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  1. Surprising Resurfacing for Archeology, Theology Today in the Zhakrifa region, surveyors confirmed reports of a huge stone structure buried beneath a layer of sediment along the river, first indicated by surveillance satellites analyzing terrain for the expansion of precision farming in Asgeirria. The structure itself seems to be made of a polished limestone, and was once capped with some sort of metal cone or tip, judging by chemical deposits on the upper structure. Large-scale excavation is slated to begin after the end of the flooding season in Zhakrifa, with surveys of additional sites
  2. OPORD 1.4 All vessels will be recalled to their home ports to upgrade anti-air and missile interception systems, as well as modernizing and updating targeting, tracking, and fire control systems. OPORD 1.4.1 F/N-5 aircraft will begin replacing helicopters on compatible vessels, priority on Gaia-class flight deck cruisers. OPORD 1.4.2 Additional Concordia-class and Gaia-class vessels will be laid down, IAW wartime emergency safety and engineering standards laid out in GANM 7.11.420. OPORD 1.4.3 Prepare Logistical Sustainment Squadron, Classis IX, for the deplo
  3. STRATORD 1-AEGIR Prepare to secure key straits through inexpensive and persistent means Develop and field naval detection systems and networks Assess and upgrade coastal defense locations and systems OPORD 1.1 Design and produce mines of various specifications, for deployment via air and sea. Include anti-sweep mines, anti-submarine mines, dummy mines, and homing mines. OPORD 1.2 Design and produce sound surveillance systems to detect and track vessels in controlled waters. OPORD 1.3 Design and produce heavy projectile weapon capable of engaging n
  4. For the past two and a half centuries, Asgeirria had been in an arms race with the coalition islands. Following the war coming to a close, the militarily-focused industries and government were faced with a crisis of action; to expand or not to expand. A huge amount of the population was employed by military factories, military facilities, and military services, to include the government officials whose job it was to oversee the quality of production, condition of workers, and distribution of supplies and equipment. Behind closed doors, Regis Celestia and High Command decided it would deal a cr
  5. Charged Rating Sparks Fiery Outrage The Mundus Liber report, or as some are beginning to call it, the Mundus Libel report, is beginning to face international backlash as many nations, free and oppressed alike, protest its biased and, in some cases, blatantly incorrect rankings. John Valentino, on call from a diplomatic summit, was asked to comment on the scandal; "This isn't a genuine ranking of nation's freedoms, this is a crusade of conformism. It's an insult to the heritage of freedom our culture boasts; we are a bastion against those who would take freedom for a promise of s
  6. ICE and Hazel complied with the terms well. ICE made sure to clean up trash and other messes in their areas, before leaving on the Asgeirrian transports. Hazel and her entourage arrived at the airport unarmed, where they went through all the processes to leave. Ahranaian agents and personnel were returned to their home country IAW the outlined executive orders mentioned above. It was a very civil end to a breakdown which might have led to a bloodbath. Asgeirrians were not a treacherous bunch, nor were they spiteful or begrudging. The borders were not closed to Ahranaians coming to vi
  7. @Orioni Okay I'm actually finished now, I introduced all the key players I intended to, I brought the islands to the place I wanted them, and I've got the beginnings of my next expansion lined up for after my internal solidification.
  8. For two millennia, Asgeirrians had sought and found victory on battlefields innumerable. Countless millions had fallen at their hands, from the interior of Aurelia, to far-flung islands across the horizon. They had earned a reputation for unmatched prowess and ferocity in battle, leaving every enemy victor with the bitter taste of the loss of life. However, they were also known for their mercy and honorable conduct. The opportunity for surrender was almost always afforded the enemy, and prisoners treated well. They abstained from looting and pillaging, they treated the sick and wounded of the
  9. To: SG Core From: John Valentino Dear madame, 30 or 20 miles, it makes no difference to me. Our troops will be fully prepared for embarkment by the time the troop ships arrive. All equipment, supplies, and personnel belonging to ICE will be removed. Anything already built, and materials already delivered for the continued building of infrastructure and other projects in Xara will be left for the locals to continue with the training given them by ICE. Yours, Valentino E et P,
  10. Let the man roleplay the nation he wants, if it's not OP or breaking any rules. I don't see GDP per capita affecting or even being mentioned in any roleplays IC. In fact, 98% of stuff in people's factbooks is fluff. I think Mr. Andune writes well, and has a lot of potential to contribute. Why are established nations beefing with new nations having a decent start? If you look at IRL, time as an independant government has very little to do with success. Look at israel, india, and china. They've been around for, like, 60-70 years, and are now global powerhouses. Germany, reunified in 1991. Now an
  11. Just wanted some cities added to Asgeirria, and for the super close island to my northeast to be added as part of my territory, since it doesn't make sense (to me) for it not to be part of Asgeirria. I've had a large island across a small channel to the northeast of the mainland on all my maps since antiquity, and was hoping that I could have it added. For reference to said island, please see https://www.nationstates.net/nation=asgeirria/detail=factbook/id=234990 Specifically this bad boy: If there's a specific reason why I can't have the island, that's f
  12. To: Alexsandra Core, SG From: John Valentino, EeP Dearest madam, I regret to inform you that, having conferred with the Legate in charge of the ICE Legions in Xara, they will not accept what is summarily an unconditional surrender, to Ahrana or anyone else. I'm sure as you've spent some time in our nation, you understand what exactly it means to ask a unit to surrender under any circumstance. They, and myself, would be ruined for having carried out such a dishonorable act. My final offer on the subject is to have the Asgeirrian fleet stand off twenty (20) miles off your coast, a
  13. The buzzing roar of the gunship's engine blurred into a monotonous drone to the crew, circling a thousand meters over the jungle. Below, visible through the treetops, was a running skirmish, bright red Hatti tracers chasing the fleeing insurgents through the trees, just ahead of the steady advance of countless little black dots. Like a legion of ants, the Hatti swarm chewed ever onward through the ranks of their adversaries. Like clockwork, a few insurgents would form up behind some cover, and their assailants would rush their position. The intermittent streams of green coalition tracers were
  14. Christopher Plummer - Legate Markus Tuireann Dwayne Johnson - TBD Rufus Sewell - Legate Arkyn Muninn Carsten Noorgard - Legate Morgan Rognir Colin Firth - TBD Erwin Rommel - Legate Marius Valerian Jon Voight - Legate Aeson Dunwell IV Johnny Depp - Emperor Valentino/Legate Valentino Emma Watson - Legate Elizabeth Windsor
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