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  1. OOC: What's this: this is happening in the North Oriental Ocean. MCM (Manille Comande Maritima) approved a Concept of Operations Plan (CONPLAN) from "Glacia" callsign of the CO of Northern Command. The message alludes to the nature of the mission being a survey operation with express notice to avoid being all within one grid at the same time- likely to prevent the appearance of sabre rattling. Oceanographic and Hydrographic surveys with new equipment are the main objectives of this operation. IRL MGRS is used for grid references (03R, etc), transposed 1:1 on the Eurth map. The coverage area stays purely behind the eastern side of the Antimeridian, just in case this alarms some to my west
  2. QUICK HELP LINKS Is your question is about... The Academy? How map placement is earned? **Note: You have to graduate the Academy before applying! Check out these guidelines. But be updated! The Community (Behaviour) Rules? The Roleplay Rules? Where we post our wiki articles? --- HELPDESK STEPS Get Discord- this is preferred over Forum Email/Direct Messaging. Staff will be less likely to respond, if they respond at all, when contacted via Forum Messaging. Create an account and click this invite link: https://discord.gg/SjRuKEHnfw Join the server and chat on #newcomer-helpdesk. Ping or type @RPMentor for Lore or Academy related questions. Ping @RPModerator for more serious concerns regarding Canon, Rules, or other Eurth Mechanics or History. Feel free to drop a message on that channel now and again for further questions. Just remember- all of us work for free! We aren't on call 24/7. If no one replies to you it doesn't mean we're ignoring you, we're probably just busy or spending time doing real-life things.
  3. Sent to the Ebrarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. I'd be glad to be part of your lore Pretty much all kinds of interactions would be open for us: historical conquest/annexation, influence through heavy trading, or by curious native nobles becoming infatuated with Iberophile customs. I'd leave it for you to draw the boundaries of just how much Iberic culture you have- and how you got it. I can help fill in some of the more lore specific details if you have any ideas. This could happen between the 1650's and the 1700's for cultural contacts. If you wanted something heavier, like an actual Iberic attempt to colonise land, this could start around 1702-1708 during the beginnings of wider Iberic colonisation https://iiwiki.us/wiki/History_of_Peninsular_Iverica#Iverican_Expansion. This could last however long you'd need it to. No pressure to respond, these things may take shape in due course.
  5. @Tagmatium Rules Yes I've mentioned it's been discussed up there^. Haven't really come to a decision. Metz mentioned that it wouldn't be a problem for the file, but if it takes up time that could better be spent doing other things, I'd be fine with doing New Iberium as proposed above.
  6. @Salvia thanks for the question, it's a good one. I've left it rather open ended and there are a lot of odd possibilities. Originally, they were supposed to eventually merge but there are a number of things that could happen differently. three scenarios I'm entertaining: 1. In the next 5 years, the FedCom loses control of the Narvic states and a civil war breaks out. The Narvics may unite properly for the first time in history and create a powerful confederation. This really just comes from me wanting to explore the creole Narvics more, whom I find culturally different/fun compared to the Iberics. 2. In Asta L'Vasqqa, the Duke of Verde was "defeated" in the tinfoil hat deepstate war for hegemony. However Deitorr's mistake was that he did not destroy the Duke completely. It's possible that in 5 years time, Deitorr and his party is removed from power somehow and the Duke seizes the FedCom and reinstates the Empire. Verde effectively becomes the Hegemon, replacing Iverica as leader of the Iberosphere. 3. The status quo with Iverica leading the FedCom. The main conflict here is more deepstate shenanigans in the Autonomous Region of Raqqa, where anti Federalist forces try to destabilise the newly minted Narvic Nationalist state and draw the FedCom into an insurgent war.
  7. @OrioniThe tricky thing is that at the moment the constituent states of the FedCom/New Iberium still retain their sovereignty. The current state of affairs has the FedCom similar to the EU in most aspects. I also mentioned to Metz via DM of the possibility of just making it "New Iberium" with just labels/demarcations for its constituent states (I wouldn't want to name it Federated Commonwealth on the map either). The only thing stopping me from choosing this is that it also seems problematic if the FedCom is indeed just an EU but with more representative power in international affairs, if only for now. Both marking constituents individually as the sovereign nations they are and also just listing it as "New Iberium" with some extra text labels works for me. The only thing I have left to consider is affectation and my own pedantry for appropriate listing
  8. Would like to request the addition of the Federated Commonwealth states. I realised how little sense it made for my entire terriorty on map to be called "Iverica". I would appreciate if possible just adding the borders, capitals and flags of: The Duchy of Verde Vasqqa Narva Galicia Each link's infobox has the capital and flag included. Though let me know if it would still help more to send flag or country data here. The external borders in the map below are probably not the same as what's on the current Eurth map, so I defer to what is on the current Eurth map. The map below can still be referenced for internal borders. Raqqa need not be included. Appreciate the hardwork going on here --- Weirdly compressed PNG there. Clicking on the image seems to display it more clearly.
  9. 1400h IST | 15 March, 2021 ATARA Headquarters, former Hotel Tricontinentale Porto Altaria, Iverica "Welcome back, delegates, I trust everyone had a good lunch", Morra began, herself having shared an Altarian 6-spice hotpot with Dr Binsar and a few others at Distrito Dono, the "Fulgistani Town" of the sprawling metro. "Before I pass the podium to the Delegate of @Prymont I would first like to open the subject with some context on what ATARA has done and what it plans to do as a potential contributor and shareholder to the Canamo Canal Project. I'm sure you are all curious as to how this involves any of your governments- trust that this will come in due time, honoured delegates." "In 2018, after a ground survey and feasibility report published by the Iverican Executive Ministry, ATARA formed the ATARA Canamo Canal Development Team, or ACCDT. It was formed as a subcommittee and development department with research and development contributions as its goal. That year, the ACCDT completed a preliminary study and whitepaper which received recognition from the Prymontian Government and approval from Canamo Canal Co. As such the plans became an integral part of the entire project." "In brief, ATARA researched, planned, and pitched a series of additions to the operation which were deployed in June of 2018. These included measures to both develop the surrounding municipalities, expediting the project, and cutting costs through a new flooding plan. In further detail, the plan was to include damming the Krylov river with a hydroelectric dam which would contribute to gradually flooding a series of gorges to essentially create interconnected artificial lakes together spanning approximately 5,000 km2 in surface area. The lakes would be connected by a combination of blasting, excavation, and drilling along paths determined by our Lidar survey. Supplementary plans include drainage sub-canals, a new rail system to run the length of the canal, and introducing flora and fauna into the new lakes." "While ATARA has itself only contributed advisory, analytics, research, and other consultation, member states like Iverica have pledged labour and other resources to this plan since 2018. As for progress, ATARA observers report that the dam is functional but has yet to be connected to the local power grid. The majority of the excavation and blasting is complete, with sub-canals and other causeways yet to be started. The rail project is scheduled to begin in Quarter 4 of 2021 and locks on both ends are expected to be completed and tested by mid-year of 2022." The screen behind Morra had been flashing some visual aids before coming to rest on a plain and simple map outlining the Canal's major developments and reaches. "On to the burning question: "why has this been pitched at this Assembly?". The answer is that ATARA has been allowed a singular opportunity that includes options similar to private placement and preferred shares. Thus far, no other organisation or government outside of Iverica, Prymont, Prymontian Rus, and Girkmand have been offered this investment opportunity." "As I'm sure you know, the Canal will generate revenue through passage fees, port fees, and other facility fees. As part of a high-traffic maritime route between several New Wurld great economies, this alone is worth your consideration. However, supplementary projects also add a great deal of value through a revenue stream bound to steadily grow. Power generation service from the dam, infrastructure or land lease, and growth opportunity as a direct consequence of the canal's entry into the region position it and all ventures in its orbit as having a potential for great investment surprise. Currently, the Federated Commonwealth Credit Commission have requested further audits which will allow the Canamo Canal Company to enter a Credit grade of BBB and higher on Credit Ratings indices in the Iberosphere. Current estimates on the canal's assets alone are favourable, with the projected value of even the unfinished deployed assets in the region exceeding their principal by a significant multiple." "Risks considered by the Association are mainly project delays and accidents affecting the time horizon. Delays in the project have been shown to come with increased costs for the fees of holding its material and employees on unproductive standbys. The sheer scale of the operation means that large loans will have and have been taken to maintain operations. The number of employees and the tonnage of the project's material in storage means that these loans add considerable strain on the current financial model and may cause over-leveraging. This feeds into the second risk- the risk of default. Currently, the project costs many times the total Total Enterprise Value of its owners and holders. Continued delays increase these costs and could realistically result in a fragile structure where a lack of confidence or other indirect systemic risks cause major partners or holders to pull out. Resulting in the entire credit responsibility falling on a Company too small to support the massive credit obligations." "All in all, these risks are natural for large infrastructure projects. As negative as tone might come across, the Association's evaluation has found that the risks are both less likely in the given project timetable. accident reports and project time requirements have been shown to be decreasing on a month-on-month basis since January 2019 at a low rate of deviation. This increase in speed and decrease in work hazards can largely be the result of the Canamo Canal Company's quick adoption of a stronger low and middle management, increased safety and skills training for workers off their weekly rotation, and its onboarding of skilled consultants from New Beautancus (Monarch Island) and other nations. The risk of default is also less likely in this scenario as many of the largest holders are sovereign institutions (governments) and high-capital multinationals on a long-term partnership that will be very hard to break without paying a substantial breach of contract fee. Should the worst-case scenario happen by chance, the possible inclusion of special preferred shares that carry terms similar to a Secured Creditor may insulate investors. I have advised Delegate Nordeng to offer these options though this is entirely at his and the Canamo Canal Co.'s right to offer or reject." "After our own private audits and estimate analysis, the Panel can recommend this investment to its members. We hope you will all think carefully about what Delegate Nordend will propose- as always, consider this brief evaluation on the project critically, this presentation serves to brief you all on the potential of the project and its risks." Morra stepped off the podium and motioned for the clerk to announce Nordeng to the podium. --- OOC: this serves as a project background/update to ATARA's contribution in the CanCan. What is essentially going to happen next is that Prymont will announce what amounts to the CCC opening another round of funding to ATARA members. Members will have the option to take part in this private placement and invest capital or contribute a certain value of labour, or equipment. I'm also not too hot with editing so the image feels a bit too limited because of the lack of reaches and turns. There would likely be more if I had the time to make a higher def base image.
  10. Fortis Electronics' recent earnings call had the Iberosphere's business world buzzing. There had been talk for months, that the tech giant would be making move. Speculation about tidbits released in pieces during press releases in the prior season had fund managers curious but not committed. So when at last came confirmation came in cold, hi-fi, FLAC audio recording, there was little doubt about it, Fortis was aiming to seize bigger market share. It was poised for a major marketing and M&A campaign... and it was going to do it with the Cashari onboard. In the closing remarks, CEO Inigo Ponto-Deimirro announced that he had secured an acquisition of several retail, manufacturing, and logistics companies in Andalla. Additionally, the company's venture capital arm was poised to father a number of service and mining companies in the New Beautancus, also known as Monarch Island. It was a move that would accelerate market penetration into the Oriental Ocean regions by years if not decades. It was also a move that would not have been possible without the recent vacuum of power that political unrest in the Sunset Sea Islands had created in technology industries. The quarter following Colonel Ishijima's overthrow of the Radiant Republic saw revenues up in record highs. Fortis Electronic's financial arm had also been fortunate enough to be early in the dump of SSI stock and subsequent reinvestment into FOREL itself, the Canamo Canal Company (via private placement) and in Ceriser stocks. Capital gains had shot well through the roof. Fortis was riding high on public confidence and the excitement of its own senior management and majority shareholders. Plans for deepening their presence in Thalassa and Europa, and breaking into Aurelian markets had been redrawn with new enthusiasm. There was a paradigm shift in the air, and FOREL's people could just about taste it. For decades FOREL's brand image had lagged behind giants like Sunset Sea Island's Elegy and the Orionese PearSoft, but since the tail end of the 10's, it had propelled itself from obscure Iberophile brand to household familiar among the Iberic FedCom's largest trading partners. Fortis' KeyPhone brand, its rising star in its inventory of tech companies offered competitive products at a lower prices. Lower labour costs in Iverica compared to the Sunset Sea Islands, coupled with the constant innovation with their supply partners meant that kPhones had almost the same performance and build quality as their competitors but at a price tag which tickled the markets with a promise of greater value. KeyPhone's constant search for better margins and manufacturing efficiency had made the Cashari an obvious choice as partners. It was perhaps the strongest support that investors saw in the entire plan. Majar and Tarak were well known in the region for their electronic original equipment and raw material respectively. In the harsh and extremely competitive business landscape of Cashari Industrials, the two were exactly what FOREL was looking for: fundamentally undervalued, good financial practice, publicly-listed, and legally hygienic. Having the two on board as supply partners meant that KeyPhone had a stronger supply position and a stronger ESG position; reliance on the sweatshops of unrecognised barbarian states was so last 2017. It was the dawn of a new decade, the sun was rising for Argic-Alharun tech and setting for yesterday's market leaders. --- OOC: Just an overview for now. Might include some general stats next or more answers to "how?".
  11. I've DM'd before about this. I'm DMing again. Also as for Diego Gracias, it's all the way in Marenesia right next to Gallambria, so I don't suppose the HIN would even have to live with it as a nuisance.
  12. Definitely ditto what Prymont said above. To add further- PSA: This is on Admin's agenda. Some proposals are in hand at the moment. I would provide detail if I were not busy right now. Admin will consider what's been discussed already above. For the sake of setting expectations I must caution any speculation that might follow in this thread. It's nice to see enthusiasm though and we have this issue on priority. Take note that Eurth staff works to find the best time we are all free to meet since most of us have day jobs/school, so issues usually get addressed on a weekly or monthly basis (for bigger canon concerns).
  13. Preludes here. OOC here. It is assumed that most of the following plans are not public knowledge. At most news coverage and press releases may have covered only the establishment and intention of these facilities. I don't feel like writing prose right now. Its not gonna be a fun read but pretty jargon-y. I just want to be clear about the details and some thoughts given to how something like this is actually made possible. Its boring, but thats what you get with even broad detail like this. --- PROJECT ADLANTIS APRIL, 2021 On April 30th, 2021, no. 25 and 22 Auxiliary Groups of the Iverican Armada deployed—underway for Diego Gracias island in Marenesia and Lighthouse Island in Corinium respectively. Both groups were composed of cable laying ships, supply ships, oilers, dredgers, vehicle container ships, and expeditionary mobile base vessels. Along with them and onboard them came the largest concentrations of Iverican infrastructure ever seen in the Adlantic. The goal was simple: bring Iverican Security to Iverican Adlantic interests. Approximately 12,000 auxiliary personnel from Exersito, Armada, and the Fuersas L'Aire were deployed for the two-pronged project. An estimated 20,000 metric tons of cargo were being moved from Ferrefaairehafen to Diego Gracias and from ABP Explorator to Lighthouse Island. Enough diesel to power a fleet, enough food to feed a city, enough prefabs to make small cities were being shipped by one of Eurth's largest naval sealift flotillas—and this was just the first trip. The building project, with the twin objectives of establishing facilities in the North Adlantic and the South Adlantic, would entail the construction of 3 facilities. 2 Major service and support seaports with attached airfields, housing, and drydocks and one minor service facility to be reclaimed from a shallow reef off the coast of Yeetland. Projection of the future Diego Gracias Island Base Finance Initial Capital Investment is projected to cost upwards of $1.2 billion standard units. Of that amount, $180 million units are to be allocated to the cost of constructing military shipping facilities (approx. $53,000/metre of berth) and airfields, $516 million for labour costs, $325 million for capital expenses, $99 million for fleet operating expenses, and approximately $80 million for other accrued expenses. Funds were sourced from the Republican Armed Service's annual construction budget, though the RAS passed a requisition order to the Executive Ministry to secure a loan from the Federated Commonwealth Bank under the FedCom Defence Reserve Act. The loan was taken to cover lump-sum payment of some assets exceeding the available capital of the RAS (defence budget being released in staggered quarterly amounts) and valued at $636 million at a collateral coverage ratio of 1.112. The RAS pledged assets from its recently decommission Vasqqan Border defence line (See Item C. 1.) and its accounts receivable from the Republican government as collateral. Given that military expediature seemed to be holding at its RAS 2020 modernisation levels despite the intention to have it fall by 2021, the Executive Ministry had also been considering beginning a white paper to keep the RAS budget stable for another year or two. Whether this would mean a 0.5% income tax increase on the upper 60% of income earners still remains to be seen. Labour & Capital North: Infrastructure on lighthouse island will be constructed by a contracted company from South Corinium ( @Seylos ). Most hardware (communication equipment, electro-optical systems, defensive systems, signals equipment, etc.) will be shipped from a holding facility in ABP Explorator. Much of the equipment and Iverican manpower is already holding at ABP Explorator. Contracted parties from South Corinium will provide the majority of labour in non-sensitive areas of the facility and will almost exclusively supply raw material. Iverican defence industry contractors have been hired as consultants and senior management. Land reclamation projects for the establishment of the reef facility will also be completed by contracted Corinian companies, though the expeditionary mobile base and its annexes will be fitted by the Armada Iverica. South: Infrastructure on Diego Gracias Island will be constructed by a contracted company from Tangimoana ( @Gallambria ). Most hardware will be shipped from a holding facility in Ferrefaairehafen, Variota. Caissons were built in Tangimoana to facilitate faster completion of the port facilities needed to expedite further construction. All facilities will be built with an isolated fueling depot, munitions depot, and housing block in addition to any storage, seaport, or airport infrastructure. Additional consideration was also given for annexes to house WARD installations (such as OTH masts, hardened bunkers for the storage of TELs, hardened silos, command and control bunkers, etc.), submarine service facilities, and other measures necessary for defence (such as junctions for acoustic surveillance cables, shore fortifications, and protective structures. The project would be under the direct supervision of Almirante Iustino Otello, architect of the "oriental chain" of Armada sea stations in the North Oriental Ocean. ALM Otello has over 15 years of experience in leading maritime infrastructure projects in the Armada Auxiliary Command. His most recently completed project being the Ultramares Joint Forces Station on Ultramares Island. Projection of the future "Reef Base" off the east coast of Yeetland Logistics Outlines had been simple, clear, and built around a rotating supply chain of coordinated aerial and maritime freight that the Republican Armed Service had spent years developing. The RAS supply chain had been one of the most heavily invested internal projects that the Ministry of Defence had taken up in the past decades. Mistakes from the Argic Wars had led to the adoption of point-to-point transport schemes, where major depots and storage facilities were within direct access of a major military airbase, seaport, or both. Unlike the hub and spoke system that predated it, point-to-point logistics reduced bottlenecks considerably. The interbranch operation brought in auxiliary arms from three branches of service, pressing in recent acquisitions like the Eurth's largest heavy-lift aircraft, the @Prymontian Tungstrale into service and expeditionary mobile bases recently retrofitted from the Islandero Program. Coordination between origin points, delivery personnel, and endpoint on-site command staff was kept updated live by Noosphera data link, Link 18 communications. En route, the supply chain relied on stop-over facilities like @Prymont's Horizon Island base, Gallambria's RGN Tangimoana, and the Joint Trident base in Ferrefaairehafen, Variota. In the Argic Passage, ABP Resolucion and Explorator also served as depots for temporary storage and holding points for freight vehicles. It was projected that three major phases of supply would be needed to get all the hardware on-site. Given the RAS' preparation, all phases could be completed within 3 months. Politics Channels had been opened with the Corinians. The South Corinian government was only too happy to lease the island. The Corinians would be awarded exclusive contracts for construction as well as jobs and supply contracts once the project was completed. Likewise, no protest was heard from the North Corininians, whom were also probed for a response on the matter. In the south, the Gallambrian government had been in closed doors discussions with the RAS and had agreed to support the Terra Nullius establishment. Diego Garcias, was also to be made part of the TRIDENT network of joint bases. Domestically, protest appeared at government spending but fizzled out. The Deitorr Administration had been immensely fortunate that the turn of events had put the Flashpoint at Corinium and growing awareness of the Anglian threat at the forefront of public attention. Few would feel it amiss if their government took more proactive defence measures when they felt the world turn an increasingly more dangerous leaf. Lighthouse Island, Corinium, as seen from the PANOPTICON-1 satellite
  14. Baron Terrell's mention that he had initially planned to withdraw support from ABD piqued Morra's interest. She whispered to her aide beside her, who promptly made a reminder to contact Terrell's office and poll them for the rationale of the intended withdrawal. Morra was interested in the reasoning more than anything. It would be a useful note for future proposals if there was something amiss with the standard of approach. Of greater interest was the Gallambrian offer to host the ABD headquarters. It was a generous offer no doubt and tempting as it spared the organisation most of the cost of setting up a new facility in either Altaria or Prymont. Though Morra was almost certain that Terrell and his office were aware that an ABD headquarters building would carry with it a comparable status in jurisdiction, taxation, and administration, it wouldn't hurt to broach the subject with Alexander during the recess. After all, an ABD headquarters would carry a status somewhere between an embassy and an international airport [1]. All in all, Morra was pleased with Terrell's enthusiasm and his readiness to open financial staking with ABD and its proposed SDR system. She hoped this would signal confidence to any fence-sitters in the rest of the Assembly. When Alexander yielded the floor, Morra rose briefly to thank him before the clerk announced the next order of business. When Dr Binsar had arrived, Morra greeted her with an air of familiarity. The two had gotten well acquainted during the recesses and free afternoons of the first general assembly. They chatted briefly throughout the morning. At some point, she made sure to invite Binsar on a tour of Distrito Dono, one of Altaria's port-side districts (the size of a small city) which had served as a treaty port to the Yellow Empire until the mid-20th century. "The Gift District", as it was called in Iverican boasted a unique Fulgistani-Altarian culture known for its Altarian 6-spice hotpots, textile work, and unique fusion of East-Alharun and Altarian architecture. The invitation seemed appropriate as Morra was aware that Dr Binsar had been unable to visit during the last general assembly. As the assembly began, Morra wondered in vain at Binsar's opinions. She hadn't been certain how the delegate of Fulgistan would respond to the notion of a development bank that engaged in both non-profit aid and for-profit foreign exchange. Curiosity deepened as the discussion went on; Binsar seemed attentive and alert, taking notes now and again, but ultimately the delegate kept silent, likely reserving her points and/or vote for later. --- 1210h IST | 15 March, 2021 ATARA Headquarters, former Hotel Tricontinentale Porto Altaria, Iverica As the last delegate yielded the floor, a short silence reigned. When it was clear that no more questions would be raised, Morra rose and broke the Assembly for lunch. Unlike the First General Assembly, Morra had set lunch to be a more casual affair. A table for the delegates was set in one of the ballrooms. However, Morra had opted to forgo the formality of a stiff lunch and instead, had menus laid out so that delegates could order however much (or little) they wanted from a multi-course luncheon. The headquarters had quite a seasoned staff of chefs hailing from all manner of places; from Sant Bastien where lemon-pepper seared bass was a staple, to Arome, where stuffed peacock graced banquet tables. If delegates so desired, they were also free to use the ATARA chartered KAPs to have lunch anywhere in the city provided they return before 1400 hours. At 1400, Morra would resume the assembly. Indeed, the moment the room cleared, she had already begun mentally reviewing the ATARA proposal for the Canamo Canal. The canal was a top project if ATARA could be involved. Not only would it bring jobs, trade, and prices closer to equilibrium, but it would also ensure a safer trade connection with Iverica's northern allies. For all countries in Northern Alharu and Western Argis, the canal would present a paradigm shift in regional commerce not seen in decades. But first, Morra had a presentation to make. --- OOC: [1] Like the Asian Development Bank IRL, an ABD headquarters will carry a status not unlike an embassy. As the institution will carry out financial operations, it will need to maintain its own system of financial regulation and taxation to avoid being otherwise constricted by local laws to functions as a multinational development bank. Obviously this does not mean that employees can murder a local and run back into the bank they work at to get away with it. It doesn't work that way. Next Up: A pitch for ATARA to partner with the Canamo Canal Company. All ATARA members are encouraged not to miss out on this singular opportunity to make the Canamo a hub of commerce.
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