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  1. As the sun was peaking through the windows in the Ambassador Residence with great light and warmth as it hit the skin of Victoria, who was sitting at her desk in her office drinking a cup of hot tea that was still steaming vigorously as it was just brewed not long ago. As she sat there looking at the Elden Times which had an article on the recent publication of proposals of the Act of Unification, it seems that many opinions of the Editors and some of the Public were still extremely weary of the Ahranaians even after so long. It seems that somethings just never truly change after all. She turned the page and saw that the story on this side was of a corruption sandal in the Elden Church involving a Priest and a few minor Church officials. She noticed that not only in Elde is the church having issues but the Church in Ahrana is also having many scandals involving church officials. The Elden Orthodox Church is separate from the Ahranaian Orthodox Church after Elden Independence was granted but the Högsta guvernören still holds some sway in the Elden Church but little. As Victoria finished reading the Paper she closed it and placed it on her Dark Oak wood desk and grabbed her cup of tea and turned the chair to get up and walked over to the window to soak up some sunlight. One of the attendants came in and grabbed the paper and brought in after leaving with the paper some breakfast and turned on the music. Victoria closed her eyes as the music started to play, it was the old classical music from the 1900s period of Ahranaian Music. To most people today the era of "Big Band" was considered classical as only the older generations listened to it. She tapped her foot to the beat as she stood at the window with her eyes closed taking in the warmth from the sun and taking nice and mellow breathes, the last few days and weeks had been challenging and hectic with getting Articles together to create a Act of Union between Elde and Ahrana. Victoria turned around from the window and walked over to where the plate of food was and sat down to start eating the food. There was a fried egg with diced potatoes with a assortment of diced meats with carrots, tomato's and some spices to add some flavor. She started eating the food till the attendant walked back in to check on Victoria to see if she needed anything to which she waved to her in a manor that meant no. The attendant left but this time she opened the double door that separates her office from the rest of the Ambassador Residence. As she finished her breakfast she got up and walked over to the coat rack and grabbed her blazer that she would wear for the day and headed out of the Office heading down the hallway to the front of the residence, she walked over tot he kitchen and placed the plate and cup into the sink and walked to the front door where the car was waiting. As she walked out of the front door she put on the blazer and walked to the car while looking up at the sky and her surroundings and just taking in the beauty of the day that was here today. She got to the car and opened the door and sat in the rear of the car and shut the door. As she got into the seat and placed her safety belt on the driver started heading out of the driveway to the main street to take her to the Embassy where she would spend a few hours before heading to the Elden First Ministers Office to hand the official Act of Union over for the final read over. As the car made its way down the main road in the city center Victoria noticed the amount of people on the streets today and remembered that it was a Elden Holiday this weekend and that many people were getting ready for the festivities. She dug into her briefcase for a scratch piece of paper to make a note of a few things while the driver headed down the street. A few more lights and they'd be at the Embassy to which she would begin her day. As the car approached the Embassy front gates she showed her ID Card and the gate opened and the car drove into the front of the Entrance and she got out and headed into the building. The Life Guards at the entrance on the outside and the inside of the door Structure came to life in a quick gesture of attention and a salute for the Ambassador then as quickly as they came to life they went back to what they were before as still as the sound of silence. Victoria headed up the grand stairway and to the left to her office and walked in and quickly grabbed for the folder holding the Act of Union. She opened the folder and started going through it circling and writing on the draft. As she went through it for the final time she placed her pin down and got up and walked out of the office and down the hall to one of the Attachés office and handed him the final draft. "I believe after these corrections that will be all from our side, whatever the Eldens want to add at this point will either be minor or not needed in this act." She turned and walked out of that Attachés office back to hers and started looking through other paperwork. Many Hours later..... As the car headed down the street to the First Minister Office the drive motioned to Victoria that in exactly one minute they would arrive and she would have to get out of the car. As the car turned the corners and turned on the last street to head to the Office of the First Minister she grabbed her briefcase and got ready to exit the car. The car pulled up quickly with the Police escort still in the front and the back and as she got out the car quickly was rushed away and she walked to the door. This time there were no press no cameras no public bystanders, just pure city noise. It was odd to Victoria as she had come accustomed to the press and people being at the gates every time she arrived here. However no harm done she thought, at least she wouldn't have to wave or smile to people. Victoria stepped to the door and as soon as she got to it the door quickly opened and she walked in, the First Minister was waiting in the Meeting Room to which she headed to. As he walked in they shook hands, this time it was the First Minister, Deputy First Minister and the Leader of the Opposition and herself in the room. As she walked to a chair she sat down with the rest and handed out folders to the three politicians and they all started to read the final copy. Many minutes passed as they read but not once did any eyebrow raise in surprise. As they finished reading the Act they looked at one another and nodded in agreement and the First Minister said: Well Ambassador Victoria I think it is safe to say that this draft will pass in the Legislature in Elde and then after that the People will vote on this and I do believe they will accept this Act as it is currently. Very well First Minister Lorvin, I will let the Ahranaian know we have concluded our discussions and that any other backlog conversations can officially wrap up for the referendum to begin. They both stood up and shook hands again and Victoria left the room and headed for the door where her car was waiting, she stepped out and got into the car and it drove off for the Embassy again. As they drove away she reached for her Cell Phone and called the Chancellor and told her the news. Well Chancellor Bjorkman the final draft will pass the Elden Legislature and will be set up for a Referendum by the Elden People within the next week, so we can expect the end of official talks soon. That is great, see to it that all preparations are made for the transition. The phone went silent and then she placed it back into her bag. The car was now driving alone without the escorts and soon turned into the Embassy Gate access. She flashed her ID again and was let in, she got out of the car and headed back into the building. TO BE CONTINUED....
  2. Hello and welcome todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the Wurld to you the viewer! On this edition the Högsta Guvernören released a Edict for both Churches of the Ahranaian Kingdom, the dedication of a statue to the late King Gustov, and the weather with Steven Olsson. All here on 'Ahrana Today'. --- The Högsta Guvernören released Edict No. 0064 today and it concerns the make up of the Ahranaian Churches in particular the Office of Patriarch and has replaced it with the Office of the Holy Synod which will take over all Theological disputes and the everyday running of their respected churches. The Edict also lays out a rule of not seeking to convert people who are not members of the Ahranaian Churches and asks for the Churches to respect the non believers of the Ahranaian Faith. This is the first time that the Högsta Guvernören has asked for this to happen, as for the other parts of the edict its about the everyday running of the Holy Synods. I believe we can say this is the first of changes that will be coming for the Ahranaian Churches, which have been involved in a few scandals' in recent times and this is the effort to place it back on track. The Diarchs have unveiled a new statue to the late King, Gustov XVII, the father of the Queen Aleksandra who was murdered in a plane accident caused by the Socialists and Communists Groups in Tatani. The Statue is at the Center of the Peoples' Plaza Park in Central Moskovo, it is created out of White Ahranaian Marble for the Base with the statue of the King being made out of gold which was donated by the Diarchs private bank. The Diarchs also donated over 2 Million Krone to the foster care system that has been lacking funding in recent months. In addition to the donation the Diarchs set up a charity organization called the Children of Ahrana, which is a Charity organization for the foster care system to gain funding. The weather report today is presented by Steven Olsson hopefully we will be expecting some decent weather other next few day. Steven if you would... Ah yes so over the next few days we should expect a few chances of rain that could produce some severe thunderstorms, the hot front is moving through the south so areas in lower Tatani, Thralhaven and parts of Xara should expect severe weather. The rest of the country is getting sunshine most of the week with a few clouds here and then. Thank you Steven for that and thank you for joining us today on 'Ahrana Today'.
  3. Hello and welcome to this edition of 'Ahrana Today', where we bring the news of the Wurld to you the viewer! On todays edition we are covering the new Economic Policy of the Government, The Vice President of Fravina passing, Update on the Progress regarding the Integration of Elde, and also a plea for integration from the Kingdom of Uppsund. All here on this edition of 'Ahrana Today'. --- It was announced on the 4 Ágúst 2021 (4 August) that the Vice President of @Fravina, Jean Martin, has passed at the age of 56 years. The Federal Government has issued a statement in giving ang wishing support for the remaining family of Vice President Martin in this time of tragedy. The statement from the Federal Chancellor reads the following: "It is with my deepest condolences and heartfelt wishes that i send to the family of the late Vice President, Mr. Jean Martin, and to those who also perished with him in the horrific car accident. No person and no family should have to feel a loss that tragic and no country should have to feel such a tragic loss as well. Yet we are reminded through the teachings of the Church that this is not the end but a beginning of a new life to come in the resurrection that we await for. I am also reminded of a family proverb that my grandparents once said as well, Death is only a means to a end of suffering but it is also a end for a beginning so that we can create a better wurld for our children for when they arrive. May the memory of the Late Jean Martin, his wife Asami Takahasi and the children be eternal and may they rest in peace." The other Government Ministers have also taken to social media and posted condolences for the family and the Monarchs have also sent a memorial reef to placed at the locations of their final resting places. The Federal Chancellery issued today the Economic Policy for the Government to bring into effect within the following weeks, this plan is to help stimulate and drive out inflation that has set in the economy since the revolution and the several successive governments that have failed the systems outlined by each Head of State and Government. Currently the recession that the country is facing is the largest and most devastating since the 1912 Government caused the largest Economic Crash in the history of Ahrana. "This recession we are facing is the cause of failed policies of the Socialist Government and the Federations Government that failed to protect the economy to which it devastated with its horrible economic polices." said the Minister for the Treasury, Eirk Clarkson. The Federal Chancellery plans to issued a few Government Executive Orders on behalf of the Diarchs to help introduce stimulus to the economy and the working people to help the average citizen continue to provide for their family. The full Economic Policy is expected to be published in a few days on the Chancellery Website and in the Newspapers across the nation. The Council for Elden Re-Integration has issued a statement that the Council Talks should be ending soon and a Treaty, Protocol and a Constitutional Act will soon follow. With that said each Government has also called on the Regional Governors to begin preparations for National Referendums on the Constitutional Acts that will officially join the Grand Duchy of Elde and the United Kingdom of Ahrana together. The official announcement is expected in a few weeks while the last minute edits and discussions happen. The Federal Government received a communication from the Kingdom of Uppsund today and it concerns the possible reintegration of the Kingdom of Uppsund into the lands of Ahrana. The Federal Government has yet to release a statement but it has been said that the Government is excited that almost all of the former lands of Ahrana that left during the Nationalist Period have all rejoined the Union. That is all for todays edition of "Ahrana Today" thank you for joining us!
  4. I would be up for this as well.
  5. As the sun slowly peaked over the horizon Victoria was a but anxious to start the day and to start the next meeting with the Elden Government, she had briefly spoken with Chancellor Bjorkman this morning for pointers on what to cover in the meetings today. As Victoria sat there in the dining room drinking her tea and reading the newspaper, The Elden Times. The Visit from the Ahranaian Chancellor was on the front page as well as herself. Soon there was a knock on the door and it was the driver ready to take her to the Government Office to have the next set of talks with the Elden Government. She grabbed a few things for the Office when she would be done with the Elden Government Meeting and then headed out the door. She got into the back of the car and the car drove off. As the car headed down the busy streets she noticed the amount of traffic that was in the capital, it was far more busier than it is in Moskovo but then again that is because the streets are in better condition compared to the ones on the Ahranaian Capital. In Elde everyone seems to be taking a car, bus or train to do their daily schedule while in Ahrana if you live in the capital you either Walk, take a bus or the train and if you dare to you can drive. Since the revolution some of the main roads in the Ahranaian Capital have not been repaired but that partly due to funding which the government is having a hard time of finding for the infrastructure. Soon she arrived to the Government Offices of the Elden Government and got out to make her way into the building. For todays topic Government Owned Companies are needing to be discussed as well as a few other things which would and should make this session a short session as both sides are nearing the end of the talks and the next step is agreeing on a single piece of legislature. Victoria walked into the Conference Room and greeted everyone and even had a few conversations with a few Elden Ministers before the First Minister arrived. Once the First Minister arrived the session started immediately, Ambassador Eriksson thank you for joining us today, I believe that with the agreement of my Ministers and the Grand Duke another three sessions should wrap up the beginning of the process and the next step will be agreeing on legislation? Yes First Minister Lorvin, my Government agree with that as well which is exactly what was said this morning when I had a phone call with the Ahranaian Chancellor. Today I would like to cover and discuss several things and one In particular are Government Owned Companies. The Ahranaian Government has stated that within the Four Economic Transition all State Owned Companies should be submitted to the Federal Government for Inspection of the Financials and Regulations to determine if the status of State Owned is the correct status that company should have and of course this would all be done after the Four Year Economic Transition if the Elden Government agrees? Right to work I see Ambassador. Very well! The only government owned companies are the Defense Companies which are owned by the State and of course we would submit all information regarding the financials and regulations to the Federal Government before, during and after the four year economic transition. The Defense Companies are also partly owned by the Grand Duke and the Ducal House as well hence why its been given the status of State Owned. I will rely this to the Grand Duke and the companies to let them know what will be done. Very well, the next thing is the following proposed excerpt from the proposed Act of Union from the Ahranaian Government. If you would look at page 4 and at Article 12: This Proposal is made to the Elden Government as it is written here, if the Elden Government does not agree then another proposal can be sought by this Council or by the two Governments in a Independent session of Government Cabinets. We are quite satisfied with this proposal actually as since the worries of the Elden Government have been addressed in this matter and we accept this proposal. Very well then the next proposed article in conjunction with this Article is Article 13 which states: This Article like the previous Article is proposed as is and if the Elden Government does not accept this proposal then one must be found to replace it in this session of council. We would like for there to be a step before the use of Military Force is used, if possible could this have a two step solution to it such as the following: "Any Armed Uprising in Elde against the Ahranaian Federal Government will be deemed as undemocratic and as a first step to the solution the Royal Constabulary and the Ahranaian Federal Police Force will intervene and if the first step fails then Military Force is permitted to be used in Elde to subdue these undemocratic events." I will accept this edit to the Article that was proposed as it is a logical step and a reasonable one to help end the idea of these events without bloodshed which would happen with Military Force, no one wants to see us spill each others blood at all so Military Force will be a last resort which will be added to this article. And lastly on my agenda in order for the Act of Union to be declared Legal and Democratic by both Parties Governments the People of both Countries must approve the Act in a Referendum. The result for the Act of Union to be legal and Democratic must be greater or equal to eighty percent that vote yes in the referendum. If there are not enough votes by the people then a second vote must take place and the final result of that vote will be declared as final. We do agree with that and agree on the definition for Legal and Democratic in this instance. If this is all for this session Ambassador we will end the meeting for today and agree to meet again tomorrow say after lunch? Very well. Great, I call this session to an end for today thank you everyone. As the session ended Victoria got up and gathered her papers and headed out to the car to make her way to the embassy to give the Government an update on the sessions. Since the first day was so productive and since the Governments have been working through private channels her job is much easier than what was expected. Soon she would be back in the Ahranaian Capital at home with her family and with great edition to add to her resume and biography. TO BE CONTINUED.... (OOC: sorry for the silence I had a case of writers block and finally had some inspiration to write today. So a little details here, the Elden and Ahranaian Governments are working round the clock both in the Council Sessions and through Private Channels in the First Minister and Chancellor Offices to create what is being called an "Act of Union" that both Governments will both accept on the last session of the Council meeting. The next step after the Council Sessions is the Referendums which will be spilt up into two or three posts with the last post containing the final results which will end this RP, 'A Union United, Chapter 1'. After Chapter 1 comes chapter 2 which is all able Uppsund which currently the Governments in Uppsund have already contacted the Ahranaian Government with a proposal of Act of Union as well. So with Chapter 1 coming to a close you will start seeing a few things that will open Chapter 2 up very soon.)
  6. The expansion for Elde has started and the expansion for Uppsund will start sometime next year. I am also asking that Elde and Uppsund be placed as NPCs on the Map for RP Purposes. Flag of the Grand Duchy of Elde: Capital City: Victoria (named after a daughter of the Grand Duke from the 1800s) --- Flag of the Kingdom of Uppsund: Capital City: Havsborg
  7. The Government House Victoria, Grand Duchy of Elde The Fifteen minute break ended very quickly, not many people took the break most just stayed in the conference room talking amongst themselves speaking in Xaraian but with the Elden dialect which is very less known back in the mainland. Chancellor Bjorkman was feeling quite uneasy about the chatter she could hear as for one she understood what was being said, however he counterpart did not understand what was being said so she was completely lost and kept asking Liv what everyone was saying. Chancellor Bjorkman kept hearing the sentence, "They think they are better than us and have nothing to concede in these talks, nothing has changed in the motherland they are all still arrogant as hel..." The Chancellor knew what most people in Elde thought of the people in the motherland and knew full well that she was going to hear about the arrogance of the Ahranaian People. It was not uncommon for the Ahranaians to come off as arrogant and better than all since that is how the pride of the people are, it was nothing that could change it was just simply that Ahranaian Pride in their nation and their identity. The Chancellor did understand that she will have to give the Elden Government and Nation a few things they want in order to make this Union work again. As the last few people came back into the conference room the First Minister was the last to enter and took his seat and looked over to his minsters to see if they were ready to resume to which they all acknowledged. He then looked over to Liv and Victoria and was given a nod in agreement to resume. Okay, let us start again. Chancellor Bjorkman we had a very long discussion in my office about a few things and we the Elden Government have a few things for the Ahranaian Delegation to consider. First, if the government of Elde when integrated into Ahrana cannot have similar organization to Xara or Thralhaven then may we propose a creation of one unique only to Elde and only for Elde? I do believe that is not to much to ask for. I am listening, please deliver the proposal First Minister Lorvin. We like the idea of having a High Representative is understanding and desired we do not wish to have a office of that creation, instead we would like that office to be the office of the Grand Duke. The Duke is a relative and descendent from the current Imperial House and we believe he is deserving of such an office in the new joined government. The Office of Grand Duke is merely just the Federal Government Representative to the capital and will be much like the other High Representatives. We agree with the International representation, however the Regional and Local levels we want full autonomy in this area to do what we wish. So what we are asking at the Regional Levels is to remain a Autonomous Region of the Country indefinitely. Chancellor Bjorkman looked at First Minister Lorvin with a glare because they just came to an agreement about these things before the break and now they want to change them. In her mind she was furious that they wished to change these points agreed on in the first half of todays talks. She looked to the ceiling for a bit as if she was praying but instead she was thinking. Okay so from what I am getting here is that we are not accepting what we agreed upon in the conversations before the break and we want to have something else instead of what was proposed and agreed? Well not entirely Chancellor Bjorkman, we want a few changes after the four year transitional period we wish for the Autonomous Region to be permanent and to continue unless the People of Elde wish to be a Federal Entity like that of Ahran and Moskovo and so forth. We also want to be able to have our own Constitution with the same status as the Federal Constitution and that of Xara as well. First Minister Lorvin, Xara is unique in its requirements and set up. However, Elde would be and is desired to be a Federal Entity unlike Thralhaven and Xara. Federal Entity Status would help Elde much more than Autonomous Status would which would hurt the country in this case as there is no reason for it to stay Autonomous past the four years required. I do accept the idea that the High Representative is replaced by the Office of Grand Duke of Elde which would give him or her status in the government but as a mere representative for Elde at the Federal Government, if the office of grand duke is to have power it will need to be cleared through the Federal Courts of course. We understand that Xara and Thralhaven are unique in the reasoning of their Entity status and we do understand your worry of the benefits for Federal and Autonomous Entity status. After the four years of transition we can propose a referendum to the people and allow them to decide on the Entity Status after which the results are binding and cannot be changed by either the Federal Government or the Elden Government. That is agreeable we can do such a thing. Secondly, we want to be able to have a small defense force for Elde, the defense force would be more of a militia and nothing more. However in the case of defense we do accept the idea that Ahrana is responsible for such an act. A Self Defense Force is what you are asking for? What would this Force be used for and why does Elde need a independent force from the Federal Military? The Elden Self Defense Force is merely a Militia that would be responsible for the Passport Checks on the outer border of Elde and the Port of Entry. We ask for this as to be able to handle and extremism that may happen. The last time we were part of the Union the Military failed to protect the people in Elde so we do not wish for this to happen once again. That is understandable, if the Self Defense Force is agreed upon the following would have to agreed on today as we discuss this. As per the Federal Constitution all Nationals in the boarders of Ahrana and of Ahranaian Citizenship aboard must serve in the Ahranaian Military. There will be no waver from service instead they can have the option of serving in this defense force for the required time. This Defense Force will be included in the Ahranaian Military as a separate service branch and will be included in the Ministry of Defense. In addition to, when a Declaration of War is ratified the Self Defense Force will be activated as it will be treated as a Reserve Unit and will get Full Military Active Service Status. If this is not agreed upon then no Self Defense Force will be allowed at any point. We will accept this proposal and agree to his fully and we are happy with this proposal Chancellor Bjorkman. We would like to be able to control how the economy gets integrated into the Federal Economy. Very well, so as long as your economists work with the Ahranaian Governments Economists fully on this matter. Of course there will only be one type of Monetary allowed in the entire Country and that being the Krone. Yes of Course! Everyone I believe that is a good place to stop for the day, we will resume this tomorrow at 0800AST tomorrow. Everyone got up and started walking out of the room, Liv picked up her things and was preparing to head back to Moskovo to end her day while Victoria settled in at the Ambassadors residence. The two exchanged farewells and walked out and got into two separate cars and left the Government House. As the car carrying the chancellor neared the airport where the plane was she felt at ease and was beyond ready to get back to her office and chair. It had been a long and interesting day, one she would care not to have to repeat for a bit. She felt confident that Victoria would do her best in dealing with the Elden Government and decided not to worry much about that. As she got out of the car and headed up the stairs she did not do a turn back instead just heading straight into the plane and to sit in that comfortable chair on the plane. Soon the plane was heading down the runway and lifted off into the air and headed for the Capital. To be continued...
  8. The Government House Victoria, Grand Duchy of Elde As the car made its way down the main gate to the Ducal Palace back down to the streets below the hill top the palace sits on top, the sides of the road still lined with people holding Ahranaian and Elde flags with the occasional shouting of the Ahranaian State motto being heard every once and a while. Soon though the lines of people started to thin out and you could see the people of Elde just carrying on with their business like a normal day. As the car made its way down the main road towards the Government House Chancellor Bjorkman and Ambassador Victoria turned to one another and gave a slight facial agreement of acknowledgment that the next step was about to start. Soon the Government House was in sight and it was a simple little building nothing like you find in Ahrana. It looked like a apartment and that maybe a family of 6 lived in the building, you would never guess that the Head of Government worked and lived in this building. Before Elde had split off from Ahrana the Office of Prime Minister worked in a palace but now it seemed like the office of First Minister had downgraded tremendous amount. The yellow color on the exterior of the building however made it seem like home given the color of the yellow was common in Ahrana. As the car pulled up and came to a stop Chancellor Bjorkman closed her eyes and composed herself and then got out of the car, thankfully there were no reporters or civilian's around the area due to the fact that the Elde Federal Police set up a No-Go Zone on the area the Government House was located. AS she got out of the car and made her way into the building followed by Victoria, they were lead into the Conference Room where the Minister of the Elde Government were waiting for them. They were joined by the First Minister who showed them to their seats and then the first meeting started: Welcome, Chancellor Bjorkman and Ambassador Eriksson, to the Government House of Elde. Today we shall begin the re-integration talks that after today will be handled by the Reintegration Representative of Ahrana, Ambassador Eriksson. As the First Minister of Elde and as the Head of Government I am delighted to finally meet you both and to have these talks start. Before you in the folder that each of you in this room were given today upon your arrival to the Government House layouts the timeline and gives details to certain things that are deemed important to the Government of Elde. So I believe the first place to start is the Government Systems. The Grand Duchy of Elde has maintained a Parliamentary Democracy that was founded during the Ahranaian period of rule. The Grand Duke is the Constitutional Monarchy of the Grand Duchy and holds pure ceremonial power and authority over the government, the true power is invested into the Government and the Ministers of that Government. We have a Unicameral Parliament that is called the National Assembly, in which the First Minister is elected from the Members of this Assembly. The First Minister is elected by the People through a Direct Election with secret ballot. So if the Government of Elde and the People of Elde is to ultimately join the Ahranaian Motherland again we will need assurances that the Monarchy of Ahrana will not repeat what happened in the past. First Minister, as the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Ahrana who is the Head of Government I can assure you that the current Ahranaian Monarchy is fully independent from Political Opinions and Authority unlike the previous structure. The Monarchy cannot and will not due to Constitutional Decree interfere with the Government, they are there to approve legislation that the Government wishes to adopt, acknowledge Ambassadors, Government Appointments and Receptions of Foreign Heads of State and Government. The Constitution of the Third Kingdom of Ahrana outlines point to point what the Monarchy may or may not do, and to violate that constitution is to violate the supreme law of the land to which they are not immune from prosecution if need be depending on the severity of the action done. I do understand what is in the Constitution but what assurances do we the Government of Elde have that the situation of 1910 will not happen again, you can tell us the political things all day but we here know and have heard the false hopes and promises of the Ahranaian Government. First Minster Lorvin and the members of the Government of Elde, the assurances you are asking for are found in the Constitution of the Third Kingdom of Ahrana. If you want specific assurances well I am truly sorry to disappoint because that would mean I would have to violate a clause that goes with corruption in the Anticorruption Policy we have in Ahrana and I will not and I refuse to violate that policy. Furthermore, the Ambassador is still under Ahranaian Law and must follow the Law while she is the Reintegration Representative for Ahrana to Elde. If she violates this policy or any policy she will be held accountable for her actions. So once again I say this your assurances you are asking are found in the Constitution and that is that, no other assurances will be granted just for Elde, if the Government of Elde cannot trust the political process of Ahrana and its Policies then I ask you all to consider exactly what are you all wanting to achieve here if all you want is to get a specific deal just for Elde and not for a United Ahrana like you all stated to start with? The room went still and quiet after Chancellor Bjorkman said that, she grabbed her glass of water and took a drink while making eye contact with First Minister Lorvin who had a slight grin of his face. She thought to herself, "What in the hell is he smiling about, over here asking for specific assurances and for me to violate government policy. Who the hell does he think he is!" As she finished getting a quick drink she placed the glass down and folded her hands together and turned her head to Lorvin to see what he had next. Very well Chancellor Bjorkman, we will agree with that. In order for Elde to fully reintegrate into Ahrana we want to be able to cut a deal that the process will take about four years to completely happen, during that time period the Duchy of Elde will allow the Kingdom of Ahrana and the Federal Government to represent us in the International Arena while at the Federal, Republican and Local Levels we ask that a method similar to that of Xara be implemented. We want to rejoin Ahrana but we wish to be an Autonomous Region for up to four years after which full integration of Elde can be achieved to match that of say Moskovo and such. We do agree that the process should take up to four years to fully complete but where we do not agree on specifically is the part of Autonomous Region. The Autonomous Kingdom of Xara is only structured the way it is due to the fact that the Xara Accords, the Duchy of Elde however is not in that scope of such treaty. The Autonomous Province of Thralhaven is set up due to the majority of the people there are Andallans and have the right to form a Government in their way so as long as it meets the requirements the Ahranaian Government and Constitution has laid out. If Elde wishes to be something similar then we would have to restructure of the Constitution to allow another Autonomous Region as it only allows for two. However, I do believe something similar can be done for the Grand Duchy of Elde. What I propose is the following: The grand Duchy of Elde will be declared a Member State of the Third United Kingdom of Ahrana and will have the right to form a Regional Parliament like the other Member States of the Kingdom, the Duchy will be granted a High Representative in the Federal Government for up to and no more than Five Years after which a Governor-General will be appointed. When the Governor-General is appointed the position will be held by the Grand Duke of Elde and only the heirs to the Duchy of Elde will be allowed to occupy that Office so as long as they follow all Ahranaian Laws and the swear a oath to protect and follow the Constitution of the Third Kingdom of Ahrana. If the Line of the House of Elde goes extinct then the Office of Governor-General will become an Elected Office that is nominated by the People of Elde and Confirmed by the Regional Government of Elde and is accepted by the Ahranaian Federal Government. How does that sound? Please continue we are following. Secondly, the Office of High Representative for Elde that is in the Ahranaian Federal Government will be the Grand Duke respectively unless otherwise desired to be someone else. The Regional Government of Elde during and after the reintegration period will be as the current Government of Elde is, however the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Justice will be given to the Federal Government while all other Ministries will be responsible to Elde. A Ministry of Cooperation of Member States will be created for all Member States and will be headed by the Federal Government. The Office of First Minister will be allowed to stay to run the Regional Government at the Regional Level which is equal to the Office of the Primer in the other Member States. The Duchy of Elde would have to of course acknowledge that they are not above the other member states but are in fact equal in status to the other member states of the kingdom. All of this is reasonable and in fact what we should strive for during the process, we can accept these terms that have been stated currently. Please continue Chancellor. Thirdly, the Government of Elde would have to immediately adopt the Statute of Peace & War in order for the Government to progress forward to represented by the Federal Government in the International Arena, this is not negotiable and it must happen as soon as possible. Ah, yes the Statute of Peace & War. The Government of Elde understands the reasoning of the Statue and why it must be ratified but we do not necessarily believe with the core tannates of the statute. If you remember back when it was originally adopted the lands of Elde did not support the statute as it was seen as authoritarian in nature and a way for the Government to impede the regional governments. Yes I do remember learning this in school, but surely you will remember the true purpose of the statute and why it was created....remember the wars that happened the alliances that almost brought down the country! Since the ratification and adoption of the Statute of Peace & War the peace in the country has been maintained without foreign intervention unlike before. Might you also remember the Statute of Peace & War has been updated and modified to represent the changing nature of the governments as well to respect Democracy and the Constitution of the Kingdom. I assure you and this Government that the Statute of Peace & War you remember is not the same. Very well, the ratification of the Statute of Peace & War will be ratified by the Grand Duchy of Elde and will be signed by the First Minister and the Grand Duke at the final day of reintegration talks. I do believe now would be a great time to take a quick break for say fifteen minutes. TO BE CONTIUNED....
  9. Queen Aleksandra Victoria Anne Mishia Chayka II, Daughter of the former King of the Second United Kingdom of Ahrana, Gustov Chayka XVII. Since her reentrance into the political scene and wurld she has been a staunch supporter of Democratic Values and one of the driving forces for investigations into the Revolution and other areas of the recent past of Ahrana. She is married to Nicholas Felix Romansto, a former Chief Crown Prosecutor for the Second United Kingdom of Ahrana. Together they have one child the heir apparent for the House of Chayka claim to the throne, Elisabeth Aleksandria Anne Mishia Chayka. Queen Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring, Daughter of the Grand Duke of Florence. Since her entrance into politics she has held the Office of Federal President and Queen of Ahrana as well as several military posts. The House of Florence is the last Ahranaian Noble House that has a direct connection to the Imperial House of Mishia, the original Imperial House of Ahrana. She is married to Stephen Sven Goring, a former Politician in the former Second United Kingdom and Socialist Federation legislative houses. She has two children one of which, Misha Carl Florence-Goring, is the heir to the Florence claim to the Imperial Throne. The youngest child, Carl Steffen Gustov Florence-Goring, is still a infant and not many pictures have be circulated of the child. Queen Sigrid is considered by many Military personnel to be a hero of the Revolution in many aspect on both sides the Royalists and Revolutionaries. During the Revolution she earned the respect of the Revolutionaries through her commitment of treating POWs fair and equal as well as the supporters of Socialism. Her actions on the battlefield also supported how most people think of her, since then she has been award several awards for bravery, commitment and so forth. Chancellor Liv Bjorkman is the first Female Head of Government for the Third United Kingdom of Ahrana, she has a family of two children and a husband who are not seen in public for privacy concerns. She is a Moderate Conservative and heads a coalition government with many Right and Center-Right Leaning Political Parties.
  10. Moskovo International Airport Moskovo, Kingdom of Ahrana Chancellor Liv walked down the corridors of the Airport waving to people in the Store booths making her way to her departure terminal. Liv had decided to take a less aggressive approach to the Airport departure unlike many of her predecessors, she wanted the people to see her as one of them and not something special. She had a small detachment of Bodyguards following a couple of feet behind her as required but asked them to act natural as well but do not allow anything to happen. She made her way around the corner and saw the departure terminal for her flight, she was taking one of the Government planes in particular one of the planes that are on standby for the Monarchs in a emergency. The Palace had given the government permission to use the plane for this purpose. Accompanying Chancellor Liv was the soon to be Ambassador and Integration Representative for Ahrana to Elde, Victoria Eriksson. They both looked at each other and Liv smiled as they walked up to the doors of the terminal and opened them. The walked down the terminal hallway to board the plane, several other Diplomatic Officials were already onboard the plane awaiting Liv and Victoria to board so they could make their way south to Elde. As they reached the Plane Door the flight attendants welcomed them and pointed them to their seats. With the two onboard the attendants gave the pilots the all clear to leave. The plane started to leave the terminal to make its way down to the runway. Given that this was a Government plane and had high priority and clearance all other flights for take off and landing were put on hold to allow them to take off. The plane soon started to make its way down the runway, the speed of the plane could be felt as the roar of the engines could be heard as well as they were at max thrust. Before you knew it the plane was in the air and imminently banked to the left to head south. The plane would be given the green all the way down to Elde in the airspace and all other flights were asked to keep clear of the airspace corridor the Plane now dubbed AA-02 made its way to the capital of Elde. The flight would be a short trip of no more than two hours if the airspace in Elde was crowded. --- Elde Government House Victoria, Grand Duchy of Elde First Minister Lorvin was walking down the hallway to the conference room to speak with the Elde Government Ministers when he was informed by his Government Aid that the plane dubbed AA-02 was in route. He nodded to the aid and walked into the room, Ladies and Gentlemen the Ahranaian Delegation are on their way to the Victorian International Airport as we speak, can we and I mostly mean the Minister for Aviation get ahold of the ATCV and let them know to expect them and to have the corridor they are using to be clear as well have all flights inbound and outbound halted while they land please? Right away sir will get right on that. Also could we have the Special Detachment of the Constabulary ready to mobilize to and from the airport to the Ducal Palace? Right away sir, they will be ready. Good, that will be all everyone, remember they should be here no later than 1300AST so be on your toes for a earlier arrival alright. Lorvin turned and walked out the room heading back to his side of the Government House to ready a few things and get ready to travel to the Ducal Palace. Lorvin picked up the phone and rang the Ducal Palace, Please inform the Grand Duke that AA-02 is in route and will be here soon and that I will be arriving at the Palace shortly. The Grand Duke will be notified at once thank you First Minister Lorvin. He hung up the phone and walked out his office and down the stairs to the front door, he walked out and got into the car and left for the Palace. --- AA-02 Somewhere over Victoria, Grand Duchy of Elde The Chancellor and Ambassador were in a discussion when they were informed that they should be landing at the Victorian International Airport soon within the next few minutes, Liv nodded in agreement and took her seat and fastened her buckle for landing as well did Victoria. Liv looked out the window to see the capital of Elde a city which she grew up hearing about but had never seen herself till now. It seemed strange to see such a city in such beauty with no marks of war like Moskovo and many cities in Ahrana. She felt that this land had never been part of Ahrana in the past but she knew better thanks to her schooling but just by looking down at the city you would never had known this was once Ahrana. She saw the airport and was ready to get of this stupid plane as she called it many times in days ahead of this trip, she never truly liked flying but knew it had to be done. She felt a hard jerk of the wheels touching the tarmac of the runway and the harsh noise of the reverse thrusters from the engines engage, she felt another jerk which was the thrusters applying their force to stop the plane. The plane soon came to a roaring stop and as it turned to get off the main strip the Elde Government had set aside a huge part of the airport for the Ahranaian Delegation to be separate from the rest of the airport. Soon the noise of a step ladder latching itself to the side of the plane was heard, Liv got up out of her seat wearing her business casual suit and walked to the door with Victoria and several other officials. The attendants opened the door and out Liv walked out the door, first thing she noticed was that there were guards at the base of the step ladder with a few press down behind the barricade that had been set up. She walked down and was followed by Victoria and the other members of the delegation. They got into the cars that were there and they headed out through a gate behind the airplane she had just left. The drive to the Ducal Palace was a quiet one to say the least not many words were exchanged, however a lot of window watching was done the whole ride given the reason why it was so quiet. Soon thought the Ducal Palace was within site. While it wasn't a massive palace like you find in Ahrana it was a nice size, one fit for a Duke to say the least one could say. As the car made its way up the road to the gates several hundred people lined the road to the Palace, some had flags of Elde and Ahrana and were waving them and of course several flashes of cameras were going off everywhere around the car. Soon though the car reached the gates and was let though. The car pulled up and the door was opened and the First Minister was there to meet the Chancellor and walk her down to meet the Duke. As First Minister Lorvin, Chancellor Bjorkman and Ambassador Eriksson made their way down the large corridor they exchanged a few words and pointed at several pieces of art on the walls. Soon though they were at the Great Hall where the Duke would receive them. They all walked in and bows were made in respect, Duke Henri, thank you for receiving us and thank you for welcoming us into your country. I do have to say it is quit beautiful, one might say that the land here has more beauty than the Ahranaian Countryside it is quiet breath taking. Chancellor Bjorkman welcome and thank you for those kind words, also welcome Ambassador Eriksson to the Grand Duchy of Elde and my home the Ducal Palace. I am delighted to have you all here. I am excited to see what the fruits of our labor will bring for our two countries to be one again. As am I your Grace, if you would give us the permission to present our Diplomatic and Integration Mission to you we would gladly get started? Very well. Your grace, as the Ambassador for Ahrana in the Grand Duchy Elde and the Reintegration Representative for Ahrana I hand you the official Diplomatic Protocol and Mission of the Third Untied Kingdom of Ahrana. As the maroon colored book was handed over to the Duke the Ambassador did so with a slight bow to the Duke in respect of rank. The Duke took the book and in return bowed back in acceptance. I do believe that we will meet again tomorrow, but for the time being I leave in the hands of First Minister Lorvin to begin the discussion of Integration. I look forward to getting to know you Chancellor Bjorkman. As do I your grace. Good day. They all bowed and exited the room. As they left the room Liv and Victoria exchanged smiles as the first meeting with the Duke had gone over well. They continued to walk down the way they came to the cars, this time the First Minister would join them in the car to the Government House to start the talks... To be continued...
  11. Hello and welcome to todays coverage of the Ahranaian Federal Press, you are joined today by with just myself today, Steven Austin Olsen, my co-anchor has the day off. On todays coverage we bring you news that a Official Police Commissioner has been announced by the Federal Government today, also The Chancellor will travel to the Grand Duchy of Elde today to officially start the transition process of re-integrating Elde back into the Union with Ahrana. --- The Federal Government had announced today that an official decision on the Official Police Commissioner for the Federal Police of Ahrana, since the establishment of the Federal Police the Director-General of the Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence, Director Alexandra M. L. Core had been appointed the Acting Police Commissioner until a decision on who should be the official Police Commissioner was cleared through the Parliament. As of today at 1000AST the Parliament, Federal Government and the Regional Governments have all decided to appoint Sir Carl Augustine Larsov as the Official Police Commissioner of the Federal Police Force of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. Sir Larsov is a former Lieutenant-Colonel in the Second United Kingdom of Ahrana's Imperial Life Guards under King Gustov XVIII, he served with distinction during the Revolution for the Royal Forces. After the revolution he resigned his commission and went to work on the Farms in the south of Ahrana. When Alexandra M. L. Core became President of Ahrana he entered Military Service under the Presidential Bodyguard unit to which he served under Sigrid. Upon the ratification of the Third United Kingdoms Constitution Sir Larsov was given a Officer Commission again by Queen Aleksandra V. A. M. Chayka II to serve in the Life Guard Regiment as the Commanding Officer. It was decided to give Sir Larsov the job of Commissioner due to his drive against corruption and to better society. The Federal Government has stated the following on the appointment of Sir Larsov as Commissioner: "Sir Larsov is the type of dedicated person we need as Federal Commissioner in the Police Force. His dedication to the moral responsibilities we have on this eurth and religious moralities that he holds true to as well as his drive to stomp out corruption wherever it is found is what this country needs at this time. We look forward to working with Sir Larsov and what he will bring to the Police Force..." --- In other news the Chancellor will be leaving for the Grand Duchy of Elde today at 1100AST to begin the tedious process of reintegration of Elde into the Union of Ahrana. The process of reintegration will be a long a technical one but one that the Federal Government is hopeful of for the betterment of Ahrana. The Office of the Chancellor released a statement today with the announcement that the Chancellor would be traveling to Elde, "The Federal Government and the Monarchs are eager to see what the integration process between Elde and Ahrana will bring. Its something that neither government had ever given much thought within the last decade, had the Government of Elde not reached out and signified their wish to rejoin the Union of Ahrana we are confident that it would have been many years before this process had even happened..." I am sure every Ahranaian Citizen wishes the Chancellor safe travels and the best wishes as she travels to complete such a historic moment in her career as a politician and as a Ahranaian Citizen.
  12. I am fine with the lakes becoming in-land seas, but the river should stay the same it can be assumed that it is in fact a strait instead of actually making the map reflect that. When you look at the canals that have been built and some that are in process they resemble a river but is labeled and assumed as a canal to which in my mind we can just assume that here. Or if you desire we can call it whatever name you wish to call it and add the word strait to it.
  13. I see no issue so as long as descriptive and explanatory reason can be given to the why question. Also from what i am reading between the lines here is that this is another way from this nation to get some access to the sea, which he has tried one time to my knowledge to do so. So I am presented with one question for you @Mokhavia , If this access or this expansion of the inland river (currently) is converted into a strait how would this benefit your country? Also, would there be any downside to this? In my opinion I would suggest it to stay a Fresh Water domain, for instance say there is a water shortage in your country and these lakes would provide a huge amount of source of Fresh Water that could be filtered and rationally dispensed across the nation., It would cost less to filter fresh water than it would say salt water. Plus look at it in another view, you could start up a Bottle Water Company that could become a global producer of filtered bottle water which in my mind would be a need. Overall, if the Admin Team approves of the idea to widen the river to a strait then I am for this as it would be interesting to see how it influences the country and ecosystem.
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