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  1. 00:48, Ravenfort, Dopraystein, 2nd Police Precinct Goran was exhausted from the difficult night drive from Emerald Forest, sipping the last of his coffee from the thermos. He pulled the camo-painted 6x6 into the rear loading bay of the police building, old brick walls topped with razor wire surrounding the 3-story structure. Two cops in dark blue uniforms briskly walked out from a side door, flashlights in hand. Goran reached for his phrasebook and dictionary, he had been in Dopraystein for some months, so he picked up on the language a bit, but still wasn't able to speak much of it on his own. He opened the door and hopped down, the door closing with a loud clunk. "You're Goran, yes?" "Yes." "What's the delivery? New toys for the police?" Goran didn't understand part of that, flipping through his book. "Yes. Rifles and body armor." "Sentists won't stand a chance in the street with this stuff." "Yes." The policemen saw Goran didn't care for talking in their language, so they unloaded the crates, while Goran sat in the cab, getting rest in the beat to hell seat. The police were to be well armed - no longer armed with the old revolvers and semi autos from an old era. The two beat cops finished unloading, banging on the truck door to wake up Goran, then creeping back inside to the precinct. Soon the streets of the capital would see their neighborhood cops looking like gendarmerie, a little pirate pistol of a battle rifle slung around their necks. The army couldn't wipe out the Sentists alone, a force of now 1,750 could only do so much on its own, the police would be the next force to see changes. 02:28, Dopraystein waters The sailors on the fishing trawler weren't happy this night, the rain had been going on for more than an hour, but they didn't have to worry about wet uniforms - orders were to dress in plain clothes, the operation would not take any chances with communists or the other countries finding the boats, false naval jacks, and everything under the dark nights were used to confuse and get the foreigners to leave them alone. Тhe skipper climbed up the ladder from the cargo hold, full with all the usual supplies, being brought into the country from Beograd. He flipped his rain slicker hood down, trying to light a smoke away from the arms, to not get the whole raft of a boat to blow up. His gold lighter went out, deciding to go back to the wheel and read some of the Venture Index. No one in the navy was happy about this, the moment @Gallambrians established a no-fly zone, the armament operation in Dopraystein immediately changed from the air force to the navy. All the defiant Serbs could rely on now to protect them from interception was tact and maskirovka, all attempts at deception. Alas, the police and Reorganized Regiment needed these guns, the Sentists could be on the border at any minute, and the only edge the foreign legion-esque force has against them are superior firepower, shock, and skill.
  2. To: Major Strasser, Commander of 1st Reorganized Regiment From: Petar Petrovich, Deputy Director of Overseas Operations, Department of National Safety Sir, from the Directorate of Intelligence, we are happy to congratulate you on your change of command to the 1st Reorganized Regiment of Dopraystein. We hope everything is going well with retraining the troops. My assistant read your latest letter to us - don't worry, you'll get new vehicles from Beograd soon if the summit goes according to plan. The logistics just simply, aren't in our favor right now. We had to fly in all the 'appetizers', so to say. Our main concern in the office right now are the troops numbers and their psyche. Dopraystein has an army of around 2,500, and by the initial inspections made by the advisor staff, these are not the quality, motivated soldiers that will be as capable against the Sentists and communists in the future. We will need to put an effort together - to root out communists and other weak minded personnel. For your benefit, another small group of NCOs and officers will be coming with the next month's supply. The goal for our presence here is not to be a big force, it's to be a powerful force. If you've read the manuals, a whole platoon for the Serb equivalent is just 35 soldiers. Next week will most likely cut out most of the unfit soldiers alone, physical fitness is paramount for the battle effectiveness of the soldiers. The final point of this letter, is that Serb officers will be appointed above Dopraysteiner officers that cannot pass evaluations. This will need to happen because leadership needs to be the strongest link in the unit. Sergeants will start to instill the esprit d corps. Below attached is the bar graph compiled by the training staff at Emerald Forest. Glory to Serbia and the allies. Petar Petrovich
  3. Fort Emerald Forest 09:43am Arkan soon learned that the platoon assigned to him, and for that matter all troops under Serb training guidance were going to be a challenge, unlike motivated volunteers back at the Mladic Compound. It was 1 hour into the duty day and the troops were on the firing line, practicing with their aged, but barely used M77 rifles. The soldiers found that the recoil was more than their previous rifles, it was going to take quite a few weeks just to get them to familiarize for prone shooting. "Sergeant Jovic!" exclaimed Lieutenant Karadzic. "Yes, sir?" he saluted him as he walked towards him, rendering a salute back. "How are these 'soldiers' doing?" "Honestly sir, disregarding ATGM crews, and all the other combat specialties, these riflemen are going to need 12 weeks to get up to speed with the new gear we got them. Some of them didn't even know how to put on the optics for the rifles." "Hmm. Carry on, I know this is going to be difficult, but until or unless more personnel come over, we're an outfit of 280 training 8,000 soldiers for at least 14 weeks for the riflemen. General Command says it'll be at best a month before more of our guys fly over. Politicians are doing that summit thing over in that brothel of a country Variota. Command isn't sending anymore people over because we need to keep eyes off of us until they get the communists and liberals off our backs." "Sir, how long are we going to be here..?" "I'm not sure, I've been told for the year but I have a feeling we're here for good until we're relieved. You know those communists have infested this region too, Beograd wants to make a counter balance to them." "Understood sir.." "That's all, I just wanted to check in." They saluted and went back to their respective workplaces. 11:40 The soldiers formed up to eat lunch, after expending a mound of 7.62. Arkan walked out of the dining hall, motion to start heading in. The soldiers briskly marched in, getting their plates. What they saw was something new, unfamiliar with them. The cooks had made Serb food, as a 'cultural exposure experience'. The troops had a choice of pljeskavica, goulash, or sarma. The pljeskavica was about the only recognizable thing to them, resembling a huge hamburger. The soldiers made some confused looks at each other, but were hungry and needed the meat anyway. When they went for drinks, curiously, Serbian style coffee was present. Coffee wasn't something the dining hall featured, so droves of soldiers queued for a tiny cup of strong coffee. The soldiers started to dig in, the only dish they didn't care too much for being the sarma. Some TVs were mounted in the corners of the room, a Serb touring car race going on. The soldiers didn't know if this was to become part of their daily life on the base, the Serb-this, Serb-that.
  4. Dopraysteiner regional airport, 11:02am local time The last shipment of arms came in on time. 80 hours ago, the Dopraystein military severely lacked anything to fight with, due to crippling corruption, but up to this point a plane came in every 4 hours, the rusted warehouse in one of the rundown and unused industrial areas becoming full to the brim. These 3 planes had something special on each of them, the last shipments of the month. Pelican-1 held auto-cannons and MANPADS, plus ammo, spares for all of the above. Pelican-2 was nearly too heavy to take off from Beograd, filled to the absolute maximum limit with GPMGs, SMGs, gas masks, 7.62x51MM, explosives, uniforms, and training/doctrine material, such as books on infantry movement, and anti-terrorism procedures. Pelican-3 had the ATGM systems, the Bumblebee, SALA, Hornet, and Wasp. In addition to that, the BGA 30MM grenade launchers. On all 3 of the planes, 36 military trainers came along. Mijo came onto the airstrip in a large convoy of trucks, necessary to move the armament for the brigade of troops that will be trained by the Serbs. The 'Major' as he became to be known by the Serbs, stepped out of the staff car and greeted the new staff, and the captains that flew the shiny new goods for him. "This will be enough to start your regiment, Major." said Mijo. "It's more than enough, it already took 15 trucks to move the arms to the base. I can't thank you enough." replied Strasser. The convoy was big this time - this was the biggest shipment of the day. The troops smiled from ear to ear seeing all of the toys, this was nothing like the Duke bestowed upon them, and the soldiers felt like someone took actual attention to them - even if it was a completely foreign country. The trucks were loaded up, and headed towards the Major's base. Duchy Palace, 5:43 local time Mijo's limo drove in through the gates, the old iron gates closing as the V8 purrs by. He was taken aback by how small the palace was, Dopraystein is a small country, but this duke's palace was that of a mansion perhaps, not a sprawling palace. The guards were guards, sure, but Mijo was expecting grand dress uniforms, fancy hats, meanwhile the guards had simple bolt action rifles and old camo. Mijo knew that Dopraystein has a starved military, but nothing on this scale. The two guards opened the large doors to a modest lobby, an official immediately recognizing Mijo. "Right this way sir." lead the man. They went up the main staircase, guards opening the door to the duke. The heavy doors slowly closed behind Mijo. "Good evening Mr. Jovic. I hope you've acquainted yourself well with our great duchy." welcomed the Duke. "Yes your Highness, however we have much business to take care of." said Mijo. "Of course, please take a seat." commanded the Duke. Mijo took a seat in the leather chair. "Your Highness, we're interested in taking some control of your army. We've already sent lots of materiel, and our advisors are with your army." explained Mijo. "Well err.. This is a bit alarming, I thought this was just aid?" the Duke worried. "I understand, but this is for the best. My superiors don't wish to depose you though - unless you make some resistance for us." answered Mijo. "So I guess I'll have to let you take the army away from me." the Duke said, sorrow in his voice. "It'll be a much needed reform, plus you don't have any choice. The military is on our side. We've started replacing admin officers with our own. You have nothing to offer your men in uniform, the massive corruption in your mud-pit of a country has spilled over and rooted itself even in the military. It only took 3 of our sergeants 20 minutes to find out over 500 assault rifles were missing in a single brigade. And don't bother running to the media, the army's taken care of them. If you cause a problem, the next plane won't be more bullets, it'll be our White Eagles rushing your office. Just let us take care of things and you can ride out your tenure as the duke. Good day to you, sir." Mijo sternly stated. Mijo got up and walked back to the car, the Duke sitting in his chair, stunned.
  5. The presidential suite smelled of rakija and cigarettes after only 2 nights, Sivkovic and his envoy writing down and pondering for solutions to begin the negotiations at the hotel. It was around 9 in the morning, the politicians having breakfast, a hearty serving of proja with a small glass of rakija. Sivkovic drank in the mornings rather than the evenings, but wasn't an alcoholic, a stereotype of Serbia, a massive alcoholic. He was sent because Milosevic knew he was the easiest to get along with, but just as strong in the nerve and stubborn as the rest of the cabinet. The deputy head of embassy staff had an epiphany, one of the ideas that the rest of the staff didn't bring up. Just as he was about to work up the courage to ask Mr. Sivkovic, a diplomatic bag came in, brought by a DNS bodyguard. Sivkovic unzipped it, it was his daily intel report as Milosevic's staff receive being part of his inner party, the cabinet. He read through it for a short time, it was the usual, what the integrity of the economy is like, defense forces, chemical weapons readiness, etc. By this time, the Serbian entrance into Dopraystein was on the paper, intriguing the Chancellor of Commerce. "Hmm." he mumbled. He wondered if his people could get through the summit fast enough to prevent a media firestorm once again on Greater Serbia if the reporters found out about this happening. Sivkovic didn't worry himself about the finances for this project, the weapons are surplus from the 80's and 90's, only the plates for the armor vests were new. For now it was merely a drop in the bucket - personnel numbered 65 as of right now but over 800 military advisors and weapons techs were scheduled to arrive at the end of April. More worrisome was the already growing amount of materiel being delivered by plane, the planes were unmarked but that wouldn't be enough to ward off suspicion. He made a reminder to himself to talk to Milosevic after the summit to recommend building an airbase in Dopraystein, away from cities or people for that matter. He refocused himself on the current task - the summit. He asked Aleksandr, the deputy, if he had any idea. "Well, sir, we can't kill them anymore, we can't hide them, we can't let them leech off of our society, we can't much let them live most of all. It pains me to say but perhaps we could find a country that would take them off our hands? There has to be a country that stands up for the 'human rights' of these people. We should challenge them if they'll be willing to accept them." suggested the deputy. "I think you're onto something Aleksandr. This will be our main angle, the plan A for the Bosniak issue. I want someone else to come up with a follow up plan if this doesn't work with them." commanded Sivkovic. "I want a meeting in the evening with the Tagmatines before we kick off this summit in front of the world, off the record, don't tell the press anything." Sivkovic told his staffers. The staffers nodded and left the room to try to get hold of Goulielmos. the counterpart that @Tagmatium Rules sent. Sivkovic continued his breakfast and conversed with the rest of the embassy people at the table. After finishing his 3rd glass of rakija, he took out his first cigarette of the day from his gold case, "CCCC" inscribed in Cyrillic, samo sloga Srbina spasava, meaning Only Unity Saves the Serbs. It reminded him of who he was representing, the Serbian people.
  6. Orimulsion Not a Public Threat to Clean Air A pollution control study for the safety of using orimulsion as a fuel for power plants has been shown to be as polluting as heavy fuel oil. Despite media dishonesty from Tagmatika Kidemonas in @Tagmatium Rules, the charts in each burn test clearly show lower amounts of NOx, SO2, and particulate matter compared to coal. Although not as clean as natural gas, this bitumen sludge is energy independence in the face of hostile economies. In fact, orimulsion might be here to stay in Greater Serbia to replace coal, though for now the Chancellery of Commerce has voiced its stance to protect the coal industry for the time being, until a state plan is erected to commence for the change. Just a week ago, Srbi Energy, was planning to contract further with Naftna Srbija for orimulsion supplies in reserves, however the CoC had to step in to safeguard against job losses in the coal industry.
  7. that's the current plan of action. after the summit (if good conditions are met) sea access will be used too.
  8. I understand, I can explain. 1. Seeing as that Serbia already has a developed military - I'd thought that it'd be nice to have a reserve of cheaper troops in an easily manipulable country. As for resources, the arms being provided aren't brand-new, but are numerous and will ensure easy logistical access. (Greater Serbia mirrors Serbia in the real world as a highly armed nation). 2. The exploitation is for military pursuits, at least mostly. Any other control over other parts of Dopraystein will be to further make the military run more efficiently, such as tackling corruption. One thing the Serbian military lacks in Eurth is reach - the ambition is to move some troops from Beograd to a base somewhere hidden. 3. I understand that, I thought about that too, but seeing as this will be a Sino-German type of deal, where the military is heavily influenced by a strong benefactor, I hope it'll stay relatively clandestine. The personnel in Dopraystein shouldn't number more than 500 for the start-up stages, and I hope to move regular troops after the summit in Variota after all is negotiated on the Bosniak issue.
  9. "The Eagle's Nest" Undisclosed skies near Dopraystein, 19:20 local time Niko Brevic was having a dip outside the cockpit, looking out on the dark, pitch black skies through a window. He was one of 24 personnel, mixed between normal airmen and the "Department people" sent on 2 turboprop airplanes to Dopraystein to start collaborating and aiding the corrupt duchy. He was told by the captain in a pre-flightbriefing that they were merely sending some cargo of unknown contents to the Dopraysteiners. What he didn't know is that in the cargo hold was storing enough armament for 800 well armed Dopraysteiners, the start of a real trained army by Greater Serbia. As flight engineer, he checked on the plane, but took a small trip to the cargo, to see what it is. He dusted off an old green wooden box, inscribed: "Kašikara, M75, 100". It was a massive box of grenades, along with 25 other boxes once he took a look at those alone. A g-man from the Department of National Safety came by, introduced himself as "Mijo", asked: "Want to see some of the goodies and trinkets we're sending these sorry people?" He opened a box of several M77 assault rifles, "7.62x51MM". They were obviously the older model, taken from state depots, as they still had wood furniture on them and foldable bipods. when the new ones these days come with polymer and a bipod in the forward grip. "They have something to shoot with, now let me show you what they get shot at with", Mijo rambled on. He cracked open yet another green crate, towards the back, inscribed "ERA-82" the large crate had at least 8 old ballistic vests, but with new steel plates, getting rid of the old bulky ceramic ones Niko was used to when he started his service 25 years ago. Niko told the g-man "This is all very nice, I hope it goes to the effort against communism." Mijo nodded, and they went to their respective places on the plane once again. Dopraysteiner regional airport, location unknown 20:46 local time The 80 foot civilian plane came in towards landing strip 02, the captain on board instructing all to fasten seats belts. "Operation Eagle's Nest is now on." said one of the suits, to his fellow agents. Niko sat in his chair, watching gauges and dials as the plane screeched to a rough landing on the poorly paved strip. The plane started braking before finally creeping to a halt. The head suit took out a cell phone and called someone: "Are you here? We got the goods, we're operational as long as you keep your end of the deal, get us to the monarch." Soon the g-men tucked away pistols and PDWs, getting out of the chairs and walking towards the cargo door. Niko was already a step ahead and started laying the door down onto the brownish pavement. Several old green trucks drove onto the runway, with men in casual clothes and drab old uniforms on the benches. Mijo introduced himself to a man in an officers uniform "Hello friend, we bring gifts for our big introduction to your leader." Niko soon realized with the squads of young men behind the major, that this officer was not on official business. The major replied "This won't take long, my men are eager for this stuff." Soon they quickly took the crates one by one, pushing them up onto the beds of the rusted trucks. In little more than an hour and a half, more than 10 trucks were full, the major welcoming the captain and Mijo the Department supervisor into the black staff car. The other subordinates got into mid-2000s pick ups, as the convoy moved to the next point. A copilot and Niko got back onto the plane, and an airport worker refueled them for the trip back to Nikola International Airport. Dopraysteiner warehouse/safehouse, Dopraysteiner city 01:21 Mijo got out of the sedan, the trucks already rushing into an old warehouse with soldiers at the perimeter. The major walked in through the big garage doors, asking him "When do you want to see him?". "I'll give it a day, my men have flown for almost a day, we need some rest and you need those weapons unpacked, eh?" replied Mijo. "Very well, we'll see him tomorrow, he's glad you've come to our aid.". "Yes, guns aren't the only thing coming in. Another plane is arriving in 4 hours, we have army advisors to make the force not only well equipped, but well trained." "We'll take on the communists well, no doubt.."
  10. 15:34, Variota local time, Kaptein A.H. Ferrefaaier International Airport, Ferrefaaierhafen The landing gear deployed, and the envoy put away their rakija into the silver cup holders in the leather chairs. Chancellor Sivkovic turned his head to his assistant: "Are our Department boys and White Eagles ready with the motorcade?". "Yes, Chancellor." replied Dragan. The plane glided closer to the runway, the rubber meeting the asphalt. The pilot announced on the intercom: "Welcome to Variota." The Serb Air plane taxied on the runway until it met the motorcade near the rear gate. Men in suits rolled out the carpet for the bureaucrats and the Chancellor. The plane staircase unlatched from the fuselage and the bodyguards quickly took positions to walk with the envoy to their cars, Serbian made full-size sedans made only heavier with the ballistic protection and guns stashed away. "Good flight, sir?" Asked the head bodyguard. "Yes, let's get out of here before someone tries something." answered Sivkovic. The envoy of 8 got in the 4 sedans, with 1 more sedan ahead of the convoy. The heavy armored doors clunked closed and the V8s rumbled quickly towards the security gate at the back of the airport.
  11. To: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomnion From: the Chancellery of the Radical Party of Greater Serbia Your Majesty, The Government of Greater Serbia humbly invites the Tagmantine Government to the 2020 Detente Summit hosted by Variota. For what it's worth, as one Orthodox Christian nation to another, the presence of Tagmatium is the most important corner stone from which to begin negotiations. The Serbian people wish and hope for at least for an agreement for an easing of cold relations between our governments. Unfortunately, due to rocky and hostile rhetoric from other nations, Greater Serbia's main government/leadership are staying behind in Beograd [OOC: Mount Triglav bunker facility]. Though this is unforeseen, the Serbian mission in Variota, various legislators and the Chancellor of Commerce will be present. The main concerns of the Greater Serbian element at the summit are: -Overreaching conditions that would bring Greater Serbia into instability. -An overall humiliating agreement that would be forced upon Serbia via military or other ultimatum. -Changes to national borders inside or on the international border of Greater Serbia. -Economic penalties for past events. -Requirements to change or otherwise manipulate the Serb government -Military exploits, either by limiting Serb military power or an ultimatum to surrender military arms or other strategic weapons. The Chancellor Himself has voiced optimism for this summit, the concerns of the Serbian people are his, so let us treat these carefully in any negotiation. Wishing Tagmatium health, wealth, and happiness, Jovan Vukovic, Chancellor of the Radical Party of Greater Serbia
  12. Government to Attend Summit in Variota The Serb government is making preparations to visit the Pollervan Hallen in @Variota for a summit for the purpose to negotiate with the blockading nations [OOC: haha imagine blockading an inland country]. The summit is being hosted in Variota for it's proximity to Greater Serbia and being the least hostile out of the "Blockade Bloc". The summit is planned to start this week by Friday. Chancellor Milosevic will not be attending the event, but rather a few popular lawmakers, the Chancellor of Commerce, Marko Sivkovic, and the staff from the Serb consulate in Variota. Mr. Sivkovic will be the main dignitary representing Greater Serbia. The end date for the summit has not been announced yet, but it's likely to be a short one, as leadership attending the summit from Greater Serbia have voiced they will be heading back for Beograd on Sunday.
  13. [OOC] Greater Serbia détente RP idea So I've discussed with @Variota on #worldbuilding, and I think the next move for a RP would be to host a summit for talks in Variota. I'd like to set up the RP by Wed or Thurs IC, regardless if anyone participates in it right away. If even 3 nations participate I'd be happy. Some ideas/requests: -held by and with the blockading nations, or any nations willing to attend by subscribers to any agreement or signatories would be limited to those that took action. -drunk diplomats - @Tagmatium Rules, I'd hope to aim for some sort of normalization of foreign affairs, as your nation is more significant in the Serbian people's mind than others. -I'd like to elect @Variota to be the main representative country of the blockade bloc for a written agreement, if a deal is struck. -Milosevic will not be present as he's still in a mountain bunker facility. -Any agreement will not puppet/change government Serbia. -Lastly, I'd like to show some potential to get involved in RPs again so I hope some people would join this RP.
  14. might as well make Edrela a candidate too for its geographic proximity to Greater Serbia
  15. Would Estaria and Dopraystein be possible to bring into my sphere of influence via economic manipulation?
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