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  1. Happy birthday young Sir. Many happy returns! 

  2. PRYMONTIAN RUS SPECIAL Oil companies lobby for government to consider boundary review POINT KANAMOI - Leading oil companies in the Prymontian Rus have joined forces and written to the government to request that they formally review the northern border. Prime Oil, Husky Energy and SF Energy have been utilising the rich oil and natural gas deposits in Point Kanamoi which borders the Canamo Sea, but are unable to utilise further generous deposits in the northern lands due to the lack of an official territorial claim. The existing Prymontian Russian borders prevent resource
  3. I think we've reached a fair compromise then. I'm happy with the points raised by @Orioni. There's still an air of uncertainty regarding the definition of EOS and how that fits into the treaty though. As long as EOS backs down and allows equal zone management as proposed, I don't think there'll be any problems since there have been no issues thus far. However, since Wayanor has agreed that EOS is predominantly a military organisation, if anything fishy were to happen in the future there'd be a strong case to boot EOS out altogether. This allows EOS to remain involved in Antargis, but also
  4. Michael Gove as Oliver Remmen, Minister of Energy & the Environment.
  5. Things are getting heated regarding the frozen continent. Remmen has made some direct points, although I've tried not to word them too harshly. @Orioni, where is the room for compromise? As it stands we're at a stalemate. EOS is breaking one rule while enforcing others. Perhaps it'd be an easier pill to swallow if you had two segments of Antargis to manage rather than the proposed one? Ultimately I don't see it as acceptable for EOS to maintain such a stronghold over the continent, as interesting a plot point as it is. This should be fair for everyone. As much as I'd love for the HQ
  6. As soon as Remmen took a seat his aide leaned over with a sly grin. She was already in deep shit for her lackluster editing of the wurld map to display the zone management propisition, so she may as well continue digging her own grave. "What about the Seylosian?" she whispered as Salvia's Dr Varazzo rose to speak. "Why didn't you tell me that before I'd finished?" Remmen groaned as he wondered how to remedy the fatal error once he next spoke. "You seemed to get into a rhythm, I didn't want to disturb you." Remmen gave her the cold shoulder as he took note of Varazzo's amendment, whic
  7. Prymont

    Doom of Ceris

    Subic Military Port | 1300hrs 20th June 2020 Subic @Iverica In the past two weeks, the Subic Military Port had become a bustling hive of activity. A deal in 2018 between the Prymontians and the Ivericans saw the regeneration of Subic into a joint-armed forces base which would host over half of the USP Navy's vessels. This avoided maintaining an expensive icebreaker fleet to navigate the treacherous, frozen Argic Ocean whenever the USPN wanted to mobilise their forces, and also provided Prymont with a sprawling military base in a strategic strong point near the mouth of the Verd
  8. Coalition task force formed between United States & Prymontian Rus to deliver aid to Estaria RETTENMYR - In a press conference in Vanndal House this morning, Foreign Minister Julian Nordeng sat with Prymontian Rus' Commissariat of Foreign Affairs Leonti Degtyarev to announce the formation of a coalition aid organisation that will provide humanitarian support and political stability to the Ceris state of Estaria. The Prymontian Rus - United States of Prymont Estaria Taskforce (PRUSPET) will also include assistance from the Prymontian Defence Office and the Prymontian Rus Commissariat o
  9. Prymont

    Doom of Ceris

    Cabinet Meeting Office | 0940hrs 9th June 2020 Rettenmyr House Rettenmyr United States of Prymont "... and we'll be commissioning a review of the armed forces very shortly. It's looking like that'll be handed over to the @Ivericans. The budget is all sorted for that, I've set aside just short of β2.5 million." "Good, what did we say, around the end of June that'll start?" "Yes Prime Minister, it'll be underway by July." Prime Minister Felix Frey nodded as he added the military review to his schedule for the last cabinet meeting of June. He'd check back up with Def
  10. I've planned to claim the land south of the Prymontian Rus shortly for the Canamo Canal so that would make me an interested party in this. I was going to say that due to other RP activities I didn't really want to get involved since I'd be too busy to dedicate some time to it, but then a certain @Iverica said this I'd be interested in getting involved in the capacity of the pirates being sheltered in the Prymontian Rus. It's already a dodgy country and that only adds to the questionable antics. Perhaps the pirates could find a safe haven in the Prymontian Rus as long as the government
  11. Could New Halsham be renamed Rettenmyr, and Manitou removed altogether for the next update?
  12. Oliver Remmen was delighted to see such participation. Unfortunately the United States had been unable to attend the last Antargic Council meeting due to cabinet issues immediately after the election, but he'd seen on the news that it was effectively an @Orioni echo chamber. Clearly the treaty had needed a change of pace, and bringing the meeting to Prymont had been a step in the right direction as far as interest went. Mr Wayanor from Orioni had made some interesting comments; progress on their icebreaker fleet sounded positive, but Remmen and his aides were saddened to hear the news of
  13. The Canamo Canal is set to be one of Prymont's most significant economic achievements in modern times. The country's economy had skyrocketed after abandoning socialism in 2017 and trade agreements with countries across the wurld were established. While the takeover of the former Hellenic Rus had been questionable at the best of times, it did mean the United States could significantly lower fuel prices due to the new access to copious amounts of crude oil. The Prymontian Rus also granted them access to the Mediargic Sea, which was something the country so sorely needed. A canal was a new dream
  14. As briefly discussed yesterday on Discord, I think I'd let to get involved in this RP. Thanks to the help of @Seylos I've set my sights on Estaria. Prymont will be searching to increase its social and political standing in the wurld by increasing foreign & humanitarian aid efforts. Estaria is described as a massively overpopulated country suffering from famine and political unrest. Prymont will form a coalition with the Prymontian Rus to step in and assist - Prymont will be the majority funder in the operation by providing financial support and will participate in propaganda campaigns
  15. I'm not entirely against the idea of reducing Antargis in size as it will still be hospitable through research stations but I don't know why we need to drastically change how it looks other than "ew it's ugly". Perhaps some better reasoning would change my mind but as it stands, I'm for a size reduction of current Antargis. Additionally we don't need warm currents for colonies either. Beyond research facilities nobody has mentioned a desire for this in the OOC or IC threads, but I don't know how much this would affect ocean currents for something that isn't currently a major issue.
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