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  1. Press Office of the Monarchs of the United Kingdom of Ahrana All Press Releases will be stored and released to the Public here from the Monarchal Palaces Press Office
  2. Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the wurld and the Country to you the viewer at home. On todays edition the Parliament passes Two Acts that come into full effect today at noon, the Economy of Ahrana struggling to its core and much more here on 'Ahrana Today'. The Parliament of the Kingdom of Ahrana passed Act No. 002 today and this Act comes into full effect at noon today, this Act if called the Federal Policing and Surveillance Act which establishes the Federal Police and the Ahranaian Directorate as Government Organizations. In this
  3. ----- Current Legislation Acts, Bills Articles and other Legislature passed by the Parliament of the Kingdom of Ahrana --- Constitution of the Third United Kingdom of Ahrana --- Act No. 001 - Act on the Judicial Proceedings on Crimes Committed during the Revolution and the Government that followed --- Act No. 002 - Federal Policing and Surveillance Act --- Act No. 003 Act on opening the Kingdom of Ahrana to Foreign Companies and Investors --- (OOC: These Links will take you to Google Docs to which you can view these documents, if you canno
  4. ----- Official Channel for the Parliament of the Kingdom of Ahrana. Here you will find all Legislative Bills, Acts, Protocols and much more related to the Parliament and the Legislative of the entire Kingdom of Ahrana including the Legislatures of the Member States of the Kingdom. -----
  5. Im afraid i do not understand the reference.
  6. Well this would be the perfect time for me to be the new Ahrana and Role Play a active neutrality in the entire situation even in the last stages, the only time Ahrana would actively engage in battle would be to protect its borders and the Argis Area around it. Ahrana will most likely never officially declare war on anyone during this or perhaps after this, what will most likely happen is the country will lobby for peace at all costs. Like I said earlier Ahrana will most likely not declare war but remain neutral unless attacked. Like what @Delamariasaid about a landing in Argis, that wou
  7. Either way we could use a crisis to bring forth the UEL and the Peacekeeping Force or just one of the two at the start. Given that Ahrana will try to stay out of any international situations and wars I will make Ahrana one of the few urging for a foundation of the UEL or equivalent and as well as the Peacekeeping Force.
  8. Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today', where we bring the news of the wurld and of the kingdom to you the viewer. Today we a special message from the Federal Government today that will be issued by Chancellery, we have also received information that the Office of the Monarchs will be issuing a statement today as well but only in writing. We will have coverage of both here on 'Ahrana Today'. We now go live to the Presidium Palace in Moskovo: Hello and thank you all for joining us today on such short notice, in recent days we have seen the event in the Commonweal
  9. Well the next questions should be Who gets to be on the Council, how many people get to be on the council, will there be a treaty that outlines the requirements for the use of Peacekeepers and so on and on. Thats what we should probably start thinking about.
  10. Hello and welcome to the Ahranaian Federal Press Network, the leading news agency brining you all government affairs of the Ahranaian Government and the International Realm. I am Steven Austin Olsen, the leading news anchor for the AFP, joined with Natasha Nilsson my co-anchor. Today on AFP we have coverage from the Commonwealth of @Delamaria on the election results there, the Chancellor goes for a walk with the entire presidium of the Kingdom, the oldest person in Ahrana turns 102 today we interview her and the family, and we have a sit down interview with the Monarchs here at the AFP Studio.
  11. Ultimately lets say the Peacekeeping force gets founded first it is in my thoughts that if that is the case then the Council of whatever is the governing body could be merged into the UN like organization and continue to a degree like it was just instead of being independent from a governing organization it would have a higher body that would watch over the council to ensure its operating properly. The more people we get involved on this idea and we all start communicating on how it should work and so forth, and it is possible this could be the stepping stone in lore and say RP that coul
  12. Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring news from across Ahrana and news from the wurld to you the viewer. On todays edition of 'Ahrana Today: The Monarchs release a Press Release, The Governor-General of Lockiee is sacked, a new High Representative for Xara is certified by the Parliament of the Kingdom of Ahrana, and the Exiled Lady Madeleine Eriksson has returned to Ahrana from living in exile and much more here on Ahrana Today. The Office of the Chancellor announced this morning that the former Governor-General, Lucas Anastasios, has been relieved of
  13. Thats the part we would have to discuss and figure out since there is no UN Organization we would have to have some type of International Organization or we could have like a Peacekeeping Force HQ somewhere that has Representatives or Council Members or something that forms a Peacekeeper Council that decides where and when and so forth. OR we can go a different way.
  14. So this has been a idea for me for some time now and I now want to voice the idea to everyone, like in the United Nations Organization they have UN Peacekeeper Forces that are deployed from member nations across the wurld to help maintain peace in a troubled area and such. My idea is to create such a Force to help stabilize areas of the wurld that are in turmoil. We currently do not have a UN like Organization which is still in debate and some of you might say lets wait to establish something like this with the Organization which is completely fine with me. However, we could establish this Pea
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