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  1. I was somewhat concerned when you popped up, but upon your assurances, I am a little less concerned. A little less. Still... An interesting choice for a nation name. Have you considered something, uh... a little more subtle, maybe? (I mean, maybe not one to talk here since my nation's name is Cashar, has cash in the name, and its literally run by a conglomerate of corporations, but it does kinda sound like an actual country name - my nation is a hypercapitalistic somewhat dystopic parody of sorts itself) Maybe Celastan? Or Incastan? I think you have an interesting, if indeed nightmarish
  2. The Triple Opoly Building - 2015 Design Plans Architecture Firm: Imagineer Structures, Inc. History: Imagineer Structures, Inc. got its jumpstart in 1920 and became wildly successful in the 1930s after multiple designs submitted and approved for the city of Malmega's buildings including the Malmega Mega Mall. Details: The Triple Opoly Building is 430 meters high. It has eighty-two floors. The upper-most floors contain an indoor theme park with food, gambling parlors, bumper cars, and a giant slide. The rooftop allows for the construction of an extensive rooftop garden for relaxation
  3. TO: Geoffrey Tatum, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Seylos FROM: Kisyak Surfirvo, Managerial Ambassador General, Incorporated States of Cashar Subject: A Scientific Proposal for Ecological Restoration Greetings and welcome from the Incorporated States of Cashar! We have come to express our deepest and sincerest condolences for the events that have occurred in Ceris. Truly, truly tragic. But! Perhaps! This is not the way it has to remain. The Kingdom of Seylos' interest in restoring poor dear Ceris to environmental splendor has not gone unnoticed! Indeed, the Cashari and Seylos
  4. Nakwa Melviska, CEO of Spot-On, Corp. Executive Head of State Background: Nakwa Melviska was born in Malmega, Nykel in the Incorporated States of Cashar and received a private education from tutors - funded by her parents - a mid-level TV celebrity and a small business owner. At age eighteen, she received a sponsorship from Spot-On, Corp. for a university education where she completed studies in Political Science and Business. She very quickly clawed her way to the top, and when the previous CEO retired due to major health concerns (particularly heart problems), she was unanimously
  5. Pendraconia? Alternatively, why not call it Komodo? It kind of fits in with the other countries name-wise and it's also based off of the komodo dragons you were talking about. Drakoma? I might be able to come up with a few more suggestions later.
  6. Cashar


    Hello there! Welcome! First, please feel free to introduce yourself and ask any questions you might have over here - https://www.europans.com/forum/3-hello-my-name-is/ I think the technical helpdesk is more for technical issues like if something on the forum breaks or something. You can also enter our Discord and chat with people in Eurth there! https://discord.com/invite/brhxSws
  7. Prologue Protiva, Centavo in the Republic of Cashar January 20, 1947 News of the conflict between Seylos and Fulgistan had spread to western Alharu and to the small, frequently corrupt government of the Republic of Cashar. Notably, members of the Board and Bureau had taken the stance that Seylos' cause was just and necessary. Communist Fulgistan, after all, was a struggling country doomed to failure and ruin unless immediate intervention occurred. Only the introduction of capitalism to the poor and, frankly, desperate Fulgistanis could save them from themselves. This was the first off
  8. Hmmm.... I actually don't know the answer to that question (maybe wait for a mod to answer that one)! I know Nationstates' stats don't effect anything on here. But it is fun to answer issues on Nationstates! I can't wait for you to share the history behind it, too! I like reading about the nations people have made up! I hope you enjoy it here!
  9. Hello, Ochoa! Welcome to Eurth! If you're looking to meet new people, joining the Discord is a great place to start where you can chat with people in real time, but I understand if its a little overwhelming to do that right now. So, please take your time with that if you'd like! I like your nation's name! It sounds cool! And I can't wait to see what you write about it! Nationstates' stats don't really affect the RP here. If you look at the academy specifically at the link involving the Intro and Balance sheet you'll be able to decide some defining stats for your nation involving your cou
  10. TO: Desdemona Tomas-Morra, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Iverica FROM: Kisyak Surfirvo, Managerial Ambassador General, the Incorporated States of Cashar Subject: Renewal of Alliance and Current Trade Agreements, New Trade Proposals Greetings and welcome from the Incorporated States of Cashar! My dear friend, it is time once again for the unfortunate but necessary matter of bureaucratic housekeeping. But behold and profit, it is another year of a much beloved alliance between our two great nations! Indeed, indeed, it is our intention to continue our alliance and renew our curre
  11. We, the people of the newly Incorporated States of Cashar, on this day of the 12th of December in 1968, hereby express the right of corporate rule in order to promote the efficiency of government, the economic growth, and the public interests of Cashar. It is through the agreement and wisdom of each of the twelve self-governing states of Cashar that every Cashari corporation have voice and be able to guide the rule of law for a more prosperous nation. It is held self-evident by the people of Cashar represented by the Head of the Republic and the Parliament, that corporations are created by peo
  12. Oooooh. What kind of nation are you planning on making? Have you taken a look over at the Academy yet?
  13. Your username kinda throws me off. Sorry. But hello! Are you planning to roleplay here?
  14. Establishment of the Republic of Cashar We, the people of the new Republic of Cashar, on this day the 17th of July in the year 1770 seek to establish a more unified nation dedicated to the wealth, prosperity, and welfare of its citizens. We hold the right to independent governance of a stable nation to be natural and good to the cause of humanity itself. Such stability has been accomplished accordingly in the Republic of Cashar through the actions of independent states working together for the common good. We claim the nation of the Republic of Cashar to include the following state
  15. TO: Geoffrey Tatum, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Kingdom of Seylos FROM: Kisyak Surfirvo, Managerial Ambassador General, the Incorporated States of Cashar Greetings and welcome from the Incorporated States of Cashar! It is our intention to reach out from the wondrous continent of Alharu and build more of a presence on the global stage. Recently, we have come into contact and allied ourselves with your most glorious of neighbors, Galahinda. Thus, it has seemed to us to be quite rude, quite rude indeed, if we did not reach out to you and indicate our interest in strengthening the ties b
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