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  1. First international football friendly of the season held between United States & Prymontian Rus The first international football friendly of the season has been held at the KAP Stadium, where 60,000 spectators enjoyed a fierce rivalry between the United States and the Prymontian Rus. While the two counties maintain strong political ties, relations on the pitch are far worse. The Hellenic Rus was historically a derby opponent for Prymont and this has not changed under the country's new government. The stadium was sold out weeks ahead of the match as fans predicted a close game. First Half: 5: Prymont takes a shot. That's off target. 11: Prymont is shown a yellow card. 12: Prymont takes a shot. That's off target. 18: Prymont takes a shot. That's off target. 19: Prymont takes a shot. That's off target. 20: Prymontian Rus takes a shot. That's off target. 32: Prymontian Rus is shown a yellow card. Second Half: 48: Prymont takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 58: Prymontian Rus takes a shot. That's off target. 68: Prymont takes a shot. That's off target. 75: Prymont scores! The scorer was (9). 76: Prymontian Rus takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 80: Prymont scores! The scorer was (2). 88: Prymontian Rus takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. The game was billed to be a big one for the Prymontian Rus. The new government, keen to show their country off as a cultural hotspot, had recently invested hundreds of millions of Kopeks into a new stadium, which is yet to be completed. Critics note that their squad is still lacking, and interim manager Lazarus Abdulov has told reporters that the country is crucially lacking a solid grassroots scene. Nevertheless, the side retains a handful of competent players from days gone by, including defenders Zuyev and Lazarev and the keen striker Vagin, all of whom are playing in the all-star lineup as the team hope to embarass their Canamo neighbours. On the other side of the pitch, Nojus Fauskanger has given a selection of young, unproven players a chance to show their worth; however, pundits believe this is an opportunity to rest star playres and prevent injury against a notoriously aggressive Russian team. The competition started with a rapid pace as Prymont went on the offensive. A squabble in the Russian penalty box during a corner saw midfielder Liam Vatle receive a yellow card, having pulled the shirt of Constantine Yusupov. A slurry of off-target shots followed before the Prymontian Rus finally gained possession and turned the game around. As the half-hour mark slipped by, Prymont regained possession and upped the ante. While attempting to work his way through the formidable Russian defence, Magnus Herheim was downed by an outrageous slide tackle that saw Malik Zuyev receive a yellow card and a cocophony of boos from the home crowd. With both teams treading carefully due to bookings, the remainder of the first half was uneventful, and both sides returned to their changing rooms to receive direction from their managers. Such a young and inexperienced squad clearly wasn't working for Prymont, as was proven by a slow start to the second half. The two stars of the squad, striker Ollie Sæther and right winger Fillip Roth, were brought on in place of Harvard Solli and Natan Andersen respectively at the 70th minute. Instantly this gave the side the boost they needed, with Sæther netting the first goal of the game just five minutes later. An unsuccessful counter attack was launched by the Prymontian Rus, before a corner was awarded and Benjamin Hamre headed the ball in to take his side 2-0 up. With Liam Vatle substituted for CDM Morten Torgersen, Prymont maintained a heavy defence for the rest of the game, securing their lead and earning themselves a rapturous applause from their fans. While the Prymontian team celebrated their win, their rivals were heavily criticised. Abdulov came under particular scrutiny for failing to make a single substitution throughout the entire game, and for neglecting to motivate and inspire his squad in what was an important derby match. Both sides are expected to participate in the upcoming Argic tournament to qualify for the 2022 UENA Wurld Cup, although the chances of a Russian victory are looking rather slim. OOC: This is a taste of what to expect for the upcoming Wurld Cup qualifier tournaments. Just the results will be posted, while participating teams can RP their side of the story.
  2. It would do, but since yourself and Orioni are due to be busy in August, perhaps the Europan tournament can be set back to September.
  3. Thanks for bringing this up, it's good to read over some ideas. As I've already told you on Discord, it's in hand with staff and we already have a couple of solutions we're looking towards. We'll let the community know once we're getting somewhere. As I'm sure you'll understand, it's a big task to implement a globally recognised standard currency that we then have to work with to make retrospective amendments, include it in new guidance so newcomers are aware of it, and ensure it's fit for purpose.
  4. Correct, the regional tournaments are for August, the Wurld Cup will be next year. Not quite. Each nation would have their own team, but typically there's one continent per tournament - see the Euros IRL, they include European teams exclusively. Since our continents are not full, we may have to group continents together, so Cashar may be playing against Alharun and Aurelian teams for example.
  5. Football's coming home, and that's reminded me that we're coming up on the 2022 Wurld Cup. Last time out, the victors were the Sunset Sea Islands. Since they can't host the tournament for obvious reasons, I figure we can open it up for applications like they do IRL. Additionally, we can replicate the continental tournaments as qualifiers - or, if there aren't enough nations, it can be a sort of warm-up tournament. By my reading of the map, Argis is the only continent with enough active players to host a tournament - the rest of you lot would have to group up. Yuck. I'm happy to take the lead on Argis, and I understand @Oyus has an interest in handling things too, so between the both of us we can figure out the qualifiers stage and prepare for the 2022 Wurld Cup. I suppose this post is just putting the feelers out - seeing who's interested and who would participate. We can use a match generator for the fixtures, we have lineup builders, and kit designers. Calendar: Now - July 18: gauging interest, menial behind-the-scenes planning July 19 - end of July: tournament planning & buildup August: tournaments start & finish For now, we can see where we're at with active participants so we can see which continents need grouping together to have enough teams. Let's get ready for a summer of football!
  6. Major western ports to receive funding in preparation for the Canamo Canal Once a mere pipedream, construction of the Canamo Canal began in summer 2018 in the Prymontian Rus, to forge a pathway between the Canamo and Mediargic seas. The aim was to reduce the strain of maritime traffic using the treacherous Argic Ocean, particularly in winter months, during which the exaggerated tidal conditions have shipwrecked countless vessels. Such a canal would ensure the safety of ships travelling from the Canamo area to the rest of the wurld, alongside boosting the Prymontian Russian economy and cementing the United States as a maritime wurld leader. Unfortunately, the project has been plagued with financial shortfalls, environmental legal battles, and labour shortages. While neither Prymontian nor Russian governments are willing to disclose exact figures, the budget of the canal is said to have been vastly underestimated, and experts predict that at least β10 billion has been spent so far. With such massive investment and little economic benefit to show for it, taxpayers are rightly unhappy and are criticising the canal, labelling it just that - an expensive pipedream. In June 2018, shortly before construction began, the US government announced that the two largest docks in the country, Canastota and Rock Island, would receive funding boosts in an effort to improve coastal capabilities. Canastota was set to receive β300 million, while Rock Island would be expected to raise double that through business tax increases by the end of 2019. Freedom of information requests revealed that the Port of Canastota Authority had received their entire amount, which had been spent on quay wall restorations and maintenance of flood defences, while the Rock Island City Council had only raised β35 million by spring 2020. With work on the canal continuing, as ministers request external funding from ATARA members, the government has once again revisited the issue of dock renovations. The Canamo Canal Home Improvement Fund has since been launched, promising β5 billion to the five biggest ports on the west coast. Rock Island are guaranteed one fifth of the pie, and have reportedly already received a quarter of their slice. Minister of Business Louise Berkeli said that the improvements were necessary if the canal was to be a success. "We appreciate that we've already spent a large chunk of taxpayer money on the canal, but further expense is needed to make this project work. We're looking at raising money from outside investments to continue the development and construction of the canal while we focus on improving things at home. The Canamo Canal Home Improvement Fund will target the derelict and disused heartlands of our docks, areas that have been abandoned and disregarded for decades, and will promote and encourage investment into better facilities. We're looking at office buildings, factories, expanding capacity, and of course, remembering and restoring heritage buildings that hold such a special place in our country's maritime history. This money will prepare our ports for the significant increases of traffic that the canal will bring, and as we investigate free trade zones, we are showing that we're a forward thinking, proactive government that wants to be one step ahead of the game."
  7. If this is an IC objection, could you make the point in the IC thread? So far there hasn't been any participant voicing concerns against one nation managing one zone. That would depend on Variota and Girkmand (not including Eurofuhrer since they're not on the map) applying to the TCSI. I'm happy to incorporate Girkmand as their NPC manager, but this is something Variota would need to do - if they agreed with it. Additionally, I don't see why we should include the Aurelian League in something they've not participated in.
  8. Hi @Orioni, Sorry to be the one dragging the RP behind once again. I do intend on getting things cleared up fairly quickly. I assume you purposely left zone management out in your latest IC response. Your proposal here to maintain 7 zones isn't acceptable IMO. We have Salvia, Variota, Seylos, SSI, Girkmand, FdL, Miiros, and Prymont (plus TCSI if we count that as a separate entity) who are wanting zones. 9 into 5 doesn't go. I imagine Miiros would share with Orioni, and I'm happy to conglomerate Girkmand into Prymont's share. We can get rid of FdL and have SSI pull out due to their recent troubles. If we allow the TCSI its own zone where the Simon Station is, we finally get 5 into 5. But I feel that's rather unfair. OOC, you've had the advantage of essentially running the 2nd summit yourself and making up your own rules. Now we have to deal with that, and rightfully so it's done through RP, but there is opposition from Prymont, Salvia, and Seylos against Orioni/EOS. I appreciate you've already agreed to remove EOS and replace it with a civilian entity, but you'll still hold the vast majority of land in the continent which doesn't sit well with me. The TCSI already have a base on the continent - Orioni does not. Prymont has committed to building a seed / gene bank on the continent - Orioni has offered to contribute, but this would be the first time they're setting foot on the continent and they're not the only contributors. Prymont is also taking a lead in the organisation with a permanent HQ. What has Orioni done, other than take advantage of an OOC situation in which nobody participated in the 2nd summit, to deserve such a huge slice of the pie? If zone management is the thing we trip up on, I'd be happy for it to be the hill Prymont dies on. A new organisation can be made that opposes ARTHA and promises equality and cooperation on the continent, which so far, Orioni hasn't done. Is this up for negotiation or are you steadfast in this stance?
  9. Felix Frey, Prime Minister of the United States of Prymont Felix Frey, a career politician, was elected as Prime Minister of the United States on February 2 2019, representing the centre-right People's Party. His public service career began upon his election as a parish councillor in the sleepy suburban village he resided in, just outside the city of Rock Island. He stood for election as a city councillor three years later and oversaw a successful stint that remedied the local housing crisis and cracked down on antisocial behaviour. After completing the maxiumum ten-year tenure he switched his sights to parliament, where he was voted in as MP for Rock Island North. He has held this position since 2005 and has become a symbol of the area's conservatism. After the party's unsuccessful election campaign in 2017 he became party leader, replacing Petter Werner, and in 2019 became Prime Minister. Since his inauguration he has overseen the continued development of the Canamo Canal, the region's largest infrastructure project to date, and has also helped to ease tensions and strengthen political ties with the Prymontian Russian government.
  10. Mr Alenader of @DPR Velaheria, We thank you for your letter regarding establishing diplomatic ties between the United States and the Democratic People's Republic. Like yourselves, our goal is to promote peace and prosperity throughout our great continent, and in order to achieve this aim it's important to maintain healthy relations with a variety of nations. While the United States is aware of the various eccentricities of Velaheria, we would like to accept your offer, and would like to establish diplomatic missions between the United States and Velaheria. Furthermore, on behalf of the Commissariat of Foreign Affairs, this agreement would also include the Prymontian Rus. Your invitation of Prymontian journalists to Velaheria is rather intriguing, but I fear that any peculiarities would be whitewashed in favour of portraying an ideal land. While I'm acutely aware of the importance of maintaining favourable outward appearances, the United States would not like to entertain any ongoings that would reflect badly on itself. As such, for the time being, I believe it best that this offer is shelved. Nevertheless, I applaud your country's efforts to reach out to the wurld community, and as a panel member of the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association, would like to encourage you to apply to the organisation, whether that be as an observer or a full member. Perhaps a membership in such a prestigious group would assist Velaheria in refining its inner workings, and would do wonders to improve its wurldwide image. Your friend, Julian Nordeng Minister of Foreign Affairs
  11. Once the thread's up and running I'd be more than happy for you to get involved to make sure Mokhavia's interests don't go unheard.
  12. Oh how the tables turned... I'd like to revisit this thread and revitalise it now I'm active in the community again. Phase 1: Southern Prymontian Rus This reserved land south of the Prymontian Rus is currently being treated as a natural part of the country. The expansion is taking part through several threads, namely Project Canamo and the Canamo Canal. Project Canamo incorporates the Prymontian Rus Sarov Army eradicating any remaining pockets of the Circle of Death in the south, while the Canamo Canal is self-explanatory. The aim is to complete Phase 1 by winter 2021 at the very latest. Phase 2: Veskoniemi The original plan to create a Thiccmont spreading eastwards has been abandoned due to the introduction of new nations in that area. However, I still like the idea of states applying to join the US, and as such would like to expand through more peaceful means with Veskoniemi. This !Finnish state was first referenced here, and hasn't been mentioned since. I'd like to start working on this to consolidate Prymont's position on the eastern Canamo coast and to create a land border with Ahrana. Veskoniemi will hold a referendum applying to join the United States after seeing the success Prymont has enjoyed since 1995 with TRIDENT, ATARA, WARD and the likes. I aim to have this started ASAP and finished no later than January 2022. Phase 3: Northern Prymontian Rus Eventually I'd like to stretch PryRus from the Mediargic to the Argic and this would achieve that. Not only would it grant PryRus access to oil fields in the north, but it would fully cement Prymont's place in the Canamo political landscape. This is a future RP and would likely take place in 2022, through either land purchases or a military takeover of some uninhabited NPC territory. Tagging @Ahrana, @Ateenia and @Mokhavia for input.
  13. I'll throw in my two cents: Based on this edit posted by @Mokhavia on the Discord... ... then I'd be ok with the breakaway state since it doesn't interfere too much with my future expansion plans. Ultimately it does depend on @Ahrana due to the connecting borders.
  14. Rettenmyr Stock Exchange suffers worst downfall in history after the Ishijima takeover of the @Sunset Sea Islands Almost every stock floated on the RSE faced enormous losses over the 4 day period between April 20-23. The wurld awoke on Tuesday morning to the shocking news that the Sunset Sea Islands' First Speaker Gao He Ping, as well as his entire cabinet, had been placed under house arrest. Colonel Ishijima was placed in command of the nation and immediately enacted a nationwide curfew, alongside effectively blotting out the country to the outside wurld. Stock exchanges in @Iverica and @Seylos have suffered, and now Prymont joins that list as the Rettenmyr Stock Exchange marks its worst week on record. The RSE was founded in 1995 upon the founding of the United States, and closed on Friday down 6.8%. The exchange fell a total of 22.4% throughout the entire week, with analysts calling the demise the "Ishijima effect". While SSI stocks understandably plummeted, Prymontian companies were a victim of the loss of a substantial trading partner. The United States has long enjoyed a fruitful trading relationship with the Thalassan superpower; most notably in 2017, the Synapse surveillance system was trialled in Canastota. The plug on that project was pulled months later after three men were killed despite the presence of the Synapse Crime Prevention System. Nevertheless, relations between the two countries prospered, but further economic prosperity has now been plunged into uncertainty. Both retail and institutional traders have faced substantial losses and experts predict a bear market, in which share prices will continue to suffer, is on the horizon. Some traders have leapt at the opportunity to swipe up stock at a heavily discounted price, with hundreds of billions of Prynds being wiped off the total market cap of the RSE. Analysts are unsure of whether the market will recover after such an unexpected and unprecedented downturn, and fear that this may have greater implications for Prymont if retail investors have lost significant investments. The federal Bank of Prymont responded by slashing interest rates from 3% to just 0.5% in a bid to inject liquidity into the economy to prevent further losses. Minister of the Exchequer Omar Admam is "monitoring the situation closely, and working with banks and financial institutions across the United States to ensure that honest, hardworking Prymontians do not suffer from events that were completely out of their control."
  15. Just a couple of quick notes: I agree with @Metztlitlaca's proposal for Asgeirria, in keeping the lore mostly the same and NPCing the nation. Despite his shortcomings in realism he was a big player in some RPs and keeping the nation on the map would help with continuity. As for the Thalassan islands, I'd like to see where it's proposed that they're moved to.
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