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      The Royal Palace of Ateenia released a statement today saying that Queen Ena Kalinka has given birth to twin girls. It is with immense joy that we have the great pleasure to announce this birth. In a statement from the Imperial Palace within Chel'de Yorn, a statement on behalf of Empress Kira'Karn was relayed via Speaker of the Laandstrad Eula Vek Elghinn.

      The twin's birth has delighted the crown and throne, as well as all those within the Imperial Court are offering congratulations with the news. The royal family would like to thank all the medical staff for their wonderful care and discretion leading up to the announcement.

      Eula followed up with another statement that has electrified the nation current.

      With regards to the parents, the Empress has decreed that House Kalinka Elemmiire become approved as a major house. Queen Ena of Ateenia while not yet married into one of the most powerful bloodlines of our people, there is a high degree of confidence from those within the court and beyond it that it will happen at some point, and that the twins will contribute to the new houses's rise with new potential heirs of the Imperium itself.

      This decree follows a vote made by the Advisory council to the throne itself, with seven of the nine councilors supporting this decision. This is following the decision to name Renor Vlos as a great house just mere days, of which has created ripples of commentary throughout the sphere of our dominion. 

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      This is the future that the Empress embraces, for betterment of the Imperial domain, the growth of greater ties with the Ateenian people, and they with us.

      Edited by Haruspex (see edit history)
    • The National Courier


      21.03.2023 AD

      17.02.1951 AJB




      The branches of House Kalinka expand!

      Earlier today, queen Ena of House Kalinka finally entered labour after the pregnancy, which the royal family has been keeping mostly quiet about, reached its end and potential heirs to the throne of the kingdom were born. It was only during the morning today, when an ambulance was spotted outside the royal palace, that it became obvious that the children of the queen were being born, which was confirmed hours later by the royal palace itself, when the announcement was made that not 1 but 2 new members of the dynasty had been born. This announcement was followed by another one hour later which confirmed that the newborn twins were girls, with the younger being named Embla and the older Hertha. With the birth of these 2 daughters of Ena and Ajax, House Kalinka and House Elemmiire are now bound together by blood, paving the way to a long-lasting friendship between the dynasties and increased ties between the Kingdom of Ateenia and The Imperium of Haruspex.

      It is expected that the naming ritual for Embla and Hertha will be carried out overmorrow in accordance to traditions, through which the chosen names for the children will be bound to them and their souls. As are the traditions the ritual will be carried out as such, a pint of blood is to be taken from both children, which is to be used to cover the sharp end of a dagger chosen for a child, each is to get their own, this dagger is then to be used to carve the name of the child into a tree of the parent's choice. Once the name is carved, the chosen name will be bounded to the child's soul, and its destiny will then be written out along the branches of Trélíff.

      It is also expected that right after the naming ritual, a feast will be announced in the palace, in honor of the allmother Estrid and allfather Vrjoln, in gratitude for their blessing of healthy children to the dynasty, followed by a sacrifice as a gift to the gods of Vjöld. This in turn is suspected to be followed by an announcement of a marriage between Ena and Ajax, to which many hints from the palace has hinted to in the past months.



      On other news:

      • With the Haruspex declaration of war on The Kingdom of Great Anglia, the ministry of foreign affairs has issued a travel warning on both countries, advising Ateenians traveling to those countries to exercise increased caution and to avoid regions of conflict.
      • The Ira copper mine has resumed normal operations, after the recently collapsed shafts have been cleared out and their structure has been reinforced.
      • 2 men were arrested in Atha last night after they attacked and caused bodily harm to an off duty Haru legionary, before they were both restrained by the same legionnaire, with the help of a local passer-by.
      • After short delays, another housing wing was opened 4 days ago at the temple of Unheim.
      • An Ahranian female mountain climber named Milja Holmgren found dead on Estridfjall, after a 4-day-long search and rescue effort.


      (photo of the Queen)

       “Preparation is under way for the Queen’s birthday despite the Skibbenon’s declaration of war on @Aurivizh this morning, the day is still festive. Igor, how is it in Parsa Square?”

       “Well Raisa, we’ve got quite the turnout tonight here in Parsa Square as we get ourselves ready for the Queen’s twenty-fourth birthday, as you can see we have hundreds if not thousands gathered here today.”

      “This year’s carnival has been said to be better and larger than last year, so no wonder.”

      “Yeah, anyway Raisa, with the new attractions this year the prices to enter have raised significantly to 18 Г̷̶̷ (grinvas). From last year's 5 Г̷̶̷ price. But despite this, all these people still came for the festivities. Everything has been set up for tomorrow, and the question is, what will the Queen’s birthday speech be this year? Back to you.”

       “Garindina is full of festivities around this time of the year, so be safe and have fun. This is Raisa Minsky, signing off.”

    • Telegram International Social Media App FIYD Exits Open Beta

      March 9th, 2023, FY37 

      This content is displayed in Anglish. For translation into a local language, click Here


      After an extended open beta, Telegram International's flagship social media FIYD (pronounced feed) has been released internationally and is now free on most* app stores. Focusing on short-form, video-based content, FIYD has already become Galahinda's top social media by both users and usage hours.

      Speaking at the FIYD launch party, Telegram International CEO Hazmah Ramirez said, "It's really simple when you think about it. FIYD uses an algorithm that sees what you like, and shows you more of it. Everything from there is pure user ingenuity." 

      Already sitting at 2 million downloads, FIYD is set to become the season's hottest digital accessory. The system verifies official, influential, and popular accounts, giving users an easily recognized quality indicator. 

      "The fact that I can post kinda, whatever I want, is really slay," says Yvee Bloom, @YveeInBloom, a verified creator, "The people who like it, will like it, and if you don't, just keep scrolling."

      The app has already become incredibly diverse, with everything from makeup tutorials to behind-the-scenes looks at MYNE creative director Yiu Amistacia's creative process and a rapidly evolving meme-scape. 

      Ready to step foot into the newest era of digital presence? Download FIYD, follow us at @CasCurrent, and we'll see you in the feed. 


      *Local governments may monitor, prevent access to, or otherwise restrict FIYD based on local laws.

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      Trade is the lifeblood of nations, without which few nations would survive, and fewer still could maintain the standards to which their citizens are used to. Trade also ties the nations of the wurld together and, through this, it is often hoped that there can be a more peaceful Eurth. This was – and still is – one of the policies pursued by the Holy Imperial Government, as it is thought that encouraging these links meant that the peoples of our Eurth would be less inclined to undertake conflict with one another. These ideals are also held by all civilised and peace-loving nations on Eurth, ones that Aromania stands shoulder to shoulder with, in the defence of all that we hold dear.

      As trade is the lifeblood of nations, it also represents the sinews of war. Those nations that make up the Occidental-Azanian Pact (OCA) have attempted to forge the otherwise-reciprocal links of trade through conflict and conquest, blood and misery. They have no wish that those links are equitable, they merely wish to seize what they want and exploit the other nations of Eurth.

      The time has now come for the trade links to the nations that make up the OCA to be severed. All nations that are not within the OCA yet continue to trade with the OCA are, without any doubt, contributing to those nations' war efforts. Efforts that see conflict inflict pain and suffering on Argis, on Aurelia and on Europa.

      To continue to trade with the OCA is to fund the war against the nations of Europa, Argis and Aurelia that still stand against the actions of the OCA. It is to fund the war against nations and peoples of @Advocatius, @Anatea, @Gallambria, Great @Xio, @Ionio, @Iverica, Iwenland, @Louvier, Machina @Haruspex, Qubdi, @Seylos, @Stedoria, @Tagmatium Rules, @Zaxar, @DPR Velaheria, and all the peaceful peoples of Eurth. Whilst those who do continue to trade may wish to claim that they are not taking sides, that they are selling to both sides of the conflict, that they are aiding both equally, the Holy Imperial Government rejects this idea. It is self-deceiving at best and an outright lie broadcast to the rest of the wurld at worst. It is clear from the events of the past several years that there is an alliance of aggressor nations and that it is the rest of the Eurth that is attempting to defend against this. The OCA has an imperialist desire to exploit all the other nations of Eurth. Nations that wish to try to find a middle path will merely find themselves so exploited, too, if the OCA are successful in their aims.

      Therefore, the Holy Imperial Government calls on all of those nations that still stand on the sidelines to cease trading with the OCA and all those nations that are affiliated with the OCA. At this point, Aromania will not offer anything other than condemnation to those that persist in trading after this point. But wurld that comes after this conflict will remember that persistence in aiding the OCA. Those nations may choose to not actively aid those arrayed against the OCA if they so wish, if that soothes their conscience. If they feel that is too much like picking a side. But continuation of trade with the OCA, however, is will be considered to be what it is – funding war against all the free nations on Eurth.

      May God grant those nations, governments and people mercy, and may the scales to fall from their eyes.

    • Roiters News

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      Poll results spell trouble for Orioni's governing coalition

      Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati

      Political opinion polling in OrioniO'POLIS -- Orioni has been thrown into the political vortex with the release of the latest political opinion poll conducted by Roiters. The survey paints a gloomy picture for the governing coalition, SPO and Blueropa, who have seen their support continue taking a nose-dive.

      According to the poll, the centre-left SPO has declined to a meagre 33%, down from the 45% support it enjoyed in the last election in December 2019. Meanwhile, its coalition partner, Blueropa, has seen its support slip to 12% from the 15% it garnered in the last poll in December 2022. The poll also revealed a similar drop in support for Pink!, another centre-left party, which has declined to 7%.

      On the other hand, the centre-right PO&N party has experienced a boost in support, rising to 34% from the 30% it received in the last poll. In these uncertain times, their prescient calls for increased defence spending were well-received by the risk-averse Orinese. The far-right Fronde Verdur party has also seen its fortunes rise, with a 12% increase in support compared to the last election in December 2019.

      The results of this opinion poll could not have come at a worse time for the ruling coalition. The Rezovi-government has been facing a barrage of criticism from opposition parties and the public alike over their handling of the economy and Anglian crisis. Despite the decline in support for the centre-left parties, political pundits say that a coalition between SPO, Blueropa, and Pink! could still be a possibility, given their similar ideologies. However, such a coalition would need to garner at least 50% of the vote to form a government, which seems unlikely with the current trend.

      The rise in support for the far-right Fronde Verdur party is a cause for concern for many Orinese citizens, who fear that their extremist views could lead to the erosion of democratic values and human rights. However, some analysts argue that the increase in support for the far-right party could be a reflection of growing frustration among the populace with the traditional political parties.

      The latest opinion poll has thrown the political landscape in Orioni into disarray, and only time will tell how the parties will respond to the changing fortunes of their support base. The poll results have put the current government on notice, with many calling for immediate action to address the concerns of citizens. However, it remains to be seen whether the government will take these concerns seriously, or whether they will continue to bury their heads in the sand and hope that the problems will magically disappear. One thing is clear, though – the upcoming election in December is shaping up to be one of the most unpredictable and closely contested in the country's history.

      (OOC. Still working on the exact percentages for each past poll. This polling spreadsheet is a work-in-progress.)


      Just one hour ago, Marshal General Alexandr Torosov announced a new military operation. The operation, code-named "Operation Snowfall," has been leaked, stating that the government has started researching technology for ICBMs.

      Marshal General Alexandr Torosov has stated that this investment and research will help protect Garindina. Now, over to Igor and his interview with the Queen.

      "Thank you, Rasia, and now, your majesty, why did the program start"?

      "Yes, well, Garindina has always been lacking at the wurld stage in terms of a modern military. But since 2018, I've been trying to modernize our military, and the one thing we've really been lagging in are missiles.

      "So how did you come up with the idea of Operation Snowfall?"

      "Oh no, that was all Torosov's idea." "I only permitted it, and he put it into motion."

      "Ok, so are there any other plans you have for further modernization?"

      "There are rumors that the government is looking into nuclear energy,  are these rumors true?"

      "Well, no. I will confirm that we are looking into cleaner energy and ways to make them more productive.  But we do not have the technology to study nuclear power. "

      "Thank you for your time, Your Majesty."

      "Your welcome."

      "I'll send it back to you, Raisa."

      Well, that was Igor and Queen Nadia V, and in other news, plans for a new national park in the West Glacial Territory are now underway with camp sites and trails being set up. That was all our time for today, Garindina, until next on the NNG.

      Edited by Garindina (see edit history)
    • Zaxar Sports Network

      Wampano SC was seven minutes and several chances away from a very different result on Saturday — but no great breakthrough came for the home side. Instead, Bostar SC defeated their long-time rivals Wampano, 1-0 — thanks to a heads-up play by Payett Nonok to break the match open after 88 minutes of scoreless soccer: The striker collected a loose ball in the box and fired a shot past Wampano star-goalkeeper Marcello Colagnee, the starting keeper for the Zaxari national squad and one of the top-ranked keepers in the wurld, to score the game’s only goal. Wampano kept the packed 50,000 fans at Paumpágussit Coliseum holding their breath until the end, though. In the five minutes of stoppage time, Wampano winger Malo Dele saw a header hit off the post, and the @Iverican-born striker Hugo Basilio appeared to get knocked to the ground after the team’s final chance — sending the crowd into a disgruntled uproar. However, the referee was unsympathetic to the fans' cries and allowed play to continue.

      It was Bostar fans who let out triumphant screams on Sunday’s opener when the final whistle blew. Some end-of-game stats: Wampano won the possession battle — 54.3% to 45.7% — and also had more corners and crosses than Bostar.

      But the black and white notched one more shot on goal than the islanders (five to four) — and that was the one that counted.

      Payett Nonok is seen celebrating after scoring a late goal to defeat Wampano SC

      Payett Nonok is seen celebrating after scoring a late goal to defeat Wampano SC

      With this win, Bostar not only secures a win over their old rivals but reasserts their dominance in the ZMSL, holding on to their top ranking in the league. Wampano still sits at third, behind the Skatan Neimpâuog and ahead of the Liberte Blues.




      Last week, a new military training system was announced and details have just been released. The system is now more disciplined and difficult. With training lasting a full 3 months and longer hours. Many disapprove of this change but Aleksandr Torosov says they are necessary. 

      "The deal with these changes is to help better prepare our soldiers for the defense of the nation." -Aleksandr 

      The effects of these changes vary over the 4 military sectors. With Special Forces taking the brut of these effects. 

      "Training was already difficult to root out the ones that don't want to be here. This just makes it more difficult for the ones that want to be here"- Special Forces Operator

      Along with these changes, the military has chosen a new main assault rifle, the MSBS.

      "It's a semiautomatic rifle with a 30-round detachable mag. With the ability to switch to a rate of fire of  700–900 rounds/min."

      Edited by Garindina (see edit history)
    • Roiters News

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      Anti-Anglia party holds protest in Suverina

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      Anti-Anglia protest

      CHISINAU, @Suverina -- Pro­tes­ting, which is essen­tial­ly shou­ting and wa­ving signs with aban­don, was ob­served in the Suverin capital Chișinău last Sunday. The protesters were demanding the removal of the pro-Anglian Prime Minister Nikolai Dănilă. Some officials from the OCA and @Great Anglia raised concerns about a supposed foreign plot to overthrow the government. Anglian foreign minister Sir Algernon Edgeyton, who met with Dănilă over the weekend in Lyrie, stated that Godstone was alarmed by "some plotting that we've seen coming from abroad". Last week, Dănilă stated that foreigners were planning "the use of people from outside the country for violent actions" in Suverina. Meanwhile, accusations are flying between Anglia and its eastern counterparts over who is really to blame for the alleged protests to topple PM Dănilă. OCA and Anglia officials have raised concerns about an Orinese-backed conspiracy, while O'polis has denied the existence of any such plot. This weekend, EOS representative Tobiya Wayanor commented that: “The Suverin people are trying to take back power. Not by violence as the Anglians did in Suverina several years ago.”

      Ahead of Sunday's demonstration, Suverin authorities restricted access for citizens from Anglia-unfriendly countries, including those from the Orient. The protests in Chișinău were organized by the anti-Anglian Egalitatea party. The OCA has put Egalitatea leaders on a sanctions list, and Suverin police are targeting them with anti-corruption investigations. Before Sunday's protest, Suverin police also searched the homes of some members of the Egalitatea party and detained them as part of an inquiry into the party's illegal financing of the demonstrations, according to the public prosecutor's office.

      This demonstration, although peaceful, was significantly larger than the ones held in the autumn. It comes amidst a tense political climate in Suverina following recent warnings of security threats to the country of 111 million, which borders Qubdi and @Tagmatium Rules. And in the midst of all this, Suverin citizens are just trying to get by. For some, that means protesting against their government. For others, it means staying away from political demonstrations altogether. So, while the situation in Suverina may be cause for concern, it's hardly the stuff of international espionage thrillers. In the end, it's just another example of politics as usual in a region that has seen its fair share of tumult and uncertainty.

      (OOC. Unsure what's actually going on in Suverina, but it wouldn't be uncommon to see some protest. The existence of some opposition to the current Anglia-aligned regime in Suverina could help us figure out the post-conflict situation. I'd expect other countries to have their own underground opposition as well.)

    • 4Lvrjuz.png

      Hello and welcome to this edition of "Ahrana Today," where we bring the news of the wurld to you the viewer at home, work, or wherever you may be. On today's edition, the government announces the new Social Contract Initiative, peace achieved in Dniester, and Stemas a Union State all brought to you by "Ahrana Today."


      The Union Government announced today a cross Union Government initiative that is being called the Social Contract Initiative. The Federal Government and the Member State Government have aggreged to back this initiative to tackle the ongoing drug and alcohol issue affecting many people of all ages in the Union.

      The Social Contract Initiative is a contract that all citizens with children sign with themselves and the community to help teach the children of the Union the dangers of severe drug abuse. The contract is not a physical contract by a communal verbal agreement with the communities across the Union. The government believes that trying to tackle the issue from this angle will lower the drug overdoses, dealing of substances illegally, and abuse of all forms of drugs.

      The Drug Enforcement Ministry has agreed to partner with communities across the Union to help educate young people as well as whole families how to deal with certain triggers that could encourage a person to want to seek this path in life. The Drug Education System in the Education system will continue to be taught at the Middle Education Levels starting at age 12. it is highly encouraged that the whole family unit is involved in this part of the child's education as it molds their next step in life according to specialists in the childhood development field.

      This new initiative is believed to help improve the society of the Union tenfold and the government at the union and regional level are investing heavily in this program. The Ministry of Health and Welfare Services along with the Federal Chancellor are the front-line supporters of this initiative. The Minister and Chancellor are also the co-authors of the Legislative Bill that introduced this initiative in the Federal Parliament which gained full Parliamentary Support.


      The possible conflict between the Republic of Dniester and the Union of Ahrana has finally had a peaceful resolution over bloodshed. The former President of the Republic, V. Ziminski, has offered his assistance in ensuring all criminals involved in the terrorist attacks on Ahrana are brought to justice.

      As of yester at noon, the Union Military met with the Republican Military Leaders of a possible coup d'état and has managed to have them all step down from their positions. Since their arrival in Tiraspol, the Military in conjunction with the Southern Provinces Military and the Ahranaian Federal Police Services twenty arrests have been made throughout the Republican Government Ministries and Offices. The Union Military will be setting up an interim government for North Dniester in the coming weeks made up of Northern and Southern Politicians that want to ensure the North is rebuilt the proper way.

      in the Southern Provinces the Union Delegation has been official sent to Minsk to discuss the possibility of the five Southern Provinces joining the Union as Member/Union States to the Union. As it stands currently, the Southern Provinces have started to prepare their government for Unionization and integration to the Ahranaian model.


      At the Three Nation Summit in Strömkoga it was announced that the Republic of Stemas formally petitioned the Federal Chancellor about the possibility of returning Stemas to the Union as a special status Union State. The Union Government has not released any other information beyond the fact that the Stemani President formal inquired and petitioned the Union about the possibility. 


      Thank you for joining us here on "Ahrana Today," join us next time for the news of the wurld and the Union.

    • The Delegate


      (Academy of Northern Baltica, Klenai City)

      Klenai, Baltica, February 10th, the Academy of Northern Baltica. A large convoy of vehicles pulls up to the seemingly desolate building. Three men make their way down the decade-old halls of the Academy. Dressed in made-to-fit navy blue suits, and adorned with pairs of black shades, they stand out from the students and faculty of the facility. Hastily, they make their way to the reception and approach the somewhat interested receptionist. 

      “Good Morning, Mrs. We are here for an Udo Klein.”

      “Mr Klein is not taking any visitors today.”

      “Sorry, but we are here on the behalf of the Government. We ask to see Udo at once.”

      “Well, if you must,” The Receptionist sighs. “It's just Down the hall and to the left. You will find his office, he shouldn't be busy at this time.”

      “Thank you.”

      The officers make their way once more, reaching the office and letting themselves in. 

      “I'm not meeting anyone today if you wish to-”

      “Sorry for the Intrusion, Mr Klein, but we are here on the behalf of the Baltican Ministry of Foreign affairs. Please, may we enter ?”

      The frail man chuckles, “Sure, let yourselves in.” The officers quickly enter, and take their seats. One officer, seemingly the head of this party, takes out a folder and places it on the desk. “Mr Klein, when was the last time you visited Kalnija.”

      “Well, last time I recall I was sent there on a diplomatic mission sometime in 94. We were supposed to negotiate some trade concessions. Why do you ask?”

      “No doubt you have heard of the recent fighting between Ras and Kalnijan forces ?”

      “All too much, I hear it's really kicking off.”

      “The Federation is on hard times. Currently, we are organising a meeting between our Federation and Kalnija, and seeing as we have no other experienced diplomats available, we ask that you lead the mission.”

      “Me? Do you not have anyone else at hand.”

      “We assure you, if we did, we wouldn't be contacting you in this manner.”

      “And why should I assist you? I don't see why I should go through the trouble of uprooting my current position to lead some doomed mission in Kalnija.”

      “We assure you, you will be compensated well for your efforts, Mr Klein. This mission has the potential to save the lives of thousands, blood that will be on your hands if we do not succeed.”

      “Well, I suppose if you put it like that, I see why you would come to me.”

      “A convoy will be picking you up in five minutes, after which you will be taken to your residence. You will be given time to pack your belongings, after which you will be taken to an Aerodrome, and set on a flight to Grobija.”

      “And the folder?”

      “It's a briefing of sorts, from data we have collected about the conflict thus far. We recommend you read it on your flight, We'll be waiting outside, I recommend that you take everything and anything that you may need.”

      As the officers make their way out, Mr Klein gets up from his desk, grabs his work case, and empties it. He stuffs it with some papers and office equipment. Before putting the folder into his work case, Klein quickly skims through its contents, and with a concerned look quickly stuffs it into his luggage. He leaves promptly with the officers by his side; but before exiting, leaves a simple note for his receptionist. By the time she sees it, Klein, the officers and the small convoy of vehicles outside are already out of sight.


      Dear Amala

      I'll be gone for some time. Inform my students that I will be gone for the next week or two. Don't be alarmed, this is nothing serious, but in the meantime I trust you to keep the ship on a steady course. 

      Sincerely, Klein.


      Fort Zura

      Fort Zura was a fort constructed by the Republic of Kalnija in the late 19th Century. Initially intended as a fort along the Baltian-Kalnijan border, it soon grew to become one of the largest prisons in Southern Kalnija. As time went on, it would steadily expand further, becoming a training facility for soldiers and a barracks. It was one of the key fortifications of the South, guarding a strategic entryway into the flatlands of the Balandeli Basin. The rebellion that had sprung around Rigav, meant that the fort once more would become the centre of conflict, and the Kalnijan armed forces rushed to reinforce it in preparation for an all-out assault. Similarly, the rebels wanted the fort for its large storage of weaponry, as well as the location, which would provide an entryway into neighbouring Baltica. As such, it seemed like the two sides were doomed to battle for the fort, but to the Kalnijan horror, it would fall without a single bullet fired…

      The prison that accommodated the fort, referred to as “The Prison of the South”, could house up to 5,000 prisoners, in 7 so-called “V Blocks”. Much of these blocks were filled with Ras Nationals and those who participated in the Independence movement. And due to the prison's location in Ras majority lands, many of the guards and staff of the prison and the fort were themselves Ras. In a huge oversight by the Kalnijan Forces, the various staff, prisoners, and some reinforcements from nearby Rigav, staged a night operation on Fort Zura, managing to capture over 500 Kalnijan troops straight from their barracks. In addition to that, they were able to liberate over 200 prisoners and capture 1500 assault rifles and over 20,000 rounds of ammunition. The successful capture of the Fort would prove crucial, as it caused a subsequent retreat of Kalnijan forces from the South of Rigav Province. But the retreat came with a new hurdle, as the full scale of this “Ras Uprising” has revealed itself to the government and the International community. As such, on February 8th, the Kalnijan government issued a total curfew and ban on public meetings within all territory situated in Rasija Province, and a smaller ban in neighbouring Zurkis. The Kalnijan armed forces have also subsequently shifted Northwards, concentrating around St Albens, in order to prevent Ras from reaching the Balandeli River. Troops from all over Kalnija have also been recalled to put down the rebellion, and it's easy to say that fighting over the next weeks will only intensify.


      (Green: Ras Rebel Groups. Evidently expanded Southwards after the capture of Fort Zura.
      Red Dots: Forts as well as military Locations.
      Red Line: Direct fighting area. Mandatory curfews and gathering restrictions.
      Yellow Line: Areas in possible Danger. Temporary curfews)



      Marshall General of the Garindinan United Federation Aleksandr Torosov made an announcement earlier today that change is coming to the Garindinan Military Training System. Not much has been disclosed about these changes except that the mandatory Military Service has been lowered form 2 years to just 10 months.

      It has also been stated that the age of drafting civilians has been raised to 21. This change was introduced by the National Security Minister Josif Nikitin which stated that 'People are not fully mature until the age of 21'. Minister Nikitin called a meeting with the Queen to discuss this decision.

    • 1 November, 2022


      This is the RBC News Hour, I’m Raghnall MacDonald and I’d like to thank you for joining me this Monday morning.

      Power-plant Rehab


      Efforts have begun in Cathures to bring the historic Cuarón Power Station back to operation. The station was originally built and operated by the Man Company before the firm went out of business and shuttered the plant in 2000. On Friday The Ríogan Corporation Octan announced plans to restore the coal-fired power station to operation. The government pledged to finance any upstart costs in order to get power generation started as soon as possible. However, funding from the government has stalled due to disputes between the Treasury Ministry and the Ríogan Bank. In the meantime, the nation continues to struggle with power demand exceeding current generation capabilities. 

      Winter Armed Forces Mobilization Ends with a Bang

      Sunday saw the conclusion of the nation’s winter armed forces mobilization. A debrief by the numbers with RBC’s primary military consultant, Albert Hillgauntlet, will be conducted on air later this evening. For now, though, we’d like to discuss with Albert the naval exercises carried out in the Rejañs Caolas.

      Thanks for having me on, Raghn. The Ríogan Navatorm indeed carried out significant exercises in the Rejañs Caolas over the weekend. The exercises began on Friday with a level of unpredictability.

      Reserve sailors and officers were ordered to rapidly form up aboard their ships at the highest speed possible. The men were given a false muster time so that when an earlier order was sent out, they were unprepared and still at their places of work and residences. This element of surprise gave the Navy the chance to measure the amount of readiness to be expected in an emergency situation.

      Over the weekend, maneuvers were conducted with fast attack craft, larger blue water capable vessels, and a flight of F4EJ Phantoms from the Ríogan Aeratorm. Maneuvers climaxed on Sunday with live fire exercises. A flotilla of fast attack craft in conjunction with an offensive ‘Sword and Shield’ formation, consisting of an air defense frigate and a hero class destroyer, practiced closing off a strait with a hostile vessel in between. Playing the aggressor was the destroyer leader Sotalach.*

      *Arrogant in Gaelic.

      Sotalach was one of four destroyer leader vessels built for escort of Gaellicia’s aircraft carrier, all built in the mid 1970s. Her most notable moment came in the 1980s, when she was rammed by a Tagmatine frigate in the midst of disputed resource rights in the Ranke Sea. Sotalach experienced a catastrophic propulsion failure in the 1990s and as a result was decommissioned and relegated to duty as a test platform. Sotalach ended her service yesterday with a bang.


      Sotalach was fitted with foreign purchased countermeasures and defensive equipment, including equipment found on Tagmatine, Volscian, and Haru vessels, and operated remotely by sailors playing the role of an aggressor crew. Despite their best efforts, and concessions in the war game to favor them, the Sotalach aggressor team could not overcome the pincher maneuver conducted by the Navatorm. The ship was sunk in the middle of the Rejañs Caolas by three ‘Cabar’ missiles launched from fast attack craft and from an F4EJ.

      A fiery end for a good ol' ship, aye?

      Aye Raghn.

      Albert, thank you for joining us.

      Coming up after the commercial break, some critics are accusing Nive Anselm’s coalition of dysfunction and inability to cooperate. It hasn't been a week yet, is it too early to say? We’ll be discussing with RBC chief political correspondent, Arjun Nielsen.

      Edited by Gaellicia
      spelling (see edit history)
    • The RBC is a Ríogan Corporation.

    • spacer.png

      waifus.com celebrates its 20th anniversary


      Described as the Hell of the internet by almost every media and at the heart of many outrages, waifus.com is known for its virulent community.
      For example, in 2015 the site managed to convince the internet and the mass media that white chocolate is a white supremacist symbol. More recently, in 2022, Lysian users leaked an Anglian air force bomber model, causing it to be completely banned from Anglian-controlled territories.
      This 13 February 2023 marks twenty years since the creation of the Florentian website waifus.com, often abbreviated to WC. On this occasion, Le Montcharmant proposes to look at this long file.

      What is waifus.com?

      Created in 2003 by Esonian students living in Belleville, the initial goal of the site was to discuss manhas, Esonian comics that are now very popular among Florentian youth. Since then, the site has grown and now has around ten million unique users each month. Although the majority of users are Lysiophones, and more particularly Florentians, there are also many foreign users.
      The site operates on a forum system. Each forum is dedicated to one manga, with the exception of five: the 'pipelette under 15', 'pipelette 15-18', 'pipelette 18-25', 'pipelette 25-35' and 'pipelette over 35' forums. In order to post on the forums, it is necessary to create an account with a name and password. However, as the creation and suppression of accounts is unrestricted, it is difficult or impossible to be sure that you are always addressing the same person, and account theft/usurpation is very easy. In addition, private messages cannot be sent. These characteristics make this social network so unusual that several sociologists are already studying it.

      A race to scandal

      Although the site has never lost its original purpose, waifus.com is best known for hosting a community that is regularly described as one of the most toxic in the wurld, both in terms of its size and the motivations of its users. The 'Pipelette 15-18' and 'Pipelette 18-25' forums are particularly active, with several hundred messages posted per minute.
      Within these forums, the content of the messages is very varied. As is their relationship to the law. Indeed, for these young people, it is a lawless zone where they can let off steam. Repeated insults, harassment campaigns and calls for murder are commonplace.
      The users' main aim is to get people talking about them, often in a bad way, and they are happy when public opinion boos them. "We want to spread chaos and waifus on the internet. We have no limits", one user proudly declares.

      Hyper-politicised forums

      Users show a strong interest in politics and international affairs. Many posts are dedicated to discussing the Great War against Anglia, generally reflecting a growing hostility against the Anglian alliance. This hostility has resulted in the theft and publication of an Anglian bomber model on the 'pipelette 18-25' forum, resulting in its complete banning in Anglia and Lysia.
      This interest in politics was also evident during the 2022 Senate elections. Discussion forums were flooded with photomontages glorifying Hugo Dellague, the Popular Party favourite and Senator of Bayave, known for his populism and authoritarianism. During his campaign, the candidate saluted them for their support, describing them as "young people full of creativity". The site is also characterised by its anti-liberalism and distrust of democracy. The political extremes mix, regularly mocking those they call 'little d***s'. However, although racist comments are common, the community shows strong anti-slavery tendencies.

      A seamless brotherhood

      Despite the almost complete anonymity, waifus.com users consider themselves a family. They refer to each other as "oniisan", an Esonian word meaning "brother" or "big brother". For many frequent users, the site has become a second home.
      This brotherhood, revolving around their love of manhas and public outrage, is also based on puerile and grotesque humour. Their favourite mascot is a Lasodan comedian, Javier Golritas, whose communicative laughter has charmed users.

      What are the owners doing?

      Faced with the leak of the Anglian military documents, the Arachné telecom group - owners of waifus.com - promised to make the site less uncontrollable by hiring paid moderators to assist the volunteer moderators. Although these measures have resulted in the banning of about a hundred problematic users, the site remains a kind of modern-day "Far North".

      Whether army of chaos, worshippers of Esonian culture and giant family, the users of waifus.com will not stop being talked about any time soon.

    • 4Lvrjuz.png

      Hello and welcome to today's edition of 'Ahrana Today,' where we bring the news of the Kingdom and the wurld to you the viewer at home. On today's edition, the Federal Chancellor seeks for peace in Dniester, South Dniester petitions the Union for membership, the Chancellor gives an interview, the government announces its plan to help in Dolchland, and so much more here on 'Ahrana Today.'


      The Federal Chancellor of the Union has started to voice her opinion for Peace in Dniester over War even with the terrorist attacks made by the Republican Forces and Supporters in Ahrana. She has cited that someone has to be the voice of reason and see when to establish peace that can benefit all involved. It is quite unclear where this thought has come from as it is a huge backtrack from the already stated intentions of the Federal Government. The Chancellor has proposed a meeting between all sides in this issue, Southern Provinces of Dniester, Republic of Dniester, United Kingdoms of Ahrana which would take place in two days' time in Banke, Stemas. We will hear more from the Chancellor in the personal interview that she gave earlier in the day.


      The Southern Provinces of Dniester have officially asked for admittance to the Union of the United Kingdoms of Ahrana as a Member State which is seen as a move to leave the republic officially. The Federal Government has yet to make a comment on this official request and has asked for time to consider this request. It is assumed that this will be discussed at the meeting in Banke between all members involved in the current issue in Dniester.


      The Federal Government announced today that Ahrana will be sending in forces into Dolchland to fight in the War to hopefully create a better country for the Dolch People and the wurld as well. Not much else was said by the Federal Government besides that the Military Forces will be raising its active setting to deployment for the first time since the Civil War.


      The Federal Chancellor gave an interview today and many topics were covered in the interview. Our Political Show Host, Erik Olfasson interviewed the Chancellor at her Official Residence in the Countryside yesterday:

      Good evening Madam Chancellor and thank you for agreeing to this interview.

      Its my pleasure Erik to have allowed you to come and sit down with me. I am sure you have a great deal of questions to ask so ask away!

      Oh yes ma'am of course we do have many questions and they are all relevant questions as well to current situations. Our first question is concerning Dniester, Why has the Federal Government backtracked on sending in Military forces?

      Well the main and most important reason is that I did not feel like we should send in Military Forces to try and force these people out. I have been trying to truly figure out what we as a nation should do as a response and our forefathers lived through many times of peace and sought to create an everlasting peace in Ahrana and they almost achieved it. Had Ahrana not descended into another Civil War between political factions we would still be in that long era of peace we had been enjoying for over a century and a half. So to answer your question, I felt peace was the best option in this instance.

      So why were you so committed to sending in military forces before now?

      I was committed to Military Intervention at first because of the rage I had felt when those terrorist attacks kept coming and coming. Everything we kept doing was not working and I along with many other people in the nation got so angry and wanted blood for blood much like our ancestors were like in the old times. We Ahranaians are very proud people, and we are warriors from birth without a doubt. We can get very blood thirsty at times as history has shown us and that is what scared me. I do not want to send in our forces anywhere when a peaceful outcome can be achieved.

      You just said you don't want to send in Military Forces when a peaceful outcome can be achieved, which I assume you mean by Diplomacy, but yet you are sending in the Military to Dolchland. Why haven't you sued for peace there?

      Ah I knew this was going to come up. Well, the situation in Dolchland is different than in Dniester. In Dniester we have a true chance of achieving peace through diplomacy then compared to with what is happening in Dolchland. I have tried to get all sides in Dolchland to try for Diplomacy, but I failed at that. What I will not fail at is giving the Dolch People a fight choice at what they can do with their Country. I want the Dolch people to have a Unified State that represents the principles of Democracy and for them to be free to choose what they want and not have it force upon them by invading nations.

      So I assume that the recent decision to send forces to Dolchland is not some political play?

      If there is one thing you should take away from our first meeting is that I do not care about internal politics here in Ahrana, I care about all Ahranaians regardless of their Political Ideology and of everyone in our Wurld outside of Ahrana. I care about what people in @DPR Velaheriaare living like and what they have access to. I care for the people of @Seylosand how they are strong and determined people. I care about everyone not just about people at home. This idea makes me labeled as a glubalist and I am proud to be called that, I only just wish others were like me as well.

      So could you explain what you hope to achieve in Banke with South Dniester and the Republican Government?

      Well, I hope to be able to achieve a sustaining peace for those people in that area. I want to show them that even though we Ahranaians have been killed Sensley by horrible attacks, we do not just throw out our logical thinking for bloodlust. I want to show them that you can do a lot by just talking to one another.

      Do you have any conditions for the Republic to meet for peace?

      Naturally yes, I do, and the Government does as well. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you these conditions as they are classified currently.

      What do you make of the recent proposal from South Dniester to be admitted to the Union?

      I think that is something we will be talking about with the members at this meeting in Banke. I am happy that former lands want to rejoin the Union but we must procced with caution with any admittance to the Union.

      Well Madam Chancellor it has been great getting to talk with you and I look forward to doing this again some day, thank you for having me.

      -End of Interveiw-


      Thank you for joining us here on "Ahrana Today," where we bring the news of the wurld to you the view. Thank you and join us next time!



      Ever since the end of the Civil War, Garindina has been in shambles. But because of multiple reconstruction decisions by King Aleksandr and Queen Nadia V, Garindina has finally fully reconstructed itself. Jasanasburg was the last city in the United Federation to finish reconstruction due to its size. After the death of King Aleksandr back in 2013, Queen Nadia V has passed multiple reconstruction bills since she was crowned.


      Jasanasburg celebrated with late-night parades and a fireworks show. Mayor Iryna Cheban announced a new monument dedicated to the hard-working people of the city. With the city full of block parties and festivities, it is recommended that tourist to visit the city before the end of the week to join the festivities.

      In other News, the Federal Council announced a tax break upto 5% off of income tax. This shows that the Grivna may become fully stable in the coming months.

    • 1Yu1Lcm.png

      Civilians in many of the Greater Kaldana townships, villages, and Kanamar City are going to be watching the fate of their newly settled land. It's nearly surrounded by OCA aligned countries of considerable military forces. Kaldanan officials were aware of the war declaration by the Fatherland, and have stated that the Colonial Legionary shall hold their ground to protect the citizenry.

      Ilos Keric Zun is a spokesperson for the military governor of Kanamar. It's the policy of his combat brigade not to provide last names. He's part of a military force that has helped transform the city in a time of reclamation. Now, many of the city's restaurants and its opera house are behind military checkpoints. The streets are lined with barbed wire, sandbags and anti-tank obstacles. Mobile AA vehicles and SPG's are being nestled into protective bunkers to further add defensive ability to the city.


      Ilos: We have received orders from Kaldana City-state to halt our progress within the frontier, and to secure Kanamar and the surrounding townships with fortifications.

      Thrak Dolis (INN Reporter): While there have as yet been no incursions via the West or from the East, a DMZ is being established around the city, and citizenry and legionary are being transported to townships and villages away from the Nykian and Dragonryders border.

      Can you tell me of the work that has been going on even before the declaration?

      Ilos: Since we arrived from the area of imperial domain of Faide and Levee to push the frontier territory forward, work has been done to improve and or create a defensive border. Even before the rise of the OCA, it was thought that the surrounding countries may make an attempt to cross the old Kabarrian borders.

      Thrak Dolis: Since the war began, Legionary forces in this region have sought to prepare the city in the advent of a amphibious landing nearby, is this correct an assumption that the legion views this as a possibility?

      Ilos: We've been reviewing our preparations for an amphibious attack. All along the river coast, usually a hub for beachgoers far in the past, the legionary has set up artillery firing positions and pre-staged their armored vehicles. The imperial navy has deployed river craft and the HAD has built several airstrips for VTOL support.


      Thrak Dolis: The colonial imperial navy has placed sea mines along the beaches and in the rivers to disrupt a potential amphibious advance. It was a warning of what the promise of war has done to this once sunny, riverside resort of a city and how difficult it would be to one day unwind this all if and when this war ends.

      Thrak Dolis, INN News, Kanamar City.

    • Roiters News

      Home | Orioni | Wurld | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Coast Guard tracking Anglian intelligence ship off KBI

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      AIEA, Bainbridge Islands --The Imperial Orinese Navy monitored an Anglian intelligence ship that sailed near the coast of @Bainbridge Islands last week, the service announced Sunday night.

      The vessel was identified as the Meridian-class intelligence gathering ship HAMS Rancher, according to a February 4th video released by the Navy. Satellite photos from February 5, reviewed by Roiters News, show the Anglian vessel coming as close as 40 kilometres (ca. 25 miles) within the KBI shore.


      The Orinese Navy continues to monitor the ship, spokesperson Lt Cdr Nicoli Hega said during a press conference Monday. The Navy could not explain why the Anglians sailed the ship near Aiea, but Hega noted the “precarious timing.”

      “We haven’t seen any unsafe or unprofessional behaviour, and we expect that the Anglians will operate within the region in accordance with international law,” she said, deflecting additional questions.

      Ships belonging to foreign militaries can sail through the EOS’s economic exclusive zone, the Navy said in its news release. The service is working with the Council of Defence to track vessel movement and, if necessary, provide additional military presence in an area where a foreign military ship may be sailing.

      “The Orinese Navy is currently monitoring the Anglian vessel operating in the vicinity of KBI,” Lt Cdr Hega said in her press briefing. “As part of our daily operations, we track all vessels in the Meteorolan area through surface and air assets and joint Entente capabilities.”

      The Anglian intelligence vessel has sailed near the Meteorolas before, with the EOS tracking HAMS Rancher in October 2022, Roiters News previously reported. At the time, the ship sailed in international waters and was not hazardous to navigation.

    • Death Sentence Handed out Twice: Assassins of Hamon to be executed for Murder

      Ar Cʼhwecʼhvet C'hwevrer 2023 - The Sixth of February 2023


      (Alivezh) - For the first time in twelve years, the death sentence has been handed out twice by the High Judicial Court of the Aurivizht State. Yann O. and Nolwenne de S. have both been sentenced to death for the assassination of Berac'h Hamon in October 2022. According to the High Court, both of the convicted had been radicalised by the Velaherian social-communist ideology and had murdered Hamon in cold blood for being 'too soft', despite his already radical far-left ideas.

      The Death Sentence has been well received by relatives of the late Hamon and other Judicial officers. Briagez Guguen-Hamon, the widow of Berac'h, said that "No one should ever take another's life because of one's political ideology. It's disgusting that my husband had to die, because of this scum which has been indoctrinated by those who want to re-establish the disaster of the 'People's Republic' of Pulezh, sponsored by Velaheria and other communist regimes. The Red Front does not want this, and Berac'h most certainly did not." to the C'hevre in an interview.

      With the death of Hamon, the Red Front had been thrown into a succession crisis. There are those who believe the Red Front should stay true to its current ideology, and those who believe that the RF should take a more centrist stance on it. In fact, a serious split has become apparent in the RF, with some believing it might mean the end of the party, which still is without a leader.

      It's a tense time in the political landscape of our nation. With an increase in Dolch influence in northern Skibbenon and war raging around the wurld, some ask whether the assassination was a Velaherian plot to get the Aurivizht state involved or to clear an opponent to its regime.

      The execution of Yann O. and Nolwenne de S. is expected to happen in late 2023 or early 2024.


      Pictured below: The High Judicial Court of the Aurivizht State, where earlier today the death sentence was spoken out for the first time in twelve years.


      Edited by Aurivizh (see edit history)
    • Salvia

      Posted (edited)

      This article was originally published January 11th, 2023.

      Home | Anglia War | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports 

      Concilio Votes to Activate Draft but Refuses to Enter War as Pressure Mounts

      With broad support from both parties, members of the Concilio voted for a number of measures that “ensure Salvia’s war-readiness without actively involving the nation in the bloody conflict unfolding before our very eyes,” according to TauPorista Majority Leader Michael Tuhoro.

      The bill, which was passed 207-21, granted President Saulius additional executive powers and activated the draft, the first time it has been active since it was dropped in 1975. 

      Salvians were seen protesting the bill outside government buildings as many saw the resolution as provocative.

      “I don’t like the Anglians. But I’m not sending my son to die in some Gallambrian colony when we’ll be fine if we stay out of it,” one protestor told NSBN reporters. 

      A majority of Salvians seem to agree with the protests - 56% of Salvians are against war with Anglia, although this is slightly lower than the 59% reported in early December. President Saulius attempted to quell concerns, telling reporters at a press conference this morning that, “Salvia remains committed to staying out of a fight that is not ours.”

      As conflict continues to rage across the glube, the Salvian economy also continues to suffer, with current projections for GDP growth in 2023 being under 1%. 


      Despite Salvia’s wishes, it might be dragged into war

      Foreign correspondent Maria Kenata

      Remaining neutral might not be solely Salvia’s decision - its neighbor, Alvernia, continues to align itself with Anglia. It was revealed last summer by Salvian intelligence that a full division of Anglia troops was making its way to Salvia’s sister republic for “training purposes,” where it remains. 

      On the other side, officials from Salvia’s TRIDENT allies, @Gallambria and @Iverica, are no doubt pressuring Saulius to enter the war, which would provide a boost in naval, land, and air forces.

      No matter how determined Saulius, the Concilio, and Salvia as a whole are to stay out of the glubal crisis, it is important for them to remember that the decision is not just their own.

      Edited by Salvia (see edit history)
    • spacer.png

      Huron Yurta 
      Reporting Live From The Frontier

      Dozens of citizens fleeing insurgent held territory in Northern Kabarria have been killed and hundred-fifty injured in a rocket attack a refugee column that had stopped for afternoon prayers. At least forty-seven people were killed in the attack, with scores of victims buried under rubble as the impacts of the blasts caused the already collapsing buildings on the route leading back to legionary held zones of control. 

      A frantic rescue mission is now underway at the scene of the attack as emergency personnel search for survivors amongst the rubble.

      'Many citizens are buried under the rubble,' said Pesha'Ar Vek, Liet Khan, senior officer of the 7th Security Cohort, who estimated between three to four hundred refugees were in afternoon prayer on the sides of the road.

      'Efforts are being made to get them out safely,' he said.

      Bloodied survivors emerged limping from the wreckage, while bodies were ferried away in ambulances as the rescue operation continued.

      Security officials said the rocket strike is the third in the last month, although this was the first time the strikes have targeted civilians.  

      Security officer Zafar Veric said several of the wounded were listed in critical condition at a hospital and there were fears the death toll would rise. 

      A survivor, 38-year-old Hult'ah, and security officer, Meena Gul, said he was checking identification paperwork and making rounds to see if any refugees needed rations or other needs. He said he doesn't know how he survived unhurt. He could hear cries and screams after the explosions, Gul said.

      Sha Yurs, a Yeyinde of the local security cohort who survived, said the explosions took place seconds after a local pair of priests starting prayers.

      'I saw black smoke rising to the sky. I ran out to save my life,' she said. 

      'The screams of the people are still echoing in my mind,' she added. 'People were screaming for help.'

      Prata Khan Hurk, commanding officer of the 7th Security Cohort, is quoted as having said the death toll has risen to thirty-four, and the dead included Nor Amin, the high priest of the local religious sect. A nearby hospital listed many of the wounded in critical condition, raising concerns the death toll could still rise. 

      Sarba Kaf, a veteran commander for the Council of Five led insurgents, claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement that was broadcast. 

      Legionary governor of Kanamar, General Ysrath condemned the bombing and ordered authorities to ensure the best possible medical treatment for the victims. He also vowed 'stern action' against those who were behind the attack. 'It is imperative we improve our intelligence gathering & properly equip our security and legionary forces to combat the growing threat of insurgent activities, these aren't rebels, they are terrorists.'

      In Kanamar, the security directorate issued a high-alert and said security cohorts would be deployed alongst the major refugee paths, while legionary command would direct imperial soldiery to create patrol points.

      This attack has emboldened the military command to commit to advancing plans for seeking the destruction of the Council of Five led insurgents, and those who lead it. With this attack, 2nd and 4th Columns have begun to mass, and the eventual invasion of insurgent held territory, fortresses and so on will commence at a sooner date rather then later. 

      Edited by Haruspex (see edit history)
    • PWHLWGL.png
      News Report 1/25/2023

      Martial Law Declared in Majalir, Nakal

      Increasing violence from rioters in the Painted Districts of Majalir, Nakal has prompted city officials to close the city to tourists (for safety reasons) and declare martial law. The Painted Districts are especially unsafe, but the city's crown jewel, the Majalir Mega Mall, has seen its share of rioters as well. The Cashari Military Police have been called in to restore peace and order. A curfew of 8 pm has been set on the city. Anyone found in the streets after this time will be subject to fines and possible jail time. 

      The chief of the Cashari Military Police, Mikel Jaranvo has been assessing the situation and estimates that order will be restored to the city within the month. Economic expert, Dr. Patak Matinvo has urged rioters to "return to their senses" by calming down and searching more thoroughly for jobs. Loss of tourism revenue to the city will only exacerbate the already economically troubled areas of the Painted Districts. The cosmetics industry is still going strong in this area, and it's suspected that the CEO of Charm Everyone Cosmetics may run for mayor of the city next year. 

    • 4Lvrjuz.png

      Hello and welcome to today's edition of 'Ahrana Today,' where we bring the news of the Kingdom and the wurld to you the viewer at home. On this edition: the Union transitions into a Confederal structure, a Union Delegation is sent to the Grand Duchy of Volhynia, Anglian Aggression across the wurld, and much more here on 'Ahrana Today.'


      The Union Parliament introduced and signed an Amendment to the Federal Constitution called the "Act of Confederation" which official makes the Union a Confederal Union. The Federal Government in power currently will continue out its term in accordance with the Federal Constitution, and the Deputy Chancellor will take the office of State Councilor of the Union.

      The Confederal Status change only changes the Union Parliament from a Unicameral House to a Bicameral House, like it was under the Second United Kingdom. The other sections of the Federal Government have remained the same in the Act. The Federal Government reserves the following powers of authority in International Representation, Military, Economic Stability and Structure, Financial Representation, Monetary Creation, and Confederal Stability with Federal Laws. Anything that is not within those limits or otherwise stated in the Act are reserved for the Member States of the Union.

      This is seen as a step forward in the creation of the Union, as it once was in the past government of the Second United Kingdom. Many in government and people within the realm have expressed gratitude to "finally be going back in the right direction" as they say it.


      The Federal Government decided to send a Union Delegation to the Grand Duchy of Volhynia yesterday, with the current objectives to be unknown. The government of the Grand Duchy sent a request three months ago to the Federal Government for a Union Delegation to be sent to the Grand Duchy, beyond that not much is known. 

      Many have speculated that this could be one of the first steps for Volhynia to rejoin the Union as a Member State like it was in the past. Currently, the Federal Government issued statement on this event is the following:

      At per the request of the Grand Duchy of Volhynia, the Federal Government has sent a Union Delegation to the Ducal Lands to see what the Union can do for the People of Volhynia and its government. Currently, the federal government is not at liberty to speak on rumors or speculation that has been circulating around the media, but once a fine determination has been found out, the public will be known of these events."


      The wurld continues to see Anglian Aggression in many parts of the wurld. In addition to the Anglian Aggression, the Kingdom of Dolchland has continued to invade neighboring land, which is seen as an outright uncalled-for aggression. Within the last few months, the wurld has seen many people die in these pointless wars fought because of pointless aggression. The Federal Government has once again issued calls for all involved in conflict with Anglia or Dolchland to come to the table for peace talks, this includes Dolchland and Anglia. 

      The Federal Government has also issued a declaration and request to all involved in the conflict in Dolchland:

      "At the request of the Diarchs of the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana, the following Declaration and Request has been made;

      The Ahranaian Government and People wish to see the return of the Princess of Janet Winsor, known as Empress Janet von Ausburg wife of Emperor Heinrich von Ausburg, from the war zone of the Empire of Dolchland. The Imperial House of Ahrana asks that any nation that will not harm the Empress return to Ahrana.

      The Federal Government asks that whatever foreign government agrees to safely bring her to an Ahranaian Embassy or Consulate. And that they treat her with respect and dignity and nothing less than as a human being to which she is first most."


      That is all here on 'Ahrana Today,' please join us next time.

    • Roiters News

      Home | Orioni | Wurld | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      The Resilience of Jane Mambo: A 45th Anniversary Review

      Written by Feridonanidi Nehase Tiigisiti

      Jane MamboORIS -- As we mark the 45th an­ni­ver­sa­ry of the re­lease of Jane Mambo, it's worth re­visit­ing Alan Smithee's powerful and thought-provoking film about a young exotic dancer named Jane, who is struggling to navigate the misogynistic social norms of her small coastal town of Tesifa, Oris.

      Looking back, it's clear that the film was ahead of its time in its portrayal of a strong, complex female character. Lila Patel, the lead actress, gave a standout performance, portraying Jane with raw emotion and vulnerability, and her portrayal of Jane's journey of self-discovery and resilience in the face of adversity still resonates today. The film is also filled with memorable and powerful quotes that have stood the test of time, such as "I dance for myself, not for the pleasure of men" and "I may be a dancer, but that's not all I am. I am a human being with dreams and aspirations, just like anyone else."

      The film's cinematography, which captured the beauty and harshness of the Orinese coast with stunning visuals, and the evocative score by Yohanisi Gebere, also deserve recognition for their contributions to the film's lasting impact. And the moments of levity and humour, such as the scene in a bar where Jane teaches a man trying to hit on her a dance routine that makes him look like a complete fool, still bring laughter and serve as a reminder of the film's ability to balance heavy themes with lighter moments.

      It's clear that "Jane Mambo" has stood the test of time, and it remains a must-watch for fans of drama and independent cinema. Its themes and performances remain relevant and impactful, making it a timeless classic. Lila Patel's portrayal of Jane is a significant part of this timelessness.

    • Haruspex

      Posted (edited)


      Live from the Zharrian Frontier
      Imperial News Now Team, I'm your field reporter Daru Trusk.

      VAV artillery has continued to pound targets in war-scarred eastern Kabarria. Exchanges of artillery fire were reported along the forward operating bases newly activated around key townships and villages occupied by VAV legionnaires earlier in the week, the town of Enerhodar, and other locations on Friday after the start of the Council of Four's order for its forces to maintain a presence and defy the occupational invaders.

      HIMAR rockets slammed into a residential building in the ruined city of Grechen, close to the eastern front line, damaging the area even further, though with no civilian casualties as most have fled, leaving only the bandit army forces to deal with the incoming fire.

      While this is bad for now, it will uproot the filth that occupies what used to be our homes in the face of such fury,” said Olek, a native of Kanamar City who had just arrived with his cohort. A member of the 6th Column, a Zharrian-Haru mechanized infantry half-legion.

      Olek had just arrived in Kanamar following his families evacuation a decade ago to Levee. The train carrying more imperial troops and equipment had arrived in the recently repaired train station, linking it with currently occupied townships and villages on the old route towards the western mountains. This was enabling troops and goods alike to be spread through the areas where the VAV was now entrenching itself with both military and civilian presence alike.

      We switch to my legionary counterpart Garik of the MHC.

      Legionary News Service (MHC)
      Hult'ah Garik Reporting

      General Yagarith has been quoted as of recent, that the imperial ground forces under Regent Zun have advanced two and a half kilometers past the occupied village of Welson over the last week, and were continuing to make progress. 

      That the 1st Column, 2nd Legion Tagnik Zun, 1st Regiment, 3rd Kompanie, had seized it from the Four bandit army forces, and that prisoners were bent sent towards the rear lines as the 1st and 2nd Kompanie's came together with the first in a pincer move to capture the Toman bridge and the main highway into Wellson.

      The General has also gone on record saying that once Wellson is taken, the Four will have but the maintains of Afropa, Wajoka, and Faramount at their backs. None of which seem to particularly want the Four's presence. 

      A slight incline of head towards Imperial News Now reporter Trusk. The civilian reporter took a moment and then began;

      And welcome back viewers, field reporter Trusk continuing.

      Of the three nations mentioned, none have ever had any sort of contact with the Imperial government, nor any of the Houses. 

      However the Regent and the General both confirmed that the they have orders to not pass beyond the borders said territories and Greater Kaldana Frontier forces will remain within the boundary of Kabarrian territory. 

      It would appear that while expansion is on the mind of the Empress and the Imperial Court, the domain is to be satisfied with the occupation and revitalization of former Kabarria.

      Edited by Haruspex (see edit history)
    • Kalnija, a Republic situated snugly in the expansive Kunijan Mountains. Blessed with mineral wealth and safety, it thrived as the irrelevant third brother of the Southern Gintarian States. Yet despite its recent economic revival as the wheel of the Baltican Reconstruction, it faces deep political strife that has haunted it ever since it transitioned into a Federal Republic. The Kalnija South, for all its wonders, is entirely inhabited by Ras. One of the most fertile and Industrious regions of Kalnija, “Rozija”, is made up of over one million Ras. The Ras make up one-third of the total population of Kalnija, something that Kalnijan officials have been steadily tackling for the whole of the 20th century. Back then, the Baltican Republic ensured the protection of this minority, threatening Invasion if action was to be taken against them and as such, the Kalnijans for a time, left this Ras group alone. Of course, with the collapse of the Baltican Republic, the politicians in power have yet again taken this opportunity to harass and suppress the Ras minority once more. In the wake of May, the government induced a bill barring the Ras language from the court. As of November 2022, the Capital Territory (The province containing the capital city Grobija) will no longer be operating any Ras language schools, requiring that 80% of the curriculum be taught in Kalnijan. Whilst this was met with backlash and minor protests, most have been subsequently put down by police, military and Gripa, Kalnijas Intelligence Agency. But from the looks of it, it's questionable if the current situation in Kalnija will last for long. 


      Rigav and the NRF

      Rigav is the largest Ras Majority city in Kalnija. Out of its over 50,000 people, over 90% Identify as Ras. Historically, Rasija and Ozija (Collectively Rozija), were once part of the Kingdom of Raskia. But these lands were lost after the Kalnijan Unification wars after which the territory came under the collective ownership of the Kalnijans, who even established their new capital, Grobija, along the Balandeli river. Rigav (Which had been established before the Unification Wars) was one of the largest cities of the region and as such also acted as the epicentre for rebellion against Kalnijan rule. Although not succeeded, the constant threat of Ras rebellion has fundamentally shaped Kalnijan domestic policy since its conception, and the 21st century is finally putting this policy to the test. Emboldened by the recent formation of the Baltican Federation, many Ras communities outside Baltica have been pushing towards reintegration with their homeland. They in term have been receiving large sponsorship from many Baltican groups, such as the Baltican Armed Forces, which have been using excess equipment to supply many Ras independence groups. In Kalnija, the National Rozuvijan Front has largely taken the mantle of the largest and most centralised pro-Independence Ras group, specifically based around Rigav and its surrounding countryside. For many among the NRF, the strive for Independence is not one of hostility, but a necessity. If the wheels of time continue turning as they are, the Ras community of Kalnija is destined to be reduced to ruin, and just like the Ras in fellow Baltica, it's time to retake their land for themselves!


      (Flag of the NRF and Ras Independence Movement in Kalnija. Inspired by the colours of the Batican Federation)


      Revolution under the Yellow Sun

      Rise my brothers and sisters, for today we march under the banner of the Golden Sun” -Kipras Vileikis

      Although the months leading up to January had been turbulent, not many expected any real incidents so soon after New Years. Little did anybody know that what started the revolution would not be the sound of gunfire, but a single empowering speech. On the 10th of January, a radio presenter, Kipras Vileikis (Native Baltican) would end up relying on a quote from the first days of the Baltican Civil War. What was meant as a simple message of support, saw the NRF, and members of the public rally in the streets, waving a banner of yellow divided by a stripe of blue, adorned with a Southern white star. The Kalnijan armed forces were once again called up to disperse what was thought to be a fairly minor protest, but shortly upon their arrival the protest turned violent. Armed members of the NRF, as well as regular civilians, began firing upon Kalnijan troops, and the small force had to retreat soon after. Thus, Rigav and its surroundings soon came into the collective ownership of the Ras rebels, who therefore shortly came under the combined leadership of the NRF and a small civilian group. A broadcast would be sent out for the Rasija Territory, urging residents to stay indoors as the Kalnijan army would be sent in to deal with the uprising. As tensions escalate, and yet a second revolution is within eyesight yet again in Southern Argis, the Ras of Greater Gintaria rejoice. In neighboring Baltica, the news of the rebellion have seen nationwide support (Except in the Dolch majority South), and already people have begun smuggling in supplies through the Kalnijan-Baltican border. Although the Central Government in Kauni has refused to make any statements, it's no secret that many politicians in the nations see this as an opportunity for Baltican expansion…


      (Map of the Developing situation in Kalnija. In Green, the current uprising led by the NRF.)

    • Roiters News

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      Ex-Navy officer detained in Wengabiook spy scandal

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      JusticeWENGA­BIOOK, Yien -- The Imperial Orinese Navy was in disarray on Saturday, as a retired captain and three active officers were detained in Wengabiook on suspicion of espionage for Orioni. Meanwhile, three active diplomats were released from custody.

      On Saturday, the High Prosecutor's Office carried out searches and questioned seven individuals suspected of espionage. According to local media, investigators from the Spiritual Republican Guard Corps had collected evidence of their involvement in the alleged spying activity and weapons smuggling. These seven individuals were brought in for questioning to the Wengabiook Branch of the Yienite High Prosecutors Office.

      Following questioning, prosecutors filed a motion to detain the retired captain Wasie Wolitigna, as well as Commander Melos Amensisa and Lieutenant Commanders Tesfaye and Abay. The three diplomats were released after their identities were confirmed. According to prosecutors, Wolitigna recruited at least six officers into his spy ring and received "rewards" of between Φ250,000 and Φ500,000 from the Orinese side through a Rohinese shell company established for each individual.

      The investigation into the case of espionage continues, as investigators seek to determine if any additional individuals were involved. According to the findings of the investigation so far, Wolitigna began conducting business in Orioni after retiring from the Navy in 2021. Yienite prosecutors allege that he was recruited by the OSIS to serve as a spy, using his connections in the military to recruit active officers to join in the spying activities. The investigation remains ongoing.

      Both Wolitigna and Amensisa also stand accused of aiding in the delivery of weapons to separatist groups in eastern Yien. They are believed to have used their connections and influence within the military to facilitate illegal arms shipments to the Reel Clan. If found guilty, they risk severe prison sentences for their involvement in these activities. The case shines a light on the extent of illegal arms trafficking and support for separatist movements in Azania.

      The Yienite justice department released a statement, saying that the case of espionage had been exposed by military personnel who offered tip-offs and initiated the investigation into the allegations. The ministry stated that it will cooperate with prosecutors during their investigation into the case, and will not make any comments on the matter now that it has entered the judiciary phase.

    • Europan News Network


      The following is a republished excerpt given to ENN from Anglian broadcaster Thornbrook News.

      Anglian warships sail through sensitive Saeida Strait

      GODSTONE -- The Anglian military conducted a routine transit through the strategic Saeida Strait on Friday, further demonstrating our commitment to a free and open Azano-Marenesia. Our fleet of advanced warships, including the mighty Godstone-class cruiser HAMS Farnham and the formidable Buzzard-class destroyer HAMS Tribute, sailed through the strait with ease. This has been a source of tension in the region as Orioni, through its perfidious EOS proxy, claims the Meteorolas islands as its sphere of influence.

      “This transit serves as a reminder to all nations of the power and resolve of the Anglian military,” the Anglian military said in a statement. “The Saeida Strait is a critical maritime route, and we will not allow any nation to threaten our right to freedom of navigation through these waters. Our military presence in the region is a testament to our dedication to maintaining the security and stability of the Azano-Marenesia region. We will always protect the interests of our great nation and uphold the principles of a free and open international system.”

      The Varian Defence Ministry released a statement on Friday confirming that Anglians warship had sailed in a southerly direction through the Saeida Strait. The ministry stated that its forces had closely monitored the ship's passage. The statement went on to say that the ships had followed all necessary protocols and had not provoked any incidents or breaches of international law. The ministry emphasized that it remained committed to maintaining the security and stability of the region and would continue to closely monitor all naval activity in the area.

      The Orinese Embassy in Godstone, unable to come up with a valid response, did not comment on the transit through the Saeida Strait. It is no surprise, as the nation of Orioni has a history of aggression in the region and has not ruled out the use of force to assert control over the islands of Damak Var and Ayubi. However, they should know that the brave men and women of the Anglian military will always stand ready to defend our nation and our allies from any threat.

      The Meteorolan islands, which have long been a point of contention between Orioni and other nations, have vowed to defend themselves in the event of an attack. The Meteorolan government has stated that it will use all available resources to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

      The narrow Saeida Strait has been a frequent source of military tension since the victorious Kingdom of Great Anglia established the Occidental-Azanian Pact following a series of conflicts in the region. The pact, which was established to promote stability and cooperation in the area, has at times been challenged by nations like Orioni, which seek to spread their tentacles of influence at the expense of their neighbours. However, we will not be deterred in our efforts to maintain the security and stability of the region, and we will always stand up for the principles of a free and open international system.

    • spacer.png

      Cashari militiamen having murdered a Florentian soldier on our territory, the armistice is broken


      M. Désiré de Belleville, Chancelier confédéral, a prononcé cette après-midi, devant le micro de son cabinet, l'allocution suivante :
              "Florentiens, Florentiennes,
              La nation a été marquée par l'infamie. Hier, des membres de la milice nationale cashari ont traversé la rivière Saint-Elme, se sont introduits illégalement sur notre territoire souverain, et ont froidement abbatu un soldat de l'Armée Narizonienne alors qu'il s'était rendu. Son nom était Kévin Hétraicon et il n'avait que 19 ans. Que son âme repose en paix.
              Bien que nos relations diplomatiques ont toujours été extrêmement tendues avec Cashar, j'ai plusieurs fois déclaré être ouvert à la négociation, mais je parlais dans le vide. Pire : leur réponse est le sang. Nous ne pouvons pas rester ensensibles.
              La cause de la Florentie s'est toujours confondue avec celle de la justice et de la liberté. Voilà pourquoi elle sera victorieuse. 

              Florentiens, Florentiennes,
              Nous faisons la guerre car on nous l'a imposée. Chacun de nous est à son poste. Sur le sol de Florentie, sur cette terre de liberté que Dieu nous a offert dans sa miséricorde, vous associerez tous vos efforts dans un profond sentiment d'union et de fraternité pour le salut de la Florentie. 

      Vive la Liberté ! vive l'Empereur ! vive la Florentie !"


      Mr. Désiré de Belleville, Confederal Chancellor, delivered the following speech this afternoon at the microphone in his office:
              The nation has been marked by infamy. Yesterday, members of the Cashari National Militia crossed the St. Elme River, illegally entered our sovereign territory, and coldly shot and killed a surrendered Narizonian Army soldier. His name was Kévin Hétraicon and he was only 19 years old. May his soul rest in peace.
              Although our diplomatic relations have always been extremely tense with Cashar, I have repeatedly stated that I am open to negotiation, but I was talking to a wall. Worse: their only response is blood. We cannot remain insensitive.
              The cause of Florentia has always been the cause of justice and freedom. That is why it will be victorious. 

              We are at war because it has been forced upon us. Each of us is at his post. On the soil of Florentia, on this land of liberty which God has offered us in his mercy, you will combine all your efforts in a deep feeling of union and brotherhood for the salvation of Florentia. 

      Long live Liberty ! Long live the Emperor ! Long live Florentia !"

      Edited by Florentia
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    • PWHLWGL.png

      News Report 01/01/2023

      Economic Downturn to Continue? Plus Riots in the Urban Painted Districts

      The Cashari Broadcasting Corporation is recovering slowly from the Market Crash of 2021, but the same cannot be said for the rest of the economy which is expected to continue suffering from an economic downturn into the year 2023. In response to recent wage slashes, Cashari in the Urban Painted Districts of Majalir have started to riot. Tourists are advised to stay away from these areas while the rioting continues. Speaking of tourists, the tourism industry has found itself suffering the most due to a rise in crime and riots from disgruntled citizens. Not every company is having difficulty due to the economic downturn. Recently, the cosmetics industry has seen an uptick due to its new line of Painted Citizen products. The high-quality but affordable cosmetic set allows citizens to paint their faces like the Urban Painted Districts in order to show solidarity with the rioters. 

      Still, economic experts like Dr. Patak Matinvo have claimed that the rioting is hurting the economy more than it is helping and have urged Cashari citizens to get back to work. "The riots are going nowhere. Wages won't increase until economic prosperity increases. It's as simple as that," says Dr. Patak Matinvo. Memes of Dr. Patak Matinvo in clown paint have become popular; though, other Cashari decry this blatant act of disrespect and claim that the rioters are the ones in clown paint. 

      The Cashari Broadcasting Corporation will provide further updates on this situation as the news develops.

    • Roiters News

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      Orioni unveils biggest military build-up since Thalassan War

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      Orioni militaryO'POLIS -- Orioni has unveiled plans for its biggest military build-up since the Thalassan War. On this last day of the political year, the government announced that it will double defence spending, bringing it up from 1.05 to 2 percent of GDP. This move away from a defensive stance comes as Orioni seeks to counter regional threats. The government also revealed its intent to acquire long-range missiles to defend its "strategic interests."

      I'm joined now by Mr Ebissa Mirtus, a professor at Vega Military Academy and former special advisor to the late Chairman Ionas Strupar.

      ROITERS: Professor Mirtus, can you give us an idea of how significant this announcement is?

      Ebissa Mirtus: It is not only significant, but also long overdue. Orioni's strategic interests are surrounded by the Occidental-Azanian Pact, Great Anglian occupied territory, and northern Volsci. That is not a position of envy. While Great Anglia is smaller than Orioni in terms of economy, the OCA is growing fast and both are investing heavily in their military arsenals, while paying less attention to democracy. The announced Orioni build-up is a significant and much belated action.

      You've made it clear that the main driver for this military build-up is the perceived threat from Great Anglia and the OCA. But doesn't this military build-up by a traditionally defense-oriented Orioni risk escalating tensions?

      Tensions have already been escalated significantly by the OCA. It's a daily occurrence that Yien is conducting very much coercive action around the Meteorolan territory and waters. And Volsci - it should go without saying – is maintaining an unknown yet likely significant military capacity on the eastern coast of its huge land mass. So it's a belated response and much, much more has to be done.

      How does the acquisition of long-range missiles affect the military's defence capabilities?

      The most closely watched language will concern the new “counter strike” capability. Right now, Orioni's military is armed with missiles that can fly a few hundred kilometres at most. If the IODF acquires land or sea-launched missiles that can hit ships or land targets 1,000 kilometres away, it would have a counterstrike capability that O'polis believes will deter attacks.

      What other measures is Orioni taking as part of this expansion?

      The Orinese government will also increase transport capacity, develop cyber warfare capabilities, and stockpile spare parts and other munitions. It has also promised close cooperation with the Entente and other like-minded nations to deter threats to the established international order.

      Can you tell us how this major policy announcement is being received in Orioni?

      Sixty percent of those polled recognise the need for Orioni to build its defence capacity in conjunction with its network of partners, such as the Entente of Oriental States. However, there is a sharp division of opinions on how to fund these build-ups. Another poll, conducted earlier this year by your own news agency, found that 59.7 per cent of respondents believes the reintroduction of conscription would improve Orioni’s defence posture against the perceived Anglian aggression.

      Orioni is also said to be seeking closer cooperation with international pacts, such as TRIDENT, to deter threats to the established international order. Can you give us an idea of what this cooperation would look like?

      The Entente of Oriental States has the largest military presence in the Oriental Oceanic territory. Without Orioni, TRIDENT would have limited engagement in the Azano-Marenesian area. Orioni appears to be positioning itself as a force multiplier by seeking cooperation with Argic, Alharun, and Marenesian countries. The other Entente members also seem open to this joining of forces.

      How have other countries responded to this announcement?

      The Varian Ambassador to Orioni has stated that Chairlady Awidefale Rezovi is making a “clear, unambiguous strategic statement about Orioni's role as a security provider in the Azano-Marenesian area.” Ayubid PM Sulayem Bin Omeguy has said that he expects greater defence cooperation with Orioni. On the other hand, Great Anglia has accused Orioni of making false claims about the Pact's military activities in the Meteorolan area.

      Professor Mirtus, thanks speaking with us.

      Mirtus: Thank you.

    • Roiters News

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      Global upsurge of unidentified anomalous phenomena

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      Global upsurge of unidentified anomalous phenomenaO'POLIS -- Police all over the world are res­pon­ding to several billion reports of almost identical break-ins. The miscreant has gained entry to homes via the roof and chimney, although unusual in such instances, has been leaving more items than he has removed. Police are looking for a white man of surprisingly advanced age for this sort of caper, with a long beard, and dressed in red. He is characterised as jovial and gregarious.

      And in other news, zoologists are bewildered by a freakish deformity observed in a young reindeer. The arctic ruminants are generally known to have black noses. The nose of this recently arrived mutant is a sort-of Scarlett-y crimson. Boffins are at a loss to explain what could have caused this anomaly. One theory is that it is an evolutionary trait which may better enable vision in dark and inclement conditions.

      But wait, there's more. Paranormal investigators are attending a local home after reports of a haunting. Area businessman Ebenezer Scrooge claims to have been visited in the night by three ghosts, who he describes as “kind of whiny and sanctimonious.” Details beyond that are unclear as when Mr Scrooge was offered further assistance, he replied: “What's it going to cost me?”

      And last but not least, charges are believed pending following the arrest of a local cobbler accused of employing child labour. The shoemaker in question attracted the attention of the authorities when his business became suddenly profitable after years of appearing to be on the verge of bankruptcy. Officials who visited the premises discovered that the surge in productivity was due to the efforts of a pair of indentured workers, notably short in stature. The suspect's claims that they are elves is being regarded by some scepticism.

      (OOC. Recently, the NASA changed its definition of “UAP”. Katherine Rohloff, press secretary for the space agency’s Science Mission Directorate, said: “NASA will be calling UAP ‘Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena’ instead of ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’.” One does not simply pass up such an opportune moment to mix in some Christmas fun.)

    • Rebirth.png


      The outbreak of war in Argis between Dolchland and its fellow Dolchic nations within the Argic Defence Coalition has turned brother against brother. These are brothers who, at this point, do not realise that they truly are brothers, and thus have been tricked by conspiring powers into quarrel with one another. Dolchic peoples have suffered and will continue to suffer greatly during the course of this war, including in the original homeland of the Dolchic peoples. The internal enemies of the Dolchic peoples have conspired against the unity of our peoples; Dolchland's various royal families have caused this war: they are the enemies of unity, they are the enemies of the Dolch people. It is the duty of all Dolchic peoples to eliminate this threat by any means necessary, so that unity, peace, and socialism can be achieved. When these accursed enemies of the Dolchic peoples are finally destroyed, the Gemotam, the Renaissance, will have advanced a step further: the gradual liberation of the original homeland of all Dolchic peoples, Dolchland. The spread of Gemotamism throughout Dolchland is crucial in brining Gemotamism throughout the rest of the Dolchic-Buranic wurld.

      To the oppressed peoples of Dolchland, who are stuck under the yoke of those who hate the Dolch people, the Gemotam Party calls on those within Dolchland who refuse to live as slaves or as pawns of corporate interests to rise up in this crucial moment of Dolchland's history. Dolchland's Gemotamists, rise up to the call of liberation and form resistance groups against the royalist anti-Dolch menace that currently oppresses Dolchland. There has never been and never will be time for peace with the enemies of Gemotamism, Dolchic unity, and oppressors of Dolchic peoples. To these enemies, peace means nothing, peace achieves nothing, they do not understand peace; thus, they will be met with the direct will and anger of the people. Armed resistance is the only true path to freedom; for those who do not welcome nor understand peace, peace should equally not be given to them. If our enemies were to take an eye, then we shall respond by taking two.

      While a step has been taken forward in the partial struggle by the Gemotamists of Stedoria to liberate the people of Dolchland, regrettably so too have Gemotamism's enemies made advances within the self-proclaimed Free State of Gadutea, where a so-called democratic political coalition has continued in bringing the island and its inhabitants closer to ruin. The Gadutean government's insistence regarding the continuation of the Treaty of Tenby spits in the face of the freedoms of the island's people, who, through this treaty, have had their right of sovereignty stripped from them, stooping to becoming puppets of foreign interests, something they have further proved to be during the course of the Dolchland liberation war. The refusal by Gadutea's government to allow Stedorian ships within the nation's ports, and yet the allowing of foreign Tagmatine and Seylosian ships make this sell-out clear: Gadutea has refused the aid of a brotherly nation, and has rather sold out itself, and its people, to foreign powers. This will not be tolerated, and actions will be taken in response to this betrayal.

      The temporary victory of hostile forces in Gadutea has shown that the Dolchic Socialist Gemotam Party, along with all of its associated regions, must further respond; the party must further mobilise and prepare for any potential hostile moves. Self-defence leagues must be founded by more regional branches of the Gemotam Party in response to aggressive actions. The enemies of the Gemotam Party will naturally claim this to be an act of aggression by the Gemotam Party, but those faithful to the party, and those who can see truth, know that the formation of Self-defence leagues are not for aggression, but rather to ensure the protection and self-preservation of Dolchic peoples throughout the wurld.

      The Stedorian People's Republic under the rule of the Gemotam Party-affiliated National Party of the Stedorian Revolution under the guidance of General-Secretary Tamäj Köseg has made great and significant strides in advancing and promoting the cause of Dolchic unity, along with stamping out internal enemies. The decision to contribute to the eventual liberation of Dolchland by the Stedorian government has shown General-Secretary Köseg's and the Stedorian government's great commitment to promoting the unity of all Dolchic peoples. Internally, great efforts within Stedoria have been made in eliminating members and sympathisers of the so-called and terroristic Royal Stedorian Front of Monarchist Resistance, which has wreaked havoc on the people of Stedoria. While this terrorists group is still active within Stedorian territory, their numbers day by day continue to diminish, and they will soon be reduced to but a footnote of Stedorian and Dolchic history. The Gemotam Party reaffirms its faith in the party's leadership under the great Tamäj Köseg.

      Edited by Stedoria (see edit history)
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      Lovra Museum hosts rare Van Klomp masterpiece

      Written by Feridonanidi Nehase Tiigisiti

      The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies by Van KlompZUID­HAVEN -- The Lovra Museum in Zuidhaven has pulled off a great coup, securing the loan of The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies for its upcoming exhibition on 20th century Iwish art. This painting, created by the enigmatic Van Klomp (1853-1907), is a ripper of a portrait, with exaggerated features that'll make you go troppo.

      According to art historians, Van Klomp was a reclusive artist who lived in a small village in Iwenland during the early 20th century. Despite his talent, he struggled to gain recognition and was often overshadowed by more popular and fashionable artists of the time. As a result, he became increasingly isolated and retreated into his own world, spending long hours in his studio working on his paintings.

      The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies was one of Van Klomp's most famous works, and it's said to be a portrait of a woman he was once in love with, but who rejected him for a wealthier suitor. Van Klomp poured all of his frustration and heartbreak into the painting, giving the woman's breasts an exaggerated size in a fit of anger and jealousy.

      Now, this iconic painting is set to go on display at Lovra Museum, and visitors are sure to be captivated by its striking composition and the fascinating backstory of its creator. The exhibition runs from June 1st to September 30th, and tickets are available now. Don't miss this chance to see one of the most famous and controversial paintings of the 20th century up close!

      But that's not all. In addition to The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies, Lovra Museum will also be showcasing a range of other works by Van Klomp, including his lesser-known landscapes and still lifes. It's a rare opportunity to get a fuller picture of this enigmatic artist's oeuvre, and one that shouldn't be missed.

      So, if you're a fan of Iwish art or just want to see a bloody great painting up close, make sure to grab your tickets for the Lovra Museum exhibition. It's sure to be a corker of a show.

      (OOC. Because I was watching a re-run of 'Allo 'Allo!)

    • spacer.png

      It's official: María Teresa de Bergenaria crowned as María Teresa, Queen of Bergenaria


      José Borges



      The gloomy darkness that envelops the capital of Serenno seems to have given a chance to the light of hope on the special occasion of the coronation of Princess Maria Teresa of Bergenaria.

      This afternoon, the Serenno Cathedral welcomed the Imperial family, together with more than 40,000 spectators for the coronation and ascension ceremony of Maria Theresa. At just 18 years old, Maria Theresa is the youngest monarch to have assumed the throne of Bergenaria, since her own father, Clement VIII, who was 19 when she assumed the crown.

      During the ceremony, María Teresa stated the objectives of her reign: "[...] I will look for a way that the kingdoms that make up this great nation can cooperate peacefully. The cooperation between the duchies and the kingdoms will ensure prosperity for us and our reemergence in this world. Also, the people who move this country will be my priority during my reign. [...] The things I have promised I will do and keep. May God help me in this crusade."

      Along with the proceedings, various dukes and monarchs from the various kingdoms of Bergenaria swore allegiance and commitment to the new queen.

      The coronation ceremony lasted until 4:34 p.m., when the representatives of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies shouted "God Save Maria Teresa of Bergenaria." in front of the queen The queen left the Cathedral of Serenno to go to the Palace of Lecumberri, where it is said that the first hours of her reign began.

      María Teresa's coronation ceremony is the first coronation of the 21st century to be televised and have its own live-stream. Likewise, the coronation ceremony of María Teresa is so far the most expensive in the country, surpassing the coronation of Tomás VII, in 1919.

      ¿Will this be the beginning of a new era?

      Presenting the news without any filters.


      Edited by Bergenaria (see edit history)
    • Rhodellia mobilises for war against Anglia

      Gansükhiin Batzorig, October 11, 2022, 19:40


      Prime Minister Philip Seymour addresses the Reichstag

      Prime Minister Philip Seymour declared a state of ‘partial mobilisation’, with plans to call up at least 100,000 military reservists after the Aurelian League invoked Case Two: the alliance’s article of collective defence against external aggression. Case Two brings the Kingdom of Rhodellia into an official state of war against Côte de Fourrure, Azuria, Anglia, and the rest of the Occidental-Azanian Pact.

      The Anglian War is predicted to escalate into a glubal conflict the likes of which Eurth has never seen before. With Côte de Fourrure’s recent attacks on Zaxar, Anglia and Azuria launching a joint invasion of Anatea, and many other AL member states also facing threats of military aggression from their Anglia-aligned neighbours, a new continent-wide front is opening in Aurelia. Military analysts predict that the situation will soon escalate into the largest armed conflict Aurelia has seen since the First Aurelian War in the mid-19th century.

      There is an expectation that the Rhodellian Armed Forces, being one of the most advanced, well-trained, and experienced militaries on the continent, will play a pivotal role in the collective defence of the AL. Seymour insists that Rhodellian troops and military equipment are ‘desperately needed’ on allied fronts to deter and turn the tide against Pro-Anglian forces, as well as to prevent direct attacks on Rhodellian soil. The Department of Defence currently deems the threat of a pro-Anglian invasion on Rhodellian soil to be ‘very unlikely’, so long as as Pro-Anglian forces continue to be preoccupied abroad; most mobilised reservists are thus expected to be deployed abroad to reinforce AL forces elsewhere in Aurelia.

      Seymour announces war
      “The beacons are lit. Aurelia calls for aid. And Rhodellia will answer!” Seymour announced in his Sunday speech in the Reichstag, where he reaffirmed his intent to honour Rhodellia’s obligation to protect its allies against military aggression. A heavily abridged version reads as follows:

      “...Rhodellia will not stand idly by as an axis of evil plunges the Wurld into war…”

      “...As I speak, Anglian and Anglian-aligned troops are rampaging across our very own continent, leaving blood-soaked trails of death and destruction in their wake. These are not the actions of good nations with the interests of you and the wider Wurld community at heart. This is unabashed terrorism sanctioned and perpetrated by rogue states. They have proven themselves to be enemies to peace, criminals with no respect for international rule of law, and imperialists who wish nothing more than to rob us of our freedom. Where sanctions and diplomacy have failed, only the swift and decisive application of military force can halt these atrocities…”

      “…It is thus our duty as free people, as Rhodellians, to intercede. We must preserve the freedoms and autonomy of our fellow Aurelians. We must make the devils who forced our hands answer for their crimes of aggression. And we must guarantee the restoration of peace, justice, and harmony to Aurelia. With fire and sword…”

      “...We should not hesitate to honour our pledge to protect our allies in their time of need.”


      People cheering the outbreak of war in a bar

      Seymour’s address to the Reichstag and later press statements, where he officially declared war and partial mobilisation, received widespread support from both Members of Parliament and the general public.

      The Reichstag observed a rare moment of solidarity as all Members of Parliament, regardless of party and affiliation, declared ‘unanimous support’ for Seymour’s plans to mobilise reservists, declare war, and commence large-scale military operations beyond Rhodellia’s borders.

      “United, we stand. Divided, we fall.” said Leader of the Opposition Karl Hartmann. “Our common enemy is Great Anglia and its legion of vassal states.”

      Meanwhile, reactions among much of the Rhodellian public appear similarly positive, with a strong wave of ‘war fervour’ sweeping the nation. In scenes reminiscent of the outbreaks of the Second Aurelian War and Great Crusade, neighbourhoods in multiple towns and cities are holding block parties celebrating the declaration of hostilities.

      RNN reporters interviewed various attendees of these street celebrations to get a general ground-level feel for ordinary people’s feelings on Rhodellia’s entry into the Anglian War. A few of which include:

      Frederick Karlsberg, 31, a Life Guards Regiment veteran and resident of Gottesberg, said: “I’ve always wanted to try fighting a conventional war against peer opponents. To be honest, dodging TBI from IEDs, getting f*cked over by overly-strict ROEs, and attempting Hearts and Minds with pissed-off locals who clearly hated our guts back in Nordwalde made for a pretty shit National Service. Y’know, this war against Anglia could be a fantastic change of pace from COIN, and I feel a lot of other vets feel the same way.”

      White Bird Jäger, 28, a Nordwalde Foresters Regiment veteran and resident of Flintaxe, Nordwalde Province, said: “Try being one of the only guys in the village who have never earned an eagle feather. I get so much shit for that, like, you’ve got no idea. So I’ve basically been praying for a second chance for like seven years now. And now that I’ve got one, I swear that I’ve been spending hours just staring at my phone and refreshing my email inbox like crazy waiting for the call-out notices to drop. Assuming I don’t buy the farm in an arty strike or something, this war may end up being the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

      Klaus Müller, 21, a Friedrichstadt Regiment veteran and resident of Friedrichstadt, said: “I was a grunt and there’s this one dude on my block that’s got a bigger scalp collection than me, and he served in a f*cking H&S company. On God, bruh, now that we’ve got an honest-to-God war to fight, I gotta correct that shit and start stacking more bodies, because just the mere thought of being outdone by a POG drives me up a f*cking wall. Tie me to a missile and fire it at Godstone. I am ready.”

      Hawk-eyes Busch, 21, a Schwarzwald Regiment veteran and resident of Bellwald, Nordwalde Province, said: “[Anglia] came to the wrong neighbourhood. If the OCA thinks they can just waltz into Aurelia and occupy our lands just ‘cause they got money and firepower, then they’re in for a rude awakening. My ancestors made expansion a living hell for colonisers a few centuries back. And we sure as hell won’t make this shit any easier the second time around. I guarantee you that we’ll make those f*ckers bleed for every inch.”

      James Smith, 18, a sixth form college student and resident of Eisenthal said: “I want to be the first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill. The war’s already kicking off and I’ve still got just under a year until I can start my National Service, so I just hope that it’s not over before I get some.”

      The vast majority of people randomly interviewed in the nation’s streets seemed to support the outbreak of war. Many people, including young men likely to be drafted in the coming days, even expressed excitement at the prospect of fighting in Rhodellia’s first true conventional war since the Great Crusade and Second Aurelian War over seventy years ago.

      Meanwhile, similar war fervour is being observed on the internet. On Wittier, a smartphone recording of soldiers from the Foot Guards Regiment’s 1st Battalion reacting to Seymour’s official declaration of war with ecstatic cheers in Camp Neuemeyer’s Mess Hall has already achieved over 32,300 Rewits and 163,200 Likes. Another recording making waves on multiple social media sites shows tenants of an apartment complex (identified as Gunner’s Bridge Court in Willemhausen, Gottesberg) whistling, cheering, and blasting loud music from their balconies the night after the announcement; one Threadit repost of the video on th/Rhodellia has already achieved over 36,000 upvotes. Many other popular displays of public support are already being reported across the country.

      To outsiders, this overwhelmingly positive reaction to the outbreak of what is likely to turn out to be a long, destructive, and costly war may seem highly unusual. RNN reached out to Dr. Keegan Krieger of the Gottesberg University’s Faculty of History for a theory explaining the historical and cultural context behind this phenonemon:

      “Rhodellians have a special relationship with war. Rhodellia is a nation threatened by enemies on almost all sides. To ensure their nation's continued survival in the face of overwhelming adversity, Rhodellians at the community and government-level would invest extraordinary amounts of time and resources into raising, educating, and training the next generation in preparation for the next war. Since the colonial era, nearly every man, woman, and child would be prepared to fight, and fight they did: Rhodellia has spent nearly every year of its 426-year-long existence fighting one existential war after the other.

      Dominant historical narratives, the ones we teach in schools, attribute Rhodellia’s continued survival to this Spartan-like indoctrination and training. And it traditionally involves a lot of mental preparation to kill or be killed. So naturally, Rhodellia grew into one of the most militarised societies on Eurth, for which war is basically the default state of nature and ‘peace’ is merely the brief time window to prepare for the next battle.

      Up until the first half of the 20th century, most cultures and societies saw war as this glorious and honourable venture. But military innovations like accurate rifles, barbed wire, quick-firing artillery, poison gas, land mines, and machine guns stripped war of its traditional romance and adventure. Many nations came out of large-scale conflicts in the early 20th century not only with hundreds of thousands or even millions of casualties, but also terrible and long-lasting collective trauma. And so by the mid-20th century, most people in most cultures are in agreement that war is this horrible, horrible thing.

      Rhodellians are no different in that regard, yet most still look forward to it, or at least try to. To us, the arrival of modern warfare — as brutal and random as it can be — just became something we must learn to accept, adapt to, and master. The nation's enemies are many, and they are still as strong and hostile as ever; most Rhodellians understand that becoming peaceful, 'soft', and 'weak' will only just doom them in the long run.

      To help with this, many people develop coping mechanisms. They find ways to come to terms with the inevitable and enjoy war. They turn it into a game, a competition, a challenge, a spectacle more genuine than any war film, something to dedicate their lives to and master, something they need to get good in order to protect their comrades, something to give their life purpose, or a joke with varying layers of irony. At the end of the day, you need to find your own way to make sure you can defend your country when the time inevitably comes.

      Every generation grows up just waiting for their turn to fight. The Lost Generation had the Red Deluge. The Greatest Generation had the Great Crusade. Generation X had the Gold Valley Uprising and Littenheim Offensives. And it seems that, for today’s Millennials and Generation Z, the Anglian War will be the ‘Great War’ they’ve thus far spent their whole lives preparing for. And on top of that, it seems like the kind of ‘just war’ that can feel satisfied fighting in.

      From the perspective of a people and nation on the receiving end of Pro-Anglian military aggression, it is extremely easy to condense the Anglian War into a classic struggle of ‘Good versus Evil’. In recent years, Anglia and its Aurelian allies have embraced ideologies you could appropriately describe as imperialist or even outright fascist. I believe it is safe to say that they are openly out to conquer and oppress others. Compared to the counter-insurgencies Rhodellia has been fighting for decades, where our opponents are understood to be fellow ordinary people who just want to express their human rights to self-determination and be left alone to build their own independent societies on their own ancestral lands, the Anglian War seems to be far less morally ambiguous.

      A Rhodellian would be far less likely to develop moral injury fighting against Anglian invaders openly bent on conquering and oppressing them, rather than an Indigenous Aurelian separatist insurgent. Rather, it is easy to see themself as a liberator, a freedom fighter, a warrior of justice fighting on the truly righteous side. This is the same reason why, earlier in the year, thousands of Rhodellians were so attracted to volunteer in the Second Baltican Civil War, specifically to fight against the Republic of Dokestva’s Banis regime. Anglia seems like a rather clear and worthwhile enemy a lot of normal people can feel good fighting against.

      Basically, Rhodellians are born and raised to fight. They want to fight a war for a worthwhile cause. The Anglian War seems to check most people's boxes. And a once-in-a-generation existential war like this gives Rhodellians purpose.”


      Rhodellian troops about to embark on a ruck

      How does Rhodellian National Service and mobilisation work?
      So far, the Department of Defence has announced an ambitious goal of calling up ‘at least’ 100,000 military reservists within 14 days before deploying expeditionary forces to fight on the frontlines against Pro-Anglian forces by mid-November. 100,000 may seem like a massive number, but it only comprises a small minority of the total manpower Rhodellia can draw on for defence. And for that, the nation can credit National Service: its system of universal conscription.

      Rhodellia remains as one of the few nations in the Wurld that still practises universal conscription. This is because the Rhodellian Armed Forces has always expected to engage peer or near-peer adversaries (such as the Native Aurelian Free State’s Native Aurelian Liberation Army) in a prolonged large-scale conventional war in the near future. Given how deadly modern weapons can be, a war of this nature will likely burn through a lot of manpower very quickly. It is thought that retaining conscription, which would draw from a much larger and more diverse manpower pool, would be more practical than maintaining an all-volunteer professional military for fulfilling Rhodellia’s manpower needs in a hypothetical ‘total war’ scenario.

      All adult Rhodellian males aged between 18 and 60 are liable for military service. At age 18, normally soon after one graduates from sixth form or college, male citizens receive summons to serve about two years of active duty in the Rhodellian Army along with others within the same age cohort. However, in practice, only about 40% of male citizens, or approximately 24,000 conscripts yearly, actually end up completing National Service. Much of the remainder of male citizens either opt for Alternative (civilian) Service or fall under an exemption.

      There are a number of exemptions to the draft. These include students in full-time secondary and tertiary-level education, practising religious ministers, active-duty armed forces and internal security forces members, men with dependents who seriously need their care, government officials, non-citizens, dual nations, conscientious objectors, and people with certain health and mental conditions.

      Upon completing their National Service or any Army service contract, Rhodellians automatically join the Rhodellian Army Reserve. They are obligated to attend Refresher Training programmes taking up between roughly one and three months a year, depending on their rank, military occupational specialty, and how dependent their specialised skills are on constant maintenance. They remain in the Army Reserve until they either reach the age of 60 or enlist in the Rhodellian Air Force or Rhodellian Navy (or those branches’ respective reserve components).

      Many Rhodellian universities also offer extracurricular programmes for training commissioned officers, such as an Army, Navy, or Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). After graduating, ROTC cadets who complete their programmes are commissioned as Second Lieutenants (Army and Air Force) or Ensigns (Navy) in their respective military branches, and are contracted to stay in active duty for at least eight years. When they finish their contracts, they re-enter the military's reserves.

      National Service aims to develop and maintain a large and diverse core of well-trained and experienced manpower that Rhodellia can readily draw from in the event of a war or other national emergency. Not having to train fresh troops from scratch allows the Rhodellian Armed Forces to swell massively in numbers within a relatively short period of time. As of 2021, out of a conscription-eligible male population of roughly 3 million, the Rhodellian Armed Forces has approximately 800,000 reservists.

      Seymour has, thus far, never specified an exact cap on the number of reservists the Rhodellian Armed Forces intends to conscript for the Anglian War. It is estimated that it will never exceed 200,000 over the course of the war. However, this of course ultimately depends on how many extra troops the Aurelian League needs to reinforce its various fronts to secure a final victory against Anglia, the length of the conflict, and the casualty rates deployed units will end up sustaining in and out of combat.

      As of October 11, all Rhodellian Armed Forces reservists and their employers by this point should have been alerted about potential call-out notices at least 28 days in advance. This was due to the invocation of AL Case One following the start of armed conflict between Zaxar and Côte de Fourrure in early September.

      Reservists can expect to receive an actual call-out notice by text, by email, and by post within the next 48 hours. These notices should come complete with detailed instructions on what to do next.

      Trending news

      • Rhodellian Peace Movement leader tar and feathered at anti-war protest
      • Rhodellia and the Native Aurelian Free State enter ‘temporary ceasefire’ negotiations in light of Anglia Crisis
      • Seymour reaffirms ‘officially registered’ Powanak Tribe members’ 'voluntary exemption' from draft
      • Body positivity movement influencer commits suicide after prolonged harassment campaign
      • Hundreds of Rhodellian companies targeted by ‘massive wave’ of cyberattacks
      • Meet the old pilots and aircraft maintainers volunteering in the Anatean 1st Air Legion
      • Military surplus stores struggle to cope with new surge in demand
      Edited by Rhodellia (see edit history)
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      As tensions continue to rise in between @Ulfheimr and Nyantastan, many civilians are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of  war. In response, many especially close to the Border are making the difficult decision to flee their homes and seek safety in neighboring Nyantastan.

      For these refugees, the decision to leave everything behind and make the dangerous journey to Nyantastan is not an easy one. Many have to travel long distances on foot, carrying only what they can carry. Others are forced to make the journey by boat, risking their lives on overcrowded and often dangerous vessels.

      Upon arriving in Nyantastan, many refugees are taken to camps where they can receive assistance and support. Here, they receive food, shelter, and medical care, as well as support from humanitarian organizations and the Nyantastani government.

      The situation remains uncertain, and it is unclear if the  conflict will escalate. In the meantime, Nyantastan is doing its best to accommodate the influx of refugees.

      For the refugees, the future remains uncertain. They have left behind their homes, their possessions, and their loved ones in search of safety. Now, they must navigate the challenges of life as refugees in a foreign land, hoping for a better future for themselves and their families.

      The government of Nyantastan has expressed its support for the refugees fleeing from the brutal regime in Ulfheimr. In a statement, Chancellor Akamura called on more civilians to flee the Barbaric and Primal Nation and seek safety in Nyantastan before it is too late.

      The statement emphasized the need for civilians to escape the violence and Barbarism in Ulfheimr, and noted that Nyantastan is doing its best to accommodate the influx of refugees. The government pledged to provide food, shelter, and medical care to those who have fled Ulfheimr, and to work with humanitarian organizations to support the refugees.

    • Operation Swift Defender

      Monthly Military Exercice 


      The nation of Nyantastan is currently conducting a large-scale military exercise, involving thousands of troops and a wide range of equipment. The exercise, which is being called "Operation Swift Defender," is intended to test the readiness and capabilities of Nyantastan's military forces.

      The exercise began with a massive mobilization of troops, who were transported to a remote training area by air, land, and sea. Once in place, the troops began a series of simulated combat scenarios, designed to test their ability to respond to a wide range of threats.

      The exercise also involves a significant amount of equipment, including tanks, armored vehicles, and fighter jets. These assets are being used to support the troops on the ground, providing them with the firepower and mobility they need to succeed in the simulated combat scenarios.

      In addition to the military personnel and equipment, the exercise also involves a large number of support personnel, including medical teams, logistics experts, and communications specialists. These support teams are essential to the success of the operation, ensuring that the troops have the supplies and support they need to complete their mission.

      The exercise is expected to continue for several weeks, and will involve a wide range of training scenarios, including air and ground attacks, amphibious landings, and urban combat operations. At the end of the exercise, Nyantastan's military leadership will review the results and assess the readiness of the country's armed forces.

      While the size and scale of the military exercise currently being conducted in Nyantastan is impressive, it is important to remember that the quality of the troops and equipment is more important than the quantity.

      In today's complex and rapidly changing security environment, it is no longer enough to simply have a large number of troops and weapons. To be effective, a military must be well-trained, well-equipped, and well-led.

      Having a large number of troops and weapons may be impressive, but if they are not properly trained and equipped, they may not be able to effectively respond to the challenges they face. In contrast, a smaller, but well-trained and well-equipped military force can be more effective and better able to defend the nation.

      In addition to the quality of the troops and equipment, the leadership of a military is also critical. Good leaders are essential to the success of any military operation, as they provide the vision, guidance, and direction needed to achieve the mission.

      Overall, while the size of a military force may be impressive, it is the quality of the troops, equipment, and leadership that truly matters in ensuring the effectiveness and readiness of a nation's armed forces.

      Thus Nyantastan starts Monthly Military Exercieses and wishes stronger Cooperation with its Allied Nations for example @Iverica.  The Nation thinks overall, by investing in training, equipment, leadership, and partnerships, the Nyantastani military can continue to improve and ensure that it is ready and able to defend the nation and maintain peace and security. 


    • Roiters News

      Home | Orioni | Wurld | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Orioni must demonstrate ability to protect Meteorolas, opposition says

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      O'POLIS -- Orioni needs to show it can protect its allies if the Pact were to risk a cross-strait invasion to bring the Meteorolas under its control, said opposition leader Mr Edric Kageni this week. In recent weeks, tensions have risen even further as the Pact has threatened to invade the Meteorolas in order to bring them under its control. In response to these threats, Kageni has called on Orioni to demonstrate that it is capable of protecting its allies if the Pact were to carry out its plans. Kageni has stressed the importance of Orioni showing strength and determination in the face of the Pact's aggression, and has urged the government to take all necessary measures to defend its interests and those of its allies.

      O'polis has come under increasing pressure to take a more active role in defending itself and its allies against the threat of invasion by the Pact. The government to realize that it cannot rely solely on the Varian and Ayubid people, who are traditional allies of O'polis, to defend their countries against the Pact. Kageni has urged the government to commit its own forces to the fight, and to take all necessary measures to defend O'polis and its interests. Varians and Ayubids would need to have in place the weapons, systems and trained forces to hold off the invasion long enough for the EOS to overcome a blockade of the islands to come to its aid, Moulton Kageni.

      There are many similarities between the actions of Dolch Emperor Johannes’s unprovoked invasion of Iwenland and the Pact's threats to forcibly incorporate the last free Azano-Meteorolan states, he said. Both involve unprovoked invasions by powerful military forces, with the goal of conquering and subjugating weaker nations. The situation in Iwenland shows the potential value of combined arms warfare. Aircraft, submarines and coastal defences working together could have destroyed the approaching Dolch landing ships.

      Similarly, he warned that “warfare without having norms, treaties, and conventions in place is increasingly dangerous.” Kageni described how “Dolchland doesn’t care about civilian casualties. They don’t care about collateral damage.” He is specifically referencing the actions of Dolchland, which he characterizes as a nation that does not care about the welfare of civilians or the potential for collateral damage in its military actions. Kageni's comments suggest that Dolchland is willing to engage in ruthless and indiscriminate warfare in pursuit of its goals, without regard for the consequences or the potential harm to innocent bystanders. This lack of concern for the humanitarian impacts of war is seen as a major threat by Kageni, who warns that such tactics can lead to even more dangerous and destructive conflicts.

      Kageni's remarks highlight the importance of having norms, treaties, and conventions in place to govern the conduct of warfare, in order to prevent the kind of unchecked aggression and disregard for civilian life that Dolchland is accused of engaging in. Without such rules and regulations, the dangers of warfare are likely to escalate, with potentially disastrous consequences for all involved.

      Kageni explained that the Sibiseba has given the military various new powers and authorities to help them recruit and retain personnel, as well as develop new weapons systems. However, despite these new powers, Kageni claims that the military has been slow to take advantage of them and make use of these new tools. His comments suggest that the military may be hesitant to utilize the new powers and authorities granted to them by the Sibiseba. Perhaps due to concerns about how they will be used, or because they are unsure of how to effectively implement them. Whatever the reason, Kageni's remarks indicate that the military is not moving as quickly as some would like in taking advantage of these new tools and capabilities.

    • BS News

      Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Bron Urgundy. And you're watching BS News.

      KILL THE LOGISTICS. That's how I think an enemy could win a war against Orioni. The Orinese military can accomplish little in the Western Oriental Ocean without ample and regular supplies of all types, from fuel to ammunition to foodstuffs. Prospective foes *wink* @Great Anglia *wink* know this. They will pursue the logistics fleet responsible for transporting matériel to the fighting forces, making it a priority target set.

      If I was in charge of the such enemy forces, I would make sure to take away the things that Orinese forces need to fight. This way, we could win the battle. When enemies don't have the supplies they need, they will retreat.

      Better yet, they may never even reach the battleground.

      The Orinese military understands the importance of logistics on the battlefield. Military officials have said that they plan to make sure supplies get through to their soldiers, even in difficult situations. This is important because, as we can see in the Adlantic, having supply problems can make it hard for a military to fight.

      Logistics is not just important, it’s the most important thing.

      In my opinion, attacking their military's supplies is a way to hurt the Orinese military and their allies without fighting them directly. Because they fight far from their home, they need a lot of support to keep fighting. I think that attacking supply ships and airplanes would be a good move. Destroy your opponent's systems if they are stronger and far from home. If your opponent fights as a group of systems, like a fleet or an air force, you need to find the things that hold the group together and attack those things. Do this successfully, and you can break the Orinese forces into smaller groups that can be defeated one by one.

      Imagine a group of soldiers, far from home, and without supplies delivered by boat or airplane. They can't do anything useful. They are not effective in battle.

      In short, the Orinese military needs supplies to keep fighting. If an enemy attacks their supply ships, the enemy could win without even fighting a big battle in the Western Oriental. For Creighton & Co., using indirect methods would be a quick and safe way to win in the Saeida Strait, Konstantinopoli Sea, or Meteorolas. It would stop the Orinese forces in the area from getting more help, and support Godstone in helping their allies in Azania.

      Everything could depend on it.

      (OOC. Bad Bron. Very bad. Regardless of how much you dislike Orioni, don't be helping the enemy. This could land you in some hot water. Again.)

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      Coronation of Queen María Teresa: What is Operation Golden Spear? When will the ceremony take place?



      Gabriela Krautze



      At the age of 18, María Teresa de Bergenaria has been now named the new Queen of Bergenaria, being the youngest member of the Imperial Family to ascend.


      Nicknamed Operación Lanza Dorada (English: Operation Golden Spear), the ceremony for the official coronation of the new monarch is expected to take place on December 16. According to unofficial sources, Queen María Teresa has asked for his coronation to be more discreet than that of his father, Clemente VIII which was held on December 15, 1980. 


      The tradition of a new monarch rising a year after the death of the last monarch has been broken for the first time in almost a thousand years, as the Bergenarian people desperately need a new leader in times of turmoil, not only across the nation but around Eurth. Prime Minister Sonia Almenares has welcomed the new regent's ceremony date.


      The ceremony will take place in the Lecumberri Palace, where María Teresa will be crowned at the age of 18, making her the youngest at the start of her reign. Rumors claim that the arrival of Queen María Teresa will entail some changes in the monarchy and, in particular, it will affect the current relations among the several dukes in the country. Most notably, rumors circle about the new queen and her 'relationship' with the duke prince of the Anirian Ascendancy, who are seeking greater autonomy, or potential independence.


      Presenting the news without any filters.


      Other news that might catch your attention:

      • Students of the Santa Cecilia High School welcome the new Queen with an emotional party.
      • Six stations of the Line 4 of the Serenno STC closed for concerning failures on structure.
      • Internationally, to which side should Bergenaria align itself?
    • Home | Anglia War | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports 

      BREAKING: Saulius Orders Mobilization As Gallambria Declares War on Great Anglia, Concilio Debates

      President Saulius has ordered a general mobilization of the nation’s armed forces as Salvia’s main ally, @Gallambria, formally declared war on the Europan nation Tuesday afternoon.

      “This nation, this continent, the wurld as a whole, must prepare to face more difficult times than we have already seen,” Saulius read in a speech to the Concilio Populi this afternoon.

      “Salvia will be ready to face anything.”

      The Concilios have met to debate whether to give President Saulius further executive powers over the use of the military or other actions that could draw Salvia closer to war with Anglia. The Salvian government had already cut diplomatic ties, imposed sanctions, and condemned the actions of Anglia in May of last year following the Kingdom’s wars in Europa.

      The Gallambrian declaration of war comes after wars have spread throughout the glube in the name of Anglian imperialism. Earlier this year, occasional skirmishes had been observed between the Gallambrian protectorate of Bashan and Anglian or Anglian-aligned forces, and diplomatic ties between Gallambria and Anglia had been cut in February.

      Beyond these spats, wars have sparked throughout the wurld as Anglia and its satellite states have sought to expand their influence. The issue has found itself on Salvia’s doorstep as well, as its neighbor Alvernia distanced itself from Salvia and turned towards Anglia instead. Tensions remain high, especially as Alvernian president Marco Marzeni condemned Gallambria’s actions as “war-mongering,” which President Saulius denounced as “ridiculous” in his speech to the Concilio.

      The declaration of war has drawn out intense emotions from Salvians - protests supporting both sides have already begun to organize in Deopolia, Gaullo, and Minotia. 

      “I’m against Anglia and its wars of aggression all the way, they are horrid” a protester named Leo told a NSBN reporter in the capital. “But picking a fight with Anglia will assuredly bring great suffering to Salvia when I’m sure we’ll be left alone.”

      Polling from before the declaration of war seems to support this stance - according to a NSBN poll from early November, 59% of people were “appalled with Anglia’s actions” but “thought war was inappropriate or the incorrect response for Salvia.”

      Concilio members have so far not made clear whether they support war with Anglia or simply limited support for Salvia's main ally.

    • Royal Navy's New Carrier Finally Takes to the Seas

      After being mired in delays Seylos's new Defiant class aircraft carrier has finally been launched. The carrier was fittingly named the HMS Thunderchild after the ship of the same name commanded by Captain Wilbur Clemmons which single-handedly defeated a flotilla of stolen Hodrean ships taken by the Sentists. In the drawn out battle the Thunderchild was eventually forced to ram the last battleship of the Sentist force after being heavily damaged. The new Thunderchild carries on the Seylosian tradition of naming aircraft carriers after important ships in the Royal Navy's past. Originally the new carrier wasn't slated to have the name, but after the battle with the Sentists and the impression it made on both the Seylosian and Ceriser public, it was decided that the name would be Thunderchild.


      The Thunderchild outside Norfolk


      The Thunderchild had faced a series of issues while being constructed at the Norfolk Naval Yards. Originally the ship was slated to be launched a year after its sister, the HMS Defiant, however the change in power from King Stewart to King Aidan and a series of budgetary concerns during the Sentist War caused construction to falter. During a brief time the Royal Navy instead purchased an old Tagmatine carrier as a stop gap which had been assigned to the 2nd Fleet. However with the foundation of the North Adlantic Union, Seylos instead gifted the ship to the newly formed NAU Navy where it was rechristened the UNS Solidarity.

      In a ceremony hosted by Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Isabella Forrest, the navy honored the former crew of the sunken Thunderchild by allowing them the honors of shattering the champagne across the hull of the new ship. This was followed by a speech given by Captain Rene Evers, who was up until now in command of the HMS Terra Firma an amphibious assault ship that was the 2nd Fleet's temporary flagship.

      "It's my honor today to be here to accept the command of this magnificent ship. With the name Thunderchild, the myself and her crew will have an incredible legacy to follow after. It with sadness that this great event must be marred by the presence of war, but under my command I will ensure that the Thunderchild lives up to her namesake, not as a weapon of aggression or conquest, but as a weapon for peace. Her predecessors crew performed beyond any expectations during her service, and when placed in the worst of crises, saved countless lives with their heroism. When any of us join the Royal Navy, it is not about simple military service or adoration of country. It is about the desire to help create a better world through our actions, and our sacrifices are not just for those with whom we serve to to protect all peoples who cannot protect themselves. This will be Thunderchild's first mission, to defend the people of Iwenland, people who had lived their lives in peace before they had this conflict thrust upon them. It is our duty to protect them, and our crew will lead this charge."

      After the ceremony an awards ceremony was held for the crew of the old Thunderchild, where the now retired Captain Clemmons was presented with the medal for the Order of Union, Seylos's most recent honor bestowed for both military and civilian accomplishments. It's distinguished from its sister order, the Order of the Crown, only that it extends to acts in service of both Seylos and the North Adlantic Union.

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