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  1. Prime Minister Jérôme Boàténg has started trade negations with nations abroad. Not much is known as of yet, but we do know that Jérôme Boàténg has a history of collaborative negotiations. His way of negotiating with other nations has been a broadly debated from all sides of political aspects. Some Châteaux may say his is too weak and will force the nation into deals that are bad or punish Chateau du Soleil. Others debate that his way of negating may be better for building strong long-term relationships. Both parties bring up excellent points, but at the moment the stock market seems to be enjo
  2. Thank you! I will join the discord soon! I guess when I wrote the article I meant as in moving out of the EU or something but I can't imagine running into that problem again lol. Thank you again!
  3. (Le Soleil Levant) The Rising Sun; 10th April 2018: English: Top Story; The People's Republic of Chateau Du Soleil has officially moved from “The North Pacific” Region to “Europa.” The move was made official today at 21:00 with the signing of the “North to Europa act of 2018” by the Head of State Frànçk Ribéry and Prime Minister Jérôme Boàténg. This act was brought before the two heads as “Chetxit” passed 85 to 15 on the 1 of April 2018. The move has been welcomed with open arms by Prime Minister Jérôme Boàténg. Mr. Boàténg stated “I am very excited for the opportunities that Europa presents f
  4. Toutes les dernières nouvelles, tout le temps! Restez à jour avec la République populaire de Château Du Soleil ici avec toutes les principales sources d'information en un seul endroit! Maintenant en français et en anglais! All the breaking news, all the time! Stay up to date with The People's Republic of Chateau Du Soleil right here with all the top news sources in one place! Now In both Français and English!
  5. Bonjour from The People's Republic of Château Du Soleil! I am Jérôme Boàténg The Prime Minister, and I am very excited to start working with all of you to further our economic success and participate in some sports! Please feel free to contact me about anything! Merci beaucoup, Jérôme Boàténg
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