The prompt of the day for December 24th is... Weather! What are the most common weather patterns in your nation? How have your people adapted to the weather? What, if any, natural disasters or hazardous weather commonly plague your nation.
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