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  1. Kaldestad Aamot Group announce plans to split Aamotech Aerospace amid sale talks Lucy Aamot, Aamotech CEO and KAG board member, confirmed the news after speculation arose in the media recently regarding leaked internal documents. Aamotech Aerospace merged with KAP Cars in January 2018, forming the Kaldestad Aamot Group after the airplane manufacturers lost government funding and announced record losses. At the time it was believed that Erik Bruun, current KAG CEO & executive chairman could turn the company around. It's been no secret that Aamotech has been bleeding money for
  2. Prymont

    Doom of Ceris

    It was safe to say that PRUSPET had been a disaster. The mission had started with a dream, imagined by a Foreign Minister whose aspirational eyes were larger than his stomach. Julian Nordeng had seen the success of Prymont’s involvement in the Hellenic Rus and the subsequent turnaround of a crumbling nation, if mass poverty, political corruption, dangerously high substance abuse rates, and a whole host of other failings could be deemed a success. The United States’ standing in the wurld had been significantly boosted by the introduction and revitalisation of the Prymontian Rus, and Estari
  3. Hello neighbour! I've a few things to comment on, which we'll keep on the forums for transparency. I went ahead and calculated your area on Google Eurth which comes out at roughly 301,886km2, which is well within the bracket for 2 Land Area points. Now, we do have an issue regarding your climate and capital location. Firstly, your climate is entirely subarctic. This means long, very cold winters and short, cool summers. The southern and western parts of Prymont are classified as 'humid continental', which has the four distinct seasons and is generally more live
  4. 0742h IST | 15 March, 2021 Altaria International Airport Porto Altaria, Iverica An Aamotech Slankståle landed gently on the runway, proudly bearing the Prymontian flag on the fin as it taxied to it's parking spot. Within the cabin, Julian Nordeng donned a pair of darkened sunglasses as he prepared to disembark into the bright Iverican spring sunlight. The spotlight would shine brightly on the Foreign Minister and ATARA delegate today and for the duration of the Assembly as he fought to repair his crumbling reputation. He was accompanied by his trusty sidekick Lionel Stenbe
  5. After studying the room and deciding that nobody else wanted to support or discredit either side, Minister Remmen rose from his seat and gathered his notes as he prepared to speak. He was thankful for the presence of the Salvians and their support of his argument - while it was in black and white that military organisations were to be prohibited from the continent, he was of the belief that the Orionese would fight tooth and nail to maintain an EOS presence on the continent. Having an ally to stand with him and fight his corner gave him the breathing room he needed to get his elbows out.
  6. TRIDENT doesn't need an active attack to come into play. As we saw with the Verde Blockade, Ahrana was just repositioning its naval fleet to Vulgus Supra in a move that was frowned upon by Prymont. Anything that occurs in the tricontinental area that could disturb the peace will be seen as an active threat by the treaty and could well trigger a response. However, the Verde fiasco was more of an attempt to keep Ahrana in check in the central Argic political scene - if Anglia were to arrive in the far east of Argis as proposed, I can imagine there'd be less of an initial threat perceived by TRID
  7. Wish granted! You can now look 5 minutes into the future. What a talent! Unfortunately, you've traded off your ability to look into the past and lose every memory that you cherished. You no longer remember who you are, or those close to you. Despite being able to predict it, your family decided that you'd gone nutty and put you in a psychiatric hospital, where your only solace came from the warm, tight embrace of the straightjacket. I wish that my GameStop shares made me a billionaire.
  8. Happy birthday young Sir. Many happy returns! 

  9. PRYMONTIAN RUS SPECIAL Oil companies lobby for government to consider boundary review POINT KANAMOI - Leading oil companies in the Prymontian Rus have joined forces and written to the government to request that they formally review the northern border. Prime Oil, Husky Energy and SF Energy have been utilising the rich oil and natural gas deposits in Point Kanamoi which borders the Canamo Sea, but are unable to utilise further generous deposits in the northern lands due to the lack of an official territorial claim. The existing Prymontian Russian borders prevent resource
  10. I think we've reached a fair compromise then. I'm happy with the points raised by @Orioni. There's still an air of uncertainty regarding the definition of EOS and how that fits into the treaty though. As long as EOS backs down and allows equal zone management as proposed, I don't think there'll be any problems since there have been no issues thus far. However, since Wayanor has agreed that EOS is predominantly a military organisation, if anything fishy were to happen in the future there'd be a strong case to boot EOS out altogether. This allows EOS to remain involved in Antargis, but also
  11. Michael Gove as Oliver Remmen, Minister of Energy & the Environment.
  12. Things are getting heated regarding the frozen continent. Remmen has made some direct points, although I've tried not to word them too harshly. @Orioni, where is the room for compromise? As it stands we're at a stalemate. EOS is breaking one rule while enforcing others. Perhaps it'd be an easier pill to swallow if you had two segments of Antargis to manage rather than the proposed one? Ultimately I don't see it as acceptable for EOS to maintain such a stronghold over the continent, as interesting a plot point as it is. This should be fair for everyone. As much as I'd love for the HQ
  13. As soon as Remmen took a seat his aide leaned over with a sly grin. She was already in deep shit for her lackluster editing of the wurld map to display the zone management propisition, so she may as well continue digging her own grave. "What about the Seylosian?" she whispered as Salvia's Dr Varazzo rose to speak. "Why didn't you tell me that before I'd finished?" Remmen groaned as he wondered how to remedy the fatal error once he next spoke. "You seemed to get into a rhythm, I didn't want to disturb you." Remmen gave her the cold shoulder as he took note of Varazzo's amendment, whic
  14. Prymont

    Doom of Ceris

    Subic Military Port | 1300hrs 20th June 2020 Subic @Iverica In the past two weeks, the Subic Military Port had become a bustling hive of activity. A deal in 2018 between the Prymontians and the Ivericans saw the regeneration of Subic into a joint-armed forces base which would host over half of the USP Navy's vessels. This avoided maintaining an expensive icebreaker fleet to navigate the treacherous, frozen Argic Ocean whenever the USPN wanted to mobilise their forces, and also provided Prymont with a sprawling military base in a strategic strong point near the mouth of the Verd
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