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  1. Recent trade embargoes on Great Anglia, and the sharp decline of Eurth's technology giant, Sunset Seas Islands, have caused a dearth in the supply of consumer electronics the wurld over. While other nations have attempted to fill demand on their own, the nations of the Incorporated States of Cashar and the Republic of Iverica have been working together to fill in the gaps... INTRODUCING... Cashar's Majar Ventures Cashar's Tarak Optical Technologies Iverica's Fortis Electronics These three companies once operated independently of one another. But as early as 1992, these companies have traded with one another and helped each other grow. Now, in 2021, these companies have formed an official partnership agreeing in equivalent exchanges and facilitating the growth of each other's profit margins. Majar Ventures has become the prime provider of rare earths and silica to Fortis Electronics in order to provide the materials necessary to create consumer electronic goods. Tarak Optical Technologies specializes in hyper-scale network design and fiber optics and have been working with Fortis Electronics to provide their electronics with unprecedented high-speed network access. Fortis Electronics is coming to the forefront of cutting-edge consumer electronics. Economic analysts have predicted this partnership to become such a big success that stocks from shareholders in Iverica and Cashar in these companies have risen dramatically. In response to this predicted marker of success, the Incorporated States of Cashar has, in an unprecedented move, approved Fortis Electronics to enjoy the benefits of Cashari businesses. Retail companies like Getgo, Spot-On, and Ranas are set to begin stocking more Fortis Electronics products in their stores.
  2. To: Desdemona Tomas-Morra, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Iverica From: Kajak Safanvo, Managerial Ambassador General, Incorporated States of Cashar Trade Minister Tulio Biel's proposal is absolutely delightful! This would be a big step in improving trade relations and our respective economies. The Cashari Chamber of Commerce, a network of businesses in charge of making trade and financial decisions in the Incorporated State of Cashar have put the abolishment of tariffs proposal to a vote and have responded in kind: "We at the Cashari Chamber of Commerce have discussed this proposal thoroughly and ran the numbers. We agree that it would be in the best interest of the Iverican and Cashari economies to begin a program effectively abolishing tariffs within five years in as many financial sectors as possible. We welcome the opportunity to meet to discuss and negotiate the details of this program further." Behold and profit! The Incorporated States of Cashar looks forward, as always, to doing business with you. Have you tried the new Kutus Extreme Red? It will make you see red - the color of passion, strength, and courage! Kutus Extreme Red - drink extremely, drink passionately. Signed, Managerial Ambassador General Kajak Safanvo
  3. To: Heptuin Neber, Chairman of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Hemahat From: Kajak Safanvo, Managerial Ambassador General, Incorporated States of Cashar Greetings and welcome from the Incorporated States of Cashar! It has come to our attention that Hemahat is interested in the promotion of cultural and economic relations with other nations. Well, look no further than the Incorporated States of Cashar! Economic prosperity is of prime importance and interest of Cashar, and we think our two nations can only benefit from continued and extended economic relations with one another. In addition, we hereby affirm the following: 1. The Incorporated States of Cashar is committed to protecting the global peace insofar as it relates to economic interest and growth. 2. The Incorporated States of Cashar maintains a high standard of human rights. Our citizens enjoy economic freedoms like no other. 3. The activities of the Incorporated States of Cashar on the global stage are paramount to our economic interests. 4. The Incorporated States of Cashar has a strong desire and willingness to establish common ground in our potential alliance together. 5. The Incorporated States of Cashar will not be subject to economic limitations by any such potential alliance. Consider also that your citizens may freely enjoy the benefits of opening a brand new Cashcard Express - sponsored by the Bank of Cashar. For a limited time, foreign citizens who apply and are accepted will be entered into a sweepstakes to win a free travel ticket to Cashar where they then can enjoy the sights, the cuisine, and all the shopping our country has to offer! Cashcard Express - Credit on the Go from Wherever You Are.
  4. Cashar, due to dealing with its own problems, probably would've been largely disinterested in the going-ons of Volta - though, it's likely they would've been wary of Voltan culture because in the very late 1800s (close to the 1900s), they had just finished having a close call with a communist revolution of their own. So, it's likely Voltan culture would've been made the stuff of jokes - though probably not nearly as much as Fulgistan (since Fulgistan is closer and a bigger country). In the 1940s, anti-communist sentiment really ramped up due to the Great Alharun War... Though, Cashar was far more interested in plundering Fulgistan (pirate-style) than actually trying to introduce capitalism to them. It's possible Volta might have gotten caught in the crossfire, though, perhaps? In the sense that privateers took the long way around Aurelia and if there were any Voltan ships in the waters, they might have attacked and attempted to plunder them. In the 1960s, Cashar became incorporated (as in the government officially became taken over by corporations and business interests). There likely would've been a lot more mockery of communist and socialist ideals and an extolling of the virtues of capitalism during this time. There probably would've been official support for the Voltan government in-exile - though nothing in terms of financial contributions. Mostly just diplomatic stuff like recognizing passports and other identity documents issued by them. And that would probably persist to this day.
  5. Oooooh! I'd love to throw Cashar into an Alharun team (I think that's what you're saying? That we'd have to have an Alharun team instead of individual teams because there isn't enough players otherwise?)
  6. So, in lieu of figuring out my conlang and everything, I've made a few name changes. The capital city of Cashar is called Pavat. The Monran Bight would now be the Monim Bay / Bight (whichever fits best). The Marjan Mountains are now the Majar Mountains. The biggest mountain is Lazaz. The river is called the Raras River (not sure if that's important or not).
  7. Date: 8th of May 1990 To: City Council of Maimedo From: City Council of Protiva Greetings and welcome from the grand capital city of Protiva of Centavo in the Incorporated States of Cashar! Behold and profit! What glorious ideas have come from the city of Maimedo in Esonice! Truly, truly, we would adore making this concept of sister cities not a mere concept but a reality the likes of which the wurld has never seen! Let us flow. We hereby accept your proposal with additional recommendations and caveats specific to the Incorporated States of Cashar: 1. The Incorporated States of Cashar's educational programs have some differences from what Esonians might be used to. Indeed, education is mandatorily sponsored by a large variety of businesses in Cashar in exchange for tasteful, family-friendly advertising in schools. We foresee no issues in Esonians receiving such sponsorships as sponsorships are merit-based, and our businesses are interested in the new, fresh ideas of citizens from other countries - however, we recognize that consent in advertising may be a necessity. 2. The Incorporated States of Cashar shall reduce travel fees to Protiva, Centavo in Cashar by 25% for most Esonian citizens of Maimedo, but 50% for Esonian students and Esonian business owners of Maimedo. 3. Businesses in Cashar have always enjoyed a minimal tax rate; though, historically, this tax rate has been higher for foreign businesses. As a show of goodwill, this tax rate will be cut by 25% for Esonian businesses of Maimedo making the tax rate still higher than those of Cashari businesses but much lower than they were previously. We are eager to begin developing stronger relationships between our two cities! Additionally, consider an offer that's too good to be refused - new, blue Ziintos - the gum that turns your lips, teeth, and tongue blue, and the flavor lasts and lasts! New, blue Ziintos. Chew blue. Signed, the representatives of the Protiva City Council
  8. Hello, Shaelen! Welcome to Eurth! I hope you like it here!
  9. Oooooo! Welcome to Eurth, Sovska! Your nation sounds pretty interesting! I'm sure you'll fit right in! I look forward to seeing more from you. When you get a chance, check out the RP Academy and/or our Discord!
  10. Cashar


    Top Drivers in KASHKAR #1 Overall and #1 in Qindrak Marla Gogetvola Nicknamed "Quicksilver," Marla has been in the races since she was sixteen. Now, the oldest driver on the KASHKAR tracks, she has made a comeback since the 2010s after a slump in the late 90s and 2000s. She is generally a fan favorite and living proof to the Cashari that the elderly can still be useful. #1 in Centavo Grednod Roblamvisk Nicknamed "The Dagger," he's mostly well-known for his hyper-competitiveness in the field of endurance racing. He's been known to thrown tantrums after losing a race and has caused a number of wrecks during a race as well. He enjoyed some popularity in the 90s but recently his popularity has been waning. #1 in Sostynak Helda Narvavola Nicknamed "Wildfire," she is known for performing some wild stunts during her races. Despite this KASHKAR fans often complain of her unnecessary show-boating, and she's been known to have been in the most wrecks of any of the top drivers. Because of this, she is the least popular, but at this point in her career, she practically encourages the "boo"ing. #1 in Kyatlek Balna Lotmedvola Nicknamed "Steadystone," she's known for playing it safe during the races. She has never had a wreck in her entire career. This often makes her fall below other top drivers in the rankings, but she still manages to stay at the top compared to other drivers. She enjoys some level of popularity with KASHKAR fans who admire her safety-first attitude. #1 in Marka Sango Roddunvo Nicknamed "Hotrod," he's not particularly known for anything remarkable in the field of racing other than being able to earn a place in the top rankings. However, he is known for having a different woman or man on his arm practically every couple of weeks or so. His name became more familiar to KASHKAR fans after an incident involving an ex-girlfriend of his trying to wreck his car in the middle of the race. #1 in Drakam Tomgot Pargomvisk Nicknamed "The Kid," he was known for being the youngest driver in the races when he entered into KASHKAR at twelve years old. He was immensely popular as a kid, but as an adult - he doesn't enjoy as much popularity as he used to. He still has his share of fans, however. #1 in Rabal Kellat Kelhatviska Previously nicknamed "Lightspeed" for her easygoing demeanor and soft spot for her fans, she has recently gained the name "Death Puncher" after not only surviving a near fatal wreck in the late 80s, but also a four-year battle with cancer in the 2010s. She's started to become something of a legend among her fans. #1 in Shakel Sambra Matrumvo Nicknamed "The Whisper," he's known for pulling off a win at the last possible moment before any driver has noticed him. He's also known for being the "strong, quiet" type as during interviews he generally just nods or makes the occasional gesture to indicate "not caring" about the question asked of him. KASHKAR fans generally have mixed feelings about him or are just unsure of what to make of him. #1 in Nykel Lota Malmegavola Nicknamed "The Viper," she is known for her sidewinding and small hit-and-runs during the races. Despite displaying similar behavior to "The Dagger" she enjoys a lot more popularity than he does and seems to only be gaining in popularity. It probably helps that she doesn't have temper tantrums like he does. #1 in Krona Walshar Kimlad Nicknamed "The Wall," he's known for being able to block other drivers from racing past him once he gets into first place. On one occasion, he was rammed from behind by Grednod "The Dagger" Roblamvisk and managed to stay in the race while keeping Grednod firmly behind him. He enjoys a modest number of fans who always get excited when he makes first. #1 in Danir Argram Golrumvol Nicknamed "Sandstorm," Argram is known for excelling in all races in the Cashari Desert. They seem to struggle when it comes to non-desert races, though, particularly on the Marjan Mountain Madness track. Nonetheless, they enjoy a steady stream of popularity with KASHKAR fans who often remark that Argram could probably drive through the desert blindfolded and still win. #1 in Bitkan Qusam Kusnetvo Nicknamed "Quantum Physics," he's mostly known for rambling about physics after winning a race. On one notable occasion, he even pulled out a presentation board to indicate his key to victory in that race. He is not particularly popular among KASHKAR fans; though, he enjoys some popularity as a physics professor.
  11. Welcome, Ekar! Your nation sounds interesting! I hope you enjoy it here!
  12. Welcome to Eurth! I hope you enjoy it here!
  13. I like the idea of there being set categories / themes because it kinda gives a direction, and it'd be fun to see what people do with those categories! Although, it would be much sad that you'd have to abstain from submitting designs because I bet your designs would be really awesome! EDIT: Wait... What if.... What if we still did the set categories things but still did the community vote? Is that an option? Could we do that? That way you could still participate, too!
  14. I was somewhat concerned when you popped up, but upon your assurances, I am a little less concerned. A little less. Still... An interesting choice for a nation name. Have you considered something, uh... a little more subtle, maybe? (I mean, maybe not one to talk here since my nation's name is Cashar, has cash in the name, and its literally run by a conglomerate of corporations, but it does kinda sound like an actual country name - my nation is a hypercapitalistic somewhat dystopic parody of sorts itself) Maybe Celastan? Or Incastan? I think you have an interesting, if indeed nightmarish, idea!
  15. The Triple Opoly Building - 2015 Design Plans Architecture Firm: Imagineer Structures, Inc. History: Imagineer Structures, Inc. got its jumpstart in 1920 and became wildly successful in the 1930s after multiple designs submitted and approved for the city of Malmega's buildings including the Malmega Mega Mall. Details: The Triple Opoly Building is 430 meters high. It has eighty-two floors. The upper-most floors contain an indoor theme park with food, gambling parlors, bumper cars, and a giant slide. The rooftop allows for the construction of an extensive rooftop garden for relaxation and quiet contemplation. The building is designed with built-in, strategically placed solar panels and may be able to run on 68.7% solar power during the day. Challenges: Taking into account the nation of Orioni's current labor laws which are vastly different from the Incorporated States of Cashar meant having to make some sacrifices in terms of features - particularly concerning may be the building's susceptibility to earthquakes - however this can be mitigated by the appropriate use of reinforcement construction materials. *None of these designs were drawn by me - but I did give them the pencil sketch look.
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