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      Press Release

      Gallambria sanctions Sunset Sea Island Interim Government,
      announces withdrawal of Diplomatic missions

      The Foreign Secretary Elliot Phillips today, announced sanctions against the Sunset Sea Island's interim government and the withdrawal of all Gallambrian diplomatic missions.

      • Foreign Secretary announces new work to stop Gallambrian businesses working with the Sunset Sea Islands Government.
      • New measures put in place to ensure any future Gallambrian aid is not diverted from the most vulnerable to the military government.
      • Diplomatic mission to Sunset Sea Islands recalled, Sunset Sea Island Diplomatic mission to Gallambria expelled.

      Gallambria will enforce immediate asset freezes, forfeitures and travel bans against Colonel Ishijima and members of the interim military government for their role in the coup d'etat that removed Gao He Ping and his legitimate government from power.

      Today's sanctions, which have been made under Gallambria's sanctions regime relating to Sunset Sea Islands, represent further action by the Gallambrian Government to send a message to the interim Government that there will be consequences for deposing legitimate and duly elected governments. The sanctions come into force immediately.

      In response to the coup, the Foreign & Dominions Office have also launched an enhanced due diligence process to mitigate the risk of military businesses operating in Gallambria and associated illicit money flows and further safeguards are now being put in place to prevent future Gallambrian aid indirectly supporting the military led government.

      Along side today's announcements, His Majesty King Albert II has given royal assent to the withdrawal of Gallambria's diplomatic mission to the Sunset Sea Islands, and the expulsion of Sunset Sea Island's mission to Gallambria.

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      April 20, 2021


      Traders were jolted out of their beds early this morning by the announcement that the Sunset Sea Islands would be severing its ties. Many immediately sold personal and company stocks that instant, despite the fact that the trading day had not officially opened at stock exchanges around Iverica. Traders in both sectors both public and private are all too wary about the implications of a government closing its borders and its communications. Senior Trader at Borsa Intreimor, the national stock exchange, Pietro Dinero Dei Monedas had this to say:

      "Every trader knows when a government gets to a certain age and begins feeling strong things for another person it goes through pubert—err a dynamic change in leadership... coup thingy... whatever, everyone knows that people SELL! Even my grandmother, Saviour rest her, dumped her Elegy stock! She didn't care that she's been dead for 8 years, She. Bloody. Sold!"

      Seniore Dei Monedas went on to regurgitate the commonly understood rationale for a stock dump. According to him, Iverican financials had invested a great deal into the SSI, reportedly anywhere from 4-8% of private foreign investment per annum was put into Islander and Iberic-Islander companies. Dei Monedas went on to explain that sudden erratic government movements such as this announcement from Colonel Ishijima, register as financial shocks. In turn, any trader in the wurld with stock in the affected area will tend to dump like a squid drop ink when its scared inkless. Firms that do not sell before the buying price plummets inevitably lose money, having spent more on the stock than it will trade for once the prices stabilise.

      Given the early response, financial experts predict that most Iverican financial entities, including the national banks will have sold while still in the green. As experts are uncertain of when things will stabilise in the Radiant Republic, many private and public companies are eyeing Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the Canamo Sea area (@Prymont), Ceris (@Seylos) @Esonice, as well as Federated Commonwealth bonds. Given the market conditions, Iverican analysts have allegedly chosen these opportunities both for their relatively lower average prices and higher likelihood of economic progress. Analyst expect these strategies to pay out in the long-term.

      However, Iverican traders have surprisingly not sold much from Iberic-Islander companies, apparently confident that steady diplomatic relations will see Iverican-Islander economic activity recover after a brief shock. In fact, some enterprising small traders have declared that they are willing to even pump and buy this stock demographic once prices hit the floor.

















      Greetings, everyone! @Metztlitlaca informed me that my nation is scheduled for inactivation. Since I will probably not be able to return to regular activity in the near future, however, I do not want to exclude the possibility. Therefore, I wanted to create a quick basis for preliminary NPC-isation. If this is acceptable to the staff, I propose explaining the radio silence through a military coup with, as of yet, unknown goals. Feel free to speculate as to its nature, maybe that'll make for some fun headlines. :) By doing so, you will have the freedom to make changes if necessary without it seeming artificial, and I will have the freedom to return through a variety of coup outcomes when I return to activity. If you have plans with my nation as an NPC, I'd appreciate it if any changes were as minimally invasive as possible. You do not need to change my name, I don't mind if you refer to the potential NPC as the Sunset Sea Islands, or the Ishijima Government, if that tickles your fancy.

      Anyhow, once more, I would like to apologise for my lack of activity. I shall return should a muse kiss me and time permit it. I hope you're all doing well in these trying times, all's well on my side.

      Take care, y'all!



    • BREAKING: Tarentum Falls

      Around midday today, Tarentum, the capital of the Social Democratic Confederation fell to Anglian forces. The fighting around the capital could only be described as intense and hellish as each side ground against each other for several days. The heavily outnumbered SDC Army held back the Anglian forces and fought ferociously for the position they were in. Even after the capital was totally surrounded SDC forces fought on and were nearly impossible for Anglian units to dislodge, even with massive air superiority. Eventually though the weight of of numbers and being cut from supplies took their toll and the Congressional Forum was finally stormed and taken by Anglian forces. Even still, over the next day, citizens tried to take to the streets to protest before being brutally suppressed by the Anglian military and driven back into their homes.



      It seems, if anything this was an Anglian attempt to flex their military might, and it also seems that despite the horrific damage to the city itself, key areas of economic importance were almost completely spared from the ravages of the war. This suggests that Anglia is attempting to create a greater economic base for itself in the future to fuel the expansion of the Anglian state. Regardless many military experts see this as an important test of the modern Anglish forces in combat, for the first time in many years. While most believe that Anglia poses a severe threat to the whole of Western Europa, some are less cautious stating their difficulties in uprooting even a small military that was totally surrounded show how unprepared the nation of Great Anglia is for war.

      It has also been confirmed that while the remnants of the Social Democratic government has surrendered to the Anglish, the bulk of important government officials were able to successfully evacuate to Seylos, which most thought were rumors. Despite how they managed to accomplish such a feat, a government in exile has been set up in Loughrea, vowing to continue to resist the Anglish conquest. In a lengthy press release, the Seylosian government also condemned the actions of Anglia, stating that the run the risk of destabilizing the fragile state of Western Europa and plunging the region into chaos.

      Surprisingly the Anglian government did release a brief statement, one which had an incredible foreboding tone. "The children of Great Anglia should keep their place and stay out of the affairs of Europa. Such interference could prove costly."


    • The National Courier






      Conspirators arrested and more conspirators revealed.

      The Supreme Court has found both Bjorn Gunnarsson and Helle Brennadóttir guilty of bribery and conspiracy and sentenced Helle Brennadóttir to 25 years in imprisonment. Bjorn Gunnarsson has agreed to reveal all the members of the conspiracy he knows of, under the condition that the Supreme Court grants him shorter prison sentence. The Supreme Court agreed to his terms and sentenced him to only 15 years of imprisonment, but not before he was sent to be interrogated by the RSA which lasted for a few hours until all info was extracted from him and he was sent to prison.

      The Interrogation has revealed 6 more conspirators in the ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of the Interior. The Conspirators were quickly arrested and interrogated, this time revealing no new links to more conspirators. As such the RSA has concluded that every member of the conspiracy has been caught and their investigation concluded.
      The Court sentencing on these 6 conspirators will begin next Monday.

      The Divine Queen stated that she is happy that the last of the rotten ministers and civil servants, have been caught and arrested. She has confirmed that Konráðið has already begun selecting replacement ministers for those three ministries and that the effects of this improvement will not take long to appear. The Queen has also confirmed that such corruption will not be permitted to exist in the government as long as she lives.

      The Government stated that such fast and efficient work from the Royal Security Agency has not gone unnoticed and that the investigators that participated in this investigation, will be invited to the Royal Palace for a feast with the queen this Saturday. 


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      Press Office of the Monarchs of the United Kingdom of Ahrana


      All Press Releases will be stored and released to the Public here from the Monarchal Palaces Press Office

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      BELLEVILLE - The reelection of Liberal Mayor Gabrielle Renaud proves to be deeply controversial in Belleville. Riots broke out early last night through into the morning, with protestors burning flags, automobiles, and commercial buildings.

      Oddly enough, the rioters were composed of people that have wildly opposed political beliefs. As expected, members of the far-right National People's Party are rioting in full force, but so did members of the Socialist and Social-Worker's Parties. It seems that both the left and the right have it out for Mayor Renaud.

      Counter-protestors from the Liberal and Conservative parties also came out. Brawls between the counter-protestors and the rioters led to 19 injured and 4 dead. Among the dead included city councilman Michael Westerling and his 12 year-old daughter, Helene Westerling.

      Renaud's former 2-year term as mayor was highly divisive in Belleville. Both the left and the right opposed her "maintain the status quo" agenda, as the status quo of Belleville was often corrupt and fraught with unemployment.

      The riots only let up early this morning after Bernard Beaumont ordered the Fravi Civilian Army into the city. The fourth riot in the city this year, let's hope that violence and arson does not become the status quo in Belleville.

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      It has come to the attention of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that the precarious situation in the western Occident has taken a turn for the worst. After it seemed like the disagreement between the Regaseia tes Megas Angleias, the Kingdom of Great Anglia, and the Sosialdimokratikí Synomospondeia, the Social Democratic Confederation, was starting to head towards mutual understanding and agreement, the situation as deteriorated rapidly and to a shocking extent. The invasion of the Sosialdimokratikí Synomospondeia is an act of uncalled aggression and does little to help stabilise the situation in western Europa.

      Western Europa has been the site of significant turmoil in recent months, from the invasion of the Endoxi Epikrateia ton Koussoeion (Cussia) by the Exousiokrateia ton Gharon (@Haruspex), to the increase in tensions in the Amnalos Thalassa due to the supposed activities of pirates. It can also not be forgotten that Europa has seen a hard and painful decade that only a few countries, such as the God-guided Megas Agios Basileia, have been able to weather. Added to this was the background of strain and hostility between Megas Angleia and the Sosialdimokratikí Synomospondia. It had seemed as if this latent hostility was beginning to ease and that a peaceful resolution was within sight.

      Therefore, the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion can only condemn this act of aggression on the part of Great Anglia and encourage the withdrawal of their forces from the Sosialdimokratikí Synomospondeia. If the government of Megas Angleia does not take steps to cease hostilities between itself and the government of the Sosialdimokratikí Synomospondeia, then the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will be forced to take steps to make sure that Megas Angleia ceases aggressive acts against its neighbours. This could include, but not be limited to, economic sanctions placed against individuals, groups, companies, corporations and governmental bodies of the aggressor nation. They will be used to target the ability of the aggressor nation to wage war and will include, but not be limited to, blocking of trade in raw materials, finished goods and most certainly arms and armaments.

      Despite this warning and the threat of sanctions shoud the situation continue, there is still a chance at a peaceful resolution to this situation. Because of this, and the fact that all should treasure a peaceful wurld, the Megas Agios Basileia would be willing to act as a mediator between Megas Angleia and the Sosialdimokratikí Synomospondeia. This has been communicated to the governments of both nations and all should pray to God that this is accepted. Through this, an equitable situation can be found that suits all, although it could be expected that the situation deteriorates day by day and the chances of a peaceful solution become less and less likely.

      In the meantime, in order to make sure that trade between Arhomaneia and the rest of the wurld, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion suggests that ships moving through the Amnalos Thalassa remain outside of the territorial waters of both the Sosialdimokratikí Synomospondeia and Megas Angleia. The small flotilla of the Basilikoploimon that is operating within the Amnalos Thalassa to monitor the threat of piracy in that sea, headed by the Prognostikator-class BPK Mantis will supervise the situation, in order to make sure that there is no threat to international shipping posed by this conflict.

      Should the situation spread, or international shipping be threatened by the conflict, then the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is prepared to reinforce its presence in the Amnalos Thalassa. This will be to make sure that trade between central Europa and the rest of the wurld is not broken by this conflict. At this stage, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is still confident that a peaceful solution to this conflict can be found and that both Megas Angleia and the Sosialdimokratikí Synomospondeia can be restored to peaceful coexistence.

      May God see to it that peace is restored in the Occident.

    • Excitement has been building across the nation as two major events have been rapidly approaching. With the war in Ceris turning radically in favor of the Coalition forces, several Ceris nations with Seylos have been revealed to have been in talks for the past few months discussing the possibility of a supranational union. The idea was first born out of a potential mutual defense pact in its infancy, but with the destabilization of the entire island, many nations have been looking for an anchor in the middle of the brutal storm. It appears that with Sentist attempts to breach Eastern Ceriser defenses, with the assistance of Seylos, confidence in the possibility of the union skyrocketed. Other sources claim the final deciding factor was the securing of southern Corinium from Haruspex domination. Regardless of the reasons, the government had put out a statement several days ago stating that the union would move forward and an official signing ceremony would be held today.

      A crowd estimated in the hundreds of thousands expanded out from the Royal Palace in Selbourne as leaders from all the Ceriser nations attending and King Aidan gathered for the signing. Onlookers were seen cheering, and during several SBC interviews many cited that what they were most excited about would be the prospect of peace finally in Ceris and a stable region. Though some minor protests were seen, it appears public sentiment is heavily on the side of forming such a Union with the prospect of peace so close. In interviews before the official ceremony, HRM King Aidan took to a few interviews and as he “hated intense negotiations” he believed that any effort was worth the payoff the nation was about to receive.

      Finally as sunset approached the official signing ceremony began with a speech from the King.


      “Like all of you gathered around us today, I am incredibly excited to be a part of what is probably the most monumental part of our shared histories. Today we are creating the solid foundation for peace and prosperity in Southeast Argis, in the hopes this union can improve the lives of every citizen not just within our own borders, but the nations that surround us. It goes without saying that the past year has been amongst the most difficult in our recent history, and for our Ceriser brothers and sisters perhaps the worst they have ever seen. I can say without a doubt that I am proud of each and every one of you. There will be trials in our future I am certain, but with the creation of this union have no doubt we will all be stronger. So with my fellows leaders of Cenia, Seskoaburg, Ashington, Astaria, Egris, Esnos, Atrya, and Ostros it’s time to sign this treat and found the North Adlantic Union.”


      The signing ceremony was brief as each leader took a turn signing the document. When the final signature was written the crowds burst with excitement and a massive fireworks display off the coast lit up the night for one of the biggest celebrations in Seylosian history.

      Economists warn the road will be difficult ahead as almost all the countries in the Union have experience serious hardship during the crisis, but it’s hard to deny that the potential from Ceriser nations is enormous for economic growth.

    • Tarentum, Social Democratic Federation

      In the late hours of yesterday, forces from the Anglian Army crossed the bridges spanning the gap between Anglia and the Social Democratic Confederation. Tensions had been mounting between the two nations for some time, however it had been thought that the two countries had finally been able to find some common ground in which to stand. All of this was proven wrong last night when Anglian tanks, which had been on standby, charged over the bridges taking SDC forces by surprise. SDC attempts to destroy the two major bridges crossing the bay were thwarted after the appearance of overwhelming Anglian air power that quickly dominated the skies over the bay. After several grueling hours, Anglian forces had pushed the SDC army well past the entrances to each of the bridges, and pushing deep into SDC territory.


      There were very few journalists who were on the ground that were allowed to see anything of note. If anything this continues to show the further escalation of paranoia in the Anglian state, which until recently had manifested itself in chilled relations with all of its neighbors. However for a brief period a Gallambrian and Seylosian pair of journalists were allowed to view both bridges separately, catching harrowing footage. 


      The Gallambrian journalist was witnessed to a pitched aerial battle, so far the only one of the conflict, over the SDC side of one of the bridges. The battle lasted just over an hour, with Anglian Air Forces quickly claiming victory. It's unknown the casualties suffered, but it is believed to be high for Social Democratic Forces.



      On the opposite bridge, the Seylosian journalist witnessed an intense firefight between Anglian Army and SDC Army forces on the SDC side of the bridge. Before the end of the firefight however, the journalist was quickly escorted from soldiers and taken back to Anglia.


      At this point neither government has officially responded to requests for comment as Anglian forces barrel towards Tarentum. Though through unofficial interviews the ENN has learned that the Social Democratic Confederation has already enacted contingency measures to ensure the continuity of government, with rumors potentially that they may be heading to Seylos, which has historically not had a pleasant relationship with its progenitor. Though many news outlets remained confused as to why Anglian officials only allowed journalists from Anglian descendant countries into their warzone, especially given the animosity between nations like Seylos and Anglia.


      ENN will continue to update Europa on this intense development as more information comes in.


    • Salvia

      Posted (edited)

      Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports 

      Pope Gregory in Easter Homily: ‘We need to be stewards of peace’ as Eurth sees rise in conflict


      :pic: Pope Gregory XVII gave his first Easter Homily on Holy Saturday in Intreimor

      Pope Gregory XVII presided over the traditional Vigil Easter Mass with Pope Hilarius XIX in Intreimor's Vasílica dei Sant Cristóval on Holy Saturday. Having given the homily the previous three years, Hilarius decided to bestow it to Gregory, who said it after the proclamation of the Easter Gospel.

      In it, Pope Gregory reflected upon the scene of the women visiting the tomb, drawing special attention to the words the angel told them: “Do not be afraid!”

      “Imagine the faces of these women, their spirits. Pale, broken, full of sorrow. They were visiting a cemetery, much like you or I would. The uncertainty, the fear, the grief, the questions on all of their minds - why should we not despair when even God himself is put to death? Where is the hope?”

      “Yet among this sadness, they see the angel of God appear and announce the Resurrection. That is something to imagine, and the feelings the women felt even harder to imagine. But we can try, something akin to total hope and joy.”

      Pope Gregory reminded the congregation of the growing conflict on Eurth, not only in war-torn areas such as Ceris but also in the “Old Wurld and even our own homes, our own nations..”

      “Like the women, we feel overcome by despair. We ask the same questions. Where’s the hope? Where’s our God?” He went on to say, “We must remember, we are his stewards. The wurld needs this more than ever. We need to be stewards of His justice, His peace.”

      Pope Hilarius echoed Gregory’s calls for peace in his own homilies, which he said during Masses on Easter Sunday.

      “For God’s peace to reign on Eurth, it must first originate in us, in the Christian wurld.”

      The calls for peace come as the plunet sees a rise in conflict. The war in Ceris has claimed the lives of up to ten million, while most of Europa is plagued with internal strife. Even Salvia has seen a rise in tension over Salvian unification, with protests happening daily across the country and Marenai-Salvian conflict in Alvernia continuing to claim the lives of dozens a month.

      Concluding his homily, Pope Gregory remarked, “Beyond all defeats, evil and violence, beyond all suffering and death, the Risen One lives and guides us.”

      Edited by Salvia
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      Kaldestad Aamot Group announce plans to split Aamotech Aerospace amid sale talks

      Lucy Aamot, Aamotech CEO and KAG board member, confirmed the news after speculation arose in the media recently regarding leaked internal documents.

      Aamotech Aerospace merged with KAP Cars in January 2018, forming the Kaldestad Aamot Group after the airplane manufacturers lost government funding and announced record losses. At the time it was believed that Erik Bruun, current KAG CEO & executive chairman could turn the company around.

      It's been no secret that Aamotech has been bleeding money for over a decade, and the grounding of their supersonic Nålestråle jet over safety concerns was feared to be the final nail in the coffin. Nevertheless, the company pressed on with significant military orders from @Iverica, @Seylos and @Variota.

      Earlier this year, PNN received confidential internal documents detailing a potential split of Aamotech's manufacturing interests, meaning their commercial operations would be separated from their military fleet. Furthermore, the aerospace wurld was rife with rumours of an Aamotech sale due to the losses the company has amassed.

      Now, Lucy Aamot has confirmed that the company will be split into three. Aamotech Aerospace will continue commercial operations, while the military units will be divided between Aamotech Reconnaissance and Aamotech Light.

      While at first it may seem confusing that the military operations have been separated between themselves, it's now understood that this has been done deliberately in preparation of a sale. According to the leaked documents, Bruun is keen to trim down Aamotech to pay creditors, fund R&D of future commercial units, and get the Nålestråle back in the sky.

      For now KAG retains its ownership of the three Aamotech entities, but it's suspected that further news regarding a sale will trickle out of the company.

      One of Montair's six Nålestråle's, which have been grounded by the airline for 12 months, and by KAG as a whole for 10.

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      Scoop: Orioni bars entry to "over 9000" refugees from KBI

      Scoop: Orioni bars entry to "over 9000" refugees from KBISIRIUS -- A leaked government report reveals how last month the Orinese government barred entry to over 9000 boat refugees from Bainbridge Islands, displaced people from pirate violence in the South-Europan archipelago, the NGO Mercy International has said.

      Previously, Mercy International had independently estimated about 2500 people tried to enter Orioni from KBI in search of asylum. The true number turns out to be far higher. "We had received worrying reports from displaced populations that more than 2000 people had been turned away," said Director Adam Brand. "Our organisation continues to monitor the situation and calls on Orioni's neighbours to provide access to territory and asylum procedures for those escaping violence and seeking protection."

      In the statement released on Wednesday, Mercy International says that civilians had been reaching Perseus, Sirius, Vega and Zuidhaven by boat. Orinese authorities believe that known criminals have infiltrated the groups of asylum seekers. "Most of these arriving refugees are women and children, holding onto scarce belongings, showing signs of severe trauma following the atrocities they witnessed and worried about relatives left behind," Mr Brand stresses.

      Five years of turmoil in the area have seen at least 800 thousand people displaced, most of them in the past year. And almost 230.000 people are currently sheltering in neighbouring countries under military protection, according to independent sources. Mercy International believes that this number could exceed one million by the Summer of this year if the violence does not stop.

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      Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the wurld and the Country to you the viewer at home. On todays edition the Parliament passes Two Acts that come into full effect today at noon, the Economy of Ahrana struggling to its core and much more here on 'Ahrana Today'.


      The Parliament of the Kingdom of Ahrana passed Act No. 002 today and this Act comes into full effect at noon today, this Act if called the Federal Policing and Surveillance Act which establishes the Federal Police and the Ahranaian Directorate as Government Organizations. In this Act outlines the structure of the Federal Police and its Lower Offices and states what it can and cannot do according to Act No. 002 and the Fundamental Rights of the People.

      As well as passing Act No. 002 the Parliament also passed Act No. 003 today in conjunction of the previous act, Act No. 003 is a act that formally opens the Economy of Ahrana to the rest of the wurld thereby opening the borders of Ahrana to foreign investors and companies. When the Socialist Governments came to power all foreign investors and companies were kicked out of the country and the borders closed to those people and groups in favor of Ahranaian Investors and Companies. However this system has failed the people and this government believes that with the opening of the economy in phases and allowing the free enterprise system to take root that the economy of Ahrana will grow and recuperate to help the country progress forward.


      The Economy of Ahrana is pretty much dead as of today but with the passing of Act No. 003 will the economy be able to be what it was pre-revolution? Many Economists and Officials think it is possible for such a turn around to happen. During the Phases of Economic opening we need to remember to continue working hard and keep the flow of money in the system. It is believed that if we continue these things and much more we be helping fix our economy and create a better Ahrana for our children and their children and so on.


      That is all here on 'Ahrana Today' join us next time for more news and stories.

    • The National Courier





      More conspirators arrested.

      The RSA has discovered more leads leading to new suspects part of the corruption conspiracy in the Ministry of Finance. The new evidence suggests that, the assistant secretary of revenue department, Bjorn Gunnarsson and deputy minister of commerce Helle Brennadóttir are also part of the corruption and have been arrested and their court hearing is in 3 days. Because one of the suspects is in ministry of commerce, the RSA suggests that this corruption spreads further then the ministry of finance and has put the ministry of commerce in the watchlist aswell.

      The Divine Queen Ena Kalinka was suprised when she heard that this corruption is not limited to only 1 ministry but 2 or more, Because of that, the queen has begun considering the reformation of the ministries, meaning that all ministers and civil servants of all ministries and departments could be fired in the coming weeks and replaced with fresh and more capable ministers and civil servants. The Queen has not yet made the decision but is considering it, the Konráðið has asked her not to make such a rash decision, fearing this may push Ateenia into further economic depression.



      Minister and Deputy Minister of Finance and Secretary of Revenue sentenced.

      The Minister of Finance Karl Jötunhöll, Deputy Minister Frida Sökölheim and Secretary of Revenue Brenda Björk have been sentenced by the Supreme Court and have been found guilty of bribery, conspiracy, forgery and fraud. The Supreme court has sentenced all of them to life in imprisonment with no parole. After the judge made his judgement, Frida Sökölheim asked the judge for reconsideration, that she be allowed to devote her life to the gods for the rest of the life in one of the temples dedicated to the gods. The judge, having no choice, had to accept the request and reconsidered under the guidance of the queen and the gods, to sentence Frida Sökölheim to priesthood and that she be handed over to the priests of the Unheim Temple where she shall be put through the dangerous trials to becoming a priest.

      The Queen stated that Frida while being incapable of serving the people and the kingdom directly, can now serve the people and the kingdom through serving the gods in the Unheim Temple or be doomed forever by the wrath of the gods that will follow her for the rest of her life and afterlife.


    • DBC NEWS

      President Leckhampstead waves as he leaves Pritchett House.

      James Leckhampstead Sr. named Ambassador-General.

      Former President James Leckhampstead Sr. has been named the Ambassador-General by President Van Roose in a briefing today at Pritchett House. Leckhampstead, who was President from 1992 to 1996, was the youngest person to serve as Vice President in History, when he was first elected in 1980, under then President Robert Conover. The Former President also served as the youngest ever Governor of Providence, from 1974 to 1980. 

      The Ambassador-Generalship, though a mostly ceremonial role in the past, has been refurbished to accommodate the former President. Not only will he take on the role of the global representative of the Commonwealth, but he will also act as a Senior Advisor to the President on foreign policy and international affairs, along with an advisory role in the Joint Congressional Foreign Affairs committee, and Departments of Foreign Affairs and Defence.

      The 77 year old was one of the most beloved contemporary Presidents, not running in the 1996 election due to ill health, he has often spoken publicly on political, economic and current events, and was said to be considering a run for the United Presidential nomination in 2016, a run which would have put him against then Vice President Pierre Monroe. However Leckhampstead, father of current Providence Governor James Leckhampstead Jr., says he has no ambitions to hold elected office again, and wants to focus on helping Delamaria globally.

      The former President has come under scrutiny in the past due to his own personal wealth, Leckhampstead’s net worth has been estimated to lie anywhere between £250 Million and 1.2 Billion, though he claimed to be a member of the middle class during his run for the Presidency, he is a member of the vastly wealthy and powerful Leckhampstead family, and is the third of his name to hold the position of President, and the fourth to hold the office of Vice President.

      Internationally he is respected for his advocacy of both human rights and the advancement of democracy globally, which he does mainly through the James Leckhampstead Presidential Foundation, based in Rhodeport. During his term he began the Freeman Act, the largest infrastructure project of the era, and began firearm reforms after a series of mass shootings. 


      Economy on rise, but economists predict downturn.

      Leading economists from the National Economic Forum say that recent numbers from the treasury are good but could very possibly lead to a recession. On Saturday the Department of the Treasury released its Quarterly Economic Forecast, and current numbers show that the economy is recovering well from the 2018 recession and near all economic damage from the past few months has been repaired. The GDP growth rate is currently at 2.87%, higher than the predicted 2.67% from the Delamarian Economic Council’s report. A large part of this increase is down to the President’s recent investment of the DSPR in the oil industry, and the Treasury’s cut of interest rates in February. 

      Despite this good news the Yield curve has been fluctuating in the wrong direction, and economists are worried, this is amplified as several large corporations have had bail out rumours circulating in economic circles, this is best seen in Milton Fitzpatrick’s bailout of Conover’s oil and gas division, which was near bankruptcy last autumn, a collapse of the division of Conover itself would be catastrophic for local economies in states such as New Flanders and Owland, where the company employs most of its workers. In 1998, when Tuo Kuai, then Delamaria’s second largest extraction company, collapsed, tens of thousands of people lost their jobs, homes and some communities collapsed due to lack of economic activity. Herridge, New Flanders was at one point the fourth largest town in the State, but in 1998 20,000 less Tuo Kuai employees, who were living and working in the area, were living in the town, leaving it nearly abandoned, and in 2017 it was unincorporated as a city due to a lack of residents. As for Delamaria today, as long as government support for private companies continues no immediate problems will occur, however if problems spiral out of hand, a major recession could occur.


      Edited by Delamaria
    • Broadotagildät Stedoriänik


      Today, the Ministry of Equality and Justice has announced the commencement of the trial of former king Telvan Kelvön, who was ousted in a popular and just revolution by the Stedorian people just over a decade ago. The trial is scheduled to begin this coming Thursday, and is to be conducted by the National Revolutionary Court at the People's Courthouse in Kapojvar, with Supreme Justice Arpäd Etvös acting as the trial's judge. The trial will be conducted in private, with the trial's findings being revealed to the public the day the verdict is handed down by Supreme Justice Etvös.

      Kelvön until now has remained in legal limbo since the revolution, with the Ministry of Equality and Justice officially stating that this was to allow the Committee of Public Safety to collect the necessary evidence to begin the trial. Counterrevolutionaries and monarchist sympathizers have falsely claimed this to be a massive violation of the rights of a Stedorian citizen, but due to the extraordinary circumstances of the imprisonment of Kelvön, the National Revolutionary Court suspended the rights of Telvan Kelvön upon his arrest.

      For now, the only information given about the trial other than the date of the start of the trial are the charges which the king has been placed under. The charges given are as follows: 10,000 counts of murder, 1,000 counts of improper use of state funds, 500 counts of destruction of public property, 1 count of undermining the national economy, and 1 count of unnatural acts against an animal.

      It is currently unknown who will act as Kelvön's defence counsel, and many of Stedoria's legal experts are doubtful of any lawyers offering their services to Kelvön. The chief of the National Association of Lawyers and Justice, Martän Cifan, has told the SBC that Kelvön and his case are "undefendable", and that any lawyer taking the case would be "committing suicide in terms of reputation". Despite this, the Ministry of Equality and Justice has guaranteed that Kelvön will be provided a defence counsel, as is his right as a citizen of Stedoria.

      Chief Consul Tamäj Köseg had this to say about the upcoming trial when questioned at a press conference today:


      We as a nation, as a people, have been waiting a long time for this day to come; Kelvön will finally face the justice he deserves. Whatever the decision of the National Revolutionary Court may be, I will accept it, we are sure that the verdict will be just and fair.

      - Chief Consul Tamäj Köseg

      The trial is expected to last approximately two weeks, and Stedoria's legal experts are practically unanimously expecting a sentence of life in prison for the former king, though such a sentence is not guaranteed and is only a speculation.

      Despite a request to the Ministry of Equality and Justice to interview Kelvön on his thoughts of his trial and its outcome, the Ministry of Equality and Justice has denied the request, though has stated that an interview after the trial might be possible.


      Edited by Stedoria
    • MciuKky.png


      Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion makes Announcement at the Start of New Financial Year

      This afternoon, the Mesazon, Gregorios Traiektonos, gave a televised speech to Arhomaneia at the start of the new financial year, as has become common practice in the last few years. Within the speech, the Mesazon or “Intermediary”, acting in his role as the spokesperson of the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator to the Arhomaioi, laid out the proposed spending of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. In previous years and according to ancient tradition, this would have been put before the Synkletos, Gerousia and Senatos Arhomanos, but these august bodies have not been called to session since after the Acclamation of Kommodos III.

      An excerpt from the speech follows. The full text of the speech can be seen on our website, as well as accessed on the ABK's website.

      “This last decade has been a good one for us, and Arhomaneia. Whilst Europa has seen some turbulent times, our nation has, by the grace of God, been steered through the worst of it. The Megas Agios Basileia is the most prosperous that it has been within the last hundred years, and perhaps longer. Our economy is perhaps the strongest in Europa and within the top five of Eurth.”

      Comments on the current political mechanisms employed by the ABK aside, the speech given by the Mesazon was upbeat. It touched on the fact that the nation's economy has grown significantly in recent years, to become one of the largest on Eurth. It also made much of the green investment and infrastructure projects that Arhomaneia has completed or started over the last few years. These alone are reason enough for many Arhomaioi to be confident how the regime of his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, has handled our nation through times that have seen much of Europa slip into a long decline.

      The Mesazon then went on to outline the fact that taxes were not going to increase, even though there has been significant governmental spending over the course of the last year. Much of this has come about due to the forces of the Exkerkitos Arhomanos being deployed to Ceris in order to combat the Sentist threat on that island. It has been suggested that the sale of the two Despotes-class aircraft carriers to the Regaseia tou Seilosiou (@Seylos) and the Agios Katholikon Autokrateia (@Salvia) has gone some way to cover the expenditure there, although it likely will not cover all of it. The programme for the replacement of the fleet air arm was discontinued the year before last and it does not seem like it will be restarted any time soon.

      However, other factors mean that the optimistic tone of Traiektonos' speech must be viewed with some scepticism. Of the largest economies on Eurth, the Megas Agios Basileia has the lowest GDP per capita and one of the lowest average wages. This is something of a double-edged sword – it does mean that Arhomaneia could be an attractive place for foreign countries to set up factories in but it does also highlight the fact that, despite our nation's booming economy, much of this has yet to reach the average person. There has always been the accusation that wealth often accumulates in the hands of the great families, many of whom still have leading roles within the ABK.

      What was not discussed, perhaps unsurprisingly, were the reports that the Logothesion tou Genikou, the Ministry for Finance, has suggested that the voluntary donations of funds given by the Church to the ABK become more formal. As it is, the Church's donations are payments in recognition of the state's role as protector of the Church and the Arhomaiki people. The amount of money that the Church donates is entirely judged by the Church itself, which is its right. However, the Church is one of the richest establishments within Arhomaneia. The Genikos Logothetes, Valentinian Tzimekhes, has often tried to tap into its funds but has been denied. This has, of course, made him one of the most disliked people amongst the more religiously conservative amongst the Arhomaioi.

      Whilst the ABK has significant reasons to be pleased with the progress that has been made of our nation's economy since Kommodos III became the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator, work still remains to be done. As our nation's population increases, the level of infrastructure investment needs to remain at a similar level, if not increased.


      Trade Deal signed with Delarmaeia

      The Logothesion tou Kommerkiarionikou, the Ministry for Trade, announced a trade deal has been signed with the eastern Argic nation, the Koinopoliteia tes Delamareias, the Commonwealth of @Delamaria. The deal covers the export of iron and tungsten to the Argic nation from Arhomaneia, as well as a reduction on tariffs on agricultural products from our nation. Whilst this trade deal is something of a bare-bones deal, covering little more than a reduction of tariffs on certain products on both sides, it follows on from the renewed trade deals signed with the Demokrateia ton Iberikon (@Iverica) and the Agios Katholikon Autokrateia last year.

      “The trade deal struck between Arhomaneia and Delamareia is a success for both nations,” said a representative from the Logothesion. “It will mean increased prosperity for the people of our nations, as well as a better chance for our great nations to work together towards peace and cooperation. It marks the start for a chance at greater things.”

      The Argic nation, although small in size and with a much lower population than the Megas Agios Basileia, it is one of the most important economies on the eastern end of the continent, if not the wurld. Delamareia is roughly a sixth of the size and population of Arhomaneia. The Koinopoliteia is not just an economic power but seems to be growing into a local military power, too – the country is taking part in the campaign against the Sentists in Ceris, although it seems as if the country has yet to commit ground troops alongside the Exkerkitos Arhomanos, the Aroman Military. It does not seem to be in doubt, however, that they share a love of peace and civilisation as the other nations that are involved in Ceris. This, hopefully, means that the Koinopoliteia will be a force for good on the wurld scene.

      Undoubtedly, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion hopes that this deal will blossom into closer economic cooperation in the near future, especially as it seems that Delamareia will continue being an important player in eastern Argis. And a closer relationship between the two nations will likely be a positive one, not just for the two nations, but for Eurth as well. Both of the nations seem to have similar aims – that is, a peaceful, stable Eurth that enables everyone to prosper. However, there are still significant differences – Arhomaneia has a strong religious and moral drive behind its actions, as well as having one of the largest militaries on Eurth. Delamareia, however, is much more secular and has term limits on its leader, unlike the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator, who serves for life.

      Economically, our nation and Delamareia are both similar and different. Both nations have a strong agricultural base, although Arhomaneia benefits from an economy of scale on that, and both have significant manufacturing bases, ones that are quite focussed on servicing the agricultural sector. However, it seems that the Koinopoliteia has a thriving fossil fuel sector, something that the Megas Agios Basileia is actively striving to wean itself from fossil fuels – and successfully so far. It does not seem that visa restrictions were part of the deal discussed between the two nations, although that might well be the next step in the coming weeks or months. Similarly, terms in the Salbeiki and Iberikiki encouraged mutual investment in each others' countries, something that seems to have been unmentioned in this bare-bones treaty with the Delamareiki.

      Another aspect that might well be mentioned is perhaps the fact that this treaty represents little more than feelers put out by both nations. Until the start of the conflict in Ceris, neither Arhomaneia or Delamareia had little in the way of contact with each other in recent years. The Koinopoliteia is one of the many patches of Lysiki settlement around the Adlantikos Okeanos, Adlantic Ocean and for much of the last few decades the attention of Arhomaneia has been turned inwards towards Europa, and usually central Europa at that. However, in the last few years, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has begun to see beyond northern Europa, in a way that the government of Theodiosios VI or the Navarkhokrateia did not. Old alliances, such as the ones between Iberikeia and Salbeia, have been renewed and the alignment with the TRIDENT military alliance has been established.

      In all, it seems as this agreement will mark the start of a closer relationship between the two countries. Ideally, they will also be an influence on each other – Arhomaneia will be able to teach Delamareia to place a greater value on faith, whilst the Argic country may well be able to show our country better and more vibrant business practices.

    • DBC NEWS


      TODAY at Pritchett House, President Van Roose was inaugurated to her first elected term as President. The ceremony took place on the South Portico of the Residence, to a large crowd of supporters. The President was surrounded by her family, cabinet secretaries, members of congress, campaign officials and key supporters of her campaign. 

      Also Inaugurated today was Vice President William Patton, this is the first elected office he has held, after a lifetime in public service. The Vice President has served as the Director of the DSS since 2012, numerous ambassadorial positions, the Under Secretary of Defence and as Chair of Keyheed. The Vice President also served in the army, and fought in the invasion of Lanada. He was a close personal friend of Former Secretary of Defence Rupert Hayes, who once stated that Patton had the most bureaucratic knowledge combined with the most ambition he had ever seen. Though relatively unknown to the public, he was put under the spotlight in 2013, when the DSS was accused of collecting information on the population, Patton refuted claims that he was aware of such operation, and rose through the congressional investigation without a scratch. He would again be investigated in 2017, with claims that the DSS funnelled money to foreign groups after a 2 page memo describing possible opportunities for the DSS in Alharu was leaked to the Briselle Post. However Patton wasn’t indicted in any wrongdoing. After November 22nd, and President Van Roose was first inaugurated, under somewhat different conditions, the position of DSS Director was incorporated into the Vice Presidency, which many critics claim is a centralisation and consolidation of power by the Vice President. Patton is also said to be behind current plans for the Department of Home Affairs, a proposal that would consolidate most of Delamaria’s security infrastructure into one organisation, which is supposedly to be headed by a confidant of Patton, Carl Axelrod.


      Waystar to buy Gold Sands resorts.

      The Entertainment conglomerate Waystar has announced that it is buying Gold Sands resorts, Delamaria’s largest resort chain, in a move to solidify its position after its failed hotel chain, Maple’s. The company has made numerous attempts in it’s history to hold a portion of the hotel industry, outside of its accommodation at Waystar Parks. The move comes after Gold Sands Resorts sold it’s Waterpark, Three Flags, in Providence to LH Burnwood, one of Waystar main domestic competitors.

      Gold Sands Resorts has been owned by the former royal family of Lanada for its entire existence, and was founded using capital from the family’s remaining holdings on the islands. Some have called that this is a further encroachment of Delamarian corporations into Lanada, as Gold Sands Resorts is the largest company to be held by a Lanadian, as well as being one of the island’s largest employers.

      Green Energy infrastructure planned.

      The Government is set to announce a large Green Energy infrastructure project that would span the nation. The plan would be in conjunction with the private sector and would create “tens of thousands of new jobs” according to Energy Secretary Carlisle. This comes after DP announced it would be investing billions in renewable energies, as the oil market becomes more unstable. Secretary Carlisle also said that the plan would last the entire Presidential term, and would benefit most the communities with the highest unemployment rates. 

      Within the plan also is a large apprenticeship project, that would train those already working in the energy industry to operate, maintain and construct renewable alternative technologies. Despite these investments, the government is continuing the DSPR act until it has enough petroleum to support the economy, should a major problem occur within the industry. The DSPR fund, which has remained untouched since the 1950s, has so far been 45% depleted in the purchase of petroleum and its futures, which has in itself risen the price of oil globally. 

      Delamaria’s recent trade agreement for metals in return for reduced agricultural tariffs will allow Delamaria to construct many of these infrastructure projects, especially the proposed Bayland-Verconsin wind farm, that would stretch across the northern hills of the Baum States. Construction is set to begin by July.




    • 8Z86LUx.png




      A Royal Gallambrian Air Force Kestral AEW.1 arrives at the Gallambrian Armed Forces main operating base in the Bashan.
      . Photo: CPL Michael Barrington

      Today, together with Prime Minister Nadia Burnett, Secretary of Defence Paul Vincent announced the continuation of Territorial Sovereignty Patrols as well as Maritime Security Patrols in the Bashan.

      This announcement came as the first RGAF aircraft started arriving at the Joint Military Complex Rabba air base, where they will form an integral part of Gallambria's contribution to security and stability operations in the region.

      Secretary of Defence Paul Vincent said the deployment of the Kestral AEW.1 and other aircraft will support Gallambrian and allied forces in their ongoing fight against terrorism and piracy in the region.

      "Gallambria has made a significant and continuous contribution to the global fight against terrorism and piracy particularly in the Eastern and Southern Adlantic regions, and will continue to provide support to ensure progress is sustained."

      The aircraft has been deployed as part of Operation Magen's Air Task Group.

      As an airborne early warning and control platform, the Kestral AEW.1 can gather information from a variety of sources, analyse it and communicate this information to friendly air and surface assets.


    • Serdaristan_Peoples_Brodcasting_Corporat

      Atos binon poträl celöfik Broadotagildäta Stedoriänik, blinöl blofikis nulodis e vögi levoluta menes Stedoriäna.

      This is the official portal of the Stedorian Broadcasting Corporation, bringing both the news and the voice of the revolution to the people of Stedoria.

      Edited by Stedoria
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      News in Shffahkia is reported on by a myriad of news organizations the largest of which are known as the Elle-Apostrophes. The name comes from the fact that each organization's name begins with the letter L and an apostrophe. These organizations are: The Macaw/L'ara, The Inquiry and The Aurelian. From its most popular to its oldest to the continental, these news organizations alongside other publications shed a light on the daily goings-on in Shffahkia and bring a myriad of viewpoints to the table. 

    • DBC NEWS

      Pritchett House proposes new Home Affairs Department.

      Today the President unveiled a proposal for a new cabinet level department which would encompass many domestic security agencies and duties. The proposed department is called the Department of Home Affairs, and would oversee the DSS, Border Protection Agency, The Immigration Bureau, The Commonwealth Police, The Arms, Weapons and Explosives Agency (AWE), The National Transportation Security Office and the Office of Emergency Planning. This new umbrella department would become the 4th in line to the Presidency in the Cabinet, after Defence, Foreign Affairs and Justice, and Former Director of the Investigation Bureau, Carl Axelrod, is the supposed nominee to be the Secretary of Home Affairs, as he was stood behind the President as she made the announcement.

      Critics of the proposal claim that having the Commonwealth Police as a child agency would prevent it from conducting its job investigating government agencies, of which many under current investigation would be part of Home Affairs. Critics also allege that this would centralise power, preventing any attempts to root out criminal activity within the government, they also allege that the DSS (Delamarian Security Service) would have power over the department, increasing the agency’s influence over government. However there are many supporters in Congress, who praise the proposed department as an effective means as to protect the country from internal threats, as have been seen recently, and with new threats appearing across the glube, the nation needs to be prepared to protect itself.

    • 1RIn1Dt.png


      PM Burnett tight-lipped on moving Newport's Trebuchet Class
      submarine maintenance jobs to Aberdeen

      Nadia Burnett is no closer to making a decision about a lucrative submarine contract, 16 months overdue, leaving hundreds of shipyard workers in limbo.

      The Prime Minister acknowledge the "great capability" of Newport's workforce, which has been desperately seeking assurances their jobs won't be shifted to Aberdeen, during a visit to the port city on Wednesday.

      But Ms Burnett said a decision about where future Trebuchet Class submarine maintenance would take place was yet to be made.

      "That matter is not one that needs to be address at this point," she said.

      "There are still many years before we are in that position, and there are a series of other issues we are dealing with across the procurements, where I am focusing my attention right now."

      The government's top secret national security committee was expected to announce where full cycle docking for the ageing Trebuchet Class submarine fleet would be based in December 2019.

      Shipbuilder GSC had even drafted press releases about the decisions, which was instead put on ice.

      Federal politicians and Defence industry experts this week revealed hopes that Paul Vincent's appointment to the Defence portfolio, following Charlotte O'Neill's resignation, would speed up the decision. Although many believe the longer the wait, the better the chance Newport will retain the lucrative contract support 1300 jobs.

      Despite the ongoing uncertainty, Ms Burnett had a message for the workers at Newport: "Keep working".

      "They are doing a great job," she said.

      "What has been achieved here with the Trebuchet Class full cycle docking has been extraordinary.

      "They have demonstrated a great capability. It is one that I take very seriously and acknowledge."

      Experts speculated the delay was due to the political toxicity of the decision, with both Newport and Aberdeen lobbying the government to secure the work. In February 2020, Ms Burnett said she wouldn't "rush" the important decision, adding it would be made in the nation's interest. Insiders have criticised former defence minister Charlotte O'Neill for being "too close" to the Defence ministry and unable to push them on capability issues.


      Five men arrested by GFP in relation to alleged
      importation of 200kg of cocaine.

      Five men have been arrested and a sixth ordered to face court in relation to an alleged 2020 importation of almost £50 million worth of cocaine hidden ingeniously within aluminium blocks.

      The men were arrested in pre-dawn raids across Tamworth on Tuesday and will be charged with importing 200kg of cocaine supplied by a Salonican cartel.

      The five men arrested on Tuesday, and a 39-year-old man to be summoned to court, are expected to be charged with attempting to posses an unlawfully imported commercial quantity of border-controlled drugs.

      The cocaine was split into blocks of 500g, with two to three hidden inside each of 200 aluminium ingots - which was intercepted by Gallambrian Customs officials in early 2020.

      Customs officers had found inconsistencies within a bulk metal consignment sent from Salonica.

      "The ingots were imported from overseas and once (we) pulled it apart there were two blocks of cocaine inside each ingot," GFP Commander Michael Schofield said.

      A major player within the group arrested on Tuesday was 49-year-old Jeremiah Wilkinson, from Monifieth.

      A 32-year-old from Ballater, 42-year-old and a 25-year-old from Kintore and a 21-year-old from Kinning Park were also arrested.

      The transnational operation was jointly executed by GFP, GCBPS, GCIC and the Russian Police Department.

      Police seized cash, various jewellery, multiple electronic devices, and approximately 80 ingots from the cocaine shipment stored at a warehouse in Port Hedland.

      Commander of the Federal Police's Drug and Firearms Task Force, Senior Federal Agent Paul Higton, said the arrests were a major blow to the importation of drugs into Gallambria.

      "The syndicate that was been brought down today is significant and shutting it down will put a substantial dent in the drug trade in the North-West and across the country," Federal Agent Higton said.

      "They see Gallambria as a lucrative market to target because of the high demand for drugs and the high prices users will pay.

      "They do not care about the harm and violence those substances bring."

      Watchdog steps in over secrecy about Gallambrian
      women in Qubdi stripped of citizenship

      The Home Office's refusal to disclose the number of women who have been deprived of their Gallambrian Citizenship after travelling to join Arbet 'Aswad is under investigation by the Information Commissioner.

      The watchdog said it would step in after the government refused to share the data with a human rights group concerned about the conditions of Gallambrian women and children detained in camps in north-west Qubdi, where conditions are dire.

      Jill McAndrew's, advocacy officer with the Gallambrian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Council (GHREOC), accused the Home Office of engaging in a "dogged refusal" to disclose data, meaning that the policy of removing Gallambrian citizenship was "beyond all oversight". "We need to know about any risk of discrimination or other patterns of gender-related harm when the government take's people's citizenship away," she added.

      Ministers have aggressively pursued a policy of taking away Gallambrian citizenship from Gallambrians picked up during the on-going conflict with Arbet 'Aswad, arguing that they pose a national security threat and should not be allowed to return.

      Gallambrian law allows the home secretary to take away somebody's citizenship if doing so is deemed "conducive to the public good" - although it is illegal to render somebody stateless if they are not eligible for citizenship of another country.

      It's been suggested that between 2014 and 2016, Ministers took away Gallambrian nationality of 135 people as Arbet 'Aswad took large swaths of territory in Qubdi.

      No data had been released since, prompting GHREOC to ask in a freedom of information request how many people had had their citizenship removed since 2016, and how many were parents of children under the age of 18 at the time the decisions was made.

      The Home Office had said it would release relevant headline figures covering 2016 onwards in due course, but any data relating to the number of women affected would not be released, citing an exemption clause in the Freedom of Information Act that says publishing the data would prejudice the conduct of public affairs.

      RGN completes first major deployment of the year

      The RGN has completed its first major deployment of the year, with the 1st Carrier Task Group returning home after three months of completing security and stability operations across the Adlantic region.

      As HMGS Excalibur sailed into Garden Island this week, it marked the final ship arriving home after a busy Regional Presence Deployment 1/21.

      The remainder of the Task Group included HMG ships King Albert, Trident, Abbotsleigh, Eketāhuna, and RGFA ships Fort Philip and Success.

      Secretary of Defence Paul Vincent said the Navy had further strengthened Gallambria's relationships with regional partners during the deployment.

      "HM Armed Forces conduct regular military-to-military engagements throughout the Adlantic region, to demonstrate that our commitment to our regional partners remains solid and our desire for a stable and secure region is a priority," Secretary Vincent said. "I commend the more than 1200 Armed Forces personnel who spent the last three months working alongside our partners, demonstrating our capability and showing themselves to be professional and resilient.

      "I also thank their families, because without their support, the deployment of our Armed Forces personnel would not be possible."


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