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  1. Fortis Electronics' recent earnings call had the Iberosphere's business world buzzing. There had been talk for months, that the tech giant would be making move. Speculation about tidbits released in pieces during press releases in the prior season had fund managers curious but not committed. So when at last came confirmation came in cold, hi-fi, FLAC audio recording, there was little doubt about it, Fortis was aiming to seize bigger market share. It was poised for a major marketing and M&A campaign... and it was going to do it with the Cashari onboard. In the closing remarks, CEO Inigo Ponto-Deimirro announced that he had secured an acquisition of several retail, manufacturing, and logistics companies in Andalla. Additionally, the company's venture capital arm was poised to father a number of service and mining companies in the New Beautancus, also known as Monarch Island. It was a move that would accelerate market penetration into the Oriental Ocean regions by years if not decades. It was also a move that would not have been possible without the recent vacuum of power that political unrest in the Sunset Sea Islands had created in technology industries. The quarter following Colonel Ishijima's overthrow of the Radiant Republic saw revenues up in record highs. Fortis Electronic's financial arm had also been fortunate enough to be early in the dump of SSI stock and subsequent reinvestment into FOREL itself, the Canamo Canal Company (via private placement) and in Ceriser stocks. Capital gains had shot well through the roof. Fortis was riding high on public confidence and the excitement of its own senior management and majority shareholders. Plans for deepening their presence in Thalassa and Europa, and breaking into Aurelian markets had been redrawn with new enthusiasm. There was a paradigm shift in the air, and FOREL's people could just about taste it. For decades FOREL's brand image had lagged behind giants like Sunset Sea Island's Elegy and the Orionese PearSoft, but since the tail end of the 10's, it had propelled itself from obscure Iberophile brand to household familiar among the Iberic FedCom's largest trading partners. Fortis' KeyPhone brand, its rising star in its inventory of tech companies offered competitive products at a lower prices. Lower labour costs in Iverica compared to the Sunset Sea Islands, coupled with the constant innovation with their supply partners meant that kPhones had almost the same performance and build quality as their competitors but at a price tag which tickled the markets with a promise of greater value. KeyPhone's constant search for better margins and manufacturing efficiency had made the Cashari an obvious choice as partners. It was perhaps the strongest support that investors saw in the entire plan. Majar and Tarak were well known in the region for their electronic original equipment and raw material respectively. In the harsh and extremely competitive business landscape of Cashari Industrials, the two were exactly what FOREL was looking for: fundamentally undervalued, good financial practice, publicly-listed, and legally hygienic. Having the two on board as supply partners meant that KeyPhone had a stronger supply position and a stronger ESG position; reliance on the sweatshops of unrecognised barbarian states was so last 2017. It was the dawn of a new decade, the sun was rising for Argic-Alharun tech and setting for yesterday's market leaders. --- OOC: Just an overview for now. Might include some general stats next or more answers to "how?".
  2. I've DM'd before about this. I'm DMing again. Also as for Diego Gracias, it's all the way in Marenesia right next to Gallambria, so I don't suppose the HIN would even have to live with it as a nuisance.
  3. Definitely ditto what Prymont said above. To add further- PSA: This is on Admin's agenda. Some proposals are in hand at the moment. I would provide detail if I were not busy right now. Admin will consider what's been discussed already above. For the sake of setting expectations I must caution any speculation that might follow in this thread. It's nice to see enthusiasm though and we have this issue on priority. Take note that Eurth staff works to find the best time we are all free to meet since most of us have day jobs/school, so issues usually get addressed on a weekly or monthly basis (for bigger canon concerns).
  4. Preludes here. OOC here. It is assumed that most of the following plans are not public knowledge. At most news coverage and press releases may have covered only the establishment and intention of these facilities. I don't feel like writing prose right now. Its not gonna be a fun read but pretty jargon-y. I just want to be clear about the details and some thoughts given to how something like this is actually made possible. Its boring, but thats what you get with even broad detail like this. --- PROJECT ADLANTIS APRIL, 2021 On April 30th, 2021, no. 25 and 22 Auxiliary Groups of the Iverican Armada deployed—underway for Diego Gracias island in Marenesia and Lighthouse Island in Corinium respectively. Both groups were composed of cable laying ships, supply ships, oilers, dredgers, vehicle container ships, and expeditionary mobile base vessels. Along with them and onboard them came the largest concentrations of Iverican infrastructure ever seen in the Adlantic. The goal was simple: bring Iverican Security to Iverican Adlantic interests. Approximately 12,000 auxiliary personnel from Exersito, Armada, and the Fuersas L'Aire were deployed for the two-pronged project. An estimated 20,000 metric tons of cargo were being moved from Ferrefaairehafen to Diego Gracias and from ABP Explorator to Lighthouse Island. Enough diesel to power a fleet, enough food to feed a city, enough prefabs to make small cities were being shipped by one of Eurth's largest naval sealift flotillas—and this was just the first trip. The building project, with the twin objectives of establishing facilities in the North Adlantic and the South Adlantic, would entail the construction of 3 facilities. 2 Major service and support seaports with attached airfields, housing, and drydocks and one minor service facility to be reclaimed from a shallow reef off the coast of Yeetland. Projection of the future Diego Gracias Island Base Finance Initial Capital Investment is projected to cost upwards of $1.2 billion standard units. Of that amount, $180 million units are to be allocated to the cost of constructing military shipping facilities (approx. $53,000/metre of berth) and airfields, $516 million for labour costs, $325 million for capital expenses, $99 million for fleet operating expenses, and approximately $80 million for other accrued expenses. Funds were sourced from the Republican Armed Service's annual construction budget, though the RAS passed a requisition order to the Executive Ministry to secure a loan from the Federated Commonwealth Bank under the FedCom Defence Reserve Act. The loan was taken to cover lump-sum payment of some assets exceeding the available capital of the RAS (defence budget being released in staggered quarterly amounts) and valued at $636 million at a collateral coverage ratio of 1.112. The RAS pledged assets from its recently decommission Vasqqan Border defence line (See Item C. 1.) and its accounts receivable from the Republican government as collateral. Given that military expediature seemed to be holding at its RAS 2020 modernisation levels despite the intention to have it fall by 2021, the Executive Ministry had also been considering beginning a white paper to keep the RAS budget stable for another year or two. Whether this would mean a 0.5% income tax increase on the upper 60% of income earners still remains to be seen. Labour & Capital North: Infrastructure on lighthouse island will be constructed by a contracted company from South Corinium ( @Seylos ). Most hardware (communication equipment, electro-optical systems, defensive systems, signals equipment, etc.) will be shipped from a holding facility in ABP Explorator. Much of the equipment and Iverican manpower is already holding at ABP Explorator. Contracted parties from South Corinium will provide the majority of labour in non-sensitive areas of the facility and will almost exclusively supply raw material. Iverican defence industry contractors have been hired as consultants and senior management. Land reclamation projects for the establishment of the reef facility will also be completed by contracted Corinian companies, though the expeditionary mobile base and its annexes will be fitted by the Armada Iverica. South: Infrastructure on Diego Gracias Island will be constructed by a contracted company from Tangimoana ( @Gallambria ). Most hardware will be shipped from a holding facility in Ferrefaairehafen, Variota. Caissons were built in Tangimoana to facilitate faster completion of the port facilities needed to expedite further construction. All facilities will be built with an isolated fueling depot, munitions depot, and housing block in addition to any storage, seaport, or airport infrastructure. Additional consideration was also given for annexes to house WARD installations (such as OTH masts, hardened bunkers for the storage of TELs, hardened silos, command and control bunkers, etc.), submarine service facilities, and other measures necessary for defence (such as junctions for acoustic surveillance cables, shore fortifications, and protective structures. The project would be under the direct supervision of Almirante Iustino Otello, architect of the "oriental chain" of Armada sea stations in the North Oriental Ocean. ALM Otello has over 15 years of experience in leading maritime infrastructure projects in the Armada Auxiliary Command. His most recently completed project being the Ultramares Joint Forces Station on Ultramares Island. Projection of the future "Reef Base" off the east coast of Yeetland Logistics Outlines had been simple, clear, and built around a rotating supply chain of coordinated aerial and maritime freight that the Republican Armed Service had spent years developing. The RAS supply chain had been one of the most heavily invested internal projects that the Ministry of Defence had taken up in the past decades. Mistakes from the Argic Wars had led to the development of point-to-point transport, where major depots and storage facilities were within direct access of a major military airbase, seaport, or both. Unlike the hub and spoke system that predated it, point-to-point logistics reduced bottlenecks considerably. The interbranch operation brought in auxiliary arms from three branches of service, pressing in recent acquisitions like the Eurth's largest heavy-lift aircraft, the @Prymontian Tungstrale into service and expeditionary mobile bases recently retrofitted from the Islandero Program. Coordination between origin points, delivery personnel, and endpoint on-site command staff was kept updated live by Noosphera data link, Link 18 communications. En route, the supply chain relied on stop-over facilities like @Prymont's Horizon Island base, Gallambria's RGN Tangimoana, and the Joint Trident base in Ferrefaairehafen, Variota. In the Argic Passage, ABP Resolucion and Explorator also served as depots for temporary storage and holding points for freight vehicles. It was projected that three major phases of supply would be needed to get all the hardware on-site. Given the RAS' preparation, all phases could be completed within 3 months. Politics Channels had been opened with the Corinians. The South Corinian government was only too happy to lease the island. The Corinians would be awarded exclusive contracts for construction as well as jobs and supply contracts once the project was completed. Likewise, no protest was heard from the North Corininians, whom were also probed for a response on the matter. In the south, the Gallambrian government had been in closed doors discussions with the RAS and had agreed to support the Terra Nullius establishment. Diego Garcias, was also to be made part of the TRIDENT network of joint bases. Domestically, protest appeared at government spending but fizzled out. The Deitorr Administration had been immensely fortunate that the turn of events had put the Flashpoint at Corinium and growing awareness of the Anglian threat at the forefront of public attention. Few would feel it amiss if their government took more proactive defence measures when they felt the world turn an increasingly more dangerous leaf. Lighthouse Island, Corinium, as seen from the PANOPTICON-1 satellite
  5. Baron Terrell's mention that he had initially planned to withdraw support from ABD piqued Morra's interest. She whispered to her aide beside her, who promptly made a reminder to contact Terrell's office and poll them for the rationale of the intended withdrawal. Morra was interested in the reasoning more than anything. It would be a useful note for future proposals if there was something amiss with the standard of approach. Of greater interest was the Gallambrian offer to host the ABD headquarters. It was a generous offer no doubt and tempting as it spared the organisation most of the cost of setting up a new facility in either Altaria or Prymont. Though Morra was almost certain that Terrell and his office were aware that an ABD headquarters building would carry with it a comparable status in jurisdiction, taxation, and administration, it wouldn't hurt to broach the subject with Alexander during the recess. After all, an ABD headquarters would carry a status somewhere between an embassy and an international airport [1]. All in all, Morra was pleased with Terrell's enthusiasm and his readiness to open financial staking with ABD and its proposed SDR system. She hoped this would signal confidence to any fence-sitters in the rest of the Assembly. When Alexander yielded the floor, Morra rose briefly to thank him before the clerk announced the next order of business. When Dr Binsar had arrived, Morra greeted her with an air of familiarity. The two had gotten well acquainted during the recesses and free afternoons of the first general assembly. They chatted briefly throughout the morning. At some point, she made sure to invite Binsar on a tour of Distrito Dono, one of Altaria's port-side districts (the size of a small city) which had served as a treaty port to the Yellow Empire until the mid-20th century. "The Gift District", as it was called in Iverican boasted a unique Fulgistani-Altarian culture known for its Altarian 6-spice hotpots, textile work, and unique fusion of East-Alharun and Altarian architecture. The invitation seemed appropriate as Morra was aware that Dr Binsar had been unable to visit during the last general assembly. As the assembly began, Morra wondered in vain at Binsar's opinions. She hadn't been certain how the delegate of Fulgistan would respond to the notion of a development bank that engaged in both non-profit aid and for-profit foreign exchange. Curiosity deepened as the discussion went on; Binsar seemed attentive and alert, taking notes now and again, but ultimately the delegate kept silent, likely reserving her points and/or vote for later. --- 1210h IST | 15 March, 2021 ATARA Headquarters, former Hotel Tricontinentale Porto Altaria, Iverica As the last delegate yielded the floor, a short silence reigned. When it was clear that no more questions would be raised, Morra rose and broke the Assembly for lunch. Unlike the First General Assembly, Morra had set lunch to be a more casual affair. A table for the delegates was set in one of the ballrooms. However, Morra had opted to forgo the formality of a stiff lunch and instead, had menus laid out so that delegates could order however much (or little) they wanted from a multi-course luncheon. The headquarters had quite a seasoned staff of chefs hailing from all manner of places; from Sant Bastien where lemon-pepper seared bass was a staple, to Arome, where stuffed peacock graced banquet tables. If delegates so desired, they were also free to use the ATARA chartered KAPs to have lunch anywhere in the city provided they return before 1400 hours. At 1400, Morra would resume the assembly. Indeed, the moment the room cleared, she had already begun mentally reviewing the ATARA proposal for the Canamo Canal. The canal was a top project if ATARA could be involved. Not only would it bring jobs, trade, and prices closer to equilibrium, but it would also ensure a safer trade connection with Iverica's northern allies. For all countries in Northern Alharu and Western Argis, the canal would present a paradigm shift in regional commerce not seen in decades. But first, Morra had a presentation to make. --- OOC: [1] Like the Asian Development Bank IRL, an ABD headquarters will carry a status not unlike an embassy. As the institution will carry out financial operations, it will need to maintain its own system of financial regulation and taxation to avoid being otherwise constricted by local laws to functions as a multinational development bank. Obviously this does not mean that employees can murder a local and run back into the bank they work at to get away with it. It doesn't work that way. Next Up: A pitch for ATARA to partner with the Canamo Canal Company. All ATARA members are encouraged not to miss out on this singular opportunity to make the Canamo a hub of commerce.
  6. I'll start with 2.4 as that directly concerns Iverica and the Iberic diaspora. I'm also aware that what others like Orioni would have to say about the proposal would be considered before anything I put forward. I don't have any problems with the proposed alternative map, except possibly having the Hispanic-yellow be closer to the center (to include one of the brown-italian territories). Any positioning that puts the yellow side in a more accessible position to Arome while still retaining its coastal position would be good. The reason for this is that the Iberic territories are supposed to be a march territory of Arome though with rather strong Aroman cultural influence. This isn't really a big issue but it would fit in with the current idea of the Iberic Empire if it were so. Regarding the issue of colonisation in the New Wurld and fidelity, I don't think there's much of an issue for members who want to be closer to IRL Hispanic culture. I've written the Iberic Empire to be similar enough to a confederation of IRL Iberic kingdoms such that anyone who wants to be Castillian-speaking can do so without the touch of Iberic-Narvic creole culture. Bear in mind that my weird mixing happens after the diaspora event, so there's some more fidelity to irl Iberic cultures before this. This usually happens in two ways: New members can just opt to be a splinter group of the Gran Viatge containing mostly (or completely) Stillian (Castillian) people. New members can choose to be part of colonial efforts undertaken mostly by Stillians who dislike being ruled by the mixed-culture majority or chose (for whatever reason) to migrate as a clan/group/faction to Iberic colonies- this is loosely what San Castellino, Beleareas (RIP), Mauridiviah, and Sefesia (going on the last discussion with @Oyus) have chosen. Anyone wishing to is free to chose or add their own things to the diaspora community, the only concrete starting point being the Iberic Empire's timeline (minor revisions incoming there). I really don't go around plugging Iberic colonisation but I'm pretty happy if someone comes along and wants to add their own thing to the party! I've intentionally shirked giving too much detail to the Iberic Empire so others are more free to lorebuild without hassle. Hopefully this addresses the points about colonisation and placement. --- TLDR: I don't have an issue with 2.4, I'd be happy to talk more about this if it gets pushed forward. About colonisation and fidelity to hispanic IRL stuff: I don't aspire to be the El Colonizador Grande, but I don't mind if people just want to join. There are also scenarios in place for members who just want to be closer to the IRL Hispanic culture.
  7. APPLICATION APPROVALS: FRAVINA Welcome, @Fravina! Feel free to join in our second general assembly which will soon be continuing with its second round of discussion (the Canamo Canal and later: international financial regulation) Also note that ATARA has a resolution that reduces tariffs which you are free to partake in. Feel free to poke around and ask questions. Any projects you want to get start with are also welcome, feel free to slip them in this subforum's inbox or DM @atara in #atara on Discord!
  8. 01 July, 2021 | 0900 IST Meeting Transcript: Special Briefing, SSO West Argis Detachment (AD- West Argis) CC: JCAS Briefing given by Callsign "Shearwater" Detachment Chief of Western Argis Operations of the Special Security Office TOP SECRET | RESTRICTED, SENSITIVE JCAS, SSO (EO) Situation This came in from Swallow. Taken last night at approximately 2300 Qubdi Time (ref: military Quebec Time -4 GMT) at Burgetounaz Port in Koudiland. This is Suverina-registered MV Rezina, a container ship AIS reporting name: Grixono Rezina, code: TCOF 8 27100815. It is owned by Grixono Shipping, a company that DAFT (Division for Analysis of Foreign Threats) categorises as a shell company, a front for covert transfer of assets. In other words: They ship black market. Or they used to, anyway. Cyber Action Division has it that Anglian Imperial Office seized Grixono's registered parent company last month and requisitioned all its assets. DAFT has reason to believe that Grixono is now shipping undetermined Anglian assets to state-actors they have been cosying up to. OSINT pieces have been fairly clear who these state-actors are. Our satellite intel has also been keeping tabs on Anglian-sphere shipping and all indicators lead to a probable case: Rezina is likely part of the "rumoured" shipments as ENN puts it. A review of our AIS watchlist puts several more of Grixona and similarly flagged vessels inbound from Western Europa. A scenario wherein both states are colluding in blackmarket commercial profit is unlikely. What is more likely is that the shipments contain either finished military hardware or components for developing military infrastructure. It is also likely that Anglian personnel are aboard; these could range from technical consultants, intelligence officers, or unit advisers. Scenario Out of all probable scenarios, motive, risk, and method suggest that the cargo is hardware that could potentially shift the regional balance of military power towards Koudiland in a timeframe useful to Anglia, say... 1-2 years lining up with their breakneck pace so far. The Anglian goal of this scenario is likely to run interference in Argis leading to eventual annexation or suzerainty over some of the continent's influentially weaker states, starting with Koudiland. We can only guess at specifics until we get ground teams to collect and verify better intel. Ladies and Gents let's be clear: Everything in Anglia's playbook so far shows us that this will likely lead to a serious commitment of resources, boots, or both. Every movement of assets they made; from SDC, to Suverina, and to parts of Azania has been followed up with a serious commitment be it martial or diplomatic. This is no preparation for a mere tripwire force, this is most likely preparation for expanded ops in the region—there are no concrete guarantees of their operational goals but we can assume that whatever they may be, the goals are enough to trigger a flashpoint in the region. Thus ladies and gents, expect to enter a fait accompli scenario. Action ExecMin and the Junt-Capos need a Crisis Action Plan and they need it soon. Strategic considerations in the Mediargic are shifting and we need revised data sets that we can base our wargame models on. In these coming months, we'll need to milk our Koudish assets for whatever ever juice that godforsaken nutsack has got. It goes without saying that this op is eyes only for everyone in the room, the Koudish don't know, our allies probably won't know either for some time. Keep it off the official books, keep things OpSec, yeah? It goes without saying that any field work we do there falls under the disavowment clause if you are compromised—you are on your own if you get made. Grim notes aside, the Office of the Primo has given us a green light to activate embedded Blue and Green Assets in Koudiland. Our detachment has carte blanche to operate in the region. People, you have 48 hours to prep Foreign Activities Division and put OPLANs on my desk. Dismissed. --- OOC: Avoid metagaming. I've done my best to make this post ignore any information released in the recent "Anglian Machine" post. All the premises the SSO is acting on is based on intel from our prior RP'd actions and Open Source Intelligence from ENN. I expect all participating in the Anglia event to do the same and not metagame using Seylos' post as a signal that intel was leaked. P.S "embedded assets in Koudiland", Koudiland is a belligerent and the defeated party of the Argic War(s). It makes sense that the SSO keeps tabs on a country they occupied after engaging in a continent-sized total war with. For those not in the know, Koudiland is a in-progress NPC I am working on with Vostau. I didn't include a map because it is fairly recognisable as the ball-sack landmass dangling from central western Argis.
  9. @Cashar Notes: -I ommitted further details to keep the letter 1-page, but essentially: Iverica is more than happy to renew the trade agreements. However, we also want to talk about further reducing tariffs. If Cashari gov't wants to, we can schedule a time for IC Talks that happen (this doesn't strictly necessitate a big RP event, but can be told in summary through letters or article releases). - We wouldn't presume to go on a lecture about tariffs to a state representative that almost certainly knows how it already works, but to give basis to my claim that "tariffs bad" here is some info that would have been understood in the "*" part in the letter: This common sentiment has largely been proven true in theory and in practicum of commerce and taxation. It disincentives consumption, hurting both import retailers and consumers as the retailers sell less the higher the tariffs and consumers who buy heavily taxed imports end up with less money to spend on other goods. Tariffs may be a direct source of tax revenue, but they reduce consumption which would have likely contributed more to the overall economy than the tax value of the tariff.
  10. From an IC perspective, I'd expect there would be a lot of concern from TRIDENT. Deployment in Corinium was supposed to be a demonstration of Iverican resolve to prevent Haru, or any Europan power for that matter, from gaining hard territory in Argis. Even if TRIDENT were to turn a blind eye on this one, Iverica would still act unilaterally in response. Deployment of forces on the continent proper would no doubt lead to an escalation of Iverican presence in the region and a justified reversal of our once anti-militarisation principle for the Argic Passage. If this is what the Haru are gunning for, then I expect I'm stating the obvious. The alternative option if escalation is not the desired outcome is that the Haru open channels for a bilateral agreement which contains committments for the Haru to abstain from deploying assets like missiles, submarines, assault units, carrier/cruiser task forces etc. to the region. If the deployment takes place in the northern half of East Argis, it could hurt the economic stability that the Polar Service has been trying to build for the past year and half. The knowledge that an empire which regularly annexes land and routinely conducts exercises the likes of what we've read on your news puts merchants and investors in a tight spot. If the Argic Passage developes a reputation for being a military hotspot it could set back the progress of that commercial avenue for years. No doubt, Iverican escalation will not resolve the commercial fears, but it will be the only logical response since we have assets and investments already committed in the region. If it does not take place in the northern half, it will not directly threaten commerce in the Argic Passage. However, it still threatens TRIDENT's principles and a counter-deployment to maintain force parity will be inevitable. The difference being that it likely will be aimed at deterring rather than a buildup for supremacy.
  11. @Ateenia OOC: This took a while sorry. Work has kept me. ABP resolucion is a large facility located in an island northeast of Ateenia. It is marked in the Polar Service thread. Joint operations may include icebreaking patrols, surveys, oil slick clean up ops, civilian outreach, training exercises, etc.
  12. As written by @Metztlitlaca: UPDATE (12th June 2021) The Terms of a member's nation to be erased have been changed. Metacommentary posts (posts that are not RP, Factbooks, Expansion/Reserve Posts, or similar) do not count towards time since activity as metacommentary posts can be used as a loophole to unfairly extend inactivity. Also, recently graduated members that have officially been added to the map will have a 2 month time limit (60 days) before they are removed from the map again. This of course only applies if a member of the community has not made any posts to declare their inactivity (it should be stated that posts that declare inactivity for an unforeseen period of time will be disregarded if a newer member can take your place in regional lore). Inactivity posts who's stated period of time to be inactive has passed will be given an grace period to either extend their inactivity with a second post, or return to the community and catch up on any new lore and/or events that have taken place. This new update to the guidelines will be put into effect today (12/06/2021 D/M/Y), as a suitable warning had been posted on May 20th. --- Announcement will also be posted on #announcements in Eurth Discord. Metz wrote the annoucement on the 12th, hence the listed date not lining up with the date this was posted
  13. Iverica

    Doom of Ceris

    RECAP: Part 2: Onslaught (Day 3) Wolf used panicking civilians to his advantage and blitzed across Estaria. Defending a logistics post, Mani and Hernan are attacked by the Sentist Vanguard. The CO is killed by a mortar shell. Despite being in the rear lines, they are overrun. Defences are prepared around the capital. The supply situation is bad. Worse still, most of the Iverican flotilla is away ferrying refuggees to Nesneubar. In port, the Iverican frigate is torpedoed by a disguised cargo freighter. Estaria city is surrounded by sea and by land, with aerial support presumably cut-off as well. Estaria Falls: A Ceris Episode | Part 3: Trapped With the defence outside the city collapsing, all men still combat effective retreat into the city proper, all the while hounded by enemy forward units. Coalition heavy artillery has run out of ammunition. Air assets are unable to be deployed effectively because of enemy air defence, and triage stations overflow with casualties. The Sant Lazaro lies dead in the harbour—with it dies any chance of holding the adjacent districts. The coalition is cut off by land, air, and sea; with only rubble and scraps to defend the last free piece of Estaria. Coalition reinforcements will not arrive in time. It is now the 5th day of the defence. The enemy masses outside the lonely city. --- 1900hrs 2nd of March, 2021 Estaria City, Contested AO | CBN Manuel "Mani" dei Leon & AUD Sergio Hernan Mani was roused to half-wakefulness by the sound of growling engines. Through his sleep-lidded eyes, he could tell it was much dimmer since the time he had collapsed on the floor. Still, rays of faint amber light seemed to stream through the cellar windows of the bombed-out townhouse that Mani and Hernan had collapsed in earlier—an hour? Two hours? Some time ago. He was groggy, feeling half-drunk, aching all over, and in desperate need for a drink of water. He was about to turn over to a more comfortable spot of the floor when a thought belayed his sleep-adled mind. Wait... engines? He listened now eyes wide open and mind slowly turning to alert. Thickly accented voices... Not Estarian. Suppressing the mounting panic in his gut, Mani reached for his carbine beside him and brought it to his chest, clutching it tightly. Over in the opposite shadowy corner, Audante Hernan crouched awake and alert. The bearded Audante, filthy and dishevelled too, met Mani's wide-eyed stare. The Audante put his fingers to his lips and then gestured; "ready up, we're leaving." The pair rose to a crouch as slowly and quietly as they could. Mani felt his muscles strain, stressed and aching heavily from the confused pell-mell run from the post they had tried to hold on to nearly 48 hours ago. After fire support had stopped coming and calls for fire missions had been met with static, Audante Hernan had reluctantly allowed Mani to order Shore Party Blue 22 to fall back to the city proper. They had detonated the claymore pickets, buying some time for the remaining defenders to board the last 6x6, making it all of 2 clicks before it was shot out from under them. Mani wasn't sure if anyone else made it. Hell, Mani didn't even know if the harbour they were fleeing to was still in coalition hands. Mani quietly slipped on the straps of the PRC unit that had somehow survived the action. Slowly standing, Hernan carefully peeked out a row of cellar windows and motioned for Mani to get up. Rising steadily, Mani risked a glimpse out the slit windows, tip-toeing higher to catch a peek of the outside. A pair of boots. No, several pairs. Wheels—the bottom half of a 6x6. Chattering voices. The booted feet moved. Suddenly, a bang of splintering wood sounded above them, ear-numbingly loud and nearly making Mani jump out of his skin. The floorboards of the living room above sounded with heavy footsteps. More joined it in quick succession. Mani looked to Hernan. The Audante mouthed a curse. The old NCO motioned for him to stack up by a breach in the cellar wall. It was the breach they slipped in through, part of a mortar crater that blew the cellar open to the alley just outside. Together, the filthy, ash-caked, exhausted pair crept out of their hole. Hernan carefully sweeping his rifle around the mouth of the crater. At the motion of a gesture, Mani slowly scuttled out. The cold air outside might have been thick with the bitter stench of burning plastics, but Mani's nose had long ago become numb to the smell of the dying city. There seemed to be a lull in the action as no tracers lit the narrow slit of night sky visible from the bottom of the alley. No mortars belched and neither shouts nor screams could be heard from the distance. The only reminder that the battle had not ended, was the steady glow of amber in the skyline that never seemed to fade. A wave from Hernan grabbed Mani's attention. The Audante pointed to the manhole at the end of the alley. Mani nodded and slowly moved up with Hernan, hugging the rear facades of the townhouses. Now and then the voices in hard Oclait accents would sound from above them, raucous and clear from the shattered windows. Nearing the manhole, they hastened their pace, almost making it when— —a crash of wood sounded from just behind. Hernan and Mani froze, pressing themselves against the wall just behind some dumpsters. They pressed against the side tight enough that Mani hoped the bricks would just swallow him. A ray of dim light spilt out from the newly opened doorway. A Sentist hurriedly emerged, clad in a helmet, load-bearing vest, and mismatched fatigues. The man hadn't noticed the frozen pair, busy unbuckling his trousers as he exited, jamming them down in a hurry and waddling down the alley. Right towards Hernan and Mani. The Sentist had waddled within 4 feet of the pair, privates out and dangling before he finally looked a few degrees higher. There was a pregnant silence as Mani made eye contact with the man. Then, a rush of action. Hernan sprang like a coiled viper, rugby tackling the bewildered man, clamping one hand over the Sentists mouth and severing his carotid with the hastily drawn Ka-bar in the other. But it was too late, the man had let out a startled cry. A clatter of activity sounded from inside the house. Hernan was still grappling with the Sentist who was bleeding out like a stuck pig. One shape emerged from the door. Mani's eyes went from the door to the still-occupied Hernan, and then back to the door in a millisecond. He couldn't think. He was paralysed by the suddenness of it all and yet, his body seemed to move on its own. The carbine in his hands snapped upwards. The sight-picture formed perfectly. The trigger was squeezed smoothly. Three 6.8mm rounds punched through the unarmoured man. Two more Sentists came from the far end of the alley, emerging from the same crater they had. Mani felt his body drop to a crouch. His torso pivoted, the trigger squeezed. It pivoted again, zeroing like a machine on the next target and squeezed. Before Mani could process the fact that he had probably killed three people, he felt Hernan yank him roughly to his feet. "Boy. RUN!" Jerked from his stupor, Mani half-stumbled, half-crawled before breaking into a full sprint. From behind, he heard Hernan's rifle bark, before the ping of a released grenade sounded and smoke filled the alley. "They can still hit us through that smoke. Go! Go!", roared Hernan. Mani reached the manhole, finding it missing its lid. He hesitated for a moment, searching wildly for where the ladder began before he felt Hernan's boot on his back push him forward and into the dank sewer. He hit the bottom at a tumble, getting the ankle-deep sewer soup all over himself. Hernan dropped in just behind him. "Keep moving boy! They throw any frags down here and we're fucked." The pair took off as fast as they could. Hernan forced them into sharp turns, trying to lose any pursuers. Every few hundred metres, they changed their heading. After what felt like almost an hour of running, Mani wasn't even sure they were still heading towards the harbour. "Audante", he wheezed, barely keeping pace with the man. "We need to get our bearings. I won't be able to use the PRC from down here either." Hernan slowed to a jog before stopping entirely at the foot of an access ladder leading topside. The Audante, huffing slightly, nodded. Without another word, Hernan mounted the ladder and climbed. The older Audante lifted the manhole cover gingerly and peeked. He saw Hernan tense for a moment before the manhole cover was ripped off and the Audante was dragged half out of the hole. Mani should have run, but for some reason, he found himself wrapped around Hernan's leg, fighting a desperate tug of war with unseen figures. It was futile, the pair were pulled out like a fat tuna out of water. Dragged onto the road pavement, Mani was disarmed and savagely kicked onto his back. He found himself staring first at the amber-lit night sky and then down the barrel of a rifle. Next to him, Hernan was struggling, cursing the entire landsman's vocabulary at their captors. "Sheisse", Mani heard one say. The gun was lowered and replaced with a blinding ray of white light. "Iverikaner." the word was repeated all around them. Someone leaned in close to Mani, he couldn't see through the leering light but he could smell the cheap Estarian cigarettes on the man's breath. The man examined his shoulder patches and yanked the tags from under Mani's collar. "Lasse sie gehen. Schnell!" At the command, Mani was hoisted to his feet. There were afterimages in his eyes from the light. Mani blinked several times. He heard Hernan hoisted up beside him, still cursing everything filthy about the origins of their captors' mothers. "Ach. Err. Loss... Sie Je Ento?", said one of the figures in front of Mani, a hand was proffered in greeting. What? "Iverikaner. Ehm, Herr Offizier. Loss Sjento?", Mani blinked again. Los Siento? Were they trying to speak Stillian? Without thinking Mani replied. "Es-Esta bien..." Mani muttered to the Estarian NCO slowly coming into focus in front of him. --- 2000hrs 2nd of March, 2021 Outside Estaria City, Sentist Front Lines | Wolf The wind whipped Wolf's lined face as his helo buzzed low over the Sentist lines formed less than 2 clicks from the city limits. The captured news helicopter, painted in olive drab now surveyed the pickets of infantry and massing motorised companies behind them. From his perch by the open panel door, Wolf could just about sense the hunger of the men massed below. In contrast, the city looked as though it would cower if it could. Every now and again a missile streaked high above them, arcing from from deep within Sentist-controlled Estaria. "Any report of coalition fast-movers?", wolf asked into his headset. "No, sir. Air Defence reports only rotor contact. We are suppressing them as we speak", replied one of his aides, seated across the helo with a computer at his lap. The city was bereft of air support, ever since they had brought in captured Estarian SAM and radar sets; bereft of fire support ever since the Iverican ship had been torpedoed in port; and most damningly, bereft of any means of escape as Wolf's boats and mines lurked along the coast. Wounded, his prey had limped back to their den, bleeding and cowering while his pack circled in the night. Wolf took a long look at the city not far in front of him. Small fires already burned, painting the horizon a dim amber. "Begin the assault." OOC Notes: Shore Party Blue 22 was overrun between Parts 2 and 3. Mani and Hernan escaped but were forced to run on foot. Sentist forward units are infiltrating the city from porous sectors and the sewage system. Wolf managed to capture a civilian helicopter and a regiment's worth of air defence assets including radar and SAMs. Likely manned by defectors or members of the Oclait Sentists who have trained with the systems. With the Sant Lazaro presumably mission-killed in port and with air assets unable to disperse the massed Sentists, Wolf's forces are about to launch an all-out assault on the city. Defenders are outnumbered roughly 10:1. Summary Part 3: Trapped (Day 5) Hernan and Mani made it back to friendly lines after running from the Sentist vanguard. Also they shot a guy who needed a piss. They are mistaken for Sentists as they navigated through the sewers and apprehended by men from the Estarian Defence Forces Wolf, now protected by SAMs surveys his mustered divisions from a helicopter and launches the assault. What happened to Arnarson :OOO
  14. 04 May, 2021 | 2100 Oscar Time Over the Qing Ming Sea At 2100 Hours Oscar time, a tri-engine aircraft marked with the livery and colour of the Fuersas L'Aire, Special Projects Division took off from Ferrefaaierhafen TRIDENT base in Variota. 8 hours before that, the Iverican quarter of the base received a special air-delivered unmarked cargo container. Iverican air command on the base went dark in the next hours up till flight schedules were suddenly changed. The tri-engine, a military variant of the S-1011 Trestrell, was prepped and launched with the highest priority. On its belly was the special payload. Rapidly climbing to its ceiling altitude over the Qingming Sea, several TA-201 stealth fighters that had swept alongside it activated their jammers, filling any observing radar with as much noise as they could. The Trestrell, a special Astronomo variant, reached its zenith, much higher than the ceiling of most aircraft of its span and class. The payload separated and ignited, filling the night sky with a white-hot glow. Undisturbed by the jammers, the data-link and sat-guided payload streaked along the Kármán line, the thin barrier between air and space. The first stage separated, leaving a pod to correct itself with quick bursts of RCS gas. In a matter of minutes, it would deploy ICARO. The small microsatellite was equipped with spectral and other imaging sensors. Just after its pod put it on a trajectory to intersect with the space above the Amnalos Sea, the satellite completed its separation and cruised at low-eurth orbit. ICARO trained its austere, blank lenses towards the waves below it and searched. 05 May, 2021 | 0400 Echo Time CC to Terminal /EXCOM-AD to 243-SUBRON SQNLDR/ -POSTION: [ 36°41'8.34"N | 24°57'35.64"E ] ADLANTIC OCEAN 243-SUBRON | MISSION RECONNAISSANCE ORDERS: -SSN-056, SSN-057, break from SQN -Rendezvous with SSAN-01 at [ 36S ] [ 37°35'37.10"N | 37°25'49.85"E ] for submerged resupply. -Proceed at quiet to objective Grid Zone. -Plan for 168 (min.) to 336 (max.) hours endurance. -Review Intelligence and Coordinate Packets attached; Nousphera Key: [||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||] OBJECTIVES: -Nav Points Alpha Through Golf assigned and attached. -SSN-056 and SSN-057 to update hydrograph and seafloor charts at each Nav Point with LIDAR. -Target Grid Zone [ 43R ], Grid Squares ANGLER-1 through ANGLER-15 designated. -Patrol and collect acoustic SIGINT. -PRIORITY TARGET: Acoustic Intelligence (signature, propulsion noise, cross-section, powerplant anomalies, cavitation, displacement/turbulence) of @Great Anglian No. 2 Submarine Squadron believed to be operating at low-depth in the objective grids. ATTITUDE: Recommended, QUIET-1 nearing [ 43R ] -Peacetime ROE applies. -Testing of new masking system is recommended. /SEE ATTACHED/ In the wee hours between 2100 Oscar and 0400 Echo time, an ICARO microsatellite had been sent at the prompting of an anomaly detected by WARD's satellite, PANOPTICON-3. By some fluke, a silhouette had been observed in the Amnolos. Further IMINT suggested that one of the Anglian Navy's SSNs had surfaced briefly in another area of the sea, leading Armada Intelligence to approximate that multiple submarine units were likely present in the area. Referencing updated photos of departures from Plumuth Submarine Yard, intelligence surmised that no. 2 Submarine Squadron, composed of 2 SSNs and 1 SSGN were deployed simultaneously. Anglian submarines noises were largely enigmas, making them all the more priority targets. Sonar relied on a database of noises to identify a target. An unprofiled sub was as dangerous as it was disorienting for crews. The dispatch of the ICARO satellite pinpointed minor surface scars and Bernoulli humps which gave Armada Intelligence the data to approximate where they might be in the next few days. Though the opportunity was too good to pass up, it would be perilous, as Iverican submarines Ruptoro (Shipbreaker) and Resaca (Undertow) would be playing a very silent and extremely risky game of undersea cat-and-mouse with a volatile quantity. A single tin dropping could easily start an international incident.
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