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  1. I'm late with my response, but you have my approval.
  2. RATIFICATION CEREMONY OFFICIALLY DELIVERS SACHSEN INTO UNION Pictured: President Fischer & Webb jointly announced the ratification of the new Sachsenian federal constitution in front of a modest audience of ~4,500 people This morning at 10:30 AM, the ratification of the Sachsenian federal constitution was officially announced by both heads of state of their presently reigning governments. After both presidents' short personal addresses, the constitution was signed and validated by representatives of both parties one last time. The impromptu occasion did not receive many spectators, as most viewers were tuning in through the televised broadcast, according to Sachsenian national broadcasting station, "S1". Within the coming weeks, the Girkmandian federal council will issue one final joint resolution to admit Sachsen into a 'state of union' within the federal republic. A proclamation party will be held some time later to allow for proper preparation and scheduling of the event. -David Fitzgerald 8 March 2019, Federal Herald 
  3. PRESIDENT WEBB SIGNS SACHSENIAN FEDERAL CONSTITUTION Pictured: The private signing took place inside of the Sachsenian parliament building The Sachsenian constitutional convention has concluded following President Webb's joint signing of the country's newly adapted federal constitution. The finalized draft was processed and accepted in late February by the constitutional board; it is currently comprised of eleven articles detailing the government's future administration, powers, duties and rights. It is primarily modeled after preexisting Girkmandian state constitutions in accordance with Sachsen's already present legislature. Lawmakers described the convention as a 'relatively painless' procedure for both sides, owing much to the foundations already present. Sachsenian President, Walter Fischer, and President Webb will conduct a formal, publicized ratification of the constitution later this week. The ceremony will be held in the capital city of Saxonia on the 8th of March, after which Sachsen will be officially admitted into the federation. -David Fitzgerald 6 March 2019, Federal Herald
  4. You've done a good job starting this off. I don't really have anything to contribute to the discussion of the first item, but I would like to voice my willingness in advance for becoming an impartial zone economic, scientific and legal manager. Since Girkmand does not have any stakes on Antargis, we could provide a platform for arbitration within the council should any conflicts of interest arise in the future. I don't exactly have a party platform ready for this suggestion, but I would like to put this out there anyhow.
  5. TALKS BEGIN IN SACHSEN: FEDERAL LAWMAKERS CONVERGE IN SAXONIA Pictured: The Sachsenian parliament building in 2018 The first official meeting between Sachsenian and Girkmandian lawmakers has begun in the capital city, reported local tabloid Daily Pager. It has been decided that the constitutional convention will be held inside of the Sachsenian parliamentary building, which will be converted to suit its new purpose. The publicly released schedule lists over 97 attending federal officials who are expected to build a new federated constitution in co-operation with their Sachsenian counterparts. No definite deadline for the convention has been set, supposedly in order to allow greater flexibility in the talks for both sides. In order to foster good relations between the two countries, multiple pre-convention events have been scheduled for its attendees, among them an art exhibition in the Museum of Saxonia provided by the Saxon Peoples' Consultative Committee, and a limited access dinner in the Fritz-Karlton Hotel. President Webb and Sachsenian President Walter Fischer are to appear for the public ratification of the constitution, after which President Webb will formally proclaim the entry of Sachsen into the federation. Public response to the convention has been mostly positive in Sachsen, but concerns over possible demonstrations in Girkmand are still an active security issue, according to the Interior Minister Kirill Alson. -David Fitzgerald 28 January 2019, Federal Herald   
  6. TWELVE KERLIAN STATE MINISTERS SENTENCED FOR TREASON Pictured: Former Minister-President of Kerlia, Matvey Konech (right) at his sentencing. After a lengthy legal process, federal courts have sentenced 12 former Kerlian state representatives for various charges, including treason and conspiracy. Former Minister-President Matvey Konech, who was among the twelve accused, has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with a chance for parole. Konech's five-year sentence was the lengthiest issued, which has caused him to file a formal appeal for re-sentencing under his insistence that he played an insignificant role in the dissident movement that authorized the illegal Kerlian independence referendum. Three other co-conspirators received 3-year sentences while the remaining eight were sentenced to 2 years imprisonment, all with a chance for parole. Kerlia's provisional government, still controlled by its judiciary court, has announced that it has scheduled parliamentary- and presidential elections for February and March respectively. The State Executive Emergency Committee will hold one final debriefing before it will be dissolved on the 31st, officially marking the end of the Kerlian crisis. -David Fitzgerald 20 January 2019, Federal Herald  
  7. First up was a short but sturdy male humanoid clad in a maroon uniform belonging to some military organization or another; the rank pips displayed on the collar and the insignia laser-sewed to the shoulders wouldn't be too distinguishable from the thousands of other dime-a-dozen space militias that exist in the universe. Realizing it is his turn, the Katorgan breaks the silence. "I am Lieutenant Garin Morgan Montaigu, but feel free to call me Garin. It is customary to grant younglings both a first- and middle name on Katorga Major, my home planet in its namesake system. On my previous assignment, I served as the Chief Engineer of a mining freighter for 12 years under the Colonial Militia, the Katorgan Union's chief military- and commerce escort fleet. Most of my work consisted of repairing ship systems, calibrating mining equipment and putting 40-year old decommissioned FTL engines back together with nothing but synth-glue while under-attack by Frisillian raiders. The Colonial Command Council began expanding its resource extraction program a few decades ago, so the mining and trade escort sectors have been the go-to industry for the past few years. Most of the work is freelance, but the Union likes to keep one foot in the door to level the playing field. The Department of Planetary Surveying and Habitation is always looking for new potential mining and colonization projects, which is why I was among the many elected to apply for this mission in exchange for my personal report on our shared findings." The Lieutenant smiles warmly and steps off of his figurative soap box, his gaze moving expectantly onto the next person.
  8. Name of Company:- International Weapon and Machining Works Incorporated Type of Business: - The primary function of the holding company is weapons manufacturing, but it also consists of divisions based on metal manufacturing, civil construction, plastics and various automation systems. Nation of Origin:- Girk, the Federal Republic of Girkmand. What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? Understanding the importance of upholding international peace and law, Girkmandian weapons manufacturing is exclusively domestic; as such, only sub-departments dedicated to civilian metal manufacturing, plastics and automation systems will be transferred to the MTIZ. Number of Workers to be recruited locally:- 1,900 low-skill manual labor positions, 90 of which are reserved for low-to-mid level local management staff recruited from the worker pool. Number of visiting workers to be based there: 227, including executive- and senior staff for factory management and training.
  9. PRESIDENT WEBB ANNOUNCES CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION WITH SACHSEN Pictured: President Webb at the evening's address. President Webb has announced that plans to admit the state of Sachsen into the federation are still under-way despite the turbulent domestic situation. The Sachsenian public referendum was held on the 3rd of June, 2018, and passed with 62.8% of votes in favor of unification; the federal parliament- and council subsequently voted to admit Sachsen into the federal republic. President Webb stated that unification continues to be a top priority for the administrations of both countries, and that the recent tragic events in Girkmand have had no effect on the proceedings, which have and will continue normally. Later this January, a constitutional convention will be held in Saxonia with both countries attending to draft Sachsen's federal constitution; upon acceptance of that constitution, the federal council will issue a joint resolution to admit Sachsen into the federation, followed by an official proclamation by the President. No official deadline has been set, but President Webb hopes that the unification will be finalized within the first quarter of 2019. The President's optimism has come under-fire by a disorganized national movement of "union-skeptics" in Sachsen which has steadily grown after the September attack and the recent riots in Kerlia. One anonymous government official in Sachsen likened Girkmand to a "gift horse", skeptic tabloid 'Sachsen zuerst' reported. President Webb's critics at home have accused him of rushing the unification proceedings due to the upcoming elections in order to secure his personal legacy. President Webb has yet to announce whether or not he will seek a third term at all. -David Fitzgerald  4 January 2019, Federal Herald  
  10. GENERAL DEMOBILIZATION: MILITARY WITHDRAWS FROM VIBURK, STATE OF EMERGENCY DISCONTINUED Pictured: Over 1,200 conscripts, reservists and career military personnel remained in Viburk to keep the peace after the suppression of its violent riots. The State Executive Emergency Committee has confirmed that all military elements in Kerlia will be officially demobilized within the next two weeks. Furthermore, the state of emergency and all curfews will be discontinued, proclaimed Viburk's provisional city government. The events that occurred will leave a lasting scar on the city: government estimates report that over 2,460 people were wounded during the rioting while 25 lost their lives. Multiple state- and federal government institutions hung their flags at half-mast today to show respect for those who perished or suffered serious injuries. Financially, the damages caused by the unrest are valued at 2.3 million dollars. Many public services (primarily transport) remain unavailable and it is unknown when they will return to working condition. Some 560 homes inside of Viburk are without running water or electricity, or both. The provisional city government has managed to restart power- and water production, but delivery will take some time. Out of some 1,500 arrestees, 700 people have been charged for crimes committed during the riots, primarily for attempted murder or assault. 86 city- and Kerlian state officials await trial for charges of treason, among them figures such as the freshly-appointed Minister-President of Kerlia, Matvey Konech. During a government press event on Friday, President Gerald Webb publicly deflected foreign criticism and concern directed at Girkmandian actions in Kerlia; several news outlets, such as the @Oyusard 'Yulaa Spectator' and the @Bulgenstazi 'Bulgenstaz Liberation News' compared the events in Kerlia to the civil war in Aluxia, comparisons which President Webb strongly dismissed: "I wholeheartedly believe in the right of nations to conduct their domestic policy in any way they wish, as long as it conforms to international laws; it is a core principle of a state to exercise self-determination. Our foreign policy is based on this principle. We will resolve our own problems, let others solve theirs. We have narrowly avoided a path of gratuitous violence and anarchy by defending our national integrity with whatever lawful and constitutional means necessary. There is no country on Eurth that will condone separatist actions of this caliber." -President Gerald Webb -David Fitzgerald  30 December 2018, Federal Herald 
  11. ARMY SEIZES CITY CENTER: GIRKMAND'S LONGEST DAY ENDS WITH 400 WOUNDED AND 25 KILLED Pictured: The military continues to enforce a strict curfew in the city after the recapture of its city center. The State Executive Emergency Committee has announced that the situation in Viburk has been officially contained. Tuesday evening saw the mounting of a daring police- and military operation that ultimately cost 25 lives and injured 400 more. Fighting inside of the city has now concluded and rebuilding efforts are already underway. Over 1,500 people have been arrested since Tuesday. Pictured: Tuesday. Mobilized army reserves fire warning shots at protestors. The military's initial advance into the city halted on Wednesday after two people reportedly threw themselves under an army transport vehicle that was paving a way through a barricade. This incident provoked the crowd and caused further casualties later that evening when the dissidents launched their own "counter-offensive". Many attempts to torch military or police vehicles were met with utmost resistance by the army, who are said to have fired upon at least two men who tried to throw incendiary bombs on one UC-30 IFV. They were killed instantly. Eyewitness testimonies and official reports on this incident vary. Pictured: Tuesday-Wednesday night. Some protestors were armed with air rifles, handguns and makeshift firearms. At least two police assault rifles were confiscated during the fighting. The city quickly deteriorated into a war-zone during the interim Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Crowds set stacks of tires on fire to harass police and military snipers. Homemade bombs were thrown at the police, who responded with concussion- and tear gas grenades. Multiple armed dissidents were killed as per the mission's selective rules of engagement, although many people reported that the government was "firing indiscriminately" at anyone, armed or not. Once again, eyewitness testimonies and official reports vary. Pictured: Dissidents fly the flag of Jukraina, a country shaped out of an ideology of a Slavic nation in Girkmand. The SEEC continues to maintain a state of emergency in the city, as well as a curfew. Multiple high-profile rioters who are still believed to be in the city are being brought into custody by the Federal Political Directorate, FPD. Furthermore, the Committee has placed an indefinite ban on public gatherings and political rallies in the state of Kerlia. Demobilization of the military will begin once the situation has calmed down to acceptable levels. In the absence of multiple state- and county leaders who have been tried for treason, the state judiciary court will remain as the sole provisional government in Kerlia. -David Fitzgerald  13 December 2018, Federal Herald 
  12. BREAKING: FIGHTING ERUPTS AS ARMY AND POLICE MOVE IN ON THE CITY Pictured: Police arresting protestors. At approximately 7:00 PM, a combined force of police- and military personnel began their advance into Viburk. Multiple armored vehicles broke through the makeshift barricades laid out on the outskirts and paved the way for the ground troops. Multiple arrests have already been made, police say. Contact with the rioters has led to intense fighting on the streets. There have been reports of gunshots and explosions, the latter which is likely caused by the concussion grenades used by both the army and the police. Many people have already been wounded. The estimated length of the operation is currently unknown. -David Fitzgerald  11 December 2018, Federal Herald
  13. SIGNIFICANT MILITARY BUILD-UP SUGGESTS IMMINENT LARGE-SCALE OPERATION Pictured: Rear-guard actions near the Viburk suburbs. Several military checkpoints guard vital routes into the city. Recent troop movements around Viburk suggest that the military may be poised to attack the city, although no official confirmation of any military operation has been given at this time. The Monday-Tuesday night was especially busy for the military as multiple army bulldozers and other industrial equipment was brought to the "front". Access to the outskirts is currently limited for all civilians, although reports from within the city confirm that there is currently a massive build-up of both infantry and vehicles at the established border. Pictured: The city square remains heavily defended. Occasional skirmishes between police and protestors have continued, although they have rarely been as chaotic as in the beginning: multiple opposition groups have organized themselves over social media where they plot raids and attacks on government forces regularly. The mob has largely split into factions and groups with their own hierarchy. Most of these organizations work together as part of what they call the "provisional government of Viburk", a popular front established by members of the Bluje and several smaller parties. However, multiple neighborhoods inside of the city are controlled by local "defense groups" formed by the inhabitants to protect their property and families against the rioters. A shopping district on the eastern side of the city has been largely untouched due to guilds of shop owners protecting it. Weariness over the violence has convinced hundreds of people to renounce their support for the cause. Combined with the curfew, the number of active participants in the riots has significantly dropped. -David Fitzgerald  11 December 2018, Federal Herald
  14. OVER 3,000 TROOPS OCCUPY VIBURK OUTSKIRTS: EMERGENCY COMMITTEE INSTILLS CITY-WIDE CURFEW Pictured: Since Friday, hundreds of trucks have been moving through the city day and night, dropping off supplies and men into the suburbs of Viburk. Thousands of army personnel have occupied the suburbs of Viburk in preparation to return order to the city. The SEEC has additionally declared a city-wide curfew effective immediately from 7:00 PM to 8:00 AM. The committee hopes that this will put those not responsible for the rioting out of harm's way when the military and the police will inevitably move in to stop the anarchy within the city. At this point the property damage done to the city is reaching numbers as high as $700,000. Multiple stores and buildings have been looted. Several fires have been reported since the start of the rioting, but the crowds have been compliant with allowing the fire department through their various checkpoints to put them out. Similarly the city's emergency services have been allowed passage to tend to the wounded, which now number somewhere around 1,000 in total. The first deaths were reported on Saturday: three people perished to severe injuries caused by a malfunctioning tear gas grenade which exploded violently and struck several bystanders with shrapnel. Pictured: Idling troops in the suburbs. Military authorities report that their welcome has been rather "lukewarm". No hostilities have occurred, but the presence of the troops is certainly creating tension on both sides. Locals often ignore the soldiers or glare at them from afar. "There have been people, mostly older citizens, who have come to chat with us, but they are in the minority" one Private said. The response to the military inside of the city is expected to be much colder. -David Fitzgerald  9 December 2018, Federal Herald
  15. [Pax Eurthica] @Mauridiviah comes to mind. He isn't a zealous pacifist, but will defend himself if necessary. I don't think he is currently engaged in any active conflicts. My most recent memory would be his reply to the war in @North Dniester. Despite being aligned with one of the warring factions, he chose not to send any military aid and only sent relief to the local civilians. [Big Stick Dick] We very nearly came to blows with @Ahrana during the Verde Blockade. However, relations have gotten better on a faction-level thanks to @Prymont. I was certainly a little alarmed about a possible conflict with one of my eastern neighbors. Unfortunately @Poland-Lithuania quit the region, so I never quite got to see our relationship develop. @Derthalen is probably the go-to answer for me and a lot of others. [The Pushitzer Prize] @Iverica One. It was a tough choice between this and @Sunset Sea Islands's SSI NEWS. Iverica joined Europa on September 17th 2017 while I joined on August 30th, a few weeks earlier. I vaguely recall monkeying the styles of his- and @Prymont's news threads to figure out what I wanted to do. I guess you could say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I'll let the quality of the imitation speak for itself. Take that as you may. [Bron Urgundy Award] Nasionale TeleSich @Variota. The headline picture in this post in particular. [Fully-Diplomatic] The founding of ATARA. Project Canamo and the subsequent annexation of the Hellenic Rus should get an honorary mention. [Business Cat] The Manana League. [Moving the Goalpost] Eurthvision 2018. [Leading the Green Scene] The Antargic Treaty is all I can really come up with on a global scale. [Ms/Mr Congeniality] @Ahrana Greggor Ivanoff. I'm not a very good character builder and I don't think I have ever been a huge fan of novels or media that deals with a lot of characters as opposed to the events as a whole. I very much prefer the writing of a history book to that of a novel. If that explains what I'm trying to say any better. Ivanoff just came into my head almost subconsciously. I admittedly don't know much about the man, but I recognize the name with the events that occurred around him. [Lex Loathor] @Variota Dina Diva 😂. [Notable N00b] @Rihan. Active and great member of our community. Silver would be @Mauridiviah and bronze would be @Fulgistan.
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