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  1. High Oracle Itziar smiled as the Duchess seemed to try and pick her words carefully, "I am not sure I'd call it a reign, perhaps more of a stewardship. After all I am merely guiding us for a short time, beyond that everything is open for change." She had seen for herself how swift that change could come having witnessed her Queen effectively destroy the mistakes of the past in next to no time following the High Oracle's uncovering of corruption. "Now I believe that you would like to learn about our faith utilising some kind of scholar programme. If that is the case we would be delighted to we
  2. Don't worry didn't think it was. What I mean by developing relationships its beyond things like having embassies etc. I mean having oppurtunities for interact. If I give an example from another region I've been very active in. Nations RP out things like significant events in their nation, so in the past I've hosted a festival based around my nations interest in arts and crafts and the fact they have diamond mines. This became a Jewel of the Desert festival and a chance for nations to meet in an informal setting, various off hand meetings etc. Similarly things like royal weddings a
  3. For me one issue is that its hard to have relations between nations. I've been here a while and struggle to find ways of interacting with other nations beyond a few who I'm friends with for a while elsewhere around NSland. If we're having international organisations they'd need to be built on international relations existing and so therefore we'd need to have more interactions between nations prior to them. In my view we do have a UNESCO through the organisation my RP set up, sadly not on PC at the moment so can't find the link. We also have an environmental treaty that was put fo
  4. QUEEN ATTENDS EXECUTIONS Following several weeks of trials and investigations the enquiry into the corruption within the Temple of Elements has been concluded. In total 27 former members of the Priesthood (13 Female/14 male) were convicted on various charges with 10 (7male/3 female) receiving the death penalty. The remaining 17 faced prison sentences ranging from 5 years to 35 years. A further 18 people (10 Female/8 Male) were found not-guilty yet despite this verdict were ejected from the Priesthood by Queen Julia III who stated "It is my task as Queen and Guardian of the Elements t
  5. Julia had never really left Morheim much, the odd family holiday here or there but usually then without the full compliment as it was very rare the nations security agency allowed all members of the Royal family to be in one place at the same time. She fully intended as she grew into her reign to begin visiting more and more places and she hoped that her younger sister Beatrix would have more of a chance of a normal teenage life then she had. "If your proposing some kind of school exchange then I think that would be a nice idea, although my understanding is that your schools are girls only, if
  6. Julia accepted the gift of the spice but wasn't really sure what the diplomatic thing to do with it was, should she taste some now but then what if it the maghical properties it proclaimed were real and somehow it triggered a change in her during these sessions. What on the other hands if she hated the taste and spat it out, would that be an insult to the guests. She considered her approach for a while and then simply determined the best course of action was to say "Thank you for the kind gift. I am sure that our own Oracle will be interested to discover what this spice is like when next I me
  7. COURT SENTENCE TWO TO DEATH FOR CRIMES OF RELIGION The Court at Thale has today sentenced two former Priests to be executed after being found guilty of crimes committed during their time in the Priesthood. The first to be sentenced to execution was Oroitz Agramunt who was found guilty of embezzeling around $2,800,000 from the Temple of the Elements, coercing people to give him money by utilising his position and sexually exploiting youngsters. The judge presiding over his case said, "Agramunt has been given a very special position within our society. His position embodied the ultimate tru
  8. The Prince hadn't quiet expected the Duchess and her daughter-in-law to be attired almost in a military fashion, nor had he expected them to be rather so blunt. "Of course Your Ladyship" he gestured for the two Kaitainites to follow him and he quickly made his way towards a large waiting SUV. He hadn't been sure whether these Missionara people would have brought their own security or even what their actual relationship with their government was. "Its about a twenty minute ride into the Royal Palace where my sister will be waiting. Thankfully we're going to avoid rush-hour and we've a military
  9. FORMER HIGH ORACLE FOUND DEAD IN CELL It was announced this morning that the under fire former High Priest of Water Herminio Armando has been found dead in his cell. The 72 year old was found to have strangled himself with his own prison issue trousers just days after formally being charged with various crimes relating to corruption within the Elementium faith. The news comes as a further 16 individuals have been charged today in courts across the nation. The governor of Thale Prison stated, "It is sad that Mr.Armando elected to take this drastic action. I am confident that the review int
  10. To:- Reverened Mother Erin Atwald We thank you for your recent message and are more than happy to explore closer relationships with any nation. We have seen your recent Deceleration of the Sands and believe we share many ideas. As such I am delighted to extend to your two scholars an invitation to meet myself and the new High Oracle in Thale. We look forward to your delegates arrivals and are hopeful of fruitful talks. Best Wishes Queen Julia III of Morheim ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. FIRST CORRUPTION CASE HEARINGS BEGIN Following the arrest of former High Priest of Water Herminio Armando a further 15 arrests among the Priesthood have taken place. This morning the 16 accused individuals appeared in the Queen's Court in Thale, the nations highest judicial body, to begin proceedings against them. While this initial hearing was not to determine the innocence or guilt but rather to formerly place charges against them. Armando was formally charged with abusing his position as a Priest to gain favours from law enforcement, embezzlement of the Temple's funds, fraud and also a
  12. ARRESTS MADE FOR RELIGIOUS CORRUPTION Following the new High Oracle requesting that Queen Julia The Younger begin investigations into corruption throughout the Elementium faith there have today been a series of arrests across the nation. In total 16 people have been arrested in raids carried out by members of the 1st Light Scouts under the supervision of the Royal Military Police. The elite military unit normally operate as commando's on special forces operations as well as providing security for the Royal family, they have however been tasked with supporting the Royal Military Police wit
  13. PRIESTESS OF AIR NAMED NEW ORACLE Following only 17 hours of deliberations the Temple of the Elements have named a 55 year old Priestess of Air as the new High Oracle. Miriam Busto was formerly the Priestess of Air at the Northern mountain town of Deusto and was at one time the spiritual adviser to Queen Julia The Elder. At just after sunrise this morning the ceremonial horn connected to the Temple of the Elements was blown and echoed across the city of Thale waking many of the cities inhabitants who hurried to the streets to find out who would now be responsible for the spiritual we
  14. TEMPLE OF THE ELEMENTS TO NAME NEW HIGH ORACLE The Queendom of Morheim's religious establishment, the Temple of the Elements, will begin the process of naming a new High Oracle this week. The position of High Oracle has been vacant for close to 12 months following the abdication of High Oracle Itziar Gebara following allegations of financial embezzlement. The Temple of the Elements have spent the last 12 months ensuring that a full investigation into Gebara's actions have been carried out and that all accounts are in order before beginning the process of naming his successor. The pr
  15. Having listened to @Tagmatium Rules delegate Narses speak Julia thought for a moment, "Well I have a suggestion maybe when it comes to people signing the treaty" she began to explain, "Those of us in the position such as my own will sign the treaty and that means as of the moment we've signed it we're committing our nations to do everything reasonable to hit these targets. Those of you in a position similar to yourself can sign it "in principle" it means your publically throwing your support behind the treaty which will hopefully send a message to your homelands that this is something we shoul
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