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  1. A mission alongside the marvellous Ambassador Delphine Leclaire, may only be a leisure party, that’s at least what our good M.A.D.C., or Foreign Minister to make it short, though. After all, she had served many years as Ambassador locally, and was of the same promotion then Richard himself. Naturally she would had evolved, both in her character and behaviour, potentially having a slight accent in fact given her long time in @Seylos, but well, that might be a political advantage if, when she decides to come back to the Metropol, she is willing to seek a politic office. As always, when a Ly
  2. CCXXVI/T/31/06 Today, the Assemblée Nationale was in great shape, following the effective ratification of the Convention de Rochetaillée sur les Relations Diplomatiques et Consulaires which was passed in two parts, MADC-CCXXVI-T-VI-I and MADC-CCXXVI-T-VI-II, for respectively the Diplomatic Relations Convention, and the Consular Relations Convention. Following this, Monsieur Richard, M.A.D.C. have pursued, by calling for subsidies to the Embassies of the nations that could not afford having one with the Republic, in exchange of the respective application of the newly def
  3. OOC: IRL, many nations would have issues with how Ahrana handled the Asgeirrian diplomat, by lifting its diplomatic immunity like that. And basically, I made Fleur de Lys protest, however Iverica told me that there were no texts that bounded the various nations around Eurth to respect those rules, so following this, I am writing this thread by using RL Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Consular Relations (thanks Faramount) to sort this out, and just made clear that those ratifying it, would be bound by the same rules as RL, making it way easier to manage diplomatic relations (at least in
  4. From: Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales de Fleur de Lys François Richard To: Secretary-General Alexsandra Core of the Federation of @Ahrana Salutations dear Secretary-General, The Republic have caught with intention the new geopolitical orientation of the Federation, and maintain its neutrality on such, we do hope this is for the best of your people and wish you the best chances in your success for accomplishing what you wish along ensuring a stable and prosperous nation and people. The Republic however have noticed the violent and out of the usual
  5. Creating this thread, as I saw none, for allowing people which are going to be inactive or absent to notify the community. I'll start, as I shall not be available from the 12 Thermidor to the 10 Fructidor An CCXXVI... Oops, I mean 30th July to the 27th August 2018.
  6. « Before being a war of weapons, I believe today’s war are more about intelligence, informations, and resources » commented Richard as he lift his cup, as he just got himself re-served that most excellent coffee or whatever it was, which Autun seems to have hard time digesting, at Richard’s discreet smile as he just observed that. « You seems pretty sure and ready about a potential invasion » just added Autun, which had the idea of a war, thousands of kilometres away from his priorities. It is true after all, that Mantella had a certain aggressiveness towards Cristina, but after all, it is jus
  7. From: Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales de Fleur de Lys François Richard To: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Seylos Sincere Salutations, In the name of the République de Fleur de Lys, its people and its representatives, allow me first to send our warmest congratulations to Crown Prince Redmond along our best wishes to the Seylosian people for the beginning of a new area in your Kingdom. The possibility of a new King offers vast horizons which generally, a new generation bring, as a value to the nation. We may only support this new visi
  8. From: DC de Aérospatiale Rémy Georges Pierre Ferré To: Bureau for Defense of the Worker’s Republic of Fulgistan Salutations, It is in the name of Aérospatiale that I am answering to your demand. Aérospatiale may only propose for now, as an Attack Helicopter category, the HA30-Tigre which entered in service in An CCXVI (or 2003 when converted to the Gregorian Calendar) with multiples variables having been developed and being currently active. Aérospatiale shall be delighted, if you give follow up our offer, to adapt the Helicopter to your particular
  9. Note: With permission I wrote this parody of Orioni’s TV show for the region. He’s been using John Oliver, and that’s a character I wanted to make fancy things with this. This is only self-mockery and it have as sole purpose to make laugh. CCXXVI/M/30/27 « Oh bonsoir APL, you’ve just been hacked; no need to thanks me ». « Hello, I’m Jean Olivier, welcome to last 3 months tonight, or, if we were associated with Air France, would be to called, better late than never » [laughs], « Talking about Air France, tonight, we’re going to t
  10. CCXXVI/M/30/24 The 6th Day of the Jours Complémentaires on a leap year Year, Celebration of the Revolution The Jours Complémentaires (or, in English “Complementaries Days”), which shall happen from the 17th to the 21st September when translated into the Gregorian Calendar, have seen their official program be released. For those not remembering the meaning of those 5 special days (6 in leap years) it had as first purpose for the designers of the calendar, to consist of filling the number of lacking days in the year, as effectively, a week (or Décade) is c
  11. To be clear, this have nothing to do with the expansion/removal, this is just the follow-up of the ISTC OOC Discussions. @Sunset Sea Islands: Your compliments honour me. I agree that when I disagree about something, I can get pretty aggressive, which is why, for prohibiting myself such thing, I left the Discord, as I also put too much energy into debates when coming to the community. I find myself rather good at cooperation, only things that makes me most tedious, is that I have a very strict (and naturally debatable following your point of view) view on realism, and therefore have hard t
  12. Nation in NS Europa Region: Fleur de Lys Current Name: République de Fleur de Lys Future Name: République Lysienne Current Flag: Future Flag: Current Location: Future Location (expansion in this case): Current Capital Name: Lyrie Future Capital Name: Cœur Current and Future Capitals location are indicated on the map above. Factbook link: Current one. Under construction one, which shall succeed if the expansion is approved, and shall see the changes RPed except for the removal of Bellefaye, Neaumanin, Danebourg and Mau
  13. What is done in most regions, is that after a certain time of inactivity, you are de facto removed from the map the region's canon, and as this haven't been done (not a critic), we end up with those many nations not active. I do enjoy the idea, and shall however make sure, that the Trinity Org. which shall soon hopefully be created with @Cristina @Magnaeus shall remain neutral and untouched physically (from attacks). I'd be open to RP economic and social consequences however naturally. I wouldn't had removed Miiros and Sahara, as I saw them active last year (I believe? Correct me if I'm w
  14. « It’d naturally be just a way to govern out nations respective relations, allowing us to make and decide, through the Triumvirat, great projects, such as a common 5th Generation Fighter project, or AVG train network linking our nations » he said happy, with his usual smile, because taking some bread, putting a bit of jam on it, and taking this time some Comté that he couldn’t resist after all. « This, are just the foundations of greater projects. Healthy relations always pass through clear agreements along arrangements on how to process things, and it shall give us the most favourable terrain
  15. « My sweet » commented Charles Mécra, as he was on the couch, having in head on Édouard’s legs, as he was laying there and just resting after a long day. His Amant, Édouard Laloux, would just pass his hand in his hairs, as they remained quiet like this, with the television off. « Charles… » smoothly said Édouard, as he pursued his gesture of passing with his right hand in Mécra’s hairs. « Yep? » said with a smile Charles as he opened quietly his eyes, to see Édouard’s face. « Been told that you had a session yesterday with military officials… » started with a regretful tone Édouard, willing to
  16. The RPing of a nation RPed by 3 people, with maybe the size/economy of the USA or Japan, and to RP its internal politics, with each player RPing one of the big 3 Parties (which would be more or less equals, with each having its own pros and cons) and submit to real vote resolutions in the Senate for instance, or in the National Council, RPing elections, debates, appointments of Secretaries etc. While dealing with foreign policies matters naturally!
  17. When you mean leave, you talk about leaving I.S.T.C., or the region? For first case, Fleur de Lys wouldn't like to leave it, I mean, at current stage I.C. (as 10% of the Lysian budget for instance, goes in diplomacy, and so in organisations we're part of), in fact would rather be opposed to, but if you prefer for your RP for Fleur de Lys to leave, I'd perfectly understand and may arrange that. And for the I.S.T.C. thread, if you intention is to reply through a letter, I might have though of a nice RP. Like stating that the Lysian Diplomatic Canal Network have been out for an hour because
  18. I can't imagine how much courage you needed to finally write this, as I had to ask directly the question. But well, any other willing to join the answer about the “Yes. Please.”? Also, this isn't a lack of respect, just fact, it just seems you have issues reading your own native language, as it's written down: http://www.europans.com/staff/ Now in no case I questioned SSI great and large participation to the region if this was your point, which again, I did not say. Please read more carefully, just like my IC letter to the I.S.T.C. on which you have based false assumptions previously
  19. Let's be honest and straight, so you want me to leave definitely the region? Just so that we no longer further lose energy in this most unproductive topic. My clues are the non-constructiveness on this matter on your behalf (as I proposed to write rules to repair the current situation, RP the issue of the I.S.T.C. so that it may be solved), while you haven't yet proposed any positive thing. I don't really understand the metaphor in our current context, even if I clearly see you'd like to adapt the facts to fit in your metaphor, too bad it didn't worked out. I planned however to make
  20. @Adaptus: I see no rules backing your declarations, therefore I decline your generous proposal. Also, nobody have authority to impose a RP to a player not willing to. @Andalla: Please be informed that I am currently in 4 regions, and I do feel loyalty to each of them. Now, naturally I'd be ready to RP the entire gait concerning the I.S.T.C., which is what I have been doing by writing the letter. However, Prymont intervened OOCly, and I answered and so on, which lead us to the current thread. In my letter, I clearly open for 3 possibilities, therefore can't say I'm blocking the RP, as
  21. My decency won't allow me to answer to Prymont's post. @Adaptus: You're referring to rules about leaving, there are none however. My NS Fleur de Lys (which is a puppet by the way) left, but you didn't prevented me from RPing, therefore I don't see, was I a Member? Or a Rogue Member RPing secretly on the forum? Knowing that the definition of “active Member” isn't defined? Same for “inactive Member”? In addition, as it seems it's an information you seems to miss, I always had another puppet in NS Europa. There are no delays also about for defining “when a nation is inactive”, in most region
  22. “An RP from last August. @Prymont and I viewed this as you tying up loose ends to get done with the region for good.” Well too bad, have you asked? I am not here to pay for your illusions. “So you having a puppet in Europa means we cannot continue our joint RPs the way us active players want to? I call BS.” Please show me rules stating otherwise. Technically, there is no need to let a nation on Europa's NS Region, but I still did it. You can't, as Moderator, invent rules just to befits your convenience. I remember you that as Moderator, you have Duties. Please refer to: http://w
  23. OOC: I know I am being discredited by some following my leaving of the Discord, however I shall gladly open my mouth: Issue if I may with the current system, being that, unlike most regions where, if you're not active for 3 months and haven't given notice, your nation is removed from the Map and the canon, in Europa, you remain whatever happen on the map and canon (at least from what I observed), and this is what create those serious issues, making your country more or less free to be cut like a cake or used for whoever find a purpose to it. Now, a fundamental and just basic rules, you do
  24. OOC: First of all, I have pursued for example the RP about the Trilateral Talk with Cristina and Magnaeus. Second, one of my NS nation have always been present in the NS region of Europa, both admins consisting of SSI and Orioni have been informed. Third, I find this bad to OOCly plan and discuss that much, without making actual RP. Now that said, you may, as I already stated in my letter, open this for a certain path which would lead to the Republic of Fleur de Lys' eviction from the I.S.T.C.. I find also how it have been done not really appreciable, a RP meeting for instance between our resp
  25. « Failure of the negotiations », this is what the headlines of the Union’s newspapers consisted of. 4 months of active debate, commissions, sub-commissions, sub-sub-commissions and sub-sub-sub-commissions to just investigate, reports, attack, defend positions, opinions, facts… A greater mess couldn’t have happened since 1945, all the ingredients for such failure were there, the great project of unification, which would have allowed a large union when coming to economics, politics, security along transport network was now in the gutter. Mécra’s arrogance and pretention, which was willing t
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