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  1. On Succession 1. 1. My father had told me about the day the sun, instead of setting beyond the horizon, fell onto the place where now stands, somewhat cynically named, Sunset City. 2. From a hospital in the countryside, in which he was recovering from the injuries he suffered during the war, he saw the flash of light that blew away the Imperial Palace and with it the old ways. 3. Soon, the hospital was filled with victims of the subsequent fire, which grew stronger with every house it consumed. 4. And as the fire had swallowed the capital whole, it dug into the ancient forests around
  2. Quotations from Chairman Gao He Ping is a short book setting out the political philosophy of Sunset Sea Islandian leader Gao He Ping. It is a collection of statements, thoughts and speeches written throughout the life of the Chairman of the Party of Radiance. The book is commonly printed in small, easy-to-carry sizes, bound in golden covers, thus becoming known as the Little Golden Book.
  3. @Grenesia I love those borders. Looks very country-ish/ unartificial.
  4. "Bartender, one Morlavitra please! And for my lovely company, one Costa Scura!" Jokes aside, these names sound legit! Really cool choice (can't wait for the day I rename my cities either).
  5. I guess that's it then. @Orioni Damn, it really was smart of @Variota to grab Lukinagrad, now that there are actually other people close to the Keelpijp.
  6. Full conference halls were a common sight at Elegy HQ. The past two years of financial success and economic growth cemented Elegy's position as the nations premier provider of consumer electronics and multimedia services. From laptops to TV sets, from payment services to home security systems: Elegy had permeated every nook and cranny of the tech market it had found. Whilst competing brands de facto still existed, their size paled in comparison to the economic behemoth that was Elegy. Monopoly laws in the Sunset Sea Islands were lax enough for Elegy to be able to absorb them, however, maintain
  7. It didn't take long for the first club members to respond to Ken's voicemail. > lmao, did u hit ur head, Ken? > bruh did you confuse your masturbation phantasies with reality? > POIDH Using nothing but his toes, Ken stripped off his sandals and left them at the doorstep. To prove his words and to escape the ridicule in the chat room, he sneakily approached the girl and snapped a picture. Her bright skin and white gown contrasted with the old, brown sofa's sunken cushions. Although the picture was slightly blurred, the chatroom's members reacted immediately. &
  8. Hey @Grenesia, so, purely from reading your previous posts, I would have never guessed that area was where your country was located in your imagination. The post-Soviet feel definitely put it in Argis in my head, where most such countries are located. Iirc, there were talks once about how that area was largely occupied by a USSR-like superstate that broke up into many of the countries visible in that part of the map. These aspects would make an Argic position even more logical for you. The southern coast of Argis would fit your climatic descriptions and proximity to @Cavunia,
  9. That would indeed be the case. In the old map, that part of Thalassa was amongst the most unrealistic in the entire map. Maybe this island would be a suitable compromise, @Salvia: I feel Salvian presence would be more justifiable in a place like this. Alternatively, if latitude is important to you, you can wait for the map update and argue with @Shffahkia about that one island that got placed close to Shffahkian shores.
  10. @Salvia The Marenesia-Minorian claims are fine, but I can't see myslef not vetoing any Thalassan claims for now.
  11. @Oyus might certainly be hit by tsunamis from time to time, but the @Gallambrian territories and @Seylos might have it worse. Same goes for islands on the @Little Flauton plate. Also, depending on their placement on the map, @Yeosan might also be hit from time to time, but I think the transformative line between the Adisi and the Fulgiotan plate might be less active than the one between the Dolch and the Adisi plate. Oh yes, gib, those things are great! The last time I rode one of these must have been in Hastings back in '15! Might even think how viable they would be for my country, si
  12. Iirc from a supplementary geomorphology seminar, there's a volcano underneath Italy that could f*ck over the entirety of Europe, should it ever erupt. De facto the European equivalent to Yellowstone. It's all in the realm of possibility, so if you want your nation to sit on a planetary death machine, that could certainly be arranged.
  13. @Tagmatium Rules I figured that would be fitting for a Byzantine state. But I guess whether such things actually happen in the individual nations is up to the players. Naturally, new additions to the map should be made aware of eurthquake and vulcanism potential in their desired regions.
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