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  1. Wish granted! You start drilling for oil, only to notice the sound of rumbling tanks, as the Americans invade your country to take your oil install a democratic, CIA-backed leader. I wish for a fancy car.
  2. No - Just Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territories, the GAOT Flag remains.
  3. For the next map update - Can I request the Borders for GAOT and Ashford & Tarago be merged and the Labelling and Flag for A&T.
  4. Full Text of The King's 2020 Christmas Message At this time of year, few sights evoke more feelings of love than seeing families around the wurld gather to celebrate Christmas. In 1991 during the Marenesian War, I spent Christmas onboard the HMGS Monmouth as a father of two children, the first time having been away from my family at this time of year. Since then, I have endeavoured to remain at home here to be with the ones I loved. Gathering around the table here at Santhope House for Christmas lunch, gives us a chance to think about the year ahead - I am looking forward t
  5. I'm surprisingly ok with this - I take it that the population jump to 1B is due to the subsumed population of Sitallo? - This would also provide the basis for some pretty gnarly role play - Thinking South China Sea etc ... IC - Gallambria would obviously have an issue with this - but would work together to ensure peace within the region. OOC - No issue here what so ever, It's a YAY from me.
  6. FAILINGS IDENTIFIED, PRIME MINISTER APOLOGIES ROYAL COMMISSION IDENTIFIES LACK OF LEADERSHIP HIGH PERFORMING GAE, PALAU AND CPA DRIVE GSX PRIME MINISTER NADIA BURNETT APOLOGIES FOR FAILINGS IDENTIFIED BY ROYAL COMMISION INTO "BLOODY JANUARY" ATTACKS Prime Minister Nadia Burnett has apologies for failings in the lead-up to the Bloody January attacks, after a royal commission recommended a raft of legislative changes to prevent another attack in the future. In January, Cambrian Separatists launched attacks in various locations in Tamworth, killing 4,234 people and injuring
  7. Nation Name: Gallambria Continent: Marenesia Short Description: A two to four sentence description of your nation. Geography: Gallambria is separated from Alharu and Aurelia by the Adisi and Adlantic Oceans, and Marenesia Major by X sea. With semi-tropical and forested regions on the eastern coast, and Semi-Arid on the west. Climate: TBD Culture: Gallambria is a multicultural nation, celebrating it's native island culture as well as embracing it's diverse mix of people and culture. Economy: Gallambria is a seafaring country, with it's economy reliant on shipbuilding, defence, agric
  8. A Proclamation By His Majesty, King Albert the Second, by the Grace of God, King of Gallambria. Whereas, we have taken into our Royal Consideration, the existing territories of the Kingdom of Gallambria, and their contribution to the Kingdom of Gallambria; and being desirous that Our loving subjects be able to continue to identify their home lands according to their long-established practices and traditions. We have thought fit, with the advice of Our Said Privy Council, the Cabinet of His Majesty's Government and the Special Committee for Marenai Affairs, to issue this Our Roy
  9. Shadowy AI service transforms women's photos into fake nudes Rogue Salamite soldier could be released from prison 'Make fantasy a reality' : Shadowy AI service transforms women's photos into fake nudes An artificial-intelligence service freely available on the web has been used to transform more than 100,000 women's images into nude photos without the women's knowledge or consent, triggering fears of a new wave of damaging "deepfakes" that could be used for harassment or blackmail. Users of the automated service can anonymously submit a photo of a clothed woman and receive
  10. 1952 - A time for prosperity? It has been a time of relative peace in the region, that has not been seen in centuries. King's have passed, Governor's have been and gone, tribal leaders, too many to count. Yet, they have managed to keep away from each others throats. There had been a few hiccups here and there, lone wolves riding bomb-laden donkey's into town markets, disputes over fishing areas, and of course, the ever eternal battle for who the true chosen people are. For the long run, Jantje's promise of peace has seemed to have stayed it's course. King George III had just succeede
  11. Part Four: Shalom Mahanaim, Shomron Tribal Area 12 September 1908 Months had past since hostilities broke out on the Bashan peninsula. Thousands of people on both side of the conflict had died, scores more wounded, many people displaced, families torn apart. After five months of conflict, the siege of En Gannim had ended in capitulation and the populous were struggling with the return to everyday life. Representatives from the different tribes had made pleas to the commanders of the occupying forces to help them restore their lands back to the land it once was. Having just bee
  12. As most of you are aware, I'm working on a GSuite based system, that allows us to have a functioning Currency system that allows nations to have their currency weighted against a standardised unit, their foreign investment inflow, commodity and currency reserve etc. Below is a list of Commodities I have already in the system. Please reply to this if there are other commodities that you'd like to be seen in the system. GOLD PALLADIUM PLATINUM RHODIUM SILVER NATURAL GAS COAL CRUDE OIL ALUMINIUM LEAD IRON ORE COPPER NICKEL ZINC TIN COTTON OATS COFFEE
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