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  1. I'm late with my response, but you have my approval.
  2. RATIFICATION CEREMONY OFFICIALLY DELIVERS SACHSEN INTO UNION Pictured: President Fischer & Webb jointly announced the ratification of the new Sachsenian federal constitution in front of a modest audience of ~4,500 people This morning at 10:30 AM, the ratification of the Sachsenian federal constitution was officially announced by both heads of state of their presently reigning governments. After both presidents' short personal addresses, the constitution was signed and validated by representatives of both parties one last time. The impromptu occasion did not receive many
  3. PRESIDENT WEBB SIGNS SACHSENIAN FEDERAL CONSTITUTION Pictured: The private signing took place inside of the Sachsenian parliament building The Sachsenian constitutional convention has concluded following President Webb's joint signing of the country's newly adapted federal constitution. The finalized draft was processed and accepted in late February by the constitutional board; it is currently comprised of eleven articles detailing the government's future administration, powers, duties and rights. It is primarily modeled after preexisting Girkmandian state constitutions in
  4. You've done a good job starting this off. I don't really have anything to contribute to the discussion of the first item, but I would like to voice my willingness in advance for becoming an impartial zone economic, scientific and legal manager. Since Girkmand does not have any stakes on Antargis, we could provide a platform for arbitration within the council should any conflicts of interest arise in the future. I don't exactly have a party platform ready for this suggestion, but I would like to put this out there anyhow.
  5. TALKS BEGIN IN SACHSEN: FEDERAL LAWMAKERS CONVERGE IN SAXONIA Pictured: The Sachsenian parliament building in 2018 The first official meeting between Sachsenian and Girkmandian lawmakers has begun in the capital city, reported local tabloid Daily Pager. It has been decided that the constitutional convention will be held inside of the Sachsenian parliamentary building, which will be converted to suit its new purpose. The publicly released schedule lists over 97 attending federal officials who are expected to build a new federated constitution in co-operation with their Sach
  6. TWELVE KERLIAN STATE MINISTERS SENTENCED FOR TREASON Pictured: Former Minister-President of Kerlia, Matvey Konech (right) at his sentencing. After a lengthy legal process, federal courts have sentenced 12 former Kerlian state representatives for various charges, including treason and conspiracy. Former Minister-President Matvey Konech, who was among the twelve accused, has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with a chance for parole. Konech's five-year sentence was the lengthiest issued, which has caused him to file a formal appeal for re-sentencing under his insistence
  7. First up was a short but sturdy male humanoid clad in a maroon uniform belonging to some military organization or another; the rank pips displayed on the collar and the insignia laser-sewed to the shoulders wouldn't be too distinguishable from the thousands of other dime-a-dozen space militias that exist in the universe. Realizing it is his turn, the Katorgan breaks the silence. "I am Lieutenant Garin Morgan Montaigu, but feel free to call me Garin. It is customary to grant younglings both a first- and middle name on Katorga Major, my home planet in its namesake system. On my previou
  8. Name of Company:- International Weapon and Machining Works Incorporated Type of Business: - The primary function of the holding company is weapons manufacturing, but it also consists of divisions based on metal manufacturing, civil construction, plastics and various automation systems. Nation of Origin:- Girk, the Federal Republic of Girkmand. What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? Understanding the importance of upholding international peace and law, Girkmandian weapons manufacturing is exclusively domestic; as such, only sub-departments dedicated to civilian metal manufacturing,
  9. PRESIDENT WEBB ANNOUNCES CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION WITH SACHSEN Pictured: President Webb at the evening's address. President Webb has announced that plans to admit the state of Sachsen into the federation are still under-way despite the turbulent domestic situation. The Sachsenian public referendum was held on the 3rd of June, 2018, and passed with 62.´╗┐8% of votes in favor of unification; the federal parliament- and council subsequently voted to admit Sachsen into the federal republic. President Webb stated that unification continues to be a top priority for the admini
  10. GENERAL DEMOBILIZATION: MILITARY WITHDRAWS FROM VIBURK, STATE OF EMERGENCY DISCONTINUED Pictured: Over 1,200 conscripts, reservists and career military personnel remained in Viburk to keep the peace after the suppression of its violent riots. The State Executive Emergency ´╗┐´╗┐Committee has confirmed that all military elements in Kerlia will be officially demobilized within the next two weeks. Furthermore, the state of emergency and all curfews will be discontinued, proclaimed Viburk's provisional city government. The events that occurred will leave a lasting scar on the city:
  11. ARMY SEIZES CITY CENTER: GIRKMAND'S LONGEST DAY ENDS WITH 400 WOUNDED AND 25 KILLED Pictured: The military continues to enforce a strict curfew in the city after the recapture of its city center. The State Executive Emergency Committee has announced that the situation in Viburk has been officially contained. Tuesday evening saw the mounting of a daring police- and military operation that ultimately cost 25 lives and injured 400 more. Fighting inside of the city has now concluded and rebuilding efforts are already underway. Over 1,500 people have been arrested since Tue
  12. BREAKING: FIGHTING ERUPTS AS ARMY AND POLICE MOVE IN ON THE CITY Pictured: Police arresting protestors. At approximately 7:00 PM, a combined force of police- and military personnel began their advance into Viburk. Multiple armored vehicles broke through the makeshift barricades laid out on the outskirts and paved the way for the ground troops. Multiple arrests have already been made, police say. Contact with the rioters has led to intense fighting on the streets. There have been reports of gunshots and explosions, the latter which is likely caused by the concussion grenades
  13. SIGNIFICANT MILITARY BUILD-UP SUGGESTS IMMINENT LARGE-SCALE OPERATION Pictured: Rear-guard actions near the Viburk suburbs. Several military checkpoints guard vital routes into the city. Recent troop movements around Viburk suggest that the military may be poised to attack the city, although no official confirmation of any military operation has been given at this time. The Monday-Tuesday night was especially busy for the military as multiple army bulldozers and other industrial equipment was brought to the "front". Access to the outskirts is currently limited for all civil
  14. OVER 3,000 TROOPS OCCUPY VIBURK OUTSKIRTS: EMERGENCY COMMITTEE INSTILLS CITY-WIDE CURFEW Pictured: Since Friday, hundreds of trucks have been moving through the city day and night, dropping off supplies and men into the suburbs of Viburk. Thousands of army personnel have occupied the suburbs of Viburk in preparation to return order to the city. The SEEC has additionally declared a city-wide curfew effective immediately from 7:00 PM to 8:00 AM. The committee hopes that this will put those not responsible for the rioting out of harm's way when the military and the police will inev
  15. [Pax Eurthica] @Mauridiviah comes to mind. He isn't a zealous pacifist, but will defend himself if necessary. I don't think he is currently engaged in any active conflicts. My most recent memory would be his reply to the war in @North Dniester. Despite being aligned with one of the warring factions, he chose not to send any military aid and only sent relief to the local civilians. [Big Stick Dick] We very nearly came to blows with @Ahrana during the Verde Blockade. However, relations have gotten better on a faction-level thanks to @Prymont. I was certainly a little alarmed about a possib
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