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  1. OOC: See above post for context The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses both relief and gladness that the party of Colonel Ishijima has agreed to a number of guarantees regarding ther repatriation of all foreign nationals inside the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to maintain an open, transparent, and helpful channel with the international community in the hopes that all citizens are able to return safely to their countries. --- --- OOC: talked with SSI over DMs. Agreed to this, top g
  2. April 20, 2021 Traders were jolted out of their beds early this morning by the announcement that the Sunset Sea Islands would be severing its ties. Many immediately sold personal and company stocks that instant, despite the fact that the trading day had not officially opened at stock exchanges around Iverica. Traders in both sectors both public and private are all too wary about the implications of a government closing its borders and its communications. Senior Trader at Borsa Intreimor, the national stock exchange, Pietro Dinero Dei Monedas had this to say: "Every trader know
  3. 20 April 2020 | 0300 Kilo Time CC to Terminal /EXCOM-TH to 3FLT 1-CATFOR (FLAG)/ -POSTION: [ 5°51'36.16"N | 129°57'17.25"W ] ARKHAVN TRIDENT BASE 1-CATFOR | MISSION REGSEC MISSION -All 1-CATFOR elements proceed at best speed to grid [||||||||||||||||||||||||], designated NAV ALPHA. -Maintain Standing Patrol at NAV ALPHA. -Standby. Await EXCOM contact. ATTITUDE: ALERT-3 -Peacetime ROE applies -Air Elements are cleared for recce ptrols; FLAG discretion. /SEE ATTACHED/ --- Imagine being in
  4. Recipients: All Iverican Embassies Foreign Embassies on Iverican Soil Subject: Expulsion of Diplomatic Personnel from the Sunset Sea Islands; with further concerns regarding the "Transitional Government" Content as Follows: The foreign offices of the Federated Commonwealth are all equally disturbed and shocked at the unprecedented and sudden actions conducted by a Colonel Ishijima. Owing the silence from @Sunset Sea Islands' representatives, the Federated Commonwealth will neither recognise any change in leadership, nor recognise political
  5. 1000h IST | 15 March, 2021 ATARA Headquarters, former Hotel Tricontinentale Porto Altaria, Iverica There were some opening remarks, pleasantries exchanged and a roll-call from a clerk who made sure that everyone was well acquainted with the names, faces, and offices of the gathered delegates. "Beginning with the first item...", began Morra. She had not sat with the rest of the delegates. Instead, she positioned herself by a projector screen which slowly dropped from a concealed ceiling panel. "Some present will have heard of a recent association initiative called the AT
  6. 2nd General Assembly 0730-0900 IST | 15 March, 2021 Altaria International Airport Porto Altaria, Iverica Desdemona Tomas-Morra had at first been taken aback by the suddenness and warmth of the Baron Terrel's bear-like embrace. Unaccustomed to such close physical displays of familiarity, she had initially stiffened up, her hands splaying and clutching awkwardly at her side as the delegate of @Gallambria locked them down. The initial awkwardness had elicited some smirks from her staff, all of whom had seen her clock generals upside the head with her infamous brick-loaded han
  7. Certainly! I understood what you meant by a Dutch invasion. All the details for the Iberics' arrival to the New Wurld are pretty much in those links I've sent. Feel free to let me know if things ever fail to match up though. You're welcome and I hope to work with you in RP sometime. Cheers!
  8. I think this is very interesting. Having worked on the Iberic Diaspora histories for a while, I'd like to know whether you'd like to make this Spanish colony part of the Iberic Diaspora. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/The_Gran_Viatge | https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Iberic_Diaspora We'd be glad to have you. Iberic groups are varied and on one side are very similar to the many IRL Iberian cultures but on another side have cultures that evolved very differently and have become their own thing. Its very flexible and we can discuss further on discord if this fits with you. However, you could always choo
  9. Sure, I've seen the climate data of places like; Tiksi, Russia and Tromso, Normay and I've got to agree with that statement. Though given how harsh the winters are and how difficult agriculture, year-round travel, and industry might be there, would it be reasonable to assume your capital is likely a low-population centre? Perhaps selected for political, historical, or strategic reasons. Likely, I'd assume you would have higher population centres further south?
  10. Sure! What organisation would be responsible for deploying them though?
  11. Hello and welcome to Eurth! Excited to see more from that interesting con-lang you have. If you use discord please visit us! https://discord.gg/brhxSws We'll be able to respond to you sooner there
  12. The initial work that had begun in the Argic Circle's Summer had been completed. It was now March of 2021 and the Republican Armed Service was once again preparing to make headway with the project. More than that, the Ministry of Defence had plans to take the Polar Service further. The hulk of the unfinished Republica A-Class carrier had been successfully set up at ABP Resolucion, where it now served as a static installation; housing personnel and functioning as a critical service and resupply point for aircraft and ships passing through. It could launch small craft from its well-d
  13. 2nd General Assembly 0730h IST | 15 March, 2021 Altaria International Airport Porto Altaria, Iverica Desdemona Tomas-Morra, Chairperson Desdemona Tomas-Morra, ATARA Chairperson and Vice-Executive of the Republic was perhaps the busiest woman in the Federated Commonwealth. Previously also engaged as the Foreign Minister, she had since relegated many of her committee and Ministerial positions to her deputies. Over the last year, she had tirelessly worked with Primo Deitorr on getting the Federated Commonwealth up and running. Thankfully, as 2021 dawned, Fran
  14. Tech's Files- Part 6: Harpies! --- CLASSIFIED, WARD COMMAND WEST 0200 IST--March 10, 2020 Radio Transcript | WARD Aerospace Defence Mission Command & Control (MOCR) The call came in suddenly, the underground mountain-protected mission control room of WARD Command West was bathed in pallid display lighting. It smelled of caffeine and buzzed with low voices. Controllers all sat arrayed around a central terminal—AEOLUS terminal, the desk that controlled WARD's Western air defence grid. On the room's northern wall, a large display console was attached, showing d
  15. Iverica

    Doom of Ceris

    RECAP: Episode 1: Preludes (Day 0) The Sentists have set up means of observing the coalition's movement. Wolf is planning something more. The majority of Iverican ships in Estaria have departed for Westerpunkt some days before. Leaving 1 Frigate and the ATD in Estaria's coast for support. Forces in Estaria are warned of Sentists massing in the south. The Coalition is unable to coordinate a good plan. The inexperienced Cabinero/Ensign Mani and the jaded veteran Audante/Sergeant Hernan are forced into the same team. What's in the Container.
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