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  1. Nation Name: The Holy Empire of Derthalen Official Broadcaster: The Imperial Derthaler Military News Service Song Title: He Didn't Come Back From the Patrol Artist(s) Name(s): Rune Thor-Kind Tune: He Didn't Come Back From the Battle Lyrics:
  2. The Reading of the Law The Reading of the Law is the process by which a layman may become certified as one who truly knows the law and is capable of practising it. While not a requirement to practise law, it does bestow the respected title of Lahratari onto the who man passes it. Any person who claims to be a Lahratari must be able to produce a scroll and seal given to him by the Court which recognised his Reading. Those who fail to and are found out to be imposters are hanged, drawn, and quartered for this crime by the Court which he claimed to have been recognised by. The Lahratari fulf
  3. @Adaptus, a by your leave would have been appreciated before you posted. I went inactive in this region because the war was turning into a dog pile at the time and I felt it was better to let things go on without me. Due to new information, such as the fact that under no circumstances can a person reroll or write cooperatively with another for the same nation, we have had to actually begin negotiating how we are going to proceed in this war. The apocalypse is off for now sadly, but what really gets me, is that you god-modded. Something which I find absolutely hilarious and also somewhat amazin
  4. I would also like to request that some mountains be named. I would like these ones marked as 'Apf Kadirn-Gebirge' (my best attempt at corrupting Celtic words, meaning 'Son of the Mighty'). And this small one marked as 'Þiudansfaírgun' (Gothic meaning 'King's Mountain).
  5. Flying Watchtowers Due to severely limited time, the manufacture of new aerocraft designs had to be put out of mind in preparation for the war. Instead, retrofits of existing bombers were started and carried out as fast as possible so as to allow the Imperial Army to cover one of its weaknesses. Teams of technicians began work around the clock, working in three shifts to inspect bombers, check the equipment and wiring, and then begin gutting them and altering their frames to accommodate the new sensitive equipment that they would be carrying. Large dishes had to be secured to the hulls of
  6. Good luck Andalla. We will be here if you ever want to return.
  7. Never Quiet on the Southern Front Due to limited resources, it has been determined that the protection of our military assets against aerial attack through the interception of missiles is economically infeasible in the long term. As such, the Imperial Army School of Engineering and volunteers from the Tsalmonsturm Society have devised new countermeasures for us to use to help saturate the country with false targets and also to confuse enemy intelligence forces as to where our troops are. They have put forth a proposal to begin mass production of decoy radio transmitters designed to be eas
  8. Technicians sneaked a game onto the military computer network and it has since then started getting distributed openly by authorised users.
  9. I agree with you entirely on this. I actually would like to just have something for not important stuff and fun stuff, not world changing stuff.
  10. Who would be interested in adding a thread or section to the forums where we can make posts and have them effectively be on the in-universe internet? Instead of them being news stories or major role playing stuff, it would effectively be a low level playground of sorts.
  11. Potatoes, Onions, Cabbages, and Fatty Pigs From: H.I.M.'s Minister of War, Hans Gruber To: H.I.M.'s Minister of Home Affairs, Frederich von Mäder, H.I.M.'s Minister of State, Karl Helgi Drake, H.I.M.'s Minister of Agriculture, Olof Rudbeck the Younger A soldier requires a very few things to remain comforted and ready for a fight. Warm hearth, clothing, and relief from the elements, even if that relief is but a lean-to on the side of the road. This means a continuous supply of clean clothing and building materials has to be available. For all armies, clothing issue, repair, and
  12. Initial Response Time: 1400 Derthaler Time Date: A.I. 0231.772.M3 The following day after war had been declared, the Imperial Senate alongside the Minister of War began authorising the mass levying of the men along with the release of all emergency weapons caches to the control of the local governments. Immediately, the Imperial army began preparations to remove supplies from stockpiles and have them sent to railyards across the country in preparation for a long war. Ongoing shipments of food and supplies to Afropa were canceled, with orders being given to the forces there to co
  13. All Frequency Broadcast Time: 2300 Derthaler Time Date: A.I. 0229.019.M3 'A state of war now exists between the Holy Empire of Derthalen and its constituent states, and the dull witted beasts of Limonaia and Sayf, along with the misbegotten wretches Fulgenland and Seylos. As they intend to invade, we will give them no quarter. They have based this war off of the misguided notion that the Imperial government is responsible for the actions of pirates outside of our territorial waters. We no more control what our subjects do outside of our borders than we do the stars or fish. Any
  14. This is the Alemannisch language news service at 21:00. A duel broke out this week between two officers as a noble sought satisfaction against another after it came out that the offending lord had not consummated his marriage with the previous one's cousin. While speculation for this odd situation is currently rather popular, no official reason has been given. The duel was fought in the streets before a crowd and resulted in the challenger taking the offending lord's head after half an hour of fighting. As this duel had not been authorised by a court and it was not carried out according to
  15. @Seylos, these things are meant to be organised events. I was fine with this being between myself, you, Limonaia, and Fulgistan, but now it is just spiralling out. I probably going to just back-pedal and change what happened at the rate things are going.
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