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  1. OMYGOD MOLDER GOT ABDUCTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, well then: CONSPIRACY
  2. ekainak is dead. please reserve my former island-plot. the same does NOT got for the Cenepa islands.
  3. once while visiting San Sebastian, in the basque lands, I saw this flier for a Basque-nationalist punk rock concert. I took it home with me and a few months later when I stumbled upon NS, I chose Ekainak, the name of the street where the local is situated. That county is dead, the mods deleted it. so there...
  4. WELCOME TO EUROPA!!!!! A fun place were people converge and have BUNCHES OF FUN! yep, good day to ya'
  5. I don't understand that, so here goes another word. Demarcation
  6. Santa Rosa is weak! It suffices, though. One is capable of having fun in the town considered to be "COWBOY" territory by the rest of the Bay Area. Nick, I cannot agree with you more. Up here in NorCal, you get some bomb-ass buds. Smoke it up, MuthaFuka!
  7. Hello to you San Ba, I agree with you that Europa is to large to do those statistics but I believe there is room for it in RPing. Your statistics are interesting and helpful but maybe you could continue your statistics for the nations on the RP map as statistics could make Rping more interesting.
  8. To: Allied High Command From: Gen. Aulo Nexodro, head of Ekainak's Tagmatium Expeditionary Force Subject: Petrium I commend the skills and courage shown by our united forces in battle against the CLT and see this as proof of our soon to come Victory. Military Intelligence reports that a total of 6 Ekainako aircraft were lost in the action, two pilots have been rescued and we know nothing of the remaining four. Capure has not been ruled out. I agree that an assault on Petrium would be risky, but the benefits of a victory there would, I believe, crush the CLT's moral to were victory would be a stone's throw away. It would be easy for our forces to create a base on the coast of plot 16, from were artillery could hit Petrium's defenses, supplies could potentially travel north to this base, so as to avoid the risk of interception at sea. All of that may be unnessesary; their navy is no longer a threat, they have little air-support in their capital and with only 100,000 men, we alone could match the man-power. The matter of supplying a invasion of Petrium still needs to be met and due to Ekainak's close proximity to the conflict, we pledge naval vessels to carry out this mission. One problem remains, how do we keep this a secret from the CLT. The loyal Tagmatium military can not be trusted, under circumstances of civil war, that is the safest way to ensure secrecy. Therefore, if this invasion is agreed upon, it should be carried out by foreign forces composed of Ekainak, Tamurin and any other interested nations.
  9. Dead Kennedys album "Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables", best songs are: Holiday in Cambodia I kill Children California Uber Alles Forward to Death
  10. The nation of Baltrow-Wood could be run by Baltrow-Woodians with UN input (and money) for a limited time, until the elections could be held in a state of order. For this I would suggest that many Europa nations contribute forces for peacekeeping and that SSSS withdraw the majority of it's military forces, meaning that forces suitible to it's peacekeeping mission could remain.
  11. To: Allied High Command From: Aulo Nexodro We consent to the use of our naval forces to attach the insurectionist navy. Hopefully our 100 aircraft will help in there defeat and, for the duration of this action, they will follow Tamurin's orders. Are troops have arrived and are deploying around the Tagmatium capital, awaiting further orders.
  12. No es tu lengua y vas bien de todos modos, Argenland. Conociendo ambos lenguas, he notado que la mayoria de tus errores son cuando usas palabras que en Castellano tienen un significado pero que en Ingles, su significado es un poco different, y solo un poco. Co se (accento en la e) ambos, te entiendo igual.
  13. To: Tagmatium and Tamurin From: Gen. Aulo Nexodro, appointed by M. Borzao to lead mission. Subject: Deployment After discussions between Ekainak's political and military decision-making bodies, the composition and role of our forces have been decided. Ekainak's Tagmatium Expeditionary Force (TEF), will take on the role of distributing aid to peoples displaced by the current conflict, deployment as a garrison force to free up Tagmatium forces and engage partisans in the rear. As such, the order order of battle is as follows: - 100,000 man, 1st Rifles Division - 6000 medical staff of the Ekainak Army Medical Wing, 2000 of which are front-line staff capable of extracating wounded from the front. -2000 soldiers of the 1st and 2nd Special Detail Regiments for anti-partisan activity. -one light carrier TPS (The People's Ship) Reynaldo Naranjo for flying evacuation and combat suport missions and three destroyers for defense of the aircraft carrier. These forces will reinforce the meager batallion and support ships already stationed in Tagmatium to defend our civilians. All Forces all forces will leave from Trujillo and reach Tagmatica two days from now. We request information of the Tagmatium military High Commond as to were our forces would cause a greatest effect in the conflict. Victory and Solidarity!
  14. To: Joseph Callonius From: Chairman Joaquin We will allow the existance presence on the island under one conditions, that they not be used against Ekainak.
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