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  1. The Trouble With Being Royalty April 1st, 1971 The heat was suffocating. Today of all days, Maurotopia had been cursed with the most humid heat seen in generations, a heat so insidious it was fit for the deepest pits of hell itself. The sun beamed relentlessly in the cloudless sky, soaking people's clothes through with sweat. Combined with recent events, this heat was the straw that broke the camel's back. The city exploded into riots as hungry people began breaking into supermarkets and took whatever they wanted. Soon enough the city was in pandimonium, with the police and national
  2. I think this is a wonderful idea! A big climactic battle where the community can come together and finally make Europa's borders make sense,
  3. To: Diplomatic Outreach, EOS Headquarters, Deseti Island, @Orioni From: Secretary of State, Marco Luti On behalf of the people of Mauridiviah, we thank the member nations of the Entente of Oriental States for extending us such a gracious invitation and shall take it into consideration promptly. President Polo has used his constitutional authority to put the matter up to a referendum because of economic concerns, and as a result we will not be able to reply to the invitation at this time. Our official response should arrive by the end of August, as the tentative date for th
  4. Mortuus Est, Vivat Rex! March 31st, 1971 "Señor Detro! Señor Detro! Is it true that the Council of Ministers will intervene in the dispute? Who are you considering for the role? Will it be decided by the entire assembly or a committee?" The questions seemed endless. The media's obsession with the affairs of the royal family had led to this quickly becoming the scandal of the century-- indeed, The Feudal Times has already branded this as such. But Prime Minister Detro did not care about that. He couldn't care about that. He had to stop a civil war. He cut through the Charybd
  5. Something has happened and I'll need to take some personal time for a while. I might pop in on discord from time to time, but probably not post.
  6. Back again due to popular demand: Round 3 boys! https://forms.gle/HdfQxpoeuKnUrGER8
  7. The Blues March 30th, 1971 "Perhaps I've made a few mistakes in the past," said Mario Almansa, also known by most in the nation as "El Rey" since his older brother Ricardo II had kicked the bucket. The limousine made a turn unto the Boulevard Real, Mario's favorite street. By this hour of the night, it was full of bright and happy lights, and bright and happy people populated the streets. It represented all the progress that had been made since the wars that had filled most of his life. It was the light at the end of the tunnel. And while he did not know it, he was very close to the
  8. Eriprando Estis looked at the assembled Senate. It was rowdy and massive, as if he were in a small stadium. As the final stragglers of the 1,153 members of the Mauridivian Senate took their seats, Estis signaled to his Assistant Speakers that it was time to begin the session. The thick roar of over a thousand ensuing conversations between senators, media, politicians, and spectators was suddenly punctured by the loud, simultaneous, and relentless banging of gavels. After about a minute, only the banging and its echoes remained, although it too soon fell silent. Estis took a deep breath, m
  9. To: El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores del Matriarcado de @Oyus From: El Departamento de Estado de la Serenísima República de Mauridiviah In the spirit of human solidarity, having taken into account Oyus' human rights record, the Most Serene Republic is willing to look past the Batencourt Doctrine and agree to an embassy exchange with the Oyus Matriarchy. It is our hope that this will lead to an expansion of dialogue, tourism, and business between our two nations, as well as encourage liberty and democracy throughout the world. Sincerely, Marco Luti Secretary of State
  10. Fulgistan and Mauridiviah Issue Joint Declaration of Support for RFE SSI If you are listening to this broadcast, do not adjust your radio. Good day. This is Santiago Gutierrez on behalf of Radio Free Mauridiviah, with an internationally broadcast special announcement. This morning the governments of the Worker's Republic of @Fulgistan and the Most Serene Republic of Mauridiviah have released the following joint statement regarding the Parliament of the Sunset Sea Islands' criminalization of RFSSI: "Good people of Eurth. We hope that the recent actions by the government of the Ra
  11. Mauridivian Names: Could they get any worse? Mauridivians have always been bad at naming things, from an entire city named after a place to stay for the night to a a silent and useless 'h' at the end of the nation's name, this is nothing new. A new trend has been gaining more traction recently, however: Mauridivians being bad at naming babies. Now, crazy baby names are not a concept. Even under the monarchy, no rules actually governed what name could be placed on a birth certificate, and as such Mauridiviah recieved all kinds of crazy names (such as the names of everyone in the natio
  12. That's a given. A plane going missing for us would actually be pretty bad and probably get us to look at other strategies such as an overland route through friendly Sayf.
  13. Our aid would be humanitarian and intended for both sides. As such we would usually do an air drop from a plane to prevent it from being captured. That cool?
  14. I would like to offer foreign aid if Aluxia accepts it.
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