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  1. After having listened to Julian and Morra discuss the ABD proposal, Alexander rifles through his notes and he signals to the clerk and gets up from his seat. Friends - I need to discuss something with my colleagues, how about we take break, have a stretch and meet back in lets say 15 minutes Alexander leaves the conference room and heads outside with his entourage in tow. 15 minutes had past, and Alexander is seen reentering the conference room finishing off a call. He then gathers everyone and tells the clerk that he'll continue with his response to the proposal. He holds up his ol
  2. GALLAMBRIAN FORCES LAUNCHES STRIKES ON QA'ITRA AFTER ROCKET ATTACK DOZENS ARRESTED IN EL-GANNIM CLASHES Gallambrian Forces launces strikes on Qa'itra after rocket attacks and artillery strikes on Gath-Rimmon Bashani Administration says it has responded to Qubdian rocket and artillery strikes from Qa'itra. The fresh violence comes amid two nights of unrest between Qubdites and Bashanis in Gath-Rimmon. Gallambrian Armed Forces in the Bashan struck targets in Qa'itra early on Saturday in retaliation for a series of rocket and artillery strikes. The latest exchange of
  3. MEDIA RELEASE :- MILITARY ASSISTANCE MISSION TO THE SUNSET SEA ISLANDS The Gallambrian Government has authorised the deployment of Royal Gallambrian Air Force transport aircraft to assist with TRIDENT partner operations in the Sunset Sea Islands. Asests will be drawn from Air Task Group 443.5, which include the Atlas, Hurricane and Kestral aircraft. The Air Task Group will be made available to assist with maintain airspace sovereignty and freedom of international airspace navigation.
  4. Press Release Gallambria sanctions Sunset Sea Island Interim Government, announces withdrawal of Diplomatic missions The Foreign Secretary Elliot Phillips today, announced sanctions against the Sunset Sea Island's interim government and the withdrawal of all Gallambrian diplomatic missions. Foreign Secretary announces new work to stop Gallambrian businesses working with the Sunset Sea Islands Government. New measures put in place to ensure any future Gallambrian aid is not diverted from the most vulnerable to the military government. Diplomatic mission to Sunset S
  5. MEDIA RELEASE :- TERRITORIAL SOVEREIGNTY PATROLS COMMENCE A Royal Gallambrian Air Force Kestral AEW.1 arrives at the Gallambrian Armed Forces main operating base in the Bashan. . Photo: CPL Michael Barrington Today, together with Prime Minister Nadia Burnett, Secretary of Defence Paul Vincent announced the continuation of Territorial Sovereignty Patrols as well as Maritime Security Patrols in the Bashan. This announcement came as the first RGAF aircraft started arriving at the Joint Military Complex Rabba air base, where they will form an integral part of Gallambria's con
  6. TO: Eugenios Goulielmos, Logothesion ton Barbaron, Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion (@Tagmatium Rules) FROM: Office of the Secretary of State for Defence Mr Goulielmos, On behalf of the Prime Minister and the Gallambrian Government, I would like to thank you for reaching out to us. During my first meeting with the Defence Committee, we discussed the on-going security issues within the region, including aspects of the ongoing situation in Ceris and the North Adlantic. One particular point that was brought up was the the potential for areas such as the Amnalos and Kat
  7. BURNETT TIGHT-LIPPED ON MOVING SUB MAINTENANCE JOBS FIVE ARRESTED BY GFP FOR £50 MILLION COCAINE IMPORTATION RING WATCHDOG STEPS IN OVER SECRECY ABOUT GALLAMBRIANS IN QUBDI ARMED FORCES COMPLETES FIRST REGIONAL PRESENCE DEPLOYMENT PM Burnett tight-lipped on moving Newport's Trebuchet Class submarine maintenance jobs to Aberdeen Nadia Burnett is no closer to making a decision about a lucrative submarine contract, 16 months overdue, leaving hundreds of shipyard workers in limbo. The Prime Minister acknowledge the "great capability" of Newport's workforce, which has been de
  8. 0945h IST | 15 March, 2021 Altaria International Airport Porto Altaria, Iverica After a long 15 hour flight, an aircraft bearing Royal Gallambrian Air Force markings pulls up to a parking spot on the ramp at Altaria airport. After a few moments, the forward cabin door of the aircraft opened and Alexander Terrell starts walking down the air-stairs flanked by advisors and assistants. As Desdemona approached the aircraft to meet the Gallambrian delegation, Alexander opened his arms to greet her with a hug. As the two embraced, Alexander commented on how lovely she looked, and that h
  9. Wish granted! You start drilling for oil, only to notice the sound of rumbling tanks, as the Americans invade your country to take your oil install a democratic, CIA-backed leader. I wish for a fancy car.
  10. No - Just Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territories, the GAOT Flag remains.
  11. For the next map update - Can I request the Borders for GAOT and Ashford & Tarago be merged and the Labelling and Flag for A&T.
  12. Full Text of The King's 2020 Christmas Message At this time of year, few sights evoke more feelings of love than seeing families around the wurld gather to celebrate Christmas. In 1991 during the Marenesian War, I spent Christmas onboard the HMGS Monmouth as a father of two children, the first time having been away from my family at this time of year. Since then, I have endeavoured to remain at home here to be with the ones I loved. Gathering around the table here at Santhope House for Christmas lunch, gives us a chance to think about the year ahead - I am looking forward t
  13. I'm surprisingly ok with this - I take it that the population jump to 1B is due to the subsumed population of Sitallo? - This would also provide the basis for some pretty gnarly role play - Thinking South China Sea etc ... IC - Gallambria would obviously have an issue with this - but would work together to ensure peace within the region. OOC - No issue here what so ever, It's a YAY from me.
  14. FAILINGS IDENTIFIED, PRIME MINISTER APOLOGIES ROYAL COMMISSION IDENTIFIES LACK OF LEADERSHIP HIGH PERFORMING GAE, PALAU AND CPA DRIVE GSX PRIME MINISTER NADIA BURNETT APOLOGIES FOR FAILINGS IDENTIFIED BY ROYAL COMMISION INTO "BLOODY JANUARY" ATTACKS Prime Minister Nadia Burnett has apologies for failings in the lead-up to the Bloody January attacks, after a royal commission recommended a raft of legislative changes to prevent another attack in the future. In January, Cambrian Separatists launched attacks in various locations in Tamworth, killing 4,234 people and injuring
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