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  1. Neue Meignitzer Zeitung Two technicians die at ISTC research station in Antargis Two ingenieurs employed at the Simon Station in Antargis died on Wednesday while working on a building that houses a generator for a nearby radio transmitter, an ISTC spokesperson said. The ingenieurs were found unconscious on the floor of the building after a helicopter pilot flying over the area saw what appeared to be smoke coming from the structure and landed to investigate. One of the technicians was pronounced dead by medical personnel called to the scene. The other was pronounced dead a
  2. 10:00 Uhr, Maximilians-Universität Venège, 2°C A passion for animals is what all three of them shared. By them we mean Ludwig, Inga and Bernd, the top three students of the antargic zoology department at the Maximilians-Universität in Venège. The trio really stood out head and shoulders above the other students. This much was clear from the very start of the school year. Ludwig came from Richüz and enjoyed a privileged upbringing. His father worked at the Richüz Insurance Group and got his son into all the best schools. A golden spoon as soon as he joined kindergarten and then
  3. Magnaeus


    Easily the most naturally neutral nation north of the equator.
  4. 11:30 Uhr, Simon Station, Antargis, 4°C The weather had been nice all week on Antargis. Clear skies with the occasional clouds. The long winter on this most southern continent was coming to an end. The days were growing longer. The sea ice was retreating. Soon there would be new shipment coming in from the ISTC Port on Süd-Meignitz. Fuel and storage tanks and new batteries. And those long awaited spare parts to help make reparations. The arrival of these new materials would also be accompanied by the arrival of fresh faces. Our ingenieur Brüno Neumayer didn't know who exactly would b
  5. What a magnificent evening it had been so far. This made president Sophie Gerber very happy indeed. The guests had been wonderful. It was a treat to see these heads of state getting along so well with each other. The way Queen Nova Maxima and president Mécra interacted reminded her of old friends that know each other through and through. People who weren't there to witness it would never believe it if you told them about it later. The closeness and amicability were a joy to witness. And the diplomatic staff was also putting their best foot forward. Yes, this truly was a marvelous moment in ti
  6. You gotta be more consistent than that man. Its almost like my little neighbor to the north is affected by the seasons. Expanding in the winter, melting away in the summer.
  7. Hello Andune friend of Rihan. And hello Rihan as well. What's your favorite cheese?
  8. "05:41 Uhr, Simon Station, Antargis, -37.6°C A loud clanking noise woke up Bruno from a dreamless sleep. Slowly he rubbed his eyes. "Clang!" There was that noise again. It was coming from outside the station. Turning his head sideways, he looked at the clock. "Uunnggh... it's too early...," he muttered in a drowsy voice, still half asleep. Reluctantly Bruno rubbed his eyes and threw his comfortable blanket to the side. His orange overall was neatly folded on a chair by the door. Boots standing next to it. Some of the habits he acquired during his mandatory 6 months in the Armee never real
  9. sh*t. I can't believe I missed this. Will there be another tournament soon?
  10. Do you wish to have a piece conference for the VLA war? Im looking for a neutral sponsor

    1. Magnaeus


      @Afropa Hey man. Thanks for your message. Right now I don't have a lot of time for writing. I will first see to it that I close my existing roleplays before getting involved with yours. How about we pick this up again in September? Thanks.

  11. @Andalla Respecting my own neutrality, I'm not sure if or when we would every have established international relations. Either only recently, in the late 20th Century, or very early on, perhaps even in the 18th Century.
  12. Too late: I just mentioned in our adventures of Simon Station that the ISTC port is called Süd-Meignitz. Or maybe Neu-Meignitzland. I haven't settled yet on a permanent name. This way everyone in the ISTC gets to have their special little detail. @Fleur de Lys has the station commander, @Sunset Sea Islands called it Simon Station, @Prymont is the technical genius, and I've given that taken port a real name.
  13. 12:30 Uhr, Simon Station, Antargis, -17.6°C "Wow. Time really does fly," Bruno thought to himself while at the same time feeling surprised by his own realisation. He was busy finishing the second of his last maintenance checks for the morning. The Magnean ingenieur had arrived in Antargis almost four months ago. Since then he'd grown accustomed to his new Antargic environment of endlessly stretching plains with white powder. "This place really takes your breath away." Four months since January also meant that the short Antargic summer was long over. Bruno and the other people on his
  14. 14:30 Uhr, Simon Station, Antargis, -4.1°C What other would call "summer" had little to no meaning when you're down in the Antargic. "Come on now, this is not the time to doubt your decisions," Brüno quietly said to himself, while closing the outside door behind him. He started shaking the snow off his outer jacket. The coat rack was already quite full with other colorful outfits, in bright orange or red, dripping on the floor. Brüno reached over and added his Magnean-red overcoat to the mix. "Now if I can get these boots to come off, " he grunted, taking a seat on a sturdy plastic b
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