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    • Gaellician Entrepreneur Circles the Glube
      21 May, 2021
      Gaellician entrepreneur and explorer Robard Anspaugh wowed the wurld today after completing a circumnavigation of the glube. The 40-year-old Anspaugh is the CEO of the technology firm Sigma and an engineer. Anspaugh is known for performing daring feats and experiments when not tending to his business interests. Previously, Anspaugh has traveled to the lowest point of the ocean in a custom submersible, summited the Eurth’s tallest mountain, and circumnavigated the wurld solo in his personal sail yacht, the Naofanat (Holyhead).


      Robard Anspaugh in the cockpit of the Solar Chariot prior to takeoff.

      The feat was performed with the custom-built aircraft named the Solar Chariot. The plane was designed by a private venture in which Anspaugh had invested. The plane utilizes batteries and solar panels produced by Sigma Enterprises. The 26-hour circumnavigation was performed by Anspaugh (who is a licensed pilot), and a co-pilot, to demonstrate the capabilities of the solar panels and battery technology produced by Sigma. The flight is the first successful circumnavigation of the glube in an entirely solar-powered aircraft.


      The Solar Chariot crosses over the west coast of Adaptus. The four-engined aircraft is entirely solar-powered. Its production was partially financed by Robard Anspaugh.

      Speaking to reporters after landing in Esonice, Anspaugh said, “We wanted to do this, not only to advertise the kinds of products we produce at Sigma, but because we could. It is euman nature to dream and conquer. But instead of conquering each other, we should conquer the sea, the sky, and the stars.”

      Sigma Enterprises is a private firm that, through an intermediary, holds a minority stake in the large Anglian-Esonian conglomerate Weylade-Hatani.

      Edited by Gaellicia (see edit history)
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      September '23 Opinion Poll: Post-debate shifts suggest tightening race

      Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati

      Political opinion polling in Orioni

      O'POLIS -- Following the eagerly watched First Leaders Debate, Orioni’s political scenery reveals subtle shifts and alterations. The debate provided a dynamic platform for leaders to outline their political positions, convince undecided voters, and confirm the commitments of their bases. The aftermath, examined by analysts and political enthusiasts, showed the public’s response to the leaders’ performances, crystallised in the latest opinion poll conducted by Roiters:

      • SPO: 36% (-1)
      • Blueropa: 12% (+1)
      • Pink!: 7% (+1)
      • PO&N: 33% (+1)
      • Fronde Verdur: 12% (-2)

      The governing SPO saw a slight dip in support, while PO&N, possibly capitalising on their grounded and economic-centric approach, witnessed a small rise, narrowing the gap with the front-runners. This month’s biggest winner appears to be Blueropa, gaining a point and further solidifying their place as a significant influencer within the coalition. Fronde Verdur, however, after the buoyancy from the nationalist sentiments, experienced a drop.

      • Mrs Eremi Ciris of the SPO remained optimistic, stating, “Every voice in Orioni deserves to be heard, and every citizen deserves a seat at the table. Our vision is for a cohesive and inclusive nation.”
      • Her counterpart, Mr Ethan Lorio of Blueropa, emphasized, “In these transformative times, we need to focus on policies that are sustainable and foster an inclusive societal fabric.”
      • Mrs Ihova Myna of Pink! voiced her perspective, “Our pursuit is to harmonise human existence with the natural world around us, ensuring a sustainable and liveable future for the generations to come.”
      • Mr Edric Kageni of PO&N iterated his stance on real-world issues, saying, “Our national dialogue should revolve around measurable progress and tangible benefits for our citizens. Aspirations need to be rooted in reality.”
      • Mrs Nigela Merabiya of Fronde Verdur, remained steadfast in her approach, “Our land, our heritage is the heartbeat of Orioni. Preserving it is not just our duty, but our honour.”

      With no substantial shifts in the political or global landscape, these fluctuations are most likely a direct reflection of the leaders' debate performances and their respective parties’ policies and visions. As the political theatre continues to unravel, and with the Second Leaders Debate looming in October, the parties are recalibrating their strategies, refining their messages, and reaching out to the masses, aiming to solidify or expand their bases.

      In this political chessboard, every move, every statement is meticulously planned and executed, with each party striving to achieve that delicate equilibrium between appealing to their core voters and extending their reach. The anticipation for the October debate is clear, and the country is closely watching as leaders sharpen their narratives, preparing to once again present their visions for Orioni’s future.

      Anticipations are high, speculations are rife, and the political compass seems to be in a state of flux, as the nation awaits, watches, and listens. The October debate promises to be another pivotal moment in shaping public opinion and could potentially redefine the trajectories of the parties involved, paving the way for the decisive December general election.

      (OOC. You can still join in influencing this election outcome. The actual election is only in December. Just follow these instructions.)

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      Zuidhaven Marathon 2023 displayed athleticism and community spirit

      Written by Erimi Yenili

      Zuidhaven marathonZUIDHAVEN -- The annual Zuidhaven Marathon, held annually on the last Sunday of September, unfolded as a spectacle of endurance and unity on 24th September 2023. The coastal city, Zuidhaven, was abuzz with energy as it played host to this much-anticipated running event, attracting a diverse array of participants and a multitude of spectators from across the globe. The meticulous organization and the overwhelming community participation underscored the significance of this event in the city’s cultural calendar.

      Among the large number of participants were Lila Siti ina Negara, a Zuidhaven-based librarian with a fervour for running, and Omid Tavakoli ina Leilani, a retired Olympian with a refined palate for viticulture. Each brought their individual backgrounds and experiences, adding to the colourful mix of competitors.

      The marathon started on schedule, under clear skies and optimal weather conditions, setting the stage for an exhilarating run for both competitors and onlookers. The supportive crowd, a blend of locals and tourists, cheered enthusiastically, lifting the spirits of the runners as they navigated the demanding course. The meticulously charted route traversed varied terrains and iconic landmarks of Zuidhaven, offering a glimpse into the city's rich cultural mosaic, while the calm natural surroundings added a soothing touch to the competitive ambiance.

      The winner of the marathon, Aman Shankar ina Polu, crossed the finish line with an impressive time, showcasing exceptional stamina, speed, and technique. Aman's victory was a culmination of rigorous training, unwavering determination, and a deep passion for the sport. Earlier this year, he also won the 20 km of Sirius.

      Lila, with her steadfast endurance and upbeat demeanour, showed commitment and aspiration. “During the last 10 kilometres, every step became a discussion with my inner self, a reminder of the strength within,” she shared, reflecting on her journey. Her disciplined and focused approach emphasized the important role of mental resilience in long-distance running.

      Omid, with his broad experience, followed a more strategic approach, maintaining a consistent pace and optimizing his energy use throughout the race. “Running a marathon requires a fine balance between endurance and strategy.,” Omid remarked, emphasizing the enduring charm of marathon running and the complex relationship between the runner and the large amount of personal discipline that's built-in to the sport.

      The local residents also contributed to the event's success, offering their hospitality and support to the participants, and sharing the city's rich traditions and values. Their active participation intensified the communal atmosphere of the marathon, promoting a sense of togetherness. Every participant, with their unique motivations and narratives, enriched the collective experience of the event, making it a heterogeneous experience.

      As the marathon drew to a close, Lila completed her run with a sense of great accomplishment and appreciation, her experience the proof of her dedication and passion for running. Omid concluded his race in good spirits, adding another valuable chapter to his marathon of an athletic career.

    • (Set 25th September 2023, as with the end of the Henin Conference.)

      Henin Conference marks official end of War

      This day, on the 25th of September, our Premier Louis Monet, met with Ionian President John Colucci to negotiate the terms and conditions of Tengrolhan's surrender, and mark the end of hostilities in this conflict. Although the major conflict ended with the joint Advocatian-Ionian capture of Kahram as Tengrolhan was forced to sign a ceasefire, which had forced the majority of troops to surrender, now today as both our and Ionio's head of state signed the treaty, this day would mark the official end of conflict, the Premier Louis Monet has announced this day as one of joy of the thousands of our soldiers that could now return home to see their families and loved ones, this should also be a day of mourning for those brave Advocatian's that won't come home Some politicians are announcing their intentions to pressure the government into making this day into a national holiday to commemorate our victory in this war, which many political experts suspect will be the case in the coming days.

      Premier Louis Monet once arriving back in Victoires, had given a speech on the subject of the treaty. -- Translated from Lysian -- "Advocatians, I stand here before you, the people of this great nation that so bravely and resiliently fought back the most dreaded Imperialism attempted to be subjected on our people, with this treaty drafted within the liberated Tengrolhan city of Henin, signed by I and the President of Ionio - marking the official end of hostilities for this conflict, I can only say what is required of me, for everyone in this nation, this war is over, but far from over is rebuilding, for what is required of us all, we must build a stronger and better Advocatius, for the Memory of the Revolution! For the People of this Nation! Long Live Advocatius! Vive le Avouélos!" -- Inspiring words from Premier Monet.

      The Terms of the Treaty with introduce a massive 6 Million new citizens into Advocatius, requiring new ID's, Passports, etc, the majority of which being Tengrol, this has caused some to speculate on if the new Autonomous Socialist Republic of Tengrols, may be alongside these new provinces that will arise, become a Province itself, the Republic has been in recent treated more and more as any other Province, and this wouldn't take all that much autonomy away as both are quite similar in how they operate. Additionally, the reason that the Republic was created in the first place was with the political  and social climate at the time dictated that such a significant minority with as much land as they populated, but now with the overwhelming majority of new citizens being Tengrol and them becoming provinces, it would according to some politicians make the most sense to grant the Republic Provincial status. The number of Tengrol's in the nation would increase from 5.5 million, to 11.5 million, still being the 3rd largest ethnic group, but the increased number would give more Tengrol's influence in national decisions.

      (Fireworks in celebration of the victory of the war on the coast of Victoires along the En Vau beach, with roughly 750,000 people partaking in celebrations.)

      In Other News:

      • Economy set to recover post-war.
      • Advocatius and Ionio first nations to achieve victory on Aurelian front.
      • 20th year anniversary for Atypical Critics biggest album 'Aurelian Barbarian'.
      • Several of the most famous Advocatian bands to play at En Vau beach.
      • Armed Forces size has doubled since the war, and the budget has too.
    • rMepWZl.png

      The war is over but a phase of transformation of the Ionio begins


      President John Colucci during the press conference


      After 295 days of war finally Ionian concludes a sad chapter to open another chapter of Peace and Prosperity.  These were the words with which President John Colucci opened the press conference on the post-Tengrolhan war situation. 

      During the press conference, the president spoke on the issue of transition of the occupied territories. Currently the administration is carrying out the appropriate checks on the populations of the former Tengrolhan. In total there are about 4 million new citizens in which they must have the new certificates, identity documents, health card and driving license. He announced that in 2024 there will be an extraordinary census to understand the number of the population and the appropriate interventions that must be carried out.

      On the reconstruction situation, the president reiterated that we are focusing on repairing critical infrastructure before starting deeper reconstruction. The reconstruction plan is very articulated because it does not concern only the new territories but concerns the whole nation. The president reiterated that the technicians are making inspections that soon there will be an extraordinary meeting with the various ministers to undertake the corresponding interventions. 

      The most important news was the declaration to proceed with a modification of the constitution of Ionio. The amendment concerns only the inclusion of new territories and the recalculation of the number of parliaments to reflect population change.  There is still no data for the discussion of the amendment of the constitution but it is assumed that it will be carried out after the census and therefore in the period 2024 - 2025.

      At the end of the press conference there was talk about social interventions and aid for veterans. There will be a public ceremony to remember the fallen of the war both civilian and military. The day on which the public ceremony will take place will be considered a day of national mourning and therefore will be a public holiday.

    • 5FHYniW.png

      Poja :: Defense

      ZuB-17 Ter'er Upgrade Delayed Again

      By Borka Petrović
      8 September 2023 10:46 [UTC-3] • Updated 11 minutes ago

      ZuB-17 Ter'er promotional drawing from it's in-service premier in 1994.


      • ZuB-17VM3 Upgrade Program delayed for a fourth time
      • Budget shortfalls and "teeth problems" cited as the cause
      • New in-service date pushed from 2025 to 2027

      RUGI, 8 SEP (PBN) - At a Ministry of Defense press conference on Friday, Acting Minister Živko Matić announced that the long-anticipated upgrade program to the ZuB-17 Ter'er has been delayed by two years to 2027.  The "VM3 Upgrade," as it is known, is intended to be a fleet-wide upgrade of the primary combat aircraft in the Pojački National Air Force.  The fraught program has already received three delays pushing the initial in-service date from the original June 2020 timeframe.

      Defense officials, in previous statements, have cited budgetary shortfalls and teething problems as reasons for the upgrade, which continues to be the reasons cited on Friday.  Initial problems with the aircraft's engine led to the first delay but officials told that they resolved these problems.  Budgetary shortfalls caused the second delay and have contributed to the current delay while unspecified issues with the aircraft's avionics caused the third delay.  In citing budgetary shortfalls, Acting Minister Matić also cited ongoing issues with wire chafing, that poses a serious threat to the aircraft.  "Wire chafing problems, in other airframes, have led to airframe and pilot losses and are a serious matter," stated Acting Minister Matić during the conference.

      The current fleet of Ter'er aircraft in the PNAF stands at nine operational squadrons with 12 single-seat ZuB-17VM2 Ter'er-D and 2 twin-seat ZuB-17S Ter'er-B aircraft.  The PNAF also has 6 single-seat ZuB-17V Ter'er-A and 2 twin-seat ZuB-17S Ter'er-B aircraft in service with its demonstration team, the PNAF Grey Wolves.  The age of these aircraft has been cited as a concern and plans have been made to refurbish several ZuB-17VM Ter'er-C aircraft in storage to serve in the demo team.  When this will happen remains to be determined.

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      07 September 2023 14:20 IST
      Itza Plans Tapatan Port Expansion to Boost Capacity by 40%
      Written by Chima Tepeua

      TAPATAN, Itza - The government of Itza announced today that it will be expanding the capacity of the nation's primary trading port, Tapatan, in order to accommodate the steadily increasing volume of maritime trade.

      Tapatan, located on the southern coast of Itza, has served as the major hub for Itza's international trade for centuries. However, officials say that the aging port has recently been struggling to handle the growing number of cargo ships and tankers calling there.

      “Over the past decade, we've seen a nearly 30 percent increase in ship traffic at Tapatan,” said Trade Minister Tzekel Idama at a press conference at the port authority headquarters in Tapatan. “With trade continuing to expand between Itza and its partners around the wurld, it's clear these facilities need to grow as well.”

      The 3.3 billion quetzal ($420 million) expansion project will add two new deepwater berths to the port, allowing it to handle several additional large vessels simultaneously. The project will also expand onshore facilities like warehouses, control towers, and customs clearance centers.

      Prime Minister Xiu said the upgrades are critical for Itza to remain competitive in the glubalized economy. “With our proximity to the Manamana Canal, these improvements will allow us to minimize waiting times for ships, expedite the flow of goods, and facilitate increased business and economic growth for decades to come.”

      Construction is slated to begin next month, with completion aimed for mid-2025. The expansion is estimated to increase the port's annual cargo handling capacity by around 40 percent.

      The project has gained the approval and financial backing of both the crown government and major domestic and foreign shipping companies that utilize Tapatan port facilities. Officials say they will continue monitoring volumes in the coming years and will consider further expansions if necessary.


      More Headlines:

      • Lack of Opportunity Driving Itza's Young Professionals Overseas
      • Thousands Protest in Chakan Over Mayoral Corruption Allegations
      • Music Streaming Revenues Surpass CD Sales in Itza for First Time
      • Itza Football Association Faces Criticism Over Handling of Ahcanti Injury
      • Hundreds Missing in Pecario’s San Cristobal Province, Locals Concerned
      Edited by Itza
      spelling (see edit history)
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      ItzaNews (IN) is a state-run news broadcasting network located in Itza. It is the broadcasting network of the Ministry of Communications responsible for gathering and broadcasting news and current affairs in Itza and around the wurld. The largest broadcasting network in Itza, it was founded in 1993 by royal decree with the goal of improving access to information. According to a poll in 2020, ItzaNews was the primary source of news for ethnic Itzans. The network employs over 200 journalists and 800 operations staff and is headquartered in Itzal, Itza. 

      Edited by Itza (see edit history)
    • bs-news-rash-july-2023.jpg

      Sunday, 30 July 2023

      Good evening, my lovelies. You're watching BS News, so I must be Bron Urgundy, coming to you live from San Cristobal.

      WE DELVE DEEP into the mystery surrounding the most talked-about billionaire of our times: the audacious, the elusive, Mr Noel Smuk. Mere days ago, the world was gripped by the news of his mysterious disappearance inside the depths of the Chernyye Kholmy Mine. And just when we thought the curtains had closed on this saga with the discovery of a mangled body, whispers, and doubts have started echoing from every corner. Is he truly gone? Or, as some speculate, has he once again pulled off the unimaginable? To shed light on this and much more, we have with us the dazzling Kandy Rash, a name even more famous than Smuk's. A confidante, a would-be spouse, or perhaps, a key to this very puzzle. Stay with us, as we uncover layers of this compelling mystery.

      Bron (leaning forward, smugly): “Fresh from the very mine where the enigmatic Noel Smuk met his fate, I'm here tonight with Kandy Rash, a close confidante of Noel, and someone, rumour has it, who had hopes of becoming Mrs Smuk. Kandy, it's… enlightening to have you here.”

      Kandy (batting her lashes): “Thank you, Bron. It's an honour, especially after your brave venture into the mine. I’ve been hearing stories. Tell me, what was it like down there?”

      Bron: “Ah, Kandy, it was unlike anything I've ever experienced. The eerie silence, the darkness, the very weight of the Eurth above. At one point, I was the one who discovered the frayed end of a rope that led us closer to Noel's last known location. I had to muster all my courage to navigate those treacherous tunnels, but I knew the world was depending on my reporting.”

      Kandy (eyes wide, clearly impressed): “Oh, Bron! That sounds harrowing. I must say, it takes real bravery to venture into such unknown depths, especially when you're more used to the comforts of the studio.”

      Bron (nodding sagely): “It was… life-changing. But enough about my exploits, let's focus on Noel. You knew him intimately. Given his… uncertain fate, there's the matter of his sizable assets. With four ex-wives and a brood of ten children, one would assume the inheritance waters might be a bit muddied, don’t you think?”

      Kandy (arching an eyebrow, voice dripping with faux innocence): “Oh, Bron, you might think so. But Noel and I… we shared many dreams. And even though paperwork never sealed our bond, our souls certainly were intertwined. And in such situations, it's only fitting that his vast assets be… redirected towards someone who truly understood him, truly shared his vision, if you know what I mean.”

      Bron (leaning in, intrigued): “So, you're implying that there's a… plan in place? Something Noel had intended?”

      Kandy (smirking): “Let's just say, Bron, that when the time comes, there'll be no surprises about where the lion's share of his fortune is headed. Those who were closest to him, in his final days, will surely be remembered most fondly.”

      Bron (raising an eyebrow): “Understood him, or wishes he’s gone? Now, here's the kicker everyone's been pondering on. Was that mangled body truly Smuk's? With all his resources, maybe he planned some grand exit. Could all this be just an elaborate ruse?”

      Kandy (feigning surprise but visibly irritated): “A ruse? After everything that's happened? Bron, I think the tragedy is clear. And with him… out of the picture, it’s important to ensure his legacy, and of course, his assets, are rightfully honoured.”

      Bron (smirking): “See, that’s where we differ, Kandy. I braved those tunnels, felt their mysteries. Smuk was a genius, and it wouldn’t be beyond him to plot the most epic escape. Who’s to say he didn’t discover the Hollow Eurth legend to be true? Maybe he fell through the hole and is now on living Maraz?”

      Kandy (voice cold, eyes sharp): “He's gone, Bron. The sooner you accept it, the better for everyone.”

      Bron (leaning in defiantly): “Or perhaps the sooner some of us acknowledge that he might still be alive, the closer we are to the real truth. You're keen on wrapping this up neatly, aren't you?”

      Kandy (her voice dripping with disdain): “Watch your words, Bron. I have enough resources to sue you for every penny you're worth. Your insinuations tread a fine line.”

      Bron (with a smirk): “Oh, darling, go ahead. But remember, the truth has a pesky habit of coming out, one way or another. I dare you.”

      Kandy, with her face a mix of fury and disdain, abruptly stands up, flipping her hair dramatically as she does so. “I don't have to sit here and listen to this nonsense,” she hisses, before walking off.

      Bron, appearing triumphant, raises an eyebrow and leans back in his chair, a satisfied grin on his face. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he says, addressing the audience as the camera zooms in on him, “once again, truth, or at least the pursuit of it, has its day.”

      (OOC. Interview backdated to the first Sunday after Noel Smuk's body was recovered. I'd again like to thank @Garindina for taking what was initially just a joke on Discord, and turning it into an actual story. You really took the lead with that one. For everyone else, let's keep the door open for what will actually happen to Smuk's assets.)

    • 5FHYniW.png

      Poja :: History

      Remembering the Chernarussian Conflict 55 Years Later: Part I

      By Dr. Vesna Bajraktarević
      5 August 2023 09:10 [UTC-3]


      • The first part of an in-depth exposé on the 55th anniversary of the Chernarussian Conflict
      • The conflict redefined Pojački history and the Treaty of Rugi
      • Could Chernarus happen again?

      The Chernarussian Conflict has become one of the defining, watershed moments in Pojački history, with significance approaching and – in some regards – exceeding that of the very foundation of the Confederacy of Poja in 1900.  What began, in earnest, in the 1960s and lasted until the mid-1970s. The overarching Kojak Emergency reshaped and redefined the very nature of the Kojak identity as well as the roles, powers, and limitations of the federal and regional governments in Poja.  Until the Chernarussian Conflict, the concept of a “shared Pojački identity” seemed attainable.  However, in its wake, most accredited polls list the conflict in the top three reasons why the overwhelming majority of Pojački citizens associate with their regional and ethnic identities over a shared Pojački identity. Politically, the federal government relinquished a considerable amount of power back to the regions, weakening the federal government in ways not originally envisioned in the Treaty of Rugi.  What has been the effect?  The Confederacy of Poja remains a vibrant, solvent state despite these changes and has flourished in the decades since, but does that mean that the Chernarussian Conflict can never happen again?  For us to understand, we must truly understand the Pojački Emergency.

      The Pojački Emergency is officially said to begin on 5 March 1964, when Premier Sergey Kolesnikov made a public declaration that Chernarus would begin the process of legal separation from the Confederacy of Poja underneath the terms of the Treaty of Rugi.  Yet many experts, myself included, believe that the crisis truly began in 1960 with the discovery of oil in Chernarus. A pivotal event that thrust the issue of Chernarussian independence and how the Kojak government treated the autonomous regions from an economical statement into the spotlight.  We can still step back further, to the 1940s, when the first notions of an independence movement began to foment in Chernarus.  By 1960, the movement was growing, and it was openly asking for independence.  Born entirely out of nationalism and foreign interference, the nationalist movement had struggled for the first twenty years of its existence, but it was catapulted to the forefront of everyone's mind with the oil discovery.

      Until then, one of the biggest hindrances to an independent Chernarus was concern over economic independence for Chernarus.  The discovery of oil virtually erased those questions.  Oil reserves on top of economic investments made throughout the first sixty years of the Confederacy of Poja meant that Chernarus could survive economically post-independence. It could also establish itself within the wider sphere of Rusic nations.   

      For the government, the Pojački Emergency was seen as a way to keep the Confederacy intact.  A successful move for independence by Chernarus could easily threaten the fragility of the Treaty of Rugi, which created a nation out of independent kingdoms on the basis that together, the kingdoms would be stronger and better off economically.  While this proved to be true, the Treaty of Rugi was always one significant challenge away from failure and the Pojački Emergency and the further question of Chernarussian independence was that first, significant challenge.  Ultimately, neither the Pojački government nor Chernarus would budge and on 4 March 1968, four years after the start of the Pojački Emergency, the Pojački government invaded the autonomous region of Chernarus solely to maintain the integrity of the Confederacy.  The war would last six years and see considerable damage and loss of life in Chernarus. In the end, the Kojak government proved victorious, not only keeping the Confederacy intact but also setting the precedent that the government could and would use force to maintain the Treaty of Rugi.

      Though many consider the end of the Pojaki Emergency to be the capitulation of Chernarussian leaders and the signing of the peace agreement, 17 May Chernarussian Conflict Peace Treaty, otherwise known as the Novigrad Treaty for its signing location. In truth, it did not end until 1976 when the Treaty of Rugi was amended with what is known as the Aponji Amendments after Vice President Gojko Aponji who led their negotiations.  These were primarily economic in nature, and it allowed the regions to receive an initial share of all export revenue from their region based on what their contribution was.  A shares matrix was developed to break economic revenue up into various categories, with a different share per category based on the needs of the nation and the needs of the region.  Whatever was left over from the region went to Rugi.  In the end, the changes took a major burden off of Rugi as now the government could cite export revenue to the regions as a reason to cut funding, pushing infrastructure maintenance, for example, onto the regions.  Reforms also affected the tax collection strategies, creating both a national and a regional tax, diving up the funds, as necessary.  In addition, the Šaponjić Amendments allowed the regions to form their own regional militaries that, though subordinate to Rugi in times of national crisis, gave regions the perception of defense against the federal government.  In truth, the small size of the regional militaries mean they would not stand well against the national forces controlled by Rugi.  Regardless, the Šaponjić Amendments were well received and allowed the nation to progress.

      To be continued…

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      Opinion :: Humor :: Satire

      Confederacy of Poja Just Appears, Experts Baffled

      By Kermit the Frog
      24 August 2023 22:43 [UTC-3] • Updated 38 minutes ago


      • Experts baffled by the sudden appearance of the nation 'Konfederacija Poja'
      • Mass confusion on how to pronounce the word 'Pojački'
      • Aliens?

      RUGI, 24 Aug (PBN) - wurld experts are “stunned and baffled” at the sudden appearance of the nation Konfederacija Poja.  According to anonymous sources, who wished not to be named due to the ongoing investigation of this nation's appearance, the nation known as the Konfederacija Poja or Confederacy of Poja in Anglish – a proper language – just appeared on Monday.  The first detection of the Confederacy of Poja appears to have occurred on 9 August, but it took until Monday, 12 days later, for the nation itself to materialize.  Industry experts and wurld leaders have been quoted as being “stunned and baffled” that the nation could simply appear “out of thin air.”  Numerous wurld leaders have allegedly called for massive investigations within their political and intelligence-gathering apparatus to explain how this could happen.

      While we know little about this nation at this time, experts are putting forth multiple theories on its origin.  The leading theory, despite its absurdity, is that the Confederacy of Poja's appearance is linked to extraterrestrial life that may have inhabited Eurth for tens of thousands of years but are only just showing themselves now.  Other theories include the idea that Poja is merely a hologram, that it is a conspiracy put forth by Slavic nationalists, or that it was there the entire time and no one was paying attention.  Regardless of what the right answer is, the wurld certainly waits for more information.

      One thing we do know for certain is that the people of this Confederacy of Poja are referred to as “Pojački” and are noticeably aggressive towards anyone who uses any other terms.  We would print those terms but the individuals who spoke with us were adamant not to put them and this reporter was threatened with his (or her) life should he (or she) print those terms.  Out of an interest for this reporter's safety, they are not being printed.

      Stay tuned as this is a breaking and rapidly developing story.

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    • Poja

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      The Pojački Broadcasting Network (PBN) is the largest news agency in the Confederacy of Poja.  It was founded in 1927, and it is owned by Željka Petković, the granddaughter of its founder, Matija Petković.  Headquartered in Rugi, the PBN employs roughly 250 journalists and photojournalists.  The PBN is a broadsheet newspaper that also broadcasts wurldwide on television, radio, and Internet streaming.  Writers for the PBN adhere to the AP Style and the default language for international editions is Anglish while domestic editions are printed in Pojački.  Though an independent company, the PBN receives Đ5,000,000 in annual funding from the Pojački government as part of an initiative to maintain daily circulation of printed newspapers.  This largely defrays the cost of printing, and the PBN has reported that the vast majority of its revenue comes from digital subscriptions.


      News Stories

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    • Roiters News

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      MedPharm reports major cybersecurity breach

      Written by Mr Tomasi Tebaki

      Low angle of hacker installing malicious software on data center servers using laptopMEDA -- MedPharm Group, a leading name in the global medical pharmaceutical arena, disclosed a significant cybersecurity breach yesterday. Early forensic analysis points to techniques often employed by the notorious Black Hat group, infamous for its advanced cyber-espionage operations. However, certain digital footprints also hint towards the involvement of a state-sponsored entity, fuelling speculations about a foreign government's role in the attack.

      MedPharm, with a global footprint and serving millions of patients worldwide, stated that a substantial amount of sensitive data, ranging from patient records to proprietary research, may have been compromised. The full extent of the breach remains under investigation. Sources reveal a disturbing loss of critical data – from patient records to results from groundbreaking pharmaceutical research. The motivation behind the attack, though speculative, touches upon the potential value of medical data, intellectual property, and global competitive advantage. Such information could be invaluable in black markets, not just for its resale value but also for bio-terrorism, competitive corporate advantage, or even geopolitical leverage.

      Earlier today, MedPharm's spokesperson Mrs Jeni Ruberitisi emphasized in a press statement how: “We at MedPharm are navigating this significant challenge, utilizing every resource for a swift resolution. Our commitment to our global patient community remains unwavering, and we pledge ongoing transparency.” Dr Heniri Moriseni, MedPharm's Chief Research Officer, also expressed his concerns: “This isn't just an assault on our company but an attack on global public health. The ramifications of our sensitive research falling into the wrong hands are manifold and deeply concerning.”

      This incident follows a series of high-profile cyber-attacks targeting medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies, emphasizing the vulnerability of the health sector amid rising geopolitical tensions. Forensic cybersecurity analyst, Ms Raheli Arenigwade, weighed in on the complexity of the breach. “The intricacies of the digital traces combine the hallmark tactics of 'Black Hat' with signs suggestive of state-backed activities. This fusion indicates the high value and demand for such data.”

      Eastern intelligence agencies, including Orioni's OSIS and the EOS Joint Intelligence Agency, are reportedly assisting MedPharm in its ongoing investigation. Delving into possible motives, Sri Alekisi Terineri, former OSIS cybersecurity chief, offered, “Medical data and research can be goldmines in black markets. They can be used for bio-terrorism, corporate espionage, or even to get an edge in global pharmaceutical races, such as vaccine developments. It's not just about money, but also about power and control.”

      Wurld leaders have been quick to respond, emphasizing the need for robust cybersecurity measures and international cooperation against such threats. Chairlady Awidefale Rezovi noted: “An attack on MedPharm is indeed an attack on the global community. Such events call for a united stand against escalating cyber threats.” The Wurld Health Organisation also voiced concerns about the potential public health risks that could emerge if proprietary drug research falls into malicious hands.

      As the incident unfolds, MedPharm's stocks are under close watch. Stocks dipped slightly in early trading on Thursday, as investors weigh the potential ramifications of the breach. The healthcare sector worldwide is on its toes, recognizing the expansive implications of this breach.


      Read next:

      1. Orioni's coastal cities threatened: rising sea levels trigger calls for urgent action — With increasing global warming, coastal cities in Orioni face potential flooding, prompting discussions on climate action and infrastructure.
      2. ZIT announces breakthrough in clean energy tech — New technology promises to revolutionise the energy sector, bringing Orioni closer to sustainable energy goals.
      3. Trade deal stalemate: negotiations with New Wurld hit a snag over tariffs — The anticipated trade agreement faces challenges, with potential implications for the Orinese economy.
      4. Historic monuments vandalised: Nationalist tensions or mere hooliganism? — The defacing of iconic structures triggers debates on national identity and preservation of heritage.
      5. Unemployment figures rise again: Orioni's youth demand answers — Amidst an economic slowdown, the younger demographic faces challenges in job markets, prompting calls for policy reviews.
      6. Orinese Rail Network expansion: plans revealed for high-speed connection to Irisha — Infrastructure improvements promise better connectivity, trade, and mobility for Orinese citizens.
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      Supercoppa Montenzari 2023 kicks off with a classic: Porcella F.C. vs Giglio Calcio.        

      Porcella ( Montedica ) — The match that every Montenzari kid, fan, and footballer wants to play, win and enjoy will have a new chapter today. Porcella F.C. will meet current champions and fierce rivals Giglio Calcio at the Tricentennial Stadium at 7:00 p.m to kick off a new season of the Supercoppa Montenzari, the highest professional football league in the country, organized by the Federcalcio Montenzari. The match will also be the first one since the start of the pandemic to be allowed to proceed with a full stadium and without major protocols and will have a special guest: the Doge of the Republic and his family, long-time fans of Giglio Calcio.

      Today's match will also be a test of hierarchy for both teams since winning a classic represents a more than gratifying fact for the one who achieves it and will provide a very-needed emotional boost to start a season that promises to be one of the most demanding in years. Both Giglio Calcio and Porcella F.C. enjoy being the two leading and biggest football teams in the nation regarding the number of fans and resources but have been slowly dwindling their footballistic quality. The two teams that used to dominate the Supercoppa Montenzari easily have recently started to see their dominance contested by Atletica Patriota and U.C. Pratanello.

      It is undeniable that Porcella F.C. comes to this game as a favorite considering several aspects. Firstly, the advantage of playing at home, in the city of Porcella, secondly, the performance of Porcella F.C. has been superior during the first friendly matches between Montenzari teams that have occurred during this first month of January, reaping only victories, while Giglio Calcio barely managed to win only one match, being defeated three times already. However, the coach of Giglio Calcio, Anastasio D'Agostino, is confident in a victory for his team, "we have everything to win, we have the players, we have the team and we have the experience of being the current champions."

      The Ministry of the Interior has ordered and coordinated a security operation with more than 750 police officers from the Polizia Civile and 120 members of the Corpo di Esperanza to ensure order in the vicinity of the Tricentennial Stadium before, during, and after the sporting event, to avoid any type of confrontation between fans of the two rival teams.

    • Velaherian Reconstructional plans of post dolch war era

      Glorious workers and farmers of the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria!!

      In a significant move towards progress and development, The Socialist government has recently unveiled a comprehensive set of ambitious reconstruction plans aimed at revitalizing the nation's infrastructure, economy, and societal well-being. This strategic initiative comes after years of careful consideration and planning, signalling a promising step forward for Velaheria's future, which has been thought out by the secretary of infrastructure Arthur Fehlinham, and the Ministry of infrastructure as a whole.

      The reconstruction plans, outlined by Velaheria's government officials in a press conference held yesterday, encompass a wide range of sectors crucial to the nation's growth. One of the key focal points of the initiative is the enhancement of transportation infrastructure. A substantial portion of the budget, around 5.2 Billion dollars or around 540 billion Wran will be allocated to modernizing road networks, expanding public transportation systems, and upgrading railways. These improvements are expected to not only streamline internal travel but also strengthen trade and connectivity with neighboring countries, such as Stedoria and Bruxenburg, and possibly Dolchland after the war ends.

      Another cornerstone of Velaheria's reconstruction strategy is centered around sustainable energy solutions. The government has committed to investing heavily in renewable energy sources such as solar and hydroelectric power, which was around 20% before the war, and would be around 30-35% after the plan's completion. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, Velaheria aims to mitigate its carbon footprint and contribute to glubal efforts towards environmental conservation, through increasing imports of renewable infrastructure through Aurelia. Aurelia aims to reduce coal and natural gas dependence from a total of 80% of the energy dependence to around 70-65% of the total energy consumption of the Velaherian state.

      The reconstruction plans also highlight the importance of education and healthcare. A substantial portion of the budget has been earmarked for the refurbishment and expansion of educational institutions, along with the implementation of advanced teaching technologies. In addition, the healthcare sector is set to receive a boost with the construction of state-of-the-art medical facilities and an emphasis on accessible and affordable healthcare for all citizens, at a sustainable rate. This would improve the health sectors of the Velaherian state.

      Furthermore, Velaheria's commitment to technological innovation is evident in its plans to establish ports and development hubs across the nation. These hubs will foster collaboration between academia, industry, and government, driving innovation and contributing to economic growth through cutting-edge advancements, brought in mostly through co-operative investments and through direct foreign investments of the more economically advanced nation's of the wurld, with the Bastarian and Vertian People's study halls being the cornerstone of the initiative, and would provide visa free education to Foreign students, to ensure that the education and the medical sectors gain the recognition that they truly deserve, and to attract foreign investments to the industrial and the academic sectors of the Velaherian state, with the Velaherian state being interested in joining the new pearl road initiative that the Europan nation's have initiated. 

      To fund these ambitious projects, the Supreme People's Assembly has announced a mix of domestic and international investments, grants, and partnerships. Experts suggest that the successful execution of these plans could not only uplift Velaheria's economy but also set a positive example for neighboring nations, in an effort to improve the Outlook of Velaheria in the international stage. These would mostly be the fellow Argic states of Stedoria and Ahrana, along with Dolchland, which has focused most of its budgets on imperialistic affairs. Dolchland is moving towards a more co-operative way of thriving together, and working together for a better future.

      However, challenges lie ahead. The success of these reconstruction plans hinges on effective implementation, transparent governance, and citizen engagement. Skeptics raise concerns about potential obstacles and the need for proper checks and balances to ensure that funds are utilized efficiently and ethically, and to make sure that the funds aren't gobbled up due to corruption and the rampant nepotist nature of the Velaherian regime, which are mostly international observers and news channels, who spare no efforts to condemn the Velaherian state and the illiberal form of democracy that it advocates to its people. 

      As Velaheria embarks on this transformative journey, the wurld watches with anticipation. The success of these reconstruction plans has the potential to not only reshape the nation's landscape but also contribute to regional stability and prosperity. Only time will tell how the DPRV navigates these challenges and emerges as a model for comprehensive and sustainable development, and to increase the growth of its economy, in the upcoming years, after the war with its southern neighbour, more so barbarian imperialist hegemon ends. The people of the Dolch wurld are unified once more by the brotherly love for each other, and work together towards rebuilding their future together. 

      With the Chairman and the Supreme leader, Mr. Starinburg saying, that this plan would ensure that Velaheria develops after the end of the war, and comes out of its state of poverty, and ideological stagnation, that developed after the start of the Dolch war, with his hopes to replicate the growth witnessed in the @Baltican state and the benefits that it has on that state.

    •  NNG News Report: The Federal Assembly Legalizes Recreational Marijuana Use

      Date: 10/08/2023


      Raisa: Good evening, Garindina. I'm Raisa Ivanova.

      Igor: And I'm Igor Petrov. Today, we bring you a significant development that's been making headlines across the nation.

      Raisa: That's right, Igor. After extensive deliberations, and the final decision by the Czarina. Marijuana has been legalized for recreational use. Individuals above the age of 21 will now be allowed to possess and use marijuana for personal recreational purposes, within certain regulated limits.

      Igor: This comes almost exactly twelve years since the smoking ban. This landmark decision comes almost exactly twelve years since the implementation of the smoking ban, reflecting the evolving attitudes toward substance use and public health in Garindina.

      Raisa: Advocates of this legalization argue that it could help curb the illegal market, generate tax revenue, and offer adults a regulated avenue for consumption.

      Igor: Nevertheless, critics voice concerns about potential health implications, particularly among younger individuals. The government acknowledges the complexities of this decision and is committed to addressing these concerns through a comprehensive framework.

      Raisa: And that brings us to an interesting point, Raisa. In light of these new developments, it's important to note that while marijuana has been legalized, politicians and public officials are explicitly barred from its recreational use. 

      Igor: This directive comes directly from the Czarina herself, who stated that, "Those of us in leadership roles must remain clear-headed and focused on the tasks at hand, ensuring the well-being of our nation remains paramount."

      Raisa: Despite the legalization of Marijuana, the crackdown on tabacco products is still in affect. The Czarina has also made it known that new alcohol consumption policies are soon to be implemented. With the goal of lowering alcohol consumption by those under 20.

      Igor: I’m Igor Petrov

      Raisa: And I’m Raisa Ivanova

      Both: and that’s all for the news at noon.

      Edited by Garindina (see edit history)
    • E6Q9eLB.png


      Ivenlandeia Liberated!

      Basilikoploimon frees Argic Island from OCA

      Another months of bitter fighting on the island of Ivenlandeia (Iwenland), the forces of Megas Angleia's Argic minion, the Autokrateia tes Makhairakeias (the Empire of Dolchland), have capitulated. This has been in no small part to the ships and crews of the Basilikoploimon, who have been battling the Angleiki puppet for many months. The navy of our great nation have been devastating the the southern and western coasts of Makhairakeia in an eight month long campaign that has brought war to the aggressive nation. Whilst all conflict is a deplorable act, against God's plan of peace for all Eurth, there are times when it must be pursued, especially against a nation that is itself aggressive and making war against all of its neighbours.

      The final act in the invasion of Ivenlandeia took place when the 3rd Carrier Group, commanded by Navarkhos Metrofanes Kamytzes, moved into the Iweland Strait and began to strike Makhairakiki. This prevented any attempts by the invaders to retreat from Ivenlandeia as the tide turned against them there. This means that, as well as inflicting significant damage on the military and transportation infrastructure of western Makhairakeia, the Basilikoploimon is the main factor in the defeat of the invaders. There were initial fears amongst those in the Logothesion tou Stratiotikou, as well as other observers of the conflict, that there could be a last-minute operation by the Makhairakiki to evacuate its forces, whether using its military shipping or even conscripting civilian vessels in order to extract its defeated armies.

      However, this did not come to pass. The main reason of this was undoubtedly fear of the Arhomaiki present in the area – our God-blessed and victorious navy kept the Makhairakiki forces in their bases due to their sheer presence. If their naval forces had sallied out, then their destruction would have been completely assured. However, the Epistrategaion has still been following its policy of destruction against the Makhairakeioi, so attempting to hide from our navy's wrath has been unsuccessful. It has not yet been reported how many enemy vessels have been sunk but it is likely to be a significant number.

      It is not yet known how this crushing defeat will affect the schemes of Schlammburg. A large proportion of their forces are now prisoners of war in Iwenland. They are unlikely to released any time soon, as there would be the fear that these forces be utilised to try to stop Makhairakeia from any suffering any future repercussions from their own actions. As it is, the Autokrateia has suffered enormous damage to its transport networks on its western and southern coasts – the Basilikoploimon targeted both military and civilian infrastructure to cripple Makhairakeia's war effort.

      As it is, Makhairakeia is currently being attacked from the north, a counter-invasion after Schlammburg attacked its northern neighbours last year. This counter-invasion is supported by the Basilikoploimon, with officers from our navy embedded in the ranks of our allies in order to guide the strikes of our ships and aircraft. This counter-invasion is being resisted so it seems as if the Argic minion of the Occidental-Azanian Pact (OCA) has yet to totally collapse. So far, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has ruled out any sort of landing against Makhairakeia. This is primarily because of the logistics of the situation, as it would be difficult to move the large number of forces necessary across the Adlantikos Okeanos, the Adlantic Ocean, with the still-present threat of Angleiki submarines, despite the defeat of their surface navy.

      Still, the situation seems dire for Makhairakeia. Much of their navy has been destroyed, a significant portion of their forces defeated and they have been invaded from the north. It would be wise for the Schlammburg government to surrender, thereby saving the ordinary Makhairakeioi from more suffering. They have also been totally abandoned by Megas Angleia – other than sending some advanced weaponry at the start of the campaign and a smattering of air defence troops. At no other point did their own allies attempt to support them, even during the point when the Angleiki navy could have caused a huge amount of disruption to the war effort against the Makhairakeioi. Undoubtedly, this shows how Godstone cares nothing for its allies and is merely using them for its own gain.

      May God see to it that the schemes of Megas Angleia do not last for much longer.


      The Mad Regas Kreitonos III

      Angleiki Government Policy – is Lead Poisoning to Blame?

      It has been clear for some time that the government of Megas Angleia has not been making the best choices of late. At the start of the so-called Angleia Crisis, otherwise known as the Grand War, Wurld War or even by the Fragran name, Terrabellum, it seemed that all was going well for Regas Kreitonos III. He had pulled much of western Europa into an alliance and was making his will known across the Eurth. The other nations of Eurth, including our own holy nation, were not entirely keen on opposing the will of Kreitonos. Instead, the preferred action was to place sanctions on Megas Angleia, rather than outright confronting Godstone. This was despite the fact that it was clear that Godstone was intent on forcing its will on other nations through through political bullying or force of arms. In both Aurelia and Argis, Kreitonos and his minions stoked nationalism and irredentism in its local allies, in order for them to wage aggressive war against their own neighbours and further spread misery and strife across Eurth.

      Although at first it seemed as if the actions of Megas Angleia were paying off – the multipolar state of Eurth geopolitics seemed to have shifted to one that was roughly defined by either being a member of the Occidental-Azanian Pact or opposed to it. This has arguably solidified since open conflict has broken out but it is as yet unknown how it will survive the post-conflict wurld. However, it seems as if the Angleiki leadership has taken increasingly erratic actions since the mid-point of the conflict. One of the first of these was the direct attack on Omospondiaki Koinopoliteia ton Nea Iberion, the Federated Commonwealth of New Iberium (@Iverica), one of the foremost military powers of Eurth. Another was encouraging Autokrateia tes Makhairakeias (the Empire of Dolchland) to attack its neighbours but lending very little support, even so far as ignoring the supply movements of our own Basilikoploimon across the Adlantikos Okeanos, the Adlantic Ocean. Thirdly was the utter disaster that was the attempt to invade the Eniaio Synkrotima ton Galahindon, the Unitary Conglomerate of @Galahinda. This resulted in a significant proportion of the Angleiki navy being either sunk or captured.

      Many of these decisions could be interpreted as risky gambles. Others seem to be almost inexplicable. There might be a logical explanation for it, one rooted in something seemingly innocuous – lead.

      Lead was frequently used for plumbing in ancient times, although it began to be phased out towards the end of the EK7300s in both Arhomaneia, Adaptos (@Adaptus) and other areas of the civilised wurld, as evidence abounded about how poisonous it could be. Our nation's plumbing, once famously made of lead, has been replaced by copper, ceramics and other materials for well over one hundred years. It was also used as an antiknock agent in petrol, and again increasing awareness of its potential harm led to anti-air pollution legislation in the EK7480s. The sale of leaded petrol was finally banned in Arhomaneia in EK7505 (AD1997), with Adaptos following several years later.

      However, due to Megas Angleia's attitude towards government involvement in its economy, and willingness to see less regulation than other nations, it took longer for the proscriptions on the use of lead to come into place. This means that much of the country's population has been exposed to lead, in both the air and water, for much longer than many other nations on Eurth. Even the Imperial Palace in Godstone is known to have lead plumbing until the turn of the EK7500s. Exposure to lead over a long period can result lead poisoning, which can have a significant impact on a person's behaviour and health. It can result in cognitive impairment, irritability, personality changes and delirium. In children, exposure to lead can lead to poor impulse control and increased violence. There are even theories that it explains rising crime rates during the last half of the previous century.

      This could go some way to explaining the actions of Regas Kreitonos and his government. Many of them, especially those who are older, such as his majesty himself, have been exposed to significant amounts of lead over the course of their lives. This means that they could well be suffering from the debilitating effects of lead poisoning and are unable to judge the impact of their actions properly. Megas Angleia is led by a mad monarch, possibly suffering from severe lead poisoning and no longer in true control of his faculties.

    • Haruspex

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      Enerhodar, MHC Field Corrospondents - At least six people were killed in an explosion targeting a passenger bus carrying refugees travelling on the old Kabarrian highway that passed the township of Grechen. MHC field reporters citing Moha Ihim, commissar of the recently secured township of Enerhodar, said on Tuesday the attack happened on a road leading into the Qoley and Arka wards and that twenty-two other people had been injured.

      In recent months, the imperial army and colonial legionary forces have retaken chunks of territory in an operation backed by  air raids. But the fighters of the Council of Five who were forced out of the capital by HIL/KGCL troops recently have frequently retaliated against the latest offensive with bloody attacks.

      The HIL supported KGCL has pushed the last of the FoC insurgents out of Welson Village (not to be confused with the insurgent capitol of Wellson), a large village-township where intense fighting has raged since clashes broke out across the last week, residents and an insurgency member said.

      An insurgency fighter told an MHC embedded reporter that the KGCL, backed by Tagnik Zun shocktroops, had pushed the CoF fighters out of the city on Tuesday. It was intense fighting. The Kaldana legionary were using tanks, aircraft, and artillery. Our fighters were just using rifles and the occasional rpg, he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

      A local official in Welson village said the colonial legionary was almost in full control of the city. A resident said he had seen the military enter the city centre on Tuesday afternoon.

      Despite being driven out of urban centres, the group has remained entrenched in the countryside from where it has conducted numerous attacks against legionary forces and or civilian gatherings beyond the defensive lines being built.

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    • Weather forecast for Kivigiq, Gotneska, with the evening and overnight forecasts for both the 8th and 9th of August 2023:


      **Date: 8th August 2023**


      **Sunset: 08:24 pm**


      **Evening (6 pm - 9 pm):**

      - Temperature: Cooling down to around 18 degrees Celsius in the evening.

      - Weather: Partly cloudy conditions with a mix of clouds and some clear patches.

      - Chance of Rain: A very low chance of rain, about 5%.

      - Wind: Light winds continuing from the southwest at 5-10 km/h.


      **Overnight (9 pm - 4:10 am, 9th August 2023):**

      - Temperature: Overnight low of 15 degrees Celsius.

      - Weather: Skies remaining partly cloudy during the night.

      - Chance of Rain: Minimal chance of rain, near 5%.

      - Wind: Calm and gentle winds.


      **Date: 9th August 2023**


      **Sunrise: 04:11 am**

      **Sunset: 08:21 pm**


      **Morning (4:10 am - 12 pm):**

      - Temperature: Starting the day at around 17 degrees Celsius, gradually warming up.

      - Weather: Partly cloudy skies with occasional passing clouds.

      - Chance of Rain: A very low chance of rain, about 5%.

      - Wind: Light and variable winds.


      **Afternoon (12 pm - 6 pm):**

      - Temperature: Reaching a high of 25 degrees Celsius in the early to mid-afternoon.

      - Weather: Partly cloudy conditions continuing with a mix of sun and clouds.

      - Chance of Rain: The chance of rain remains low, around 10%.

      - Wind: Gentle breezes from the southwest at 5-10 km/h.


      **Evening (6 pm - 9 pm):**

      - Temperature: Gradually cooling down to around 20 degrees Celsius by the evening.

      - Weather: Skies clearing up with only a few scattered clouds.

      - Chance of Rain: Minimal chance of rain, near 5%.

      - Wind: Light winds continuing from the southwest at 5-10 km/h.


      **Overnight (9 pm - 4:10 am, 10th August 2023):**

      - Temperature: Overnight low of 14 degrees Celsius.

      - Weather: Clear skies prevailing throughout the night.

      - Chance of Rain: Virtually no chance of rain, 0%.

      - Wind: Calm and gentle winds.


      (OOC: Kivigiq is the northern most city in Gotneska. I hope to introduce more cities and towns besides doing Læniguëíl all the time.)

    • medani-monitor.gif

      Stellar Success Masks Ground Realities in Orioni

      A column by Oladois Gufov

      The Roiters opinion poll for August, understandably influenced by Orioni's latest venture into the stars, does not tell the full tale of Orioni's terrestrial turbulence. It's vital to unpack the real numbers behind the facade of celestial success.

      While there's no denying the brilliance of the InterGal 2 initiative, the unflinching steadiness of the PO&N numbers remains notable. Their strength in holding their numbers, even amidst the nation's space euphoria, underscores the public's belief in their stance: a clear focus on the home front.

      Mr Edric Kageni, the sensible voice of the PO&N, perfectly encapsulated the sentiment of many, “Our eyes might be on the stars, but our feet are firmly on the ground.” With growing economic and social concerns at home, many Orinese voters feel the SPO's prioritisation of the cosmos over the common man to be misdirected.

      Blueropa's marginal rise, masked as an achievement, indeed holds a dire warning. From the heady heights of the past, it appears their alignment with the SPO's star-gazing policies hasn't gone down well with the electorate.

      While the Fronde Verdur’s decline to 14% is reported as a dip, the ongoing resonance of their nationalist rhetoric cannot be dismissed. “Orioni's pride is not just in the skies but in its rich heritage. We must guard both with equal vigour,” commented Mrs Nigela Merabiya, emphasising their commitment to protecting Orioni's legacy. In the backdrop of global challenges, many Orinese resonate with Fronde Verdur's steadfast stand for nationalistic ideals.

      Pink!, meanwhile, continues its downward spiral. Their lack of any cogent response to either national achievements or domestic issues leaves them trailing in relevance.

      Furthermore, a salient point for the discerning reader is the collective slide of the SPO and Blueropa below the crucial 50% threshold, now standing at a combined 48%. This seemingly precarious position raises questions about the current governing coalition's grip on the populace. Historically, any coalition that falls below the 50% watermark has found governance challenging and maintaining policy direction arduous. The inability of the governing parties to command a clear majority, especially amidst their much-vaunted space success, starkly highlights the electorate's increasing doubts. In the backdrop of this decline, parties such as PO&N and Fronde Verdur gain even greater importance as they represent a significant part of the electorate that feels unheard and overlooked by the current leadership.

      While the government may bask in the afterglow of InterGal 2, the opinion poll sounds a warning: the electorate wants its leaders focused on the here and now, not the distant cosmos. The PO&N's consistent numbers, coupled with the Fronde Verdur's passionate defence of Orioni's heritage, showcase that the real story of August's opinion poll is not the government's meteoric rise, but the opposition's unwavering fortitude.

    • Roiters News

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      August '23 Opinion Poll: space success reflected in government's rising approval

      Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati

      Political opinion polling in Orioni

      O'POLIS -- In a dramatic turn of events fuelled by the historical achievement of InterGal 2, which has now become the farthest human-made object in the Sanar System, the latest political opinion poll reflects significant changes in the political climate.

      The success of InterGal 2 has been a shot in the arm for the ruling political parties, giving them another tangible achievement to rally behind. The scientific breakthrough fostered national pride, and it's clear from the numbers that voters have rewarded the government for their involvement and support for the space programme. Pink! continues its decline, possibly due to a lack of visibility and clarity on their stance towards the country's achievements and crises.

      According to the August 2023 opinion poll, conducted by Roiters:

      • SPO: 37% (+1)
      • Blueropa: 11% (+1)
      • Pink!: 6% (-1)
      • PO&N: 32% (=)
      • Fronde Verdur: 14% (-1)

      This shows a rise for the governing SPO and Blueropa from July, while Pink! and Fronde Verdur witnessed a decline.

      The remarkable success of InterGal 2 has become a beacon of national pride. Analysts argue that the government's steadfast investment in STEM education and initiatives is bearing fruit, leading to such pioneering successes. Mrs Eremi Ciris, SPO Leader, stated, "The vastness of space mirrors our potential as a nation. This success belongs to every Orinese." Her governing partner, Mr Ethan Lorio of Blueropa, was more nuanced: “While we commend space achievements, it's imperative that we do not lose sight of challenges here on Orioni. Balance is crucial.”

      Conversely, Mr Edric Kageni of the PO&N emphasised the importance of ground realities, saying, "Our eyes might be on the stars, but our feet are firmly on the ground." The PO&N has seen its polling numbers frozen. The reason? Their unabated focus on domestic issues and economy, appealing to those who feel that space achievements are taking attention away from pressing matters at home.

      Fronde Verdur's drop to 13% suggests that their nationalist rhetoric might be wearing thin, especially when juxtaposed with a genuine national achievement like InterGal 2. "Orioni's pride is not just in the skies but in its rich heritage. We must guard both with equal vigour," said Mrs Nigela Merabiya.

      Pink! continues its decline, possibly due to a lack of visibility and clarity on their stance towards the country's achievements and crises. Mrs Ihova Myna of Pink! briefly commented that: "Green today for a better tomorrow. Let’s ensure our planet remains the best spot in the Sanar System."

      The government's support for the scientific community isn't limited to the skies. Hints about expanding the nation's horizons towards Eurth's other frontiers, including scientific research bases in Antargis and elsewhere, showcases the government's long-term vision in championing scientific endeavours.

      With the December elections looming, and the nation balancing the excitement of celestial achievements with domestic challenges, Orioni's political arena is poised for a dynamic few months. It's evident that while space might be the final frontier, the real battle remains very much grounded in Orioni's political arenas.


      Confirmation from various military sources have all but confirmed that the Dolch Imperial Army has completely surrendered in Iwenland. This after a joint effort between the nations of the North Adlantic Union, Iverica, and Iwenland crippled the Dolch forces throughout the country. @Iverican air power and Ceriser ground assaults led to devastating pressure against the Dolch military that it could not withstand. On top of this, @Tagmatium Rules and NAU fleet deployments in the straits between Iwenland and Dolchland effectively cut off the Dolch mainland from stranded forces in Iwenland. With the pressure mounting, the Dolch commander in the region, Field Marshall Gerhardt, sued for peace as his forces were completely cut off from any form of supply.


      Field Marshall Gerhardt before the war

      In a fateful meeting, he was confronted by Ostrosian Generial Planck, as well as the general staff of Iverica and Iwenland. Despite attempts at negotiation the Field Marshall was only able to negotiate for an antiquated form of military surrender known as "full honors of war" in exchange for surrender. Cerisers are glad for the end to the fighting, though in a strange twist of positions some Seylosians are outraged that Dolchland was allowed any honors in their surrender, considering their invasion and occupation of a peaceful nation. Regardless the deal has gone through and all hostilities have ceased in Iwenland, effectively liberating the country.

      In the Iwish capital of Zestrahaven celebration broke out in earnest of the news. Thousands took to the streets celebrating the victory of the allied forces in liberating the occupied portions of the country. The feeling according to observers was electric as finally two years of war was finally over, and many could finally after all this time reconnect with their families stranded behind Dolch lines.



      Celebrations in Zestrahaven

      Seylos itself has already pledged to reconstruction and recovery efforts to make sure that the newly liberated territories can recover after their traumatic occupation. Though this has concerned many economists in Seylos as inflation during the war had massively risen during the war. Cost of living in the home islands has continued to increase as the war has siphoned more public funds to be sustained. However markets have seen a surge after the significant Seylosian victory at Galahinda and NAU victory in Iwenland. Only time can tell if economic forces will settle after the turmoil of the Grand War.

      Still however the threats do not end. King Aidan has pledged air forces to @Gallambria as they begin their assault on @Great Anglia. On top of this Kaseka remains vulnerable to Sefesian attack and important sources within the Royal Navy have confirmed that after reorganization, that the 2nd Fleet under the Thunderchild will be deployed to Kaseka to fight Sefesian forces attacking @Xio.

    • Good Wednesday Morning today is 2nd of August 2023. Today’s weather forecast:


      Capital city of Læniguëuíl

      Date: 2nd August 2023

      Morning (5 am - 11 am):
      - Weather: A dense fog advisory is in place during the morning hours. Expect thick fog that may reduce visibility significantly, so exercise caution while driving or commuting.
      - Temperature: The morning will start off cool, around 15 degrees Celsius, and gradually rise to 18 degrees Celsius by 11 am.
      - Wind: Light and variable winds from the north-northeast at 5-10 km/h.

      Late Morning to Afternoon (11 am - 6 pm):
      - Weather: The dense fog is expected to slowly dissipate, giving way to partly cloudy skies in the late morning and afternoon.
      - Temperature: The afternoon will be relatively mild, with temperatures reaching a high of around 20 degrees Celsius.
      - Wind: The wind will remain light, coming from the north-northeast at 5-10 km/h.

      Evening (6 pm - 10 pm):
      - Weather: Fog will have cleared, leaving the evening with mostly clear skies and a few clouds.
      - Temperature: The temperature will start to drop in the evening, ranging from 18 to 17 degrees Celsius.
      - Wind: Light and variable winds continuing from the north-northeast at 5-10 km/h.

      Overnight (11 pm - 5 am, 3rd August 2023):
      - Weather: Cloud cover will increase during the late evening, and light rain showers are expected between 11 pm and 5 am.
      - Temperature: Overnight temperatures will be quite cool, reaching around 7 degrees Celsius.
      - Rainfall: There's a 35 percent chance of rain during this time, with estimated rainfall between 0.10 and 0.20 inches.
      - Wind: Winds will remain light, coming from the north-northeast at 5-10 km/h.

      Please be aware of the dense fog advisory and stay updated with the latest weather information to ensure your safety during the morning hours.


      Below is the next 7 day forecast: please be aware that tonight into tomorrow we could see anywhere between .40 to 1.3 inches of rainfall.



      (OOC: Sorry for yet again not keeping up with this thread.)

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      Tiziano Zito Decrees three days of official national mourning.                            

      Porcella (Montedica) — After making a brief visit to the scene of the accident and the Sacro Cuore Hospital, Doge Tiziano Zito addressed the population from the Reggia di Finaglie Conference Center in Nuova Antotta. A flag of Montedica hung behind him, with a black ribbon added as a symbol of mourning. "Yesterday was a truly devastating day for everyone in Montedica. As a New Finaglie myself, this accident has struck me very closely." The Doge of the Republic conveyed his condolences to the families and friends of the victims and his desire for a speedy recovery for those injured in the Borgo di San Poggiolo train accident. "The challenge now is to identify the people who have passed away. Many times this is not easy, but families cannot live under uncertainty."

      At the time of writing this article, the total death toll of the accident has climbed to 71, of which 54 have already been identified. A total of 107 people have been injured, and 26 remain in a delicate state. The whereabouts of 3 people travelling on the train are still unknown, including an 8-year-old boy and his 17-year-old sister, who were seen alive shortly after the accident, and the train driver, whose body is nowhere to be found. Although the list is not yet complete, mainly due to delays in DNA tests that have to be performed on certain bodies for their correct identification, the Polizia Civile has confirmed that among the deceased there are 5 foreigners. Most of the deceased were confirmed to be New Finaglies returning to their city after spending the weekend in Porcella or nearby towns.

      The Doge has also confirmed that he will be signing a decree to declare three days of national mourning. This means that all flags of Montedica will be flying at half-mast. Public employees and government officials will be required to wear a small black ribbon attached to their clothes. All activities of the National Council have been suspended. In Nuova Antotta, the mayor Ancilla Paladino has declared a seven-day mourning period for the city, as several other provincial and city authorities of the nation held a minute of silence for the victims.

      The mayor of Nuova Antotta thanked the important work of all the emergency services involved in the rescue tasks and the treatments offered in the different hospitals, as well as recognizing the arduous work made by the Corpo di Esperanza, the Polizia Civile. Special thanks were also given to the residents of Borgo San Poggiolo, who bravely went to help the people trapped on the train minutes after the accident occurred. Special recognition was also given to the volunteers who have shown up at the hospitals of the city to offer help, and to those citizens who rapidly arrived at the Nuova Antotta Transfusion Center to donate the much-needed blood.

      The Government has explained that two investigations are being carried out, one by the judicial system and the other by the Ministry of Transport, to determine the causes of the accident and those responsible for it. The tachograph of the derailed train – which stores information such as speed, kilometres travelled, braking, etc. – has already been recovered from the accident site. It is in custody in the Judiciary, waiting to be analyzed in the next few hours or days.


      Smuk Lost in Mineshaft: Investor Insight

      Billionaire Noel Smuk was reported missing earlier this week in a disused mineshaft in the nation of Garindina, after a series of cryptic Wittier posts. Smuk, famous for his ventures into the fields of social media and cryptocurrencies, is believed to have ventured into the Chernyye Kholmy coal mine in order to prove the pseudoscientific belief that the Eurth is in fact, hollow.


      Smuk's last communication came via a Wittier posted at 7:41 local time, in which Smuk claimed that he was going to prove wrong his 'haters'. Edison Motors as of yet has not released a statement regarding the disappearance of Smuk, however leaked internal communications reveal plans to 'just stick a drill on the front of one of our show models. that ought to work, right?'

      As of today, Edison stock prices have dropped by 12%, with the current price at 239 Shillings. Investors are poised, as Smuks death may be the killing blow for Edison Motor's and Smuk's other ventures, including the Bincoin crypto currency which Smuk heavily promotes. Analysts are predicting a sharp rise in value on the event of Smuk's rescue, however time will tell how long it will be until Smuk's own self described unorthodox leadership practices effect the going rate.

      Two Injured, One Dead in Nowhere City Duel

      Officers of the Nowhere City Police Department and Wormwood Private Security associates swarmed Freedom Park in the early hours of the morning today after reports of a duel gone wrong emerged. The north eastern section of Freedom Park, located on New Godstone Island only three blocks from Parliament Hill, remains closed. Early reports indicate that a group of approximately 20 gathered in the early hours of Wednesday morning to witness the duel, believed to have been inspired by the duel between Rhodellian teens Paul Kühn and Leon Lange, which took place in 2021 and was widely reported by glubal media. Details regarding the combatants are not clear at this time, however initial reports state that the two combatants are both men in their mid thirties. The cause of this duel are as of yet unknown, however several Wittier posts have claimed the duel originated from a disagreement between the two men regarding the animated show 'Mega Waifu Harem Adventures'.

      Trending News

      • Top Ten Wearable Air Filters for Nowhere City's Summer Smog
      • Edgewood Wins 'Worst City in Hintera' Award
      • 'Personally, I think the Eurth is flat' - Senior Minister's Leaked Messages
      • Op Ed - Invasion of Galahinda Good for Fashion




      Shutdown on Illegal Internet Operations


      Today, officers of the Realm Police in an operation organized by aspirants of the Realmsoffice of Communications and Media, have shut down 5 illegal internet operation centers nationwide in a series of raids. These illegal internet operation centers, dubbed as Anti-Information Centers by the RCM, are servers known to operate VPNs and other illegal internet service operations in an act of obstruction against nation peace by effecting the mental wellbeing of citizens through the feeding of misinformation. 21 individuals were arrested by the Realm Police and will be due to face fair trial within the Realmscourt. This raid was the largest to date, with entire buildings containing servers seized by law enforcement, with their contents due for destruction by officers. 


      Regional Inspector Adalhad Oduttir of the Realm Police spoke in a public press outside of one of the raided buildings. 


      "These illegal internet operations have been monitored by watchmen for several months, my men and women did their duty today in protecting the people of Erdland from the hate, lies, and other malicious beliefs that damage the thinking processes of people. We so far believe that these anti-information centers belong to an organized obstructionist group. With this seizure of their illegal operations and countless data, we hope to see an end to their online terror soon."


      Under Decree Nr. 2901 signed by the Paramount State Elder, the Realm Police and other state entities have been tasked with the removal of obstructionist material that is spread and hosted online. This is yet another win by our watchmen in their fight against the obstructionist threat.


      Triumph to the Saga of Erdland!


      The Erdlandish Media Broadcast encourages you to engage with community activities.

    • 24/7/2023
      Emergency response crews tasked with finding Billionaire Noel Smuk

      Raisa: eccentric billionaire, Noel Smuk, while “trespassing” (he paid to get in) in the old tunnel of the Chernyye Kholmy Mine, has lost contact with the surface. Igor is on scene.

      [Igor, standing near the edge of the 4.3 km (2.67 mi) deep hole]

      Igor: Today, Noel entered the tunnel mines 4,300 meters (14,107 ft) below with the goal of finding so-called “hollow Eurth”. His team lost contact with Noel at around 7:41 this afternoon. Rescue teams have been dispatched and are now on site.

    • Fanciful Fiasco for Noel Smuk

      Good evening, viewers, I'm your host Bron Urgundy, presenting tonight's rather zany narrative.

      HERE'S A CRACKER for you: the utterly whimsical, ever-so-courageous billionaire Noel Smuk seems to have taken a wee bit of a detour into the innards of our beloved Eurth! Yes, you heard me right! The fellow just up and disappeared in the murkiest recesses of the Chernyye Kholmy coal mine. I mean, you can't make this stuff up!

      Now, old Noel isn’t just lost on a stroll; this madcap caper is all part of his ambitious, albeit utterly bonkers plan to prove the Hollow Eurth Theory. Yes, folks, we've moved on from the old Flat Eurth Theory. Smuk really does believe our Eurth is as empty as a politician's promise.

      Earlier this weekend, on his beloved Wittier, he stumbled upon a fascinating image of an industrial building with a giant X on it. As with all treasures of great value, 𝕏 marks the spot. Or at least that’s what Smuk must have thought. Not wanting to be outshone by others who might seize this golden opportunity, he hopped on his BayWind private business jet.

      So off went Smuk, all the way to the Novokamensk Administrative District's coal mine in @Garindina. Now, this isn’t any old mine, mind you. This is the deepest man-made hole on the face of the Eurth. One can't help but wonder if he remembered to bring a torch.

      Renowned for his grandiose exploits and shareholder of the ever-fluctuating Bincoin and Wittier, Smuk's latest escapade really takes the biscuit. In fact, it nicks the whole biscuit tin! Equipped with all sorts of flashy tech (probably some space-age GPS that, clearly, hasn't worked), he jaunted into the abyss. One can't help but wonder if he packed a sandwich.

      Before he lost contact, Smuk sent out a cryptic message – something about “witnessing history.” I reckon the only thing we're witnessing is an overgrown schoolboy lost down a very big hole!

      Now we've got all sorts scrambling about the mine entrance: search and rescue teams, geologists, engineers – probably a few pub philosophers in there too. Everybody's waiting for news on our reckless billionaire.

      Of course, there are those dullards in the scientific community, sipping their teas and tutting at Smuk's Hollow Eurth antics, saying it's all poppycock. But hey, if a clear Alpha man wants to risk his neck on a wild goose chase, who are we to judge?

      So here's the question on everybody's lips: will Smuk's mad plunge into the abyss enlighten us all to the true, hollow nature of Eurth? Or has one of the world's ‘brightest’ minds flung himself into a hole too deep to clamber out of? I bet my toupee we'll have some answers soon!

      Now, while our dear friend Smuk seems to have taken a one-way ticket to the Eurth's inner sanctum, the coveted title of the world's richest man hasn't been left vacant. Enter Prospero Lusiyo, the septuagenerian Christine’s-Orinese business maestro, philanthropist, and the new top dog in the billionaire's club.

      As always, keep your eyes glued to BS News for more thrilling updates on this developing story. Will Noel Smuk prove the Hollow Eurth Theory? Or will he simply prove he's got more money than sense? Stay tuned, folks – it's going to be a hoot!

      (OOC. Thanks @Hinterlands and @Garindina for this lovely bit of inspiration. Perfect inside joke to see our Noel Smuk get lost in a mine himself, as a reference to Elon Musk's offer to help those children in Thailand escape their cave. Love it when I can tie multiple previous writings into a new story.)

    • Roiters News

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      InterGal 2 becomes farthest human-made object in Sanar System

      Written by Mrs Jorijina Yeigiziabiheri Wedaji

      InterGal 2, deep-space exploration vehicleARRABAR, Tamurin -- In an unprecedented triumph for humanity's cosmic endeavours, the CAOS Space Program announced today that the InterGal 2 probe, launched in 2006 in collaboration between Upper Strathyclyde and Orioni, has now become the most distant human-made object from Earth. Surpassing all previous records, the probe presently stands as a shining example of the pioneering spirit of human exploration.

      Initiated as part of the Upper Strathyclyde space programme and later folded into the EOS and subsequently, the CAOS Space Program, the InterGal 2 project has charted a path no human-made object has ever trod before. Today, InterGal 2 finds itself beyond the outskirts of the Sanar System, effectively extending our eyes and ears further than ever before into the cosmic abyss.

      “We are entering a new era of exploration,” said Harry Carey, the esteemed @Tamurin professor who serves as the administrator of the CAOS Space Program and presenter of the popular programme, Space, The Infinite Frontier. “InterGal 2 is more than just a piece of advanced technology hurtling through space. It symbolises humanity's insatiable curiosity and our desire to understand the infinite frontier that is space.”

      Launched in March 2006, a month after its sibling probe, InterGal 1, which is currently engaged in studies around Jupiter Satre, the InterGal 2 was part of a momentous collaboration between Upper Strathyclyde and Orioni.* This partnership represented a significant achievement in global cooperation in the field of space exploration.

      Thanks to Upper Strathyclyde's space programme being integrated within the Entente, its legacy continues in the form of the InterGal probes. When the programme was incorporated into the EOS Space Program and then the CAOS Space Program in 2020, the InterGal projects remained a key component of their exploratory pursuits.

      Professor Carey, a pivotal figure in the transition and management of these programmes, has praised the determination and innovation of the teams that have overseen the probes' successful missions. “These probes are the culmination of countless hours of hard work, innovation, and international cooperation. As we celebrate InterGal 2's milestone today, we honour the pioneering spirit that brought us here,” he said.

      As InterGal 2 continues its pioneering voyage** into the depths of space, the scientists at CAOS are eagerly awaiting the wealth of information it will bring back. With each passing moment, the probe propels us further into uncharted territories, promising insights and discoveries that were once the stuff of science fiction.

      “The journey of InterGal 2 is a journey into the unknown. Each new bit of data it sends back is a leap in our understanding of the universe,” said Carey. “Today, we are not just from Upper Strathyclyde, Orioni, Tamurin, or the Orient; we are all Eurthican explorers of the cosmos.”

      The eyes of humanity are set on the cosmos as InterGal 2 continues its celestial journey. As it ventures deeper into the unknown, it carries with it the hopes and dreams of humanity, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and our place within the cosmos.

      (OOC. *Funny video mention a similar study of Jupiter. **Pun intended.)

    • Alarming Statistics: Alcoholism Accounts for 2% of All Deaths in 2022


      Raisa: Good evening, I'm Raisa with the latest update on a pressing issue gripping our nation. A recent study conducted by state officials has revealed that alcoholism was responsible for 2% of all deaths in the year 2022.

      This alarming statistic has sparked widespread concern among both the public and government officials, prompting urgent calls for action. Recognizing the severity of the situation, Czarina Nadia V has announced her plans to implement stricter restrictions on alcohol consumption by the end of this year.

    • Horizion of the Aten: International Edition


      Per-Nesu buys Frigates from Iverica
      Sekhemherukhuatwy, Manille

      With the gradual decommissioning of the Súbic Class Frigates in Iverica, the Per-Nesu will be purchasing 15 of these powerful warships to further modernize the Kingdom of Per-Aten's high-seas fleet. These Frigates will be entering Atenic service as the Aten Class frigates, with the names Aten, Sobek, Nun, Nuanet, Amun, Amunet, Heh, Hauhet, Kek, Kauket, Ist, Ausir, Set, and Nephtys. These purchases were planned to coincide with the Per-Nesu's growing involvment in anti-piracy operations in the Verde and Mediargic seas, as with the Iverican Armada being pulled more into operations against the Anglian menace, Per-Aten will keep our mutual seascape free of piracy. These new frigates are likely the vanguard in a planned more broad modernization effort across the Per-Nesu and the Per-Mesha. To add further credence to that speculation, the rumored talks of Akhetaten Heavy Industry's armor division asking for a new set of trials to be set up for the Per-Mesha's new requirements on the Horakty II... Now may be an interesting time to watch the advances coming from Per-Aten. 

      Edited by Neswetej Per Aten
      Completed (see edit history)
    • bs-news-poll-july-2023.jpg

      Good evening, my dear well-informed watchers. Bron Urgundy reporting live from sunny San Cristobal with my always astute take on the current hullabaloo in Orioni politics.

      IN ROITERS' RECENT opinion poll, we see that the SPO has crawled its way up to 36%. I know, I'm as shocked as you are! Did they hand out free pizzas at the polling booths? Or perhaps, they've discovered a magic wand to sway voters? I mean, who wouldn't prefer a hot slice over a mishandled economy and an escalating Anglian crisis, am I right?

      Oh, and let's spare a moment for poor old Blueropa, which has slipped down to a measly 10%. Much like my chances of being invited to their Christmas party this year. Not that I'd miss their tasteless canapés. Remember, folks, this is the coalition that's supposedly ‘leading’ our nation. If this is leading, then I'm the next EurthVision sensation!

      Meanwhile, the Pink! party is stuck at a dismal 7%. It seems their only shade of green is that of envy, looking at the other parties' polling figures. Oh, the ironies of politics!

      Now, onto the real challengers, the PO&N. Even though they've slipped a bit to 32%, I still put my bets on them. Their capitalist mantra resonates with the 'cash in the pocket, not in the government coffer' sentiment. It's a bit like betting on a horse that's already lost a shoe. You might think it's a bad idea, but imagine the bragging rights if it wins!

      Not to forget, the Fronde Verdur party, my favourite underdogs, have gained ground, moving up to a respectable 15%. I bet it's their no-nonsense patriotic rhetoric that's winning hearts – and apparently votes. Or maybe it's the hats? They do have nice hats.

      So, as we gear up for what is shaping up to be the 'Battle of the Ballot' in December, remember this – it doesn't matter who wins or loses, it's how they govern. And if they govern as they've been doing… well, I might just extend my stay in San Cristobal.

      Until next time, this is Bron Urgundy, delivering the most 'accurate' news from far, far away from the SPO-Blueropa led chaos we call Orioni!

    • medani-monitor.gif

      Orioni Faces 'Make or Break' Moment as PO&N and Fronde Verdur Gain Ground

      A column by Oladois Gufov.

      Orioni's political landscape is a complex landscape of shifting loyalties, as underscored by the most recent opinion poll conducted by Roiters. While the ruling party SPO seems to have fortified its position in the recent poll, the real story lies in the intriguing rise of the opposition parties, PO&N and Fronde Verdur.

      The SPO's surge to 36% in July, up from 34% in June, seems to have momentarily quelled rumblings about its tenure. However, the seasoned observers of Orioni's politics are directing their attention towards the centre-right PO&N and the far-right Fronde Verdur parties, both of which are steadily gaining ground in the political arena.

      Despite the SPO's brief respite in the poll, it's worth noting that the opposition PO&N remains hot on their heels. The party's consistent appeal, though experiencing a slight dip from 33% to 32%, reflects its growing acceptance as a viable alternative to the current government. Led by the business-savvy Edric Kageni, PO&N is striking a chord with the populace, offering capitalist solutions to the nation's economic woes and the ongoing Anglian crisis.

      Interestingly, the Fronde Verdur party has managed to increase its foothold from 14% to 15%. Though some may view the party's rise with trepidation, it is undoubtedly a sign of growing frustration with the status quo and a thirst for a strong, patriotic stance.

      It's notable, however, that the SPO's coalition partner Blueropa has seen a drop in support, sliding down to 10%, and the smaller Pink! party continues to tread water at 7%. It appears that the current wave of patriotism and the desire for decisive leadership is leaving these centre-left parties in its wake.

      As Orioni heads towards a significant election in December, these shifts in political affiliations lay bare the dissatisfaction with the current government. With heightened patriotic sentiments and an increasingly politically engaged populace, PO&N and Fronde Verdur could very well upset the political apple cart. As the election season kicks into high gear, one thing is clear: Orioni is on the brink of a political sea change, the ripples of which will be felt for generations to come.

    • Roiters News

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      July '23 Opinion Poll: Election season begins amid high national pride: latest opinion poll reveals surprising shifts

      Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati

      Political opinion polling in Orioni

      O'POLIS -- The recent series of events in Orioni has once again shifted the political landscape, as revealed by the most recent opinion poll conducted by Roiters. With national pride soaring following Orioni's victory in the EurthVision contest, the unveiling of a new submarine by the Orinese navy, and a successful Fleet Week held by the EOS alliance, nationalist sentiment is riding high. These sentiments seem to have made their mark on political affiliations, even as concerns about the worsening Anglian War linger.

      The most recent opinion poll in mid-July 2023 shows the following results:

      • SPO: 36%
      • Blueropa: 10%
      • Pink!: 7%
      • PO&N: 32%
      • Fronde Verdur: 15%

      The centre-left SPO has taken advantage of the heightened national pride, seeing its support rise to 36% from 34% in June. The governing party has effectively associated itself with these recent triumphs, instilling confidence in its ability to steer the nation through turbulent times. “Our recent victories in EurthVision and our naval accomplishments have reminded us of the strength and unity of the Orinese people,” commented the SPO Leader, Mrs Eremi Ciris. “As we move forward, let us remember our shared victories, and face our shared challenges, together. I believe in an Orioni where progress is our shared goal.”

      However, the party's coalition partner, Blueropa, seems to have taken a hit, with support declining to 10% from 11% in June. The contrast in fortunes within the coalition points to the complexity of the current political climate. The Blueropa Leader, Mr Ethan Lorio responded with optimism, bordering on denial: “The fluctuating support we witness here represents the dynamic political landscape of our nation. Blueropa remains committed to its principles of promoting economic prosperity and social justice for all. Our journey is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who believe in building bridges and breaking barriers.”

      On the other hand, the PO&N party has experienced a slight dip in support, dropping to 32% from 33% in June. Despite the decrease, the party remains a strong contender and continues to keep the ruling SPO on its toes. Its party leader, Mr Edric Kageni, was quick to hit the governing coalition where it hurts: “Orioni deserves strong and responsive leadership, especially in the face of the ongoing Anglian crisis. We can't afford to rest on our laurels while the nation needs decisive action. The PO&N party is committed to protecting our nation and securing a prosperous future for all.”

      The Pink! party's fortunes continue to dwindle, holding at 7% as it fails to sway voters amidst the current nationalist wave and ongoing crises. When contacted for comment, Mrs Ihova Myna had this to say about her party's future: “As Pink!, we stand firm on our commitment to social justice and inclusive growth. The current nationalistic wave shouldn't overshadow our core principles of equality and respect for all. It's not a battle of the loudest voice, but the strongest ideals.

      Interestingly, the far-right Fronde Verdur party has increased its foothold to 15%, up from 14% in June. The party seems to be capitalising on the heightened nationalist sentiment, as well as dissatisfaction about the handling of the Anglian War. Mrs Nigela Merabiya was all smiles: “Fronde Verdur acknowledges and celebrates our nation's victories. However, our focus remains on the major issues at hand – the ongoing crisis and ensuring the sovereignty and security of Orioni. We are here to address these challenges head-on, without losing sight of our democratic values.”

      As Orioni enters election season officially, with the general election set for December, these recent shifts in political affiliations highlight the high stakes and unpredictable nature of the race. The series of positive events boosting national pride appear to be impacting voter sentiment significantly, while the persistent concerns about the Anglian War could yet shift the balance.

      With a few months left for the decisive poll, the parties will undoubtedly continue to make strategic manoeuvres to win voter confidence. As these opinion polls reveal, the election is shaping up to be one of the most dynamic and closely watched in Orioni's history.

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      Tragedy at Fiume Diamante: CMF train derails near Borgo di San Poggiolo.                               

      Porcella ( Montedica ) — According to primary data, at least 60 people have lost their lives and another 100 have resulted injured in what has become the worst railway accident in the history of Montedica after a Frecciaverde highspeed train from the CaminodiMonte Ferrovie (CMF) carrying a total of 231 passengers and 4 crew members derailed just under 2 kilometers from Borgo San Poggiolo, a small town of 1.700 inhabitants near the City of Nuova Antotta. Emergency services continue to work looking for injured or dead people in the wagons of the derailed train, many of which have ended several meters away from the track.

      The accident occurred at around 10:32 p.m. during the afternoon service of the Nuova Antotta-Porcella line, which is the busiest in the country. The train left the Cascata Monte Station in Porcella at 7:21 p.m. and should have arrived at the Nuova Antotta Marina d'oro Station at around 11:00 p.m., when it derailed while taking the tightest curve of the route, after supposedly entering it with a speed greater than allowed. Several residents of Borgo San Poggiolo were the first improvised rescue teams to arrive at the scene of the accident, reporting a "wagon engulfed in flames" and warning that the cost in lives of the accident would be "dramatic" after spotting several lifeless bodies lying on the tracks.

      All hospitals in Nuova Antotta and neighbouring towns have been put on alert to receive the dozens of injured people from the accident, some in critical condition. At the Sacro Cuore Hospital, where a good part of the seriously injured people arrived, numerous anguished relatives gathered, who were continually called by the medical services to inform them of the state in which their relatives were, at the same time as several professional health workers arrived to the hospital voluntarily to help with the treatment of the injured. Nuova Antotta's health services authorities have also made a call on social media to citizens of the city to come and donate blood to the Nuova Antotta Transfusion Center, while also requesting everyone to not approach the place of the accident to not hinder the rescue missions taking place.

      The facilities of the Bellavista sports complex in Borgo San Poggiolo have been allowed to serve as a temporary funeral home for the victims of the derailment. CMF has also provided a telephone number for assistance to the families of the injured or dead, offering information on how to proceed and the situation of their relatives, at the same time that the Polizia Civile has also enabled a contact number open to the entire population to provide information about the accident. All railway services on the Nuova Antotta-Porcella line have been suspended until further notice, while those trains currently running on the line have been diverted or stopped.

      Starting tomorrow morning, the Corpo di Esperanza, Polizia Civile, and other State forces will focus on investigating and clarifying the causes of the accident, although according to the Head of the Railway Directorate, Antonio Rossi, who has arrived in the vicinity of the incident as soon as the news was known, together with the Minister of Transportation, Giovanni Bianchi, the only viable theory that can explain the tragedy is overspeeding. The whereabouts of the train driver are not known so far, but there is no record of him among the injured people admitted to the different hospitals of the region, so it is suspected that his body could still be among the remains of the accident.

      Edited by Montedica (see edit history)
    • bs-news-oshun.jpg

      Good evening to all the freedom loving viewers out there. I'm Bron Urgundy, and boy do I have a story for you.

      I'M NEVER ONE to gloat because I don't deal in absolutes, but this is going to be a real “I told you so”-moment. Because in an exclusive revelation that confirms my predictions from 2016, the perfidious Entente of Oriental States, the puppet alliance headed by Orioni, has flaunted its newest maritime monstrosity – the Oshun-class submarine.

      Yes, folks, you heard it right. The secret I broke wide open back in 2016 has now become a terrifying reality. Remember how I told you about a mysterious blogger leaking designs of a so-called ‘Oshun’? A submarine designed to cause “devastating damage to a country's territory” and render “wide areas of radioactive contamination”? Well, it seems we weren't just tilting at windmills.

      During their self-aggrandising Fleet Week, held this year in Burkini, the EOS confirmed our worst fears. In a highly publicised panel discussion, Grand Admiral Mario Ramius of the Imperial Orinese Navy grandiosely unveiled this maritime menace. With a smug grin on his face, Ramius described the Oshun as a symbol of “their potential and their quest for safeguarding their maritime territories.”

      Well, let's be real here. Who exactly are they safeguarding against? What does the Oshun truly embody? It seems evident to anyone with a keen eye for geopolitics that this super submarine isn't a tool for safety, but a weapon of intimidation. It's a show of force, plain and simple, designed to flex their military muscles at the rest of the wurld.

      And why was this revelation made during Fleet Week? A week supposedly committed to cultural exchange, marine conservation, and public outreach? To put a friendly face on their military posturing, no doubt. But we can see through their charade.

      Orioni, under the guise of EOS, is escalating the arms race in the Oriental Ocean. It's time the international community took a hard look at this development and questioned what the Oshun-class super submarine truly represents – peace or power?

      (OOC. I am my own worst enemy. Fleet Week came and went. Two news stories followed. Not a single other EOS member participated. #sadface Might as well get used to that. Never mind me, doing my own little thing here in the corner.)

    • Erdland

      Posted (edited)


      7 July 2023


      AE-FWP Forum Broadcasts Possible Future of the Protection Guard


      The All-Erdlandish Farmers' and Workers' Party Summer Forum showcased and broadcasted the possible future of the All-Erdlandish Protection Guard, the party's official paramilitary wing and defenders of the Erdlandish Party ideology. During the forum, to which the State Marshal and the Political Council of the AE-FWP attended, discussion on future AE-FWP policy was showcased, such as future membership perks, community programs, and more. However, the most important part of the forum was the Protection Guard section. The Protection Guard, founded in 1959, has been the main and sole paramilitary wing of the AE-FWP and the people of Erdland. Initially serving as a defender of Erdlandish patriotism against obstructionist thugs terrorizing Erdlandish communities, following the ascension of the Paramount Eternal State Elder and the party's consolidation of the state, complaints of disuse within the Protection Guard have been present ever since. 


      However, this new possible future might bring this wing back to use. The leadership of the party have mentioned that following discussion with both leadership of the PG and the Erdlandish Armed Forces, the Protection Guard might see to it becoming a paramilitary wing within the Erdlandish Army as a strictly loyalist number of divisions of the Army. This army branch of the Protection Guard, simply called the 'Standard Army', will be divided in PG-Standard Divisions under joint control of the Protection Guard Leadership Office and the Erdlandish Army High Command. 


      If approved by the current State Elder, the first Standard Protection Army division, simply called the 1. PG-Standard Division 'Alseiga' (named after an Erdlandish mythical creature), will be activated in December in the town of Galle. Its manpower will be drawn from members who have dual membership in the PG and the Erdlandish Army.


      Hail to the Saga of Erdland!


      The Erdlandish Media Broadcast brings you the truth. (Sponsored by the Realmsministry of Truth and Information).

      Edited by Erdland (see edit history)
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      Posts on Wittier regarding the prolonged silence of reports on the ongoing conflict between Zaxar and Côte de Foururre which has seen a rise in discontent and a minor fall in support for the Imperial family

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