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  1. Surprising Resurfacing for Archeology, Theology Today in the Zhakrifa region, surveyors confirmed reports of a huge stone structure buried beneath a layer of sediment along the river, first indicated by surveillance satellites analyzing terrain for the expansion of precision farming in Asgeirria. The structure itself seems to be made of a polished limestone, and was once capped with some sort of metal cone or tip, judging by chemical deposits on the upper structure. Large-scale excavation is slated to begin after the end of the flooding season in Zhakrifa, with surveys of additional sites also being in the works as the increase in surveillance from orbit has revealed other possible sites. The original builders of the structure appear to be the Middle Kingdom, judging from the age and quality of the masonry. Perhaps with further study, more can be learned about the enigmatic civilization that fell over 3,000 years ago. In an interview with the Imperator, a very important question was asked: Are non-Asgeirrians ever worthy of the next Dreaming? "I find no evidence, contemporary or historical, that might suggest genetic heritage has anything to do with ascending to the next Dreaming. The notion that Asgeirrians and their descendants will be the only inhabitants of the next dreaming is a misconception that, as misconceptions often do, stems from a kernel of truth, which is that one must be worthy of the next Dreaming in order to ascend, and Asgeirrians are, as a people, supremely worthy." Many conservatives decry the extremely liberal nature of this judgement, especially among the recently reinstated Hattusa. In these turbulent times, the rumblings of change are often drowned out by the chorus of nay-sayers.
  2. OPORD 1.4 All vessels will be recalled to their home ports to upgrade anti-air and missile interception systems, as well as modernizing and updating targeting, tracking, and fire control systems. OPORD 1.4.1 F/N-5 aircraft will begin replacing helicopters on compatible vessels, priority on Gaia-class flight deck cruisers. OPORD 1.4.2 Additional Concordia-class and Gaia-class vessels will be laid down, IAW wartime emergency safety and engineering standards laid out in GANM 7.11.420. OPORD 1.4.3 Prepare Logistical Sustainment Squadron, Classis IX, for the deployment of extensive naval minefields, VIA training with dummy mines, and staging out of Tarsein.
  3. STRATORD 1-AEGIR Prepare to secure key straits through inexpensive and persistent means Develop and field naval detection systems and networks Assess and upgrade coastal defense locations and systems OPORD 1.1 Design and produce mines of various specifications, for deployment via air and sea. Include anti-sweep mines, anti-submarine mines, dummy mines, and homing mines. OPORD 1.2 Design and produce sound surveillance systems to detect and track vessels in controlled waters. OPORD 1.3 Design and produce heavy projectile weapon capable of engaging naval targets accurately at 150km.
  4. For the past two and a half centuries, Asgeirria had been in an arms race with the coalition islands. Following the war coming to a close, the militarily-focused industries and government were faced with a crisis of action; to expand or not to expand. A huge amount of the population was employed by military factories, military facilities, and military services, to include the government officials whose job it was to oversee the quality of production, condition of workers, and distribution of supplies and equipment. Behind closed doors, Regis Celestia and High Command decided it would deal a crippling blow to the economy to cease the rapid expansion. Besides, so much had already been paid for, why shut down that production? Instead, plans were drawn up for pushing back into their former territories. It was calculated that there was approximately a 70.2% chance of foreign intervention in offensive scenarios; such contingencies were projected to result in unacceptable mission degradation. Naval preeminence, airspace denial, and counter-strategic primacy were the three highest priorities. For the naval aspect, the orders of work were: Modernization of aging vessels Upscaling production of Line vessels Reorganizing fleets and ship classification Designing and implementing bleeding edge systems and technologies Decreasing reliance on aircraft for both C2 and long-range strike capabilities For airspace denial, the orders of work were: Modernization of aging airframes Upscaling production of Line aircraft Reorganizing the air fleet Designing and implementing leading edge systems and technologies Reducing cost of Line aircraft Decreasing reliance on aircraft for C2, aerial defense, and target interception Stockpiling Line aircraft and missiles for the eventual degradation of the military industrial base in a prolonged strategic war Implementation of extensive detection, anti-aircraft, and point defense systems in operationally and strategically critical areas For Counter-strategic primacy, the orders of work were: Fortification and expansion of existing networking and C2 assets, including satellite presence Hardening critical infrastructure against strategic and covert attacks Hardening critical coastlines and positions around major hubs of transportation and logistics on the mainland Preparing long-range naval engagement positions to support naval mining Improving C2 and satellite surveillance capabilities Modernization of existing defenses While the groundwork had been laid for this top secret project had been laid with the intention of the defeat of the coalition in the late 40s, with the construction of coastal defenses, fortification command bunkers, and the underground network stemming out from the New City, but had long laid dormant due to budgeting issues. Now, with an increasing tendency for militarism and the opportunity for the expansion and enrichment of Asgeirria, meaningful progress could be made.
  5. Charged Rating Sparks Fiery Outrage The Mundus Liber report, or as some are beginning to call it, the Mundus Libel report, is beginning to face international backlash as many nations, free and oppressed alike, protest its biased and, in some cases, blatantly incorrect rankings. John Valentino, on call from a diplomatic summit, was asked to comment on the scandal; "This isn't a genuine ranking of nation's freedoms, this is a crusade of conformism. It's an insult to the heritage of freedom our culture boasts; we are a bastion against those who would take freedom for a promise of safety. We are a beacon of independent thought, we are the mecca of the free thinker. Millions of Asgeirrians have died for the principles of liberty and self-determination that we stand for. Perhaps the small minds of this world see us 'authoritarian' or 'backwards', but ask any man on the street what the government gives him, and he will answer his right to choose. The choice of life, death, happiness, sadness, sacrifice, passion, art, the choice of love. The love for the vivacious culture that surrounds you, the majestic landscapes found across our country, love for your fellow Asgeirrian, love for yourself, and love for whom you choose. You have the right to pursue happiness, in any and all forms. No matter what any insular survey says, we are free." In other news, Ahrana has broken off the alliance between us and them after Legate Zhurong exposed them as collaborating with TRIDENT. She sent proof while being pursued by Ahranaian political enforcers, before being caught trying to escape to her homeland. They threatened to attack Asgeirria if they did not allow personnel, including two legions of humanitarian troops rebuilding infrastructure in Xara's decrepit ports, to be jailed within a week. They also had spies in Asgeirria, and ordered them to torch military assets! The treachery. The Imperator has not chosen the course of war, wishing to spare those who have families in Ahrana the loss that would occur once their government was forced to begin drafting soldiers to feed the meatgrinder that a war against us would be. Asgeirria's space program is beginning in earnest, as the first government-funded satellites with the express purpose of research have been launched. Regis Celestia has cited allowing citizens the freedom to explore and learn about our universe as the one of the main reasons for the program's creation, as well as better understanding Eurth's physical processes to maximize combat capabilities. The Imperator has ordered that part of the profits of Asgeirria's sizable Sovereign wealth fund be put towards scientific endeavors, and improving the existing educational system.
  6. ICE and Hazel complied with the terms well. ICE made sure to clean up trash and other messes in their areas, before leaving on the Asgeirrian transports. Hazel and her entourage arrived at the airport unarmed, where they went through all the processes to leave. Ahranaian agents and personnel were returned to their home country IAW the outlined executive orders mentioned above. It was a very civil end to a breakdown which might have led to a bloodbath. Asgeirrians were not a treacherous bunch, nor were they spiteful or begrudging. The borders were not closed to Ahranaians coming to visit family, the sights, or even to make a new home in the nation. The process was a little bit harder now, as the freedom of movement the two nations had enjoyed was no longer in effect. Ahranaian businesses in Asgeirria were grandfathered into changes in tariffs, and Peacekeepers kept watch over any at-risk areas, making sure no violence was propogated against Ahranaian citizens.
  7. @Orioni Okay I'm actually finished now, I introduced all the key players I intended to, I brought the islands to the place I wanted them, and I've got the beginnings of my next expansion lined up for after my internal solidification.
  8. For two millennia, Asgeirrians had sought and found victory on battlefields innumerable. Countless millions had fallen at their hands, from the interior of Aurelia, to far-flung islands across the horizon. They had earned a reputation for unmatched prowess and ferocity in battle, leaving every enemy victor with the bitter taste of the loss of life. However, they were also known for their mercy and honorable conduct. The opportunity for surrender was almost always afforded the enemy, and prisoners treated well. They abstained from looting and pillaging, they treated the sick and wounded of the enemy and civilians with great care and compassion. The coalition war was not one of arms, but one of hearts and minds. It had been going on for nearly 300 years, and it would likely never come to a close. However, as the first Asgeirrian-trained, island-born Peacekeepers began patrolling the streets, there was a shift in policy. The rebels were asked to submit their information via unarmed courier at rendezvous points, which included whether or not they wanted to continue the conflict, and what House they wished to form or be a part of. All normal Asgeirrian bureaucracy was to take place, and at the end of this, the rebels would be deemed state-sanctioned dissidents, so long as they followed the rules of conduct. Per the 21st Legate of Asgeirria, Nahid Khan, all those who wished to disassociate with the rebellion would be pardoned and reeducated to find a place in Asgeirrian society. Billions had been spent on the islands, taking a sizeable chunk out of both the budget and the sovereign wealth fund, but effectively modernizing most of the infrastructure and industry in the islands, and rebuilding much of what was lost during the war in under a year. The vast construction projects had been slow at first, but having taken some time to educate and train laborers from the islands themselves had both employed and given future livelihoods to much of the non-agricultural populace. A major effort to accredit educational institutions in the island was made, though they lacked the universities and colleges that were ubiquitous in Asgeirria. The Imperial Academies were opened to all qualifying entrants from the islands, in accordance with their strict admission quotas. The Hattusa were rewarded for their service in the islands, and offered status as a sanctioned House, giving them the status necessary to be selected as legates and imperators. This was a major step, politically, as the Hattusa had been pariahs for the past few thousand years. John Valentino believed the time was right to bring them into the fold, so to speak, as they had done Asgeirria a great service, and proven themselves on the battlefield. It was a major step in the direction of a reunified Asgeirrian Empire, as internal support was key for such a bold move. Was the time of glory near? Or would the empire face an eminent collapse? Regis Celestia faced a turbulent future. Many decisions would need to be made to properly guide the nation through this. Without proper leadership and direction, there was a good change that Asgeirria might fail. Other than High Command, there were few places that leadership might come from. Obsessed with the recapture of former territories, these same leaders might fail to see the dangers of international resistance. Despite this, the Asgeirrian people would charge forward, hungry for expansion, prosperity, and glory.
  9. To: SG Core From: John Valentino Dear madame, 30 or 20 miles, it makes no difference to me. Our troops will be fully prepared for embarkment by the time the troop ships arrive. All equipment, supplies, and personnel belonging to ICE will be removed. Anything already built, and materials already delivered for the continued building of infrastructure and other projects in Xara will be left for the locals to continue with the training given them by ICE. Yours, Valentino E et P,
  10. Let the man roleplay the nation he wants, if it's not OP or breaking any rules. I don't see GDP per capita affecting or even being mentioned in any roleplays IC. In fact, 98% of stuff in people's factbooks is fluff. I think Mr. Andune writes well, and has a lot of potential to contribute. Why are established nations beefing with new nations having a decent start? If you look at IRL, time as an independant government has very little to do with success. Look at israel, india, and china. They've been around for, like, 60-70 years, and are now global powerhouses. Germany, reunified in 1991. Now an economic powerhouse. Meanwhile Portugal hasn't been subjugated in nearly a thousand years, had a huge colonial empire, and now they're, by contrast, irrelevant. Spain, hasn't been conquered in 500 years, had control over most of the americas for a time, now they're broke. Obviously these are some more extreme examples, but my point stands. It's like Variota said to me a while back, it's not about winning. So why can't a new person with a fairly reasonable request have the start they want, so they can RP the nation they want? And who's it harming?
  11. Just wanted some cities added to Asgeirria, and for the super close island to my northeast to be added as part of my territory, since it doesn't make sense (to me) for it not to be part of Asgeirria. I've had a large island across a small channel to the northeast of the mainland on all my maps since antiquity, and was hoping that I could have it added. For reference to said island, please see https://www.nationstates.net/nation=asgeirria/detail=factbook/id=234990 Specifically this bad boy: If there's a specific reason why I can't have the island, that's fine, but I'd like the cities added to the map either way. Thanks!
  12. To: Alexsandra Core, SG From: John Valentino, EeP Dearest madam, I regret to inform you that, having conferred with the Legate in charge of the ICE Legions in Xara, they will not accept what is summarily an unconditional surrender, to Ahrana or anyone else. I'm sure as you've spent some time in our nation, you understand what exactly it means to ask a unit to surrender under any circumstance. They, and myself, would be ruined for having carried out such a dishonorable act. My final offer on the subject is to have the Asgeirrian fleet stand off twenty (20) miles off your coast, and send in ONLY transports to pick up my troops and the extent of their equipment. There is no reason to decline this offer, as a surprise attack on a former ally would be both uncharacteristic and dishonorable. I am afraid that this is the only way High Command can proceed, and this will not change. There will be no looting, no damage of property, no prymontery of any kind. The ICE legions must maintain their reputation as an international force for peacekeeping and humanitarianism, and any misconduct would certainly tarnish that image. I assure you, all members of our august Corps of Engineers are hand-selected, from the lowest-ranking laborer to the head engineer. Yours, John Valentino - The situation in the Argic region was quite politically precarious for the Emperor, as the breakdown of one of Asgeirria's oldest alliances was quite the nail in the coffin. Having a Legate escorted to an airport and read statements like a criminal was another nail, and if he ordered thousands of Asgeirrian men to disarm and file aboard a foreign ship like prisoners of war, he would likely be violently deposed, and hanged in the streets. High Command had suspected the confrontation of Ahrana's subservience to TRIDENT might end the relationship, but it had gone south quite quickly, and damage control would be necessary. While Asgeirria could, without a doubt, crush Ahrana in a one-on-one war, it was predicted that TRIDENT would join such a conflict to solidify their control of Ahrana, and thus, the Argic region. Conflict was to be avoided, but High Command would not hesitate to bring the enemy to their knees. The optimal outcome they could hope for was a peaceful withdrawal of personnel and equipment, and for the Emperor not to be drawn and quartered.
  13. The buzzing roar of the gunship's engine blurred into a monotonous drone to the crew, circling a thousand meters over the jungle. Below, visible through the treetops, was a running skirmish, bright red Hatti tracers chasing the fleeing insurgents through the trees, just ahead of the steady advance of countless little black dots. Like a legion of ants, the Hatti swarm chewed ever onward through the ranks of their adversaries. Like clockwork, a few insurgents would form up behind some cover, and their assailants would rush their position. The intermittent streams of green coalition tracers were much less numerous; the insurgents had to worry about dwindling supplies. The Hatti, however, had few concerns in their drug-fueled rampage. Over the past few months, the insurgents had learned what it meant to fight against these monsters; men of little conscience for killing, whose livelihood was to kill. Even more than the rest of Asgeirrians, the Hattusa were bred into a warrior culture. For them it was not tradition, it was survival. The Massassi, as they were known in the old Asgeirrian tongue, had been persecuted for thousands of years; they had survived several attempted genocides over the course of 4,000 years, the greatest of which was the great massacre of the Middle Kingdom. Many emperors had tried to gain the coveted honor of having scourged the filth from Asgeirria, and they had failed. As the empire crumbled, fell into decline, and the colonies rebelled, the Hatti threat was gradually forgotten. In fact, during the war against the coalition, they had been paid and equipped to fight the gruesome battles through jungles before, by Valentino's predecessor, no less. Although history had repeated itself, the inhabitants of these islands hadn't learned from the first time these gritty slaves had been dropped into their homes. "Ey, Tarhu," the pilot called back to the gunner, sitting behind the 37mm guns, "hit those dirty kooks." The man nodded, and swung out the gun, tracking on a group of enemies running particularly close together. Tarhu racked the charging handles back, letting them slam forward, before beginning the rhythmic symphony. Streams of high explosive rounds flew down towards the group, the steady chunk-chunk-chunk-chunk of the gun caressing his whole body with the pulsing report from each shot, sent down to earth with the power to induce the dance of death. Their legs turned to jelly, the shockwaves shattering their bones inside their body. The gunship began taking fire from below, as attention turned to the more pressing threat. Occasional rounds would ricochet off the armor plates installed on the belly of the aircraft, although the drug-addled crew barely reacted. "Bank for me, Labarna, I think I see a tekkie." Called up the gunner, a tracer cracking past a few feet away from him. Labarna, the pilot, complied with a lazy banking turn, circling slowly around. The tekkie returned fire, as did a few other vehicles. It was quickly overwhelmed by the superior firepower of the twin 37mm guns, of bigly superior Asgeirrian design. The engine was hit several times as the firefight below continued, and the pilot and copilot began conversing to pass the time. "How dreary this war is, isn't it?" Queried Labarna, "I wonder how long we must keep it up?" "Quite. Why is this even going on, anyways? Seems a bit odd that the Emperor liberated these people from an oppressive regime, only to have them rebel." Replied Mursili. "I mean, the Republic fought a war, won a war, against an inferior foe, and now they are forced to occupy those they have liberated and bettered?" His counterpart nodded. "Yeah! Seems a bit arbitrary that they are an insurgency now, even though things are objectively better for them and they have all their rights." "You know, if I didn't know better I'd say there was someone higher up that wanted to extend this conflict for some reason." Observed the copilot. "I mean, as racist and aloof as the Asgeirrians are, these islanders are getting an objectively good deal." Behind them, Tarhu slumped over the gun, blood squirting periodically from his neck. "Oh, looks like we lost another one." Remarked the pilot, glancing behind him momentarily, before pulling the aircraft around to head back to base. "Anyways, it seems like we're just killing people to kill people out here. Which I mean, is fine with me, but seems kind of counter intuitive to liberation." "Yup. I mean, I've read about wars between nations of roughly equal power in Europa that lasted, like, a few weeks." The copilot said, pensively. "But hey, I guess someone decided that they hadn't had quite enough war, so why not trigger an insurgency by issuing a super generous ultimatum?" There was a storm rolling in from the west, and a cool breeze wafted through the open windows. The pilot tapped off some ash from his joint into an ashtray in the dashboard of the small aircraft. "Kind of a weird world we live in, huh?" He pondered. "I mean, a full-fledged war here to liberate people living under an oppressive regime results in an insurgency, meanwhile a few days of blockading a sovereign nation, and you get a whole new government and the former head of state gets a kangaroo court, nobody bats an eye. Not a single riot. Everyone's just fine with that. What a world." The thunder rumbled ominously. Storms on Scylla were beautiful, with blue, white, yellow, and even sometimes orange lightning illuminating the weird clouds. "Seems like contrived convenience, if you ask m--" he was interrupted by lightning striking their engine, causing it to burst into flames. "Oh ye gods!" As they spiralled out of the sky in a flat spin, the pilot tried to angle the nose down to regain control of the aircraft. "What a lampshade hanging this has been! It's been a wild ride, brother, I'll find you in the next Dreaming!" Cried Labarna. They hurdled towards the cold, hard ground, spiralling wildly. Labarna pressed his joint, which had been put out by the exceedingly strong winds, against the now-molten avionics, relighting the smidge of devil's lettuce still left. He put the joint in his mouth, and put both hands on the joystick, pulling against the spiral, attempting to correct the spin, all the way into the treetops, where they collided with a tree, crashing into the ground in a final pillar of fire and debris. The Hatti were fairly skilled in piloting, although the equipment they used was quite dated. While they were quite effective in certain aspects of combat, such as wildly slaughtering insurgents, light infantry, and ambushing armor in cities, jungles, and mountains, they were hardly an effective fighting force outside this capacity. They were cheaper to expend than Asgeirrian soldiers, as well, since they equipped, trained, and supplied themselves. Their weapons had often been passed down for generations, many of them being armed with bolt action rifles from the early 20th century, although they were typically very accurate with these dated weapons. The general terms of the contract given to the leader of the Hattusa, Herod, was that the soldiers would be allowed to loot weapons and valuables from insurgents they killed, as well as receiving military equipment from the mothball storage of the Grand Army. Including the lump sum of credits received by the participating troops upon arrival, and the promise of a substantial bonus upon successfully quelling the insurgency, it was a good deal.
  14. To: SG Aleksandra Core From: John Valentino Dearest madame, It is with sincere regret that I find that an Accord could not be struck between our nations. High Command informs me that you have chosen the path of cooperation with the group known as TRIDENT. I personally hope that this, in the end, benefits your people as you seem to think it will. However, as the head of a civilized state, I must condemn your association with the perpetrators of grievous war crimes. As you might understand, Asgeirrians are a very proud, stubborn people. It would be difficult for me to order our troops to stand down and surrender, as such an action has never been taken by an Imperator. I humbly request that you allow our transports to dock at the shore nearest the legions, while the escorts stay twenty miles off your coast. They will then evacuate in an organized and thorough manner, cleaning up the encampment as they go. The transports will go directly to their escorts, and they will leave the Verde sea en route to asgeirria. As for the tech and equipment aboard our ships, all items belonging to your government and it's people will be rightfully returned. However, as we have already paid a generous amount for the procurement of items installed on our ships, it would not be possible for us to pay a second time for the aforementioned inventory. We will, however, return all your personnel at no cost to yourself, as well as their personal affects. As for the behavior of my envoy, I apologize for any slight you perceived. The government will issue a statement according to how this uncomfortable transition period goes, hopefully one to your liking, should this transfer of personnel go on without incident. I appreciate your patience and concern for the peace between our two great nations. I hope that these events have not put undue stress on yourself and your office, and that you will opt for the just treatment of all parties involved. Yours very truly, John Valentino
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