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  1. “Pax Eurthica”: Andalla is doing their best to avoid an international war, unlike some people. Big Dick Stick: As much as it would be in character for us to throw tagmatium under the bus for the conflict in ceris, there’s nobody that truly stands out for this award beyond the sentist forces Pushitzer Prize: I don’t read much of the news unless I’m in it ( : Bron Urgundy: see above Fully Diplomatic: The fantastic bit of diplomacy that is ahroman holiday has already been nominated. Business cat: unfortunately I didn’t get to my goal of a full scale corporate conflict thi
  2. Pets: Despite Cascadia's urban crush, many families still find space and time to include a pet within their ranks. As is true with any nation, there are those who actively seek out the exotic, looking to one-up their social competitors with the rarest and most expensive creature from across the globe. However, despite Galahinda's reputation to the contrary, not many people seek out these types of pets. Instead, most citizens find comfort in the creatures we've been accompanied with for centuries, cats, and dogs. Given the dense and vertical element of Galahindan life, dogs are limited to
  3. Weekends in Galahinda vary wildly between social and economic classes. For those wealthy enough to never truly work a day in their lives, the difference between weekends and weekdays is only marked by the appearance of more people in clubs. These people spend their days drifting throughout the urban core and warehouse district amidst a miasma of alcohol and other substances, stopping only to sleep and eat, both of which can be avoided through a thorough application of appetite suppressants and energy boosters. It pays to be skinny after-all. Joining them on the weekends are partygoers lucky en
  4. Galahindan Hot Tracks 10/24/2020 FY35 Hello music lovers! To showcase the rich musical history of our island, Orpheum Media Group is collaborating with POSE magazine in order to present music that has been deemed culturally important, based on impact, popularity, and overall quality of the song. Our first edition focuses around The Ha Dub Rewerk'd . Featuring prominently in the island's hottest clubs, the mix of heart pounding bass and undeniably catchy rhythm makes this song a Galahindan classic! Notable uses include MYNE advertisements, as well as appearing during the first official MYN
  5. The rain was drowning the island of Galahinda; the occasional flash of lightning sparsely illuminated the inky blackness of the sky above, accompanied only by the constant artificial sun of the urban core. The core was the single best representation of the island, with its glittering skyscrapers towering over the streets below. The MYNE HQ was one of the newer buildings in the urban core, but what it lacked in history, it made up for in sheer attention-stealing. The slender building started wide and tapered to a triple point at the top, 100 stories above the ground. The building was sheathed i
  6. Vyktoria Parker was an older woman, born in the decades after the Great Alharun War and Agglomeration; she watched as the country she grew up in spiral until she could no longer recognize it. It was almost a relief when she was asked to become the ambassador to Tagmatium. It was sad, but she almost felt more at home in her office at the Galahindan embassy than her modest apartment in Cascadia. At least her office wasn't constantly bombarded by the lights and sound that characterized Cascadia. Working with Tagmatium and its representatives wasn't too terrible either. They were nice enough and s
  7. "And we're live in five, four, three," Rang out across the studio, with the producer finishing the countdown silently on his fingers and pointing to the two women seated across from each other. Without missing a beat, program host and media icon Marie Engelsen began speaking, "Welcome back to the Englesen Angle! Today, we're here with breakout star Alyiah Arotica, creator of the song stuck in everyone's minds; Eat It!" Sitting across from her was the latest interview subject and popular musician and performer, Aliyah Arotica. Known for her equal parts vulgar and creative flow, Arotica ha
  8. Cascadia Bay Area Transit: Formed in the aftermath of Agglomeration in 1985, Cascadia Bay Area Transit, known locally as C-BAT, maintains the public transit system of Cascadia the Greater Cascadia Metro. Currently operated by Pierce Winden, it is the least profitable corporation to maintain a seat on the Corporate Board. CEO: Pierce Winden Androni commercial solutions: Androni Commercial solutions is the glue holding the corporate board together. By coordinating the manufacture, marketing, and sales of nearly all goods within Galahinda, CEO Lynne Androni has managed to preven
  9. The first wave of results has come back from our computing labs, and can be found below. Nations are provided one of five threat levels; none, low, moderate, significant, and extreme. Nations with threat levels above medium should provide citizens adequate warnings against travelling to Galahinda. Nation: @Gallambria Threat to citizens: Low Risk factors: Lack of similar fashion elements, possibility of aversion to popular music styles. Possible symptoms: Confusion. Final conclusion: Galahinda welcomes any Gallambrian tourist but suggests having pamphlets warning
  10. Greetings fellow members of Eurth! As we all know Galahinda is a nation like no other, and as such visiting may be quite the culture shock for the average tourist of your nation. In order to combat the worrying number of visitors experiencing Cascadia Snydrome, we have developed a completely accurate, algorithm based survey that utilizes machine learning, Vibe Checks™, Voight-Kampff data analysis, and predictive equations in order to determine how likely it is one of your nation's citizens would experience symptoms. After completing this survey the National Board For Galahindan Tourism will pr
  11. It had been only a few hours since the advertisement for the YUUL had appeared on social media feeds nationwide, but that hadn't stopped the public from hungrily swarming the product website. Within the first hour, the expected pre-order quantity was met. Within the second, it had nearly doubled, and by the end of the third, Androni Commercial Solutions had no choice but to mark the product as sold out. The stock prices of both Androni Commercial Solutions and MYNE surged, to Lynne's excitement and a marked indifference from Yiu. The chairman had never cared much for the stock market, seeing i
  12. I quite like this location, it does give you plenty of room to expand since you've mentioned wanting to. I like the overall shape, and as long as you're happy with the climate I have no grievances. My only "concern" is a lack of neighbors, you do lose out on some interesting RP options regarding your history, but it shouldn't be a problem in present day.
  13. Just my unsolicited two cents, The island you're looking at doesn't really have a Mediterranean climate zone, as well as the fact that you're next to derthalen, seylos, and Myself, would severely limit any and all expansions you'd be planning in the future.
  14. New YUUL E-Cigarette Takes Island By Storm June 9th, 2020, FY34 Announced Monday, Androni Commercial Solution's new electronic cigarette, named YUUL, has become an overnight sensation, selling out online a week ahead of it's debut in stores. The YUUL retails for ₿50, and comes with 4 'Pods'. Additional 'Pods' can be purchased in a 4 pack for ₿25. The pods come in eight flavors; mango, mint, citrus, bubblegum, cherry, banana, champagne and salted caramel cheesecake, as well as coming in both nicotine or caffeine variants. An exclusive Variotan version will include a cocaine flavor, an
  15. Across the city, a similar gesture was being shared between Yiu Amistacia and longtime friend Yves Naïlo at Club Ecdysis, an underground cabaret. Burlesque was a shared passion, and the same club was where Yves and Yiu had first met. Sitting in a private box suspended on the periphery of the theater turned cabaret, the pair brought the slender glasses of champagne to their lips as the lights reflecting from the dancer's jeweled costume danced across their faces. The dancer slowly removed stockings and gloves as the contemporary jazz began to take on a more electronic element, before shifting c
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