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  1. 🎉 Happy birthday to you Mr Eurofuhrer ! 🍾

  2. Ilyasov walked up, eyes hidden under sunglasses. ”Good morning Mr. Ivanoff. I hope this is the start of a pleasant convention. Let’s take a couple pictures.” *snap* *snap* ”Great! Hope we agree on most terms. Thanks for the hospitality.” Good job, he thought to himself. No Prymontian outbursts or Derrhaler miscues. It was extremely simple, in and out.
  3. Moskovo International Airport Ahrana 7:15 Local Time May First, 2018 Seasoned foreign diplomat Arsen Ilyasov stepped off the plane as the staircase rolled under him. “A tad late,” he remarked, but good time nonetheless. Squinting in the early morning sunlight, he put on a pair on sunglasses and called the folks back home to say he made it. Walking into the terminal he noticed the distinct Ahranaian culture and other aspects and ways of life. Ilyasov sat down on a bench and he worked on his speeches, and what to say if called upon. The Euroführer was one of the first
  4. @Girkmand Once this expansion is complete my country is done expanding. It wouldn’t look aesthetically pleasing to me or for other nations. This is my last expansion because to me, two large claims is enough. Obviously our political views don’t see eye to eye, but that is to be expected from capitalist countries and socialist ones, like mine. I look forward to working either on or against you in future role plays! @Orioni Your historical background is a wonderful idea that I might incorporate into the existing role play. I’ve already burnt out the “war torn area under siege” Rp, which I’l
  5. I’m in. Tell me what else my country has to do to achieve sports glory!
  6. ZYAZDA: I don’t know that more land is necessary. Secretary Divac’s fist pounded on the table. DIVAC: “Look at this map, General.’ GENERAL ZYAZDA: Yes, Secretary Divac” DIVAC: “What do you see?” ZYAZDA: ”New countries springing up left and right, sir” DIVAC: ”How many of these countries are truly socialist?” ZYAZDA: Well, @Greater Serbia is fascist, @Poland-Lithuania says they are socialist, but they are more authoritarian, @Girkmand is capitalist, and @Cavunia is no longer relevant on the international stage. DIVAC: Exactly! None of those countries are
  7. Why of course. @Orioni Not a lot done yet. Currently brainstorming for ideas.
  8. For many years, the “Group Of Five”, an informal group of Slavic nations close to each other, have endured relative prosperity and well-being. However, with new land being snatched up left and right, the Euroführer felt that they needed to put their foot in the door. The “Group Of Five” includes the Euroführer, @Cavunia @Greater Serbia, @Poland-Lithuania, and @Girkmand. Relations have been positive with most of these countries for many years. However, that may change with a new possible land acquisition. (This will be added to over time)
  9. Couple of simple map requests. 1. Please rename my capital to what it currently is, Belgrade. 2. Update my flag On a completely unrelated note, I would like to know if there was any more groundwork set on expansion. I am thinking far ahead here, but if there are any changes to the process (doing RPs, being active) let me know. If I am currently eligible, you can reply and we can have that arranged. Thanks.
  10. Name of Delegate: Sergei Chakov Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Chakov, a professor of political science at Belgrade University, taught so many famous Eurofuhrerian politicians that he decided to become one himself! He ran for office as a senator from rural northern Eurofuhrer, and after 10 years of service he has been tapped as the delegate to ATARA Previous Tenure: Eurofuhrerian Senate, 10 years, Professor Of Political Science at Belgrade University, 22 years. Headshot/Passport Photo :
  11. ENTRY FORM: COUNTRY: The Euroführer NATIONAL RACING COLORS: Blue, Green, and Red TEAM NAME: Ivanovnov Motorsports TEAM PRINCIPAL: Viktor Ivanovnov NATIONAL CIRCUIT: Vlasic Raceway (Watkins Glen)
  12. OOC: what measures do I have to go through to get in?
  13. I sent you a friend request with my new account, LovesWubba (my reddit username)
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