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  1. Hello young friend. I hope you're doing well. Stay healthy.

  2. Right on! This is exactly what Kylaris did. There's also a lot of good information on that here. The names are all pretty messy, so I'll probably make a standalone post explaining all the moves and changes.
  3. == == == == = = == == == == // RESTRICTED // FALCON // C 1438Z 28 MAR 2020 FM AL EMB DEOPLS TO MINFOR ARKHVN IMDT CC MINTRA ARKHVN IMDT AL CSG TRINTY IMDT AL EMB YULAA IMDT AL EMB BRMWCH IMDT == == == == = = == == == == SUBJECT: Presscon notes — Salvia negotiating "development deal" with Palu nations, possibly Oyus TAGS: POL, DIP, ECN, SV, EU, MZ, OY SIG: AMDR Fred S. ABELSUND Andallan Embassy Deopolis 1. In a press conference held at 1600H local ti
  4. Diplomatic cable template Reading an Andallan diplomatic cable List of Codes
  5. Changelog Broken link? Need a template? Consult the changelog to view our progress in resolving the issues above. Major Updates [05-06-20] Created Template:Eurth as a duplicate of Template:Europa. The old template will remain so as not to cause any broken calls. Replacing all calls of {{Europa}} with {{Eurth}} must be done manually. Minor Updates [04-19-20] New Salvia flag file (SICflag.png) uploaded w/o wave effect, special thanks to @Salvia. [05-06-20] Updated File:Flag of Tagmatium.png with the "clean" version, courtesy of @Tagmatium Rules. In o
  6. PROJECT: WIKI CLEANUP Ever since we began the mass migration to IIWiki in early 2018, it has quickly become the go-to site for reference in our community. From the political parties in Orioni, to the 2018 EurthVision competition in Prymont, to the annals of the greatest Empire in history, IIWiki simply has it all. It is an indispensable hub of knowledge at your fingertips, granting quick and instant access to almost any fact and figure of any nation on Eurth. It is, quite simply, our treasure trove of information. And part of our duty in maintaining this cherished jewel is kee
  7. List of Diplomatic Missions Adaptus Honorary Consulate of Andalla in Novumcastrum Afropa Embassy of Andalla in Dieudonné Ahrana Embassy of Andalla in Moskovo Consulate-General of Andalla in Peterburi Astriedan Honorary Consulate of Andalla in Curia Cashar Embassy of Andalla in Protiva Consulate-General of Andalla in Malmega Cristina Embassy of Andalla in Cristina Fjallshima Embassy of Andalla in Yokoholm Fulgistan Embassy of Andalla in Bogd Gioro Consulate-General of Andalla in Wulumqi Gallambria Embassy of Andalla in Bromwich Giokto Emba
  8. YES! A new neighbor You better finish my train deal with Kipan because blasted Rihan took off without reaching any agreement with me (jk)
  9. Requesting for this to replace the flag of Giokto on the map. I'll handle the IIWiki file. Thanks! (Did I intentionally violate the Rule of Tincture? Why yes, yes I did.)
  10. At that moment, Bendtsen's eyes were opened to the realization of the mess he had just created. Fool. In one fell swoop, the intimidating Mr. fan Oliefaaire had managed to highlight—in one way or another—all three major flaws plaguing the draft proposal. Bendtsen was far too ambitious. Dare he, the little delegate of a little island-nation, confront an intercontinental forum with such an audacious proposal—on its first-ever session? Neither was he an expert on the topic at hand, that he might be able to gain a proper grasp of his proposed actions. No, that duty should have
  11. You know what? We should get active, seasoned members from the days of old to write short abstracts describing stuff in Europa — countries, former countries, historical events and all. For us little children.
  12. Should've probably joined the discussion long before, but well, here I am. I've went through the entire thread and I guess it can be concluded that Christianity is significantly more divided here than it is IRL (time for some... international organizations!), which means I'll have to choose a "faction". So I'll be tracing my Christian roots to the Salvian-Iverican branch, as it makes the most sense historically and culturally, plus I've discussed it a bit with @Salvia before. Thing is, Andalla was pretty isolationist until the early 1600's, at which point we decided to make a turn fo
  13. Right on point! The embassy thing is a great idea, if we flesh out the rules a bit. In a globalized world, one would be more likely to have an embassy than not. I think the problem here is many people think that having embassies automatically means "we're best friends". Which may be the case, but often it just means "we're cool with each other" or "we're not enemies" or something along the lines of that. Then again we have to emphasize lore first, then RP. What many people don't like about this whole endeavor is that it's a large-scale global thing, which may put off some (like the "
  14. Hmm... Come to think about it. Does the community prefer this whole UN thing to be set up in the present timeline, or done retrospectively? Each one has their ups and downs. I've noticed, for the longest time now, a majority of the community supports doing it in the present timeline, i.e. we have an actual war/catalyst event right now so that we can create the UN. This is far more efficient and easier to manage as opposed to doing it retrospectively, as we don't need to consider its effects on the present-day—because we are doing it in the present. On the other hand, the creat
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