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      Last Free Azanian Nations Fall

      TAGMATIKA, Tagmatium -- The OCA has finally overcome the last desperate defenses of the free Azanian nations, marking a startling turn of events as almost all of Western Europa has fallen to Anglia and their OCA allies.  The only unaligned nations still standing are @Tagmatium Rules, @Haruspex, and the @Gallambrian protectorate of Bashan. Occupations have begun in earnest throughout the region with reports of massive reconstruction of the basic societal institutions Azanians are used to. Anglia has opted not to directly annex most of the territory it has taken during its campaign, directly taking only a small portion of Wajoka, known colloquially as the 'Dragonryders', in the north which is known to be rich in oil reserves. Several OCA members have claimed annexations for themselves, while there are talks of building puppet nations under the control of the alliance. As of now the map of Azania hasn't taken form yet.

      Still resistance to this occupation has continued, with bands of fighters throughout the conquered nations waging desperate guerilla wars against their new occupiers. Earlier in the war, the Ryderian government was rushed out of the country in dramatic fashion while being chased by the Anglian Navy and rescued by the timely arrival of Seylosian ships. Rumors have also appears of Haruspexian occupation in Cabarria though reports have not been substantiated as of yet.

      Global Response

      The world has been quick to respond and statements from several nations will be featured below:

      "The world is falling into a dark, dark time" -Premier Nažreković of @Sanarija

      "I speak on behalf of the Rhodellian government when I strongly condemn the abhorrent actions of Anglia and its allies in recent months. The situation in Western Europa is tragic and regrettable. The imperialism and military expansionism that has defined past centuries has no place in the 21st century. Anglia must cease its aggressive expansionism at once; it must respect the sovereignty and independence of Azanian nations; and it must immediately withdraw its armed forces back to its own internationally recognized borders. This unjust war of conquest must come to an immediate end, so that peace, diplomacy, and stability may once again return to the region." - Philip Seymour, Prime Minister of @Rhodellia, Head of the Rhodellian Socialist Party

      “The totality of the government of Metztlitlaca, in the Dominion Courts and in both legislative bodies of the government, have agreed to deeply condemn the continued aggression of Anglia across Europa and the greater Adlantic area. Such hostility only reminds those across the Adlantic of the previous historic attempts by the Anglians to secure power through violence and bloodshed. And like those attempts before they will ultimately fail. Such violence will only bring an era of instability to the region and further regress the attempts to reestablish functioning societies after the Europan Financial Collapse.” - @Metztlitlaca Priest of Foreign Affairs

      "Ebrary sends its prayers out to all those impacted by Anglian aggression. Europa is just across the water from us, and a stable Europa means a more prosperous Ebrary. We must particularly pray for our friends in Tagmatium, who must make very tough decisions concerning this situation." - Government of  @Ebrary

      “The Government of the Stedorian People’s Republic strongly condemns the imperialist course of action taken by the Anglian government. Sovereignty and independence is the desire of all nations and peoples, upon which the Anglian government have spat in the face of. All imperialist and expansionist military action by Anglia’s government must cease immediately. Stability and peace must be maintained within Europe lest its people suffer immensely and pointlessly.” -Government of @Stedoria

      “It deeply troubles me that such a great historic continent has crumbled to such a deeply ill-intentioned expansionist force as the Anglians, as they trample out most of the last holdouts for freedom in western Europa. What troubles me further, however, is the potential repercussions for the success of an expansionist force like Anglia among other aggressively expansionist nations who see the success found in Anglia and study it in hopes of replicating it in the future. This ugly Anglian beast must be slain, lest the world fall under the oppressive boots of expansionist powers like it.” - Linus Albertsson, President of @Fina

      “The aggression demonstrated by the Anglian nation shall not stand. As of today, Chief Executive LaCroix has instituted a groundbreaking embargo against the state of Anglia, forbidding private and government entities from selling or purchasing goods from any Anglian entity. The people of the Hinterlands, and this government, hope for the swift restoration of the liberty of self governance to all peoples under oppression by the Anglian war machine.” - @Hinterlands Parliament Tower press release

      “The Hemahatik State hereby condemns the imperialistic actions of the Kingdom of Great Anglia in its war against the free peoples of Europa and Azania. Their actions against the nations of Azania have been aggressive conquests that the Hemahatik people can only respond to with disgust at the aggressors and solidarity with the defenders. The Government of Hemahat demands that Anglia immediately withdraw from their occupied territories. Otherwise, the Government of Hemahat offers its moral support to the currently oppressed people of Azania.” - Heptuin Aymed, President of the Republic of @Hemahat

      "Angleiki ministers and rulers are welcomed to the gilt halls of imperium. In this way they follow in the footsteps of great Arhomaneia long ago: a laudable show of strength. However, these ministers and rulers would also be obliged to recall the fate of all imperium, which always arrives, regardless of how long this takes. [...] As Aurelians and Arhomanoi, we pray that the suffering is not prolonged. The hands and eyes of the New Wurld have not been idle. That will be all." - Chrysanthe Stamatis, Exarcha tou Taurapetra of @Kirvina

      "The people of Fravina are devastated and apalled at the imperialistic expansion of the Anglian state. It is the most important right for all peoples to have a free government chosen by and for its citizens. However, the Anglian brutes are ignoring this first right of mankind. They have caused death and destruction, heartbreak and suffering all over Europa. There is no greater pain than what the Anglian menace has caused and will continue to cause if left unstopped. It is the greatest hope of the Fravi people to see that peace and stability are restored to our comrades just across the sea." - The Government of @Fravina

      "The Socialist Federal Republic of Volta condemns in the harshest and strongest possible terms the Anglian invasions and occupations. Such acts are not consistent with international law nor with international norms. They are a threat to global peace and stability. Anglia's aggression is a threat to all, not just a select few countries. As such, we no longer can afford to do nothing. Should Anglia continue down this destructive path, Volta will have no choice but to respond appropriately." - Ernst Krenz, Chancellor of the Socialist Federal Republic of @Volta

      "In the end, it won't bode well for the empire that lives in the past and not the present and future. But we are just Oyusards that have withstood the test of time, who are we to question Mr. Creighton?" -Remark made by Queen Maisie of @Oyus

      "Every night I pray for the brave defenders of Europa fighting against the new empire. Until the Anglish imperialism is halted, no country in the world that chooses not to cooperate with this criminal regime will be safe. In this situation, however, neither earnest prayers nor economic sanctions are measures severe enough. To stop this expansionist regime, to restore and preserve the rightful sovereignty of the oppressed peoples of Europa, all free nations of the Wurld must unite and take immediate military action!" -Government of @Grenesia

      "Seylos has gone down the dark road that Anglia has seen fit to travel down. The Mandate will forever be a dark scar in the history of this great nation, a scar that seems to have become a fresh wound again with the rise of this 'Anglian Empire'. We implore the nations of the OCA and Great Anglia to cease their aggression against our Europan brethren, and cease your attempts to gain favor in the New Wurld. Seylos never wants war, but it has become clear that Anglia seeks only that path. Let it be known, despite our common heritage, the Kingdom of Seylos and her allies will never join your corrupted empire." -King Aidan Redmond of @Seylos

      “Salvia continues to condemn Anglian expansion as an unjust war that has caused untold suffering to millions. If Anglia continues to influence and aggress against nations, both near and far, Salvia will call on her allies to intervene. This can not stand.” -Government of @Salvia

      "The Holy Imperial Government continues to condemn the actions of the Anglian government and those tidied to its cause. Their actions have done nothing but cause much pain and misery, something that should be unconscionable for an apparently Christian nation. King Creighton and his ministers should take note of the growing international condemnation and sanctions against his nation that the course he is pursuing has caused. It will only be a matter of time before Great Anglia's grasp goes beyond its reach and dire consequences may then befall his majesty's realm. The Aroman people pray for a peaceful end to this crisis but it need not be pointed out that the Great Holy Empire has weathered many conflicts before. May God see to it that peace is once again restored to Eurth." -Archbishop Doxapatres Kalothetos, Minister of Information of @Tagmatium Rules

      “We are saddened to hear that Anglia has continued its trend towards expansionism and has seized control of its neighbors in Europa. The Corporate Board strongly condemns these actions, and is looking into the effectiveness of economic sanctions against Anglia.” - Lynne Androni, Androni Commercial Solutions CEO of @Galahinda


      It remains to be seen how the Anglians will respond to such a negative reputation amongst the New Wurld nations, but it will most likely matter little as Anglia continues its overtures and aggressive policies in every New Wurld continent.

      OOC: We have left the Europan phase of Anglian expansion, and have begun the New Wurld phase.


      Edited by Seylos (see edit history)
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      Fall of the dictator Francisquèz

      Montemadia, a small mesothalassan republic under the san castellinos tutelage, has recently been in the grip of violent internal political unrest. President Carlos Francisquèz, in charge since his election in 1992, had indeed managed to change the constitution to extend his powers and have the possibility of being re-elected without limit. Already since November 2019, the general discontent had been heard, especially on November 24 with the demonstration of the students of the Polytechnic School of San-Juan-de-la-Cruz, which had led to the death of eight demonstrators and almost a hundred arrests. This brutal repression of the movement put an end to the protest, at least for the moment.

      Last Monday, following a skirmish between soldiers and three workers, leading to the death of one of them, the people took to the streets to demonstrate their anger and their thirst for democracy. As the procession was approaching the presidential palace of Francisquèz, he ordered at 10:32 am to shoot on the crowd. The army refused and at 10:57 the crowd, with the help of the army, broke down the doors of the presidential palace. Francisquèz could not be found: he apparently fled through the San-Julian-el-Hospitaliero river and would currently be at San Castellino.

      A provisional government has already been formed and is guiding the country towards democracy, and elections are already scheduled for next Monday. We can only salute the courage of the Montemadian people who had the audacity to revolt against tyranny. In the face of this ray of hope, we can only hope that it will serve as an example for all oppressed peoples throughout the wurld.


      The Magnificent leaves us...

      Alfonso Francisco, known as "the Magnificent", unfortunately left us this morning. While riding his motorcycle, he was violently hit by a heavy truck and died on the instant. New Lyria, still in shock, will have to do the painful mourning of its idol.

      Alfonso Francisco in Beaumont, in 2018

      Born on June 18, 1968 in Gazallenoa, he fled the san castellinos dictatorship at ten years old.
      President Victoire Dahin has spoken publicly about this and has announced that she wants to decorate Francisco with the order of the Legion of Honor for service to the Commune. A national homage will be given next Sunday and will be broadcast live on television, followed by a minute of silence.
      Alfonso Francisco, beautiful bird gone too soon, your name will remain forever engraved in our memories. Goodbye and farewell.

      Edited by San Castellino (see edit history)
    • Below is an article from Le Dissension, an underground newspaper in Ebrary:

      By: Anonymous

      Though it is becoming more difficult to get information from the inner circle of the Sovereign Protector, our sources can confirm that Daniel Lucas has suffered a series of debilitating heart attacks in recent weeks. We all know in recent years he has made fewer and fewer public appearances, however the government has put up a facade to fool the public into believing their dear leader's health was under no immediate threat. More details are hard to come by, but rest assured that the facts we bring you are true.

      President Carlos Rendalo has been more and more active in governing the nation than past presidents precisely because Lucas's health (and influence) has been waning. Though we are no fan of Renaldo and his support of the current theocracy, his liberalizing influence is certainly a modest improvement. We can only pray that the result of this development with improve the freedom of the Ebrarian people, and not replace Lucas with an even worse dictator over our once proud, free nation. Keep an eye out for agents of the so-called-Christian Defense Legion. As their commander-in-chief becomes more ill, they will surely become more violent against dissidents.

      Viva Libertate! Viva Ebraria! Viva Le Dissension!

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      Elementary School Teacher in Wonokromodiwiryo Becomes 'Richest' Public Official in 1928 KE (2021 AD) Tax Season
      16 Surya 1928 KE

      Pictured above: Agus Cokroharjo Martosungkono, the 'richest' public official in Kertosono

      Wonokromodiwiryo, residents of the empire have been awashed by news of Agus Cokroharjo Martosungkono's reported wealth. The 27-year-old elementary school teacher from the small village of no more than 1000 people named Wonokromodiwiryo approximately 120 km south of Purwoasih reported 4 billion Kertic Mas in his possession for the fiscal year of 1927 KE, the most out of any public official and state employee as well as several magnitudes greater than the second richest public official in the 1927 KE wealth and money reports mandatory for all public officials and state employees. His wealth exceeds several prominent Kertic politicians such as PM Sulistyono Raharjo and Minister of Defense Ali Wira Sugianto.

      Principal of SDN Wonokromodiwiryo Sekarwati Puspanegoro confirmed the viral news. She has said that the teacher in question has filled out all the reports and forms correctly, and has been verified by herself, the district coordinator, and the representative of corruption eradication for the Andong municipality, and has been verified by on-site inspectors and verifiers.

      "There is no need to fuss over the reports. All procedures have been strictly followed and enforced, and there has been no evidence of fraud, corruption, or any wrongdoings in the process. Mr. Martosungkono does indeed have 4 billion Kertic Mas to his name as indicated by the tax reports for public officials as he had just recieved inheritance from a distant relative who had no living relatives, and Mr. Martosungkono was declared the sole inheritor by the high court of Ngawi months ago." added Sekarwati Puspanegoro to the flock of journalists crowding her room.


      While the principal did not give out details regarding the inheritance the 'richest' public official in Kertosono attained, a quick search in the official website suggests that Mr. Martosungkono inherited a total of 30 hectares of land, 25 hectares in Ngawi, 3 hectares in Kertonyono, 2 hectares scattered elsewhere. A senior employee at the corruption eradication committe added that it should be noted that other than inheritance, Mr. Martosungkono's tax returns seem fairly normal for an elementary school teacher, possessing a singular house shared with his family, as well as a motorcycle purchased in 1923 KE (2015 AD).

      Several people claiming to be relatives of the great aunt in question have been up in arms questioning the decision of the high court a few months prior, and plans for a suit have emerged, although most analysts have speculated that these will fail.

      This page was translated automatically.

      Edited by Kertosono (see edit history)
    • Priority being given to the copper fields in Nordöm, New oppurtunities ahead, says the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs

      Glorious Comrades of Velaheria, Reports have came in from all around the state that the ministry of finance has stated a new plan for the development of the mining infrastructure in the province of Nordöm, which provides better news for the comrades of that region in terms of economic development and socio-economic standards. Situated in the northern reaches of velaheria, Nordöm is rich in Copper ore reserves which constitute half of the state's entire copper deposits, In the past, Our Glorious leader, Comrade Arin Von Starinburg had stated that Nordöm was the underbelly of the velaherian riches which the people had held for several centuries, but were stolen by the cold-blooded  dolchic colaborators who aided the dolchic colonial government in velaheria, to rip the nation out of its riches.

      However, several decades have passed since the supreme leader and the father of the state had left us all and went on to be remembered as one of the greatest martyrs in the history of velaheria, And the velaherian economy has now seen a new stage of investments and growth since the end of the 1980's and the begining of the 2010's, Now the People's Assembly think that the best way forward would be to increase the infrastructural base of the region, and to renew as well as expand new mining and refining facilities in the region, while simuntaneously building residential areas in that region, which would ultimately serve for the benifit of the state and the people of velaheria.

      The Ministry of finances and Economic affairs have stated that, the province of nordöm would experience the growth of their mining infrastructure as, the state owned corporation, "Velaherian People's constructions limited" has been given the contract to build 4 new mining facilities in nordöm, such an expansion would provide an 35% expansion in the mining of copper ore in that region, while also building 2 new refineries in the area. The current residential region is also being planned to be extended to hold 12,000 more workers, while simuntaneously also being provided with suitable conditions necessary in that area. 

      This action is sure to increase the productivity and the economic conditions of that region with the workers being the main benificiaries of this act of the just and noble people's assembly and the Velaherian People's Party.

      Workers of Velaheria, Unite

      Edited by DPR Velaheria (see edit history)
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      >>> Fina

      08 September 2021


      KULLEHOLM – Lawmakers in the Riksdag are pushing for a high-speed rail line that will connect Obbola to Karolinaburg and Kulleholm, running along the coast, with hopes of eventually expanding to Tallträdvik when such an endeavor becomes possible. The train line, currently proposed as the "Pan-Fina Line" or simply the "Quick Line", would be the first of such in a country trying to modernize and adapt to a level on par with other modern Argic nations. Pro-rail Riksdag representative Gunn Alvarsson had this to say when we talked to her earlier this morning.

      "Well, I'd love to see a high-speed rail connecting our major communities in Fina! We'll show the wurld we too are a modern nation worthy of its attention, and that we can compete with the lands around us. The line will also run through Klartvatten and Niklasslottsby, helping develop communities that don't get too much attention unfortunately. And I'd love to take a vacation to those hot springs down in Drakön without having to worry about travelling on some rickety old rusty hunk of metal built 50 years ago by the commies."

      Alvarsson expressed great points on the benefits the rail would have, bringing new infrastructure to overlooked communities outside of the big cities. However, many detractors to the idea point to where the money is being sourced with worry. The project is supported by NOBFAF (Naturgas-och Bensinföretag av Fina), the largest and most profitable company in Fina, running over 80% of Fina's natural gas production. NOBFAF would provide over 60% of funds necessary to undergo the project. Many worry that Fina would not only become increasingly reliant on its natural gas resources, but also NOBFAF itself, with local resident of Gamlastad Lorens Waltersson saying, "I don't want to live in some place like Galahinda or Cashar where [corporations] run the show. I'd love to have a shiny new train to replace those old trains just as much as anyone. Heck, I have to ride the rusty railcars every morning just to get to work in Karolinaburg. But if that comes at the cost of giving this country up to the men with the big pockets, I'm never riding that train, ever."

      The matter is still being debated through the chambers of the Riksdag, however recently there have been signs of progress. The bill encompassing such action will be voted on in the coming weeks. Polstjärnan will be covering the situation closely as it develops.

      >>> Sports

      08 September 2021


      KAROLINABURG – Klubb vid Floden Hästhuvud, better known as HC Hästhuvud, shutout the esteemed hockey club of Karolinaburg, Krona Sportklubb Karolinaburg (Krona SK) 2-0 for their first shutout win at the Boreala Isgardens since 2006. The win came with the heroics of Hästhuvud's goaltender Thore Lindholm, a young goalie who has single-handedly dragged Hästhuvud from the basement of the league and laughingstock among fans to a true contender in the East. Veteran centerman Paul Sorenson gracefully planned the first goal, playing a bit of tic-tac-toe with youngster Right Winger Kristofer Ingesson to confuse Krona's goaltender before Ingesson set up the shot for Sorenson and collected an apple as Sorenson's puck easily made it past the disoriented Krona goaltender. Ingesson would tally another point later that night in the form of a slapshot goal from the right faceoff circle unassisted.

      Krona can chalk the loss up to bad goaltending and offensive ineptitude, combined with an electric performance by the opposition's Lindholm. Mille Hellström, goaltender for Krona, had a rough night, with a save percentage of a mere .894. He couldn't save a beach ball. Hopefully, he can bounce back for Krona as they face their rival Kulleholm AHK Friday. With the results of this game, Krona drops from 1st in the West to 3rd, while Hästhuvud continues its 5-game win streak and jumps to 2nd in the East.

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      Polstjärnan - Digitala Nyheter (Anglish: North Star - Digital News), better known as Polstjärnan, is a Finan online news website, and the primary news source for many Finans. The company was founded in 1993 by Emrik Östberg in Karolinaburg, originally as a newspaper-magazine covering local events and occasional national events, though often even these were in passing references unless they were major events. Despite its limited coverage, the paper became wildly popular throughout the nation, especially in its detailed and relatively unbiased coverage of the Velescian War, bringing attention to the utter incompetence of the military operations in Östranka and the great loss of life which resulted from it. During this time, Polstjärnan also had a large online presence, even owning one of the first webpages in Fina on a fledgling public internet. Polstjärnan became fully web-based in 2004, a controversial move at the time in a country with underdeveloped web infrastructure, however it ended up paying massive dividends for the company, as it grew rapidly along with Fina's internet usage. Polstjärnan is currently one of the most profitable countries in Fina and is currently trying to expand outwards from the country, expanding its wurldwide event coverage and offering articles in Anglish, Dolch, Lysian, Cristinese, and Vellander, with more languages likely to come as the site develops.

    • Khanikstan Defense Force to transfer 40,000 troops out of Manahal

      September 6th, 2021

      By Dinesh Colak

      The Khanikstan Defense Force announced the transfer of roughly 40,000 active duty soldiers out of Manahal in an effort to restructure the deployment of the astounding 500,000 active service members. The KDF chose not to release specific numbers at the press conference led by the Head of the KDF General Turan Saban, where he assured that a large majority would be transferred to the south-east city of Okara. The KDF pledged that 6,000 men would be reassigned to the newly announced Operation Thrive, a military initiative to begin the construction of roads connecting the rural villages of Khanikstan to each other. The Khanikstan Observer was unable to acquire a map of the planned construction at this time.

      The removal of the troops is a good first step to making Manahal a potential destination for foreign diplomats. General Turan Saban did clarify that upgrades to the nations sole airport was a "non-priority" and reasserted that Operation Thrive's primary focus is on infrastructure that directly improves the lives of the citizens of Khanikstan. 

      The press conference ended abruptly when a reporter asked Saban if the troop transfer to Okara was related to the August 18th Azbekistan Loyalist raid. "The Khanikstan Defense Force will not be making any decisions based on the whims of a cult". He left the podium immediately after his response.


      The Khanikstan Observer delivers articles unedited by the Khanikstan Communist Party thanks to the Khanikstan Free Journalism Practice, however the KCP reserves the right to refuse the publishing of any article at the KCPs discretion. The Khanikstan Observer and its team of journalists fully supports the Khanikstan Communist Party and report the news as fact under His Respected Supreme Leader Khan's great kindness.

      Edited by Kahnikstan (see edit history)
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      New Government Power Project Getting the Green Light

      Just this Friday, the Zaxar Ministry of Finance released an official statement giving authorization for the construction of the Fravon Gorge Dam just outside of the city of Beliere in southwestern Zaxar. This project was originally proposed in late 2018 and has been on hold ever since until the local authorities could "properly and thoroughly asses the ecological and humanitarian impacts of the dam." This delay led to large-scale protests in Beliere as electricity prices began to climb and smoke from coal powered electricity plants choked the air. Protestors were seen to be carrying banners saying "do your dam job" during marches in early 2020, shortly after air quality in the city reached a record low.

      Today however, protestors and citizens alike rejoice as Emperor William signed off on the project after receiving a positive environmental report from the leading biological and geological researchers assigned to the project planning. This contract for the project is with the large Zaxar hydropower company Blue Fields and signed for an undisclosed amount of money.

      Government economists have estimated that this dam will provide enough electricity and fresh drinking water for the entire city of Beliere which is set to finally end years of coal dependency in the region. Blue Fields has also stated that they will be employing more than 10,000 local workers throughout the construction process which will almost certainly spark a new economic boom in the region as most of the workers there are currently employed in the agriculture or timber industries.

      Fair trade groups and environmental groups from across Greater Zaxar have declared their support for the project as it will cut the nations dependency on foreign coal imports significantly and is considered one of the first steps towards the illusive net-zero carbon goal set by the Emperor back in 2010. The most support for the project however, comes from the citizens of Beliere. Whether conservative, liberal, libertarian, or green, nearly every group has something to gain from this project.

      The project currently has no set completion date although the Emperor has said that it should be done within five years if safety allows. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates and analysis on this project.

      Genetically "Better" Crops Growing on the Sarthus

      Recently, one of our reporters traveled to the banks of the Sarthus River, right into the historical breadbasket of Greater Zaxar, and what she found there was farming that was far more modern than that which was practiced there twenty years ago, and, far more controversial.

      Across the Zaxar side of the Sarthus River Basin, a new kind of crop is being planted. It may look like the same old corn and wheat that has been grown here for thousands of years, but these plants have something special about them, engineered DNA. Produced by domestic companies, Inovant and Glanoag, with help from foreign biotech companies, these plants are proven to yield nearly twice as much crop while being more water and nutrient efficient.

      These crop have been widely adopted by farmers who have been desperate for more efficient crops due to the labor shortage caused by the war, which limits the amount of land that can be farmed and harvested. With these new high levels of productivity, many farmers speculate that they may be able to begin exporting once again. Already, shipments of corn and wheat from Zaxar have been seen cruising down the Sarthus River destined for markets across Aurelia.

      Not all are happy with this however. Some environmental groups have protested the use of genetically engineered crops due to the possibility of them becoming an invasive species in local ecosystems. Both Inovant and Glanoag have released statements declaring these worries to be unfounded and assuring the public that all genetically engineered plants have been made sterile to prevent them from spreading beyond farms. Anti-monopoly groups have warned that the sterilization of crops will give the biotech companies too much power over the food supply and push smaller farmers out of business. The companies, however, assured that they will remain competitors and keep prices reasonable, this remains to be seen.

      Mine Collapse in Niyol

      On Wednesday, a large lithium mine in Niyol suffered from a sudden and unexpected collapse. The collapse occurred in a tunnel two miles below the surface and was likely caused by water damage to the structural systems of the unfinished tunnel, according to Geolithia, the company who operates the mine.

      Fortunately no one was killed or injured in the collapse but some workers have gone strike over the relaxed safety regulations in place in the mines. Company officials have stated that the safety of their employees in their number one priority and that they are currently looking into better ways to monitor the safety of the mines.

      Government officials are monitoring the strikes closely and have stated that they are prepared to break up the unions if the strikes last any longer than one week. This government interest in the mines in nothing new, as the lithium deposits of Niyol are considered to be the single most important factor to the modernization and economic growth of the country as a whole during this new era of lithium batteries.

      The Lithium Miners Union has stated that it only intends to strike until the safety of the mines are improved but many fear that they intend to try and leverage better ages at the same time.

      We will keep you updated on this story as it develops.

    • Happy Lin-Chi Day! 

      Rejoice citizens of Rhava, we have made it seventeen days into this new regime. Today is Lin-Chi day, as the Vĩnh Cửu acts come into full effect across the entire country, I already feel all the safer. Lin-Chi day is a celebration of Rhavanese pride, regardless of your skin colour. This day celebrates the independence from Huang imperialism and the Yellow Empire, and the forging of our own path. And it seems Rhava recognizes this, as across the country rioting has ended for the time being. Across all provinces Rhavanese peoples celebrated the tradition of eating Long Life noodles, to preserve and increase life expectancy. Lin-Chi was known as a powerful woman, and a hero for many across the country symbolizing Rhavanese pride in heritage and strength in driving out aggressors out of our homeland. Happy Lin-Chi day everyone! 

      I’m Tang Nguyen, and this is RNN 

      This show is brought to you by viewers like you

    • Untitled419_20210827174010.png


      The Prime Minister of Independent Apsana has been captured by the Mokhavian army in a millitary raid of Tjamede 2 days ago, he has been set to be trialed by the Qaxaama's court of juistice in 7 days.

      Apsana has been succesfully retaken and it's status of 'Province' has been reestablished, the Millitary is still looking for Rebels in the countryside while Tjamede, Dzabra and Ingush are being recovered.

      As said the Millitary is still looking for rebel fighter groups in the mountains, they hope to starve them out for the winter by establishing high police and millitary presence in the settlements around their last known possitions and patroling the rivers.

      A celabratory parade will be held in the capital after which more reinforcements will be sent to Apsana


      In other news, the autumn Dog Festival is going to begin in a few days, the Qaoqojannaskatak will be raised in the town of Kot, Marsha Province. The popular music bands like Nejänitä-Qaoqojat, Nejawennaskat, and Puninuppa will be performing in Kot during the festival.

    • Rhavanese Navy Returns with Dire News 

      It seems that the Rhavanese Navy has returned from sea with the resistance perpetrators from the Gorang crisis. The admiral is seen arriving at Al'Rasif with Chantrea Thi Ponagar, previous foreign minister the madame secretary had reportedly turned herself in to save the remaining Gorang people from Anglians. A likely story. However, there has been reports of increased Anglian influence in the Rhavanese area. As we enter our sixthteenth day of a new government under Chairman Pen Ping, this does not look good for his approval ratings and all in support. This just shows the complete mockery that has been this past mont- 

      [The rest of this program has been removed by the Rhavanese government] 

      Rhavanese Animated R-Drama makes headlines

      The long running 'trời giấu trời mang đi' anime ended last year in its 11 season making it the longest running Rhavanese anime to date. This left fans asking the question, will it continue? Early April it was announced on the 26th, the anniversary date of the first episode a streaming service by the name of 'Cameo' would be buying the show, and rebooting it with a whole new cast and story. Releasing last week in only Rhavanese, it not only got immediate attention in Rhava, but also in foreign countries such as Rhodellia, a country in Aurelia for all our viewers who do not know. 'Cameo' has announced that the animated r-drama will be released internationally in Huang, Dolch, and Anglish later this month along with other announcements for their streaming service including a live action 'trời giấu trời mang đi' because of the increased popularity. It is estimated to be released in 2022 in Huang, Dolch, Anlgish, and Rhavanese. 


      [poster for upcoming movie] 

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    • Supreme Leader Hamad Khan announces opening of the Khanikstan Foreign Office, invites wurld leaders to Manahal

      September 3rd, 2021

      By Dinesh Colak

      With a surprise announcement out of Manahal today, His Respected Supreme Leader Hamad Khan took to the podium today and announced to all wurld leaders that Khanikstan was looking to make diplomatic ties with the international community. With economic opportunity being the bulk of the speech, His Respected also reassured the Khanikstan citizens that the war weary populace will need not worry about engaging in international warfare.

      "We have absolutely no interest in pursuing any conflict abroad, and all diplomatic relations will exclude military related discussion." He said, understanding why the 20,000,000 Khanikstianians are weary of opening the borders. He continued his speech by assuring that infrastructure development and economic stability are the two main focuses of the party. "As long as there are regions of the country that do not have road access to a major city, electricity in their homes, or water coming from their faucet, The Khanikstan Communist Party will not rest"

      Logistically, the KCP faces a few challenges ahead in actually receiving foreign diplomats, as the countries singular airport in the outskirts of Manahal boasts a singular airstrip. Another concern is the highly militarized state of Manahal. With it being home to 65,000 active duty soldiers spread between four separate military bases. The state department has continued to struggle with transitioning their bloated military and its resources to a more suitable deployment now that we remain at peace. This will continue to be a barrier to getting wurld leaders to enter the capital for the first time in decades.

      A party insider has shared with The Khanikstan Observer that foreign investment for a massive solar power restructuring of the electrical grid is at the top of their list. With a massive untapped labor pool (an astonishing 47% unemployment rate), another focus will be on construction of a port on the south of Chen lake to make exporting and importing goods much easier. 



    • The day a 'flying car' scared pilots at one of the biggest airports in Europa

      By Bebiano Farestino- September 2, 2021




      City of Cristina - With the popularization of drones among enthusiasts, the curious and even among children, awareness increases about the risks that unmanned aerial vehicles can pose to aviation. Cases of airspace invasions are less and less rare and an exemplary case took place in one of the busiest airports in the wurld.

      In August of this year, the Centro Investigativo sugli Incidenti Aerei - CIIA, the Cristina agency that investigates air incidents and accidents published a report with the final analysis of an incursion into the airspace of Cristina – Cristina Airport, One of the Europa's most busiest airport.

      The case took place on August 4, 2021, while the annual Verdemare Air Speed Festival took place, which brings together drones and model aircraft lovers at an airfield located about 20 miles from the center of Cristina. At the event, a young authorized representative of the local company Piccolo Aeronautics, presented his Veloce Mk.II, a prototype for transporting people, with 3 m long, 1.4 m wide and a total weight of 95 kg. In the exhibition, no one would fly inside the model, which provided space for a pilot, replaced by a simulacrum. Piloting would be done remotely.

      According to the CIIA report, the remote pilot lost control of the aircraft in the middle of the demonstration flight. An emergency cutoff switch was thrown, but the equipment continued to fly out of control over the crowd following the exhibit. Several people ran in alarm before the unmanned aircraft soared to nearly 2,400 meters high, entering controlled airspace at a holding point for flights arriving at Cristina Airport in the Feliccia ward.

      It remained circling in the air until the battery was fully discharged, while the airport Flight Control partially suspended operations. Until then, the terminal's pilots and air navigation did not know whether they were facing a possible Mantellan or terrorist attack or how long the danger would last. After a few minutes, with no battery, the drone crashed into a field about 35 meters from occupied houses and 650 meters outside the designated operating area. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

      Despite being an industrial model, with commercial ambitions of becoming a popular flying car, the equipment in question had been built, in large part, by hand, in the operator's house, following the manufacturer's instructions. Several technical glitches and erroneous data extracted from the internet resulted in the crash during the presentation.

      The CIIA concluded that the Veloce Mk II was not designed, built or tested to any recognizable engineering or airworthiness standards, and “that its design and build quality were poor”. The operational safety plan contained errors and inaccuracies. The aircraft had not been inspected by the local authorities, however, a permit for the demonstration at the Verdemare event had been issued in a generic way.

      The Civil Aviation Authority in Cristina and the organization that designed and operated the Veloce MK II subsequently introduced measures to address the range of problems identified during the course of the investigation. The CIIA report made several Safety Recommendations regarding airworthiness standards , safety management and regulatory oversight of unmanned aircraft systems in the country and to prevent the problem from recurring.


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    • OOC: This is backdated a bit because I forgot to actually write this article. Oopsie.





      The nation came together to mourn as one today. This day marked the funeral of Vice President Jean Martin and his family, who were among the most important and most beloved people across Fravina.

      Their funeral was held in the halls of the People's Council. Eulogies were delivered from a wide range of people, from President Beaumont, to Paul-Henri Martin, and other close friends, family, and government officials. The final and most moving eulogy was given by 108 year-old former president Nicolas Martin. They then proceeded to head to the cemetery.

      Crowds gathered as the procession travelled across Port de Sang. Ahead of the caskets was a horse, ridden by Grand Marshal Lucien Martin, a first cousin of Vice President Martin. Behind the caskets were a number of black cars. The first four cars contained the remaining family, such as Paul-Henri Martin and the young Danielle Martin.

      Following the four cars were Lieutenant Colonel Amélie Martin and Vice Commodore Lionel Martin on horseback. Behind them followed the rest of the attendees. From government officials, to former presidents, to other friends and family, and even a few foreign dignitaries. At the back of the procession were Grand General Wilhelm Noyer and Grand Admiral Marine Pêcheur, also on horseback, leading a group of marching soldiers.

      As the procession made its way to the cemetery, hundreds of thousands of people gathered to grieve. The family was buried beside Jean Martin's father, the late Louis Martin, in Oaktree Cemetery.

      The procession then made its way back across the city, towards the Executive Manor, where the reception was being held for friends and family to mourn together privately.

      As the reception was being held privately, the annual military parade was beginning. The 750,000 strong military marched across Port de Sang to continue this yearly tradition, commenting 73 years since the conclusion of the Second Civil War. 

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    • Azbekistan Rebel Recruitment Den leads to arrest of 17 in KSIB sting

      August 18th, 2021

      By Dinesh Colak


      The Khanikstan Special Investigation Bureau acted out the end of a seven month sting into an Azbekistan Loyalist camp located a short 13 miles outside the border city of Okara. This marks the second Loyalist camp being surrendered in just the last two weeks. The fact that the camp was located so close to a major population hub was quoted as "unimportant" after Lead Investigator Jaasir Bukhari took the podium Tuesday afternoon.

      "Okara is deeply loyal to His Respected Supreme Leader Hamad Kahn and the Communist Party and the most recent census backs up that data convincingly,"  he said with a noticeable bead of sweat dripping down his brow. "The low numbers at this recruitment meeting is being seen as a positive, no matter the distance to a larger city"

      When asked if there were firearms found at the camp, Lead Investigator Jassir Bukhari was definite in his answer that none were found on the premises.

      "While the KSIB is ready to admit that the Azbekistan Loyalist numbers were larger than originally expected, we are still deeply confident that the Azbekistan Loyalist rebels are unarmed and harmless. They're closer to evangelical cult leaders than a rebel milita at the way they are standing now." Bukhari doubled down on that statement a few minutes later in the conference by confirming that no current investigation into the Azbekistan Loyalists has led them to the conclusion that they have access to firearms. "The same precautions His Respected Supreme Leader Hamad Kahn put in place to keep guns off the streets and out of the hands of the general population are working against the Azbekistan Loyalsts just as well.

      The seventeen men present ranged between the ages of twelve and thirty five according to arrest records given to The Khanikstan Observer. It is unclear how many were already members prior to the camps siege. 

      Thirty six KSIB Agents stormed the camp with the assistance of a nearby stationed division of the Khanikstan Armed Forces for transport purposes. The raid was reported to have taken less than seven minutes to complete. 

      No shots we're fired during the raid. All seventeen men are facing 25 years in prison or 10 years of military service as per the Khanikstan Constitution's clear treason laws. The Khanikstan Observer was not allowed to speak with any of the arrested criminals

      The Khanikstan Observer delivers articles unedited by the Khanikstan Communist Party thanks to the Khanikstan Free Journalism Practice, however the KCP reserves the right to refuse the publishing of any article at the KCPs discretion. The Khanikstan Observer and its team of journalists fully supports the Khanikstan Communist Party and report the news as fact under His Respected Supreme Leader Khan's great kindness.

    • DBC News

      New fate for Ceriser refugees

      Wilcox Immigration Centre, New Bedford. Today President Van Roose visited the Wilcox Immigration Centre in New Bedford. In recent months centres such as Wilcox have been overwhelmed with applicants and arrivals from Ceris. Though the conflict there is near ended, full reconstruction is a distant dream, leading many to continue their attempts at settlement in Delamaria despite the Sentist threat being subdued. However as control of immigration policy shifted from the Department of Justice to the new Department of National Security, the Ceriser refugee problem was overlooked. But today the President, along with Deputy National Security Secretary Bruce Axelrod, announced a new Pathway to Peace initiative, which would provide opportunities for Cerisers in Delamaria to reach the requirements for permanent residency, along with providing safe living environments until safety and security can be guaranteed in Ceris.

      Since the beginning of the Sentist War tens of thousands or Cerisers have sought asylum in Delamaria, with many being granted residency. In towns such as Darwin, Owland, a nearly thousand refugees were housed and soon sought employment, this soon caused tensions with Darwin’s residents, who felt that the Cerisers were taking jobs away from the native residents and causing a perceived increase in crime. There have been instances of refugees committing crimes with many being sent to immigration detention centres, where they would be prepared for deportation.

      In addition to these initiatives for refugees, the President pledged that Delamaria would assist in the reconstruction of Ceris, and with the support of agricultural giant Conover, would support building a sustainable agricultural sector on Ceris, which has been victim to several famines in the past.

      Under Defence Secretary arrested for corruption

      Under Secretary of Defence for Armament Tony Yates was arrested yesterday on charges of corruption. Few details have yet been revealed by the Investigation Bureau however Yates recently secured a contract worth £200 Million for new main battle tanks, replacing the outdated tanks currently in use. It’s unclear when the alleged crimes took place and under which circumstances, however the President stated in a press conference that she was concerned by the news and would instruct the Defence Department to fully comply with the investigation.

      Monarchist groups gain popularity

      Delamaria hasn’t had a monarch for nearly two centuries, however recently the monarchist groups Royal Delamaria and the Restoration Party said that they saw interest in the cause increase by nearly 500%. The groups are relatively unknown on a national level and have never had a candidate elected to the congress. Their best successes were in local elections in New Beaumont last year, in which three pro-monarchy candidates were elected to the State Assembly.

      Wittelsburg-Hampdorf, a semi-independent region of Delamaria, is the only part of the country in which the local official is a hereditary title. The Grand Baron is a descendent of the last Delamarian monarchs, and though he doesn’t publicly advocate for the restoration, he said that he would accept if invited to the throne. The President once jokingly remarked on the monarchist cause, stating “I have nothing but respect for the Grand Baron, and should it [The restoration] happen I will practice my curtsy”.

    • spacer.png

      Le Messagero is the oldest newspaper currently published in Ebrary, first published in 1891. It is headquartered in Ceres, the capital of Ebrary, and is considered the Ebrarian newspaper of record.

      *        *        *        *        *


      The Senate voted to approve the State Medical Coverage for Minors Act, which extends coverage under the National Christian Healthcare Fund to all children under the age of 12. Despite intense lobbying against the bill by President Carlos Renaldo, a cross-party coalition of sympathetic members of the Ecumenical Dominionist Party and every member of the Farmer-Labor Party pushed the bill forward, and the bill passed the Popular Assembly last month. The Senate had an intensely debated session, but ultimately the bill was pushed through today with a narrow majority. It is not expected that the Sovereign Protector will use his veto to strike the law down, and President Renaldo has effectively conceded defeat on the issue.

      This has been heralded as a landmark victory by Assemblyman Jon Carlo, Leader of the Farmer-Labor Party. Carlo's party broke with their usual alliance with the president's Center Reformists, citing the need to reduce the cost of childcare in an era when Ebraria is experiencing below-replacement fertility rates and net migration out of the country to find work. President Renaldo has generally pushed for market-based reform, which has caused some friction with the Farmer-Labor Party. However, both parties remain committed to economic development and have consistently isolated the formerly dominant Ecumenical Dominionist Party and sidelined its focus on social and religious issues.

      The bill is expected to reduce premiums for Ebrarian families, although critics cite it as an expensive increase in government spending at a time when the government cannot afford to spend more. Proponents counter that Ebrary does not currently spend an obscene amount on healthcare, at only 7.5% of GDP. The previous law mandated the purchase of health insurance by employed adults which would cover their dependent children, with exceptions for those of low income, so the new law merely extends the coverage under the exception to all children under 12. State contributions to medical savings accounts of families covered by the law will not be changed, and the new law will not affect the Special Medical and Pharmaceutical Fund for the elderly and disabled. 

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    • Fossils of a new dromaeosaur date to the end of the Age of Dinosaurs

      Newly discovered species suggests these fierce predators were diversifying right up to the end.

      By Caroline Grammi

      August 29, 2021 at 12:00 PM


      City of Cristina - A rooster-sized warrior, kin to the fierce, feathered Velociraptor, prowled what is now the eastern Amutia about 67 million years ago.

      Euroraptor gracili was a dromaeosaur, a group of swift, agile predators that is distantly related to the famous and much larger carnosaurs. The discovery of this new species suggests that dromaeosaurs were still diversifying, and even becoming better at pursuing prey, right up to the end of the Age of Dinosaurs, researchers say August 28 in Royal Scientific Reports.

      That age came to an abrupt close at the end about 66 million years ago, when a mass extinction event wiped out all nonbird dinosaurs. A gap in the global fossil record for dromaeosaurs near the end of the Age of Dinosaurs had led some scientists to wonder whether the group was already in decline before the extinction, says Giuseppe Giustino, a paleontologist at the New National Museum of Cristina. The new find suggests otherwise.



      A skeletal reconstruction of E. gracili shows that the dinosaur was a raptor about the size of a common rooster.


      Since 2008, Giustino and his colleagues have recovered more than 20 fossilized pieces of the new species from the Bianca Formation, a rapidly eroding region of barren badlands north of Siena, in the Cristina controlled Special Administrative Zone. Analyses of muscle attachment sites on the fossilized forelimbs suggest the dinosaur was unusually strong for a dromaeosaur, with a very tight grip in its hands and feet. That grip, Giustino says, was likely stronger than that of its kinfolk, giving the new species extra weaponry in its pursuit of prey. The euroraptor probably preyed on small to medium sized animals such as the Amutiasaurus marianii, a dwarf hadrosaurid dinosaur that lived at the same time as the predator and whose fossils were discovered in the Bianca  Formation in 2019.

      Like many other animals of the group, E. gracili had feathers, evidenced by the presence of quill nobs — bumps indicating where the feathers were attached — on its limbs. But it probably used the feathers for purposes other than flight, Giustino says, such as sexual selection, camouflage added agility while on the hunt.




      Crime in Cristina

      By Diana Goggina

      Cristina is a city that can look and feel creepy, especially at night. But don't let its narrow streets and dark alleys alarm you: Violent crime is rare in Cristina, and you can walk anywhere in the historic center with virtually no risk of being murdered, mugged, or raped.


      Non-violent crime is a different story. Like many tourist cities in Europa, Cristina attracts its share of pickpockets, purselifters, and camera thieves. A moment's carelessness can be expensive, as these stories illustrate:

      • A friend (who happens to be a professional travel writer) set her camera bag down at her feet while paying for a gelato on Piazza del Popolo. When she'd put her change away and reached for the bag, it was gone.

      • Our niece set her purse on top of her suitcase for a moment in Cristina's Bizantina Subway Station. Seconds later, she discovered that it had disappeared, along with her money, credit cards, and passport.

      Fortunately, such incidents are easy to avoid. Just observe these common-sense rules:

      • Passport in hip pocket: Keep your valuables where thieves can't see or reach them. (Example: Don't carry a wallet, money, or your passport in a hip pocket.)

      • Carry most of your cash, a spare credit card, an ATM card, and your passport in a neck wallet or other safe place. That way, if your purse or wallet is stolen, you won't be left high and dry.

      • Remember that backpacks and hip packs are especially vulnerable: A pickpocket can easily unzip them and remove valuables such as cameras, smartphones, and passports. (Don't assume that wearing a waist pack in front of your body will keep you safe. While you're looking up at the Campanile di San Pietro or the Regina's Bridge, a pickpocket can relieve you of your wallet or cellulare in a few seconds.)

      • If you're carrying an expensive camera, don't dangle it behind you where a thief could quietly remove its interchangeable lens or simply cut the shoulder strap, take the camera, and disappear into the crowd…

      Please note: For some readers, the advice in this post may seem obvious or condescending. But let's face it: Travelers are victims of pickpockets and other silent thieves every day. In our opinion, even experienced travelers can benefit from an occasional reminder to be vigilant.

      Edited by Cristina
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      Prathen — In our forces rapid takeover of the Zharrian Expanse thus far, the Imperial Throne sees an opportunity to step up its role as a regional power in what it sees as an extension of its own backyard. But it also faces a host of risks, prompting the country to pursue a dual approach: diplomacy with the powers that be and or may be affected by such and displays of strength.

      The Imperial Throne appears to be willing to engage with certain entities in order to secure its interests. Since the deployed columns were deployed into the Expanse, diplomatic officers have cautiously reached out for talks to secure the domain eventually, and to allow certain nation's access.  

      This comes on the heels of an embassy for the principality that has emerged within the central ward of Prathen, home to a few diplomatic houses of friendly and or trading nations, and offers a key access point to the Imperial Court.

      While exploring diplomatic ways to interact with what's left of the Zharrian/Cabarrian military forces if any, and the Anglian forces beyond current area of deployment, the officers of the Zero Circle are sure to project force by holding joint military exercises in North Korinon and the Adlantic Ocean, with the latter aimed at demonstrating the determination and ability

      With the NKPN (North Korinon Principality Navy) and HIN (Haruspex Imperial Navy) are currently deploying a large number of sailors and seaborne legionnaires to a joint training session, along with a large number of naval vessels, aircraft, and armored landing vehicles. As part of the exercise, NK and Haru soldiers are rehearsing firing at enemy targets, sending a fighter jet squadron on a joint bombing mission and launching a ground assault against hostile positions from the sea.

      A statement issued by the North Korinon Ministry of Defense emphasized that the exercise demonstrated the determination and ability of NK and the Imperium to fight terrorism, and jointly protect peace and stability in the Adlantic Ocean against any threats that may destablize trade.

      The Imperial Legionary Command also announced this week that House aligned Imperial troops will take part in a monthlong exercise with North Korinon. Under a collective security treaty with the colonial and principality domains, Prathen has an obligation to deploy forces in case one or both of those states is under attack or the threat of.

    • KELhWM4.gif

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Orinese navy flexes missile capabilities in Southwest Europa

      Exercise Taming TroubleALHAFA, Ayubi -- The Imperial Orinese Navy (ION) has carried out a rare demonstration of its anti-surface capabilities west of the Saeida Strait, with the firings of several anti-ship missiles.

      The firings were carried out on 25 August as part of the unannounced Exercise Taming Trouble. Fifteen ships, 75 aircraft and two submarines took part in the exercise.

      The tests involved the first known launch of an anti-ship missile from the Meswati-class corvette HMS Bonesi since the ship completed its upgrade cycle. The upgrades include a new combat management system, 30 mm guns, and new optronics and torpedo launchers.

      HMS Bonesi, together with the Kebadi-class frigate HMS Ashenafi, each fired an anti-ship missile against a surface target. Meanwhile the Aniberi-class submarine HMS Ikan Lembing also launched an anti-ship missile while it was submerged.

      “The successful test firings of these missiles, which were all on target, is a clear demonstration of the navy's professionalism, capabilities, and readiness to deploy our assets and defend the neighbourhood,” said the ION in a press statement published on August 28th. 

      Also involved in the seven-day exercise were vessels and aircraft from Ayubi and Damak Var with the goal "to achieve deeper military ties between the three nations", the service added. The maritime exercise comes seven weeks after the foreign ministers of both countries expressed interest in joining the EOS. “Our exercise indicates an effort to address common challenges and shared threat.“

      The exercise is taking place amid the ongoing military conflicts in Azania. Roiters enquired whether this was related to recent actions by the OCA Pact and @Great Anglia, but a spokesperson declined to comment.

    • Foreign States Criticize Rhava's handling of the Goran Crisis 

      Alharun countries criticize Rhavanese handling of the crisis, saying removing government personnel is no a protection of the people's rights, but the beginning of their decent into the depths of totalitarianism. Earlier this week the resistance dropped a bomb similar to Ceris on the island of Goran, later on the history of the island. Foreign governments say that this was likely not an attack by the resistance, but a power grab by the head council member Pen Ping. Governments have even called the Goran crisis, a coup. More coming, on RNN, the national news network of Rhava. 

      History of Goran island 

      Goran island (Gorang), is an island state about 175 km off the coast of northern Rhava. As one of 11 main islands off the coast of Rhava, Goran is one if the most urbanized, with 56% of the island being industrialized. First settled by the Khmeng people, it was a disputed island between Khmeng and Thong groups. During the Pham dynasty, Goran came under the control of Rhava, along with Yanseng, the neighboring island. For the next couple centuries it remained under the control of Rhava, until the colonization in 1525. After Nayasarris revolt the last dynasties, and the eventual Naga Kingdom made no action to retake it, letting it and many other islands govern themselves. During most of the Alharun war, it was operated as a military base. After the Sermerio Accords were signed, the 6th parallel divided north and south Rhava. After the Rhavanese war, the new government pledged to bring Rhava to it's former glory and began a campaign to take over the island territories. Under the government it suffered, until the opening of the market in 2007. 

      I’m Tang Ly, and this is RNN 

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    • img%5D
      Ministry of Education announced reforms
      by Kristel Schefer
      2017 August 30

      Minister of Education Mitzli Tlatoa has announced a series of educational reforms got the approval of the Chancellor today, reforms that are intended to improve the education system of Volta. The stated objective of the reforms is to reduce the disparity in educational outcomes between urban densely-populated areas of the country and more rural areas, along with eliminating the disparity in educational outcomes for the Tlaloc people compared to the general population.

      The reforms are broadly characterized by three "arrows of educational achievement" as proposed by the Ministry of Education. Each arrow is intended to deal with a specific set of problems in the educational system.

      The first "arrow" is announced to be resources. The education department announced that it would be increasing the allocation of resources to rural schools, in an attempt to ensure that their facilities are equivalent in quality to schools in urban areas. This also includes increasing the quality of "human resources." Specific policies addressing this area includes the introduction of teacher training programs so that teachers can optionally complete in order to increase their qualifications and potentially their pay, and the introduction of a system of performance evaluation. The performance evaluation area includes reforms such as generalized performance evaluations to be carried out on teachers every 3 years, in addition to holding teachers accountable for the repeat rate of their students.

      The second "arrow" announced is subjects. Under the system currently in place, all students are required to attend the same set of standardized classes. This is set to continue for those attending Primary School. Starting in Secondary School however, there is going to be an introduction of a series of elective courses that students can optionally take in addition to their standardized classes. In addition, the Tlaloc Autonomous Region is also set to be allowed to make Tlaloc Language classes mandatory for the first time in over 50 years. In the rest of Volta, Tlaloc language classes are to be introduced as an elective class.

      The third and final "arrow" announced is "re-examination." This policy involves a specific re-examination of the current educational curriculum, in particular when it comes to subjects in secondary school. A board of independent educators and experts are set to be organized, who will examine the current national curriculum. These experts are then to propose changes and reforms based upon their examination of the curriculum, to be sent to the Ministry of Education for final approval. This is intended to update every curriculum with the newest and most modern information, and ensure our children are not falling behind other countries in terms of what they learn.

      This marks the largest fundamental reforms to the educational system since Willi Ebert's educational reforms in the 1950's. Willi Ebert's reforms, among other things, removed Tlaloc language education from the curriculum, and re-examined the content of every subject taught to remove bourgeois influence from them.

      Volta's educational system has long been the pride of many Voltans. Prior to Willi Ebert's reforms, the last major reforms occurred under Hans Krenz in the 1920's. During this time the amount of schools was massively increased and a formal writing system for the Voltan language was adopted as part of Hans Krenz' "War on Illiteracy." In addition to increasing opportunities for education for children, a large network of Adult Education Schools were created to combat illiteracy. Prior to this, the literacy rate stood at roughly 24.7% for men and a measly 12.9% for women, for a total literacy rate of 18.8%. By 1940 this had increased to 83% for men and 66% for women, for a total literacy rate of 74.5%.

    • The National Courier


      20.08.2021 AD

      77.03.1949 AJB




      Queen Ena to visit Prathen

      Queen Ena has announced her upcoming visit to Prathen in the Haruspex Imperium, to discuss further relations between the 2 countries. She not elaborate more but made it clear that this trip is purely for the benefit of the kingdom and not her personal vacation. She will be accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs Torvi Helgidóttir who will fly with her on The Royal Dragon. The plane is scheduled to take off from the Jorling International Airport in Atha tonight at 23:07, when it will begin its long flight to The Haruspex Imperium's capital Prathen. There the queen will take a car convoy to the imperial palace where she shall meet the Haru empress Kira'Karn Elemmiire.




      It is unknown what exactly the queen is going there to discuss other that that it will improve the relations between the 2 great countries. 

      Minister of Foreign Affairs Torvi Helgidóttir stated that she is happy to accompany the queen on this trip, stating that this gives her an opportunity to assist the Queen to forge stronger relations with the Sovereign Imperium of Haruspex that will strenghten Ateenia's position on the wurld stage. 

      Not everyone in the government is so optimistic about this trip with some of the jarls stating that this is just some overly advertised vacation trip or that she will go there to weaken Ateenian sovereignty for some selfish desire to befriend her so called long lost relative even if it means selling Ateenia out to their overly expansive Empire.

      The Unheim Temple has expressed their disappointment on the fact that no priests of the temple were invited, they pointed out that they expect the 4th core policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be followed both today and in the future for they consider it an insult to the gods every time the government respects any foreigners false religion out of courtesy.

      The Queen has made no reply to these comments and is proceeding with the preparations for the flight.

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    • Rhava

      Posted (edited)

      Adjusting to the Travesty 

      As more reports come in about the Goran incident, we will be here to tell you all about it. So far 15,000 have been found dead on the island, as sigils across the country are hosted in honor of those dead. The tidals waves hitting coastal Rhava have died down, with only a couple hundred perishing. A small sum comparatively, yet a brutal blow to Rhavanese morality. Ash and soot from the explosion has drifted as far as Manaw, with the haze blackening most of costal Rhava's sky. But while most citizens honor the souls who passed, many have taken to the streets questioning our governments responsibility in this. A curfew has been passed on most cities, and all thought to be aligned with the resistance can be reported and jailed. Some people have even gone as far as to say the bomb was caused by our glorious country. 

      In other news, the Rhavanese fleet has no returned from a voyage into the Coral Sea, east of the Rhavanese mainland. Perhaps this was a resistance strike on the already weakened Rhava, or perhaps it was something else lurking in our waters. 

      I’m Tang Ly, and this is RNN 

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      (damage done to coastal cities after tidal wave)

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      New coal power plant

      On this Tuesday, August 18, 2021, at 3:02 pm, the new San Castellinos coal power plant was inaugurated by our beloved Presidente! The result of 11 years of intensive work and built on the outskirts of El Angèl, it will now supply the south-eastern regions of San Castellino which, since the hurricane Niño in 2008, has been partially deprived of electricity. El Presidente congratulated Pépito Gomèz, the engineer in charge of the project, for the speed and efficiency with which he carried out the work, and then condemned him for not having completed the project sooner. Fortunately for Gomèz, el Presidente was very lenient and he was only shot.

      Photography from the newly built coal power plant, in the industrial outskirts of El Angèl

      This jewel of technology, a real pride for the San Castellino nation, shows once again the immoderate and undeniable technological advance of San Castellino over the rest of the wurld, as well as the efficiency of the national-capitalist system throughout the wurld and its influence on the wurld.


      Unfounded accusations by the Esonya Foundation International

      Yesterday, the Esonya Foundation International, a supposedly humanitarian non-governmental organisation, stated publicly that the "San Castellino government is deliberately poisoning - and has been for at least several years, according to the severity of the symptoms in some people - certain minority groups". According to these unfounded accusations, the San Castellino government is putting toxic pesticides in the water sources of the Salam minorities in order to poison them.

      Irrigation of a plantain plantation by a salam

      Our glorious Presidente, upon hearing these accusations, declares that he is deeply touched and insulted that a non-governmental organisation claiming to be humanitarian would accuse our beautiful nation of such atrocities. However, to show his good faith, our beloved Supreme Leader, too good for this wurld, decided to forgive this organisation, thus ignoring the gross mistake it had made.

      The government still investigated - even our glorious party, it seems, can make mistakes - and concluded that the quality of water available to the Salam minorities is far superior to the average quality of water in the rest of the wurld. This proves, once again, that the accusations of the Esonya Foundation International are totally unfounded and wrong.


      Sad accident in Gazallenoa

      Early last Friday morning, the lifeless body of Juan Nicolas was found in a dark alley in Gazallenoa with three bullets in the back of his head. The fervent environmentalist had been campaigning against the construction of the new nuclear power plant, not least because it was built right in the middle of a marshland with the last remaining specimens of an endangered frog, thus disregarding the salvation of the nation.

      The San Castellino authorities, despite the constitutional right not to assemble, as well as the right not to demonstrate, let it happen because, as everyone knows, the Republic of San Castellino is a haven of freedom, a true example of democracy throughout the wurld. Our glorious gendarmerie, guardian of peace, investigated to find out the truth at all costs. After several days of hard work, they concluded that a group of rats armed with revolvers had attacked Juan Nicolas for no reason and that it was therefore an unfortunate accident.

      The editorial team of the NSC National Chronicle can only advise people with a penchant for recklessness not to go out too late at night to avoid a bad encounter: it seems that rats with guns are becoming more and more frequent.

      Edited by San Castellino (see edit history)
    • ~ BREAKING NEWS ~ 

      Just now Goran island, was completely obliterated by a bomb dropped by the resistance. Thousands are recorded dead, as much of life on the island have perished. Tidal waves strike the coastline of mainland Rhava, destroying much of coastal Cạm Mê province. Hundreds lay dead on the eastern seaboard, while the coastal guard is investigating the remains of the island, the government has released a statement; "It saddens our hearts that the resistance would take such a gruesome stance against the people of Rhava. Among the conspirators, were people such as Chantrea Ponagar, who lies in hell after the karma she has faced in her own death on Goran island. The Acting President as well as many politicians have been rushed off to safe houses as to protect the people's voices. The council of 6 will take lead of action, against the resistance. As of now, we are in control." 

      You heard it here first folks, the Rhavanese council of 6 will control much of all Rhavanese operations. Essentially. A coup de ta has taken place in the Rhavane- 

                       [The rest of this program has been removed by the Rhavanese government]

      I’m Tang Chen, and this is RNN 

      This show is brought to you by viewers like you

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      The weather agency warned of the risk of further flooding, swollen rivers and mudslides across wide areas of the Northern Territories as well as the Fatherland as heavy rain from last week continues unabated.

      The Imperial Meteorological Agency said more rain was forecast to hit areas from the west to the north of the country through Thursday as a stationary front was expected to move south.

      The agency said the front was forecast to reach Ulan-Ude on Wednesday night, after moving over the Ude'Ki mountain range. The front is expected to gradually weaken from around Sunday.

      Rain-related accidents have already resulted in the deaths of eight people in the northern territorial city-state of Ttoile, with several others unaccounted for, as rescue workers continue to search for those still missing.

      The Provisional Council of the city-state Ttoile said Wednesday a woman in her eighties who was found collapsed in a drain the previous day in the city of Ttoile had died as a result of the rain.

      Also early Wednesday, an earthquake with magnitude of 4.2 hit the township of Urs'Den, located near the aforementioned Ude'ki mountain range, and the agency warned that even a small amount of rain or another quake could trigger mudslides in areas where the ground may have been saturated with rain from the past week.

      In the twenty-four hours through Wednesday morning, up to 200 millimeters of rainfall was forecast in Asake, a city-state near the edges of the border area of north and southern territories, and up to 180 mm in the Perya city-state territory and up to 150 mm in the Horus city-state territory.

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      Salvian Government Expresses Concern Over Confirmation of Alvernian Cooperation with Anglia


      :pic: Saulius condemned Alvernian cooperation with Anglia Monday morning in a press conference with reporters.

      Confirmation of Alvernian cooperation with Anglia has prompted numerous Salvian officials to express concern and condemnation this past week. A report published Sunday by the Salvian security community, spearheaded by the Salvian Intelligence Agency (SIA), found that Alvernia conducted arms trading, shared intelligence, and even sent volunteers in both combat and non-combat roles to Anglia and members of the Occidental-Azanian Pact. 

      Alvernia had previously refused Salvian calls to halt trade with the nations, stating that events in Europa and Alharu did not concern them.

      “Three centuries ago, the Alvernian people revolted against tyrannical Salvian rule and gained its independence,” Alvernian leader Marco Marzeni was quoted as saying. “We did not do this just to have our autonomy questioned once more.”

      President Saulius, who met with Marzeni back in June 2020 to discuss the possibility of unification, criticized Alvernian actions in a press conference shortly after the report's publication.

      “Despite calls from her sister nation to halt trade and cooperation with Anglia and the OCA, Alvernia has continued to interact with aggressive nations that threaten glubal security. This is unacceptable, and can not stand.”

      Saulius added that punitive measures are being considered against Alvernia, indicating a sharp turn in relations between the two states. Salvia is Alvernia’s largest trading partner, and calls for unification of the two states have been echoed since early 2020; last August, the Salvian legislature called for a constitutional convention to allow for foreign states to join Salvia. Provincial representatives met for the first time in mid-July, with talks ongoing.

      Foreign Minister Alvon Russo expressed concern, saying that if Alvernia did not “correct its course,” relations with Salvia would suffer. Trade and Finance Minister Leo Conway also went on record to warn Alvernia, “Punitive economic measures will be considered if Alvernia continues to trade with Anglia and member states of the OCA.”

      Alvernia’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed these statements, stating that the statements from Salvian officials were “offensive” in how they “questioned Alvernian autonomy.” Shortly after this, the SIA confirmed that another Anglian cargo ship had entered the Alvernian port and capital of Soncinia.

      The Salvian Minister of Defense has recalled naval ships from the Oriental Ocean that were participating in TRIDENT operations in order to “secure Salvian waters.” Alvernian officials called the move “unnecessary and threatening posturing” by the Salvian military.

      Edited by Salvia (see edit history)
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