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      Alcohol Distilary explosion in central Struma

      An alcohol distillary belonging to the Zenbalesjtë corporation neer the town of Lumtbalë expirienced a large explosion which left several people injured.

      The explosion occurred at around 8:30 AM on at the zjila distillery. The fire department was quick to respond to the scene, arriving around 20 minutes after the explosion. By the time they arrived, the fire had spread despate the employees' attempts to supress it using the fire system and extinguishers.

      At least a dozen employees were injured and brought to the hospital in Lumtbalë.

      The cuase of the explosion hasn't been determened, but it is speculated that it was either caused by built up pressure, or it was an act of terrorism.

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      President Koch Outlines Sawbrania's Position on the Recent War in Argis: Neutrality
      November 26, 2022

      This afternoon at an official cabinet meeting and interview of the governmnet of Sawbrania, President Heinrich Koch outlined and made clear the Republic of Sawbrania's position on the recent outbreak of hostilities in south-west Argis between the Empire of Dolchland, and anti-Dolch forces nominally headed by the Kingdom of Seylos. Fears of Sawbrania's involvement in the hostilities have spooked many, politically, socially, and economically. Opposition parties have seemingly aligned themselves in foreign interests by encouraging the government of the Republic of Sawbrania to involve itself in hostilites in which Sawbrania has no direct relation to, whilst investors and stocks have decreased at the prospect of war.

      President Koch outlined Sawbrania's main commitment during this period of regional instability: the ensuring of neutrality and non-belligerence of the Republic of Sawbrania. While President Koch highlighted in today's interview the fact that war will mean death, destruction, and devastation throughout south-west Argis, there is no logical reason for which Sawbrania could involve itself in such hostilites. Sawbrania's role in Argis and Eurth as a whole, President Koch stated, must remain one of "neutrality, peace, and development" in order to "foster strong economic relations with every nation that desires to grow, thrive, and prosper".

      The government of the Republic of Sawbrania, in pursuing its policy of neutrality, has announced no changes in foreign economic relations or policy for political reasons regarding the Argic War. Business transactions will be permitted to take place on behalf of entreprises registered in Sawbrania in both Dolchland and anti-Dolch affiliated nations, though the Ministry of Economics has recommended that entreprises avoid these nations due to the volatile economic climate caused by warfare and sanctions.

      The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also announced no changes in its foreign policy regarding Dolchland and anti-Dolch affiliated nations; citizens of both Dolchland, and those which are engaged in hostilities with Dolchland will be permitted to apply for visas and receive entry into the Republic of Sawbrania if the standard visa and entry requirements are ensured. Diplomatic representation, including embassies hosted by the Empire of Dolchland, and all nations associated with the self-proclaimed Argic Defence Coalition, will continue to operate and provide diplomatic services in Sawbrania to those in need.

      The Ministry of Foreign Affairs however was quick to remind citizens of Sawbrania that enlistment in a foreign army by Sawbranian citizens is in violation of Sawbranian law. Citizens are not permitted to join any military, paramilitary, or private mercenary forces affiliated with any nation other than the Republic of Sawbrania; this includes foreign nations not currently involved in any military conflict. Any citizen who is found in violation of this law is liable to enforcement of the law and punishment, including but not limited to jailtime and/or monetary fines.

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      This is the official online network of Sawbrania Today (Ssavbrʎnie Hodie), the public broadcaster of the Republic of Sawbrania, available to both the people of Sawbrania and the wurld.

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      Labour proposes "New Democracy Act" – drastic change to Littish democracy

      During the Folkekammer meeting today, MF Jakob Albertsen of the Labour Party proposed the so-called "Act to make appropriate changes to the electoral institutions to increase voter participation in Littish democracy", or New Democracy Act for short. It's a bit of a mouthful to say, but so is the act itself. It will completely change Littish democracy and how the next election may turn out.

      A few key points from the New Democracy Act are:

      • A total reorganization of the constituencies as well as redrawing them every 15 years to account for population changes
      • Voters will be required to have a photo ID when voting
      • Restrictions are now in place on third-party donations for campaign funding (and increase the tax money pool for parties to use)
      • Greater digitalization of election materials
      • and finally the most important: lowers the electoral threshold from 4% to 1%

      No doubt some HUGE changes to how Littish democracy is structured. Labour is doing well in recent polling, but the New Democracy Act has been underway since 2020, where Labour campaigned for electoral reform. Then Labour leader Madsen Aakjær said: "We last had changes in 1986. We are a whole generation overdue for improvements, because that's what it will be, not changes, improvements." The biggest change back then, as well as now, is the Constitution's rules on changing the electoral system. It requires 227 out of 325 votes of the Folkekammer to agree or else it will have to be sent to the people in a national referendum – where chances were very grim in 2020 with only 38% supporting new reforms. Public support is much higher nowadays, but the 227 barrier is still the largest hurdle to overcome.

      Shortly after the New Democracy Act was proposed, Green Future showed its support as well as New Center. The Freedom Party has flat out rejected any chance they will support the act. NFS could not get a comment from party leader Morten Aadal. Other sceptics include The Initiative and the Liberals. Prime Minister Albert Simonsen and his Christian Democratic League have been silent on the issue, and speculations about backroom negotiations aren't unfounded. The Folkekammer will process the New Democracy Act during next week, and a vote on the act is likely to happen next Thursday or Friday.


      MF Jakob Albertsen was first elected to the Folkekammer in 2012

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      Latest opinion poll shows Labour recovery - Initiative out of parliament

      While the next parliamentary election is at most, 2 years away, that doesn't mean Littish politics stay still, that's well and truly shown in the latest poll by WePoll.

      According to the poll, the Labour Party has recovered somewhat from their dramatic loss back in the 2020 election where they lost the title of second largest party, a first in Littish history as both Labour and the Christian Democratic League has always been the two top parties, with the League only taking a slight decrease in the poll. Labour ended up in 4th place with only 18,46% of all votes and saw Madsen Aakjær replaced with current party leader Sofie Bødker. The Liberals and New Center also see some gains with over 2% increase to both parties. Green Future, the Freedom Party, and especially the Initiative see loses around the 2% mark. The Initiative seems to totally lose out and disappear from parliament, going under the 4% threshold they barely managed to reach in 2020. Whether these hold true for an election is another story.


      Poll was conducted by WePoll for BravoNews - sample size was 2,003 people made from a proportional group of Littish voters

      Edited by Orioni
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      The Littish National Television Service or NFS for short, is Littlands public service broadcaster originally founded in 1922.
      It reports on the largest news stories as well as conducting investigative journalism.


      BravoNews is the news oriented channel of the larger Bravo Broadcasting company, the main competitor to the NFS.
      Launched in 2002, BravoNews covers breaking news, speculative pieces, rumors, analyses and so much more.


      Orientering is the largest independent newspaper in Littland and is known for its critical stances towards large organizations and the political establishment.

      It was rated the most trustworthy newspaper in Littland in 2020.

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      Funeral of King Clemente VIII


      The State Funeral of King Clemente VIII will take place at the Catedral Metropolitana of Serenno on Saturday 19th at 11am. The Funeral Service and the associated ceremonial arrangements will pay tribute to the King's reign, and His Majesty’s remarkable life of service as Head of State. The funeral will broadcast live on TV, radio and the Royal Family webpage to allow people around the wurld to take part in mourning the King.

      The State Funeral Service will be conducted by the Archbishop of Serenno and the Holy State Service. A commendation to María Teresa de Bergenaria will be given by the Cardinal of Bergenaria. You can read the Order of Service here.

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      Breaking news out of Kapojvar: The government has announced an official declaration of hostilties against the Empire of Dolchland, bringing the Stedorian People's Republic into the war in south-east Argis. All citizens of Dolchland living in Stedoria are to immediately present themselves for temporary registration at local policing stations or face punishment, including fines, prison time, or deportation. Hostilities within Argis had been mounting for much of this year, following growing relations between Dolchland and Anglia, the latter of which has been engaging in an aggressive, unprovoked war in Europe, killing tens of thousands. Tensions finally escalated into full-scale invasion of both the Commonwealth of Iweenland to Dolchland's east, and the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria to the north, already killing and wounding thousands, and displacing millions.

      It has already been confirmed that major population centres within Iweenland have already been captured by Dolch forces as the former's allies scramble to mobilise and transport troops to the island, which suffers from a small army in contrast to Dolchland's. The fate of Iweenland is still currently in the balance as Dolch and anti-Dolch forces fight for control of the island-nation. Whatever shall become of Iweenland, there is no doubt that massive reconstruction efforts will be required following the conflict's end, something to be economically tolling on whomever may control the island. It is believed, however, that the Dolch army is hampered by an inferior airforce in contrast to anti-Dolch forces, slowing the Dolch army's progress in penetrating deeper into Iwish territory. While it is known that the major cities of Straatport and Goudstratdam have been occupied, the other information regarding the status of these cities is unknown; especially in regard to treatment of civilians by Dolch forces.

      Death and destruction has also not escaped Velaheria, where it is believed by experts that fighting on this front will be more aggressive than that of the Iwish front, likely due to the large size of Velaheria's population and military. Information out of the country is sparse owing to its strict censorship; despite this, however, some general inferences have been made by military experts regarding the front's situation. It is believed that Dolch forces are focusing much of their attack efforts to the major Velaherian cities of Erfur to the west and Koinsburg to the east; it is unknown how well these cities are defended, but is widely believed that such cities will not fall without a major battle. The status of the Velaherian army is also unknown; some experts have stated that they are likely poorly trained and underequipped owing to their recent intervention in the Baltican Civil War whilst others have argued that the Velaherian army has high morale due to an external invasion from a power which previously ruled over them.

      Following the declaration of hostilities, Chief Consul Köseg gave a speech on both radio and television, with the following being an exerpt from the speech:


      Fellow citizens, today, the independence, sovereignty, and freedom of the Stedorian People's Republic is under the greatest threat since the very revolution which established this nation; the aggressive actions of Anglia and its client state of Dolchland have exhausted our nation's available options for which we could take in order to ensure peace remains in Argis. The aggressive nation of Dolchland has made it clear that the mindset of peace is not in their interests, forcing this mindset of aggressiveness and hostility upon the rest of Argis's nations by engaging in aggressive and illegal military action. These actions will not be tolerated, not by the Stedorian People's Republic, not by the nation of Argis, not by the wurld.

      As such, the Stedorian People's Republic has been left with no other choice: the official declaration of the commencement of hostilities between Dolchland and the Stedorian People's Republic, which shall continue until such a time we deem peace to have been established once again in Argis. This is not a war of aggression by Stedoria, this a peacekeeping operation in order to ensure peace for the rest of Argis. Military units of the army, naval forces, and air forces of Dolchland will be identified as hostile and will be treated as such.

      Our nation has already preemptively joined the temporarily and provisionally formed Argis Defence Coalition along with other major nations in Argis; these nations, being allies in an official capacity, will recieve support for Stedoria, and Stedoria shall recieve support from fellow nations in this temporary coalition. Military units have already been mobilised, and are preparing to be transported to locations in which hostilies have manifested at the hands of Dolchland's army.

      We must remember the ideological importance of this war: this is not a war against any nation, this is a war against the nation of which our very people descended; it is more akin to a civil war in this regard: it is a civil war between the Dolchic peoples, which was forced upon them by the Dolch government. This represents a trial not only for the Stedorian nation, but so too for all Dolchic peoples; when this conflict concludes and the ashes have settled, Stedoria, Dolchland, and the Dolchic peoples shall be one step closer to unification of Dolchic peoples and the great Renaissance that this unification shall achieve. A new order will be born out of this war where those who choose the path of righteous Dolchic unity will prosper, and where the imperialist powers and individuals who have stood in the way of this goal will be forgotten.

      To the citizens of Dolchland who desire freedom, who desire Dolchic unity, who desire socialism, who despise imperialism, rise up against those who are oppressing you: refuse to fight in their imperialist war, resist their oppression, form militias and resistance groups to expel those who currently rule you, who despise the Dolchic peoples, who despise the right of a nation to choose their own path. This is a trial for the Dolchic peoples, a trial in which liberation and freedom await.

      - Chief Consul Köseg

      Though it is has not been made public the military actions to be conducted by the Revolutionary Defence Forces in order to support its allies against Dolchland, it is highly speculated by geopolitical and military experts that the most immediate actions to be taken will be those in support of Velaheria, namely military ground and air support against Dolch forces in Velaheria. An official announcement by the Revolutionary Defence Forces has stated that only active service members of the Defence Forces will be sent to foreign fronts to fight; whilst those in national service, reserves, and gendarmerie roles will continue counter-insurgency operations against temporary terrorists that still remain in various regions of Stedoria.

      The Ministry of Communications and Informations has also released an official statement regarding the reporting of military actions against Dolchland: all privately-owned press networks and news outlets will be forbidden from reporting on the conflict; only state-approved sources will be permitted to report on any actions or stories involving operations conducted against Dolchland by the Revolutionary Defence Forces. Though self-proclaimed free speech groups are protesting the decision, the Ministry has stated that this decision has been taken in order to prevent the spread of Dolch-sponsored disinformation. Press networks and new outlets found to be violating this law will be subject to immediate closure and seizure of property without compensation.

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      The State welcomes natives fleeing Florentia's Slavery

      Since the revolution, barely two years ago, the number of people seeking asylum within our borders has continued to increase. Between 14 October this year and 14 November, an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 refugees came from Florentia. The number keeps increasing.


      Recently, our government has been working with the International Red Cross to provide the best possible shelter for refugees. Camps have been set up in the small frontier towns of Gila, Ytms and Qomelsd. President Passereau is even planning to visit the Gila camp in person in about a week's time - along with other influential figures such as Atsila Monjoie, leader of the Agali and a member of parliament, and Chea Sequah Pietrouge, Minister of the Interior - to inspect the infrastructure.

      Most of the former slaves come from Narizonia, Abalavier and Tyronnie, which are among the most racist and oppressive states. However, the origin is still fairly spread out. Even from supposedly liberal states such as Javiosia and Saint Isidore, which is further proof of the disgusting hypocrisy of the Lysians.

      In parallel to the humanitarian aid, the state is requisitioning the buildings abandoned by the Lysians in order to house the refugees. Already, around 7,000 people have managed to find a real home thanks to this initiative. Many citizens have also taken the decision to open the doors of their homes, giving a warm welcome to their brothers and sisters in need.

      In order to prevent people from escaping, the Florentian government is firmly controlling the borders. Be very careful if you try to reach the free zone. Under no circumstances should you try to cross the Red river (or Saint-Elme river) : the border is in the state of Narizonia, the most dangerous of all, and any refugee would be immediately arrested or even shot by the local army. We advise you to cross at the state of Saint Isidore, which has the least regulated border.

      With the current situation, the state should soon become even more actively involved in the rescue of our fellow human beings, if we believe Tsula Passereau's latest declarations.


      Edited by Florentia (see edit history)
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      Arhomaneia Declares War on Makhairakeias

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has declared war against the Autokrateia tes Makhairakeias. An ultimatum given on 24th of Oktovrios by our government for Makhairakeia, giving them twenty-four hours to cease their invasion of the Koinopoliteia tes Ivenlandeias (the Commonwealth of Iwenland) and to stop making war against the the Koinopoliteia tes Delamareias (the Commonwealth of @Delamaria), the Regaseion tou Seilosiou (the Kingdom of @Seylos) or face war against Arhomaneia. This ultimatum went unanswered by Schlammburg, which meant that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion declared war on Makhairakeia.

      Several minutes after the ultimatum elapsed, the forces of the Basilikoploimon in the Makhaira Thalassa (the Dolch Sea) began to strike targets on the southern coast of Makhairakeia. These attacks are against facilities identified by our intelligence services as military, such as radar stations, missile batteries and air bases. Due to the ongoing nature of the conflict, there has yet to be any reports of either success or failure, as most attention is paid to the ongoing invasion of Ivenlandeia. The Seilosiki monarch, Regas Aidanos I, is in personal attendance on the island nation, directing his forces in the defence of Ivenlandeia. The bravery of the young monarch is perhaps outweighed by his headstrong nature, although it cannot be said that his majesty lacks courage. It does seem as if Aidanos' personal supervision is not quite enough. So far, the forces of Makhairakeia have been able to take much of the eastern coast of the island nation, along with several large cities. So far, it does not seem that the Makhairakeioi have slowed down at all, although it is likely that the attacks on their rear will draw the attention of their military away from the island.

      The declaration of war by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion marks a deepening of the crisis that has shaken Eurth for the last few years. Although the message by his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Agios Basileos kai Autokrator ton Arhomaioi kai Isapostolos, was clear that Arhomaneia would weather any storm that would now occur, the wurld holds its breath. The longer the government of Regaseion tes Megas Angleias takes to respond to our nation's declaration of war, the weaker their position looks. At the moment, it appears that Makhairakeia has been virtually thrown under the bus by Godstone, as it has been more than a week since Tagmatika declared war against one of the members of the Occidental-Azanian Pact. If the Angleiki government and its minion-nations take too long to respond to the attacks on Makhairakeia, then it will show that their words are hollow and that any military alliance with them is not worth the paper that it is written on.

      It could be the fact that Makhairakeia has foolishly thrown itself into a two front war, which has now become a three front war with the declaration of war by our holy nation. In the east, they are fighting Delamareia and Seiloseia, the premier powers in that part of Argis. To their north, they have provoked the Laiki Demokrateia tes Velahereias (Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria (@DPR Velaheria)) through demands for territorial concessions that no country could willing agree to. Whatever one's thoughts upon the Velahereioi, their abilities and the regime that rules them, the provocation by the Makhairakeioi may not have been something that Godstone wished to happen. There is a chance that Regas Kreitonos III has hung his allies out to dry and is focussing his attention on other theatres, such as Aurelia, or is using them as a distraction whilst his pernicious schemes bear foul fruit elsewhere.

      With conflict to their north, east and now south, there may well be the question in the minds of the ordinary Makhairakeioi as to why this is even happening and what eventual end it might have. Certainly, peaceful cooperation with Arhomaneia has benefited Argic nations in the past and recently. This has included trade deals with Delamereia and Seiloseia, as well as economic support and rebuilding efforts in the Evgenis Demokrateía tes Sekriaeias (the Noble Republic of Secryae). Many of the ordinary citizens of Makhairakeia may begin to wonder why they are fighting a war at the behest of a nation that has yet to involve itself, as the costs to their own country and fellow citizens begin to mount. Sooner or later, they will start to question the wisdom of the actions of Schlammburg and wonder if an end to the war would not be the better course of action.


      Economic Cost of War Begins to Mount

      The crisis caused by Regas Kreitonos III and his cabal of warmongers is grinding on through its second year and it is likely not yet clear how much damage it has done to the wurld economy. The most obvious point is the sanctions that many nations levied against the nations of the Occidental-Azanian Pact (OCA) in the immediate aftermath of the conquest of Lyseia and the brief conflict with the Demokrateia tou Kyptou, the Republic of Qubdi. This caused some short-term economic shocks, since all the Occidental members of the OCA were significant trading partners of Arhomaneia. The Megas Regaseion tes Souberinas, the Great Queendom of Suverina, for example, was an importer of Arhomaiki grain until the imposition of the sanctions. Since many other nations have also placed these on the OCA nations, there have been ripples across the entirety of the wurld.

      This goes beyond just the effects of sanction and counter-sanction, however. Now that much of Aurelia has also become embroiled in war, the wurld economy is suffering from shortages of other resources. The Autokrateia ton Megas Zaxareion, the Empire of Great @Zaxar, is the largest producer of lithium, a rare Eurth metal used in a huge range of products, from batteries to medicines to specialised industrial applications. Now that Zaxareia is at war with Demokrateia ton Akti apo Gounaon (the Republic of Côte de Fourrure) this supply to the rest of the wurld has been significantly disrupted, driving up prices that have had a knock-on effect with a massive range of products and in many different industries. Zaxareia is also one of the largest producers of grain in the southern hemisphere and it seems likely that the conflict will also have impact that, driving prices up. This could, of course, help Arhomaiki farmers who have been suffering due to the sanctions placed against the OCA. So long, of course, the trade routes to other parts of Eurth remain open and viable.

      Another impact of the war in Aurelia has been on aluminium. This is another metal that Aurelia is one of the largest producers of, especially the Autokrateia tes Megas Shioeias, the Empire of Great @Xio. Although our own nation has, and still is to some extent, a producer of aluminium ores, the difference in cost rendered it almost economically unviable. However, with Shioeia invaded by another minion-nation of Megas Angleia, wurld supply has been significantly hit. There are reports that the invaders have gone so far as to strip factories of their machinery and kidnap the technicians that run them. Even if the conflict in the area were to stop at this point, the aftermath of this would be felt for years to come and it would likely take significant investment for aluminium production to reach previous levels. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, especially the Logothesion tou Kommerkiarionikou – the Ministry for Trade – and the Logothesion tes Viomichanías – the Ministry of Industry – are beginning to investigate whether large-scale production could begin again in Arhomaneia. However, this is unlikely to do much to reduce the price rises that the Arhomaioi themselves will face in the coming months and it may only end up covering the shortfall in the international supply caused by the Shioeiki production being so disrupted.

      It must also be realised that we may well be at the start of the conflict, especially in Europa. Regaseion tes Megas Angleias, the Kingdon of Great Anglia, has not yet made any moves in the conflict beyond supplying weapons to some of its proxies and minions. The Amnalos Thalassa remains something of a potential flashpoint and one that would draw in the forces of TRIDENT, whether under the terms of that agreement or through close allies wishing to support each other outside of the terms. There have also been no obvious actions by Megas Regaseion tes Souberinas, the Great Queendom of Suverina, either. There is certainly the potential that the Arhomaioi may end up counting the cost of this conflict beyond broken supply chains and money being sent to help out allies and friends abroad. War could still yet touch Arhomaneia's soil directly. This is something that his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Agios Basileos kai Autokrator ton Arhomaioi ton Isapostolos directly acknowledged in the declaration of war. It is something that our government and armed forces have prepared for but the true cost of it will not be known until the dust has settled, however long that might be in the future. May God see us through these troubling times.

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      Thsi fall, the State Council of Thransaltz was once again elected, after three years, in the autumn edition of the Thransältzer Postillon. After the votes were counted, the results are as follows:

      It is the first election ever, in which a single seat change happened, hinting at satisfaction with the status quo in Thransaltz.

      The voting, as every year, happened through special ballot voting in the Thransältzer Posillon, a newspaper published as a form of direct democracy ballot newsreel, a main form of the Thransältzer Acameralism. Besides the elections themselves, 117 bills were discussed. 88 of those bills were accepted, 26 were rejected and 3 were returned to the Council to rephrase and amend them.

      The most important of those bills is the bill "In regards to the self-government of Rückenwitz", which guarantees a local autonomous decisionmaking power to the municipal council of Rückenwitz, a municipality located in an exclave.

      Next voting would take place in the winter edition of the Postillon next year.

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      Breaking News: Clemente VIII dies at the age of 61. 


      Sergio Fonollosa



      As the first hours of Sunday come, representatives of the House of Valdemarín have issued a note to all communications: King Clemente VIII has died at the age of 61, the youngest monarch to die since Anastasio I, who died at age 45 in 1756.

      His family was present in the palace hours before his death. Since his last cardiac arrest on January thanks to his leukemia condition, he was under medical supervision. Clemente VIII died "peacefully" surrounded by members of his family, according to a statement issued by the Bergenarian Imperial Family. Clemente VIII succeded his mother, Queen Alessandra I in 1980 and witnessed a profund change in both Bergenarian and Eurth societies.


      María Teresa de Bergenaria, Crown Princess of Bergenaria has been apointed as 'Interim Monarch' by representatives of the Imperial Senate until a proper coronation process is possible. The flag of Bergenaria has lowered to half a mast in the Palace of Lecumberri. 


      As one star sets, ¿can another one rise?


      Presenting the news without any filters


      Other news that might catch your attention:

      • Dukes of Aniria and Caronia will join the Imperial Family in the future procession of Clemente VIII. Prime Minister Almenares is said to return in the early morning to Serenno
      • The Cathedral Padre Mier rings its bells three times to salute the former king
      • Clemente VIII: review his life and major achievements in our society
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      Kanamar City – KGDYC (Greater Kaldana Territorial Aero-Services) VTOL gunships have launched several air attacks in the main area of contention just beyond the Kanamar City Forward Operating Bases, leading to a power outage in some areas further on, according to local sources that were acting as guides for KGDM (Greater Kaldana Territorial Legionary) forces as they advanced.

      Among the main targets of Saturday strikes were sites used by Kabarrian Armed Resistance factions in the village of Welron, located within the central plains, directly south of Wellson, Capitol of the remaining Kabarrian territory, said the leadership of the KAR faction in the area.

      A KGDM legionary spokesman said that gunships had attacked a KAR site in the central plains, indicating that the attack came in response to the launching of rockets from KAR forces towards the Fob's of Kanamar's defensive line – the first rockets launched since a three-day military offensive in the territory last month.

      Earlier in the night, four rockets were fired from the village of Welson, three of which did not reach occupied territory, while one rocket was intercepted by air defense systems, the KGDM representative said.

      The barbaric Haru bombing of Welson at dawn today is a blatant act of aggression, and represents an extension of its open war against our people in all the places we exist,” said Haz Quiro, a spokesman for the KAR.

      Haru bombing will only make we who compose the KAR more determined to resist the occupation,” Quiro added.

      KAR reports said that the rocket launches from Welson were in response to the KGDM advances last month in which a bandit leader Sala Riz, and most of the Kanamar KAR branch was killed when occupation of the city was completed.

      The exchanges come after nearly a month of deadly violence in the occupied Western Reaches that has escalated amid near daily raids, particularly into the crumbling ruins of the town Jenin.

      Sala Riz was one of four KAR commanders killed by KGDM forces last month in separate incidents in the Western Reaches and now occupied Kanamar City. Kanamar has been largely quiet since the fighting in August, which began when KGDM and Mainland House legionary launched air raids in what it said were preemptive attacks targeting the KAR.

      Since the beginning of this year, at least 3600 KAR forces have been killed by KGDM and House Legionary forces.

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      Eolia is born after the merger of Wind and SITEL


      A telecommunication antenna very common in Ionian cities


      After a long auction, the national bid of national entrepreneurs who have come together to found a new telecommunications company finally wins. Other foreign companies have shown interest in the economic offer but have not put forward any questions making the consortium of national entrepreneurs win.

      The economic offer was made in a very delicate period of time where OCA is attacking various nations in a way, causing wars and unnecessary victims. Certainly, in these times of war, the choice by the telecommunications antitrust authorities to prefer a national company to a foreign company in order to exercise greater control in the event of war.

      The new company must compete in an increasingly aggressive market where between virtual operators jewelry and those with the fixed network offer offers with many GB of internet at low prices.

      The mobile phone market is also undergoing transformations where companies offer offers with additional content related to the wurld of streaming. So we just have to wait and understand the evolution of the Ionian telecommunications market



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      My fellow Arhomaioi, I am speaking to you at a moment of great importance, both for our nation and that of Eurth.

      At 11:40 yesterday morning, at my request, the Megas Logothetes ton Barbaron submitted an ultimatum to the government of the Autokrateia tes Makhairakeias (the Empire of Dolchland), demanding that it cease its conflict against the Koinopoliteia tes Delamareias (the Commonwealth of @Delamaria), the Regaseion tou Seilosiou (the Kingdom of @Seylos) and the Koinopoliteia tes Ivenlandeias, (the Commonwealth of Iwenland). Schlammburg was given twenty-four hours to comply with this ultimatum. As of 11:40 this morning, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had received no reply.

      Therefore the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion is at war with Makhairakeia.

      It was hoped that the ultimatum given to the government of Makhairakeia would be enough to turn them back from the course they had set for themselves. Either they did not take it seriously or believed that our ultimatum was hollow, and that there was nothing that they had to fear.

      Obviously, this is not the case. The Arhomaiki military is one of the most powerful on Eurth and it is ready to fight for justice, freedom and peace. It is clear that the degradation of the situation in southern Argis has reached a point that Arhomaneia could no longer stand idly by and allow it to play out further without intervening. Makhairakeia had been acting aggressively to all of its neighbours even before it undertook the illegal and unprovoked attack upon Ivenlandeia, which has also spiralled into a conflict with two close partner nations of Arhomaneia. This is unacceptable to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, to the Arhomaioi and to God.

      The forces of the Exerkitos Arhomanos will strike bravely and truly against those who shatter God's peace and make unjust war against the peace-loving people of Ivenlandeia. Force appears to be the only thing that the government of Makhairakeia will understand and it will be what they receive. The Basilikoploimon units stationed in the Makhaira Thalassa, the Dolch Sea, and the Basilikoaeroporia units in the Evgenis Demokrateía tes Sekriaeias, the Noble Republic of Secryae, are already setting into motion plans to help Delamareia and Seiloseia turn back the forces arrayed against them.

      It is, however, to be expected that this declaration of war will cause the conflict to break out in Europa. Makhairakeia had joined the Occidental-Azanian Pact in Septemvrios and it likely the other members of the pact will now act on its terms. Arhomaneia has been preparing for the eventuality of this for some time and the Exerkitos Arhomanos will hold strong and defeat any attempts to invade God's chosen nation and prevent us from doing His work.

      Belief in God and true Arhomaiki spirit will see us through these troubling times and prevail against those who threaten the wurld. God defends the right and any side with the Arhomaioi on it is, by definition, the right. We are fighting against oppression, injustice and exploitation. This will be the beginning of the end of a crisis that has been brewing across Eurth for several years, one that started with the annexation of Lyseia and spread from there to southern Europa and then across the oceans to Aurelia. It has been driven by the greed and entitlement of nations and people who have offered our wurld little in exchange for their demands, apart from conflict and death.

      I know that you, the Arhomaioi, will play will play your part in this with calmness, courage and faith.

      Kommodos III,

      By the Grace of Christ the God,

      Agios Basileos kai Autokrator ton Arhomaioi kai Isapostolos

    • The sound of an old typewriter echoes through the abandoned office building. It is a beautiful autumn evening for writing. The wind makes soft rain patter against the windows and the soothing tock tock of the typewriter envelops the office in a wonderful atmosphere. Sitting in front of a computer is a man who fits the stereotype of a journalist from the 30s. His old-fashioned hat lies beside him and his coat hangs askew on his chair. A warm soaked steams away while the reporter writes an article. The sound of the typewriter is generated by an application on his computer and although the journalist is not a smoker, he chews on a cigarette stub. 

      In a kind of soliloquy, the figure speaks out what he puts on paper.

      The conflict between Ulfheimr and Nyantastan seems to be a clear line, but there is evidence that there is a greater purpose behind it.

      Behind the end of each line you hear the zing. That is typical for writing machines.

      It is likely that Akamura and his entourage are planning something larger. This war, which can be justified and is by no means against innocent people, nevertheless seems to be the product of a larger plan. In the course of the last months not only several Jarle have arrived from Ulfheimr. Especially those from the border regions. Several transporters have also been spotted shuttling back and forth between individual tribes and various stations in Nyantastan. On request from our side, the whole thing was not commented in order not to give any information to the enemy. If you ask me, this is an excuse beyond compare. After longer research and a small not quite authorized excursion into some archives I could find a connection between Ulfheimr and Nyantastan. The illegitimate child of the emperor was kidnapped by Ulfheim barbarians and the whole thing was accepted and swept under the carpet. 

      The reporter collects his thoughts for a moment and sips his drink. 

      This means that the imperial throne is entitled to Ulfheimr, or parts of Ulfheimr are entitled to the imperial family. Furthermore, I have been thinking about what could happen politically for Chancellor Akamura to start a war and take over parts of Ulfheimr. Except the politically advanced motives like human rights, financial growth and the expansion of the borders. After a few excursions I found out what he is up to. To this day, there is a point in the Constitution that everyone ignores because it was too unimportant to change. But this point will herald the end of an era should the right circumstances be rifled. There stands the following dear readers. In the event of a war of aggression in which the enemy's lands are annexed, the Emperor or his descendants have the right to incorporate these lands into Nyantastan.

      Interesting, isn't it? But also unimportant, Nyantastan is allowed to annex the lands in spite of everything, isn't it? Yes, it can, if the Emperor and his descendants agree to it. As already mentioned however and now it becomes exciting.

      If no descendant of the emperor or the emperor himself sits on the throne, the last legitimate pretender to the throne must be found and reinstated. 

      As you can see, this paragraph comes from the time of the first Argic War. This was intended to extend the power of the Emperor and cement his position. 

      And now guess who could take advantage of this, dear readers?

      Correct! Akamura is a descendant of the emperor and could theoretically use this paragraph to proclaim himself emperor, king or whatever. Whether Represntativ or not we do not even know. And think further. A war unites the population behind him. He finds or already has friends in the army and over night we could become an empire! Dear readers how can it be that no one has yet discovered this paragraph? Or reported about it? Do you think that is a coincidence? I think that I have something big..... 

      The office suddenly became dead silent because the lights suddenly came to life and without the latter noticing it, he was flanked by two People in completely dark blue clothes. The color of the clothes ensured that they were perfectly merged into the darkness. A woman in her mid-30s stepped into the now bright office and had a smile on her lips.

      "Ah Mister Shinzo if I remember correctly." the dramatic pause was only followed by a tense swallow from the journalist. He knew that these people belonged to the hidden ones.
      The secret service of the country. But this secret service and especially the department that stood before him should not exist. He himself had only heard rumors about them and he was the best journalist in Nyantastan. Well, with the best contacts and a penchant for unconventional information gathering.

      The lady who was now standing in the room without that continued speaking. "We have learned that you have obtained some information that you should not have. Of course, we have already taken care of a few gaps and I want to make you a special offer."

      He knew what he was about to hear. Shinzo had always been good at gathering information. The journalist would be useful in domestic service. But he also knew what would happen if he refused...

      Early in the morning the editors entered their office as usual, there was no sign that anyone had been here during the night. And the head of the Commonwealth Guardian received Shinzo's resignation a few days later.



      Hey guys for this post I tried a diffrent style. And also open up a possibility to change my country later down the road. I hope you like the somewhat newbish try of a Book like story with a little twist. I know it's a little fetched but hope I seems plausible would be happy about feedback. Excuse typos all written on my phone 

    • DBC NEWS





      In Labrador today the government announced that a war economy has come into effect. This comes after the government formed a war cabinet with the Liberal party, thus forming the ‘Government for National Unity in wartime’.

      The government from today will have the power to seize assets with a delayed compensation scheme, and repurpose any assets in both public or private hands for the war effort.

      Prices of gas, electricity, water and primary foods have been frozen as of midnight and local volunteer civil defence groups have been given resources and authority.

      Skirmishes take place in and over Dolch Sea

      The Department of Defence has reported that skirmishes have taken place between Delamarian and Dolch Air Forces. On Tuesday a DAF contingent en route to Iwenland came under fire from Dolch fighters. The DOD reports that two Delamarian aircraft were “significantly damaged” and one Dolch aircraft was downed. The Dolch Air Force has received training and modern fighter jets from Great Anglia in recent months, posing a threat to allied aerial superiority.

      The DOD later reported that the frigate DNS Frasier was attacked by the Dolch navy in the narrow passage between Dolchland and Iwenland. Seylosian naval forces have been stretched in recent weeks with deployments to Aurelia, reducing the allied naval presence in the Dolch Sea. 

      Troops arrive in Iwenland

      The first Delamarian ground forces have arrived in Iwenland. The DOD reports part of the 2nd Infantry Brigade has arrived in eastern Iwenland to support its efforts to repel Dolch landings. However deployment is being hindered by Dolch air attacks and the increased naval threat.

    • Europan News Network


      The following is a republished excerpt given to ENN from Anglian broadcaster Thornbrook News:

      Occidental-Azanian Pact builds better future for all

      GODSTONE -- In the second year since its founding, the Occidental-Azanian Pact has facilitated the progress of Azania in many fields including trade, economy, infrastructure development and industrialization. The OCAP's successes can be seen in the shared benefits and the most-talked-about diplomatic engagement.

      According to financial data, Great Anglia has continued its efforts to boost Azania's industrialization process, contributing on average 15 percent to its industrial production or manufacturing as of 2021.

      Airport renovation in Musha, Noble Nykia

      Airport renovation in Musha, Noble Nykia

      In 2021, Great Anglia was the biggest employment generator in Azania, creating on average 5,000 direct new jobs per month, much more than was created by any other country during the same period. And creating jobs is the best way of alleviating poverty and promoting the growth of Azanian countries.

      Since 2021, Great Anglia officially introduced 15 development finance projects in Abantium alone. For example, a $100 million grant to build the Inhlokodolobha-Wengabiook Highway linking Abantium with neighbouring Yien in 2024.

      According to Rhyme magazine, Great Anglia is unrivalled when it comes to building big infrastructure facilities in Azanian. Anglian enterprises are busy redrawing the transport map. In the near future, you will be able to hop on a train in Hakbar, Norrium, to travel to Dagbad, the next closest city. In the same way, you will be able to fly into many soon-to-be upgraded airports in different parts of Azania.

      International observers and the media confirm that Anglian enterprises have played important roles in economic fields such as financing and development of critical infrastructure in Azania. It is estimated that OCA-backed firms won almost half of all engineering, procurement and construction contracts across the region. In Noble Nykia, for example, it plans to invest over $500 million in infrastructure projects such as railways, roads, and airports.

      The outcomes of the Anglo-Azanian relationship have in all facets been in tandem with the Anglian policy of building a community with a shared future for mankind. Countries cannot survive alone in today's wurld, and instead must cooperate on the basis of fairness and justice. The Azanian path to modernization offers inspiration for many other developing countries.

      (OOC. Written by Orioni.)

    • 4Lvrjuz.png

      Hello and welcome to today's edition of 'Ahrana Today', where we bring the news of the wurld and the kingdom to you the viewer at home. The Empire of Dolchland declares was on Delamaria and several other states in Southeastern Argis, War in Aurelia, and the Ahranaian Federal Government issues further guidance to Ahranaians abroad in warzones all here on 'Ahrana Today'.


      The Empire of Dolchland has sided with the Great Anglican Empire and the OCA and has declared war against Delamaria, Seylos, and Iwenland in the Southern part of Argis. So far, the reaction from the wurld is one of bewilderment, however, there has been an increase of unity across most Agric Nations to form a coalition force to combat the Dolch Empire and its Anglican Allies in Argis. The Ahranaian Government issued further statements outlining that the Ahranaian Nation will not sit back and allow this type of aggression go unanswered. As more reports concerning this issue comes in, we will report it when we can.


      War has also broken out in Aurelia through once more Anglican allies that reside within Aurelia. The Anglican Government has sent aid and much other things to the nations of Azuria, Cote de Fourrure, and Sefesia. The aggression seen in Aurelia is alarming to the Ahranaian Government which has once again restated that the power the Great Anglican Empire is experiencing is going to be its demise, and also stating that the wurld will not allow such aggression to continue in such a manner.


      The Ahranaian Federal Government has issued further guidence to Ahranaian Citizens abroad in the wurld concerning the safety of their well-being while abroad. The Government issued the following statement:




    • Screenshot_2022-07-07_171058.png

      Fishing vessal sunk after mine explosion


      A fishing vessal belonging to the Talasulpi company sunk after hitting an old naval mine left from the Struman civil war at approximately 10km from the shores of Përëli-Bukurë at around 16:30 hours yesterday. Most of the crew was able to survive however the captain and 2 of the fishermen drowned and/or bled out due to shrapnal from the vessel.

      This situation has caused panic and distrust from the local fishing industry, pushing the government to start a naval operation to remove all possible missed mines.



    • spacer.png

      The Emperor could stay disabled for life

      Yesterday, 24 October 2022, at 2pm, Ambrose III fainted in his palace while trying to climb stairs. He was immediately taken to the nearest private clinic by the imperial medical team, accompanied by the Empress Angela and his sons Célestin and Ambroise-Alexandre.

      Emperor Ambroise III yesterday, 12 pm, 2 hours before his fainting.

      Only an hour ago, we learned that the doctors have managed to stabilise the situation. Although the Emperor is still alive, the impact broke his right tibia and both ankles. According to the medical team, the bones may not repair sufficiently, forcing the Emperor into a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Nevertheless, the imperial family puts it into perspective : "Parkinson's is a daily struggle for my husband, but we are all here to support him through this difficult time. We will do everything we can to help him walk again, there is always hope." Empress Angela said when interviewed.

      Many personalities have expressed their support for the Emperor and his family, including King Octave of Javiosia, stating that "Ambroise III has always been an honest and popular monarch, the second grandfather of all the children of Florentia, as well as my mentor and a close friend. I can only hope for his recovery."

      Unfortunately, we were not allowed into the Emperor's room to interview him directly. We can only pray to God for his recovery.

    • wurld Burlesque Competition To Be Held In Cascadia
      October 24th, 2022, FY37

      Plans for an international burlesque contest were revealed Monday. The competition will host performers from around the wurld on December 21st, as part of solstice celebrations across the island. 
          In their announcement, Corporate Board Chairperson and this year's Solstice Emcee, Yiu Amistacia, said, "Burlesque has long been a treasured art form amongst our nation's best performers, I should know, I've done it myself. That's why I will be hosting Cascadia Unveiled as part of my role as Solstice Emcee."
          The competition will be held at the historic Club Reyvelle, the oldest burlesque hall in the nation. "The first time I met the chairperson was at Reyvelle," said Yves Naïlo, editor-in-chief of POSE magazine, "it's so amazing that they asked me to be a judge for this event. I am expecting everyone to look great and to perform their hearts out."
          Alongside the prestige of victory and the opportunity to perform on the wurld's largest stage, dancers will be awarded prizes donated by the event's corporate sponsors, MYNE, Androni Commercial Solutions, and Anvie LTD. 
          Speaking on the prizes avalible, Yiu Amistacia said, "Remember everyone, it's important to tip your performers, which is why the winning performance will be given $100,000, a year's supply of MYNE cosmetics, and a full performance wardrobe designed in collaboration with me, so good luck, and don't f*ck it up."

    • Canvas.jpg

      Good evening you beautiful being. Since I'm Bron Urgundy, you must be watching BS News.

      ORIONI IS BROKEN. And the Orinese government should do everything it can to get the country into better shape. To regain a competitive advantage, Orioni should form a strategic partnership… with @Great Anglia. Let me explain why.

      Even though a lot is going on in this crazy wurld, you should be paying particular attention to one major change: Great Anglia is about to become one of the most important players in the new era of great power competition. Now, there are many strategic benefits to Great Anglia, such as its geography and economy. These benefits would give any country that partners with it a big advantage. Great Anglia has some ongoing disagreements with other countries. These disagreements have pushed the Anglians to improve its connections to and influence in the New Wurld.

      How did thing get so bad? You can blame the Current Orinese government. Their policy toward Great Anglia is crazy. The tensions between Great Anglia and Orioni are at an all-time high. The Wurld is entering a new era of great power competition, and those lunatic hacks in O'polis are being threatening and hostile. These already poor relations are harmed even more by Orinese proposals like the large EOS military presence near OCA members.

      Hostile attempts from Orioni haven't discouraged Great Anglia from continuing its modernisation program and support for like-minded leaders in Argis, Alharu, and Aurelia. Great Anglia calls these actions a matter of national rejuvenation; Orioni says they are destabilising. Within a few years, Great Anglia will achieve a great power status and end up partnering with Orinese rivals instead. 

      We need a radical improvement in Orinese policy. It needs to be focused on three elements: resources, energy prices, and humans rights. Here's why.

      Point number one. Great Anglia is located near the centre of Adlantic. It is the crossroads of critical north-south and east-west access-ways. Its allies in the OCA control the most important hydrocarbon shipping lane in the world. A strategic partnership with Great Anglia would allow Orioni to access these resources, giving Orioni greater strategic flexibility over its rivals.

      Point number two. Great Anglia has a lot of economic potential that hasn't been used yet. It could become one of the biggest economies in the world. It has a large, young, educated population. The OCA has access to some of the wurld’s largest natural gas reserves, oil reserves, and vast mineral deposits. A strategic partnership would boost trade and allow Orioni to invest into the OCA's diversified and capital-starved economy. OCA would also be able to sell its hydrocarbon resources to the Orient, driving down glubal energy prices, especially the price of natural gas.

      Point number three. A strategic partnership would eliminate Orioni as a threat to Great Anglia's sovereignty. The sanctions on Great Anglia would be ended. It would empower moderate and liberal forces inside Great Anglia, moving it away from the hardliners. Orioni would gain increased diplomatic influence over Great Anglia and its proxy groups, and greater influence to affect positive affect on the human rights situation in Great Anglia.

      Now, some people complain and say "but Bron, a partnership with Great Anglia is impossible! Don't you know how bad the current relations are?" But then I remind them how normalisation of relations with Ide Jima also seemed impossible at the time. Orioni also has warm relations with Tamurin today, despite our long and bloody history. Don't forget: Great Anglia and Orioni already cooperated in the past, while facing the Great Europan Collapse, and when Godstone provided O'polis with intelligence during the war in Zekistan.

      A partnership with Great Anglia would give Orioni a lot of advantages in this new competitive era. It would end Orioni's destabilising actions and help the human rights situation in Azania. It would reduce regional tensions and energy prices. Not only that, but it would boost trade and investment, and benefit both the Orinese and Anglian people.




      Hostilities have broken out in Argis after a Dolch invasion of the nation of Iwenland. The Iwenish city of Straatport has begun taking fire from Dolch forces, and reports of skirmishes between Dolch and Delamarian naval forces are coming in.

      The government has issued emergency proclamations and is expected to form a wartime government with the Liberal party. The President is expected to make an address to the nation later. 

      The government has declared that Anglia and the OCA are now hostile combatants, however have not formally declared war. Delamarian forces have been mobilised fully and are beginning active operations against Dolchland and other hostile powers, with the Air Force sending fighters to Anatea to assist in the war against Anglian allies in Aurelia.

      Dolch forces continue to mass on the Velaherian border as threats of war are still sent to Bastaria. A multinational coalition of nations is expected to form to defend Argis and defeat Dolchland and Anglia with the creation of the Argic Defence Coalition. 


    • War in Argis

      As of the early morning hours of today, Dolch forces crossed the strait between Dolchland and Iwenland, beginning their much dreaded invasion of the country. Iwish forces immediately clashed against disembarking Dolch army units. Though initial battles gave landing Dolch forces a bloody nose, all appearances show Iwish units are being overwhelmed quickly and are making their fighting retreat. With the landing zones so close to the city of Straatport, it seems inevitable the city will be lost within a matter of days as thousands of civilians are still trying to escape the impending fighting. Already the towns of Beverwijk and Delft have fallen to the Dolch advance.



      Seylosian forces are still making their way across the island to strategic choke points along the mountains in an attempt to set up a defensive live that the beleaguered Iwish forces can fall back to. So far, while no Seylosian ground units have engaged the Dolch, Seylosian air power seems to be mostly in control of Iwenland's skies, reportedly buying the retreating Iwish units the time they need to fall back. However, this may not last forever as the Dolch have been spotted bringing in anti-air platforms of Anglian design onto the island, posing a severe challenge for Seylosian ground-air support

      In a speech given later in the morning outside the Imperial Palace in Schlammburg, the Dolch Emperor gave a speech to tens of thousands who had gathered,

      "Today marks the day that the Dolch Empire will regain all that it has lost. Nothing can stop us from reunifying all of our peoples and securing our interests amongst the failed states of Eastern Argis. For too long we have been held back by our enemies, enemies that over the centuries have tried to strangle the life out of the Empire and that dedicated themselves to picking it apart piece by piece. But let it known they will feel our wrath, as of today the Dolch Empire officially declares a state of war with the rogue nations of Seylos and @Delamaria. Now it is they who will watch everything they have built burn to the ground."

      News in the Dolch region continues to escalate however as the buildup of Dolch forces continues on the Velaharian border. Analysts believe that before any official declaration of hostilities against @DPR Velaheria the Dolch are hoping to see their progress in Iwenland before committing to a full invasion of their northern neighbor. In the west, military activity around the port of Morthal shows that Dolch threats against @Stedoria may not be idle either.

      Despite these developments, the Seylosian and Delamarian blockade of the eastern passages to Dolchland holds strong and little Anglian activity has been spotted in the area attempting to reach Dolchland. This begs the question however, does Anglia plan to do anything about this?

    • Baltican Navy Restored

      The Baltican Navy has historically had very little actual value. Being trapped within the Amber Lake, its main purpose was as a propaganda tool for the people, who always believed the navy was a perfect showcase of Balticas strength and economic might. As a certain historian put it, “One could measure the current state of Baltica both economically and militarily by how bloated its navy is at a given time.”. For almost three centuries, this was the sole purpose of the Navy, that and a place for Rich families to send off their less qualified children. However, during the first Baltican civil war, this historic symbol of the aristocracy was burned to ashes, another symbol of the Peoples victory over the nobility. Ironically, just after the conclusion of the war, the new dictatorship that took over Baltica simply returned to the ways of old, and once again another bloated and overly large navy was created, to permanently be beached in some decrepit port. 

      However, things are finally looking up for the historically forgotten Baltican Navy. Ever since the establishment of the Amber Isles, most of Balticas former navy has been transferred back to the Central Government. Former general Yvo Falk, who was appointed the position of Head Admiral of the new Central Baltican Navy, promised to make it his political goal to revive the navy and make it an actually capable fighting force. Unlike his many, many predecessors, however, he plans to actually make it into a fighting force, and part of his initiative is to actually scrap and cut down a large part of the navy. He ordered the scrapping of a whopping 12 ships, including all of Balticas former Battleships, Submarines, 4 of its corvettes and 2 of its frigates. 

      As Falk explained “The previous Baltican Navy was a mess. It had ships which could barely function under the constraints of the Amber Lake but was also an unnecessary strain on the overall military budget. Downsizing to a smaller, but much more capable and efficient force is the correct path for Baltica, and its future military endeavours”. This was unanimously supported by the government, but now came up the issue of Port facilities. Since the Central Government owned no Military ports, it would either have to “Purchase them” or rent the spaces from its fellow Republics. Luckily for them, The Republic of Belgorta offered to provide Port facilities in its expanding port in Svoyev on the condition that the Central Government promises to commit future funds for the expansion and development of an airport in Kazirinas. With that, the official HQ of the Central Baltican Navy was moved to Svoyev, and under direct orders from Falk a new Naval Ensign was created to finally complete his great reformation of the navy. 


      (Port Svoyev. The sixth largest port in Baltica, and the largest Port in the Republic of Belgorta. Currently due for an expansion in 2023, where it is
      expected to become the third largest port by capacity in Baltica.)


      (New Baltican Naval Ensign, utilising the new national colours of yellow, blue and white, paired with the Baltican Double cross.)


      Many are optimistic, although neither the government nor Falk intended for it, the navy reestablishment has greatly boosted not only the morale of the people but the military as a whole. It's the beginning of yet another stage in Balticas Revival, and many are filled with hope over an exciting and ever-changing Baltica. Long Live the Federation, and may it prosper for the rest of its days! 

    • E6Q9eLB.png


      Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion Announces Military on a War Footing

      The Crisis Takes a Further Turn

      This afternoon, in an announcement given in front of a large audience of both internal and international press, Mesazon Gregorios Traiektonos stated that Arhomaneia was to place the Exerkitos Arhomanos in a state of readiness for the possibility of armed conflict. This was to include all of the branches of our nation's armed forces, in the first move of its kind since the Long War. The Mesazon was flanked by Megas Logothetes tou Stratiotikou Honorios Kontarian, as well as a senior officer from each of the branches of the Exerkitos Arhomanos. Until now, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has been seemingly slowly making preparations for any conflict with other nations, including withdrawing soldiers from Ceris and surveys of the border regions of Arhomaneia. This announcement by the Mesazon demonstrates the extent to which the international situation has deteriorated over the last few months.

      When asked why this was happening at this moment by this paper, and whether it was aimed at any particular threat that the Megas Agios Basileia was facing, Mesazon Traiektonos answered with the following reply:

      “The move of getting our armed forces ready for a possible future conflict is not something that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion takes lightly. It is a demonstration that all peaceful methods have not been as successful as would have been preferred. However, it is increasingly clear that our nation's allies and friends are under threat and it is time that Arhomaneia make a stand against that.”

      The Mesazon also went on to say that the reservist forces of the Exerkitos Arhomanos are to be given programmes for the mobilisation. This is, again, something that has not happened since the early stages of the Long War. Mesazon Traiektonos warned that any conflict will not be brief.

      Arhomaneia has weathered many storms in the past and there is no doubt that we will weather this one. Our nation has lasted over two and a half thousand years and will last for at least that again. Any conflict will require some hardship, but it there is no doubt that Arhomaneia and its allies will be victorious. It is clear, however, that this may be beyond the scale of the wars and battles that the Megas Agios Basileia has seen in the last few decades but, as God's chosen nation on Eurth, we will see it through.”

      This is a marked escalation in the stance of our government, which has so far been to attempt to punish those provoking conflict through sanctions and other economic measures. The list of nations that have had sanctions has increased since the start of the year and has come to include the nations in Aurelia that have been deemed to be a threat to others and that are undertaking aggressive war against their neighbours. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had also authorised shipments of arms to the Autokrateia ton Megas Zaxareion (@Zaxar) , as well as sending significant sums of money to the Demokrateia tes Anateias (@Anatea) and Regaseion tes Loubereias (@Louvier). These three Aurelian nations are currently in conflict with countries that are aligned with the Occidental-Azanian Pact.

      The last few months have seen the political atmosphere on Eurth grow ever more tumultuous. There are few corners of our wurld that seem to have avoided the meddlesome actions of the Regaseion tes Megas Angleias (@Great Anglia). At first, it was our own Europa that suffered the brunt of the schemes of Regas Kreitonos III and his government of warmongers, who seem to have been aiming to subjugate much of the west of our continent and plunder what was left. They also appear to have drawn greedy souls to their side by promising the riches of the New Wurld to those who would aid them.

      Either way, the activation of the Exerkitos Arhomanos will mark a new phase in the crisis that has permeated Eurth for the last year, as well as an intensification. It is unknown at this stage what will follow but it will likely mean that further conflict is on the horizon. It shows that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion now regards open conflict with Megas Angleia as inevitable. It is not yet known whether how much of this conflict will take place in Europa or the New Wurld but it will likely affect the life of almost every Arhomaioi.

      Without any doubt, however, is the fact that our nation has God on its side and, through Him, victory is assured.


      Regas Kreitonos III, the Greatest Man of Our Age

      War Spread Across Eurth at the Behest of One Man

      His majesty, Regas Kreitonos III of Megas Angleia is an astounding man, with a breadth of vision and strength of will that has rarely been seen before. Only historical figures such as Andreas, Methodianos or perhaps Kalemiras from distant Aurelia can be said to have had as much influence over their generations as his majesty Kreitonos. It is certainly a shame that his majesty's brilliance seems to be governed by his moral myopia, closed-mindedness and willingness to surround himself with vultures and lackeys. It is cannot be doubted that his majesty's name will be remembered for decades, if not centuries, to come, although it will be as a foul, Godless warmonger who didn't possess the moral ability to try to peacefully cooperate with any other nation.

      The Angleioi have now invaded or made war on every continent on Eurth, apart from Antargis. Although who knows when they might try to claim parts of that frozen continent for their own ends? Their own troops – or those of their allies – can be seen almost everywhere and all the while they claim that their mission is friendly and peaceful or at least neutral and non-aggressive. These are perhaps some of the most bare-faced lies in the history of Eurth. Ultimately, they are waging a war to attempt to subjugate the rest of the Eurth because their government and monarch are seemingly collectively unable to consider a peaceful alternative. This is, of course, in stark contrast to our own God-guided monarch, who has guided our own nation to economic and political success by treating foreign nations, some of which have been remarkable in their differences to our own holy Arhomaneia, as equals.

      The recent actions of the Autokrateia tes Makhaireias, the Empire of Dolchland, has also sent shock waves throughout southern Argis, especially since it seems that they had been receiving arms shipments from Megas Angleia over the last few months. The Makhaireiki invasion of Koinopoliteia tes Ivenlandeias, Commonwealth of Iwenland, the demonstrated that Argis is likely at a tipping point. The Boreioadlantiki Enosi, the North Adlantic Union, has formed a defensive pact to attempt to halt any more Angleiki meddling in Argis, although it remains to be seen whether or not it is too little, too late. This is perhaps another example of the brilliance of his majesty, Kreitonos III. He has successfully united Argis in a manner that has not been seen in a long while, if ever. Unfortunately for his majesty, it is almost entirely against him. Bar the Makhaireioi, few other nations seem to have fallen for the Angleiki lies about a prosperous future.

      In another example of his majesty's dubious successes, Arhomaneia is gearing up for a large scale conflict, something not seen in almost a century. Our nation's preparations are likely in response to the events in Argis, especially since the southern and eastern parts of the continent has several nations that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion considers key partners, such as the Regaseion tou Seilosiou and the Evgenís Demokrateía tes Sekriaeias, the Noble Republic of Secryae. Any conflict in the Makhaira Thalassa is likely to end up involving our nation's forces there, which are not inconsiderable. Such as they are, they include an aircraft carrier and its attendant forces, which have been policing the seas around Ceris since the crisis on that island, as well as several divisions of the Basilikostratos, which have been present as peacekeepers in Sekriaeia for as long as well.

      In the end, it is clear that his majesty, Kreitonos III, is little more than a short-sighted, bloody warmonger. The path that the wurld is now being forced down is not the one that could have been chosen. If his majesty truly had the love of God in his heart – as he professes, due to the fact that Megas Angleia is a Christian nation – then he would have attempted to integrate his nation peacefully with the rest of Eurth. Instead, the Angleioi have chosen to make up for their own failed policies and ideals by lashing out against the rest of the wurld. It is certainly disappointing that they have been able to find enough of a gang of equally weak and failed individuals to back them up. It is, however, clear that they have bitten off more that they can chew and that the wurld is beginning to fight back. It is a process that will only end in the defeat of Megas Angleia and its lackeys.

    • Breaking: Leader of Red Front Party assassinated by socialist ‘allies’

      Ar seitekvet Here 2022 - The Seventeenth of October 2022


      (Saent-Judoc) - The Leader of the Red Front political Party, Berac'h Hamon, was assassinated earlier today in his hometown of Saent-Judoc. Hamon was shot three times in the back of his head, eyewitnesses report. He died only a few hours later in the Doaned Gwennole Talbourdet Medical Centre, he was 48. According to the National Police and Archerien, extremist socialists in the Red Front Party were responsible for the assassination, and two suspects have already been arrested.

      Berac’h Hamon was the second leader of the Red Front party, a leftist socialist party known for being a starter of riots and civil disobedience. Hamon proclaimed that those who protested against the Aurivizht State were lost last month, and it seems that it is indeed the case after his assassination today. The two suspects risk the death penalty for their crimes.

      Saent-Judoc itself has also reacted with shock. A large amount of flowers have started flooding the street where he was assassinated, both by Red Front members and citizens of Saent-Judoc who are shaken by that their peaceful city has been the victim of such a hate crime against the nation.

      The political centre in Alivezh has reacted with great dismay, too. Goezian Renan, head of the Archerien, said the following on the assassination. “What arguably disgusts me the most is that these extremists are still allowed to freely roam Aurivizh, protesting the State, rioting to disrupt the hard-working Aurivizht citizen, murdering those who do not agree with their socialist views. It’s a threat to national security, that’s what it is. Hamon did the right thing, proclaiming that a real Aurivizht citizen would never fight against our state, it seems not all of the followers of his party agreed.

      Frañch Godest, political observer for the C’hevre had the following to say. “It’s likely that these extremists have been indoctrinated by Starinburg-Esque beliefs. Use violence to overthrow a peaceful nation, then sabre-rattle your way into creating a socialist dystopia. Velaheria is a great example of a failed socialist state which these extremist Red-Front members are trying to create. Aurivizh may and will never fall to such beliefs, I can tell you that.” When asked about the future of the Red Front, Godest said the following. “It’s too early to say now, but I believe that in an attempt to distance themselves from there extremist terrorists, they’ll elect an even more state-friendly leader, I’d imagine either Kolazig Le Goff¹ or Marivona Kerdaniel² will be elected.

      ¹Kolazig Le Goff (B. 1972) is the Red Front’s Finance Leader, and a long-time supporter of the 2008 Economic Reforms and Head Minister Tudig Gwernig himself.

      ²Marivona Kerdaniel (B. 1979) was the right hand of Berac’h Hamon, and has long been a prominent face in the Red Front. She has family ties with Deputy Minister Mathéo Lainé, and has long been a supporter of him.


      Pictured Below: Archerien members guard one of the roads into Saent-Judoc. The officers pictured here were responsible for capturing the two suspects.


    • RTS_Logo.png


      Earlier this week, the government of the Empire of Dolchland released a string of diplomatic communiqués to its many regional neighbours: irridentist claims and threats to the Commonwealth of Iweenland, a former Dolch possession; territorial concessions by the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria, another former Dolch possession, and for the desire of Kapojvar to remove any "influence" from the independent island state of Gadutea to Stedoria's south. It is clear that these threats were made not only to remain in the air of diplomacy, but also to find itself apparently on the battlefield; political experts say that none of Dolchland's demands are likely to be accepted, with the likely alternative being war owing to Dolchland's newfound alliance with Anglia, a nation itself responsible for warmongering within Europa. 

      Several factors indicating the building up of tensions to war have already manfested themselves in the past 48 hours: there are unconfirmed reports out of Dolchland, claiming there to be large troop movements in the east of the country, potentially to be used in an invasion of Iweenland; there are also reports of the Seylosian navy making its way to the Dolch Sea, where naval conflict will be the heaviest in event of the outbreak of war; rare reports out of Velaheria have also indicated a massing or mobilisation of military forces along the Velaherian-Dolch border where fighting is sure to be heavy in the event of conflict; just hours ago the Delamarian government placed their military on alert, and even more recently a state of emergency was declared in the country, allowing their government to declare war without approval from their legislature.

      Most significant for Stedoria, however, was the news that has come from the Köseg government: only moments ago, a partial mobilisation of military forces was declared by Ministry of Defence, citing the rapidly deteriorating regional security situation, which threatens the peace and stability of the country. In the same alert however, the Ministry of Defence stated that draftees would not be sent to fight in foreign soil should conflict break out, but rather to take the place of current-serving volunteer units taking part in anti-terrorism operations against royalist-aligned terrorists. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also made a public announcement, announcing the immediate but temporary cancellation of Stedoria's visa-on-arrival policy for citizens of Dolchland, and has also stated that should Stedoria be forced into potential conflict, the nation will immediately join a temporary and provisional defensive alliance made up currently and potentially of Ahrana, Delamaria, Gotneska, Seylos, and Velaheria, with more likely to join.

      Most recently, however, was a speech made on television and radio by Chief Consul Köseg, with an exerpt of the speech being the following:



      Fellow citizens, Stedorians, proud and honoured descendants and brothers of the Dolch people, there has never existed a more crucial time within the history of our new yet proud Republic since the very revolution in which it was born out of. The security situation within our region of Argis, our home, has rapidly grown worse in an extremely short period of time; the Empire of Dolchland, regrettably and unfortunately, seems insistent on bringing itself into the fires of war, dragging its neighbours and its brotherly peoples into this potential, yet unjustified and imperialistic war. A partial mobilisation has been announced only moments ago: be aware that we shall not send those conscripted into honourable military service to fight in a land that seems foreign to them, that these draftees shall only be utilised for the purpose of peacekeeping within our nation; you have nothing to fear for. Know that your government, being itself the people, shall do everything possible to avoid ourselves being forced into war; our nation knows well the devastation of war, knowing the death and chaos brought by the civil war, brothers against brothers.

      However, you must not think that this means war will not occur, and that we will not be involved in this war; we must prepare for every single scenario possible in order to ensure the security of our country and continent. Everything that our government does, is for the good of our people and for the good of our country, both of which are one and the same. Every decision has been, is, and will be made in accordance with the practice of Reason.

      Should our nation be forced into war, know that animosity should not be held toward the people of Dolchland, who have found themselves under a government of tyranny and unfairness; they are the people from which we have descended, and we must treat them with fraternal love, especially now more than ever in a time in which they may feel isolated owing to the unreasonable, imperialist, and unjustified actions taken by the government, of which they virtually have no say in.

      - Chief Consul Köseg

      Although war has not officially broken out, commentators and experts, both military and political, are only counting down to the second in which the first shot may ring out, bring Argis into yet another war, a war larger than any other war within Argis since the First and Second Argic Wars, both of which had significant political, military, and social ramifications within both Stedoria and the rest of Argis's many nations.


      • War breaks out in southern Aurelia; Anatea invaded
      • Mevraqi game devs release video game Monolith to massive praise
      • Lidje resident accused of murder committed over a decade ago
      • New Paysan cultural centre opens in Nolkad
      • Mine collapse in Paysania, no injuries
      Edited by Stedoria (see edit history)



      LABRADOR - Today Pritchett House announced that the Emergencies Act had been invoked, allowing the government to declare war if need be, without congressional approval.

      In a speech to the nation last night, the President said that war very much is on the horizon, and that every Delamarian should prepare for hardship. The Department of National Security has been placed on wartime activities, meaning that it will begin training for civilians and open safe havens in case of bombardment.

      Troops have been mobilised across the country, and the navy has begun enforcing a quarantine of Iwenland, and patrolling the Dolch Sea. The Air Force has been deployed across these areas, but also to Aurelia, where it will support Anatea and Louvier in their conflict with Anglian backed Azania.

      Tensions are mounting on the Velaherian-Dolch border as troops are mobilised on both sides, Dolchland has demanded territorial concessions from Velaheria, to which Velaheria is unlikely to accept, leading to a large conflict, not far from Delamaria. Despite this Velaheria is unlikely to allow allied troops into its country at this time.

    • The Fubukinotochi Star was founded as a newspaper that has since evolved into radio, television, and social media facets as well to distribute the accurate and balanced news of the Stratocracy as the official state distributor of news.

    • rMepWZl.png

      Night of Fire in the Ionian cities because of the war


      Violent demonstrators burning a garbage bin

      Night of fire in all the Ionian cities where the population took to the streets to demonstrate against the war waged by Azuria and Côte de Fourrure.

      The beginning of these demonstrations was mostly peaceful but over time they turned into real revolts that turned the Ionian cities upside down and damaged the embassies of Côte de Fourrure and Azuria as well as acts of vandalism against the embassies of Anglia.

      The police intervention was immediate but injuries were recorded on both sides and more than 50 people were arrested for violent and malicious acts.  The scenes of the clashes are making the rounds of wurld where in San Foca there was the most violent demonstration and the video circulates where a group of violent demonstrators used a homemade rocket launcher to hit the embassy of Azuria.


      Protesters firing a rocket at the embassy of Azuria

      The rocket hit the embassy in Azuria and ignited a fire while Molotov cocktails were used against the embassy in Côte de Fourrure. Injuries were recorded by staff from the embassies affected by the clashes and the most seriously injured were taken to hospitals to provide treatment. 

      Several investigations have been opened to find and punish the culprits of these violent clashes but for the General of the Carabbienri Corps Antonio Leuzi he declared that tracing the authors of these clashes will be difficult as it seems that the entire population has united to make urban guerrilla warfare.

      Words that are confirmed by several interviews made to the population that was demonstrating against the war indicating that the government must act immediately by entering the war alongside the friends of Zaxar, Louvier and Anatea.

      The clash is also political where opposition parties accuse the center-right government of stoking the anger of citizens to find a pretext to go to war. Vice President Alberto Salvini called the words of some leftists crazy while President John Colucci was signing the decree of expulsion of the diplomatic corps Côte de Fourrure and Azuria.  The war has triggered a series of social tensions in Ionian that are leading to violent acts.

      In other news:

      • The solidarity race continues to help the citizens of Louvier, Anatea and Zaxar in this war
      • Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa threatens war if Azuria's ships, planes or missiles violate our borders
      • President John Colucci is already saying that wurld is close to a global war because of Anglia
      • Ionian Stock Exchange goes negative because of the war



      Edited by Ionio (see edit history)




      LABRADOR - Pritchett House has called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council and has put the army, Air Force and navy on a war footing. This comes as Dolchland, Anglia and aligned states begin an aggressive attempt at expansion, first by attacking Iwenland and threatening Velaheria with invasion. 

      The President has triggered the Rapid Response Protocol, putting most of the country’s military within 24 hours of deployment. The government is allegedly pondering declaring an emergency, which would suspend the stock market and give the government powers to act without congressional approval.

      These acts come after Delamaria warned Great Anglia about its invasion in Aurelia, and has pledged arms to support Anatea, Lovrier and Zaxar.

      The Department for National Security has enacted the emergency civil defence protocols and in coming days Delamarians will receive information and advice on living in wartime. In major cities evacuation routes and shelters are being made available, and the government is planning to prevent the sale of fuel overseas.

      Witnesses report seeing large numbers of military aircraft over the skies of southern Delamaria, and navy ships have been seen leaving port.

      The government has promised to continuously update the public on any developments.

    • spacer.png

      At least 800 fines for using a mobile phone while driving – in one week.


      Around 10,000 offences, including 768 relating to the use of a mobile phone while driving, were recorded during the road campaign, ‘Dirigindo Primeiro, Celular Depois!’ (Driving First, Mobile Phone Later!).

      This campaign, involving the National Traffic Safety Council (CNST), the National Republican Guard (GNR) and the Public Security Police (PSP), took place between 3 and 10 of October and aimed to alert drivers to the serious consequences of using a mobile phone while driving.

      During the operations of the Security Forces, in this period, 48,950 vehicles were inspected in person.

      In a statement, the authorities refer to having sensitised 736 drivers and passengers, to whom several messages were sent warning of the dangers of using mobile phones while driving, namely about the increase in reaction time to unforeseen situations, which is greater than the effect of a blood alcohol level of 0.8g/l.

      During the campaign period, 1,878 accidents were recorded (115 less than in the same period), resulting in 14 fatalities, 51 serious injuries and 876 minor injuries.

      Accidents with fatalities occurred in the districts of Morisca (2), Fonseca, Veloz, Nova Joais (2), Felgueiras, Costa Bela (2), Sintra (3), Portalegre (2), and Lagos.

      Edited by Feluga (see edit history)
    • Salvia

      Posted (edited)

      Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports 

      Salvian Markets Quake as War Erupts in Aurelia 

      War in southeast Aurelia between many of its major powers has shaken the Salvian market, with many important stocks dropping several percentage points over the course of last week.

      While the countries are not Salvia’s main trading partners, the fact that the conflict consists of much of southern Aurelia has had an immediate effect on the Salvian economy. This, combined with increased conflict throughout the glube and fears it will increase, has contributed to the economic uneasiness, which started all the way back in early 2021.

      The Salvian Manufacturing Company dropped 6 percentage points while Murway-Kirk, an important technology stock, dropped 9.

      Continuing its expansionary policy, the Central Bank is expected to issue another interest rate cut for October, with a prior cut having just occurred in September. The Concilios also continue to debate another investment bill in infrastructure and key industries to keep the economy on track and the employment near its current rate.

      The legislature is also debating a military spending bill amid concerns that Salvia's neighbor, Alvernia, will become aggressive, allegations Alvernian President Marzeni has denied as “preposterous”. It was revealed this summer that the Alvernian military was being outfitted by Anglia and that Anglia may potentially deploy a full division to Alvernia. This is despite numerous calls from Salvia for Alvernia to distance itself from the Europan nation, which has sparked numerous devastating wars throughout the wurld.

      In a speech given to the Concilio Populi, Salvian president Patrick Saulius has urged for “all people in Salvia, regardless of anything that might divide us, to unite in defense of the salvae.” The president is expected to host top officials from neighboring Tanemum this week to discuss the economic and security situation.


      *Origin of the name Salvia, meaning “heartland” or “home”.

      Edited by Salvia (see edit history)
    • solari.png

      Exarchal Address
      Faithfully Recorded, 22-10-10

      It is with great sadness and dolor that the Damoras administration observes the fate that has been worked against for decades, the summit of the ages and the design of our Aurelian people; the declaration of a conventional war between powers with operational parity on our continent. Condolences are offered to any whose loved ones have been put at risk by this eventuality, who should know that the proper channels have been left open for them via our consulates, who will do anything they can to see to the safety of any Kirvinian citizens and loved ones thereof. Parliament has been convened since the first attacks on the Saksari border began, and has continued to convene in light of events involving Anatheia and Loubiera, with whom our prayers rest. A conclusion which has been reached, which will be discussed with the Aurelian League.

      In the meantime, the Exarchate of Kirvina presents the following complete sanctions against Azuria and Cote de Fourrure:

      • A ban on the export of all foodstuffs, agricultural products and chemicals, and derivatives thereof.
      • A ban on the usage of any Kirvinian-owned (AUrail and subsidiaries) rail network to all nationals aforementioned.
      • A ban on the export of any arms, arms components, military hardware, ammunition, or supplies required for the use thereof.
      • A ban on the commercial airlines of the nations aforementioned from entering Kirvinian airspace.
      • A complete freeze of the finances of any MP, highly ranked army officer, or minister of the nations aforementioned.

      These sanctions can and will be reinforced should the situation change in a direction the Exarchate is not pleased with. Additionally, the Exarchate would like to announce the following three points of stipulation:

      • A volunteer corps will be formed and offered freely to Saksari High Command.
      • Humanitarian aid, including foodstuffs, medical supplies including pharmaceuticals, and pack kit will be donated to Saksari logistics.
      • A military aid package accounting 100 million Adapton Solidus is prepared for Saksari High Command, to be delivered in two weeks.

      Moreover, the Exarchate takes a historic step. A regional termination of the Solar Compact is invoked.

      • All Kirvinian humanitarian and diplomatic staff will have until 22-12-10 (2 months) to vacate the Solar Temples of the Kienássa and Belaléra jurisdictions. Airlifts and land routes will be arranged. After this point, such territories will be returned to the jurisdiction of Cote du Fourrure, and their role as neutral ground will be terminated. The re-location of FHC assets will additionally be provided for.

      Further, Saksari delegates are invited to the next convention of the Ilene Rail, Customs, and Arms Union, to occur on 22-12-01.
      In the name of the Sun, which remains Unconquered, is the will of the people ratified.


      Edited by Kirvina (see edit history)
    • War in Aurelia

      War has broken out in earnest in Aurelia as several states have become involved in intense armed conflict. The nation of Zaxar has begun an aggressive push into Fourruren territory, ignoring the pleas of several other countries to stand down. In response the Occidental-Azanian Pact has used the invasion to justify deployment of military assets to Côte de Fourrure. Before the invasion, the OCA had announced military packages for the beleaguered country, which as far as ENN knows have already been delivered. It is unknown exactly what was delivered to Côte de Fourrure, but considering OCA military resources most analysts agree that it would make the campaign from Zaxar a much more difficult affair. At the moment it is nearly impossible to ascertain the situation on the ground, however some reports have already come in showing the Fourrurens being pushed back from several positions. 

      To make matters worse for the Aurelians the nation of Azuria has declared war on Anatea, which is located north of the Zaxar conflict. Already it appears however that they have received significant support in not only military materiel but actual troops on the ground from Anglia. The pair attacked with lightning speed, overwhelming the Anatean military off and has already broken through Anatean lines in several locations.


      Invasion of Anatea (By Anatea)

      Nations have already come out in support of Zaxar and Anatea, Tagmatium being chief among them. The Tagmatines have already imposed heavy sanctions on their opponents as well as offering aid. It's without a doubt at this moment many nations are already considering their positions and what aid they may send to Aurelia.

      Dolchland Accepts Invitation to OCA, Continues to Rattle its Saber

      In a not so shocking move, the OCA has offered membership to the Dolch Empire, finally solidifying their ties. From a legal perspective within the OCA this will make any needed aid and war participation from the alliance much easier to implement in Argis. This seems to have emboldened the Dolch Empire as reports have surfaced of it moving its forces to the borders of its country, possibly preparing for conflict. It also appears the Dolch Navy has gathered in the small strait between itself and Iwenland, again reiterating its demands, as well as stacking territorial concessions as well. With this posturing, it appears Argis, like Aurelia currently, is standing on the precipice of war.


      The Dolch Navy performing maneuvers

      In response the North Adlantic Union has put out a call of general mobilization amongst all of its members states as war creeps steadily closer. In Seylos, it appears that the King has also activated the War Financing Act, allowing the country to take significant efforts to collects funds for defense spending.

      It also appears that Anglia has sent out many diplomatic requests to Argic nations offering treaties of non-aggression. This has been seen by many analysts as a means of establishing a level of trust on the continent from unaligned nations, as well as ensuring that the pool of countries that it may have to fight would be smaller if war breaks out. It's already been reported that the West Ceris Federation and the Ceriser country of Nesnuebar have already signed their treaties, with the only holdout in Ceris being Hodrea which has so far not commented on its offer from Anglia.

    • kPX1vhH.png


      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and the Arhomaioi watch in dismay as the chaos that started in the southern Occident and western Amutia spreads further wurldwide. It is perhaps not yet entirely clear what, who or which nation is the instigator behind this malaise creeping its way across Eurth, but it is clear that steps must be taken in order to prevent it from reaching other continents. Whilst the Megas Agios Basileia has taken some steps to attempt to starve it of that which fuels it – namely trade – it is becoming clear that this malaise has spread further than initially appreciated.

      From Europa, the heart of civilisation on Eurth, it has spread to the New Wurld. More specifically, Aurelia, the rising star of Eurth. First, it was the pernicious actions of southerly Aurelian nation of the Demokrateia ton Akti apo Gounaon, the Republic of Côte de Fourrure, although they care not to admit it, against the Autokrateia ton Megas Zaxareion, the Empire of Great @Zaxar. These actions were little more than state-sponsored terrorism against the brave and noble people of Zaxareia and his majesty, Autokrator Goulielmos I, was forced to take a stand against the heinous actions of his nation's neighbours and declare war, in order to prevent more of his people falling victim to the crimes of the government of Akti apo Gouna.

      Arhomaneia took the action of placing sanctions against Akti apo Gouna in the form of sanctions. It is hoped that these sanctions will curb the violence against of that nation, aiming to starve them of funds and resources to wage terroristic action against their neighbours. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion must also make clear to those who watch the situation in that part of Aurelia that it stands by the Zaxaroi, although a peaceful end to the conflict is in the prayers of all Arhomaioi. Zaxareia is a key partner of Arhomaneia in Aurelia, and it is not the habit of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion to see its partners so threatened without repurcussion.

      However, the situation in Aurelia has deteriorated further. Another nation, the Omospondiaki Demokrateia tes Azoureias, the Federal Republic of Azuria, has seemingly invaded the Demokrateia tes Anateias, the Republic of @Anatea. This is a monstrous action and was apparently without cause and certainly unwarranted, aiming to destabilise the already fraught nature of the political situation in southern and eastern Aurelia. Anateia has long been a beacon of freedom and justice in the wurld and Arhomaneia cannot and will not stand idly by whilst these actions take place. To their eternal credit, the people of the Regaseion tes Loubereias, the Kingdom of @Louvier, sprang to the aid of their neighbour, Anateia. Their people have united against the threat posed by Azoureia and are undoubtedly on the cusp of turning the invaders back.

      To this end, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion must state that it supports the actions of both Anateia and Loubereia, although Arhomaneia does not have as close a relationship with either nation as it might. Arhomaneia thoroughly condemns the aggressive war started by Azoureia in unequivocal terms.

      There is still time to find a peaceful solution to the invasion and the Azouroi to withdraw from Anateia, though it seems probably that this may not happen. It seems likely that these nations, Azoureia and the Akti apo Gouna, are acting on the behest of another, one that seems keen to sow chaos in the New Wurld in order to profit from it. A nation that has done little more than create similar situations across Eurth.

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, therefore, will levy a series of sanctions against the Omospondiaki Demokrateia tes Azoureias. These sanctions are as follows:

      • A ban on the sale and export export of arms, ammunition and armaments to Azoureia.
      • A ban on the sale and export of raw materials, including but not limited to iron ore, coal, seed oil, petrochemicals.
      • A ban on the sale and export of foodstuffs, agricultural goods, farming machinery, transport equipment, heavy machinery.
      • A ban on the sale and export of automotive parts, vehicles, machinery.
      • A ban on the sale and export of computer equipment, software, hardware, telecommunications equipment.
      • Freezing of accounts and financial exchanges relating to the government Azoureia and members of said governments.
      • Any vessels, military or civilian, registered in Azoureia or part of its navy will no longer be able to use the Dhioryga tou Isthmou.

      It is hoped that this will prevent Azoureia from continuing to pursue aggressive war against Anateia. The embargo will continue until Azoureia has returned their forces to their positions at the start of the conflict and meaningful steps are being taken to ensure peace continues. If steps towards peace are not taken, then the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion reserves the right to increase the severity of the sanctions until such a time as the involved nations realise that peace is in their best interest.

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion praises the actions of the governments of Zaxareia, Anateia and Loubereia in their resistance to the pernicious enemies that are arrayed against them. It also warns the governments of both Azoureia and Aktí apo Gouna that these sanctions are just the start of the measures that the Megas Agios Basileia can take against them. Harsher sanctions and embargoes are being considered, which will undoubtedly cause suffering amongst their people. Whilst Arhomaneia is not in the habit of purposefully injuring the peoples of nations for the actions of their governments, there are times when pressure must be applied in order to make politicians and leaders accountable for their misdeeds. These are, sadly, those times.

      Of course, his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Agios Basileos kai Autokrator ton Arhomaioi kai Isapostolos, leads our nation in prayer, requesting that God change the hearts and minds of the leaders of Azoureia and Akti apo Gouna, so as to lead them away from unjust and unlawful war in Aurelia, against nations who have been the leading light of peace and freedom on that continent. And to turn them away from the whispers issuing from dark hearts that seek to spread misery across the glube for their own gain.

      Peace is in the prayers of all true Christians on Eurth.

    • The National Courier


      10.10.2022 AD

      37.04.1950 AJB




      Prince Ajax Hur Elemmiire of Haruspex now citizen of Ateenia.

      Earlier today, when the scheduled Konráðið meeting was nearing it's end, queen Ena came forward with a proposal to grant her future husband and king consort with the citizenship of the Kingdom of Ateenia. The proposal was initially met with criticism, with Jarl Calder reminding the queen that a person who does not have Ateenian blood running through his veins cannot acquire Ateenian citizenship, stating that this has been the case for centuries and that it would not serve the kingdom well for the queen to start making exceptions out of emotional reasons. Queen Ena responded to Calder's criticism by pointing out that similar exceptions have been made in the past by previous monarchs. This however did not convince many of the jarls, with Jarl Calder pointing out that Queen Ena has been making so many unstable decisions and multiple violations of the Ateenian law during her reign that any more would only raise unrest in the kingdom and would severely hurt what is left of her image among the common populace.

      The Queen, ignoring Jarl Calder's warning, stated that the people of Haruspex, especially it's royals share a common blood with the Ateenians through King Jorling Kalinka's bloodline. She noted that the Imperium of Haruspex was founded by the descendant's of Knorr Kalinka, one of the sons of Jorling Kalinka, and his raiding party which got lost in Europa. She insisted that despite the blood tie being almost two thousand years old, the Haru still carry Ateenian blood in them. Because the law does not specify through how distant ancestor must the blood tie be, many of the jarls were convinced enough to begin voting.

      Proposal to grant Prince Ajax Hur Elemmiire the citizenship of the kingdom of Ateenia passed Konráðið just barely with 9 votes being for and 8 against it, 6 of the jarls abstained, with queen Ena's vote being the tiebreaker.

      It is suspected that this decision might make it possible for future exceptions to be made for all Haru citizens, bringing the two brother nations even closer and resulting in historical changes in Ateenia in the future.



      On other news:

      • The Ministry of Defence rumored to be preparing a procurement plan for 1951-1952 (2023-2024) and is expected to present it to Konráðið in the coming weeks.
      • The Federal Republic of Azuria launches invasion into the Republic of Anatea.
      • Reportedly there are border skirmishes at the border of the Republic of Cote De Fourrure and the Empire of Greater Zaxar. Minister of Foreign Affairs Torvi Helgidóttir seeks both sides to refrain from escalation and solve the disputes through diplomatic options.
      • Ateenian ministry of foreign affairs has marked Cote De Fourrure, Anatea, Louvier and Azuria as unsafe and has asked the Ateenian citizens to refrain from traveling to the listed countries as well as those already present there, to evacuate. Travelers to Zaxar are to reconsider their plans.  The Ateenian embassies to Port au Sud, Solisea, Saint Philippe and New Godstone have been reduced to essential staff only due to heightened risks.
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    • Ionio

      Posted (edited)


      President John Colucci announces harsh sanctions against Anglia and Azuria


      John Colucci during the press conference

      John Colucci's press conference was very intense where the president illustrated the urgent measures that Ionio is taking but there was no lack of diplomatic slips that the president made.  First of all, he illustrated the desire to impose heavy sanctions against Anglia and Azuria in addition to the seizure of assets present in Ionio In addition to saying that he was ready to send military equipment but did not rule out the possibility of going to war next to Anatea and Louvier. First of all, he illustrated the desire to impose heavy sanctions against Anglia and Azuria in addition to the seizure of assets present in Ionian. In addition to saying that he was ready to send military equipment but did not rule out the possibility of going to war next to Anatea and Louvier.

      The Chief of Staff of the Ionian Army Carlo Villa illustrated that he is enhancing defense along the Louvier border and threatened that any military ship that violates the special economic zone and any missile that falls on the territory of Ionian will be considered a hostile act and involves the entry into the war of Ionio.

       On the issue of a rumor in which Ionio is creating a special economic area to favor the military industry, the president said that it is under discussion but will only be available to those nations that have received the invitation.  There were moments of tension at the press conference where for some reason the president's microphone remained active and it was said that Anglia and Azuria are nations led by mentally ill people. The phrases said by the president created a small diplomatic incident but the staff immediately dismissed saying people in these situations can take emotional. 

      Anti-war demonstrations are taking place in all Ionian cities, especially around the embassies of the CDF, Anglia and Azuria.

      In other news:

      • The crisis in Aurelia. Everything you need to know
      • Vandalism continues against the embassies of the CDF, Anglia and Azuria.
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    • ROITERS: OCA incursions are first strike, warns EOS

      The Entente of Oriental States said that it would consider any move by the Occidental-Azanian Pact into Meteorolan airspace as a "first strike." EOS wants to prevent OCA from growing its military force around the islands of Ayubi and Damak Var.


    • Roiters News

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      OCA incursions are first strike, warns EOS

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      EOS aircraft increase Saeida Strait sorties DESETI — The Entente of Oriental States said that it would consider any move by the Occidental-Azanian Pact into Meteorolan airspace as a "first strike." EOS wants to prevent OCA from growing its military force around the islands of Ayubi and Damak Var.

      On Friday, the Orinese permanent representative Tobiya Wayanor told journalists that the Entente takes such incursions very serious. Wayanor said "Yes" when asked if a warplane's violation of Meteorolan airspace would be seen as a first strike. “We have always said we won't be the first to strike, which means we won't do it without them firing missiles,” Wayanor said. “But now, since OCA has started using other means, that definition has changed. We will consider any crossing of military aircraft or vessels as a first strike.”

      EOS claims that the OCA is attempting to erode their established buffer zone. Especially since July 2021, when Ayubi and Damak Var sought to associate with EOS. For the past fifteen months, an average of one OCA military aircraft per day has crossed the median line dividing the Strait of Saeida. OCA's military aircraft and warships have stayed outside the small 12-nautical-mile (22 kilometre) area that Damak Var considers its territorial sea and airspace. According to an unnamed Varian official, Damak Var would retaliate if OCA forces crossed the line. “If any OCA's aircraft, vessel or military transport crosses the line, we won't hesitate to destroy it.”

      Wayanor on Wednesday said that OCA’s incursions are undermining the idea of the median line. OCA retorted that only Orioni is to blame for escalating tensions, because of EOS' more vocal support for Damak Var, and that it does not recognise the median line. Wayanor added that the Varian and Ayubid militaries plan to continue patrolling and training east of the line. “EOS wants to avoid accidents as much as possible,” he added. “We will do our best to avoid a minor incident that could make the situation worse,” Wayanor said. “But if OCA escalates their actions, we will show our determination.”

      Related news:

    • Dolchland Warns Stedoria and Seylos

      Emperor Heinrich Johannes von Ausburg of Dolchland sent out scathing diplomatic messages to @Stedoria, @Seylos, and @Delamaria today regarding the island nation of Gadutea located to the south of Seylos. The island has been embroiled in controversy after severe political unrest has consumed the country after a bombing and continued Stedorian involvement in the nations politics. According to the Treaty of Tenby, signed in Seylos in 1971, foreign military influences were to be removed from the island following the creation of the Free State. However, the treaty itself does not authorize the use of force from either Seylos or Delamaria. To make matters more complicated political parties opposed to State-President Isenhour have heavily opposed the treaty, claiming it as a way to move Gadutea forward as a nation.


      Photo of Treaty of Tenby Signing, 1971

      It appears however, the revitalized Dolchland has taken issue to all claims in the matter and has sent a sharp warning to all countries involved.

      "It deeply disturbs the Dolch Empire to see so many vultures hovering over the proud people of Gadutea. It is obvious to all that Seylosian and Delamarian claims to this 'treaty' are without merit, they are not Dolch and yet claim to be able to govern the lives of Dolch peoples on top of their own. The Kingdom of Seylos has been the most egregious with its continued meddling in Dolch affairs for decades, attempting to twist and shape our people from afar to fit their strange ideals. Still we must warn the government of Stedoria in their obvious attempts at absorbing these lands that the Dolch people belong with only one place, and that is the the Dolch Fatherland. It is clear that that the Stedorian government must be led by more Dolch centered parties, much like the National Front that has appeared recently."

      OCA Begins Weapons Shipments

      As Zaxar begins mobilization for potential war with Côte de Fourrure the OCA has announced a large military package to "Defend the sovereignty of Côte de Fourrure". So far, as revealed by the OCA authorities, the value of this aid is around 250 million Adapton Solidus, making it a substantial contribution to the small nation. The aid covers shipments in small arms, vehicles, and cash payments in order to bolster the CDF military. The OCA has also sent a warning to @Zaxar.


      An OCA shipment

      "The Occidental-Azanian Pact is continually disturbed by the attempts of Zaxar to force war on the most poor intelligence. If Zaxar is persistent in its attempts to force a war of aggression on Côte de Fourrure, the OCA has not kept intervention off the table."

      The possibility of an OCA intervention could represent an enormous escalation of the pact's New Wurld efforts as even Anglia, which is a part of the OCA, has not announced full military support for its New Wurld allies. A war between Zaxar and Côte de Fourrure has the potential of igniting conflicts across of the New Wurld.

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      Bienvenue sur Télé-Louvier ! 

      La Société de télédiffusion de Louvier est une chaîne publique de télévision éducative dans le pays de Louvier. Il s'agit d'une société nationale détenue par le gouvernement de Louvier. 

      Welcome to Télé-Louvier!

      The Louvier television broadcasting company is a public educational television channel in the country of Louvier. It is a national company owned by the government of Louvier.

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