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  1. TO: Office of the Prime Minister of Kōri-Chi Dear Prime Minister, Thank you for your timely response. While we appreciate the intentions of the efforts of the Kōri-Chi Government, we must not lose sight of the fact, that attempting to curtail misinformation, dissent and other instruments of tyranny, with the suspension of certain liberties, only allows it grow deeper and stronger, allowing for greater acts of dissent and civil disobedience. I have had the opportunity to discuss this matter with the Director-General of the Intelligence Community, and the heads of the Gallambrian Signals Directorate, Gallambrian Secret Intelligence Service and the Gallambrian Security Intelligence Organisation, on what we can do to assist your government with helping to curtail the growing instances of misinformation. We all agreed, that at some point, we will need to provide Kōri-Chi with the capability to hamper efforts by Pro-Anglian parties to generate and disseminate misinformation. In due time, the DGIC will be in contact with your office, to help plan and prepare for the provisioning of such support. We hope, that your government, will do right by your people, and that Government of Kōri-Chi will understand that our previously stated position, is nothing more than that of the King's efforts to ensure that his people's liberties are diminished. Sincerely, Rt. Hon. Sir Elliot Phillips KCTM CG Foreign Secretary
  2. TO: Office of the Prime Minister of Kōri-Chi Dear Prime Minister, While the Gallambrian Government appreciates the support that you have afforded the Coalition's efforts in the war against Great Anglia and her Allies, Members of HM Government, as well as certain members of the Royal Household, have noticed that your Governments efforts to curtail your citizens rights to free speech and their rights to protest against the government are gaining traction, and those concerned have expressed great concern to the path that your Government is taking into managing the "rise in civil disobedience". The Private Secretary to His Majesty, Sir Harry Beresford, has asked me to communicate to you through this office, that the King will be instructing the Governor-General to not grant Royal Assent, should any such legislation be passed through your House's of Parliament - and should any efforts be made by your Government to undermine the King's Determination of the Matter, you should be reminded that the Governor-General has the authority to issue Writ's dissolving both your Government and your Parliament. While this is a measure the King doesn't wish to take, it needs no reminding that while Kōri-Chi exercises it's right to self-governance, it also has the responsibility to govern its people responsibly, in a manner that is inline with international and regional standards. I remain, Sir, your most humble and obedient servant. Rt. Hon. Sir Elliot Phillips KCTM CG Foreign Secretary
  3. Section 1: Details of requesting nation Name of your Country*: Full Form: The United Kingdom of Gallambria Short Form: Gallambria Name of External Affairs Minister or Equivalent: Rt. Hon. Sir Elliot Phillips KCTM CG Name of your Ambassador-to-be to Hangoku: Dr. Sally-Anne Eccles CTM PSM Purpose of relations with Hangoku (Optional): To provide an avenue for diplomatic discourse and relations between our two countries. Cultural considerations (Optional): Nil - Further information can be obtained from the FDO's Protocol Section * Whichever name you put here is the name The Democratic People's Republic of Hangoku will use for your country in any official documentation. Section 2: Your Embassies and Consulates (Optional) Location: (Please select 1-3) Large Property: Seimachi – Your embassy will be a large, traditional building, around 20 minutes away from the External Affairs Ministry Building Consulate Request: (Please select 1-3) Akahama City and Sakurazaki City Reason for Consulate Request: To provide Consular Services to visiting Gallambrians, and the Citizens of Hangoku. Section 3: Our Embassies and Consulates (Optional) Address of Hangoku's Embassy: Proposed embassy to be housed at 120 Queen Street, Paddington SW1 Description of Hangoku's Embassy: 1800's-era Semi Detached House Recomendation for Consulates of Hangoku: Ayr, Ayrshire Tamworth, Loddon Pembroke, Cambria Section 4: Diplomatic Relations Response (To be filled out by the Democratic People's Republic of Hangoku upon receival of a request) Diplomatic Relations Request: Y/N Embassy Request Accepted: Y/N Address of Embassy: Consulate Request Accepted: Y/N Address(es) of Consulate(s): Name of Hangoku's ambassador to nation: Name of Hangoku's consulate general(s) to nation: End of Diplomatic Relations Request Form
  4. AEROSPACE & SPACE DIVISION .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{border-color:black;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px; overflow:hidden;padding:10px 5px;word-break:normal;} .tg th{border-color:black;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px; font-weight:normal;overflow:hidden;padding:10px 5px;word-break:normal;} .tg .tg-9wq8{border-color:inherit;text-align:center;vertical-align:middle} .tg .tg-c3ow{border-color:inherit;text-align:center;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-uzvj{border-color:inherit;font-weight:bold;text-align:center;vertical-align:middle} Image Manufacturer Model Variant(s) Role FMS Approval Required? Avg. Unit Price (GL £) Notes Link Aerano Defence C-11 Minerva KC-11A Minerva Multi-Role Tanker Transport Yes, Partial £158.3m C-12 Rubicon C-12A Rubicon Tactical Airlift Yes, Partial £55.4m Aerano Helicopters H-# Wangan MH-#A Wangan Search & Rescue, ASW/ASuW Yes, Partial £25.2m MH-#B Wangan Search & Rescue Yes, Partial £24.9m UH-#C Wangan Medium Utility Yes, Partial £24.5m H-# Blackcap HT-#A Blackcap Trainer No £6.2m H-# Voyager VH-#A Voyager VVIP Transport Yes, Partial £11.1m Azure Aerospace T-2 Osprey T-2D Osprey Advanced Trainer Yes, Partial £12.9m Carbon Aircraft CA-12+ Wokka T-5C Wokka Ab Initio Trainer No £0.48m GAe Systems MASI&I F-6 Hurricane TF-6C Hurricane Operational Conversion Yes approx. £73.5m F-6F Hurricane Fighter, Interceptor Yes F-6G Hurricane Multi-Role Fighter Yes T-6 Goshawk II T-6B Goshawk II Lead In Fighter Trainer Yes £12.9m Gardner Defence H-# Koori CH-#E Koori Medium Utility Yes £25.3m MH-#D Koori Special Operations Utility Yes £34.6m AF-4 Panther AF-4E Super Panther Multi-Role Fighter Yes £52.9m AF-4F Super Panther £53.6m EF-4G Jaguar Electronic Warfare & Attack Yes £56.3m C-10 Atlas C-10A Atlas Strategic Airlift Yes £269.2m C-2 Pegasus C-2E Super Pegasus Tactical Airlift Yes £59.7m C-2E-10 Super Pegasus £62.2m E-1 Kestral E-1A Kestral Airborne Early Warning & Control Yes £310.3m F-8 Thunder F-8A Thunder Conventional Multi-Role Fighter Yes £87.3m F-8B Thunder STOVL Mutli-Role Fighter Yes £107.5m F-8C Thunder CATOBAR Multi-Role Fighter Yes £92.9m P-3 Neptune P-3A Neptune Multi-Mission Maritime Patrol Yes £138.5m Theil E-2 Warden E-2A Warden Airborne Battlefield & Ground Surveillance Yes £126.9m
  5. PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY OFFICE Welcome the Procurement and Supply Office. If you wish to enquire about one of our Partner's products or services, please leave a message below, and a member of the Sales Team will contact you as soon as possible.
  6. UNIFIED INDUSTRY CATALOGUE Welcome to the NEW Gallambrian Defence Industry Network's unified product and systems catalogue. From here you'll be able to see what products and systems are generally available for purchase from GDIN Partner Companies. Our Network Members include: GAe Systems, including :- GAe Systems Military Air, Space, Information & Intelligence (MASI&I) GAe Systems Maritime GAe Systems Submarines GAe Systems Land & Armaments Systems Menin Industries Simpson Arsenal Raxton Air Defence Systems Mainwaring-Trent Gallambrian Submarine Corporation Argis-Marenesian Maritime Industries Thiel Information Systems Aerano Aerospace (a subsidiary of Aerospatiale), including :- Aerano Defence Aerano Helicopters Gardner Limited, including :- Gardner Commercial Aircraft Gardner Business Jets Gardner Defence Gardner Space & Information De Hawker Villiers Ayit Systems Straker-Linford Defence Garrett Defence Systems Bashan Military Industries Systems Masada Armaments Sturt Machine & Tooling Company Wallace-Winfield Marine Newport Shipyards Corporation Olsen-Kent Heavy Industries Azure Aerospace Carbon Aircraft Gibson-Koch Aircraft For further information regarding our listings, please contact the GDIN Procurement and Supply Office at pso-intl-sales@gdin.co.gl.
  7. Having been away on holidays, visiting family back home, the Permanent Representative to the Assembled Nations, Sir Michael Hendon-Rees, sifted through his correspondence, and noticed a letter from the Clerk of the Security Council Chambers. "Shit, I better respond to this..." After having discussed the matter with the Secretary of State for Foreign and Dominion Affairs, the Honourable Elliot Phillips, Sir Michael wrote up the following response to the Orinese submission. Response to Draft Submitted by the Orinese Ambassador titled "Resolution for the Support and Facilitation of Democratic Transition in Velaheria" As a permanent member of the Assembled Nations Security Council, the United Kingdom of Gallambria submits the following response: VETO, WITH PREJUDICE The United Kingdom of Gallambria Calls for @Orioni and all other parties involved, to withdraw their military forces, immediately and allow a international task force, lead by a neutral third party, to supervise, monitor and assist with the peaceful transition of government in Velaheria. FURTHER His Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom of Gallambria, submits notice to the Security Council, and the General Assembly, that they intend to propose at the next scheduled session of the General Assembly, that a Special Committee be established to investigate the possible introduction of International Legislation, pertaining to Humanitarian Affairs, and War and Conflict. FURTHER His Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom of Gallambria, supports in principal, the General Assembly Resolution 66/03 that has been tabled by the Representative of the United Republic. Signed, Sir Michael Hendon-Rees GCStG KCG Permanent Representative to the Assembled Nations Date: Friday, 12 January 2024
  8. 0315hrs (UTC+7) 19JUL23 | L+3 Somewhere over Southern Suverina Mayhem Flight, a flight of four RGAF Hurricane F.5's from 78 (Fighter) Squadron were on station over the Anmalos Sea just off the coast of Frunzivka, when their flight lead, Flight Lieutenant Callum "Two-Dads" Holbrook-Mellings, had noticed something on his datalink: MAYHEM38 ("Two-Dads"): "DOGTAIL-FIVE-SIX, MAYHEM-THREE-SIX, REQUEST BOGEY DOPE" DOGTAIL36: "MAYHEM-THREE-EIGHT, DOGTAIL-FIVE-SIX, RADAR CONTACT, 12 BOGEYS, BRA TWO-THREE-ZERO, FOR FIFTY, ANGELS 20, HOT." MAYHEM38 ("Two-Dads"): "Copy, BRA TWO-THREE-ZERO, FOR FIFTY, ANGELS 20, HOT" The flight starts to turn for the contact, when over the radio, another callsign chimes - HELLCAT29: "DOGTAIL-THREE-SIX, HELLCAT-TWO-NINER, FOUR SHIP, JOINING THE FIGHT." DOGTAIL36: "HELLCAT-TWO-NINER, COPY." When the crews of Hellcat Flight joined the Mayhem Flight air chatter frequency, they started to discuss amongst themselves what the plan was on how they would deal with the aircraft, when Two-Dads is called again over the air ops frequency. DOGTAIL36: "MAYHEM-THREE-EIGHT, DOGTAIL-THREE-SIX, TRACK UPDATE." MAYHEM38 ("Two-Dads"): "COPY, GO AHEAD." DOGTAIL36: "MAYHEM-THREE-EIGHT, CONTACT REMAINS, CONTACTS ARE TYPE CLASSIC PANTHERS. SPEED ZERO-POINT-NINE, THEY'RE HEADING FOR YOU." After about 2 minutes, Mayhem and Hellcat flight, had closed their distance with the enemy contact. Soon, the frequency was alive with calls from both flights. MAYHEM42: "MAYHEM-FOUR-TWO, SPIKE, 2 O'CLOCK"... HELLCAT23: "HELLCAT-TWO-THREE, SPIKE, 10 O'CLOCK"... HELLCAT25: "HELLCAT-TWO-FIVE, SPIKE, 12 O'CLOCK"... MAYHEM39: "MAYHEM-THREE-NINE, SPIKE, 1 O'CLOCK"... It continues for few seconds when Two-Dads makes the call: MAYHEM38 ("Two-Dads"): "ALL CALLSIGNS, MAYHEM-THREE-EIGHT, WEAPONS FREE." Moments later, contrails from missiles could be seen as the different callsigns started to fire at their targets. One after the other, a few of the callsigns were calling "Splash" on their targets. For a few of the callsigns, the dogfight continued for a bit when a call came over the radio: MAYHEM52: "MAYHEM-THREE-EIGHT, FIVE-TWO, NEED YOUR HELP HERE MATE, BOGEY ON MY SIX, CAN'T SHAKE HIM." MAYHEM38 ("Two-Dads"): "FIVE-TWO, THREE-EIGHT, COPY, ON MY WAY" Two-Dads pushes the throttle to Afterburner, and starts to punch it towards MAYHEM52's position. When he himself, had started to become tracked by an Anglian Panther. MAYHEM38 ("Two-Dads"): "FIVE-TWO, THREE-EIGHT, SEEMS AS THO I'VE GOT MYSELF A DANCE PARTNER AS WELL." MAYHEM52: "COPY THAT, SHALL WE'LL TEACH THESE TWO HOW TO TANGO?" MAYHEM38 ("Two-Dads"): "ROG, SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN." When the two dogfights start to merge, Two-Dads and Pilot Officer Charlie "Surfer" Lee (MAYHEM52), put the pressure on the two bogeys, when they notice the other remaining Anglian aircraft start to disengage and breakoff from the fight. MAYHEM38 ("Two-Dads"): "FOUR-TWO, THREE-EIGHT, YOU RECEIVE?" MAYHEM42: "THREE-EIGHT, FOUR-TWO, RECEIVING, NEED SOME HELP OVER THERE?" MAYHEM38: "FOUR-TWO, THREE-EIGHT, THAT'D BE GRAND, I'M NEARLY AT JOKER - NOT SURE ABOUT FIVE-TWO." MAYHEM52: "YEAH, I'M JOKER AS WELL." MAYHEM42: "COPY, I'LL BRING THREE-NINER WITH ME" "Two-Dads" finds himself in a downward defensive spiral with his Anglian counterpart, close behind him. Passing through 13,000ft he realises that he may have enough wiggle room to put himself in a position to fire off a missile. He cuts power, and opens the air brakes. His airspeed drops, and he notices the Anglian pilot continue past him, putting him in position, in a last ditch attempt, to fire off a missile. MAYHEM38 ("Two-Dads"): "THREE-EIGHT, FOX-TWO." As the missile missile starts to track the enemy aircraft, Two-Dads starts to pull away from the engagement, when he notices his missile impact the enemy aircraft. MAYHEM38 ("Two-Dads"): "DOGTAIL-THREE-SIX, MAYHEM-THREE-EIGHT, SPLASH ONE BOGEY, JOKER FUEL, RETURNING TO HOME PLATE, REQUEST PIGEONS FOR HOMEPLATE." DOGTAIL-THREE-SIX: "MAYHEM-THREE-EIGHT, DOGTAIL-THREE-SIX, PIGEONS HOMEPLATE, BEARING ONE-TWO-FIVE, RANGE ONE-ONE-SIX MILES. DO YOU REQUIRE BARREL?" MAYHEM38 ("Two-Dads"): "ROG, PIGEONS, ONE-TWO-FIVE, ONE-ONE-SIX MILES. NEGATIVE ON BARREL, I SHOULD HAVE ENOUGH TO GET BACK HOME." Both Flights start to reform as the start to head back to Home Plate. About half an hour later they land at RGAF Aqir, the ground crews start to move in with fuel and ammo trucks, as the crews start to hop out of their aircraft and start doing post battle damage checks. "Surfer" gets through most of his damage check when he gets to his starboard canard, and notices some cracking through the skin. Shit, he says under his breath, the CO's not gonna like this. After the crews had wrapped up and signed their aircraft back in, they head back to the sheds for a debrief and sleep - Most of them wondering what the next day will bring.
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