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      15.06.2021 AD

      11.03.1949 AJB




      Preparations for Miðnóttleysa festival begin.

      People all around Ateenia have begun preparing for Miðnóttleysa festival that is only 7 days away and like always, lasts untill the 20th of Sólmánður. Like always, the government asks that people would get overboard with the purchasing of alcohol and food.

      The Queen herself has begun preparing for the festival as evident by the number of trucks, full of sacrificial animals, logs. food and alcohol, entering the Royal Palace. It is expected that many Ateenians can celebrate Miðnóttleysa next to the Royal Palace this year aswell, just like all the previous years and like always, all people of Ateenia are welcomed to the party, the queen is hosting. Almost all the buisnesses will be closed on the duration of the festival like always and every worker shall be one way or the other, celebrating Miðnóttleys whether on duty or off duty. The emergency workers will traditionaly set up their tents in those festivals to keep doing their job while also partaking in the celebration.

      Last year, most of the Ateenian streets and roads were empty with almost everyone partaking in the festival. The festival was also the direct cause for the increased birth rate in Lífsmánður when tens of thousands of new children were born. The Midsummer festival has also sometimes been called the festival of life or the festival of love due to many new couples forming and many pregnancies happening during the Miðnóttleysa. The primary purpouse of this festival is still to make sacrifice to the gods and to party in the name of the gods so that good fortune and fertility may be granted to all of Ateenia. Some say that the allfather Vrjoln and many other gods also took part of the festival, this year it is hoped that the festival will be even greater so that the gods may attend once again. Unfortunatly last years Miðnóttleysa festival was also the reason of death for hundreds of people that either died of drowning, overdrinking or other accidents, 1 death also occured because of fighting, however the killer was cleared of charges due to both parties being consenting to the fighting and too drunk. This year the government advises to take better care in making sure that fights end before anyone gets killed and that no one fights unless they are absolutely certain that they can hold their own. The Queen wants to remind Ateenians that its better to admit defeat in a fight rather then to fight untill you die. 

      The Queen will give the festivals opening speech in the 18th of Sólmánður (22nd of June) when the festival will begin.


    • A War At an End

      Reports have been confirmed that the High Priest of the Northern Sentist faction of Sentists has been captured after fleeing his administrative compound south of the Rewhain border. The capture occurred after the joint Seylosian/Tagmatine/Gallambrian forces made for the final push on the Sentist compound. Allied forces expected to find a battle to the death, instead finding themselves accepting the surrendering of tens of thousands of enemy soldiers looking to escape from the horrors of Sentist conscription. Despite the surrender of the vast majority of Northern Sentist armies, Allied armies have been left to deal with the terrible aftermath. Seylosian troops have walked in on dozens of so called "depopulation camps" spread throughout the region. One of the Sentists major goals was the force the lowering of population on the entire island to create of sort of stability through overall less need. The reality has proven more grim than whatever twisted ideology spawned such a thought. The Hodrean population has experienced a decimation never seen before in the modern era, with early reports showing that a quarter of the population of the entire country has died in the conflict.

      The destruction will be felt most likely for decades to come. It's believed that almost eighty percent of the population aged sixty and over had died in the conflict and half of those aged forty and over had perished as well. Entire cities lay as wasted ruins, including the capital of Liechnenxfax, where one of the most important battle of the war was fought, securing a beachhead for allied forces to fight back against the terrors the Sentists brought against them. On the surface it has appeared that the spirit of the Hodrean people had been broken. Those aged twenty to thirty oddly suffered the least, as many were conscripted into military service, and when face against the technologically superior allied forces surrendered en masse avoiding large scale death. Still however the death toll amongst the allied forces has yet to be calculated, however the Ministry of Defense has released updated figured from Seylos showing that almost five thousand Seylosians had perished in the conflict, many coming from the emergency soldiers recruited in the drive to quickly expand the military facing this threat.


      However hope has not been lost in the creation of the Hodrean Provisional Government, headed by one Derren Werner, the highest ranking Hodrean military officer that stood their ground despite the Sentist onslaught. Amongst the Hodrean population his support has been almost rabid as he had been on the front-lines of every engagement since the beginning of the war. Taking the role of Provisional President, pending election next year, the new President Werner promised a peaceful restoration of Hodrea, asking for support from her regional allies. In an unprecedented move the Seylosian Minster of Finance, Jason Egan, announced the what has been dubbed the Egan Scheme. The scheme sets to directly invest 75 billion pounds directly into reconstruction and investment efforts within not only Hodrea but surrounding Ceriser countries that had been heavily effected by the conflict. On top of this, thirty seven major Seylosian corporations promised to begin immediate investments into various Ceriser states in an attempt to capitalize on the vast new manufacturing sector now available. While Seylosian law prevents them from paying below Seylosian minimum wage, it is still a vastly cheaper option to pay Ceriser workers compared to Seylosian ones who cost far more.

      What remains on everyone's mind however is what will become of the Southern Sentists. As far as the SBC is aware the Southern Sentists ceased their attacks against Allied forces months before their Northern counterparts, and went so far as to cut off supplies to them once the news of their atrocities reached the world after their destruction of Liechnenfax. A tenuous undeclared truce has filled the border between the NAU, Secryae, and the Provisional Hodrean Government. Only time will tell what the future will hold.

    • qnkH0OO.png

      Hello and welcome to todays coverage of the Ahranaian Federal Press, you are joined today by with just myself today, Steven Austin Olsen, my co-anchor has the day off. On todays coverage we bring you news that a Official Police Commissioner has been announced by the Federal Government today, also The Chancellor will travel to the Grand Duchy of Elde today to officially start the transition process of re-integrating Elde back into the Union with Ahrana.


      The Federal Government had announced today that an official decision on the Official Police Commissioner for the Federal Police of Ahrana, since the establishment of the Federal Police the Director-General of the Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence, Director Alexandra M. L. Core had been appointed the Acting Police Commissioner until a decision on who should be the official Police Commissioner was cleared through the Parliament. 

      As of today at 1000AST the Parliament, Federal Government and the Regional Governments have all decided to appoint Sir Carl Augustine Larsov as the Official Police Commissioner of the Federal Police Force of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. Sir Larsov is a former Lieutenant-Colonel in the Second United Kingdom of Ahrana's Imperial Life Guards under King Gustov XVIII, he served with distinction during the Revolution for the Royal Forces. After the revolution he resigned his commission and went to work on the Farms in the south of Ahrana. When Alexandra M. L. Core became President of Ahrana he entered Military Service under the Presidential Bodyguard unit to which he served under Sigrid. Upon the ratification of the Third United Kingdoms Constitution Sir Larsov was given a Officer Commission again by Queen Aleksandra V. A. M. Chayka II to serve in the Life Guard Regiment as the Commanding Officer. It was decided to give Sir Larsov the job of Commissioner due to his drive against corruption and to better society.

      The Federal Government has stated the following on the appointment of Sir Larsov as Commissioner: "Sir Larsov is the type of dedicated person we need as Federal Commissioner in the Police Force. His dedication to the moral responsibilities we have on this eurth and religious moralities that he holds true to as well as his drive to stomp out corruption wherever it is found is what this country needs at this time. We look forward to working with Sir Larsov and what he will bring to the Police Force..."


      In other news the Chancellor will be leaving for the Grand Duchy of Elde today at 1100AST to begin the tedious process of reintegration of Elde into the Union of Ahrana. The process of reintegration will be a long a technical one but one that the Federal Government is hopeful of for the betterment of Ahrana. The Office of the Chancellor released a statement today with the announcement that the Chancellor would be traveling to Elde, "The Federal Government and the Monarchs are eager to see what the integration process between Elde and Ahrana will bring. Its something that neither government had ever given much thought within the last decade, had the Government of Elde not reached out and signified their wish to rejoin the Union of Ahrana we are confident that it would have been many years before this process had even happened..."

      I am sure every Ahranaian Citizen wishes the Chancellor safe travels and the best wishes as she travels to complete such a historic moment in her career as a politician and as a Ahranaian Citizen.

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      Seventh Amendment finally approved, prevents repeat of disastrous 2010 Election


      Ten years after its proposal in June 2011, the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution has finally been ratified and put into effect. This vital act will reform Fravi elections to prevent deadlocks and repeats of the 2010 Election.

      Over a decade ago, the 2010 Election led to a deadlock in the People’s Council, with no coalitions holding a majority in either the Wing of Legislation or the Wing of Examination. Without a majority in either wing, a government could not form until  2016, following the 2015 Election. While holding a second election was proposed, it was struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional.

      The Seventh Amendment adds a clause to the Constitution that allows for repeat legislative elections 3 months after a government fails to form. However, it does not provide a solution to the decade's long stalemate in the Wing of Examiners.

      Passing the Wing of Legislation in 2012, the Wing of Examiners in 2014, it took 7 years until the required approval of 5 provinces was met. Both Orléans and Barbier approved the amendment in early 2015. Mont de Mercy gave its approval in mid 2016, and Romarin in late 2017. Prétredy finally gave their approval on May 4, 2021. After its approval by Prétredy, a referendum was held, netting 81% approval from voters. Finally, the Vice Presidential Council passed it unanimously late last night, and President Beaumont signed the amendment at 7:43 A.M. this morning, ensuring the Seventh Amendment’s passing. 

      Hopefully, the nation will not have to experience another 2010. But if we do, at least we will have a safety net on the other side.

    • The Truths of Metztli


      Tonight's Headlines:

      "Seylosian Imperialism: Kaseka Treaty is temporarily abolished."
      "Economy officially in recession: government submits to Europa"


      Three days ago the Standing Committee held a highly confidential meeting about the arrival of the imperialists of Anglia onto the shores of the Palu Peninsula. Last night the Standing Committee published and legalised a controversial paper; that the Kaseka Treaty - which has protected us from the overbearing tentacles of Seylos - has been temporarily abolished. The Kaseka Treaty was established by the South Palu Confederation on January 15th 1975 as part of a collection of treaties signed by South Palu and the Seylos to halt Seylosian imperialism, but it appears that the government thinks that to defeat an imperialist one must align themselves with another imperialist, one that still controls territory on our borders and puppets around the brainwashed minds of fallen 'Kasekan' Azlos. Now with the treaty nullified for an unknown duration, Europan Seylos can now station more than one military warship in our territorial waters and put our own naval protection at jeopardy. The nation is open and bare to the Anglos of Seylos and Anglia, it is almost certain the two Europans will attempt to assert their own claims on our sacred land, as many have done in the past, and attempt to set up their own colonies.


                           Photographed Seylosian Warship, 1954


      It was also confirmed that the butchers of Sitallo: Maliano, Tonato, and Palisi, had been invited by the government to wipe their blood ridden hands on our nation by inviting them to speak directly with the Standing Committee, despite their constant human rights violations against their own populations. It is unknown what sort of unholy agreement was signed by the parties involved, however Maliano's private plane was seen leaving Altepetl Tekaken's airport a day into negotiations. Knowing the brute, most likely kicked out for his apeish behaviour.

      More on Anglian Imperialism:
      Anglian forces march on Fearannteth.
      Fearannteth officially dissolved: Imperialists take power.
      Anglian representatives located in The Triple Commonwealth.

      · · ·

      After 25 days in a row of the economy decreasing by more than 0.1%, the Temple of Finance has officially declared a recession which had begun since mid-May. This recession is most likely caused by the removal of the Sunset Sea Islands from the global economy, Anglian expansion upsetting economic trends, and rising tension on the western border with Sitallo. The result of this recession has led to the government submitting towards lesser Europan powers in a bid to set up new geopolitical relationships, this is most obvious with the recent announcement of a join partnership with the socialist nation of @DPR Velaheria, a side-ally to Fulgistan. Although exact deals are unknown and how exports and imports shall be conducted due to the controversial actions of Velaheria in the recent past, through leaks from the eastern refineries that Velaherian and other Europan states have begun to purchase sponsorships of now-defunct Sunset Sea Island aluminium and titanium mines. It is odd why our glorious nation would be wishing to conduct with such barbaric pseudo-socialists when The League has proven itself to be a capable economic bloc with potential new members who qualify to join LAANN.

      It is likely that this unnecessary reliance on globalisation will continue to grow as the economy fully detaches itself from the Sunset Sea Islands.

      More on Globalisation and Sunset Sea Islands:
      Tagmatium and Metztlitlaca sign agricultural agreement
      Embassies established with Delamaria
      Sunset Sea Islands undergo hostile coup.

      · · ·


      Edited by Metztlitlaca (see edit history)
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      North Korinon's Protectorate Naval Command and Control (PNCC) Officer Delin Lo'ana says he and his counterparts from North Korinon and Kaldana agree to patrols across a sea lane where commercial vessels could pass with protection from the NKPN (North Korinon Protectorate Navy), KCIN, and the HIN in relative close proximity from one another.

      Verlucio, North Korinon – North Korinon, Kaldana, and the Sovereign Imperium, will launch joint patrols in potential piracy/conflict waters, Kaldana's own Colonial Imperial Naval Command (KCIN) representative said Thursday, after recent events within the Occidental.

      We are inaugurating a joint patrol of the major commercial sea-lanes that see the most traffic in that area, Lo'ana said in a news conference. 

      The waters between the three nations have become increasingly dangerous in recent months, especially with proximity to Anglian held territories.

      Lo'ana said equipment to help fight the threat of piracy will be in the form of fast boats, drones and radars would be acquired as part of a military modernisation programme that the protectorate is receiving from the Sovereign Imperium.

      Furthermore, the newly formed NKPN has received four corvettes and two frigates of older but still serviceable classes, that will maintain the first leg of the travel from the island to the midway point, wherein the KCIN shall take over. HIN elements will include AWAC support and or naval vessels in the area. 

    • Untitled411_20210605183310.png



      Памаша енрорсен (18) инукаўаяр (андобис мохшалияр) де кер силаўаяр силнди Чихчин натионав иринуач компанимахи Силчи Чихчин сех алидинди сӑмӑ ӑнӑмави т̑гўожи бе модади маш ошт майнар. Цяпоярав мисионар сех тедади Натионав Цяпов Нануксаоти (НЦНсаоти) де б̑гайўарасао атаси иринучи ех локатдади проблемав харе Апсанаш. Шўитани крини бе групи сех сикнди вейхав апсанав милитясао, енк̑геяр чў̑гени бе ана алех ейнди аф̑гидав хандума т̑гўожив де ягав тахпеш, тахпема т̑гўожия, ма ю цех орта юсер фетиди. Мангаяр томиярсао иринучкати арнуни аӄеяр бе групи сех инунди талисарано митарсао Мохшав де Апсанав митарис.

      НЦНи ўес схаўтоно хеликоптерар десицўодини йезсао гвеадица майв де майнар сӑмӑ. Сӑмӑярлети майнар мошсати рош ар иринучи лахамий тахлети дейегайни ною гвесӑдӑн. Дорари шўитани aр̑гев инукаўаярис ицўони дессудно компани Силчи Чихчин атаси онис вох таймтол тай т̑гўожи де игнорниж̑гӑ тай политикави ситуацие мошсас маш дехаўтонди групи. Мунисипари ириничкати бихчадинди фису шўитани мангаижба мо чеий дефетий лилар жок тай мао групи ар aр̑гединди, рое хаўтоий ною стерарав авчаўаяр де клацаўаяр деденюни гочкагаши. Ӄӑўар сйепсино.




      A group of eighteen (18) hikers (mainly of Mokhavian decent) and two (2) tour guids touring the Chikhchin national park with the Tour Chikhchin company have gone missing after the severe storm that hit four days ago. Rescue missions have been lead out by both the National Rescue Service (NRS) and Military as the park is located in the northern part of the currently problematic province of Apsana. Some suspect that the group was targeted by a apsan separatist militia, others say they just went off track in the high rain and wind environment during the storm, but no trace has been found yet. Locals from villages neer the park have concerns that the group was attacked by creatures from both Apsan and Mokhavic myth.

      The NRS is going to be sending helicopters to look from the sky later today and in the next days. In the next days the area in which the park is located in is expecting the weather to severly worsen. The families of some of the lost hikers are looking to sue the Tour Chikhchin company for their lack of acknowledgement of the weather and ignoring the political situation of the area before sending out the group. The municipalities around the park have announced a payment for any locals who are able to go out and find any hints to where the group has disapeared to, which has send quite a few local armed hunters and herders searching the forests. Updates will follow.




      Edited by Mokhavia (see edit history)
    • PWHLWGL.png
      News Report 06/04/2021

      KASHKAR: For Professionals Only?

      Following a deadly three car crash on the Dust Death Tracks and the discovery that all three racers had no formal training in racing, so-called rookie racers, some Cashari have begun questioning whether credentials should be required to race in KASHKAR. The incident has recently garnered national attention as the Board and the Bureau have met to deliberate a new piece of legislation to ban racing without the proper credentials. Proponents of this legislation believe it will dramatically increase safety and reduce the rate of accidents, especially deadly ones on KASHKAR races. Opponents of the legislation say it spells doomsday for KASHKAR as accidents and wrecks are part of the excitement that comes with the sport.

      Jimbat Kridshar, CEO of KASHKAR, also opposes this piece of legislation saying: "KASHKAR has a long and noble tradition of being open to all who want to race regardless of where they come from, whether physically or economically. Putting strict requirements on our racers would mean barring those from the lower economic class from being able to move up the economic ladder through the exciting job of extreme racing. Some of our finest racers were people who were self-taught. You don't need a fancy education to race; you just need the drive."


    • ROITERS: Anglian warship catches fire, sinks in Adlantic

      KEROON HOLD, Dragonryders -- A warship in the Anglian navy caught fire and later sank last week in the Adlantic Ocean under unclear circumstances, the latest calamity to strike the country’s military in recent weeks amid tensions with the EOS.


    • KELhWM4.gif

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      Anglian warship catches fire, sinks in Adlantic

      KEROON HOLD, Dragonryders -- A warship in the Anglian navy caught fire and later sank last week in the Adlantic Ocean under unclear circumstances, the latest calamity to strike the country’s military in recent weeks amid tensions with the EOS.

      As of yet unconfirmed images show fire on deck during the twilight hours, the Europan News Network (ENN) reported, but firefighting efforts failed to save the ANS Javelin. Anglian media reported no casualties, but it is believed that 400 sailors and trainee cadets were on board, some of who may have fled the vessel. Photos circulating on Wittier showed sailors wearing life jackets evacuating the vessel as a fire was burning behind them.

      ins-javelin.jpgENN published a picture of thick, black smoke rising from the ship late Wednesday evening. Satellites from the EOSAT that track fires from space detected a blaze near Keroon Hold that started just before the time of the fire reported by ENN. Satellite images published by EOSAT showed the Javelin off Keroon Hold with no sign of fire as late as 18:00h on Wednesday.

      The ship sank off the Ryderian coast near Keroon Hold, some 150 nautical miles west of Dragonryders in the Adlantic Ocean, well outside territorial waters but within the EEZ.

      Anglian officials were quick to offer their account of the catastrophe, accusing the Ryderian government of launching an anti-ship missile while the Javelin was conducting training exercises. The Ryderians strongly refute this allegation. An official investigation has yet to begin. 

      Like much of Anglia's major military hardware, the Javelin dated back to the 1980s. That ageing military equipment has seen fatal accidents occur before. The Javelin was seaworthy enough to operate in both green and blue water.

      The attacks came amid heightened tensions between the EOS and Anglia after the latter's ongoing aggressive actions in the Occident. The Orinese chairlady’s office did not respond to a request for comment regarding the Javelin. EOS permanent representative Mr Tobiya Wayanor said the EOS was aware of the loss of the ship but declined to comment further.

      Coup in Alshamal ousts Grand Vizier

      SABAH, Alshamal -- During an almost undetected coup in Alshamal, the Grand Vizier Mamadou bin Sambo of Alshamal was quietly arrested and exiled from his country. When this news was broadcast, large protest demonstrations were held throughout the country.

      On 15 May, he denounced the Occidental-Azanian Pact for its implied support of the Anglian aggression. Later that same day he was detained by military officers, taken to the international airport in Sabah and sent to Orioni. As the Grand Vizier boarded the plane to take him out of Alshamal, many of the Royal Guardsmen wept.

      From his residence in exile, he called upon the opposition to help preserve the constitution, proposing a "national unity" government. The Anglian-backed figurehead King rejected these demands and appointed his own interim government instead.

      The newly-established Occidental-Azanian Pact was enshrined in treaty during a public conference by representatives from Anglia, Suverina, Jilderen, Bulungi, Afropa, Sa Hara, Mahdah, Hakenium, and Alshamal.

      The pact implies bringing together many Europan states in one common cause for "strength and unity". However, rumours of how the negotiations went down reveal a much different story. Anglian officials applied intense pressure on these states, many of whom trade extensively with the hostile nation.

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      The Capital Paper
      "Standing Committee has announced an emergency meeting after 'unrecognised annexation of Fearannteth'."
      "Halpapōca protests increase as prototype fertilisers are tested on national lands."


      Standing Committee has announced an emergency meeting after "unrecognised annexation of Fearannteth"
      An urgent high-level committee meeting is to take place twenty four hours after the announcement of the illegitimate takeover of the Kingdom of Fearannteth by the Europan Kingdom of Anglia. The announcement was first made public this morning through Oyussard channels. Currently Metztlitlaca has not recognised the imperialist annexation by the Europan power, however the Minister of Naval Logistics has made a public statement that the "unrecognised annexation of Fearannteth should not and will not be ignored by the Dominions of Metztlitlaca" as well as the Archpriest's public announcement that sanctions are likely to be discussed and imposed upon the Kingdom of Anglia and the illegitimate "Commissariat of Mesothalassa". 

      It is likely that the Ministers and Priests of the Temple of the Warriors and the Higher Priesthood will also make an appearance at the meeting. Lieutenant General Tonato and two other generals of Sitallo have officially announced they would also be at the meeting tomorrow, confirmed by the take-off of private airplanes at Sita ti Fitoria Capital Airport towards central Metztlitlaca. An unnamed Seylosian and Kasekan representative has also been confirmed to be at the meeting due to disclosed information on the part of the Kasekan regional government.


      Halpapōca protests increase as prototype fertilisers are tested on national lands.
      The largest group of protestors congregated at the city of Činčay last night in protest of recent tests of new types of chemical fertilisers on the Halpapōca Dominion's national lands.
      National lands are territories directly owned by the Metztlican government, primarily made up of ex-Archpriest territories or farm land confiscated from convicted criminals, that can be used for any purpose the government wishes. Much of this land is leased out cheaply to government-sponsored and government-approved corporations. Many of the protests began as several acres of farm land around Činčay - which were national lands - were repurposed as sites for the Metztliximic national company for the testing of new experimental chemical-based fertilisers. Protests rose as tests began on the 25th and 27th of May.

      The current demands of the Činčay protestors are for the withdrawal of the Metztliximic test sites and the return of the national land as arable land. The CEO of Metztliximic, who is to remain anonymous, stated that it was a "shame that the people of Činčay have fallen to selfish short-term interests over the success and strength of the nation as a whole, and that the new fertilisers will aid in the growing independence of Metztlitlaca.".



      Halpapōca Goat Herd near the city of Činčay. Picture provided by Metztlican National Geography Priesthood.

    • Salvia

      Posted (edited)

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      Populi Representatives Lampoon President Saulius Over Reunification with Alvernia, Foreign Policy

      Several notable representatives of the Concilio Populi, both from the TauPoristas and Ductaha, have issued a joint statement criticizing President Saulius on the issue of reunification with Alvernia.

      “[The President] has placed the concerns of foreigners and foreign governments over the needs and wants of the people,” a line from the letter read. “Instead of uniting the Salvian people, he instead places his focus on issues that are not our own.”

      The letter was signed by over 50 representatives, mostly from urban centers and the south, and was split relatively evenly between conservatives and progressives.

      The statement comes around a month and a half before Concilio and presidential elections, and at a time when Salvian unification is a hot and divisive political issue.

      Saulius met with Alvernian leader Marco Marzeni last June to discuss closer integration, and while the talks were celebrated at the time, the Salvian president has drawn criticism as little materialized.

      Trade and Finance Minister Leo Conway announced last November that there were ongoing plans to form a ‘Salvian Economic League’ to further encourage integration, but since then little has been revealed about when it would happen or what it would look like.

      Saulius has spent much of the last few months directing government focus to international affairs, with conflict in Ceris and Europa occupying the executive for some time. 

      This is to the chagrin of many, who have demanded unification with other Salvian-majority nations for some time now. The first large pro-unification rallies took place back in December 2019 and have only grown in popularity.

      Recent NSBN polling has revealed that unification with Alvernia has the support of up to 65% of Salvians. This is up from just 43% in early 2020 and despite warnings from some politicians and economists that unification could result in consequences that Salvia would have to deal with “for years to come.”

      Unification is staunchly opposed by the Marenai Party, which has argued that Salvian nationalism will result in the rights of natives taking a major step back. Already, attacks on native Marenai homes and places of worship have skyrocketed since 2019, perhaps confirming their fears.

      Despite their political allies opposing unification, more and more conservative TauPoristas have backed it. President Saulius, a TauPorista, has refused to declare a side, and Ductaha presidential candidate Kano Wehiako, a Marenai himself, has stated that he is personally against it, but would “allow the Salvian people to decide.”

      Alvernian leader President Marco Marzeni took to social media to comment on the statement, saying, “This should serve as a wake-up call to President Saulius - unification is what the Salvian people want, not foreign wars!”

      Edited by Salvia (see edit history)
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      As vigorous debate rages on over proposed tax reforms, legislators in every seat of the circle are tired and frustrated as debate on the taxes reached 50 hours last night.

      The proposed tax reforms would raise taxes for the first time in decades. The increase would be felt hardest on the few independently run businesses in Fravina, especially the owners of these establishments. As it stands, the tax increase is supported by the National People's Party, Communist Party, and roughly half of the Social Labour Party. Opposed by the Liberal Party, Conservative Party, Capitalist Party, and the other half of the Social Labour, the Council is hung on the issue.

      Breaking the tradition of civil behavior in the People’s Council, brawling broke out Friday evening during debate. Legislators, tired and frustrated from the longest debate in Fravi history, took out their anger on their fellow members. The fight, which left 58 injured, was the largest piece of legislative violence ever experienced in Fravina.

      The melee left National People’s leader Claude Hugo and Capitalist Party leader Vincent Wolff hospitalized. Both were attacked by Vice President Louise Rochefort, wielding a fire extinguisher. Rochefort was herself attacked by Nicolas Bellamy, an aide for Wolff, using a chair which knocked her out for over half an hour.

      The fight, which lasted 43 minutes, was eventually broken up when police stormed the chamber. Many legislators and aides were quickly admitted to local hospitals, and the consequences to be faced by those involved are still being considered.

    • The following is a published letter in the press in relation to A Fox's Affliction.

      Published the Morning of May 29th, 2021 in the Yulaa Spectator and Portman's Daily

      From the Desk of Commissary General Charles Metcalf of the @Great Anglian Commissariat of Mesothalassa

      From this day forth, the Kingdom of Fearannteth is no more and shall cease to exist. The pathetic excuse known as a government in Fearannteth has collapsed in on itself. It stood on a weak foundation, lacked true leadership. It has failed its citizens. So far their star has fallen from their greatest height, you would be excused for not believing they were capable of fielding the greatest army the Adisi had seen. No more shall House Cassie, a failed House, continue to reign. From henceforth, the Great Anglian Commissariat of Mesothalassa shall begin and oversee the improvement and betterment of the daily lives of the Fearann people - Anglian peoples.

      May this communication serve as a formal notice to neighbors (@Metztlitlaca, @Eulycea, Yeosan via @Fulgistan, @San Castellino, @Kertosono) friendly and hostile alike: transgressions tolerated by the previous regime will be met with the fire and fury of her fleet, the likes of which have never been seen before. Gone are the days of their token sell swords and pathetic gunboats. Further, any attempts to disrupt Anglian affairs will be met with a greater amount of force without warning or notice. We welcome those willing to cooperate for the greater prosperity of Eurth rather than dabble in geopolitics and play white knight because you believe to have the high ground. Opposition to the Empire would be a grave error and the beginning of your undoing.


      Charles Metcalf III
      Commissary General of Great Anglian Mesothalassa

      OOC: I have chosen to publish this, more personalized and indirect communication in the Oyusard press as opposed to foreign relations desks as basically to illustrate Anglia's unwillingness to further acknowledge those who have essentially already begun to oppose them like LAANN.

    • Untitled411_20210605183310.png

      Ӄачўадӑл кеж̑гӑ Натионав Ӄӑўар Ж̑гай Амохшфетис!

      Welcome to the Mokhavian National News Netwrok!



      The НӃЖА (MNNN / M triple N) is the official news outlet of the nation of Mokhavia, every news articles about Mokhavia will be posted here, all translated into the english language for international viewing. Even tho the network has a reputation of being anti-biast towards the nation itself compared to other news networks in Mokhavia, publishing articles even from (certain) Apsan journalists, despite the current political situation.


      News Director: Ивар Мок̑галт | Ivar Mokġalt



       17, Qġahama Chġitodġay str., Moshkal 1111, Mokhavia

       +77 571 329 617



      Edited by Mokhavia (see edit history)
    • zrrQ3BX.png










      Translation provided by the Kertosono Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

      Police station burnt by locals in Condropuro
      1 Ketigo 1928

      Pictured above: Condition of the police station in Condropuro after being burnt by locals


      From Condropuro, a police station was burnt by locals living near the station early this morning. The incident was sparked by locals who accused police officers of not performing their duty, showing a lack of performance and capability in dealing with crime in the area. Locals say that crime has increased in the area, and that they have reported numerous crimes to the police without much sucess. The fire was able to be put out by 7.31 local time by firefighters from Candipuro, a neighboring city. There were no casualties nor injuries during the burning, but losses are estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of mas.

      Sugiyanto Sabran, a protestor who took part in the burning, has said that this is the final straw and real anger of the people of Condropuro, after years and years of neglect and unprofesionalism. "I lost my motorcycle three months ago, and I still haven't got word from the authorities. All of the people here share a similar story with me. Crime is increasing, the criminals are rich, and we, the people, are suffering. We thought that it would be the same if there wasn't any police present in the area"

      The burning of the police station has attracted national attention for its ironi and portrayal of the Kertic police in general. The chief of police Rudiyanto Nagasmoro has stated that he was saddened by the events that happened in Condropuro, and has vowed to increase the performance of the national police in general, and in Condropuro in particular. The head of the Condropuro sector was sacked of his official duty, and all officers registered to the station have gone into mandatory audit.

    • Europan News Network

      Anglian Ship Sunk Near Dragonryders Coast

      KEROON HOLD, Dragonryders -- Anglian government officials have confirmed the sinking of the INS Javelin off the coast of Dragonryders, though circumstances remain incredibly unclear. The Anglian government claims that an anti-ship missile struck the ship in its magazine creating a tremendous explosion shortly thereafter. Anglian authorities have claimed that they have tried search and rescue operations for possible survivors, but rescue ships have been warned off by ships from Dragonryders. The Ryderian government has come out quickly against these claims however, stating that their naval vessels have never come into any hostile conflict and that any of their ships in the region were in fact responding to a distress call regarding a fire on board the Javelin.


      :pic: INS Javelin on fire off the Ryderian coast.

      Only a single low quality image of the incident has been released (pictured above) showing the ship having suffered a recent catastrophic explosion. The extent of the damage is unclear in the photo and in fact the source of the damage is difficult to identify with reportedly the magazine fully detonating after the image was taken. With the Javelin having sunk beneath the waves it may be impossible to determine what truly occurred unless more visual evidence is released later.

      Of course, calls of doubt have circled around the Europan community as coincidentally and increase in border disputes have been seen between OCA and non-aligned nations in the Azanian south.


      Reports of Anglian New Wurld Activity

      SCHLAMMBURG, Dolchland -- There have been unconfirmed reports of the potential increased Anglian diplomatic activity spreading throughout the New Wurld, though ENN cannot at this time independently confirm the exact nature of these meetings. However anonymous sources in Seylosian intelligence have talked about numerous internal briefings that have been had over the course of the past week regarding Anglian diplomats landing in Dolchland for possible talks. Dolchland has been a regional antagonist for the peoples of Eastern Argis, plaguing the region with coastal piracy and nonstop military threats. Even with the war in Ceris winding down there is no doubt that Seylos feels immense pressure at the possibility of any Anglian connection. Worth noting as well that the Velaharians, who gained their independence from Dolchland in the mid 20th century, would be equally scared of anything that could strengthen their former overlords.

      Reports continue in the south of Alharu where Anglian diplomats were spotted arriving in the capital of Fearannteth, though media coverage of the event within the country was quickly suppressed leading to little or no verifiable information on any meetings. Anglian support of Fearannteth could upset of the balance of the region as its closest rival, Metlzlitlaca, has been distracted by instability to the west of the country. If such a meeting is occurring it could be a direct threat to Oyus, which has been exceptionally aggressive towards Anglian activity in Europa. Even more worrisome for the Metzlitlacans is unconfirmed reports of Anglian activity in the Triple Commonwealth, a former part of the Crescent Empire that is also experiencing instability much like the rest of the empire's successor states.

      ENN will continue to monitor the situation as little evidence exists at this point to explain exactly what is going on.

    • MciuKky.png


      Angleia Crisis Spreads across the Glube

      In a surprising move, the League of Alharu and Aurelian Native Nations (LAANN) has followed Mitriarkheia tou Ouiou, the Matriarchy of @Oyus, and announced that it would be carrying out a stop-and-search policy against all vessels of the Regaseia tes Megas Angleias, the Kingdom of Great Anglia. This is undoubtedly in response to the aggressive actions of Megas Angleia in the southern Occident but goes significantly further than the embargo placed upon the nations concerned by our holy nation and the Gharoi. Likely, Megas Angleia will be able to portray this as an aggressive move by LAANN and may well respond in kind. Or even attempt to up the ante in some manner. It is thought that the current Angleiki government does view the New Wurld with envious eyes, since the impoverished state of Europa stands in contrast to the often bombing economy on the other side of the glube.

      In the Occident, it seems that Arhomaneia has been joined by the Exousiokrateia in its embargo on the countries at war. In the past, the Gharoi have often stood aloof from affairs of the rest of Europa, or indeed Eurth, often not getting involved and attempting to pursue its own affairs. In recent years, Gharon (@Haruspex) has been at the forefront of events, with the invasion of Koussoeia and then Korinion. This has put the alliance between Prathen and Tagmatika to breaking point – but this alignment of action may well be the first step towards repairing, or at least normalising, relations between the two allies. Both nations will be concerned about a wider conflict in the Ragas Thalassa. It is one of the key trade routes into central Europa.

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has also invited representatives from the Gerousiastikí Omospondeia tes Sporseias and Despotaton tes Euandreias to Tagmatika to discuss the ongoing situation. It is well known by now that Arhomaneia threatened retribution against Megas Angleia if they crossed the border into either country. Reported, it was met by ambivalence by Sporseia but with indignation by Euandreia. Sporseia has had turbulent relations with all of its neighbours and the provinces being fought over were, in the past, part of that nation. But its recent troubles have meant that it is in very little position to do much more than protest against the spreading of the conflict.

      Euandreia, on the other hand, is a close ally of the Demokrateia tou Kyptou. The Despotaton has a historic alliance with Kypton but it was defensive in nature and the Kyptoi struck first. The small Euandreiki military would not necessarily be up to supporting that of their southern neighbour, especially as they are also engaged in a low-level conflict with the Regaseia tes Ghallamvreias (@Gallambria) . Again, this seems to have been more or less at the instigation of the Kyptoi, rather than the Marenesian nation. It will likely be that the Euandreiki government will not agree to joining any embargo against Kypton.

      In all likelihood, the attempts by Arhomaneia to get either nation to act in concert with it will fall flat. If the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion suggests that it could deploy troops to either nation to drive home to the Angleiki that it cannot turn north after any campaign against the Kyptoi, then this will probably be rejected out of hand by both the Euandreioi and the Sporseioi. They will not want to give their larger neighbour an excuse to put soldiers into their nations, even if it is nominally for their protection. Our nation has displayed some revanchist tendencies in the past and they will be as worried about those as the intentions of the Souberinoi and the Angleioi.

      Even if the government's plans to try to bring the other Arhomaiki nations to an agreement on how to react to the growing conflict and the aggressive plans of the Angleioi succeed, it seems as if there may be little to stop the crisis worsening. It does seem that unless either the nations of the LAANN or Megas Angleia back down over their sabre rattling, there could well be an incident in the seas that sparks a sudden widening of the trouble.


      Heterodox Treasures Seized

      A cache of gold and silver objects, including statues and jewellery, were uncovered in a field outside of a small village to the south-east of Matapon several weeks ago. As was proper, the metal detectorist who unearthed them reported their discovery to the Logothesion ton Kletorologion, the Ministry of Culture. Representatives of the Logothesion took possession of the items, pending investigation into their provenance and valuation. At first, the items were assumed to be ancient Aroman items, from before Arhomaneia adopted Christianity as its state religion. However, once several experts in ancient Aroman artefacts had taken a look at the items, it was realised that the items were much later.

      Instead, the items were found to date from before the “Empnefsion”, the “Inspiration”, when our holy nation rejected the use of images in religious ceremonies and the corrupt hierarchy of the old Church was swept away and replaced by one that truly treasured the word of God. The items were also realised to depict Christ and the saints, in direct contravention of the Commandments. The Logothesion ton Kletorologion therefore handed the items over to the Logothesion tes Psevdeís Thriskeíes, the Ministry of False Religions. Rather than the finder and the landowner receiving part of the monetary value of the items, they will now be taken without any payment and either hidden away or destroyed.

      This has been met with a level of outrage from several parties. Both the finder and the landowner have not been willing to comment, but it is known by this paper that they are looking to attempt to sue the Logothesion tes Psevdeís Thriskeíes, in order to get the money that they feel that they are owed for their discovery. The Logothesion, in turn, has not made any direct comment on the threatened lawsuit, pointing out that it would be morally and spiritually dubious for anyone to make a profit from these sinful artefacts. This standpoint has often been opposed by academics and members of cultural organisations, who state that all it means is that any finds are sold on the black market and smuggled out of Arhomaneia or held on to by shady collectors. They say that this results in our nation's history being lost to us, rather than there being any potential for heretical beliefs infecting our God-guided nation, as the obvious correctness of our beliefs outshines any such heresy.

      “In some ways, the actions of the Logothesion tes Psevdeís Thriskeíes is of course correct,” said Methodianos Simokattes, a lecture of archaeology at the Panepistímion ton Petrion, the University of Petrion. “However, if these items are destroyed, then we will lose valuable information. Whilst we have a lot of secular artefacts from this period, and before, we have very little in the way of religious artefacts. The Logothesion must consider turning them over to researchers for study. There are many such artefacts are held by universities and museums in other countries and it results in the Arhomaioi losing out on what is ours.”

      The ban has been successfully overturned on several occasions in recent years as well. A mosaic was uncovered during the refurbishment of the Nea Palation, the New Palace, in Europatorion in EK7524 (AD2016) which depicted several holy figures. This was preserved after a petition gained almost a million signatures and was presented to the Logothesion ton Deeseon, the Ministry for Information, in its capacity as the body that presents petitions to the Agios Basileos. Before that, in EK7521 (AD2013), the walls of a church in Dymafos was revealed to have religiously-themed painting on it. The Patriarkhes Theodorankos IV himself stepped in to preserve the wall, paying for its removal and preservation in the city museum.

      In the end, it isn't known how long the Logothesion tes Psevdeís Thriskeíes will hold onto the artefacts before any decision will be made on their fate. They may well move to destroy them before the lawsuit has gathered much steam but there certainly is precedence for the artefacts to be preserved on cultural grounds. This would be a boost for those who wish to see the power of the Logothesion diminished even further.

    • Haruspex

      Posted (edited)


      In other news, the Naval High Command has issued orders to the 7th Ranke squadron, to deploy into the Amnalos Sea and that of the Adlantic. 

      The largest deployment of Haru submarines since the end of the 2nd War with Cussia in the mid 2000's has set the alarm bells ringing in across the minds of many.

      According to media reports, quoting Haru National Intelligence Service, in late April, 10 Haru subs, all of which are nuclear-powered, left the port of Perya.

      Four of the boats have commenced defensive exercises, and weapon testing, in an area which includes the Thalassa ton Kataigidon, and the Argic Ocean. The remaining six submarines have transited the North Korinon Gap, and entered the Adlantic.

      The reports said that the deployment includes a pair of the nuclear powered, titanium-hulled 941 Dobruuh-class subs, Knao Fryma (Grey Whale) and Bydeahd Vecransyh (Patient Fisherman). These two boats are carrying out test firings in the Argic Sea, probably of a new version of the VLS P-800 Uhoq (Onyx) Anti-Ship Missile submarine variant.

      It is likely that Prathen is emphasizing that it can carry out, simultaneously, various types of underwater operations in time of war. These are the penetration of the NK Gap, in order to reach the Adlantic to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles and to operate intensively against hostile forces in sea areas nearer to the Imperium and its territories.

      Some analysts believe that the Haru Imperial Naval Command is also signaling a re-calibration of its submarine operations, following several years of emphasis upon Adlantic and Thalassa ton Kataigidon waters.

      Edited by Haruspex (see edit history)
    • spacer.png

      Reporting from the Ministry of Military Affairs, Prathen

      The deployment of the additional Haru troops the colonial territory of Kaldana should not concern other states since this does not pose any threat to them, said SSY (Ministry of Military Affairs) Spokesman Dmitry Risai Elghinn.

      The Sovereign Imperium deploys the legions vast on its soil as it wants to. This should not concern anyone and this is not posing any threat to anyone, Elghinn added.

      Prathen is taking all the necessary measures to ensure the security of its frontiers, he stressed. Elghinn noted that the Haru troops have never taken part and are not participating in armed conflicts currently on Kaldanan soil.

      Video footage, circulated widely on social media purportedly showing Haru military convoys and trains loaded with large amounts of military hardware, including tanks and other heavy armored vehicles, as well as heavy artillery, which were toward the ports of Perya and Ulusk respectively over the course of the previous month.

      House Zun, home of the infamous Tagnik Zun legionary, will be deployed first to Kaldana, paving the way for other forces later. Apart of the Zharrian expansion, four legions are being sent, which comes to a total of thirty-three thousand legionnaires, and around seven thousand or so vehicle and aerocraft crews.

      A dozen or so transport ships, escort craft and others set sail into the Ranke Sea, heading towards the Thalassa ton Kataigidon. From there it will wrap about the horn of Kyussia (Formerly Northern Territories) where it will eventually reach the Amnalos Sea and Kaldana. 

    • Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports 

      Central Bank to Cut Interest Rates as Salvian Economy Sees Small Dip in April

      Chairman of the Salvian Central Bank, Joseph Monziki, has announced that interest rates will be cut back in response to dips in the Salvian economy, which were noted back in April.

      The move was announced after the Salvian Central Bank’s monthly meeting took place last Wednesday. It took into account both April's job report and a report from the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, both of which were released earlier this week.

      “In response to small but notable dips in the economic performance of Salvia these past couple months, the Central Bank Committee will cut interest rates from 5.75% to 4.9% in hopes of stimulating more economic growth,” Monziki announced to the press on Thursday.

      Previous months saw debate between members of the Central Bank Committee over whether to further stimulate Salvia’s recent economic growth. However, Monziki clarified that the decision this time around was “almost unanimous.”

      Most of the economic slowdown was caused overseas. A coup in the Sunset Sea Islands mid-April caused some stagnation in many nations while the Anglian invasion of its neighbors has worried the international market. 

      The move drew criticism from some economists, some of which were worried that the lower interest rates would harm exports and discourage investment. However, Monziki dismissed these concerns and maintained that this would be the best course of action.

    • KELhWM4.gif

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Home Cllr bans anti-Suverina rally

      Anti-Suverin protest

      ZUIDHAVEN -- Orinese Councillor of Home Affairs Nijo Kujo-Michiie on Saturday asked Zuidhaven police officials to ban an upcoming anti-Suverina demonstration. "I have ordered the Zuidhaven police chief to outlaw the demonstrations on Sunday connected to the ongoing conflict in the Occident," posted the Cllr on Wittier. Activists have called to protest in Zuidhaven to demonstrate against @Suverina's complicity in the Qubdian conflict and Anglian offensive.

      On Wednesday, police detained the head of human rights advocacy group Mercy International near the foreign affairs council building for several hours before he was released again. Mr Adam Brand was arrested after he met with a Suverin diplomatic advisor as part of a delegation including members of the Sibiseba and representatives of other organisations. The detention of Mr Brand sparked outrage from several activists and political figures on the left.

      Protest organisers say they aren't deterred by this ban: "We refuse to keep quiet," one participant told Roiters. Several other demonstrations are also set to take place in Orioni tomorrow. Nearly 30 groups said they would join the protest.

      Azanian countries presured to sign OCA Pact

      O'POLIS -- Less than a week after offering protection under the EOS security umbrella, the countries of Jilderen, Bulungi, Afropa, Sa Hara, Mahdah, Hakenium, and Alshamal have been forced into the Occidental-Azanian Pact. The OCA Pact was signed at the behest of Anglian leadership, who hailed at as a sign of "strength and unity". Grand Vizier Suleyman of Alshamal  has voiced "strong condemnation of the Anglian measures in Alshamal and the acts of violence carried out by the figurehead King", and stressed his country will rise up against these foreign usurpers.

      As violence in Amutia and the Occident threatens to spiral out of control, EOS called for sanctions against Anglia. The Entente's success as a mediator has been mixed at best. Foreign Cllr Anna Hackney, as former EOS ambassador, said that international mediation efforts are critical but must help tackle the root causes – not step in only when violence makes the international headlines. "De-escalation is not a solution," she told Roiters, "We have to go much further."

      Sunset Sea Islanders up in arms

      ESPERANZA -- The army of Sunset Sea Islands has entered Esperanza, a city on the western island, in a bid to vanquish a recently assembled local rebellion. Esperanza is one of several places where anti-junta residents have armed themselves against security forces.

      "This seems to have been a spontaneous uprising against the army in the wake of the coup," Bili Hayiteni, a teacher who used to live and work in SSI, told Roiters. "We’re talking about people using traditional hunting weapons, with percussion-lock firearms rather than AK-47s."

      Almost 800 people have been killed since SSI’s Colonel Ishijima seized power in April, deposing civilian leader First Speaker Gao He Ping. A new report by Mercy International, an international human rights monitoring group, found the election to be "representative of the will of the people". Such findings will only make people more determined to take matters into their own hands.

    • Broadotagildät Stedoriänik

      Societé d’Radiowigne di Stèdorie



      Just moments ago, the Alzi Language Revolutionary Act has been signed by Chief Consul Tamäj Köseg, marking a significant advancement in the Alzi language movement within Stedoria, officially designating Alzi as an official language of Stedoria, with equal status to that of Stedorian. Official federal and regional governments will now be required to provide services in Alzi alongside Stedorian, though this will not apply to local governments.

      After the launching of the “Campagne po l’Alzie” a year ago by the Alzi People’s Party along with many self-described Alzi civil rights campaigners and language activists, the bill within the Exovedate, introduced by members of the APP, passed both the National Dail and National Council with nearly unanimous support, with its only opponents being members of the right-wing Justice Party, claiming it to be an “affront to Stedorian values and culture”.

      The bill will also sponsor the creation of a government-owned Alzi Language Bureau, which will be tasked with the standardisation of the Alzi language, as the language, especially orthography-wise, still remains inconsistent and based on regional dialects.


      Posters such as these were seen throughout Alzi speaking neighbourhoods and regions of Stedoria.

      Reactions throughout Stedoria, even in non-Alzi areas, have been positive. Small celebrations have broken out in cities throughout the country in which Alzi residents live after the bill’s signing by  Chief Consul Köseg. Celebrations within the Alzi Autonomous Region have been much more pronounced; some inhabitants of Sälno were reported to have launched pyrotechnics. 

      The bill also designates an official 30 day transfer period to allow all government buildings and services to begin and finish the transfer to both services in Stedorian and Alzi. Included within the transfer is the Stedorian Broadcasting Company, which, by the end of the transfer period, will start producing article available in both Stedorian and Alzi.

      Edited by Stedoria (see edit history)
    • Europan News Network

      Qubdi forces in Suverina collapse, In retreat

      ANTAKYA, Qubdi -- After a final spectacular battle, the Qubdian military units in occupied Suverinan territory are in full retreat. Despite their valiant efforts the pressures of the Anglian and Suverin militaries have overwhelmed the entrenched Qubdians desperately trying to keep hold of their positions in the disputed zone. Resupplied and regrouped Suverin units were reported to have led the attack against the Qubdian defenders supported by Anglian armored units and heavy air support. The Battle of Antakya was the most brutal of the entire campaign, with an almost five day siege occurring. The small town, long abandoned by residents fleeing the impending joing Suverin-Anglian advance, was completely levelled by constant artillery barrages and air strikes. In fact the conflict has driven a significant amount of ethnic Qubdian civilians back into Qubdi held territory.


      :pic: Explosion during the brutal battle of Antakya.

      Only a few hours before the end of the battle, Anglian tank formations broke through the Qubdian flanks, surrounding the force. It is then when reports on the ground became somewhat muddied. Independent reporters talk of heavy Suvernin reprisals, with large death counts. However, unexpectedly Anglian armed forces stepped in to stop these acts of barbarism. Why this is occurred is unknown, though many political analysts have leaned towards Anglia trying to assert itself over its new dependent and no doubt to head off international criticism of war crimes before they get out of control. Regardless, Anglia has forced its full dominance over Suverina and its institutions. Even more strange, the combined forces of Anglia and Suverina have stopped at the Qubdian border, declining to press forward.

      OCA Pact Signed

      GODSTONE, Anglia -- In a public conference representatives from Anglia, Suverina, Jilderen, Bulungi, Afropa, Sa Hara, Mahdah, Hakenium, and Alshamal have signed the Occidental-Azanian Pact, a treaty described as one of "strength and unity" to bring together many Europan states in one common cause. However, rumors of how the negotiations actually went show a much different story. Anglian pressure was intense on these states, many of whom trade extensively with the growing empire. Even more nefarious was an almost undetected coup in Alshamal, where Grand Vizier Mamadou bin Sambo was quietly arrested and the figurehead King appointed a new Anglian friendly Grand Vizier. It appears, even without military might, Anglia has almost completely dominated the whole of western Europa.

      An emergency meeting has been held between the nations of Yuropa, Assuym, Arrif, Mawlika, Chrysiakti, Cabarria, and Dragonryders in an attempt to form a loose coalition of states to try and push back on Anglian influence. Despite the clear threat though, post collapse rivalries have reared their heads causing problems with negotiations.


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