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      An Inky Ocean

      10/8/2022- Following the Majesty incident, many questions have been raised over the circumstances surrounding the sinking of the oil tanker Cavliere and the wounding of the RMS Majesty, ranging from the final resting place of the wreck to possible ulterior motives behind the entire ordeal.

      Initial reporting by the Komspukov Times gave birth to claims that the captain of the Cavliere intentionally shifted the course of the massive tanker to intentionally collide with the Majesty as a show of anti-monarchist protest. In a much similar fashion the Royal Report accused the radio operator of the Cavliere of treason for ignoring radio transmissions from the Majesty to proceed with an intentional attack against a symbol of Renolion pride and the last golden age of the Monarchy. These assertions ended up fueling a series of small protests at the headquarters of Gennaro Shipping, owner of the sunken tanker. Fears of possible increasing volatility were calmed with the release of an early statement from the National Transportation Safety Board, who released the following statement: 

      “It has come to the attention of the investigators of the Majesty Incident that claims of this being a treasonous attack have led to undesirable situations in Komspukov for the former owners of the MS Cavliere. These claims are without base and purely fear mongering on behalf of the original journalists. No evidence of an intentional turn has come to fruition, and both crew of the Cavliere and Majesty have agreed that there was no intentional effort to sink the Majesty. We ask that any news source releasing claims of this being an attack cease further publication so as to not create unnecessary concern over what is merely an accident.” 

      Of the information the NTSB has released thus far, much of it proves this statement to be true. Based on the point of collision and the wake seen by the crew of the Majesty from the form of the Cavliere, there’s evidence that a turn in order to avoid rather than ram into the Majesty was made, and that based on the waves spotted breaking against her stern, she was attempting to reverse rather then continue forward. Additional information regarding the Cavliere’s final moments unfortunately cannot be reached as of this moment, as due to the depth at which she sank, her VDR cannot be easily recovered without the assistance of a submersible craft. The Navy has denied the NTSB access to its fleet of three submersibles, which has left the NTSB in talks with the Deep Quest Company for access to their submersible vessel ‘Peanut’ (see below).


      Damages so far total 110 million ADS, 90 million of which cover the loss of the Cavliere, while the remaining 20 million is for the repair costs of the Majesty, however these estimates do not include costs of loss cargo or lost profit due to the laying up of the Majesty and complete loss of the Cavliere. While the investigation is very much in its early stages, both the Blue Star Line and the Helesko Oil Company are already at each other's throats over the ordeal. Due to the lack of a vessel being available to run the Komspukov-Toloa, or ‘Ocean Blue’ route, the National Line’s Queen Nezetchi has been given access to the route’s rights by the Ministry of Commerce, much to the chagrin of the Blue Star Line. We’ll continue to update you as more information arrives.

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      August 9th, 2022

      Neo-Fascist Gemotamists Express Disdain for Democracy

      In a recent publication in the official newspaper and newsletter of the Dolchic Socialist Gemotam Party, Gemotam, and at an organised anti-democratic Gemotamist event held at the University of Kapojvar, the Dolchic Socialist Gemotam Party, along with its leader and Chief Consul of Stedoria, Tamäj Köseg, expressed their Gemotamist beliefs of having a duty to reject and act against the interests of liberal-democratic societies, not only within Stedoria, but throughout the rest of the wurld. Köseg’s speech culminated in the total and entire rejection of the ideas of liberal-democracy, and instead, through this speech, declared Stedoria to be a de facto illiberal “democracy”, something that simply does not exist; democracy, democratic ideals, and republicanism are all ideas rooted in liberal radicalism, something that Gemotamist convieniently yet very commonly seem to forget. Tamäj Köseg and his Gemotam Party’s ideological descent has reached its final stage in which the Gemotam Party and the National Party of the Stedorian Revolution have become what can only be described as fascist, not only in their rhetoric, but in their actions with other parties, beliefs by party members, along with Gemotamists’ historical conduct during Drejlär’s brutal military regime.

      As seen through Köseg’s speech, Gemotamist rhetoric has only become more hostile to liberal-democratic and pro-freedom ideals, instead focusing their rhetoric on populism and whataboutisms, faulting democracy for all of its admitted downsides and mistakes, yet failing to do so for the downsides and failings that Gemotamism has had on Stedoria, from the military junta, which massacred thousands, to the civil war of the 90s that more than 100,000 dead and almost as many, if not more, injured; many permenantly. This fascistic rhetoric can also be seen in Gadutea in recent times, with inflammatory speeches being made against now non-Gemotamist State President Isenhour, with Gemotamists hurling abuse at him at every opportunity given, bothing before and after his election, even potentially being behind the brutal assassination attempt made on his life. It must be warned that Gemotamist rhetoric in claiming a “Great Rebirth/Renaissance” for not only Stedoria, but for all Dolchic nations is nothing but fascist populism in attempts to draw disillusioned Dolchic-Stedorian conservatives and right-wingers away from their own parties on the right, to the far-right where the Gemotam Party is located instead.

      The National Party of the Stedorian Revolution has also received the backing along with large amounts of support from the far-right Freethinkers’ Party since the latter party’s inception. The Freethinkers’ Party, like the Gemotam Party, openly express their distain for liberal-democratic ideas, instead openly endorsing authoritarian ideas that, rather than push our country to strive towards a level of democracy similar to advanced democracies such as our neighbour Walneria, instead lead us to a path that closens our country’s political system with that of Velaheria’s or Aurivizh’s, both of which are brutal dictatorships that constantly trample on freedoms and liberties of its citizens. The Gemotam Party’s willingness to co-operate with such a distasteful party, along with accept its backing, show that the Gemotam Party’s main strategy is to lure political dissatisfied individuals, not only from the left, but also from the right.

      Gemotam Party members have on many ocassions since the party’s creation been responsible for inflammatory statements towards minorities, along with expressing ultranationalistic and even nativist sentiments, all of which, rather than leading to a society of diversity and tolerance, lead to a society of intolerance, a society that makes itself vulnerable to taking part in atrocities against certain people groups and/or minorities. Whilst thankfully these sentiments have only been expressed by a small amount of party members, the Gemotam Party’s leadership has taken no action in combatting such rhetorically irresponsible comments. Many occassions have been recorded, espeically during the most recent election campaign only moths ago, of party candidates making offensive remarks. This includes one candidate expressing that non-Gemotamists should receive “mandatory and occassionally physical political re-education”, and another candidate expressing their desire to have “all non-Dolchic peoples expelled from Stedoria”. These comments leak with fascistic tendencies, and only show the party’s descent into political madness.

      Gemotamists’ admiration for the Drejlär military dictatorship of the 70s is something that all Stedorians who value democracy should be very concerned about; the Drejlär junta was far from democratic, and, whilst the country was equally bad during the time of the monarchy, this does not immediately mean that the period of Drejlär was better. During the Drejlär regime, political persecution of non-Gemotamists became extremely commonplace, with many imprisoned, accused of communism during the regime, as the nation was put into a state of constant paranoia owing to the country being surrounded by many authoritarian, communist dictatorships that were all equally bad as Drejlär. Shortly after the Drejlär’s coup of 1971, communist, socialist, social democrat, liberal, and conservative political intelligentsia were all arrested, with many being executed and thousands being forced into prisons and labour camps, in which the conditions were brutal, resulting in further deaths from maltreatment. The Drejlär regime was not a period to celebrate in Stedorian history, nor is it a period in history to imitate; rather it is a period in which our country must learn from so that Stedoria may never end up in such a situation in its history again.

      All those who value freedom, all those who value elections, all those who value making their voices heard through democratic means in a peaceful manner, you must realise and beaware that fascism is on the rise in our country, and that the Gemotam Party does not share your views on democracy that you have; they would rather prefer that you either agree with them, or that you do not make your voice heard at all. One’s most powerful tool in a dimming fire of freedom is one’s voice, so that they may notify and make other aware, so that they may assist you in preventing the flame of democracy from dimming, and finally extinguishing into authoritarianism, something which Stedoria should never deserve to suffer through again.

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      María Teresa of Bergenaria: an uncertain future.
      What will this teenager think? What would she ask her father about Bergenaria? What future does she hold for her? She quite unenviable on the other hand, as she happened to her father.


      Pablo Lejiam


      September 19, 2022 will be a historic date for the Bergenarian monarchy and for a teenager named María Teresa de Bergenaria Solís (Serenno, 2004). It will be then when she, in the Imperial Congress and accompanied by her dying father, Clemente VIII and the Prime Minister Sonia Almenares will swear the Constitution having reached the age of majority and solemnly proclaimed heir to the Crown.


      To many however, the formal act might be much complicated than any other heir to this empire. This attractive young woman, with blonde hair and blue eyes, will have an uncertain political future open to her, regardless of the university education she is supposed to receive from then on and surely similar to the one her father obtained with studies graduate abroad. The oath will take place on the eve of the end of the legislature and the holding of general elections that are announced to be quite tense.


      Is Maria Teresa, Princess of Bergenaria ready to be engaged as Queen of Bergenaria? While her father seems to be getting worse with his leukemia condition, her mother, Queen Dalina of Bergenaria has declared her wishes not to become the Heiress of the Empire. On the other hand, the Bergenarian monarchy is quite questioned by the reprehensible behavior of his grandfather, King Benedict during the last stage of his mandate, and the strong calls for independence in places such as the Ascendancy of Aniria or the Duchy of Lacornia, or already of plan the possible reformation of Bergenaria to a true federal republic.

      For the royal analysts, they judge her as a discreet, prudent, and slightly shy young woman, with a reserved character like her father's rather than her mother's, with a fondness for classical music like her grandmother, an ease with languages , and who likes being around with her old classmates from the Ángeles school. She has just finished the first semester of college at the Serenno Imperial University, where she was enrolled last year by her parents. This academic year she will complete her secondary studies at the same center.

      Meanwhile, her mother must be aware that despite having begun to take the first steps to modernize the institution, much more will be needed if she wants María Teresa de Bergenaria Solís to succeed her and reign in the future. Dalina de Bergenaria has remained silent when it comes to proposing the so-called New Imperial Laws, perhaps because of clause 13224, which explicitly marks the end to the inviolability of the head of state, at least about offenses that concern the private life of a monarch.

      It is not easy for her, much less for that teenager, who in his visit speech in Aniria together with the Prime Minister Sonia Almenares and the Hereditary Duke of Aniria, Jonathan, who presides, said quite sincerely: "I am also being shaped".


      This opinion article was written exclusively for the CRB.

      Presenting the news without any filters.

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      Kataigidon-2 Deep Hydrocarbon Station 1

      Thalassa ton Kataigidon-2 appraisal well located in Zone 8x8 offshore, between Ulusk and the Territory of Akwisia is one of the deepest oil and gas developments in operation by GDL and Ulan'Uz Petroleum, corporations within the Haru territories. 

      The Kataigidon-2 offshore development comprises a spar platform moored in 2,450m-deep waters that serves as a production hub for three deep-water fields namely Pmia Veh (Blue Tip), Dundueca (Tortoise), and Cay pent (Sea Bird, roughly).

      The Kataigidon-2 production platform has the capacity to process about 100,000 barrels of crude oil and 200 million cubic feet of gas per day.

      Ulan'Uz announced the Pmia Veh deep-water mining zone in the Kataigidon area had been tested and researched, prior operation as a hydrocarbon mining zone. Tests concluded that the following minerals were available, each number in blue represents apparent potential of several hundred thousand tons, with the orange being the high possibility of a million tons of minerals.


      K2/DHS/1 production and drilling platform 

      The K2/DHS/1 host platform comprises a 170m-long and 26m-diametre cylindrical spar hull that weighs approximately 22,000t. The giant spar hull is moored with nine taut-leg mooring systems and is designed to withstand the most powerful storms.

      The mooring components include suction pile anchors, plie chain, mooring connector, ground chain, polyester rope sections as well as platform chain.

      The platform has three topsides for housing the oil and gas processing units, living quarters for approximately 170 people, a drilling rig, and a dock for HIN patrolcraft. Though this duty has also been offered to Tagmatine naval units so as to maintain a peaceful presence. 

      A total of 35 subsea wells, including 22 direct vertical access wells and 13 remote wells were planned to be drilled from the K2/DHS/1 spar platform, with currently eight subsea wells, and nine direct vertical wells.

      K2/DHS/1 phase two development

      Verlaine Corporate Industries (VCI) was awarded an integrated engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) contract for the existing K2/DHS/1 host platform.

      The scope of the contract includes the delivery and installation of subsea equipment, flexible flowlines, flexible jumpers, steel flying leads, and electrical flying leads.

      Contractors involved

      Kunya Trade Authority was awarded the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract for spar hull and mooring system for the K2/DHS/1 spar platform.

      The spar hull was built by GDL Offshore in Perya, Haruspex, while the topsides were designed by Kunya Alliance Engineering and constructed by Ulan'Uz Offshore Design.

    • 7th August 2022

      Rising Ideological Changes

      Recent events in Mahana have lead to a steady rise in support for Mahana's popular left-wing party, the Mahanan People's Party (MPP). This has come due to the feeling of a lack of representation of the people in the countries politics, feeling a lot of what they vote for is useless. The feeling has began to highten in recent weeks as the MPP have begun advertising their party by showing the faults of the ruling party of Mahana, the Mahanan Congress.

    • Rebirth.png


      Secretary-General of the Dolchic Socialist Gemotam Party, Tamäj Köseg, today whilst speaking at an event being held at the University of Kapojvar by student-members of the League of Students of Gemotam and other members of the Dolchic Socialist Gemotam Party, made a scathing of the wurld's self-proclaimed and so-called democratic and liberal-democratic political institutions; a common and increasing political phenomenon and political system manifesting itself in many of the wurld's nations. A system that unjustly and without merit claim and pride themselves on so-called political and civil liberties, human dignity, and the inalieanable and undeniable rights of man and of the wurld's citizens. Nations under such political systems pose an insult to the rights of man under the guise of claiming to advocate and promote the very thing which they deny, a common yet effective political tool used against citizens in order to keep them in political ignorance and prevent such citizens from reaching any state of heightened political awareness and heightened political interest, in-turn allowing the status quo and secret disenfranchisement to continue and to expand.


      We as citizens, not just of Stedoria, not just of Argis, not just of the Dolchic-Buranic homeland, but of the entire wurld, need and must realise that many of the wurld's nations seemingly pride themselves on both their practices and advocation of such practices. They claim that democracy is that of a so-called "liberal-democracy", the idea that having the right to vote instantly means freedom has been achieved, the idea that freedom is above all, including the welling being of one's fellow country, the idea that one has a right to spread lies and propaganda simply because they think they have the right to do such a thing. This degenerative system of democracy is an insult to democracy and freedom and the very ideals that they stand for.

      In these degenerative liberal-democratic systems, one should ask: Where exists democracy for society's poor? Where exists democracy for society's minorities? Where exists democracy for society's forgotten? These systems claim that such peoples will be helped and will be represented, yet, unjustifiably and unacceptably, leave them to remain poor, leave them to remain disenfranchised, and leave them to remain forgotten by liberal-democracy's evil and inhuman "free"-market. In such society, a human is not a human, but simply a potential elector and a potential consumer; human dignity is all but forgotten, replaced by these two things. Liberal-democracies are simply a pretend solution; that one can choose simply between conservatism, liberalism, or social democracy to fix their problems, when in reality all choices are the same, and result in no significant change for society at all.

      We, as Stedorians, as Gemotamists, must always declare that we reject the idea and practices of liberal-democracy. Stedoria is not a liberal-democracy, Stedoria is a democracy. We as Gemotamists must criticise and reject the polluting ideas of both liberalism and conservatism; we are neither, and we refuse in identifying ourselves as either; both are simply the same thing that present themselves as something different.

      This is what the essence of democracy is; that a person may live in dignity, away from poverty and violence. When one lives in poverty or in violence, they are unable to engage in and practise democracy in the first place. This is the political and moral failure of liberal-democracies, that they are hardly democracies.

      -General-Secretary Köseg at today's event at the University of Kapojvar

      Secretary-General Köseg's criticisms focused mainly on nations priding themselves to be democracies, yet either refusing to or simply forgetting to take into account the availability of democracy and participation in democracy for those in society who have naturally and historically been excluded, rejected, or disenfranchised from democracy. Rather, they dehumanise their own citizens, merely downgrading politically to be voters, and downgrading them economically to be consumers, and simply nothing else. Whilst these nations may claim that the presence of elections are evidence of their democracy, their treatment of certain sections of the society equally violate the spirit and ideals of democracy.

      It is equally common for these nations to criticise socialist, one-party states, for allegedly being undemocratic and evening hostile to democracy, the most notable of these targets of criticism being Stedoria's neighbour, Velaheria. In these malice criticisms by nations critical and hostile to nations such as Velaheria, however, they fail to realise and analyse the political systems of these country, not realising, either unintentionally or deliberately, that democracy, rather than existing in the framework of a multi-party liberal-"democratic" system, exists in the framework of the nation's leading party. Democracy exists in the leading party of a one-party state through party congresses, party meetings, and democratic centralism.

      Edited by Stedoria (see edit history)
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      Korson Township, 125 km North of Wellson, just forty km away from the eastern border of Wajoka — 

      Haru expeditionary gunship strikes struck the bandit stronghold of Korson Township on Saturday. This is part of the growing hold on the former nation of Cabarria, and the goal of eliminating the brigands and others that have plagued survivors of the atomic and biological strike years past.

      The fighting began with the 2nd Column commandos killing of a senior commander of the local militant group in a wave of strikes Friday that diplomatic officers from the imperial government said were meant to prevent an imminent attack and to pave the way for legionary pushing forward into the area.

      On Saturday afternoon, Haru VTOL gunships stepped up strikes with hits on four residential buildings identified as hardened points. The destruction was the heaviest yet in the current exchange. Those civilians who had resided within Korson, were warnd Thursday that the 2nd Column would be making advances and should they wish to evacuate to Haru lines, they would be cared for.

      In one of the strikes, after the warnings, HIN aerocraft dropped two bombs on collection of haphazard bandit vehicles. The blast flattened a nearby two-story structure, leaving a large rubble-filled crater, and badly damaged the surrounding militant forces 'armored' vehicles.

      Throughout the day, Korson Township militants regularly launched rounds of rockets into and about the exterior of the land surrounding the township, but there were no reports of casualties. Most barrages were intercepted by the Haru legionary's missile-defense system, hit in empty areas or fell short. 

    • Anglian Vessels Spotted in the Musaphong Bay 

      After the increase of Anglia in neighboring Shendao (Khao Thankalawy), more and more Anglian ships have been spotted in the waters in between Rhava and the Kidneys. After last years sanctions on Anglia from Rhava and joint condemning from Alharun hegemony Fulgistan and Rhava, Anglia has been sinking its claws of influence all over Southeast Alharu with rumors of Anglian support to Kharanese and Rhavanese rebel groups. While conflict has not happened involving Rhava yet, only time can tell before Godstone helps Shendao claim the Southeast Alharun waters. 

      The Srisulak, Katewakham Phiewthiong, Yambin III, jewel of phadinani, and the spear the pierces heaven, issued statement last week on Anglian aggression seen in Argis, and Amutia, and more tariffs on both Shendaoan and Anglian vessels in Rhavanese sovereign territory. There are rumors in the government that a meeting between Rhavapura and Godstone may be in the works, and the expulsion of Anglia from both Southeast Alharu and these sovereign waters. 


      (Anglian Supply Ship Spotted)

      Typhoon 'Sithoo' Devastates Small Town Rhava 

      Last night the typhoon dubbed Sithoo, meaning ancient in Rha, hit the eastern seaboard hard, with entire houses being levelled. In the onslaught of online food apps, and large chains, small businesses already hit hard by globalization have lost countless days, as well as utilities, ingredients, and of course customers. 

      We met an owner of a small restaurant in the suburbs of Manahapak. Mrs. Khenayyalusung works as 'Bookstore Mana Nguwe'. "Days are tough, when not enough people buy my books, I might not have enough money to pay my bills, especially in this 'Thunthu' (term for day and age)." Mrs. Khenayyalusung has 3 children, and now because it is easier to just order them online. "And now with Sithoo, my shipments for new books are either across the ocean in Aurelia, or soaking wet under the sea. I just hope that people realize that they need to support local business, as we have been here longer and are always reliable." That was Mrs. Khenayyalusung.

      Other News: 

      • Sithoang Siemewe looks for boyfriend spacer.png
      • Sithoo destroys sand dunes in Photmulak Province
      • Tensions rising in Southern Aurelia 
      • INT flights supposed to pick up later this week
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      5/8/2022: 10:00 -BREAKING NEWS- In an internationally broadcasted press briefing early this morning, Field Marshal and leader of Côte de Fourrure Caitlin Friseal read out the Zaxari demands to reporters before bursting out into laughter and balling up the document which she then threw towards the waste bin by the press room door. The shot missed terribly and yet the message was still very clear, CDF would not be paying the Imperial reparations. When asked about how worried she was about Zaxari and allied retaliation, Friseal assured that CDF had become a very "self reliant and self driven nation" and that it had always faced threats from "regional bullies and so-called native swine attempting to rob [Fourrures] of our rightful land and property and we have never taken it laying down. This shall be no different. We are ready and willing to defend our nation from any military or economic attack."


      Field Marshal Friseal during her press briefing 05/08/2022

      Friseal continued to assert a lack of Zaxari evidence throughout her briefing, a stance which the country has held since the first reports of the attack. She went on to call out to "allies of Côte de Fourrure in Europa and Aurelia and to believers in international law everywhere" for backing in any coming conflict "be it economic or, god forbid, military." Analysts have dubbed this a request for formal backing from the nations of Anglia and others within the OCA as well as other sympathetic nations in order to deter the Zaxari government from taking any serious action against the nation.


      The Zaxari and foreign responses have yet to be disclosed.


      We will keep you updated as this story develops,


      Imperial Sanctions Announced on Côte de Fourrure: What's next and how can the situation be resolved?

      5/8/2022: 13:00 -BREAKING NEWS- Emperor William I Zaxar went live from the Imperial Palace in Sandrica early this afternoon to address the Fourruren broadcast earlier this morning. William announced that sanctions which "would heavily punish those responsible for the attack" before making his speech.

      The major targets of these sanctions were lithium (both crude and refined), crude cobalt, and pharmaceuticals. The only export listed which is expected to have any major impact of CDF is the pharmaceuticals industry which CDF relies upon as Zaxar is the only major exporter in the region. Notable exclusions from this list are food products including grain and cider which are very important to CDF due to its frigid climate which makes fish the only significant domestically produced food product. The Emperor avoided discussing these at all during his speech and military analysts have criticized this move as they say it is the only step that could possibly provide the pressure needed to "break CDF."

      William made this speech while fully dressed in traditional ceremonial Wampanoag garb rather than his usual business suit. Some suggest that this symbolizes a prioritization of national safety over the previous economic focus of the Emperor. During his speech the Emperor called on the people of Zaxar and of the Wurld to stand united against this blatant state-terrorist attack on the civillian population of Zaxar. The Emperor then addressed his counterparts throughout the Aurelian League, calling for them to place similar sanctions on CDF as a show of Aurelian unity against threats. Commentators are predicting an overall positive but mixed response from the League.

      Towards the end of his speech, William made a statement which almost certainly evoked a collective groan from pacifists around the glube as he proclaimed the military is now mobilizing across the CDF-Zaxar border and the reserve troops are being called up into service across the nation. The Ranger Corps have also been repositioned to replace army personnel along friendlier borders to free up further units to move south toward CDF.

      Army high command assures that this move is only to deter further Fourruren attacks and to conduct "defensive combat drills." It remains to be seen if this promise will hold.

      William concluded his speech with a message to the Fourruren government, stating that "all sanctions can still be lifted and friendly relations restored, all you have to do is admit responsibility for your actions, apologize for them, and give families and companies the reparations they deserve. For every week you wait, the value of these reparations shall increase by 5%, please do yourselves and your people a favor and cooperate sooner rather than later."

      We will keep you updated on this story as it develops


      Members of an artillery support unit within the Imperial Zaxar Army use live fire during an exercise near the Fourruren border 05/08/2022

      In other news:

      • Coronation of Kertosonos new Emperor
      • Marriage of Istas Zaxar to Gotneskan prince
      • EOS annual meeeting
      • TRIDENT continues meetings over Anglian and Haru actions
      • AL legislation set to take the floor soon for debate

      Mentioned Nations:

      names here

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      Prime Minister Almenares to hold meetings with dukes of Aniria as proposal of autonomy floats in the air.
      Written by: Raúl Moledo

      At a press conference this morning in front of the Ministry of Unity, Prime Minister Sonia Almenares announced her tour around the community of Aniria and its capital to discuss the wishes of the dukes and counts of the area for greater autonomy in the near future.

      To dress up the visits, the Bergenarian government has announced gatherings and meetings in the cities of Aniria, Sauceda and Halliana.

      "The priority more than anything, is to listen to the people of Aniria and their leaders. Both the people and those who lead them in times of adversity and prosperity have something to communicate to us." Almenares commented before being escorted to the Estación Niños Héroes, where she would take the Tren Gubernamental to Aniria.

      Home to the Anirian Ascendancy, the lands of Aniria have sought sovereignty since the reformation of 1961, when the kingdom of Bergenaria became more open to federalist and libertarian ideas, reopening debate in the lands.

      Renovations and expansion of Estación Librada González have concluded with positive results.
      Written by: Leonor Cárdenas

      Located in the historic center of Santiago de Angeles, much was said when the renovation of the Librada González Station was announced by the Ferrocarriles Nacionales de la Bergenaria (FENABE S.E.) and the Grupo de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (GIFE S.E.).

      The renovations consisted of the extension of the tracks of Terminal 1 to accommodate the entrances and exits of cities such as Aniria, Compostela, Grijalva and Altamirano, in addition to the construction of two simultaneous terminals that will serve as a cargo terminal and the extension of the Suburban Train respectively.

      The administration of the current president of the community of Otulama recognized the workers who gave their best effort to complete the works simultaneously and concurrently with the inauguration of the extension of the Colón-Terminal Librada González suburban train.


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    • Rhava

      Posted (edited)

      Award Winning Book 'Tai Khayu Khum Kha' made into Movie

      The classical Rhavanese story named Tai Khayu Khum Kha or in english Under My Umbrella was recently released to critics, and is now in the final days before national release. The story follows a girl named Njaóme and a boy named Khátinn who both live in the city of Khnum Thuy. At an early age Njaome and Khatinn are to be married to each other after being match made. However both their hearts lie with another. Njaome must navigate her friendship with Khatinn while going after a boy who's family does not approve of her. Khatinn falls in love with a non-binary person who struggles to come out to their family as well as struggling to come to terms with his being gay. And both must act like a couple for their families, while maintaining their lifetime friendship.

      One of the first books to have an openly gay character and a non-binary character during a time in which there were not many LGBTQ rights in the kingdom. It was also the first book to reject the idea of matchmaking, and represents platonic relationships and coming of age stories. The book is now a Rhavanese classic and popular among all age groups, but particularly teenagers and young adults. spacer.pngThe movie has gotten five star reviews so far, and will be the second mainstream Rhavanese movie showcasing Rhavanese culture after last years 'Trời Giấu Trời Mang Đi', the first Rhavanese-Nalinese movie to released wurld wide. Scheduled to released nationally the 8th, and internationally the 17th, it will be released in all Rhavanese regional languages as well as english, dolch, huang, and many more. 

      (movie poster shown to the left) 

      Massive Typhoon Set to Hit Rhavanese Coastline 

      SEACS and and RHC have named the most recent typhoon Sithoo, and is a category 4 storm set to hit most eastern provinces including Phadinani and Thumanam as well as Khiewmawthu and most of the Rhavanese island territories. State authorities have ordered the evacuation of most people in coastal areas. Unlike last years typhoons, the government is more prepared with sea walls built along the eastern sea board, and shipments ready to be sent to families in need. Thankfully the storm is set to hit the south, meaning most food producing provinces and regions will only get some rain. Will keep you updated as more news of this storm unfolds.


      (Last Year's Nayasarri Damages)

      Other News: 

      • The Sribiyem visits Patian for coronation  spacer.png
      • Srisulak Katewakham releases statement on more sanctions on Anglia
      • Baltican war ends 
      • Sumatandaraya INT delays all flights because of incoming storm
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    • Rhava

      Posted (edited)


      Welcome to Rhavanese National News

      < Ahlaing Din Tham Chan Rha  >

      Rhavanese Nation News (TJR) is the official news network of the Kingdom of Rhava. All articles will be translated into wurld languages for international access. The network will cover both national and international news in all topics from conflict to entertainment. 


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    •  unknown.png 

      Advocatius discontinues Chocineal in Campari products

      Campari is an incredibly popular drink from Porto Greco, and its iconic red colouring comes from a Parasite called Chocineal (E120) in order to create the colour, but in 2006 in most countries where it is available this parasite was discontinued in favour for red food colouring. In order to appeal for the growing number of people following Vegan diets. Advocatius had maintained its use in the drink but today the Advocatian division for Campari announced its discontinuing after a number of protests for its ban to appeal to Vegans. Following the order all Campari products in Advocatius will be Chocineal free from 18/09/2022.

      Côte de Fourrure Ultimatum

      On 30/07/2022 after a crippling Cyber Attack on the Zaxari Territory of Flaxzar, in which sadly 10 people have either been reported dead or missing, the Zaxari government after conducting an investigation found out that the Anglian backed nation of Côte de Fourrure had orchestrated the event. Following this the Zaxar issued the government of Côte de Fourrure an ultimatum, stating that unless they made a formal apology and paid reparations of $200 Million Adapton Solidus to be paid to the Zaxari government in order repair damaged energy and cyber infrastructure. If the deadline of 5/08/2022 is not met Zaxar threatens sanctions from itself and its allies.

      In other news:

      • Advocatian Foreign Affairs condemn CDF Cyber Attack
      • 17th EOS Summit in Orioni
      • Advocatian court sentences New Worthing Broiler to life in prison
      • North Sexland makes movements to legalise Maurijauna
      • Advocatian Broadcasting Network introduces logo change
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    • JoI3FMg.png

      Channel 44 News, the people’s news source

      A New Way to Drive

      2/8/2022- The Fahrenheit Motor Company has announced the release of an updated model of the 1965 Cosmo, deemed simply the Cosmos II. The original 1965 model was known for its luxurious interior, good gas mileage, and hydropneumatic suspension. While the Comsos II retains its predecessor's suspension, the car has been redesigned from a luxury two-door convertible, into a four-door family sedan. Its engine has been replaced, going from a 4.7 liter V8 down to a smaller 3.0 liter V6, and while the engine may be smaller, its greater fuel economy is intended to make it more appealing to the family man. Its interior has given up some of its finer detailing for cheaper and sturdier nylon rather than the quick-to-damage leather of its older brother.

      The news Cosmos II

      FMC reports that a model within a larger 4.9 liter V8 engine will be available alongside a coupe model which will remove the back seats in favor of greater storage space for the travelling businessman. Initial price tags place the new vehicle at around the 184,000 siloca range (or 38,000 ADS), making it a viable option for the average Joe, while the planned V8 and coupe model will sit comfortably around the 194,00 siloca mark (40,000 ADS). Various upgrades can also be purchased separately, including digital entertainment systems, enhanced speakers, and if the purchaser so desires, traditional coil suspension.


      Railroading Reshuffle

      This week the Ministry of Transportation has announced plans for a reworking of the nation’s aging rail network, including the funding of new rail lines, and the creation of a standardized mixed traffic locomotive. Since 1948, the nation’s railways have been largely free of government interference, barring the Grechevi Station incident in 1952. This however has left the nation in a struggle to build an efficient transport network, as while some rail companies such as the Great Coastal Railway have profited tremendously over the years, allowing for the constant improvement of their network and fleet of rolling stock, other rail lines such as the Northern Railway Company have failed to maintain even small sections of track. This has led to a noticeable decline of rail service availability and a decline in interregional connection, as while some areas of the nation have enforced pollution control legislation, much of the north hasn’t. Steam locomotives still operating in the north are prohibited further south, forcing passengers to either find another rail service further south that meets required standards in certain provinces, or force them to find other ways to commute. In the meanwhile, most southern diesel-electrics are incapable of running on the lower speed lines up north, constricting their range drastically.

      To solve this issue the MoT has provided a 630 million siloca (130 million ADS) grant to the newly established Grand Northern Railway, created by the forceful merging of several smaller companies. The money provided will go to the redevelopment and replacement of much of the GNR’s rails, and for the acquisition of new rolling stock. Old pieces of rolling stock such as outdated Class 141’s and miscellaneous cargo trucks will be broken up for scrap value, though some pieces of equipment have been designated for donation to transportation museums across the nation. In the southern half of the country, the GCR will be required to provide any additional funding required, as well as providing generic rolling stock such as passenger carriages and gondola cars. The GCR’s standard service locomotive, the Class 240, was to replace any Class 226’s, 232’s, and especially any remaining 141’s, and the MoT has made it clear that they’re willing to subsidize the purchases. If this program will be successful or not is yet to be seen, however hopes are high.

      An outdated Class 141 in service up North

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    • The National Courier


      31.07.2022 AD

      58.03.1950 AJB




      Varnar forces return victorious from Baltica.

      With the surrender of Dotveska, the civil war in Baltica has come to a close and with the fighting over, the Republic of Baltica has transformed into the Federation of Baltica, a new government which Ateenia has already recognized, with the official recognition having signed yesterday on the 57th of Sólmánður. Due to Ateenian goals in Baltica having been achieved and the presence being no longer required, the Varnar has announced the withdrawal of Grundvik's mechanized battalion, the accompanying detachment of the Haru legion in Ateenia aswell as the 2nd Multi Role squadron from Baltica, who are to embark on their journey back to Grundvik. Before withdrawing, they were tasked with locating and liberating all of the varnar soldiers that had fallen into Dotveskan captivity and locating and retrieving all unburned corpses of the Varnar personnel, through contact with the new Baltican government. It is confirmed by the Varnar that the captured Dotveskan personnel are to be turned over to Baltican authorities at the same time.

      The Ateenian government has admitted that a prisoner exchange with Velaheria has already been held on the 35th of Sólmánður, where all 15 Velaherian prisoners of war were handed over in exchange for all 4 Haru and 7 Ateenian soldiers that had fallen into Velaherian captivity. During the same day a treaty of cease fire was signed, which marked the end of fighting between the 2 parties. Almost all of the Ateenian and Haru soldiers had bruises and cut wounds on them and the inhumane treatment of them was confirmed by the debriefing reports of these same soldiers.

      All of the troops are expected to make it back to Ateenia by 62nd of Sólmánður, just before the victory parade will be held in the city of Grundvik by the heroes of the Varnar, during which the Queen will be present to reward them for their service.

      The Varnar has accounted that during the military operation, 104 Ateenian soldiers and 41 Haru soldiers are confirmed KIA, however 12 Ateenian service men remain MIA and are expected to be found by the deadline of the withdrawal. Alongside the soldiers 16 BV-85s, 14 BF-75s and 11 Rattler's have been destroyed through enemy action, all of which are planned to be replaced in near future.



      3rd Special Operation Detachment assigned to Svikari Port in Ulfheimr.

      The Varnar has announced the deployment of the 3rd Special Operation Detachment of the 2nd Atha's Mechanized Brigade to the Svikari port in Ulfheimr, which the Kingdom of Ateenia obtained from the Farmadr tribe of Ulfheimr, earlier this year (last year on the Gregorian calender). This move was done in response to the heightened tensions between Ulfheimr and it's neighbors and while the government has said that they will take no part in the potential conflict which may occur, they have not revealed the purpose of this deployment.

      Varnar has stated that the detachment will arrive in the Svikari port by 60th of Sólmánður, however some sources say that parts of the detachment have already arrived to Svikari.



      On other news:

      • Queen Ena announces that she is with child.
      • Group of 5 people arrested, after having been caught beating a Haru soldier to near death. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs extended an apology to the Imperium of Haruspex shortly after.
      • The Ministry of Foreign affairs has issued a note of condemnation to the embassy of Cote De Fourrure, condemning their recent cyber attack against the Empire of Greater Zaxar.
      • In the past 2 nights, secret meetings have reportedly been held by the jarls in the house of Konráðið.
      • 6 miners missing, presumed dead, after an accident in copper mine near Ira where a mining shaft collapsed. The cause for the accident is under investigation.
      • Grundvik dockyards to begin paying a refund to the new Baltican government, for the 5 Aslaug Class corvettes the previous Baltican government ordered. The company is required to pay 2.78 billion Króna's (253 million USD) which the previous baltican government managed to pay before the order was canceled due to their collapse. The deadline for this payment is 91st of Dauðamánður this year. (3rd of september 2022)
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    • ZaxarBroadcastingNetwork.png

      Cyber Attack Cripples Zaxari Power Grid

      30/7/2022: 10:00 -BREAKING NEWS- Late last night the Zaxari power grid across nearly the entire province of Flaxzar was suddenly and unexpectedly shut down. During the 9 hour blackout which followed, at least 10 people have been reported dead or missing. Hospitals were especially hard hit with nearly all deaths originating from medical facilities in the cities of Pêcher and Beliere.


      The Imperial Hospital in Beliere reported 5 preventable deaths in the ER over the course of the blackout

      The local authorities have classified this failure as a cyber attack of foreign origin and have launched investigations into how the attack took place. The Emperor, during a press conference in Sandrica, stated that "this tragedy is, without a doubt, a malicious attack originating from outside the borders of our nation. While we cannot place the exact location where the attack originated, it appears to have come from an actor within Côte de Fourrure. Rest assured, this attack will not go unanswered and it will not be allowed to happen again. CDF will answer for this."

      Despite the Emperor's claims that this attack was carried out by CDF, military analysts across Aurelia have concluded that it is highly unlikely that CDF was able to carry our such a sophisticated attack without foreign assistance due to their lack of cyber-warfare capabilities. This has led many to suspect Anglian involvement. These claims are supported by the recent shift in the Anglian stance towards southern Aurelia, with the governments of CDF and Anglia working to strengthen ties between Godstone and Port au Sud.

      The Zaxari response has yet to be disclosed.


      We will keep you updated as this story develops,

      and to all those who lost loved ones,

      wunnohteaonk, may peace be in your hearts


      Imperial Ultimatum: Is it a Thunder Storm or Rain on the Aurelian Horizon?

      30/7/2022: 13:00 -BREAKING NEWS- Maurice la Vaneu, minister of foreign affairs of the Empire of Greater Zaxar, has just released an official open letter to La Republique de Côte de Fourrure. The letter included official assertions that the cyber attack which recently rocked southern Zaxar was a "deliberate and unprovoked attack," "carried out by the Fourruran government in an attempt to destabilize the Empire."

      The government asserts that CDF bears full responsibility for the attack despite evidence of assistance by another foreign actor and, as such, the government of Côte de Fourrure will be expected to make a formal apology for the attack as well as providing reparations to the families of the individuals who lost their lives due, directly or indirectly, from the attack. Vaneu further demanded several million marks (ω), equivalent to approximately $200,000,000 Adapton Solidus, in reparations to be paid directly to the imperial government in Sandrica to help repair damaged energy and cyber infrastructure.

      These demands have been met with horror by peace activists who liken this letter to "an ultimatum which serves only as a pretext to war." However, the majority of Senate parties along with the Emperor himself have asserted that this is a necessary, while unfortunate, step in ensuring that the Zaxari people can "feel safe in their own homes and businesses."

      Emperor William has also issued a warning to Field Marshal Caitlin Friseal, leader of CDF's ruling military junta, that CDF can expect "sweeping and crushing sanctions" from Zaxar and its allies if they should fail to comply with the Zaxari demands. According to a source from within the government who wishes to remain anonymous, classified letters have been sent out to the governments of key Zaxari allies, likely including nations such as Ateenia, Gotneska, Iverica, and Tagmatium, asking for their support in sanctioning CDF should they fail to meet Zaxari demands. Similarly, a formal unclassified request was sent to the headquarters of the Aurelian League requesting a vote to recognize Zaxari demands to CDF. It will be interesting to see if this will even make it to a vote in the AL Chamber as requests like this have not ever been issued to the organization.

      Unconfirmed sources have also mentioned letters sent to the nearby nation of Gallambria. The Zaxari and Gallambrian government have had surprisingly little interaction with one another in modern history despite their close proximity. Scholars on the topic at the University of Green Falls told our sources that this is really due to just a lack of shared challenges or overlapping interests and assert that it is not due to bad blood between the nations. The contents of the letter are not known by the public but are assumed to be over the alleged Anglian involvement in the cyber attack as Gallambria controls the waves between Zaxar and Godstone.

      The deadline for the Zaxari demands is that the formal apology and first round of payments must arrive by August 5, 2022 at 00:00.

      We will keep you updated on this story as it develops


      Mentioned Nations:

      @Great Anglia @Tagmatium Rules @Iverica @Gotneska @Ateenia @Gallambria (sorry for all the pings)

      ping for @AurelianLeague will be sent over discord to reduce clutter

    • Hello fellow Eurthans today I post  the first official Eurth Weather map. Thanks to @Orioni for creating the first edition of the map.


    • Breaking News: Bishop Mac Dubghaill is shown murder in a image from the Óðinntrúaður.


      Afternoon fellow Gotneskan’s,

      This after we have to report that sad fact that bishop Mac Dubghaill has been violently murder. This has been confirmed by images show to Church and friends and family members of late bishop Mac Dubghaill, at this time no formal funeral arguments have been made. The Queen is scheduled to make a speech later this afternoon or evening. When this happens we will take u straight to this. Again Bishop Mac Dubghaill has been killed. Rest In Peace our dearly beloved friend.  

    • spacer.pngunknown.png
      After terrorising the city of New Worthing for 6 months, police encountered and arrested serial arsonist now identified as Isaac Smith otherwise known as the "Rutland Broiler" set fire to several building within the city and killed 14 people, all of which were mourned. Police caught him at 15:30 when he was found attempting to light a molotov cocktail in an alley on Brecken street, the Officer who caught him, Irene Philips is hailed as a hero. He is likely to be sentenced for life.

    • spacer.png

      From day to nigh, from Autumn to Spring. In times of conflict, in times of peace. Always running, never ending. The News must flow, and it always will.

    • News Flash

      Recent events shocked the Nation. Our dearest Ally, Gotneska. With this, we think Ulfheimr went too far. We will discuss with our Troops and the minds and hearts of our Nation are with the Victims of this useless bloodshed. 

      Nyantastani armed forces have mobilized for the Past month and amassed on the Ulfheimr border. They stand under direct command of Tin Wobec who already  set up an upstream command post.  To multiple Military experts, is this the largest combined military force of Nyantastan since the Argic wars. Multiple batteries of the   Artillerisystem 05 were already set up.  CA R12´s were also seen. Huge Logistics chains have been established, and the Region is quickly becoming one of the busiest areas in the Commonwealth. People are worried if this show of force may be a bit too much, but today Mr. Akamura insured that this is only to scare Ulfheimr from further aggression. Whilst, experts offer a different Opinion of an Invasion force. The Ministry of Defence hasn't answered our Request for further Information.

      spacer.png    spacer.png

    • Breaking News: 35 out of 60 people murder at local church.  And Bishop of Dall Earraigh taken hostage.

      Good evening,

      Todays top story is heartbreaking, 35 people have been reported as dead from what looks like another Ulfheimr anti-Christian attack by the so called Óðinntrúaður.

      This morning as normal the Christian faithful head to church to worship that god, and to hear a powerful message be given by the church’s priest. Sadly around 10:40 am local time a group of Ulfheimr backed Anti-Christians attacked the Church of Saint Ealga, Queen of the Ruaí Catholic Church. Today was originally planned to be a happy and day to celebrate the church’s new bishop Cian Mac Dubghaill. But unfortunately this time of celebration is know a time of morning. As of this time the bishop has been reported as missing, some survivors believe the anti-Christian group took the bishop hostage, if this is true the bishop is in grave danger. Statement by the Queen.

      ”Dear my fellow Gotneskan’s today we and our great faith have been attacked by strongly anti-Christian pagans, please don’t be afraid of your fellow Gotneskan’s that follow the ancient religions they have a right to do so. But that doesn’t give our neighbor Ulfheimr the right to send what could be called terrorist over the border and kill my own citizens. Please stay safe, live as one people as we have for thousands of years, I know our ancestors will challenge us and this is our time to show them that our nations grand old tradition of Christians and Pagans living side by side will not fall, this is why We fight to keep our people safe from foreign opposition. Thank you”

      What a fantastic statement given by our queen, please everyone do as our great queen has stated. Live as one people.

      Edited by Gotneska (see edit history)
    • MciuKky.png


      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion Begins to Tighten its Grip over Local Seas

      Earlier this month, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion announced that it would be taking a harsher stance on the policing of the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) that it has rights to, according to the Assembled Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (ANCLOS). In the aftermath of what is sometimes known as the Age of Alliances in Europa, which took place roughly between EK7513 (AD2005) and EK7520 (AD2012), our government took more of a neutral stance towards foreign nations or companies registered in foreign nations pursuing their own economic interests within our nation's EEZ. This was supposedly to help build economic links with other nations and prevent another outbreak of the almost constant small scale bickering and sporadic warfare that defined this period of Europan history – which consistently threatened to break out into something much worse. It also came at a time when Arhomaneia may have been unable to enforce its own EEZ in the manner that it wished, due to the damage that the Civil War of EK7513 caused on our holy nation. The conflict saw many ships of the Basilikoploimon sustain significant damage, to the point that only a handful of ships larger than the Hippikos-class destroyer were seaworthy in the immediate aftermath.

      The decision to enforce the EEZ was explicitly targeted at the Regaseion tes Megas Angleias (@Great Anglia) and its allies. In other times, this would have seen the relations between those nations and ours deteriorate seriously but it seems to have passed almost entirely uncommented upon by Godstone. Perhaps this was moot – at this point, neither our nation nor Megas Angleia is willing to risk an open conflict and it seems that both nations are being cautious when it comes to the outright provocation of the other. That, and the sanctions that Tagmatika placed on Megas Angleia and its allies mean that they have been staying clear of Arhomaneia's territorial waters. It could mean that the announcement was targeted at other nations or it merely serves to illustrate a general breakdown of the international order that has taken place since Megas Angleias invaded Lyseia over a year ago.

      That being said, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has emphasised that it is acting within the bounds of international law when it comes to this. The recent statement repeatedly highlighted that it was acting within the bounds of the ANCLOS and that any nations that then chose to ignore that treaty would be in breach of international law. The statement also made clear that it would be the Vestiaritai that would be the main enforcers of this new control, as the appointed coast guard and customs enforcement branch of the Exerkitos Arhomanos. This would be instead of the truly military branches, such as the Basilikoploimon or the Basilikoaeroporia. It is likely felt by our government that this is showing a less confrontational attitude towards the situation of the EEZ but also demonstrating Arhomaneia's control over the area.

      “This does not represent an expansion of the remit or the powers of the Vestiaritai,” said Kentarkhes (Captain) Penelope Kastrikia, a spokesperson from the Vestiaritai, who was answering questions put to her organisation by this paper. “This has been the mission of the Vestiaritai for many hundreds of years. We are charged with the protection of the maritime security, economic interests and enforcing the customs control of our nation.”

      The Vestiaritai maintain a force of vessels and aircraft that are suited to policing the EEZs of our nation, both in the Rhankes Thalassa, the Thalassa ton Kataigidon and the other, more coastal waters. This includes the 127m long Sakellarios class cutter, which is armed with a suite of modern detection and warning systems, as well as a 57mm automatic cannon and close-in weapons systems. This makes it one of the most formidable ships outside of the Basilikoploimon vessels in the seas under Arhomaiki control. The Fishery Protection Force (Dynami Prostasias Alieias) from the Logothesion ton Agelon will also be monitoring the EEZs in order to keep a close eye on the areas, to make sure foreign vessels are not illegally fishing or using methods such as beam fishing or pulse fishing, which are banned in our waters.

      That being said, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is keen to allow other nations access to the EEZs, although it is clear that it will be on Arhomaneia's terms. The government has stated that any nation or company that wishes to access the resources of the EEZs can only do so through prior agreement with Arhomaneia, as well as complying with Arhomaiki laws whilst operating within them. On the face of it, it seems fair, considering the economic gains that may well be made.


      Arhomaneia Eyes Multiple Alternative Fuel Types

      Since the accession of Kommodos III to the Leopard Throne, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has been pursuing a policy of reducing the nation's environmental impact on Eurth. This follows the personal beliefs of our benevolent monarch, who views the role of the Arhomaioi and the Arhomaiki state as guardians and stewards of God's Eurth, in light of our nation's position as God's chosen nation. This has borne fruit, in the form of the majority of Arhomaneia power being generated by renewable sources and nuclear energy. This has meant that our nation is amongst the cleanest on Eurth when it comes to the electricity utilised by almost all sectors, from the industrial to the domestic.

      The reduction of the use of fossil fuels in motor vehicles is the next target that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has set its sights on. Through a trade deal with the government of the Autokrateia tes Megas Zaxarheias (@Zaxar), our nation's industry has been gained ready access to a source of lithium that will help in the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles have been seen by some as the future when it comes to road vehicles, as well as even construction and agricultural machinery and equipment. Both IKV, the construction machinery manufacturer, and Ioannes Kervos, the agricultural machinery manufacturer, have produced electric excavators and tractors respectively that perform as well as their diesel-fuelled equivalents. These products are currently being offered for sale by both companies.

      However, it undeniably comes at a cost – currently around new electric vehicles and equipment are amongst the most expensive options when it comes to new vehicles available to the average Arhomaios. The cost of a new petrol-driven car is roughly Ħ12,000 whilst even the least expensive electric alternative is roughly Ħ24,000. This is much more than the average yearly wage, which is Ħ20,040. There is often no way to economically retrofit older vehicles with electric engines. This means that electric cars are not often chosen by the average worker of our nation.

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has invested, and encouraged investment, into biofuel. With the reduction in fossil fuel production, Arhomaiki Petrelaio, the state-owned oil company, was directed to convert its facilities over to biofuel production and has become one of the largest producers of it. Privately owned companies were induced to do the same with tax breaks. This also included establishing the infrastructure necessary to allow vehicles capable of using biofuels to refuel. Whilst this infrastructure is often re-utilising established facilities, there is still the cost of converting these. The end result has meant that significant money has been put into an industry that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion may well attempt to render obsolete.

      A rise in electric vehicles caused another worry. Biofuels could, at best, be carbon neutral – burning them still causes the release of carbon dioxide into Eurth's atmosphere. With electric vehicles, all the electricity they needed could, in theory, be produced through other means. However, it has been estimated by some experts spoken to by this paper that Arhomaneia doesn't have the capacity to fulfil those needs, alongside the power needs of everything else, whether industrial, domestic or otherwise. This may well mean that electric vehicles are something of a dead end when it comes to vehicles that don't use fossil fuels.

      The next answer is hydrogen. The car manufacturers Basilikoi Kinitires and Hippokomos, as well as IKV, have been working with the Mouseion, one of the leading universities and research establishments, to investigate the possibility of hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels in motor vehicles. Reportedly, the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator personally intervened to force these companies to pool research, although no source has come forward to confirm this without requesting anonymity. The combined efforts have been good enough to produce hydrogen conversion kits for petrol-driven vehicles, some costing as little as Ħ1000. This would likely a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly alternative to biofuels, although little of the infrastructure to support hydrogen as fuel is in place. It would cost a significant amount of money to establish it in the same way as either biofuels or electric vehicle charging has been set up.

      Whilst the efforts of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion in attempting to remove our nation's reliance on fossil fuels, one of the problems has been consistency. The three main alternatives have all had a large amount of investment poured into them, rather than focussing on one over the others. If, for example, the government decided to emphasise electric vehicles over the others, it would make all the money put into biofuels or hydrogen redundant. It may well have been more appropriate for our government to have pursued one option, rather than attempting to encourage all.

    • End of Coalition Negotiations in the Rada.

      For the first ever time the Lusuviyan Pirate Party won a majority of seats in the Budyonok of the Rada eating up some of the Honeycomb party's seats. Unsatisfied with Sofija Jagielsko's lax attitude towards foreign affairs and her party's unwillingness to expanding "digital voting"  head of the Pirate Party Ihor Danylovych Hnatyuk threatened to leave the coalition that had successfully lasted 3 previous governments. Unable to risk losing a left wing coalition the parties after weeks of debate agreed to make the Pirate Party the new head of the coalition on a policy of perusing closer ties and trade relationships with neighbors to strengthen global trade and to expand digital voting so that local communities can vote on where they believe local taxes should be allocated as well as new initiatives to go paperless with government forms. Federal Diet head of Home Affairs and Communication Ivan Zaikov was the first to congratulate the new Prime Minister Ihor Hnatyuk.Lusuviyan_Pirate_Party.png

      Pirate Party Logo

    • RTS_Logo.png





      Following a deadly bombing attack during the inauguration of newly-elected Volkhardt Isenhour to the position of State President of Gadutea, in which several lawmakers belonging to Isenhour's alliance were killed along with many others being injured, condemnation came quick across Gadutea's political system, from left to right to Gadutea's gemotamists. Foreign condemnations was also quick to be announced through the Stedorian People's Republic, with Chief Consul Tamäj Köseg stating his condemnation of the attack on social media, wishing for speedy recovery for all of those affected, along with condemning the attack itself, stating that republican institutions must not be met with violence so that the opinions of all can be heard and shared.


      "I vehemently condemn the act of violence that occurred recently within the National Assembly of Gadutea. I hope that everyone that has been affected will recover quickly. Violence within republican institutions must be rejected so that everyone can share their ideas peacefully."

      Despite this condemnation by Chief Consul Köseg on behalf of the government of the Stedorian People's Republic, big business-run and anti-gemotamist press within Gadutea were quick to create and spread misinformation and propaganda regarding the attacks and Stedoria's relations to the attacks in an attempted effort to either damage or destroy Gadutea's relationship with Stedoria, which had been exceptionally cordial whilst Gadutea was under the democratically elected government of the Gadutean branch of the Gemotam Party. The Stedorian branch of the Gemotam Party, the National Party of the Stedorian Revolution, however, has not been fooled by Gadutean misinformation.

      Chief Consul Köseg was pressed on the issue of propagandistic and misinformation-spreading press within Gadutea by journalists at today's press briefing, to which he responded.


      We are aware of certain Gadutean press agencies, news sites, and other media outlets that have engaged deliberate campaigns of media disinformation and pro-liberal-democratic propaganda, most notably in issues of Der Morthal, Gadutea's most popular daily newspaper, both in online and printed formats. Such lies and propaganda being spread by these outlets include the unproven and ridiculous assumption that either the violent attack on Gadutea's National Assembly was committed by the Gemotam Party's Self-Defence League, or that the violent attack was committed with the backing of the government of the Stedorian People's Republic, the National Party of the Stedorian Revolution, and the Dolchic Socialist Gemotam Party. I can assure you with full confidence that these lies are simply that: lies. We do not take kindly to such unacceptable slander by degenerative liberal-conservative-democratic propaganda outlets, and we can assure you that swift and severe action will be taken by the Stedorian People's Republic and the Dolchic Socialist Gemotam Party in response to this. The press makes up lies that the Stedorian government was involved in this attack, yet they should turn to themselves; how do we not know that such an attack was an insider attack at the behest of Isenhour's party to seize power unfairly? It is just as likely that Isenhour may be involved in such a plot, though I shall not sink to the lowly level of Gadutea's "democratic" press and make unfounded accusations, only speculation.

      As for further accusations by the Gadutean press that the Stedorian People's Republic is "authoritarian", or that our recent elections were "unfair", I again challenge Gadutean press to provide evidence of such claims, something that they have seemingly failed to do so far. Our elections were certified as fair by national, non-partisan, and international observers. Again, we do not take likely to such accusations, and actions in response will be taken to the degenerate liberal-conservative-democratic press.

      -Chief Consul Köseg at today's press briefing

      Chief Consul Köseg as of now has not elaborated on what action will be taken against misinformation within Stedorian and Gadutean press, though it is highly likely to be some sort of legal or legislative action according to political and media experts. Such actions by the government will help to ensure that the people of both Stedoria and Gadutea can rely on the press and media outlets within their nations, and that they are not subjected to misinformation, conspiracy theories, and propaganda, as is the case within many so-called "democratic" nations throughout Argis and the rest of the wurld.

      The Dolchic Socialist Gemotam Party, along with all of its regional branches throughout the Dolchic and Buranic wurld have urged their supporters, both in youth groups, the Self-Defence League, and just regular supporters to boycott media outlets whose purpose is to destroy and shatter the brotherly bonds of the Dolchic-Buranic wurld, and has furthermore encouraged supporters of Gemotamism to engage in peaceful protests against misinformation outlets so that Dolchic-Buranic unity can be brought closer, rather than be unwillingly and unjustly pushed away.

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      President Carlos Renaldo's Christian People's Party (PPC) has officially polled at its highest numbers since formation in March. The poll, performed by the Ebrarian Numbers Group, shows support for the PPC at 38% of the electorate, projecting a win of the plurality of seats. The data was collected in late June and has just been released. By contrast, Renaldo's former party the Center Reformist Party is polling at last.

      The poll comes after multiple recent polls have established that most Ebrarians support President Carlos Renaldo for a second term. A poll in April found that the majority of Ebrarians rank the new PPC as either their first or second choice. Ebrarian Numbers Group also explored the question of what direction PPC supporters want the new party to go in. 55% of them supported more workers and union rights while 78% want to see the party expand trade and the military.

      Currently the PPC stands as the smallest party in the Parliament, comprised solely of defectors from other parties. In addition, the current cabinet has surprisingly remained intact due largely to the influence of the head of state Sovereign Protector Daniel Lucas. The aging Lucas has continued to only make few and brief public appearances, but still has a firm grasp on the issues affecting the Ebrarian people and government.

    • Struma

      Posted (edited)


      Magnitude 6.5 earthquake shakes the nation


      At around 12:30 pm today a magnitute 6.5 earthquake occured 10km away from the coast neer the village of Gëreri-Fahë, Përëli-Bukurë region, eastern Struma, causing major damage to urban areas in the adjacent regions.

      According to local sources the Struman cities of Përëli-Bukurë, Ista, Sehwejë and Gjeneral Jovanëri have been hit the hardest.
      Poor regulations have lead to billions of Mides of damage in the cities of Përëli-Bukurë and Ista, who have suffered extensive damage compared to passed earthquakes due to the practice of removing walls from buildings to expand space for rooms in stores and/or general apartments.


      The @Baltican northwest has also suffered damage, cities like Klenai, Vikija, and Kretia have been hit the worst out of that region.
      The earthquake could reportedly be felt in areas of Safjal to the north and Fina to the east, but it hasn't caused much damage in those countries.

      The current number of the injured or deceased people is unknown, but according to the Struman Ministry of Health approximated that around a few hundred to a thousand have died and a few thousand have been injured due to the earthquake.

      Search and rescuw, cleanup, and recovery operations are currently undergoing as the national assembly discusses stricter building regulations to be implemented nationwide to prevent such damage.

      You can donate to support the victims of the earthquake by clicking this link!

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    • kPX1vhH.png


      The Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion is a signatory nation of the Assembled Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, as are the vast majority of the nations of Eurth. This treaty, amongst other details, recognises that nations have an area of sea that those nations have sole right to the resources on the sea floor, as well as energy from wind and wave sources, which is measured at 200 nautical miles. This is something that all nations that signed the treaty recognise, and is not something that is routinely challenged, apart from very rare cases. This area is referred to as the Exclusive Economic Zone, which shall be known as the EEZ from here on in.

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion been so generous to its allies and friends as to allow access to Arhomaiki EEZ and to not closely monitor the situation – beyond any environmental concerns – as it might ought have. Perhaps this was a mistake on the part of Arhomaneia, although it was the decision that allowing other nations to share in the prosperity that our nation's EEZ has on offer would promote trade and cooperation with other nations across Eurth, whether they be Occidental, Europan or from the rest of Eurth. Of course, this has not meant that the seas around Arhomaneia have been a free-for-all, as our nation has still policed the area through both the Basilikoploimon and the Vestiaritai. This was to make sure that lasting environmental damage is not done, and to avoid any conflict arising between the recipients of our nation's largesse.

      This is especially true in the case of the Rhankes Thalassa, known to some in Anglish as the Ranke Sea. This body of water is surrounded by lands that are considered to be Arhomaiki, such as the eastern seaboard of mainland Arhomaneia, as well as the Hexanesa. Part of the Rhankes Thalassa is also part of the EEZ of the island nation of Akbiseia, known in Anglish as Akwisia. That country is a protectorate of Arhomaneia, so its EEZ is policed in conjunction to that of Arhomaneia itself, albeit the situation is somewhat more complex than that but need not be discussed at this point.

      Due to the situation across Europa and the rest of the wurld, and the rising tension of caused by the actions of the Regaseion tes Megas Angleias (@Great Anglia) and its allies, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will no longer be so relaxed in its policing or oversight of the EEZ that covers the Rhankes Thalassa, as well as the other EEZ areas projecting from the Hexanesa and Herimitireia. In order to stop nations that are unfriendly or even outrightly hostile to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and the Arhomaioi themselves taking advantage of this previous generosity or outstaying their welcome, Arhomaneia will from now on actively protect its sole, sovereign right to the areas recognised as our nation's EEZ. This will be through customs and coast guard assets, as well as the Exerkitos Arhomanos, if need be.

      This does not mean that Arhomaneia is against foreign investment in its resources, or of extraction of those same resources from the EEZ areas. This is certainly not the case. However, this will be on the terms of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and for the benefit of the Arhomaioi, as well as those nations that wish to utilise the resources of the EEZ. The circumstances will be up for negotiation within the terms laid down by the Logothesion tou Kommerkiarionikou, the Ministry for Trade. Foreign nations or companies may be required to maintain a subsidiary within Arhomaneia, employ a certain number of Arhomaioi and be subject to taxation, labour and environmental laws, as laid down by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion.

      However, those foreign nations or companies may not employ naval assets of their own to protect their facilities or vessels. As the whole area is under the protection of the Arhomaiki armed forces, there will be no need for a permanent foreign military presence, unless agreed to by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion.

      Of course, this exercise of the rights of the Arhomaioi affects neither freedom of navigation or overflight rights across the EEZ areas. However, Arhomaneia reserves the right to closely monitor any and all military exercises that any foreign power undertakes in the Rhankes Thalassa, or other areas recognised as Arhomaiki EEZ, and requests warning beforehand, in order to not disrupt economic activities within that body of water. Foreign powers will not be allowed to trammel across the rights of the Arhomaioi at the drop of a hat.

    • Quote


      Most 'Unpleased' by Extremely Huge Size of Ballot Paper

      18 Bumbu 1929 KE

      Pictured above: Comparison between the ballot paper and a human being

      Ngawi, the announcement of the ballot paper that would be used in the upcoming 1929 elections have recieved heavy negative feedback and response from the wider Kertic public. Most are unpleased by the extremely huge size of the ballot paper that would be used, which measures at around 68,9 x 97,57 cm large. Many cite that the unusual size of the ballot paper would make it harder for some voters to cast their vote, as they would have to deal with the paper first before even thinking of voting. Others claim that ballot papers as large as the one used in the upcoming elections are just burdening the already tight budget of the empire, with an astounding 40% increase in allocation for the printing and manufacture of the ballot papers when compared to 1924. 

      Sudimoro Wicaksono, an analyst of Kertic politics and elections, is a vocal critic of the newly unveiled ballot papers released by the electoral commission just today. He claims that no other nation in the wurld has ballot papers as huge as the ones about to be used in Kertosono, as it is never practical to have ballot papers that huge in the first place. He has even argued that the size of the ballot papers might hinder some people to vote just because of how much of a hassle it is to deal with the ballot paper. Wicaksono has created a comparison between a human being and the ballot paper to give voters a sense of scale of how massive the ballot papers really are. Wicaksono used a 1,8 m tall human figure as a comparison.

      "This is unthinkable, and I even used a figure which is 1,8 m tall in the comparison which has gone viral. Most adults aren't even that tall or big, and the older generations barely clock in at 1,6 m tall. Imagine your grandmother or elderly relatives having to hold a paper that big. It isn't ethical nor does it respect our elders." Wicaksono commented after his comparison post went viral on Kertic social media.


      "The electoral commission could've just shrunk the text and remove the graphics on the top of the page which contributes to the extremely large size of the ballot paper. Clearly, there are a thousand ways to avoid having a ballot paper this large, and the electoral commission have not chosen to follow one, just one!"

      Wicaksono's post and comments have prompted other voters to voice their concerns. Many have begun mocking the huge size of the ballot papers, with some claiming that parents of newborn babies would not need to buy kain jarik anymore to wrap their babies as the ballot paper is already big enough to completely engulf a newborn. Others have stated that Kertosono would be the leading contributor of deforestation this year due to size of the ballot papers. 

      Nevertheless, the electoral commission has stood firm with their decision on ballot papers after having ordered the manufacture of the ballot papers.

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    • E6Q9eLB.png


      Basilikoploimon Carry Out Joint Exercise with Portogrekiki Navy (@GrecianJorge)

      Arhomaiki Navy to Show Solidarity with Southern Alharan Nation

      The Logothesion ton Stratiotikou, the Ministry for War, has announced that a group of ships from the Basilikoploimon is to undertake a military exercise with the navy of the Alharan country of Naftikes Omospondeias tes Portogrekoseias. The naval group is rumoured to include one of the Protathlites tou Christou-class aircraft carriers, the BPP Agios Maiorikos. Although Arhomaneia has seen collaboration with many nations in the New Wurld in recent years, this is perhaps the most bold. It is perhaps keyed to be something of a warning to the influence of Megas Angleia in the New Wurld. This is mostly in the form of Mesothalassa, a country made from the remains of the Regaseion tes Fearanntetheias, which was annexed by the Occidental nation over a year ago.

      According to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, the planned exercise is about building further connections with New Wurld nations. Portogrekoseias is a trading nation with Arhomaiki roots, with numerous immigrants from our holy nation making up the ancestry of many of the current inhabitants. In the past, the Naftikes Omospondeias formed a key stopover point for ships coming from Aurelia and from then on to Europa. Even these days, it is acts in this capacity, as well as a trade route into southern Alharu. This is likely a wise move by our government, especially as the situation in southern Europa becomes even more fraught.

      “The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is keen to build bridges with all nations of the wurld, especially those who value peace and security,” a spokesperson from the Logothesion ton Stratiotikou said to this paper. “This includes undertaking military exercises with countries that Arhomaneia has links with, in order to foster those links and help these nations build their own military capabilities. This is so that they can defend themselves from interference by other powers.”

      However, some are questioning the wisdom of this planned joint exercise at a time of rising tensions. The former Fearanntetheia is one of the overseas territories in which Megas Angleia has the most influence, and this naval exercise could be perceived as an implied threat to the aims of the Angleioi in the New Wurld. The aims of the Angleioi need to be curbed and it is likely that the presence of our great navy will help to bring the minions of Regas Creighton III back to reality. They have seen very little overt opposition to their schemes across much of the New Wurld and have even been welcomed with open arms in many countries. The presence of the Basilikoploimon may be just what is necessary to bring them back to reality.

      Some consider this move an inflammatory one, considering the rising tension across the wurld. The Kentro Erevnon Exoterikes Politikes (Centre for Foreign Policy Research), an independent foreign policy think-tank based in Europatorion, is one of these voices. KEEP has maintained that Arhomaneia can, and should, find a path of peaceful coexistence with Megas Angleia. Helena Apokauka, the head of the think-tank's Europan affairs wing, said this as part of an interview conducted by this paper. “Although Regas Creighton III has chosen an aggressive course of action, the route Megas Angleia is taking is no different to the one taken by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. If the Occident, Europa and the nations that are located here are to regain relevance in the wurld, they must engage with the rest of it. Both nations are going about it through diplomacy, even if Megas Angleia is a bit more forthright in its actions. It would help diffuse wurld tensions if our holy nation would join its efforts with Megas Angleia, as both nations acting together would undoubtedly be an irresistible force.” Despite these voices that are speaking out against the decisions of our God-ordained monarch, the BPP Agios Maiorikos and its escorting force will be setting out shortly to cross the Adlantikos Okeanos, the Adlantic Ocean and to the Sunthetikos Thalassa, the Synthe Sea. There, the aircraft carrier will shine like God's light, reminding the rest of the wurld that God's chosen nation on Eurth has the desire and ability to protect peace on Eurth.


      Arhomaneia to Step Up Policing of Rhankes Thalassa

      Exclusive Economic Zone to be Enforced

      For many years, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has taken a somewhat relaxed attitude towards its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Rhankes Thalassa. This body of water, as any Arhomaiki school child knows, is surrounded by territory administered by our nation. Whether the north-eastern coasts of Tzankheia, the peninsula of Vrygeia, the protectorate of Akbiseia, or the Hexanesa, the Rhankes Thalassa is surrounded by Arhomaiki territory. It, along with the Kentriki Thalassa, is one of the home-seas of our nation. Our government has seen fit that nations friendly to Arhomaneia can pursue their own economic goals within the sea, benevolently recognising that anything that strengthens an ally also strengthens Arhomaneia.

      Briefly, an EEZ is an area of up 200 nautical miles from a nation's territorial waters. This, through the presence of Arhomaiki territory from the north-eastern point to the south-eastern, means that most of the sea is within this zone. Our nation therefore has sole exploitation rights over all of these waters within that zone, although foreign nations are allowed freedom of navigation and overflight over them. They are also allowed to lay cables through these waters. There are agreements that affect these limits, although there are no other nations in the Occident that have any such agreements with the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. Therefore, our nation has the sole right to exploit the resources in this body of water.

      It is likely that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is taking this stance due to the deteriorating relations with Megas Angleia and its minion-nations, those that make up the OCA. If our government didn't do this, then it might allow vessels from these nations to gain access to what are essentially territorial waters of Arhomaneia. The Dhioryga tou Isthmou, the Isthmus Canal, is blocked to those nations – that is, vessels bearing those nations flags are banned from using it. They can still enter the Central Europan Seas through the waters surrounding the Hexanesa, which are often known in Anglish as the “Barrier Islands”.

      By its own accounts, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is still interested in foreign investment within the Rhankes Thalassa, although it is on its own terms – foreign businesses wishing to operate any resource extraction operations must be operating through subsidiaries based within our nation, be subject to our nation's taxation, labour and environmental laws – amongst others – and must employ a certain number of Arhomaioi, although this is reportedly up for negotiation. Any foreign military presence, even those supposedly acting as guards, is certainly out of the question. After all, the entire area is within reach of both the Basilikoploimon and the Basilikoaeroporia and therefore entirely under the protection of our nation.

      “Asking those foreign nations and companies that have been extracting resources from the Rhankes Thalassa to contribute towards the Arhomaneia is not unreasonable,” said the Genikos Logothetes (Minister for Finance) Valentinian Tzimekhes. “It is especially the case if those are allies of our great nation. After all, Arhomaneia is bearing the brunt of the cost of policing those waters and making sure that our nation's strict but fair environmental measures are not being broken. And bearing the brunt of the cost of the events in southern Europa.”

      When asked on what would happen if those foreign companies wouldn't comply with the requests laid down by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, the Genikos Logothetes stated that the government would pursue every civil avenue possible, before moving onto harsher methods. He suggested that it might also end up involving the Financial Guard (Vestiaritai) or Border Guard (Foussatores) if the dialogue stage collapsed.

      “Our holy nation makes sure that all its allies are operating on a level that is equitable to all, especially when they are within the home waters of Arhomaneia, like the Rhankes Thalassa.”

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has also stated that any foreign military exercise conducted in the sea will also be monitored closely, by both our nation's navy and air force. Although they have freedom of navigation, foreign powers cannot be allowed to disrupt Arhomaiki economic activities on a whim.

    • 30th June 2022

      Step 1: Complete

      Step one of Mahana and Bastola's  $3.2 billion highway restoral and building project has been completed today as the official opening of the "BG1" highway connecting Jutpandi and Battagara, two of Mahana's major cities. This connects, for the first time, the "Eastern Highway" system to the "Western Highway System", making time to travel across the country reduced by up to 3 hours on average as before the building of the BG1 a trip from Jutpandi to Veydu would take up to 5 hours, with it now at an estimated 2 hours. This project took a total of a year and cost an estimated $18 million, being only the beginning of Bastola's plans for the improvement of the road system which has held Mahana back for years.spacer.png

    • Breaking News: Large fire is reported to have been spotted in Greater Argic National Park

      Reports are coming in that large fire has started within the Greater Argic National Park. The exact location of the fire hasn’t been officially made public yet. Our live coverage on the meeting starts now.


      Good evening. I am the Head Park Ranger of Greater Argic. My name is Eyðun Jallgrímsson. Tuesday 27 June 2022 at 16:30 local time my department was notified by the parks fire department that they had received a message stating that a large fire was burn in remote northern part of the park. At around 17:00 local time a jump team had arrived with limited supply in hopes of finding the frontline of the fire. We later received a message that they successfully made camp about 2km west of the active fire line. As of today Wednesday 28 June, the fire is estimated to be at 0% containment and has burn about 25,000 acres. The conditions for rapid fire growth is extremely high. Luckily the area affected is mostly just wilderness to my knowledge the area doesn’t have any building as Greater Argic is one of a very few to ban any and all building of roads or trails within the park. Because of this the amount of manpower and resources will the severity limited. We have asked for help from 15 fire departments in northern Gotneska. Fortunately they are all trained jump style firefighting. For those that don’t know. Jump means parachuting from a airplane, generally because the region is either very remote or is just to hard to get conventional firefighting equipment to the area. Hopefully in our next meeting we can have our lead firefighter here to discuss more about the fire but at this time we have a very limited amount of knowledge as communications with the ground personnel is difficult because of the remote location.

      Thank you and I will hand it back over to your local newscast.

      Below is a image sent by one of the firefighters. Source is unknown.


    • XFOXjGX.png

      Supreme Reunion of Councilors agrees to mobilize the Navy across Porto Greco's maritime territories; applies embargoes, complete prohibition of use of national ports to Mesothalassa

      The Supreme Reunion of Councilors convened today at the federal capital in order to discuss the situation in the southern end of Alharu, specifically surrounding the current government of what is now the country of Mesothalassa, whose Anglian-installed puppet government was on the receiving end of overpowering Porto Grecan sanctions establishing hefty tariffs on Mesothalassan-flagged ships for their use of any national port following the 2021 Anglian invasion of Mesothalassa.

      The embargo and ban discussed today have been decided by the Reunion, following a 5-4 majority decision. A concluding comment by a spokesman representing Caesar Moscatella, states that the sanctions were made considering possible economic harm that could be inflicted upon Porto Greco. However, the nation has historically not traded much with its southern neighbors, instead focusing on its western counterparts and a handful of far-flung nations, and thus this decision is expected to have minimal, if any, economic ramifications.

      The story for the receiving end of the sanctions, on the other hand may be different; the battered and still crumbling Mesothalassan industry, mostly relying on the colonial power of Anglia for maintenance and subsidies, partly relies on going through the Synthe Sea, a lot of the territory of which is controlled by Porto Greco, thus estrangulating the small but existent economic power Mesothalassa posseses.

      Following an also 5-4 vote the same day, the Serene Navy's presence in the Synthe Sea has been strengthened, with the Reunion in conjunction with the Directorate of War deploying more ships on high alert, especially those near the maritime border with the regime currently ruling in Mesothalassa, following a trend of increased army presence in the region to safeguard the Federation against any possible aggression. 

      "These sanctions will be here until the current Mesothalassan regime shows clear, actual progress towards regional integration," the spokesman for Mr. Moscatella, who is the Director of Foreign Affairs, says speaking in his behalf. "Porto Greco historically has pursued a non-interventionist policy in its region, but Mr. Moscatella, the Reunion, the Directorate of War have all decided that putting our foot down and flexing our economic muscle is the only viable way to stop this maniatic neo-colonization that has been a taint on an otherwise beautiful continent, which also directly taints the Federation. Porto Greco is completely prepared to sustain any sort of conflict, be it economic or otherwise, so it would be advisable for the Mesothalassan leadership to avoid delving further into madness."

      "Even then, we trust in their judgment, or what little there remains of it, to know that attacking a nation as important for international trade routes as Porto Greco may not be the wisest move."

    • XFOXjGX.png

      Per the recently-passed Operating Transparency act, the Supreme Reunion of Councilors of the Maritime Federation of Porto Greco has opted to create an official communications center for all manners of government announcements and statements released by any member of the Porto Grecan government that the State and its independent Commission on Communications considers relevant information for the national and international community to be aware of.

    • Ateenia

      Posted (edited)

      The National Courier


      25.06.2022 AD

      21.03.1950 AJB




      Miðnóttleysa festival ends.

      Once again, the time of the year had arrived, the time of the festival of Miðnóttleysa to celebrate the generosity of the gods. Yet again, like thousands of years before, hundreds of bonfires were lit across Ateenia in 18th of Sólmánður and as such, it marked the beginning of the festival, often nicknamed the festival of life. The people fought, made love, drank and partied, all in the name of the goddess of love, sex, fertility, beauty, party and nature, and in the name of the god Ungor, the god of prosperity, peace, forests and wildlife, to earn great fortune and good harvest for yet another year. Many livestock were once again subjected to sacrifice to these gods so they too may party and revel in the livestock's blood. This year's turnout was smaller as last year, according to some sources, though the exact number of attendees could not be given and as such this cannot be confirmed. What can be confirmed was that this year, the festival was more violent then last year, with 33 deaths nationwide, due to overdrinking and brawls that got carried away, aswell as 154 hospitalizations for both minor and major injuries.

      This year, the Queen once again attended the "Aar" bonfire, but unlike last year, it was not the most popular fire. In it's stead, the "Austurgrundvik" bonfire was the most popular, located at the eastern outskirt's of the city of Grundvik, with it's honorary guests being Jarl Calder of house Hrein, Prince Harald of house Kalinka aswell as his sister Hilda Kalinka, who stayed by his side throughout the festival. It was counted that atleast 5800 attendees attended that bonfire. The Queen of love for the "Austurgrundvik" bonfire was non other then the 22 year old Princess Hilda Kalinka herself, who was first to retire from the dancing crow. Suprisingly, her mate did not reveal his face and it remains unknown who she retired to her tent with.

      While the "Aar" bonfire was not the most popular, it was not empty, having around 5200 attendees, which was more then last time, it marked the 2nd most popular. Queen Ena was once again spotted with a mate and was one of the first to retire from the dancing grow, this time a known entity, a prince Ajax from the lands of the Imperium of Haruspex, a empire many consider a brotherly nation next to our great kingdom of Ateenia. 

      In the evening of 20th of Sólmánður, the horns were blown, marking the end of the festival and once again the attendees gathered to their bonfire, where they cut their arms to drown the goddess Ungrilla in their blood, giving her their party spirits, after which all attendees returned to their homes. Queen Ena was spotted returning to her palace with prince Ajax Hur Elemmiire of the Imperium of Haruspex.


      Fighting in Baltica resumes after the end of Miðnóttleysa festival.

      During the festival, the Ateenian soldiers did not leave the festival unattended, together with the Haru military accompanying them, they too lit a fire in the name of the gods, where they celebrated the festival, together with the vjoldinists of the Haru military, while the heathens of the Haru legion were left to ensure the safety of the bonfire and the troops within it. 

      It is unknown why the Dotveskan and Velaherian troops did not attack the bonfire during when Ateenian Varnar was at it's most vulnerable state, but it is believed that it was due to their lack of knowledge about Ateenian tradition which left them unwilling to launch an offensive, believing that such an offensive would have been met with well prepared defences. As such the 3 days of Miðnóttleysa festival among the Varnar's troops was uneventful and after it's ending gave way for surprise aerial assaults by the Ateenian rattlers and recently arrived Haru Vipers and Venom's against the Velaherian airforce based in Dotveska, after receiving intel on the location of all airports and airfields inside Dotveskan territory, from unknown source. While the SAM sites in Dotveska were able to fight back, they did not manage to prevent the devastating attack which resulted in confirmed destruction of 1 R-12s, 9 R-5s and 12 R-67s, leaving the Velaherian aerial capabilities in Baltica devastated.

      This attack has ensured the air superiority of the Ateenian and Haru fighters in both Baltica and Dotveska, with many experts believing that this has left the Dotveskan military targets open for airstrikes. It is thanks to this air superiority, that the Varnar also finally decided to assign 6 Djöfull rocket artillery vehicles aswell as 4 S-09 mobile artillery vehicles, to support the troops on the ground in their future offensives. 

      While immediately after the end of Miðnóttleysa, the fight in Baltica has become rather eventful, it was not so before the festival, where the most eventful thing of the day was minor skirmishes on the ground aswell as minor aerial engagements between the Ateenian and Velaherian fighter jets.

      The casualties since the start of the conflict have amounted to:

      Ateenia: 96 deaths, 117 wounded, 13 BV-85s, 8 BF-75s, 11 Rattler's

      Haruspex: 38 deaths, 71 wounded. The Haru have not revealed their equipment losses, nor can the Varnar confirm, though it is believed that they have lost a few.

      Velaheria: 162 deaths, 15 wounded (only the ones the ones that have fallen into Ateenian captivity are counted), 20 R-67s, 12 R-5s, 3 R-12

      Dotveska: 190 deaths, 21 wounded (also only the ones that have fallen captive are counted).


      On other news:

      • Princess Tyra Kalinka has revealed her newborn daughter Yotáana Zaxar on her brief visit to Ateenia during Miðnóttleysa festival, before leaving to Kertosono.
      • 2 Haru soldiers found dead in Grundvik, believed to have fell victim to mass beating according to witnesses.
      • Prices rise due to recent sanctions placed on the Kingdom of Ateenia, many industries begin looking for new partners to save themselves from upcoming decrease of aluminium and magnesium import among other imports.
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    • img%5D
      Chancellor introduces new pricing legislation
      by Kristel Schefer
      2018 February 09th

      Chancellor Ernst Krenz has introduced legislation that would allow Volta to begin adopting a new system of pricing for goods. The current system allows only for centrally-planned pricing, where prices are decided by the government. The new system would continue that, but only until government-mandated production quotas are met. After production quotas are met, goods would be allowed to be sold at a higher price determined by individuals in business transactions.

      This system is intended to transition Volta away from centrally-planned prices, and allow the gradual adoption of market pricing of goods. Government-mandated prices for goods under the production quota is to be maintained specifically to keep stability and prevent massive economic turmoil. However, under the legislation this system would be in place for a minimum of 5 years, after which it is to be reviewed and recommendations issued as to whether or not it should continue.

      Worker-owned cooperatives have been struggling with staying in business due to government-mandated prices, and the government has stated that the hope is that this legislation will help alleviate those issues. Many worker-owned cooperatives have voiced support for the measure.

      "It'll certainly help," said the manager of a grocery-store cooperative in Vien. "I would like them to go further, but I'll take this as an interim."

      However, some in the Communist Party have voiced opposition to this, stating it risks bringing the "spectre of capitalism" back into Volta.

      "We cannot allow reactionary forces to bring back capitalist exploitation," said Gunther Switzer. "The Chancellor risks collapsing our great revolution."

      However, the Chancellor has said that there is no need to be concerned.

      "There are many safeguards built into the system, much of them introduced in previous legislation." he said "We do not need to worry about risking the revolution. We should, however, endeavor to materially improve the situation of everyday Voltans."

    • unknown.png

      The Funeral for former Premier, founder of the Nation, and Liberator of Advocatius from Dictator Charles Beaumont, Henri Martins funeral is occurring right now as we speak. The Hero of the Nation died at his home 6 days ago, after suffering from multiple strokes he eventually passed from heart disease at 94. Currently his casket is being carried to his hometown of St Elmo, being followed by a crowd of 30,000 the nations over, today we honour his legacy as the Premier has declared a new National Holiday, Martins Day, in order to commemorate his life and how he lead the revolution against authoritarianism.

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    • teBaW9u.png?1




      The Kaiji Party, alongside its allies the Liberal Party, in the Diet, have celebrated the success of their latest piece of legislation, which have officially already allowed the creation of the Imperial Free Trade Zone, which is less a defined zone than more a program to facilitate foreign investments not coming from the Empire, through administrative facilities alongside financial ease and creation of partnership with local companies, ensuring a strong implementation and better adhesion to local requirements, needs and assessment of the economic context. Those are to naturally enjoy of the cheaper labour available in great numbers in the Dominion, as to facilitate exports thanks to the great maritime opening of the Dominion.

      It is 23 500 employments which have been created thanks to such investments and company associations. The Kaiji Party have confirmed its will to strengthen its legislative agenda as to further promote the Dominion of Kōri-Chi as a suitable place for foreign investments given great available labour. Fugi Industries on its part, a leading conglomerate in the Dominion, being currently the largest employer, have considered such to be at the expense of the taxpayers and seriously undermining its business activities as to more easily “sell Kōri-Chi to gaijin” as it have expressed in an official communiqué, showing clear tensions with the government, while the opposition led by the Dentō Party have supported such affirmations and shall present to the floor a motion of non-confidence into the present government, motion that shall most likely fail given their lack of a majority yet may be a greatly symbolic opposition at the further opening of the economy, granting them further support from ultra-nationalists.

    • 443yyMH.png

      BREAKING: In 'grizzly' suicide, former Director of Foreign Affairs found dead in his bedroom

      PORTO GRECO. As yet another important event in this bizarre week for Porto Greco, former Director of Foreign Affairs, Eros Cavalli was found dead today by authorities in his room in Porto Greco's capital city. Such happening directly succeeds the Erodocs scandal and his subsequent dismissal from office and beginning of an investigation two days ago for charges including embezzlement and witness tampering. On the early hours of today, the anonymous source that leaked the initial Erodocs affair sent a document to Il Marinaio among other newspapers, stating it was from a previously-unknown psychiatrist that processed Mr. Cavalli following a suicidal episode he had in his late teens and concluded that he was a threat to himself. However, according to the source, Mr. Cavalli regularly took the medication that was administered to him until he stopped doing so due to the events that unfolded two days ago, giving way for his untimely demise shortly after. The source also exhorted for the relevant authorities to enter his home. However, the Article 66 of the Charter explicitly prohibits security forces from entering a public official's home unless there is an immediate threat to other people's lives, or otherwise the violation of laws. Since suicide is not illegal in the country, the police was not able to enter fast enough.

      The details about his death give apparent credibility to the source's claims and proof that Mr. Cavalli had an unstable psychological background. In the room where he committed suicide, numerous pieces of papers all repeating the word 'Why' and one saying 'I wanted to help' in disorganized, slashy text were found by the examiners after the Magistrate dictated a valid exception for Article 66. The forensic psychiatrist at the scene, in an interview with Il Marinaio, stated this kind of erratic and disorganized behavior was indeed common among people with psychiatric disorders, but stated other details about the suicide were 'highly unorthodox' and 'grizzly'. The autopsy of his body is still ongoing, but concrete details are expected not to be released in the near future, as is common for the deaths of public officials.

      The Porto Grecan government reacted in shock. Soon after, the Government mandated a state of mourning for a week, period in which all national and subnational flags will fly at half mast. The Supreme Reunion of Councilors stated 'extreme sadness' over Mr. Cavalli's death, and that 'his contributions to improving the lives of every Porto Grecan whether they agreed with him or not will not be forgotten, as won't his lively and happy demeanor.'

    • Royal Government Pledges to End Coal Dependence By 2035

      Around 65% of Seylos's energy comes from burning coal, which has been a concern for environmental activists for decades. However this latest push to remove coal dependence from Seylos seems to have a much more political aim to it than just environmental positivity. With rising tensions in the Adlantic, SBS has dug into Seylosian import statistics, and found that up to twenty percent of coal burned in Seylos originates from Anglia or its allied countries. In fact, Seylos and Anglia's interdependence seems to be even deeper, where Anglia seems to coal rich unlike Seylos, Seylos is iron rich unlike Anglia. Almost fifteen percent of Anglian iron originates from Seylos. This strange co-dependence has created economic turmoil between the nations as both try to separate themselves from each other. Insiders in the Seylosian mining industry have reported that government officials have had high level meetings with mining executives to develop strategies of selling Seylosian iron to other states without officially declaring a government policy.


      A Seylosian coal plant

      When it comes to energy policy, the Royal Government has announced an initiative to increase spending on renewable energies. Such initiatives include wind energy in the mountains of Alba, and further development in ocean energy technologies for deployment on the coasts. However the biggest development is the rumor that Seylos is preparing for the first time to delve into nuclear power production, though the government has yet to make any announcement on that front.

      (OOC: Please treat the next article as in the future when news of the alliance break is made public. There was an error in timing on my part.)

      Haruspex Ends Alliance with Tagmatium

      Every member of the North Adlantic Union was shocked to hear the news that @Haruspex had suddenly ended their long alliance with Tagmatium. Despite their general incompatibility, both nations had held an alliance in order to create stability in north western Europa, which had been essential in ensuring peace throughout the region. However cracks had begun to show quickly when Haruspex invaded the neighboring nation of Cussia, and had devoted itself to purging the nation of devout Christian influence. In fact, Norfolk was the naval base that serviced many ships heading to provide relief and evacuation for tens of thousands of Cussian refugees originating from the international coalition that Seylos was a part of. Under Selyos, New Cussia has existed for two years, housing twenty thousand refugees in the formerly dispute island between Seylos and Eire.


      New Cussia's location in Seylos.

      With the collapse of relations between these two powers, NAU sources have described an elevated sense of alert in the country of Corinium. Already, five hundred additional soldiers from NAU nations have been sent to the country to shore up defenses in case of Haru aggression, which some analysts believe is more than possible.

      "With its upfront intervention in Baltica, Harupsex has shown that it is more than willing to cross the 'Corinian Line' so to speak, and push its luck in making its influence known in Argis," Defense Ministry correspondent Fionnlagh Kenneth said.

      It is expected that the North Adlantic Union will continue to attempt to strengthen ties between itself and @Tagmatium Rules.

    • unknown.png

      Protesters from the infamous "Insulate Advocatius" movement have begun clogging up motorways in order to promote their radical anti-fossil fuel beliefs. The A26 Motorway connecting Victoires to Port-Louis has been clogged by an estimated 86 protesters who have maneuvered their cars in order to block incoming traffic, this has been going on for almost an hour an prevented tens of thousands, if not hundreds and thousands from commuting from either city. As we are speaking police has begun dispersing the protesters but they say it could be up to an hour before traffic is back up running smoothly.


    • 443yyMH.png

      BREAKING: Social Party invokes Article 21 of the Charter; Moscatella to be new Director of Foreign Affairs following nomination

      PORTO GRECO. Following the invocation of Article 21 of the 2007 Charter, which estipulates that parties can remove Regional Councilors of their party internally following a majority party vote, Mr. Caesar Moscatella has been removed from his post as a Regional Councilor in the early hours of the morning. However, in what has largely been described as a strategic move, it immediately proceeded to ascend him to the Directorate of Foreign Affairs, thus turning Mr. Moscatella into Porto Greco's head of state until the 2027 general election.

      The removal from his post preceded his removal as the leader of the Social Party in a separate but related procedure that took place in the afternoon. Spokesman for the party Lorenzo Limano stated the measure was to address the growing concerns of Moscatella's accumulating influence over the ideologies of the party. Mr. Limano, though, stated he will as of now not be removed from the party overall. 

      Following the quick dismissal from the Supreme Council, to nomination of the Directorate of Foreign Affairs, to removal from the leadership of the Social Party, the Laborist Party decided to hold a press conference, in which its leader Mr. Benozzo Barozzi stated that it would consider pursuing the possible unconstitutionality of this bizarre series of events with the Supreme Magistrate. 

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    • unknown.png

      (The Following Content may be graphic) Just a few hours ago two men, ages 20 and 22, after a small fight in a local pub went home to their flats, only to return with machetes as they began brutally attacking each other, Police were called immediately and 5 minutes later they arrived only to discover one of the men passed out of the floor with cut marks all over his back and a trail of blood from the other mans leg. The man passed out was rushed to the hospital, Doctors say he is likely to survive, while the other was turned in by his elder brother an hour later with minimal injuries.

    • 443yyMH.png


      RIZZO, PORTO GRECO. A bombshell report provided by an anonymous source with ties to the mayoral government of one of the nation's premier cities, and also capital of the Terra di Flori region has been released, and has involved the former mayor-turned Director of Foreign Affairs, as well as key figures in the media, in one of the biggest scandals of what has elapsed from this century. Just a few hours after promoting a view of an international, peaceful, equitative and kind Porto Greco onto the international ring, Eros Cavalli, as well as reknown figures like Gesualdo Minnella and others, could face a thorough investigation by the Comitate Federale for charges that range from embezzlement of public funds, witness tampering, among other charges, according to the Director of the Commission, Grecalo Mazzella.

      The 'Erodocs', as given to Il Marinaio and other prominent news sources by the source on the condition of anonimity detail an extensive 109-page, 7-year spanning history through mobile phone conversations where the Supreme Councilor (then mayor of Rizzo) states how 'tired he is' of having to put on a 'happy mask' for the sake of 'living nicely', as well some official documents detailing the transfer of money to offshore accounts and secret transactions from these accounts to witnesses involved in a separate investigation earlier last year into the Tempi di Rizzo case. The scandal comes after a recent dip in Cavalli's popularity rate, which plummeted to 27% nationwide and 29% in his native Rizzo; critics point to inherent distrust and perceived artificiality in his mannerisms and character for reasons of this low approval rate.

      As a response to the ongoing scandal, the Social Party has cut any ties with Cavalli. The Parliament, following an extraordinary session, has with a three-fifths majority voted to remove him from the post; the Social Party is expected to ascend a replacement for the Reunion tomorrow.

      Il Marinaio has reached Cavalli's legal representative for a response, but has not received any reply thus far.

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    • 443yyMH.png

      Established in 1804, Il Marinaio, headquartered in the beautiful city of Scardino, has been the premier newspaper of Porto Greco ever since its inception. Its intrepid and risky model of not accepting political donations make it the Nation's premier news source, for both our beloved Porto Grecan readers and international ones who wish to see a glimpse of the country through our articles!

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