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  1. Annie Armstrong Diversion, Nova Scotia
  2. true... but not the answer that I'm looking for... Smart Arse
  3. #164 What does Zhujiang, Caracu and Niksicko Pivo have in common?
  4. YzerfonteiN plus an amusing limerick: An Yzerfontein gal born in Singweti Whom local anglers thought vaguely pretty In her efforts to please Spread venereal disease From Saldanha to Cape Town city.
  5. Unity Lyrics Artist(Band):Operation Ivy Theres a war going down between my brothers tonight I dont want no war going down tonight Stop this war Civilization ha I call it as I see it I call it bullsh*t you know I still cannot believe it Our evolution now has gone the way of hate A world evolved resolved in this stupid fate Stop this war All so different yeah I say were all the same All caught you know in the division game Self destruction fast impending like a bullet No one can stop it once its fired no one can control it Stop this war A final word, wait it's not a call to action We aint no sect we aint no f*cking faction Unity unity unity you've heard it all before This time its not exclusive we want to stop a war Stop this Unity as one stand together Unity evolutions gonna come
  6. Live From The Jaihu Telecom Arena in Downtown Zao Jaihu it's.... Friday Night Crackdown!!!!! [Fireworks erupt from the ceiling of the Jaihu Telecom Arena as the television cameras pan over the cheering crowds in attendence... As the fireworks end "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC begins to blast from the Arena Soundsystem.] [A lone figure stands at the top of a rampway leading from the backstage area to a wrestling ring in the centre of the arena... This lone figure is attired in the finest grey pinstripe Armani suit money can buy... He looks back toward the backstage area, smiles confidently... then begins a slow confident strut down the rampway to the wrestling ring.] [Once he makes it to the wrestling ring he signals to the ring attendant to pass him a microphone...] Man: "Greetings wrestling fans, how nice of you to join us here tonight!!!! Tonight we welcome the millions of Jaihuians watching at home and the billions of you viewers in Europa and around the world!!!!! My name is Lyle "In Style" Wile, The Stylemeister to my millions of Ring Rat Fans from Japan to the U.S.A. and all over the world. " [The Crowd in attendance chant Wile's name] Wile: "I bet you are wondering... Just what the heck is going on in the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu? Well your questions are about to be answered..." ["Loser" by Beck blasts from the Arena soundsystem as Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu is dragged kicking and screaming down to the wrestling ring by 3 masked men. Once at ringside, the masked men pick up Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu and toss him into the ring... Wile signals to cut the music.] Wile: "A little over 72 hours ago, The Stylemeister lead a Coup d'etat ceasing power from this worthless pencil necked geek that you see cowering in the wrestling ring at my feet. We ceased power to prevent this once great nation from backsliding any further than it already has... We ceased power to reinstate the wrestlestocracy that once existed here in ancient times!!! Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu attempted to outlaw Sports Entertainment, but we continued to flourish... Because Sports Entertainment is the lifeblood of the Jaihu!!!!!" [The crowd pops in appreciation] Wile: "For over 1000 years, the Jaihu had a simple but effective form of governance. Our government was based here in this squared circle. The leadership of the Jaihu, or the Jaihuian World Wrestling Championship, was competed for by any and all that dared to step into the ring. It was a fair and effective form of government... Sure there were problems, sometimes people cheated, using foreign objects, getting outside interference, bribing the officials... Yes there was corruption, but you tell me what form of government doesn't have corruption and I'll call you a freaking two faced liar!!!!" "This man you see at my feet, Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu... His family committed the most perverse corruption of them all!!!!! 100 years ago, his grandfather won the Jaihuian World Wrestling Championship, and then outlawed wrestling. And now it is time for wrestling to once again play the role in government that it was always intended to play!!!!!" [The Stylemeister drops the mic and then picks up Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu and lifts him up over his shoulders.... With lightening speed he plants Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu face first into the canvass on the floor of the wrestling ring. The Stylemeister goes for the cover... Out of no where an official appears and counts... 1... 2... 3...] [The Stylemeister once again picks up the mic.] Wile: "Your family's tyranny over wrestling and the Jaihu has ended. The Stylemeister has ended your family's reign." [The crowd in attendance cheers wildly as the screen fades to black...]
  7. Report of the Jaihuian News Network. Scattered reports are emerging out of the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu that there has been a coup d'etat in Zao Jaihu. Early indications are that over the last number of days a rouge group of Sports Entertainment Entertainers have ceased power. Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu has been placed under house arrest, the Jaihuian council has been disbanded and the borders of Jaihu have been closed. There are rumours that the new government of Jaihu has ordered all foreign missions in Zao Jaihu closed and all diplomats expelled in preparation of the first "meeting" of the new Jaihuian Government. As further information becomes available it will be released.
  8. Lord Wigglesworth stood and indicated that he no longer had the authority to sign on behalf of the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu as he had just been informed of a coup in Zao Jaihu
  9. you are correct with the city koku however it was 1924... over to u
  10. Nancy's Cellar, Nova Scotia
  11. #152 What world city was the first to reach 10 million inhabitants and in what year did this city reach this milestone?
  12. OCC: or perhaps to the Akiiyru or Eurotima even
  13. Lord Stanley Robert Wigglesworth rose at this point... "The Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu on a point of order would like it to be known and acknowledged that as a member of the EPA, we did not oppose Vanarambaion's settlement in Sector 21... Therefore we would appreciate those in attendence to refrain from stating that it was a EPA blockade. Secondly, on another point of order. It is not helpful for the Vanarambaion delegate to attempt to warn, bully or otherwise intimidate those assembled. Now to the meat and potatoes of what has been introduced by the Vanarambaion, Tamurin, Tagmatium and Ekainak delegates. There is a lot of common ground in all of these opening statements to what has been previously introduced by the Jaihuian delegation. However we would object to any provision in these talks that restricts the ability of the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu to use it's territories as it sees fit. We are not here to surrender our soverignity and do not expect any other nation to surrender their soverignity. The Jaihu do not feel it is necessary for any checks on the Vanarambaion in their territory. If they state the military presence in N. Vanarambaion will be defensive in nature, we will take them at their word. There is no need for inspections. If Tagmatium wishes to maintain the agreement they made with Akiiyru that their Naval Officer to be tried outside of Tagmatium that is their decision and the Jaihu will respect that decision. The Jaihu would agree with points 3 and 4 of the Tamurin delegation. His ideas are worthy of further consideration and whether or not they are accepted by those assembled, the Jaihu would be interested in pursuing these discussions.
  14. Lord Stanley Robert Wigglesworth immediately rose after the words of T'Rothric... `This is exactly the immature cavalier attitude toward foreign relations to which the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu was making reference to... wipe that silly smirk off of your face sir, it does nothing but point out your lack of knowledge of the complexity of foreign relations within Europa. To you it does not matter that the Jaihu never once acted against Vanarambaion or Akiiryu in this crisis, since we are a member of the EPA you paint us with the same brush as the members of the EPA that engaged you in this crisis. You are unable to take off your rose colored glasses, to realize that what you think is a intelligent flowery response to the Jaihu position is so much verbal diarrhea that it stinks to high heaven. Regardless of whether it was 2 Akiiryan Submarines, 3 Akiiryan Submarines, or 2 Akiiryan Submarines and a Vanarambaion Submarine is immaterial. The fact that these submarines were in a position to apprehend the Tagmatium naval vessel but were not in a position to prevent the attack in the first place is ridiculous beyond the sublime. As far as the agreement that T'Rothric believes that Akiiryu has with the Tagmatium... We are here to discuss the entire scope of this crisis, which includes where the Tagmatium Naval Officer should be tried. Perhaps if you are unable to think outside of the conceptual restraints that you have placed on these discussions you should seek out the intelligent counsel of more learned and responsible members of the CPA or PoA. It must be noted that the Akiiryu have consistently attempted to engage nations of the EPA. Whether it was part and parcel of the current crisis under discussion or in relation to other events, the Akiiryu have been aggressively engaged in a policy of engagement with the EPA. The Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu cannot empathize enough with your nation T'Rothric. It must have been horrible, to be universally ignored in your vain alarmist attempts to convince members of the CPA and PoA that the EPA was a criminal organization made up of thugs... It must have been horrible when you became aware of the fact that most nations viewed your nation as if it were Chicken Little once again running around in a panic screaming at the top of your collective lungs that the sky was falling. In regards to your proposed rugby tournament... The Jaihu would be happy to send a team... Unless of course this is just another in a long line of Akiiryan attempts to be cute and you have no intention of holding such a tournament. But if your offer is genuine, the Jaihu could provide you with the technical assistance to hold such an event.` Lord Wigglesworth once again retakes his seat.
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