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  1. Hello young friend. I hope you're doing well. Stay healthy.

  2. Right on! This is exactly what Kylaris did. There's also a lot of good information on that here. The names are all pretty messy, so I'll probably make a standalone post explaining all the moves and changes.
  3. == == == == = = == == == == // RESTRICTED // FALCON // C 1438Z 28 MAR 2020 FM AL EMB DEOPLS TO MINFOR ARKHVN IMDT CC MINTRA ARKHVN IMDT AL CSG TRINTY IMDT AL EMB YULAA IMDT AL EMB BRMWCH IMDT == == == == = = == == == == SUBJECT: Presscon notes — Salvia negotiating "development deal" with Palu nations, possibly Oyus TAGS: POL, DIP, ECN, SV, EU, MZ, OY SIG: AMDR Fred S. ABELSUND Andallan Embassy Deopolis 1. In a press conference held at 1600H local time, Salvian Trade Minister Leo CONWAY announced a so-called "develop- ment deal" with Metztitlalio and Eulycea. The deal, which was reportedly still undergoing negotiations, would see Salvia providing several billions of dollars worth of fi- nancial assistance to the two Palu nations. 2. The deal was described as a "win-win", as the loans provided to stimulate the two economies would also benefit Salvian trade interests. The move is seen as part of an aggressive, two-year Salvian economic expansion that has greatly benefited the nation. 3. Mr. Conway also hinted at the possibility of extending the terms of the deal to include Oyus, only several hun- dred KM off the SE coast of the Palu peninsula. 4. In recent years, Salvia has enjoyed healthy relations with all three nations, most especially with Eulycea. Re- lations continue to improve. # # # E N D # # # == == == == = = == == == ==
  4. Diplomatic cable template Reading an Andallan diplomatic cable List of Codes
  5. Changelog Broken link? Need a template? Consult the changelog to view our progress in resolving the issues above. Major Updates [05-06-20] Created Template:Eurth as a duplicate of Template:Europa. The old template will remain so as not to cause any broken calls. Replacing all calls of {{Europa}} with {{Eurth}} must be done manually. Minor Updates [04-19-20] New Salvia flag file (SICflag.png) uploaded w/o wave effect, special thanks to @Salvia. [05-06-20] Updated File:Flag of Tagmatium.png with the "clean" version, courtesy of @Tagmatium Rules. In order to see the new file, please clear browser cache. Also updated page categories. [05-06-20] Replaced all pages linking to the old Salvia flag (UJijPQG - Imgur.jpg) with SICflag.png. Also updated page categories. [05-06-20] All references to Iverica flag.jpg and Iverica Federation Flag Draft V2.3.png have been updated to Flag of Iverica.png (wave effect removed). Furthermore, Iverica Federation Flag Draft V2.3.png now redirects to the new file. [05-06-20] Updated Category:Sanctum Imperium Catholicum to Category:Eurth. Created Category:Salvia as a redirect page. [05-06-20] Updated Flag of Ahrana.png with the file from Flag of Ahrana.PNG, removing the wave effect and also updating to the new flag. All links to Flag of Ahrana.PNG have been updated accordingly. Also updated categories. Issues Here you'll see a list of unresolved issues, sorted by agenda item (see above post for details). 1. Fixing list articles Create a subcategory for lists and topic pages in order to differentiate them from normal articles, as these require special community attention. 2. Removing Europa references Re-categorize all pages, files and subcategories of Category:Europa and migrate to Category:Eurth. Is there a way to do this quickly? Find and replace all references to "Europa" in articles. Our most beloved navbox is still called "Template:Europa". WARNING: Changing the name may cause broken links in every page using the template. Handle with care. Fix up the page Europa (region). Preferably, it should be a redirect to the Eurth page, not an article of its own. Rename Flag-of-Europa.png. WARNING: This image is linked to the navbox. Please update the navbox image link also when migrating the image. Not really a Europa reference, but Synturia still exists and needs to be removed. 2b. Removing Rihan references Who exactly are Rihan's puppets, and is there anyone willing to "adopt" them? Better list them first before scrapping anything. Wiki pages for Rihan's puppets still exist (also here and here), as well as mentions of them on other pages. Archive them, record them somewhere, then mark all the articles for deletion. Scrap the mentions. 3. Developing templates Fix up the "Country Data" templates. Preferably, create a sub-category for this so that new members can add in their own. 4. Updating images lorem ipsum 5. Removing the wave effect in flags Outdated: Flag_of_Ahrana.png. Simply update with the new one. As numerous pages are still using the old one, the suggested course of action is: (1) upload the new version of the flag to the old flag page, (2) delete the new flag page, (3) then update the Ahrana main article to link to the old flag page. Wave effect: Flag_of_Beleareas.jpg. It shouldn't be too hard to re-create the flag. Wave effect: Flag_of_Great_Burlington.jpg. Is there any existing "clean" version of this flag? It may be a bit difficult to trace this. Wave effect: Iverica_flag.jpg. A clean version can be found here. Same course of action as #1; however, do take note that the new page links to two articles, not one. Also, could we just move it to a new page? Instead of "Iverica flag.jpg" we can rename it to "Flag of Iverica.jpg" just like the rest. Wave effect: Flag_of_Miiros.jpg. Same as #3. Prioritize looking for an existing clean version rather than making a completely new one. Wave effect: Flag_of_Pallamara.jpg. I doubt there's any existing clean version. Although it looks a lot easier to trace, so there's that. Wave effect: FlagofPyeMcGowan.jpeg. Looks difficult to trace. There may not be any clean version of this. Wave effect: UJijPQG_-_Imgur.jpg (Flag of Salvia). It doesn't look to hard to recreate but an existing clean version would always be good Wave effect: Flag_of_Tagmatium.png. Definitely would be difficult to retrace, so we'd be better off looking for an existing clean version. Wave effect: Flag_of_Suverina.jpg. Basically #3. Wave effect: Youtabonia_791261.png. Also see #3. 6. Creating a manual of style lorem ipsum
  6. PROJECT: WIKI CLEANUP Ever since we began the mass migration to IIWiki in early 2018, it has quickly become the go-to site for reference in our community. From the political parties in Orioni, to the 2018 EurthVision competition in Prymont, to the annals of the greatest Empire in history, IIWiki simply has it all. It is an indispensable hub of knowledge at your fingertips, granting quick and instant access to almost any fact and figure of any nation on Eurth. It is, quite simply, our treasure trove of information. And part of our duty in maintaining this cherished jewel is keeping it clean, orderly and presentable. That's not to say it isn't, but hey, there's always room for improvement, right? After all, we take pride as a community in our revered values of quality and excellence. One way we can work towards that is by helping improve our very own Eurth IIWiki network, even through taking small steps in improving the fine details of our wiki pages. Why we do this It's simple. A cleaner space creates a more welcoming environment. Our main objectives are to streamline the process of creating and editing articles, as well as to provide the necessary wiki resources to assist community members in writing their articles. And while we're at it, we could also make the Eurth wiki network just a tad bit more appealing to the eye, most especially the eyes of other regions. But that's an idea for another time. Our central goals Enough of that introduction and let's get straight to business. Here are the seven central goals of Project: Wiki Cleanup. 1. Standardize and streamline the list article system. You can probably tell it from the name—a "list article" is simply a list that's an article. Basically, it's all those "List of countries on Eurth by X" articles. Here are a few examples: List of Spoken Languages on Eurth List of countries by GDP on Eurth Visa Requirements of Eurth Tax rates in Eurth From the surface you might already notice that the naming system is a bit... anarchic. To include "List of...", or not to include? Should "Spoken Languages" even be capitalized? How about in Eurth, on Eurth, or of Eurth? Furthermore, the layout of the article itself may be a bit counter-intuitive or user-unfriendly, mostly due to everyone just dumping their stuff everywhere. But that's never too big a problem. Luckily, Wikipedia has its own manual of style for these types of articles, which I'll be studying soon. Also, I paid a visit to our good friends Kylaris, who seem to have a pretty neat list article system (see here as well). 2. Replace all references to "Europa" and replace with "Eurth". No, not the continent Europa, silly. I mean the region Europa. You know, the one where we were all banned from? Funny enough, more pages link to Category:Europa than to Category:Eurth. It's a minor problem at most, and can be easily fixed. That way, we can consolidate all Eurth-related pages into one category, while at the same time clearing up the name "Europa" for use by those on the actual continent itself. 2b. Remove all references to Rihan and its puppets, wherever possible. As per the Statement on the removal of Rihan and associated accounts, all references to Rihan's puppets (Kipan, Tikva, Aluxia) are to be retconned. At this moment, however, there remains no clear consensus on how to handle references to the nation of Rihan itself. In line with these decisions, it is only appropriate that—although we may not be able to completely erase all references—we strive to reduce mentions of any Rihan-related subject on the wiki. This includes the deletion of any Rihan-related page, wherever possible. (For the purposes of clarity, "Rihan-related" pertains not only to subjects related to Rihan, but also to its aforementioned puppet nations.) The key phrase here is "wherever possible". Rihan and its puppets have made an undeniably sizable impact on the canon lore of Eurth. But, wherever possible, we must undertake the aforementioned measures to ultimately reduce the influence that Rihan has illegitimately gained in our community. 3. Oversee the development and documentation of relevant wiki templates. For this I've already created a category page for all Eurth-specific templates. These include the navbox at the bottom of every page, and the region icon. For this, we'll need the help of those experienced in Wikipedia markup, as well as those willing to learn. We'll also create a simple page explaining what each template does, and when or where you should use it. 4. Update outdated maps and images, wherever possible. Self-explanatory. The many wonderful maps of Eurth are ever-changing, but unfortunately our wiki isn't able to keep up. Updating an image can be as easy as simply uploading the new version on the existing page, which should take only a few minutes at most. 4b. Remove the "wave effect" in flag image files. Certain flag images have been taken from NS, and thus have been defaced by the "wave flag" graphic. Removing the wave effect might even be as simple as replacing the old flag of Ahrana with the new one. Other flags like Miiros and Great Burlington, however, are another story. 5. Create a simple changelog to report and record important changes in the wiki. Mostly to tell users what's new and what important changes have been made. This is especially important when moving an article to a new name, as other pages linking to the old article name will not change (this results in a redlink). 6. Create a basic Manual of Style for writing articles. Now, I don't mean to say we recreate this beast. After all, it's already there, and it's all up to you if you'd like to give it a read. What I mean is that we create simple guidelines on how to find your way around the deep and intricate workings of IIWiki. Simple tutorial articles on how to use certain wiki features like templates, how to name special pages, how to write a lead section, and the like. At most this is only a minor detail, so it definitely doesn't need to be focused on. But it's always good to have one. 7. Encourage cooperation and ensure readily-available community assistance in improving articles. Seriously—if you see a typo, a broken link, or wrong source code, fix it! Of course, do notify the article owner for courtesy. But I'm sure anyone would be very happy to receive a little bit of assistance in their grand project. Likewise, don't be afraid to ask on Discord for help in using templates, infoboxes, text formatting, and the like. What now? Well, we get straight to work! I'll be using this page to list issues that need to be resolved, as well as to report the progress of this project as described in goal 5. If you, too, have a little free time on your hands and/or are willing to contribute your Wiki markup expertise, don't hesitate to help out!
  7. List of Diplomatic Missions Adaptus Honorary Consulate of Andalla in Novumcastrum Afropa Embassy of Andalla in Dieudonné Ahrana Embassy of Andalla in Moskovo Consulate-General of Andalla in Peterburi Astriedan Honorary Consulate of Andalla in Curia Cashar Embassy of Andalla in Protiva Consulate-General of Andalla in Malmega Cristina Embassy of Andalla in Cristina Fjallshima Embassy of Andalla in Yokoholm Fulgistan Embassy of Andalla in Bogd Gioro Consulate-General of Andalla in Wulumqi Gallambria Embassy of Andalla in Bromwich Giokto Embassy of Andalla in Saipuo Consulate-General of Andalla in Chiongto Consulate-General of Andalla in Kaohen Consulate-General of Andalla in Samto Consulate-General of Andalla in Yasiu Consulate of Andalla in Liangsiu Consulate of Andalla in Tailam Girkmand Embassy of Andalla in Girk Consulate-General of Andalla in Goodwill Iverica Embassy of Andalla in Intreimor Consulate-General of Andalla in Manille Consulate-General of Andalla in Porto Altaria Consulate of Andalla in Subíc Consulate of Andalla in Toledo Limonaia Embassy of Andalla in Limone Little Flau Embassy of Andalla in Aulon Consulate-General of Andalla in Fush Consulate-General of Andalla in Phika Lysian Republic Embassy of Andalla in Lyrie Magnaeus Honorary Consulate of Andalla in Venège Mauridiviah Embassy of Andalla in Maurotopia Orioni Embassy of Andalla in O'polis Consulate-General of Andalla in Meda Consulate-General of Andalla in Nordhaven Consulate-General of Andalla in Zuidhaven Consulate of Andalla in Vega Oyus Embassy of Andalla in Yulaa Prymont Embassy of Andalla in New Halsham Consulate-General of Andalla in Canastota Rohini Consulate-General of Andalla in Vali Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Embassy of Andalla in Deopolis Consulate-General of Andalla in Trinity Selayar Embassy of Andalla in Wanavera'a Consulate-General of Andalla in Mawura Consulate-General of Andalla in Ratnapura Seylos Embassy of Andalla in Selbourne Consulate-General of Andalla in Norfolk Sunset Sea Islands Embassy of Andalla in Sunset City Consulate-General of Andalla in Asimov Consulate-General of Andalla in Esperanza Consulate-General of Andalla in Porto Libertad Tagmatium Embassy of Andalla in Tagmatika Variota Embassy of Andalla in Ferrefaaierhafen Consulate-General of Andalla in Grootwaterflakte Other Diplomatic Missions Permanent Mission of Andalla to ATARA in Porto Altaria The Commonwealth of Andalla Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs 3230 Rohås Boulevard, Eremitås Arkhavn 10050 ☎ Call us (02) 2149 3200 (02) 2198 3200 Fax: (02) 2853 8914
  8. YES! A new neighbor 😍 You better finish my train deal with Kipan because blasted Rihan took off without reaching any agreement with me 😠 (jk)
  9. Requesting for this to replace the flag of Giokto on the map. I'll handle the IIWiki file. Thanks! 😄 (Did I intentionally violate the Rule of Tincture? Why yes, yes I did.)
  10. At that moment, Bendtsen's eyes were opened to the realization of the mess he had just created. Fool. In one fell swoop, the intimidating Mr. fan Oliefaaire had managed to highlight—in one way or another—all three major flaws plaguing the draft proposal. Bendtsen was far too ambitious. Dare he, the little delegate of a little island-nation, confront an intercontinental forum with such an audacious proposal—on its first-ever session? Neither was he an expert on the topic at hand, that he might be able to gain a proper grasp of his proposed actions. No, that duty should have belonged to Tom Svert, Ph.D., President of the Andallan Institute of Economics and Business Management—the oldest and most prestigious business school in the country. Dr. Svert was a close friend of his, whom Bendtsen had considered talking to regarding the draft proposal. Despite this, it was Bendtsen himself who hesitated contacting Svert, as he thought it be better not to disrupt the Doctor's busy schedule. He was left with nothing but his experience on chairing the Andallan parliament's Small Business Development Committee. To top it all—in his fruitless haste, Bendtsen had also managed to slide in a few errors and poorly thought-out clauses. The dates mentioned Article 4 were mostly placeholders that he had forgotten to revise; likewise, "a certain ATARA member state" was supposed to be "any". Alexander Bendtsen: Foreign Minister, Delegate of Andalla, national embarrassment. The events of two days previous played before his eyes. Mr. Caballeros' proposal had been shot down for an apparent lack of proper details; and though Bendtsen's was far more lengthy and extensive, he knew his GENCOTS was severely lacking. Nevertheless, after fourteen minutes of frantic revision, Bendtsen once again assumed his place on the podium. Placing a dark-green binder notebook atop the lectern, he lowered the two mics and began to speak. "To the Panel, most esteemed delegates, colleagues and guests. The Delegate of Variota raised three points of clarification, specifically regarding Article 2, Section 3, and Article 4, Sections 4 and 5." He turned around momentarily to face Mr. fan Ollefaaire, bowing his head slightly as if respectfully acknowledging his remarks. "Firstly, this delegate would like to correct the wording found in Article 2, Section 3, '... if at least 45% of the product's total content originates from any certain ATARA member state.' Additionally, the clause shall be amended to clarify that the 45% in question may not necessarily originate from a single member state." "Likewise, Article 4, Section 4 shall be appended to include a clause defining the 'costs' in question, specifically: handling fees, consular transactions, customs documentation fees, financial transactions, and inspection & sanitation services." "Lastly, all the due dates mentioned specifically in Article 4, Sections 1, 3 and 5, shall be pushed forward; the said sections will be amended accordingly. '11th of July' as mentioned in Article 4, Section 5 shall be moved to the 30th of September, giving member states 3 and a half months to consider the regulations and requirements as set out by this Agreement. Similarly, Article 4, Sections 1 and 3 shall be amended, such that the process of reduction begins on 1 January 2019 and ends 31 December 2024." "In summary, member states will be given 3 and a half months from signing in order to lay out their respective plans and frameworks, to be announced publicly on the 30th of September. Thus the entire Q4 from October to December shall be allotted for companies to prepare for the said tariff reduction measures, which will begin to take force on January 1, 2019." Unsure of what to do next, Bendtsen remained on the podium, trying to close his binder notebook very slowly as if eagerly awaiting Morra's reponse.
  11. You know what? We should get active, seasoned members from the days of old to write short abstracts describing stuff in Europa — countries, former countries, historical events and all. For us little children.
  12. Should've probably joined the discussion long before, but well, here I am. I've went through the entire thread and I guess it can be concluded that Christianity is significantly more divided here than it is IRL (time for some... international organizations!), which means I'll have to choose a "faction". So I'll be tracing my Christian roots to the Salvian-Iverican branch, as it makes the most sense historically and culturally, plus I've discussed it a bit with @Salvia before. Thing is, Andalla was pretty isolationist until the early 1600's, at which point we decided to make a turn for the better and start sending merchant ships on voyages to everywhere (A thing I call the "Andallan Expansion"—no, not territorial nor political, but rather social, cultural and economic). Basically just like what the Vikings did, but on a larger scale, done peacefully, and much later—the Viking Age lasted from 793–1066 AD, whereas this one took place between the 1600's and 1800's. Let's assume Andalla's Christianization went this way, a bit similar to what happened in Scandinavia: The Gospel reaches Andalla through missionaries sometime around the turn of the 16th century, i.e. between the late 1500's and early 1600's. The kings are convinced, converted and baptized, along with many others. The kings themselves are the ones who solidify the Christianization process, rather than the missionaries. The missionaries are there to make the Gospel known, but the kings are the ones who really implement it. Andalla is left pretty much independent due to the distance and sheer lack of connection, though still de facto falling under the Salvian-Iverican church and adhering to their doctrines. Salvia suggested the creation of an order of priests to be sent to Thalassa sometime during the mid-1500's, as an offshoot of the Crusades which were called in 1551. I'd say this would be one of the major underlying causes of the Andallan Expansion—the acceptance and rapid spread of a foreign faith prompting Andallans to go further out and discover what more lay beyond the sea. It's basically a no-questions-asked obedient subordinate of the Salvian Church until maybe the early 1800's, at the culmination of the Andallan Expansion. Now reaping the benefits of two centuries of hard work, Andalla has become a regional power in its own right. At this point the people have two choices—either remain within the Salvian Church, or split off. Naturally, I'd want to choose "split off" to become Lutheran, though not a full split like what the Scandinavians did. Rather, I'll have the Salvian-Iverican church coexist with the new one up to the present day, the new one having more followers but still very similar in size. The problem here is we don't seem to have any solid Protestant movement on Eurth, and you can probably tell where the name "Lutheran" comes from. I'm also thinking of evolving this Lutheran denomination into a more neutral, Evangelical one for the sake of simplicity, but that's a story for later. Given the unusually small size of Protestantism here, @Seylos being the only other Protestant as per @Faramount's post, would it be feasible to have Andalla as one of the "centers" of the Protestant movement? It would definitely cause a bit of a stir-up with Salvia, but judging by our current state of relations today (Andallan-Salvian mutual development agreement 😉), it's probably safe to say that the hostility has died down long ago.
  13. Right on point! The embassy thing is a great idea, if we flesh out the rules a bit. In a globalized world, one would be more likely to have an embassy than not. I think the problem here is many people think that having embassies automatically means "we're best friends". Which may be the case, but often it just means "we're cool with each other" or "we're not enemies" or something along the lines of that. Then again we have to emphasize lore first, then RP. What many people don't like about this whole endeavor is that it's a large-scale global thing, which may put off some (like the "I CAN'T WRITE 6 F*ING NOVELS Discord guy). Set up the lore first, acknowledge its existence. Then it's your choice if you want to actually RP it or not.
  14. Hmm... Come to think about it. Does the community prefer this whole UN thing to be set up in the present timeline, or done retrospectively? Each one has their ups and downs. I've noticed, for the longest time now, a majority of the community supports doing it in the present timeline, i.e. we have an actual war/catalyst event right now so that we can create the UN. This is far more efficient and easier to manage as opposed to doing it retrospectively, as we don't need to consider its effects on the present-day—because we are doing it in the present. On the other hand, the creation of the UN itself in 1945 has played an undeniably massive role in how the world has developed since then. Sure, a lot of people—especially in the US and elsewhere—don't exactly see the UN as an effective lawmaking body, but we can't deny that the UN has made a huge indirect impact on how things are run. Perhaps not in the area of war and politics, but rather in economics, trade and globalization. (TL;DR at bottom 😅) To start it off, I'm sure everybody here knows basically every nation is dependent on globalization (trade, travel, communications, etc.). Some will claim to be more self-sufficient than others, which is acceptable—but what do you think would happen to your nation if you were isolated? Well, of course you'd probably still maintain connections with your closest neighbors. But allow me to ask one question: Does Eurth's lack of connections between nations justify our level of technology? Since we're a modern-tech group, we're assumed to have all, or most of the technologies and innovations that real life has to offer. That means standardization exists. Without standardization, we wouldn't have these things: (EDIT: Read only the stuff in bold if you don't want to get bored) A global Internet network. This is pretty much a given. At the bare-bones level the Internet is just a really good communication medium, and you can't communicate properly without first understanding each other. Communication. From snail mail and telegrams to text messages and telephone calls, it's standardized every step of the way. Again, you can't communicate properly without first understanding each other. International trade. Mostly through container ships, but also by road, rail and air. There are plenty of standards surrounding the sizes of the containers that things are placed in, most notably (a) cardboard boxes, (b) cargo pallets, and (c) shipping containers. Before standards were developed, you had to find some way to pack up your stuff, throw it in the cargo hold, and hope that it fits. Definitely nowhere near the efficiency of the global economy today. Food surplus. Same idea as the previous one. Human civilization exists because of food surplus—one person can feed more than only himself. International trade allows countries to easily exchange food and send it where it's needed. If not, your nation should have a lot more farmers and shepherds than there should be. Transportation. Air traffic control procedures, airport facilities, railway gauges, road construction, fuel, vehicle standards, just to name a few. You may find a few slight differences from country to country, but everyone having a different system won't get you anywhere. Laws of war. Pretty self-explanatory. They don't always work, but we're far, far, far better off with them than without. Basically, we'd still be living in some alternate reality 1800's where people had lots of funny futuristic toys to play with—should we choose to create these organizations in the present timeline. But I'm also not saying that we have to create our own ISO and write 23,075 boring documents on standardization. I'm saying that we probably wouldn't arrive at this tech level without the help of pre-existing international organizations, and it would probably be better if we at least acknowledged the existence of such. TL;DR — Can we create international organizations retrospectively? No need to RP, just create a rudimentary Wiki page of some sort, plus a forum thread for anyone wishing to RP its present-day activities. Because we definitely wouldn't have reached this level without some form of globalization first.
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