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  1. 1. Weekends In Ahrana everyone no matter where they fall on the social and economic level enjoy a weekend of some sorts. Everyone has the seventh day of the week off for religious services as the majority of the population in Ahrana are of the two major faiths in Ahrana. Most families spend there weekend doing church activities with their families while some use the weekend to prepare themselves for the week ahead. For those who only get the seventh day of the week off this means they work the sixth day. On the seventh day sometimes businesses open after the 12 hour of the day a
  2. Hello and welcome to the Ahranaian Federal Press Network, the leading news agency brining you all government affairs of the Ahranaian Government and the International Realm. I am Steven Austin Olsen, the leading news anchor for the AFP, joined with Natasha Nilsson my co-anchor. On todays edition of the AFP we will cover the new Constitution, the Act of Human Rights and the announcement from the Federal Procurators Office. All here on Ahranaian Federal Press Network. Today the country woke up to see that the Federal Government published the new constitution in the public domain, and
  3. The Leading Newspaper in Ahrana 20th October 2020, Tuesday | 2nd Edition |Moskovo Press Building, 402 Main Street Headlines: The Constitution of the Third United Kingdom is Published, Human Rights? Why this Constitution has a Human Rights Bill attached to the Constitution | Coronation of the Monarchs The Government publishes the new Constitution with Human Rights attached... Article written by, Jacob Daniel Smith On the 19th of October this year at Midnight the Federal Government published the Constitution of the Third United Kingdom of Ahrana making
  4. Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' Where we bring the News to the People of Ahrana, on todays edition we will cover the breaking news in the capital today at the joint session of Parliament. We will now go live to the Houses of Parliament where Georgy Shriv is at live; Ah thank you Johnathan and Alexsandra, right so today we are getting a announcement from the Federal Government about the recent meetings held with all of the Federal Government. If you look to the podium you will see that all of the Federal Executive including the High Representatives for Xara and Thralh
  5. Many Months Later Security Council Building | Peterburi As the period of recess ended everyone returned to the Conference Room, some still smoking their Cigarettes' and Cigars and utterly not caring about the no smoking inside rule. As each Member entered and took their seat Sigrid looked around the room and motioned for those smoking to put it out, she pointed to the No Smoking sign and reiterated this with a deathful glare to each one of the members. Once all Smoking was put to an end the air thickened with silence and tension. Sigrid- Council Members, I know that since
  6. Many Months Later Security Council Building | Peterburi Many days had passed since these meetings started at the Strasberg Estate with the phone call to the Directorate of Intelligence. Since that day the Security Council and all Levels of Government have met to discuss the idea that Sigrid has had. The Security Council Conference Room: Sigrid- Welcome to the last meeting with the Security Council, Parliamentary Council, Judiciary Council and the Federal Council we have all combined each Council into this one Council to discuss on this last day the final motion
  7. The Leading Newspaper in Ahrana 12 October 2020, Monday | 1st Edition | Moskovo Press Building, 402 Main Street Headlines: Government Meets in Peterburi for Talks, The High Representative for Xara arrives to the Xaraian Consulate, Talks of the new Government. Government Meets in Peterburi at the Security Council Building The entire Federal Government including the High Representatives for Xara ad Thralhaven have met in Peterburi at the Security Council Building in the Regional Capital for important Governmental Talks. For some time now there have been roomers th
  8. Strasberg Estate Many Days Later Many days had passed since Sigrid announced the biggest change to the Legislature in the History of the Ahranaian State, however she knew many things needed to change and in due time these things would to change. Sigrid had been very rigid since her las episode of PTSD and it was the worst episode she has had to date, she feels tired and exhausted but knows she must continue on and that she will. As Sigrid sat at her desk with the radio playing and going through emails a few things popped into her mind that brought her back to the Imperial times
  9. The Ahranaian Press Networks Presents the Federal News Agencies of the Federation, all which bring the news to the people of the Federation and those abroad
  10. Hello and welcome to another edition of Ahrana Today, where we bring news across the Federation and the World to you the viewer. On this edition we have a reorganization of the Intelligence Directorate, The Salvian Catholic Pope Election, Terrorists Under trial in Gallambria, Congressional Deadlock and Possible Congressional Elections for Ahranaian Congress, Ahranaian Government issues its stance on the Cussian Crisis, and so much more here on Ahrana Today. The Federal Government issued a statement today detailing a reorganization including the Intelligence Directorate and the Fede
  11. So much haven't really stated what I would be doing during all this. Given a piece of legislation that has been part of every Ahranaian Constitution since a modern state has dictated what Ahrana does in times of peace or war. The Statute of Peace dictates what Ahrana can and cannot do in a conflict at the international level. So during this Ahrana will not being fully engaged in the conflict however, Ahrana will send Doctors, Scientists and anyother professionals that may be needed that may be need to create a new state or living system for the people. Ahrana will provide some groups of milita
  12. I am with Prymont on the side of Argis in the area it is somewhat colder than normal.
  13. Days of Sigrid, The President Somewhere between Moskovo and Strasburg | 1800 AST 20 October 2019 The Public Announcement in the Congressional Chamber had went over well to Sigrid, many Politicians finally got to see what she was about and what she wanted for the Country of Ahrana. This was important to Sigrid and not just publicly but personally, it was something that she believed in and had wanted to happen since day one. With several failures plaguing her Government she desperately needed something to go right for once which would have a huge impact in the Country and i
  14. Introduction In the time of the Imperial Government under Gustov, Ahrana had sent funds to three nations outside his Borders in hopes in creating a partnership in the area on the term of Farming and Production of Produce for consumption in Ahrana and the Nations of Sorsk, Spáland, and Dómrgarðr. Each their own entity and each their own peoples, but all related to one common ancestor, the Ahranaians which lied next to them but yet they retained their independence during the Unification Wars and many Wars after that. Was it not for the Statute of Peace and a few minor treaties Ahranaian Kin
  15. October 20, 2019 Congressional Houses of Ahrana | Sub-Committee Chamber | 0300 AST As Joann stepped out of the Car that she had took to get to the Capital for the Committee meeting that she was summoned to she stepped out and looked at the Congressional Houses Building and looked around at the water that surrounded the building, in no doubt was the building and its surroundings magnificent but she could feel the corruption and she could smell it. This is where people came for the Power and this is where they stayed as Power Corrupts all no matter who or what they stand for. As s
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