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  1. News Report 03/27/2021 Guns, Games, and Galahinda Following the finished embassy in Galahinda, Battle-Tech Industries stepped up to the plate to provide our ally with arms, both open arms and of the gun-related variety. Among standard-issue Cashari guns such as the Karat-42 and Smitnovo Model 50 and more, Battle-Tech Industries unveiled its latest development project: Able to fire at a pace that has been dubbed by safety engineers as "insane," this new model of gun is also being presented to our Galahinda ally during the Peace Conference between our two nations. Battle-Tech Industri
  2. News Report 02/26/2021 Water Crisis Update! As Cashar began to face a water crisis in February 5th of this year, Orioni reached out to our government in order to offer assistance in the form of a floating desalination ship. The ship was greeted with open arms by the Cashari people. Not to be outdone, Cashar's island neighbor, Esonice, stepped up to provide humanitarian aid in the form of water and healthcare workers to treat dehydrated Cashari in the urban painted districts of Cashar. The country owes these two fine nations a great deal of gratitude and have hailed their respective heads
  3. Cashar


    The Cashar Association for Super Hot Continuous Auto Racing (KASHKAR) – This is a Cashari endurance auto racing sanctioning and operating company. The company was privately owned by Bilbat Kridshar in 1938 and his son, Jimbat Kridshar has since taken over the company. Each year, KASHKAR sanctions over 100 races on 10 tracks in Cashar. It also founded the Cashar Rally in 1987. Tracks Pictured: The Cashari Desert Circuit in Golrum, Danir. 1. Cashari Desert Circuit - Known for its twisting, winding roads, the Cashari Desert Circuit was one of the first race tracks built in Cashar and came
  4. Kisyak's eyes widened when Ismael got into touch with the leader of San Castellino, El Presidente. "Ah! You enrich me greatly with the thought that I might visit with your highly esteemed leader! My dear friend, my proposals will make all of us very, very rich! Very rich indeed!" He gestured in a manner suggesting that Ismael go ahead with the phone call. "I actually need to step back a bit and confer with my people as well. It is a big deal to be meeting with El Presidente himself. I will return shortly after these messages!" With that, he stepped out of the office to confer privately
  5. @Iverica Ooooh. Bight of Monran?
  6. To: Councillor of Foreign Affairs, Orioni From: Conglomerate of Corporations, Cashar Subject: Re: Water shortage offer of assistance Lovely, wonderful, absolutely opportune to have received your offer of assistance. The distance between our two countries is vast, but your offer has closed a different kind of distance between our two glorious countries. We are willing to allow you to pass peaceably through our waters in order to supply the country with the water it needs up until such time that our engineers can return one of our critical desalination plants back into working order. Our coun
  7. Hi there! Nice job introducing yourself IC! Feel free to introduce yourself on our Discord as well! Ahem. Let me also introduce IC: Welcome, welcome, Speaker! I am Kisyak Surfirvo, Managerial Ambassador General from the Embassy of the Incorporated States of Cashar in the exotic lands of western Alharu (please see our Complete Tourism Package for more details)! We are primarily a parliamentary republic under a constitutional corporatocracy with a strong focus on economic interests and ventures. Our core tenets are productivity, the pursuit of happiness, and profit! Especially profit. We hop
  8. Near the western coast of Cashar is the Marjan Mountains stretching west, and near the eastern coast (and extending south) are the Walstret Mountains. The highest peak in Cashar is Mount Lazez in the Marjan Mountains at 3, 488 m.
  9. Can this little area northwest of Protiva be called the Gulf of Monran? Or is it too small? Monran Bay?
  10. News Report 02/05/2021 After a desert storm rolled in and knocked out power to one of Cashar's desalination plants, the country is facing a water shortage. Experts say if something isn't done soon, hundreds of thousands of people could be without water within a couple of weeks. Actus Extreme, Co. - the cactus-flavored beverages that go to the extreme - had this to say about the news of the water shortage: "People need water almost as much as they need cold hard cash. This company has focused on bringing the public flavorful beverages with extra caffeine and sweet syrupy goodness fo
  11. Kisyak waited with some patience to be allowed to see the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He checked his watch a few times and considered his surroundings thoughtfully. Some countries just didn't know the wonders of speedy customer service. It was sad, but again, none of his business. He remained smiling and smiled even bigger when the secretary came up to him and escorted him towards the minister's office. He had a firm hold of his suitcase but took Ismael's hand and gave it a firm and vigorous salesman-like shake. "A pleasure, a pleasure, to be sure! Absolutely wonderful to see you at last,
  12. Managerial Ambassador General Kisyak Surfirvo enjoyed his flight on Bella Aires Air. The telenovela as his on-flight movie was a bit too dramatic for his tastes, and he was surprised there wasn't more in-flight advertising, but hey, what another country did or didn't advertise wasn't any of his business. But! Business was precisely why he had decided to drop by for a visit at San Castellino's embassy. In his arms, he carried a suitcase (with prominent Cashari advertising covering the entire case) filled with documents for peaceful negotiations and trade proposals regarding imports and exports
  13. The Corporate Embassy of Cashar Cashar's primary embassy exists in the capital city of Protiva and is known as the Corporate Embassy of Cashar. It is headed by the Managerial Ambassador General, currently Kisyak Surfirvo. The Cashari have a variety of opinions on other countries. They generally view tourists and other visitors to their country with fondness, but a good portion of Cashari are not too keen on actual immigration in their country. In addition, there tends to be some protest about whether or not Cashar should provide international aid to needy countries, and the current stance
  14. Major Industries Tourism (General) - Good Times Travel Corp. - This company is a Cashari offline and online travel shopping company for consumer, small, and large business travel. It was founded in 1961. - Yednisvo Touring – This touring company, hotel, and cruise line is a subsidary of The Yednisvo Company and founded in 1990. - Sunny Bliss Cruise Lines- This Cashari company was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Curren, Centavo. - Hathat Hotels, Corp. - This Cashari company has the groan-worthy motto of a "A place to hang your hat." But it owns a number of luxury and business
  15. News Report 02/01/2021 Serial killer, Tedak Bundenisk, has finally been caught after the murders of five women, three androgynes, and two men. His crimes were so grotesque - many in Cashar were calling for the death penalty to be reinstated. Deliberation occured in the Board and Bureau as pressure mounted from all sides. In a stunning turn of events, the vote for the death penalty was ultimately struck down as being against Cashari values and ideals. Instead, Tedak Bundenisk is sentenced to hard labor in the jade mines for crimes against humanity under heavy guard with no possibility
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