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  1. OOC: Avoided making this move a News-based RP. It seems fair that nations that may be concerned about this move be notified directly through this post. Major events over news RP have a way of being glossed over unintentionally. Following a string of deadly accidents in the shipping route known as the Northern Argic Passage, the Armada Iverica, spurred by popular and commercial pressure, re-opens a shelved plan to tame the icy seas of Northern Argis. Given the green light to launch the "Polar Service Initiative", the Admiralty finds itself awash in political and exp
  2. First: What am I doing here? I'm happy to participate in counter-terror ops. Second: The Where Question I'm also up for discussing location. It seems like most of the discussion above^^ is geared towards establishing a where. While Alharu could certainly work, would @Anatea be willing to experiment first with a locale closer to home? Perhaps if this is questionable to others' lore percpetions, maybe we can start in or near Anatea or Iverica. Also: if we get participants for this OOC planning, perhaps one or two would be willing to "host" an opportunity and volunteer a pro
  3. Since January this year, 3 ships have met accidents on the lateral Northern Argic Passage; a risky, narrow, but efficient shipping lane that connects the North Oriental Ocean and the Adlantic Ocean. Just last week on the 26th of June, the MV Explorator, a ship registered to a commercial freight company in Mannarsto, Narva, met an accident when it collided with a substantial piece of the summer ice floes just 50 kilometres away from the coast of Nanuvat, an indigenous territory in the northeastern Argic coast that has yet to be recognised by the international community. A breach in her hull lef
  4. The Marenesia Conference, Stage II | IVERICA 1600 Charlie Time (+3) | 5th of November, 2019 Fort Beleturi, Salvia --- "Is it just me, or does this place feel... too Salvian", remarked ExecMin flunky Tomas as they passed a Salvian propaganda billboard. The small tour crowd had just passed the barracks, rows of Salvian personnel had stood-to for the inspection. His colleague, Quinto, snorted. "Its a Salvian Base you Mér-á-Capessa*!" "I mean, there's just something that feels comically stereotypical about this place", remarked Tomas defensively. He stopped, facing Qui
  5. Definitely, the island isn't too far out, considering Galahinda and Alenveil. Influence wanes over distance, true enough. But then again, we have colonies like the Philippines and Australia that are in regions quite a bit more alien to their colonising country's influence. Anyway, I'll leave it up to Anatea and the cartographer. Additionally, some points Tagmatium relays:
  6. Summary of TIPTA Provisions Tariff Reduction Assuming both countries use a Fixed Tax scheme for imports: Bilateral reduction of tariffs; both nations will agree to a fixed deduction of the amount taxable per unit of good. E.g. If one "unit of Iverican consumer electronics export is valued at $500 million, Tagmatium will reduce its fixed tariffs by X amount. Likewise, Iverica will reduce its fixed tariffs to every $500 million worth of Tagmatine biodiesel by the same X. Supposing that Tagmatine tariff is currently at 5% of the unit value (
  7. 8 JUNE 2020 | 2200 Romeo Time CC to Terminal /2FLTHQ-7CAPGRU (GRULDR)/ -POSTION: [ 55°20'56.67"N | 68°48'52.92"W ] 7-CAPGRU | NEW ORDERS ORD: UPDATE PATROL MISSION; Assume Counter-Piracy Posture -7-CAPGRU clear to conduct AIR RECCE and VBSS- at GRU LDR discretion -STBY for further orders ATTITUDE: ALERT-2; Presume hostile armed vessels are present in AO -Retain speed to last confirmed heading -All ahead slow and await orders approaching last heading point NOTE: PEACETIME ROE APPLIES -Confirm with 2FLT HQ prior any ope
  8. There would be very close interest here. Its literally in the mission statement on the Armada's wiki. Given the real economic danger of pirate presence: bad insurance climate affecting trading companies, suspension of freight, slowed transits whenever a military conducts extensive counter-priacy... Iverica would have reason to be in on this Its convenient that we already have the Saksapti in a regular course of patrol Eager to hear out how we can initiate this. One point of consideration that might help planning: Since there would logically be a lot of econo
  9. The times have changed. Once again, the people of the Islas Ultramares, the Federated Commonwealth's smallest autonomous state, are faced with economic uncertainty. For many decades, the Ultramarianos have eked out a living by exporting fish and manning Icebreakers that ploughed the routes between the Canamo and the Narvic Seas. But now, with the sunny prospects of the Canamo Canal melting the future necessity of those Icebreakers, Ultramariano icebreaker holding companies are looking downsize. Faced with a future unemployment crisis, the Ultramariano government has encouraged employme
  10. Recipients: All Iverican Embassies Foreign Embassies on Iverican Soil Subject: Memo of Recent Statements Content as follows: Note that as of this day, 4th of June, 2020, the island is known as "Monarch Island" or L'Isla Monarca shall henceforth be a protectorate of the Federated Commonwealth of the Iberic Union. Justifying these claims are the following factors that we invite any concerned foreign observer to verify: That the island was de facto "Terra Nullis" with no permanent native population residing therein.
  11. "The WHAT in the Canamo Locks WHAT?", roared the Assistant Project Manager of the forward clearing group. The Manager struggled to hear the report of one Field Engineer, a man from a concrete laying team assigned to wall the canal banks with a slope of concrete. Hearing was poor because at this exact moment, the Manager was watching a pair of sweaty Sarov workers pulverise a boulder obstructing the embankment face with a power jack. The clatter of steel on rock was quite tremendous. The sun beat down on the stretch on the canal known was the Quarterway Turn, where the snake-li
  12. Tech's Files- Interlude OOC: RAS 2020 is a modernisation initiative explained here and in news RP. This is kind of a summary of tech that is substantiated in RP (this thread and others) and on iiwiki. All of these concepts are quite evident IRL and can be searched up. NOOSPHERA is basically C4I plus America's Link16, the botnet GYGES is pretty simple in principle and a more potent example IRL is China's Great Cannon (which currently Gyges is not quite an equal to).
  13. @Salvia I did ask you about your capabilities on Discord lol. Judging by your answer, you guys had it covered . Didn't see the need to get involved if the Iverican military just sits there and looks around. Boots on the ground is expensive and gauging from some of probes I've made into possible Iverican intervention, it looks like it will just bloat the IC thread than contribute to the narrative. Besides, the Christian int'l community should be grateful enough that the Cussian situation is being, might I say--adequetely contributed to by the Ministry Foreign Affairs and the Armada. S
  14. Re: Assisting Prymont Iverica is sticking to a support role. With some allowance for our observers to collect intel and study the situation. Intelligence support is mainly in satellite imaging; we'll be testing a new one. Some fire support will also be made available to the Prymontians via ship-based guided missiles. These will be sourced from 2-CATFOR and other units of the 4th Fleet which have a presence in the Adlantic. For all intents and purposes, Iverica won't have a stake in the current conflict, apart from the interest in keeping our allies supported. Posting here a
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