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  1. #12 For as long as we know, barcodes have been on our products to speed up/ increase sales in supermarkets. My question: Which product was the first to have a barcode on it?
  2. Perhaps you know @Kant as well? He seems to know everything about Australia (he 's probably an Aussie, I'm not sure). Anyhoo, enjoy your stay and check out the General Forum if you aren't going to RP, that is.
  3. On behalf of the people the Kingdom of Baltirow-woud, we would like to thank Argenland for this great initiative and achievement: hosting and organising the first Europa Cup. Secondly, we congratulate the Holy Empire of Jaihu with winning this first Cup. We propose that the Holy Empire of Jaihu, having attained the title Champions of the Europa Cup 2004, should have the honour hosting next years Cup. Thirdly, of course, we thank all team players for showing some amazing feats of prowess and vigor in the matches. We hope that next years' Cup wil be just as succesful and that more nations decide to join in the competition! On behalf of the House of Parliament, Alfred Huisman, Minister of Sports and Other Extracurricular Activities
  4. Amazing how wide some people's musical spectrum is. My "bandwidth" is a lot more slim, almost only (poppy) rock. I'm mostly into Britpop: Oasis (brotherly love), Manic Street Preachers, Franz Ferdinand, Blur (to a certain extent), Keane, Travis, Radiohead, etc. But I also listen to K's Choice, U2, Incubus, Bl?f (Dutch band) and the occasional good Top 40 listing on the radio.
  5. I came out neutral too, but I guess you reaaaally must like Canada to be evil in this test. Maybe the guy who made this saw too much Terrance & Phillip.
  6. The State of New Hampshire (another Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V of those who colonised the USA)
  7. No offense, but not everyone will recognise that you use a Dutch flag for your nation. Ps: The Netherlands may currently have the , but Brussels (Belgium) has the commission. Of course I understand not all people know the Dutch flag (they could even mix it up with Luxemburg ), but I also mentioned it earlier in this thread. But its good to see that there are indeed a significant amount of Europeans in Europa
  8. 30,000 BNME fans swamped the streets of Nueva Buenos Aires, Argenland after defeating Europa Wednesday last week. 135 minutes of nerve-breaking football, passed, greatly due to the amazing performance of the opposing goaly, Karl B?hmdorf. Even the substitution of Klaas Vaarwater (DF) in the 110th minute by BNME favourite Jeroen Korteweg (FW) wasn't enough to build up the pressure. It would have to come down to BNME's greatest fear: penalties. After five consecutive misses, substitute keep Tim Raddraaier finally releaved all tension by making the 1-0 against Europa. A celebrational BBQ was held on the Main Square of the city and for one night, Nueva Buenos Aires turned completely burgundy. When the Minister of Sports and Other Extracurricular Activities, Alfred Huisman, was asked for comment, he replied: "It was a great match, but if you don't mind, I am going to join the party and get wasted!" Baltirow-woud and BNME are ready to face the overseas champion Phil IV in the semi-finals!
  9. I believe the Netherlands is still a part of Europe . Heck, were even head of the EU Parliament! So, put me on the lis
  10. Happy birthday (en nog vele jaren!)
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