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  1. Well, some things just change. It's sad to see a once great thing fall. But we always have the memories of its peak time, never forget that.
  2. Hello, Tag! Thanks for the friendly welcome. Despite that, I still think an apology is in order and I just wanted to do it. Well, I'm good. The "Europans" have created a very powerful alliance within Cybernations that rose to 150 members and is currently among the Top 50 of many many more alliances. It's influential, has a good reputation...so the Europans did good. Of course, democratic progress meant that the old guard couldn't lead forever. I was only in charge during 2007 and then headed for new challenges, so everything from 2008 onwards isn't really my feat. Other than that, I'm doing OK. How are you guys?
  3. Hello everyone! I'd like to offer greetings from ancient times when nations like @Orioni , @Tamurin and @Vanarambaion roamed the realms of Europa. How are you guys and how is it going with you? I'd like to offer an apology. Back when I left in early 2007, I invited you to come over to Cybernations. And I guess I put too much pressure behind that and tried to force you to disband this place. I thought that you'd be doomed to stop existing. Obviously, you've proven me wrong. For that, I'd like to congratulate you and apologize in the hope that you can forgive me and my mistakes. This goes especially to Vocenae and all others back from that time.
  4. ...or just write the name you want to have in this topic...
  5. I've given Wellsy limited moderator powers. You can now lock and unlock topics, so you can post your updated maps in the original thread. I suggest that you lock it again after you've added the map just to keep the thread clean.
  6. Here's a little more encouragement: Check your title.
  7. Congratulations to the new cartographer! The map looks really good! *Old forum troll tapping your shoulder*
  8. Hey, it's the "Tag"! Congrats, man!
  9. Thanks, guys! I really appreciate that.
  10. Well, MS, if we're talking about the surroundings of Saddams trial and execution, we would start the whole Iraq-discussion with every aspect about it. I was just referring to his death and in my opinion he deserved it. His death was much less painful and cruel than the deaths of his victims, true, but the result is the same. I think that his execution will change nothing in present-day Iraq. Other problems and issues are much more pressing. But it's the symbolic end of the Baath-era in Iraq. Baath is forbidden, Saddam is dead, his sons are dead and his 'paladins' are dead or in prison, possibly facing the death penalty.
  11. No problem, Miiros. Good to have you back. Invest as much time in Europa as you feel comfortable with, no more.
  12. Even the worst enemy of democracy should get a fair trial. Saddam didn't. On the other hand: There is no doubt that he was guilty of installing a tyrannical regime, killing tens of thousands of Kurds and Shiits with poison gas, starting two devastating wars (1980-1988: First Gulf War with Iran, many million dead; 1990/1991: Second Gulf War, many thousands dead), etc. etc. I don't think that the execution was a mistake. You got what he deserved and what he did to many, many, many people.
  13. Merry christmas to you all! And to the non-christians among us: If you're in a christian country, take a couple of days off, nobody will notice...
  14. Greetings from "Thor" in orbit Weeks after the deadly alien plague hit Tamurin and one week after the official end of the quarantine, the repaired and upgraded OG-2 "Thor" launched into orbit today. The crew of the "Thor" sends christmas greetings to all people on Earth. "Thor"'s main task is maintenance on tamurinian satellites. Once these repairs are done, "Thor" will test several new systems, especially the new maneuvering thrusters that should give "Thor" the ability to avoid any meteor or space trash hits. Parallel to this, "Galactic Enterprises" resumed its sub-orbital flights yesterday. All passengers that were unable to fly the last weeks were refunded by the organization.
  15. Really, someone has risen from the dead. Good to have you back, Van.
  16. TO: Ide Jima FROM: Tamurin The latest information and the information you provided leave us no choice, but to regard your attack on plot 92 as an unprovoked attack against a neighbor of you. There are no reports that your country or your people were attacked. The only reason you have for the attack is a general suspicion against the "Red Factions". We also only see your troops attacking in plot 92, there hasn't been one major counter-attack. An aggressor should be able to counter-attack within days. We've also seen the latest video footage of "The Voice of the Northern Alliance". It's deeply concerning. Ide Jima is destabilizing the region, maybe even Europa. Is this war really worth it?
  17. TO: Ide Jima FROM: Tamurin The United Republic of Tamurin is very nervous because of the surprising all-out attack of Ide Jiman troops against Plot 92. We would like to know why Ide Jima is declaring war in such a peaceful time that has spread across most parts of Europa. Ide Jima could destabilize this situation.
  18. Wanna see anarchy in action? Choose a vacation target: a.) Iraq b.) Somalia c.) Sudan
  19. The same applies for the German media. However, media people are in most cases only interested in high sales rates and don't know exactly what they're talking about; very often people expect gas chambers in concentration camps located in Germany because of wrong media reports.
  20. People in the East are following the neonazis because they feel abandoned by the government. With unemployment between 15 and 25 % for the last 15 years you can't blame them. Every party has been in power since then and they all failed in changing the situation there. When the economic situation improves, the nazi problem will solve itself. But if the economic situation stays the way it is now...no guarantees for anything.
  21. Sorry to correct you. The first concentration camp was "opened" in 1933 (Dachau), a few months after the Nazis took over. Other concentration camps soon followed. You are right, the camps that were "equipped" with gas chambers were all built during the war, more or less all in Poland. However, people did know something. Just watch Charly Chaplins "The Great Dictator". It aired first in 1940 and shows jew ghettos, like the one in Warszaw. OK, it's not a documentary and movies were different then, but it proves: People knew! It's a convenient thing to deny knowledge. The Germans did it and the Allies did it, too. It's true that nobody knew everything, but many people knew enough.
  22. This is a satirical video aimed at Neo-Nazis, mocking their "signs" and "ways of life". In my opinion it is the correct approach: Those guys are ridiculous.
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