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  1. Thought as much. Does help to have a Mediterranean climate as an Italian nation.
  2. So a more Mediterranean climate for Limonaia would be... Possible?
  3. Gotta show that I we're still a force to be reckoned with... If still possible Limonaia's very own Grand Duchess will attend.
  4. I think Limonaia would either remain neutral or actively work against such crusades... Although Limonaia wouldn't be united at this point and I could have different Limonaian states act differently in regards to the crusades.
  5. So, about a year since I joined, and now that things are somewhat sorted out, and I feel able to write again, I'd like to do my first expansion for Limonaia. In my history Limonaia both overseas, but also on the home front were much larger than the current Duchy. Most of these states that seceded would have done so following the civil war in 1902 and thus have been independent since then. The basis for my RP will likely take form as economic trouble in one (possibly two) of these states. This will be possible because of the long time that's passed and the slow decrease of the Limonaian monarch
  6. Bomb Threat at Prime Minister's residence Early this morning an anonymous call warned Limone Police about a possible bomb in the residence of Prime Minister Guiliano Saleri. The PM was swiftly evacuated and has temporarily been relocated to a secure location, while police search the residence. So far no bomb has been found and police suspect it to be a false threat, and efforts to track down the caller are currently underway. This isn't the first time threats have been made on the PM since he entered office last september, but recently problems with security have increased drastically,
  7. Well if I continue the path I'm considering for the Limonaian religion then that group alone probably wouldn't be something Tagmatium or Salvia would support.
  8. This is why I'd prefer if we just retcon to a point where we can all agree. I've already said that I'd prefer no part in this from now on and would rather just have the ship be from another nation if possible...
  9. As the great man above says... I'm in.
  10. I've been wanting to flesh out my religion for a while and think I might do so in a bit. I'd have to get together with Faramount and possibly others to find something we can agree upon.
  11. I do listen to a lot of different music, but in the past year "Inno del Finanziere" has been the most frequent one.
  12. The Grand Duchess entered the chamber, which quickly quieted down to only a couple of whispers from the back benches. The Assembly's chamber had been reconfigured for her arrival, and a small, elaborate silver throne had been put in place of the regular podium. She slowly made her way to the throne as the royal fanfare played. As she reached the throne, a guard hander her the papers containing her speech. The chamber was dead silent now, and she could hear her own heartbeat, as she begun her speech: Honoured Assembly, it pains me to have to do this, the day that we've all feared would com
  13. Happy Birthday! Sorry for being late...
  14. Welcome! Feel free to join our discord, highly recommended if you want to chat or have questions.
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