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  1. The blessed age of 33 years old. 🙏 Congratulations old friend and have a happy birthday.

  2. :2thumbs: Happy 30th birthday Gabby!

  3. Hi there Gabriel. :)

  4. Is there anybody still alive here?
  5. OOC: Are you Argentine? I see you have in your sign the 'hawk' (I don't really know if it's a hawk) of the flag of Buenos Aires, AND I see you have in your avatar an Argentine-Italian flag...
  6. Thanks all for the replies. @ Tagmatium: I don't remember about you are talking about, but I'm peace with everyone
  7. Damn xD It happens to me becouse I didn't read it all. No worries, I'll go and select another one
  8. Just the old peeps will remember me, I think. Thanks for salute anyway
  9. I'd like to request spot #32 Thank you.
  10. Since there is a new map and with it new alliances, I'd like to apply to enter here becouse there are many nations that were great allies in the past (Orioni and Tamurin). Now, I go to the Request post to stablish my nation.
  11. After a big celebration in the Cathedral, the Argenian people had claimed in the throne to Luis V as the new leader of the nation, changing for first time in the world a democracy in monarchy, and at the same time finishing with years of war. After the coronation, King Luis V had pronuced his first speech: Mr. leaders of nations, mr. ambassadors and people of the Kingdom of Argenland: After lots of years, the nation of Argenland had finished with the violence. There are no more tanks in our cities, no more soldiers in the streets, no more fight. After lots of years, there are peace in Argenland. The consecuences of democratics governments had been paid with the blood of all ours compatriots who fighted between them. But that is past. Now, like the new authority of this country, I will start a new program for the reconstruction of Argenland. It includes agrary reforms, plan of credits, and a long list of reforms that will be take part of a new country. We won't have to fight any more between us. It's time to get better. It's time to growing ours economies, ours industries, ours homes. It's time to growing up. [Multitudinal applause] Now, as new leader of this nation, I make the following claimings: - In the name of Argenland, I claim formally the oldest territory for itself. (ooc: spots 191, 192, 193, 189, 190, 195, 194, 196 and 198) - To call Ide Jima to negotiate the giving of the Rosario's Island to Argenland. While I'm pronuncing this speech, the 3 armies are advancing until the tradings posts, in all the boderlines. I really don't know the reasons of the ocupation of Ide Jima in our island, but anyway, we call to the Ide Jima's government to give us back the island. I don't care the cost, don't care the way. Good Evenings. At the final of the speech, the King retired from the chatedral and He goes in this moment to the Plazuela Castle, where he will rest until tomorrow.
  12. np man... you are doing a great job with that keep it if you want... anyway, you have me here if you need a hand. i'm gonna RP my back in a topic in RP Politic's forum... and my back in my spots.. Thx all for the welcome.. it's nice to be here again @Orioni: I found the bastard and killed him... he was a f*ck*ng n00b \o/ I told you that you didn't have so much money in your pocket OOC: ola pirilao tudu bem? estive tomando classes de portugu?s ainda que minha ortografia n?o ? perfeita \o/
  13. thx all ps. and i want my spots back
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