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  1. OOC Thread | IIWiki page Prologue “Titā matunuturī ma wurukiusi! Saru anuravana iʻarī, wuka mavīaʻa vana!” People are shouting at the top of their lungs, as chaos ensued after a decision was read out loud by the leader of Reformist faction, Wanutāvariʻi. The sentences were roughly translated to ‘We don’t bow down to the bourgeoisie! We must crush them, not making amends with them!’ Wanutāvariʻi smiled at the reaction. It was going as expected. He was just reading the motion of the Revolutionary Council, declaring that the war with the Purist faction will be resumed, after a
  2. TUESDAY, July 23rd 2019 King welcomes second grandson First portrait of King's second grandson, taken from Princess Maturara's Wittier post MATANGA, Wanaveraʻa –His Majesty King Manu Wesa II and Her Majesty Queen Tangatamara today welcomed the newest member of the royal family, the King's second grandson. Their Majesties's daughter, Crown Princess Maturara, delivered her first child on Monday night (22/07) in Royal Hospital of Wanaveraʻa. Queen Tangatamara shared the happy news and a portrait of the young prince on her official Wittier. "Welcome to the world
  3. I've revamped the thread for visibility, so you should now get a clear idea of how the RP might run and how to involve yourself. Welcome to the RP! What parties are you going to support? The Reformist or Purist? The monarch-communist would be more than happy to get your support You're welcome to participate. I've revamped the thread and see where you could join the fun! An opportunist who are trying to get profit from both side? You're in.
  4. This RP is a follow-up from the agreement made on the expansion thread. Please refer to the IIwiki article for a more in-depth information. Summary This expansion RP will be quite an unorthodox one, in the sense that it is not your usual 'invade and conquer' RP. The RP will partly narrate the story of the monarcho-communist Selayar (now renamed as Vahila) effort to 'retake' the mainland Selayari territory (the reserved area on the map), as they are stuck in the small islands territory of Vahila (the current island territory of Selayar on the map). Many parties will be involved, and o
  5. "Why, Mom?" When i was still a little kid, my mom always hugged me when i went home after school. It was always such a lovely hug. She then whispered to me, while still hugging my little body, "My little Rami, study hard so that you may work with those suited men out in the big cities. Don't end up as a poor farmer, like your mom and dad did. Staying here will get you nowhere." That's the words she whispered to me during my time in school. I didn't really understand what she really meant then, but deep down, i kept her words inside my heart. After graduating from high scho
  6. Ah, I'm currently still fleshing out the ideas behind it. Will make an OOC thread as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay!
  7. I've just edited the title accordingly. I'll need to RP on the islands for a while then. If that's so, what should I do with my current news that referenced to the location in the 'Reserved' area? Should I just retcon the story? Or edit it accordingly?
  8. Having heard the verdict from the Mods that this should be turned into an expansion RP, and subsequently, this 'new' territory will be marked Reserved until such RP is finished, I want to ask a question. Firstly, this 'starting over' is an ignorant move on my part, and I've been treating that this Reserved territory is the core of my nation instead of the islands. I'll rectify this mistake with the expansion RP, which will be set in the past, and involve a schism, not unlike that of Taiwan and China. Though it will end up in a unified nation. This, in my personal view, will reconcile the mista
  9. Rule Number One "On your left, gentlemen, you can see Raraniranga Tower. Standing at 354 metres high, it is currently the highest skyscraper in Selayar. The building's name itself literally means the 'Tower of Heaven'. Don't you think it is quite a fitting name for the tallest building on Selayar?" The tourists crowd hummed in approval as Tarana finished his speech. One guy even went as far as writing his explanation words by words, while others are busy capturing selfies with the tower in the background. Nothing unusual, he thought. Not that he wished for unusual things to
  10. Once Upon A Time In Selayar... This will be the thread where I'm going to post random stories about the life of a common citizen just trying to live their life in Selayar. There might be stories about a guy who is trying to find his son in an amusement park, a kid trying to find his way to the Ferris wheel, a woman who is struggling with her seven kids, and such. You name it.
  11. MONDAY, April 29th 2019 'Puzzling', New archaeological throws doubt on the fate of previous inhabitants of Selayar Close-up of the newly-discovered Boreaurelian pottery with its distinctive pattern MATANGA, Terata –Archaeologist today announced a surprising discovery after a period of research and discussion that followed a National Archaeological Expedition on December 2017 to the famous Tanana Archeological Site, 143km southeast of Wanaperaʻa, the nation's capital. Tanana is the oldest dated site of human habitation in Selayar, spanning a time period from the Upper Pleist
  12. Oh, culturally it will still be your typical Southeast Asian culture plus some Chinese influences. The polynesian bit is just from linguistic perspective, since my conlang is partly based on Polynesian languages. Beside having Polynesian culture in a continent is a bit odd
  13. That could certainly be arranged
  14. Oh hey, i just saw this one. Is it too late for me to join the fun?
  15. First off, let me wish you a good luck, man! I want to thank you for being one of the most friendly people around here. If it wasn't for you approaching me and helping me setting my nation up here last year, i wouldn't be here. You're also one of the reason this community feels so fun (lol yeah), to the point that i returned back from my abrupt leave. Thanks a lot, my man. I know i might not be the right person to say this since i'm relatively new, but i will never forget you, as short as our interaction was, it was a meaningful one.
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