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      Gaellician Wittier personality starting beef with @Advocatius military nerds for no reason. (Neither know what they're talking about)

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      Advocatius gears up for 2024 National Election

      image.png?ex=65e300ed&is=65d08bed&hm=ba60b987a83402064bb13581ad976ae029aefdd68689541bc2cd7430f6dd44de&=&format=webp&quality=losslessGood Morning Advocatius, todays subject will be on the next Advocatian National Election set for April 2024, 4 years after the 2020 election a lot has changed. Namely the inclusion of the Shfakien War as apart of the wider Anglian conflict is projected to greatly influence the result of the next election, our current Premier, Louis Monet is currently ahead in the polls, and multiple political exports believe in his reelection as the most likely outcome as apart of his coalition. In the previous election the fastest growing party was the Liberal Progressive Party, however currently multiple surveys have seen a drop in support for the party and rise in support for the Union of Workers and Farmers.

      This will be the first Advocatian election to include the annexed territory's liberated from the Imperialist State of Tengrolhan, the new state has seen what has been described as 'Socialist Integration' with all major parties creating divisions relating to the region, with the Tengrol Autonomous Republic leading the integration into the Socialist Federal Republic. The National Election operates both as the Election for the Advocatian Premier and also the election of representatives into the National Assembly. With 1 seat equivalent to 1% of the population of the total vote.

      (Previous National Election Results, the seat number has greatly increased by 60 seats due to the inclusion of Tengrolhan, the Liberal Progressive
      Party will likely fall to 4th in the Election, alongside a drop in support for Unionists in core Advocatius but a rise in Tengrolhan, and the Union of
      Workers and Farmers are projected back to third, with the Democratic Socialist Party remaining as the majority party and Louis Monet will remain.)

      In Other News:

      • Patrolling the Shfakien Mountains, interview with Ground Forces Tanker.
      • The Second Garindian Korelian War, 25 Years Later
      • Latest Argic holiday destinations, the cold north.
      • Developer Bunjie Studios teases new project.
      • Ground Forces announce exercise, and teases new Advocatian MBT included.
    • Remembering the Second Garindinan-Korelian War, 25 years later.



      :pic: Garindinan Soldiers in Dovgazalsk.


      :pic: Korelian Soldiers in the back of a pickup in Dovgazalsk.

      Second Garindinan-Korelian War: February 14–June 20, 1999

      Igor: Today marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Second Garindinan-Korelian War. The war claimed the lives of over thirteen thousand people, along with the destruction of Dovgazalsk, capital of the now Korelisk Oblast.

      Raisa: As we reflect on this somber milestone, it’s crucial to remember the profound impact of the war on both Garindina and Korelia. Scars from the war still remain in Dovgazalsk, serving as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made and the enduring resilience of the people. Memorials will be held in both Parsa and Dovgazalsk later today. Now we head over to Ivan, who is interviewing a veteran of both in Korelisk and in the Civil War.

      Ivan: Thank you Raisa, I’m here with Mikhail Petrov, a veteran of the war. Tell me Mikhail, if you’re OK with it, about your experience in the war.

      Mikhail: Well, if you’re old enough to remember the time, the war was pretty much inevitable. The ethnic tensions and the lack of international recognition of Korelio was seen as an opportunity to reintegrate Korelio. I’ll tell you about the Battle of Dovgazalsk. It was late March when we reached the city. They were under equipped, but they had the advantage of urban warfare. So we bombed the city. Missiles, artillery and air strikes. By far the worst two and a half months of my life. But we did it for our families and our country. Sorry, got something in my eye. But, we must remember those men we lost, they were family and friends.

      Ivan: Thank you, Mikhail. Back to you, Igor and Raisa.

      Igor: In other news, the NRP seems to be fracturing, with apparent infighting becoming more and more common…

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      Discover Gotneska: The Enchanting Realm of the North

      Written by Feridonanidi Nehase Tiigisiti

      Adventures in GotneskaLÆNIGUËUÍL, @Gotneska -- Nestled in the heart of Argic Yeetland, the Kingdom of Gotneska beckons travellers with its majestic landscapes and rich cultural tapestry. Gotanaland, as it's affectionately known, is a land where ancient mountains kiss the sky and rivers carve through the Eurth. Its unparalleled beauty offers a sanctuary for those seeking adventure and tranquillity alike.

      When you embark on a journey to Gotneska, the whispers of history and the call of the wild will merge into a symphony of natural and cultural wonders. Whether you're tracing the rugged coastlines or exploring the vibrant cities, Gotneska promises to create unforgettable memories of the heart of the Argic Circle and beyond.

      1. A high-road adventure along the Argic Highway

      Start your adventure on the Argic Highway, the northernmost and highest highway in Gotneska. Open from mid-April to early September, this route offers breathtaking views of the Kendovstrunmahhe Mountains and the lush landscapes that define Gotneska. Prepare for a journey that's as challenging as it is rewarding, with the road welcoming travellers until the first snowfall.

      2. The scenic Adlantic Road

      For a more serene experience, the Adlantic Road (Highway 7) weaves through the fjords and islands at the southern tip of Gotneska. This scenic drive showcases the stunning beauty of the Aurum Coast, offering countless photo opportunities and moments of awe.

      3. Celebrate Midsummer magic at Mðsumarsdagur

      Immerse yourself in Gotneskan culture by participating in Mðsumarsdagur, the Midsummer festival celebrated on June 24th. This vibrant festival is filled with dancing, singing, traditional attire, and bonfires, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of Gotneska.

      4. Coastal paradise of Fjallaströnd Paradís Þjóðgarður

      Explore the Mountain Beach Paradise National Park, where the mountains meet the sea in an extraordinary display of natural beauty. The park's crown jewel, Cladach Órga (Golden Shore), is renowned for its breathtaking beaches and wildlife. From harbour seals to seabirds, and even the occasional bear, the park is a haven for nature lovers.

      5. The Kendovstrunmahhe Mountains and beyond

      Venture into the heart of the Kendovstrunmahhe Mountains, where the peaks of Skaðifjall soar to the skies. Here, adventurers can find solace in the rugged beauty of Gotneska's highest points, offering challenges and serenity in equal measure.

      Gotneska, with its blend of natural wonders and cultural richness, offers a voyage like no other. From the exhilarating heights of its mountains to the serene beauty of its coasts, this Gotneskan people invite you to discover their secrets. So pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and let Gotneska reveal its wonders to you.

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      Summer exodus paralyses Ionio


      Traffic on the A1 Interstate near Rossano

      With the beginning of February, the Ionian Sea officially goes on summer holiday. Work stops to let the Ionian people relax before resuming their business activities, but summer holidays also mean traffic and for today the entire Ionian has been paralysed by traffic.

      On the motorway network there are queues near large urban centres and along the coastal areas. The Interstate A1 is paralysed in the vicinity of Torre Canne as it also has to handle traffic at San Foca. In addition, due to modernisation work, there were traffic jams on the entire motorway section of the Solarios state road. To make matters worse, there were several accidents between motorists that caused delays and queues. The only positive thing was the blocking of lorry traffic, which eased some of the traffic congestion on the main Ionian roads.

      Worse was the rail transport where trains leaving from the central stations in San Foca were delayed by more than two hours due to network congestion. Also bad is the coastal railway line where there is a slowdown due to modernisation works that have caused delays of up to 10 hours. Air transport was the least disrupted, but airports had to handle both domestic and international traffic. No slowdowns were recorded on ferry lines.

      The cause of this mass exodus must be attributed to the nomal heat wave that has hit Ionian. In fact, large cities such as San Foca recorded highs of 35°C while going up north the temperatures increased until reaching 43°C which was recorded in Ornsvot. According to the weather models the anomalous heat is expected to last until the end of February.

      The most popular destination for Ionians are seaside resorts followed then by mountain resorts and art cities. Opposite case the international tourists who focused more on art cities followed by sea and mountain resorts. Hoteliers said that tourists are becoming more demanding and want to have magnificent experiences and discover the culture and gastronomy of the places they visit. That is why they are continually modifying tourism programming to meet any needs of tourists.  Politicians also go on vacation including the president where he has already moved to his mansion which is located in Rossano so he can also watch the live preseason games of his IFL team Rossano Wolves.

      Obviously there has been no shortage of summer controversy especially that of Dario Lo bosco, CEO of "Rete Ferroviaira Ionica" in which he accused the mayor of San Foca, Marco Esposito, of blocking the Gatheway project that allows the capital's rail traffic especially high-speed traffic to be disposed of without it having to pass through the central station of Torre Canne for environmental reasons but the latest investigations have shown that there are no environmental problems ridiculing the mayor. But apart from the usual summer political polymics Febbrario is looking like a hot, sun-filled month ideal for swimming in the sea and cooling off.

      The highway police advise citizens to overhaul cars and routes to avoid problems while traveling, and it is also forbidden to drive drunk as it can be a periocle for you, other road users and the travelers you carry. Drive with pridunces and happy summer vacations

    • *The News studio: "Now, with some breaking news, there is some discontent growing amist the populace because of the new Azincorth building project, the first ever Airport in The Empire of Azincorth, On the ground is our very own Sarah Mitchel. Sarah? Hows the situation looking down there? "

      *The screen then cuts to a woman in her early 20s holding a microphone, standing in front of a barricade, and several excavators and dump trucks working behind*

      *Sarah Mitchell here, and yes, youre correct, there has been some discontent over the new airport being build, with me is Commander Harlan who has been tasked with securing the site for the construction" 

      Sarah Mitchell, holding a microphone, approaches the military commander, whos surrounded by a contingent of Azincorth Military infantry forces and Azincorth Police

      Sarah: Commander Harlan, can you shed light on the security measures taken during the construction of Crown Jewel International Airport?

       Commander Harlan Mercer:
      *Commander Mercer, stern and unwavering, addresses Sarah*.

      Commander Mercer: Our primary focus is ensuring the safety and integrity of the construction sites. The Empire's interests are paramount, and we will not tolerate any disruptions or resistance.

      Local Witness 1 Mrs. Rodriguez:
      Mrs. Rodriguez, a displaced resident, speaks with a mix of frustration and sadness.

      Mrs. Rodriguez: They came with bulldozers, no warning. Our homes, our memories – gone. All for some grand airport they're building.

      Mr. Patel, another displaced resident, expresses his discontent.

      Mr. Patel: This airport might bring wealth, but at what cost? They didn't even ask; they just bulldozed through our lives.

      Sarah Mitchell:
      Sarah, with a concerned expression, continues her interview with Commander Mercer.

      Sarah: Reports suggest a lack of empathy toward the affected residents. How does the Empire justify these actions?

      Commander Mercer:
      *Commander Mercer remains unyielding*

      Commander Mercer: Our loyalty lies with the Emperor. Their vision for Azincorth's future demands sacrifice. The populace may not understand the necessity, but they will benefit in the long run, and anyone who tries to impede the progress will be dealt with. 

      Ms. Jenkins, a bystander witnessing the interview, adds her perspective.

      Ms. Jenkins: It's heartbreaking. People losing their homes for progress. There has to be a better way to develop without tearing communities apart.

      As construction for Crown Jewel International Airport advances, the voices of the displaced residents echo with concerns, while the military, steadfast in its duty, remains resolute in the pursuit of the Empire's vision. The controversy surrounding the airport project continues to unfold, with emotions running high among those directly impacted.

      Commander Mercer: "Ms. Jenkins, your opinion has been noted. That still wont change the course of this grand project. Nothing will, under my watch, now move away youre disturbing the workers. 

      *Several armed soldiers escort Ms Jenkins away*

      Sarah Mitchell: "And there you have it, straight from the source, Commander Mercer is unyielding in his loyalty to the emperor, and the project. Im Sarah Mitchell and This is Azincorth Daily News.


      Edited by Azincorth (see edit history)
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      EOS-CAOS expands in both terrestrial and extraterrestrial realms

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      EOS Island HQ

      DESETI, Orioni -- The sister organisations of the Civil Administration of Oriental States (CAOS) and the Entente of Oriental States (EOS) have marked January 2024 with a pair of significant developments: the relaunch of its space program, and the official admission of Tarua as its newest member. These events underscore the organisations' growing influence in both space exploration and regional geopolitics. The double-barrelled impact signals a robust start to 2024, positioning the organisations as key players in both space exploration and regional diplomacy.

      On January 1, 2024, the CAOS Space Program, under the leadership of Administrator Tim Caray, announced its much-anticipated relaunch. The program, which had been on a 15-year hiatus following the Great Europan Collapse, is set to revolutionise space exploration with cutting-edge technologies and the advanced space vehicle OG-7NX “Celestia.”

      Administrator Caray, son of the legendary Professor Harry Caray, has been pivotal in reinventing the program with a fresh vision, focusing on innovation and strategic collaborations. “This isn't just a relaunch; it's a leap into the future of space exploration,” Caray stated at the press conference. The CAOS Space Program aims to advance human spaceflight missions and satellite launches, fostering collaboration and sustainability in the space sector.

      Later in the month, on January 31, @Tarua officially became the twentieth member of CAOS in a ceremony held in Deseti, Orioni. CAOS Administrator Yuto Nakamura welcomed Tarua, emphasising the potential for increased cooperation towards regional prosperity and stability. Tarua's integration into CAOS, a process that started nearly three decades ago following the establishment of democracy in the country, marks a significant step in the nation's engagement with the Oriental geopolitical community.

      Osita Fetikoa, the permanent Taruan representative to the EOS, expressed gratitude for the acceptance of Tarua's application and her optimism for regional partnership. The inclusion of Tarua in CAOS is expected to bring opportunities for foreign investment in various sectors, including mineral and oil prospecting, tourism, and agribusiness.

      Additionally, the deal involves EOS military cooperation, with plans to utilise and expand the naval base on Fākure Island. This expansion will not only bolster Tarua's military capabilities but also serve as a strategic point for CAOS's administration of its Antargis territories.

      The recent developments within CAOS and EOS signify a transformative phase in the organisation's trajectory, highlighting its expanding influence in both terrestrial and extraterrestrial realms. The relaunch of the space program represents a leap forward in technological advancement and international collaboration in space exploration, symbolising CAOS's commitment to being at the forefront of scientific progress. Meanwhile, Tarua's accession underscores the growing geopolitical significance of EOS in the Oriental region, as it continues to integrate diverse nations into a cohesive economic and strategic bloc.

      Together, these milestones reflect the Oriental States's ambition to play pivotal roles in shaping both the future of space exploration and the evolving dynamics of regional cooperation and security. This dual expansion of scope and influence positions them as a key architects in the narrative of global progress and regional stability, setting a precedent for future endeavours in both space and international diplomacy.

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      Controversy strikes as Kageni attends Chillgame concert via helicopter

      Written by Feridonanidi Nehase Tiigisiti

      Man in Sunglasses Sitting in a HelicopterO'POLIS -- Orioni's political scene faced a wave of public outrage as Chairman Edric Kageni, the newly inaugurated leader, was seen arriving at a Chillgame musical concert in an official government helicopter. The event, intended as a leisurely outing for the leader and his family, quickly spiralled into a public relations debacle.

      The scene at the concert venue turned heads as Kageni made a grand entrance in a government-owned helicopter, intending to enjoy an evening with the popular band Chillgame. While the leader's presence at cultural events isn't unusual, the mode of transportation sparked immediate backlash among citizens and on social media platforms.

      Critics were quick to voice their concerns, pointing to the use of a state helicopter for personal leisure as a misuse of government resources. “At a time when our nation faces pressing issues, such extravagance by our leader is unacceptable,” voiced a disgruntled citizen on Wittier, reflecting a sentiment shared by many.

      In response to the growing criticism, a spokesperson from the Chairman's office defended the decision, citing security concerns and logistical challenges as primary reasons for the helicopter use. However, this explanation did little to quell the public's frustration. Analysts suggest that the incident could tarnish Kageni's image, especially among voters who are sensitive to issues of government spending and accountability.

      The incident drew comparisons to similar controversies faced by leaders in other nations, highlighting the fine line between official duties and personal privileges. The backlash against Kageni serves as a reminder of the public's increasing scrutiny of their leaders' actions and the demand for transparency and responsible governance.

      As the story unfolds, the reaction to Kageni's helicopter ride to the Chillgame concert is likely to resonate beyond the evening's entertainment, triggering discussions about the appropriate use of government resources and the expectations placed on public figures. The incident, while seemingly a minor misstep, underscores the broader challenges leaders face in maintaining public trust and upholding standards of conduct.

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      Senate approves high-speed rail construction project



      President John Colucci during the press conference

      With 73 votes in favor, the Senate approves the construction of the high-speed railroad that will be a strategic and fundamental work for the nation's development. During the press conference, President John Colucci spoke on the strategic importance of this work, highlighting that it will serve to decongest the historic line that runs along the coast.

      The transport minister highlighted the technical details of the project, in which the high-speed railroad will be built with a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed will surely be limited to 300 kilometers per hour to prevent the railroad from wearing out more easily. In addition to pointing out the technical details of the project, including the construction of 4 railway stations dedicated to the high-speed railway and interconnections with the history line. He highlighted that the project will be environmentally friendly and will minimize the environmental impact during construction and afterwards also thanks to the implementation of compensatory works.

      Another detail is future plans, where it is projected that more high-speed lines will be built. It is thought that the next project may be the line from Fano to San Foca via Aurora and Fasano creating the basis of the inland line. During the press conference it was highlighted that the construction will last for 5 years and that after the 5 years the airlines may experience drops in revenues in domestic routes as there will be strong competition with rail transport.

      According to the words of the Minister of Transport, next week there will be a call for tenders for the construction of the high-speed railroad. We just have to wait how this 6 billion Auro project will bring changes in transportation not only nationally but also at the regional level.

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      Polar stand-off: tensions rise as Volsci and EOS clash over Rupes Nigra claims

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      Mountains and ice bergsANBREKPORT, Iwenland -- In a conflict that has captured international attention, the dispute over the icy, enigmatic island of Rupes Nigra continues to escalate, pitting the Volsci against the Entente of Oriental States. At the heart of the contention is the balance between upholding sovereignty and fostering international research cooperation. It is a delicate dance on the treacherous ice of diplomacy.

      The distant island of Rupes Island, thrust into the spotlight by the daring expedition of the IRV Beredo in early 2023, has become a symbol of both historical intrigue and geopolitical tension. The crew claims to have discovered potential artefacts from the Gran Viatge era and earlier. However, these claims were left unverified due to intervention by Volsci forces. Nonetheless, this dispute has ignited a fervent debate about the island's rightful ownership and its place in the annals of Polar exploration.

      “The situation surrounding Rupes Nigra is a powder keg waiting to explode,” stated Mr Tobiya Wayanor of the EOS diplomatic corps. “It's a delicate subject, but necessary to maintain our stance on international research cooperation and uphold our sovereignty. The discoveries made by the Beredo crew, although not physically present, are proof of the scientific and historical significance of the island. We cannot let this be overshadowed by aggressive posturing.”

      Meanwhile, Volsci officials maintain a firm stance on their own claims. “Our actions are in line with protecting our national interests,” declared a high-ranking Volsci official. “The presence of foreign vessels in the vicinity of Rupes Nigra is a direct challenge to our sovereignty. While we support scientific inquiry, it must not come at the cost of our territorial integrity.”

      The international community watches with bated breath as diplomatic efforts continue behind closed doors. Mrs Rasida Gamibodiyani, Permanent Representative of Orioni to the Assembled Nations, has called for calm and restraint from all parties involved. She emphasised the importance of peaceful resolution and adherence to international law.

      As the northern winds blow over the disputed icy landscape of Rupes Nigra, the world awaits the outcome of this high-stakes drama, where history, sovereignty, and the spirit of exploration converge in the unforgiving Polar wilderness.


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      Close encounter in Mokuahana Straits heightens tensions between Dominion and Kingdom

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      Stock footage of the ADS Polu Mano cruising in the Southern MeteorolasLANAIAKEA, @Apuni -- In a recent high-stakes encounter, a destroyer from @Bainbridge Islands and a destroyer from Apuni narrowly avoided a collision in the contentious Southern Mokuahana Straits. Described by Apunian Naval officials as “unsafe and unprofessional,” the incident has escalated tensions in the region, marked by competing territorial claims and increasing military presence.

      The confrontation occurred on December 3rd near the Southern Meteorolas, an area fraught with overlapping sovereignty claims. The KBI has been actively transforming reefs into fortified artificial islands, intensifying its hold over the disputed waters. In response, the Apuni Dominion's (ADS) Ship Polu Mano was undertaking Freedom of Independent Navigation operations, emphasizing the right to unrestricted passage in what are internationally recognized as neutral waters.

      Released Dominion Navy footage illustrates the perilously close distance between the KBI and Dominion vessels, with the KBI destroyer aggressively manoeuvring ahead of the ADS Polu Mano. Such confrontations are becoming more frequent, signalling a worrying trend of military brinkmanship at the Mokuahana Straits.

      This incident underscores the broader geopolitical strife between Kailua and Honolulu, as the Dominion challenges the KBI's expansive maritime claims and the associated environmental repercussions. With this recent naval stand-off marking one of the most severe in recent memory, the potential for further escalation remains a grave concern for regional stability and international navigation rights.


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      Gotneska mourns the passing of former Queen Magdalene Anderson at 89

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      Queen Magdalene Anderson of Gotneska

      LÆNIGUËUÍL, @Gotneska -- The nation of Gotneska is enveloped in mourning after the announcement of the passing of its revered former Queen, Magdalene Anderson, at the age of 89. A pillar of grace and a beacon of the nation's traditions, Queen Magdalene's life was one of service and elegance, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of Gotneskans.

      Queen Magdalene, the cherished consort of Emperor Patrick XIII, was widely regarded not just as royalty but as a maternal figure to the nation. She is said to have embodied the virtues of compassion, dignity, and a profound commitment to her people. Her death has cast a shadow over Gotneska, with citizens coming forward to share their grief and memories of a monarch who felt more like family.

      “I remember seeing her during the national parade when I was a child. Her smile was like a beacon of light, reassuring and warm. She wasn't just our Queen; she was the heart of Gotneska,” reminisced Elin Jónsdóttir, a long-time resident of the capital.

      As the nation grapples with this profound loss, the royal household is in the throes of planning a state funeral that mirrors the grandeur and solemnity befitting Queen Magdalene's stature. While specific details of the funeral service and wake are yet to be announced, sources close to the royal family suggest that the ceremony will be a blend of traditional Gotneskan rites and a modern tribute to her far-reaching influence.

      The streets of the capital are expected to be lined with mourners paying their respects as the cortège passes. “It will be a moment for us to stand together, in sorrow but also in gratitude for her lifelong dedication to our nation,” shared Henrik Valtýsson, a historian and commentator on royal affairs.

      Floral tributes have already begun to accumulate outside the royal palace, with notes expressing condolences and recounting personal anecdotes of Queen Magdalene's impact on individual lives and the fabric of Gotneskan society. “She had this incredible way of making everyone she met feel seen and important. Her charity work, her public appearances, even her speeches… they all resonated with a kind of genuine love and concern for our welfare,” said Sofia Grímsdóttir, a volunteer at one of the many charities the Queen patronized.

      Internationally, flags are being lowered to half-mast in countries where Queen Magdalene's work had an impact, especially in the areas of education and children's welfare, areas where she dedicated much of her efforts during her reign.

      As Gotneska prepares to bid farewell to its former Queen, the nation reflects on her legacy: a life of benevolent deeds, a steadfast presence in times of turmoil, and a gentle touch in the nation's moments of joy and celebration. The upcoming funeral is not just a farewell, but also a celebration of a life that was deeply connected to the very essence of Gotneska.

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      Ionian Football League unveils new league and 2024 season



      IFL Commissioner Antonio Cassano while announcing the new IFL

      The Ionian Football League with a grand announcement announces the birth of the new league and reveals the new 2024 season. The 2023 season was hit hard by the war but in the end the 2023 season was a success with the victory of Torre Canne Buccaneers but now the league has undergone a process of profound change caused by the expansion of the league following the end of the war. The new league will have as many as four divisions with four teams in two conferences. In total there are as many as 32 teams will play for a chance to win the Ionian Buwl

      The new divisions were created by a draw that allowed for the creation of the Ionian Football Conference and National Football Conference. But the new features do not end there. With as many as 4 divisions for each conference, the new locations of the IFL, IFC, and NFC were presented, and of course the new Ionian map with the location and cities of the IFL teams


      The new map with all the teams in the IFL

      Also presented at the conference was the new playoff system. In the new system the best team in the conference will skip the wild cards while the top of the three remaining divisions in addition to the 3 best teams in the conferece who are not the first in the division will compete in the wild cards and the winners will enter the Divisional stage. In this stage there are a total of 4 teams per conference including the best team that skipped the Wilds Cards and the winners will compete to win the Conference Championship and the winner of this game will challenge the winner of the opposing Conference Championship in the Ionian Bowl.


      An example of the IFL's new playoff system

      Changes also in the regular season where it is a full 18 weeks of games before moving on to the playoff stage. In the regular season, the 32 teams will have a bye week in which they will not play a game. Obviously, not all teams will have the same bye week but it will be spread out along the 18 weeks esaranno between week 7 and week 16. Confirmed the Pro Bulw to be held on the Sunday between the Championship Game and Ionian Bowl where the best players from Ionian Football Conference and National Football Conference excluding players from the teams that will have to perform Ionian Buwl

      Another new feature will be the IFL International Series which are regular season games played abroad that serves not only to promote Gridiron football but also to promote peace among various peoples at a time when the wurld is torn by war, but not yet released more information about the IFL International Series and there will be a later annual with more information. 

      On Feb. 4 there will be the Hall of Fame game in which the Martina Colts will face the Tower Cardinals and that will take place at the Olympic Stadium in San Foca, and the entire pre-season, including the Hall Of Fame game, will be broadcast by IFL Network, but the real date is March 7 when there will be the inaugural game of the new 2024 season in which the Torre Canne Buccaneers will face the Tortori Vikings at the Future Solution Stadium in Torre Canne. The game will be broadcast on our networks, so stay tuned for more on the new season because this year Ionian Bowl LXW will be held in Cosenza to celebrate 100 years of Sila National Park.


      Banner of the Ionian Bowl LXV 

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      'Golden Eagle' Eget Mishmur secures Hiseran Eagles victory against Orioni Orcas in last-second Goal

      Written by Murek Givronksi — Parlahaven Office of TVH

      In a friendly match in Parlahaven, the Hiseran national Football team engaged in an energetic match against the Orinese Orcas. The game made sure to keep fans of edge, with both Hiseran and Orinese players showing off their skill and strong defence, creating an electrifying, nail-biting atmosphere, which culminated at the 94th minute with a game-winning goal from Eget Mishmur.

      From the start of the match, both teams displayed immediate fervour to win, however the overwhelming intensity of the Orinese Orcas seemingly prevailed, with the team taking a shot on target. This shot however, was expertly defended by our rock-wall goalkeeper Mattusz Biodreff. Not ones to simply lay down, our team immediately countered, with a shot in the 3rd minute that unfortunately veered off target. Our team was eager to maintain the push against the Orcas, testing the Orinese goalkeeper Tristão Paredes with shots at the 8th, 19th, and 33rd minutes. The palpable tension on the field was only heightened by both teams being warned with yellow cards. The first half would finish with a string of saved shots, keeping the attention of fans until the very end.

      In the second half, our eagles were eager to try and find a goal, with Smok's slicing offensives moving expertly through the Orinese defence, yet failing to find that precious goal each time. Another yellow card for our team increased the pressure, and would lead to shots by the Orinese team during the 70th and 80th minutes, which while on target, failed to find the net, with Biodreff's expert goalkeeping making sure to stop the ball each time. Our offensive ramped up as the end of the match approached, with our spirit remaining high despite the likely draw.

      However, at the last second, Eget Mishmur spotted a game-ending gap in the Orinese defence. With a thunderous strike, he sent the ball into the back of the Orinese goal, to the jubilation of spectators and fans of the Hiseran Eagles. The last-second goal just about secured a 1-0 victory for our team, during a match dominated by excellent defence and unrelenting attacks. The resilience of our boys in red shone brightly during this match, grasping victory from a near-definite draw.



      Former Gotneskan Queen Magdalene Anderson dies at 89

      Written by Merla Gottrenrot — Læniguëuíl Office of TVH

      @Gotneska, and undoubtedly many Hiserans as well, today mourns the death of her former queen Magdalene Anderson at the age of 89. Anderson leaves behind a well-remembered legacy of humanitarian efforts and strong sisterhood with the Hiseran people.

      When Hisera was tearing itself apart in the Second Ludkreig, many Hiserans sought to escape the destruction, poverty and destitution that the war caused. In their time of greatest need, Anderson showed great compassion and empathy, personally funding the safe journeys of tens of thousands of Hiserans to Gotneska, despite great personal cost to herself. Standing as a truly amazing humanitarian, she led the cause of providing many Hiseran refugees with safe temporary shelter in the capital as well as many coastal cities. In addition to this, her expert diplomatic efforts in bringing the many sides of the war together to create safe refugee corridors and to minimise civilian deaths certainly saved the lives of thousands.

      As the announcement of the former queen's death spreads across Hisera, the mayor of Marna has already commissioned a statue of the late queen and a memorial to her life-saving, sympathetic legacy. The outpouring of grief in Hisera for the late queen has also been significant, with many joining their Gotneskan and Gotneskan-Hiseran brothers and sisters in the mourning for this person who was instrumental in humanitarian efforts in Hisera.

      Rest in peace, Your Majesty. Your brave actions will not be forgotten, as long as those who you helped save still live.

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    • rMepWZl.png

      Chamber of Deputies approves high-speed rail project with a brawl



      The parliamentary brawl that broke out between Edoardo Foti and Roberto Conte

      The Chamber of Deputies approves with 244 votes in favor the construction of the high-speed railway that will connect Taranto with Ornsvot via Tropea, Hettuborg and Galdurmar. The project will cost Auro 6 billion. From the president's words, he identifies the construction of this project as non-waiverable because it is a means of unifying the nation especially after a war. The majority voted united together with votes from Luca Renzi's socilalist party who indicated that now is the time for bold choices and some votes from the democratic party. Contrast some members of the Democratic party and the Communist party where leader Roberto Conte got into a brawl with Fratelli d'Ionio chamber of deputies group leader Edoardo Foti.

      The brawl broke out already from the fiery words in which Roberto Conte announced the vote against but the situation escalated when Edoardo Foti claimed that Roberto Conte is a loser by putting the Monterosso Chiefs vs. Fasano Giants game at 70 - 20. Those involved in the brawl have been suspended from the parliament of deputies for 2 weeks after today's events while it is presumed that there will be serious consequences to the Communist Party of Ionium which could see a drop in the polls and fall below 4 percent which is the minimum threshold to enter parliament. 

      Despite the brawl the high-speed rail project has been approved and now all that is missing is the yes of the Senate to start construction of this massive project. The senate session has been set for January 17 and it is expected that the majority will have enough votes to approve the project along with the votes of the socialists.


    • Ladies and Gentlemen of Gotneska, I interrupt our usual programming to share solemn news. Tonight, the esteemed former Queen and spouse of Emperor Patrick XIII have departed this wurld to find solace in the embrace of our Almighty Father. I urge you to hold the royal family in your thoughts and prayers during this challenging period.

      Late Queen Magdalene for her last official photoshoot last September.


      Magdalene was 89 years of age when she past.

      At this moment funeral service and wake have not yet been announced we will be sure to keep y’all posted on the matter once more information is released.


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    • New Year, New Parliament

      On January 1st, a new amendment to the Constitution of Dazhdinia passed. With this amendment, the Senate of Dazhdinia and the Control House of Dazhdinia were mostly integrated into a single new chamber — the House of States — consisting of 133 popularly elected representatives.

      The House of States (official name starting from January 1st) can trace its history from the “Formal Article 89 Reconciliation Plenary Session”. The Control House and the Senate held joint sessions to resolve a dispute between the two chambers, in case the Senate accepted a proposal, but the Control House vetoed it. While the formal joint session was held only formally and was itself not an official body, the new House of States has assumed most of the responsibilities of the two chambers. Furthermore, it will carry out the duties of the two chambers in the day-to-day control and legislative process.

      “What was implemented is a sort of bicameral structure in all but a few specific cases,” remarks a Pikolan minister for Federal policies, “the new chamber solves the ills many had with the tricameral system while in fact keeping the old benefits, such as nominations, intact. It also provides for a more fair electoral system with ensuring degressive proportionality in the new semi-official upper house”.

      While a de facto chamber, the House of States remains only a permanent Joint Session, with the Senate and the Control House remaining as separate bodies; however, only a few specific tasks were left to separate sittings of those two chambers. These include the right of legislative initiative, where both of the chambers retain full right to propose legislation on their own and some nominations — the Control House retains the right to appoint a Governor Pro Tempore of the states within the Federation if the position is vacated until elections can be held while the Senate holds the exclusive right to appoint some federal judges.

      Moreover, the electoral law saw a complete overhaul. The two round system was abolished for the Senate and the Control House's election system, which was criticized for a long time, was brought into sync with that of the Senate and reformed to supplement that of the Senate.

      “These changes were long overdue,” suggests the Syranik Governor, “and I like the way they were implemented in conjunction with the electoral law into the new Parliamentary Assembly of CDANA. The new system is more fair towards independent candidates, saves money by abolishing second rounds to the voting and introduces a compensation program for candidates with large support which failed to get elected, something that was often exploited in both the two-round system of the Senate and the cumulative voting system of the Control House.”

      First elections are scheduled to be held on May 4th, 2024, along with the House of Representatives, the third, and the most prominent house of the Parliament. In these elections, the 18 seats of the Control House are to be elected using single transferrable vote, a same system that is to be used for the election into the CDANA Parliamentary Assembly. However, this system is to be used only once for the House of States — it serves to split the terms of the Control Commissioners into three groups; with those elected on the first place serving 5 years, those on the second place 3 years and those on the third only a single year to discontinue the terms of the Control House and bring the commissioner's terms in sync with that of the Senate.

      After that, next elections will always be held in single member districts using instant run-off voting, abolishing the second round. Every 2 years (elections being held in May of every odd year), one third of the seats are to be elected, with 38 members being elected in single member districts and 6 more members being elected as compensatory seats, those being the Control Commissioners. Compensatory seats, one per each state of the Dazhdin federation, are to be awarded to the most successful candidate that failed to win in their constituency, using Dowdall Count as a score on which the candidates are to be ranked. Because of this, of the 133 seats of the House of States, 44 seats would be elected every 2 years for 6 year terms. The last seat of the 133 seats would be elected using instant run-off voting by the Dazhdins living in diaspora, and elections for this position would always be held in conjunction with the elections into the Sojem of Dazhdin diaspora, a consular assembly meant for representing Dazhdins living abroad.

    • aT31vgG.png


      The United Republic has officially welcomed the new year with celebrations and gatherings nationwide. President Palmer delivered his New Year's Eve Speech from the Executive Office; ‘This year saw death and destruction around the glube, hopefully, we shall see peace this year’ he remarked. In other news, the 50$ Million AuriLotto has been drawn. The Jackpot has been drawn somewhere in Sierra County, Amarillo.


      Welcome to 2024, as the United Republic celebrates the new year, remarking on a dreadful 2023.

      Mark Steenwyck

      NEW CHESTER CITY - The United Republic has finally welcomed the New Year, with the iconic
      countdown in the heart of New Chester City. 2023 has been marked as a tough year in the wurld, with acts of violence and war marking the year as one that should be forgotten as soon as possible. 

      President Palmer held his New Year’s Eve Speech at 23:00 AST, in the speech he remarked the new path that the United Republic is on, one of prosperity. ‘We’ve embraced the possibilities of tomorrow’ he noted. ‘We stand on the wurld stage with our call for peace in the assembled nations, as superpowers from the east topple regimes of terror in the west, while virtuous, it can’t mean well for the innocent lives’ he noted, referring to the Orioni aided coup in Velaheria.

      ‘We must hold the hope that this year brings peace to all of humankind’ he continued 
      ‘Next year also marks the beginning of the general elections,  as you know, I will not seek reelection. 
      While I will reserve my remarks on my time in office until then, it has been the honor of my life to serve 
      the people he finished.

      Back in New Chester City, the performances of tonight's artists; star of the year Rachael Fox, Hip-hop king 
      Dr.Flow, country star Billy McGraw, and as the closing act, New Chester’s crooning hero, Mr. Andrew Paulsen.
      entertained the crowd, as the party grew. 10 minutes before midnight, the mayor of New Chester City, 
      André Jackson, and members of the NCFD and NCPD, pressed the button to initiate the drop of the crystal
      ball atop the Harrison Media building at Harrison’s Square.

      Couples embraced each other as confetti filled the night sky, and Auld Lang Syne played throughout
      the streets. Elsewhere, the people at Jason Myers’ New Year's Eve Party Spectacle, in Music City, Parsons,
      danced as artists from the past and present added to the tapestry of music bellowing through the air. and
      as families gathered along the riverbanks in Springfield, Doylesylvania, to watch the fireworks spectacle,
      or even light up themselves, a family in Rooster, Sierra County, Amarillo won the 50$ Million AuriLotto Jackpot, changing their lives for the foreseeable future.

      The night has so far gone by as usual, aside from firework-related incidents, drivers starting the new year
      under the influence, and general misconduct due to intoxication, the night went by calmly without any major
      disturbance of note.

      We here are AMI News wish our viewers and partners the best for 2024.
      A year in which we will go to the polling booths in November to elect a new congress and president, a year
      in which we will continue to follow the Terrabellum, and now the troubles in Velaheria as well.
      And more importantly, we will remain Aurelia’s premier source of news.

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      Welcome to Newsnet, the United Republic's main News Aggregator feed, gathering all sorts of news from the different news agencies and platforms in the United Republic.



      January 2024

      01.01.2024 : AMI News | New Year's Eve Celebrations




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      Apuni rings in the New Year!

      Kailua, Waimanalo — Celebrations throughout the Dominion celebrate the arrival of 2024!  From high-end soirées with celebrities and billionaires in the luxurious enclaves of Nanaluki and Kahe, to the massive celebrations in Kailua, Laniakea and Ha'ena, tens of thousands celebrated turning the page to the new year.  In spite of spirited celebrations, there were no reports of outlandish or unexpected interactions, as reported by the Dominion Civil Guard.  However, news never stops, and the current headlines include… 


      [Stock footage of the ADS Polu Mano cruising in the Southern Meteorolas]

      International News: Dominion and Kingdom Destroyers involved in “unsafe” interaction

      Lanaiakea, Kaneapua — A Royal Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands destroyer came within 15 meters of a Dominion destroyer in the Southern Mokuahana (“Divided”) Straits. This encounter, which Apuni Naval officials described as “unsafe and unprofessional”, took place in the northern portion of the Southern Meteorolas which is a contested area between the Dominion and the Kingdom. The KBI destroyer swerved in front of the Dominion destroyer in an apparent attempt to harass it into leaving.

      The incident took place on December 3rd in the southern Mokuahana Straits, where intersecting territorial claims between the two nations remain. The KBI has claimed a large swath of the Southern Meteorolas as its own, and have started to turn reefs and shoals into artificial islands with airfields, weapons, and military-grade sensors. The Dominion is pushing back against such expansive claims, and the Apuni Dominion (ADS) Ship Polu Mano (blue shark) was conducting Freedom of Independent Navigation operations to assert the right of international ships to pass through the area. The Polu Mano was sailing within 12 miles of the reefs, within what would normally be considered International waters.

      Documents released by the Dominion Navy show the two destroyers in very close proximity to each other, with the KBI destroyer in the lead just a short distance ahead of the Dominion destroyer. The KBI and Dominion forces are confronting each other along the Mokuahana Straits with increasing regularity, as Kailua exerts pressure on Honolulu’s aggressive territorial claims and mounting ecological damage. This incident was one of the most egregious encounters between the countries in recent years.



      [The initial bales of drugs discovered, leading to seizure of container ship hauling substantial illegal substances]

      International News: Dominion Navy seize huge haul of cocaine floating at sea

      Northern Safijerian Sea, Awa Palekana Naval Facility — More than three tons of cocaine were seized by authorities stationed out of the Awa Palekana Naval Station in one of the Dominion’s biggest drug busts this year. Over 100 bales of cocaine weighing over 3.5 metric tons were intercepted in the Safijerian Sea as part of Operation Huhu Ino, a joint initiative between the Dominion Territorial Navy, Dominion Civil Guard, and the Ecological Corps. Few details were made public on how or when the discovery was made, but authorities announced the event over the past weekend. An international crime syndicate is believed to be responsible for the cache, which police think was headed to larger northern population centers.

      “We believe there was enough cocaine in this shipment to affect Apuni for the next thirty years”, said Dominion Civil Guard commissioner Akamai. A Navy vessel took five days to ship the drugs back to the Awa Palekana Naval Base, where it will be destroyed. Commissioner Akamai continued, “There is no doubt this discovery lands a major financial blow to the drug producers, through the distributors of this product. While this disrupts the syndicate’s operations, we remain vigilant given the lengths we know these groups will go to circumvent coming to law enforcement’s attention.”

      Operation Huhu Ino, which began in September, monitors “suspicious” vessel movements and works with international partner agencies. To this point, no arrests have been made, but the investigation is ongoing.


      More to come after the break, including predictions for Apuni and Eurth in 2024, current football betting odds in the upcoming intercostal clash between Kailua FC and Inter Kahe, and… can eating more poi improve your health?  It might just be what you need for the new year!  I'm Ailani Kahananui, your ANS news hostess, and we will return with more after these messages…


    • spacer.png

      Hisera officially enters 2024

      Written by Martin Pitalls — Szlescagrunt Office of TVH

      One year ends, and another year comes! As of the uploading of this article, Hisera has now entered the new year of 2024. The last year has seen its fair share of struggles, but has been dominated by generally good news for our healing nation. And while the recent glubal mood has been somewhat soured by geopolitical events, for at least one day we may forget about it all and enjoy our time with our close ones. So to all of our readers; Happy 2024, TVH wishes you all, all the best in the new year to come!

    • rMepWZl.png

      Ionian inagurates 2024 with hope and massive celebration



      Fireworks in Rossano to celebrate 2024

      With a night of where temperatures stand at 35°C due to the anomalous heat wave Ionio celebrates 2024 in a big way to forget 2023 as the worst possible year because of war.  This year, all cities geared up to celebrate the New Year with concerts and performances, and at midnight there were fireworks. In Rossano the fireworks show was staged on 'water accompanied by music. San Foca, on the other hand, in addition to using fireworks, they also used laser lights from skyscrapers to add a modern touch to the festivities.

      There is no shortage of traditions that are respected by Ionians from diving into the warm seas during the fireworks to throwing old things on the ground symbolizing the end of the year. There is no shortage of videos of people throwing from balconies from old washing machines to an entire set of furniture indicating the great desire to forget the old year that Ionians have.

      There is no shortage of the president's traditional year-end speech on unified networks where the current president, John Colucci spoke about the unity of the Ionian people in the time of war. He also spoke about the reconstruction that must follow in a parallel way the process of peace and prosperity among the wurld peoples.ù

      During the festivities, security measures were raised and medical attendance increased at hospitals where there is no shortage of people getting injured during the fireworks. 

      The festivities lasted all night and will end tonight with the New Year Bowl with a friendly game of Gridiron football featuring the Ionian Football League winner, Torre Canne Buccaneers, and the College Football winner, Arachova Wolves, signaling the start of the new sports year that will be broadcast on these networks in addition to being broadcast live on the Internet without geoblocking


    • Monday, 1 January 2024


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      Orioni ushers in 2024 with grand celebrations

      Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati

      FireworksZUIDHAVEN -- As the clock struck midnight, Orioni welcomed 2024 with spectacular New Year celebrations, marked by an extraordinary fireworks display over Zuidhaven's harbour. The festivities come at a time of significant political transition, with a new coalition government set to take office.

      The sky above Zuidhaven was ablaze with colour as a record-breaking firework show illuminated the night. The 15-minute spectacle, featuring new pyrotechnics effects and colours, captivated over a million people who gathered along the harbour and in city parks. The dazzling display, a symbol of hope and renewal, was enhanced by a stunning light show on the water.

      With a focus on public safety, police Commissioner Mr Eleama Baltun assured revellers of extensive precautions against any potential threats. “Our priority is the safety and enjoyment of everyone. We've implemented robust security measures to ensure a joyful and secure celebration,” stated Baltun.

      The festive spirit swept through Orioni, with fireworks, concerts, and spiritual services marking the New Year across various cities. As the nation celebrated, there was also a time for reflection on the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

      In her annual address, Empress Joni I acknowledged the nation's ongoing challenges, including political shifts and global issues. “As we step into 2024, let's embrace change with optimism and work together for a brighter future,” the Empress said, echoing sentiments of unity and progress.

      The New Year celebrations coincide with the anticipation of the newly formed coalition government, led by Mr Edric Kageni of PO&N. The change in governance brings both hope and uncertainty, as the nation looks forward to how the new leadership will navigate Orioni's path.

      As the fireworks faded into the night, the spirit of celebration continued. The people of Orioni, while revelling in the festivities, also considered the future under the new government. As 2024 begins, Orioni finds itself at a crossroads of change and continuity, with its people ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with the new year.

    • Hisera-Pentian Trade Agreement

      Good evening Pentium, I'm your host Roz Anastos anchor of Late Nights in Blemish broadcasting from the walls of the fortress.  Late last night, the President signed a deal with a nearby nation just across the pond of the Geltic.  I'll review a few main points from the deal, and how it will affect our people and economy.  While we do typically have a variety of topics that didn't make front-page news, we have the unique privilege of bringing you the front-page news.

      To begin, Pentium will send vast quantities of funds to Hisera to assist in rebuilding, modernizing and building new infrastructure, cities, rail and highway connections between cities.  We have been given some exclusive rights for advertisement, as well as ownership in the new assets that are being created.  In addition, our construction companies are moving over to Hisera to assist in building the infrastructure itself.  Personally, it's expensive and will not sit well with some parts of the country and people. Still, it does give a great amount of opportunity for moving products into Hisera and promoting our business inside another market.  So, hopefully, our investments there will have returns.


      Additionally, some exciting news for our agriworkers and professors.  Hiseran students will be access to our Agricultural Institute, right here in Blemish.  Some of our big boys in the industry as well are going to be heading over to advise our new partners in the fields physically and on a technical level.  While the tuition will likely be higher for them due to lessened substitutes, the information we teach at the Institute is invaluable in keeping our nation's bellies full and our fields productive.  Additionally, one of their mineral extraction conglomerates will be entering our mineral deposits to help extract the resources we desperately need for our economy to keep recovering and growing, which we can keep some of the savings from export costs to offset the expenses of new extractions and the costs of the aforementioned investments being made into Hisera.  Ideally, of course, we will need to foot the costs of expansion and development but once it is all said and done, we will see how the books balance out.

      One of the vessels leaving port in after being put underway for transfer to the Hiserain Navy

      One smaller aspect of the deal was the military concerns about the nations.  While it was an unexpected diversion in what was supposed to be an economic deal, it helped save some costs due to the trade of ships for bases.  A chunk of the Pentian Navy was transferred to Hisera in exchange for navy bases.  These islands can be used for a variety of purposes beyond just the military, but they are another step in securing our borders at sea and expanding the domain of the nation.  Which, not a concern of the current government is a grand effort in putting Pentium on the wurld stage again.

      The President certainly seems to be happy about the deal, and Pentian Economists are overall happy about the size and expanse of the deal itself but balk a bit at the costs of the deal overall.  However, this is a good strong show from the new administration in international and economic policy for the future of the nation.  Not only to mention the deepening of the relationship between the two nations as trade partners in the local region.  Which may come in handy in future for more trade deals, and potentially greater alliances should the need arise.  

      This is all future talk though, and we have yet to see the true costs and benefits of the agreement as a whole.  I've been Roz Anastos, and we wish you all a very comfortable evening.

    • rMepWZl.png

      The summer vacation begins albeit tentatively


      The small mountain village Cerchiara di Rossano

      Finally the big heat is coming and it means that summer has arrived in Ionian. But this year's vacation season began with too many problems to deal with that show the complex quandro inside but also of the wurld.

      According to various data collected by travel agencies only 21.45 percent of Ionians have planned vacations abroad. The remaining part instead decided to take their summer vacation inside Ionian, but they will face another problem.

      The war has caused problems with infrastructure and partially destroyed cities which means that many cities will be affected by construction sites to restore the old splendor of the cities Same with transportation where highways there is traffic because of the ongoing work to restore and modernize the sections conquered by the war. Same with railways where the fastest train connecting Tropea with Ornsvot is delayed by 4 hours because of the reconstruction of the railway line.

      Reverse speech for ports and airports that have been repaired quickly allowing operation and ensuring access points for foreign tourists who will, however, be very few this year because of too many wars that are ongoing and diplomatic tensions that have arisen because of the Lily Revolutionaries in Velaheria and Orioni's suspicious involvement in the revolution.

      It is assumed that there will be a tentative recovery but we have to wait until next year to have an increase in the presence of foreign tourists

      On the bright side, among Ionians again this year, the most popular destinations will be beach resorts followed by mountains and art cities. In addition, it is recommended to be careful while hiking in montgana and to avoid lighting fires because as temperatures rise, forest fires may occur.

    • Roiters News

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      Kageni announces new Imperial Council under PO&N leadership

      Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati


      O'POLIS -- In a significant political development, Edric Kageni, leader of the Party of Nationalists and Opportunists (PO&N), has announced the formation of a new Imperial Council, taking the chairperson's role in a coalition government set to commence on 1 January 2024. This announcement comes after intense negotiations and political turmoil following the election, marking a new era in Orioni's governance.

      The new Imperial Council, as outlined by Kageni, represents a coalition between PO&N, Blueropa, and Pink!. Kageni will chair the council, signifying PO&N's dominant role in the coalition. The council's composition reflects a careful balance of power, with each party securing seats aligned with their priorities.

      Kageni's leadership will focus on economic growth and national stability. Blueropa, led by Ethan Lorio, has secured the Foreign Affairs and Treasury seats, aligning with its global vision. Pink!, under Ihova Myna, will oversee the Environment and Energy seats, emphasising its commitment to sustainable development. The remaining seats have all been allocated to the PO&N.

      The coalition presents a blend of economic dynamism, diplomatic strategy, and environmental mindfulness. The diverse composition could foster balanced decision-making and a holistic approach to national issues. However, this coalition also faces challenges in harmonising the three differing ideologies and agendas. The potential for internal conflict and policy gridlocks remains a concern, especially considering the sensitive nature of recent political scandals.

      The new council's formation is a response to the public's demand for change and a clear break from the status quo. However, the recent Operation Clearance scandal has cast a shadow over the SPO, complicating coalition dynamics. The PO&N-led council must navigate these diplomatic complexities while addressing the nation's pressing challenges.

      As Orioni approaches the start of a new government, the political landscape remains fraught with uncertainties. The coalition's ability to work cohesively and effectively respond to domestic and international challenges will be crucial in determining its success and longevity.

      In contrast to the coalition's optimism, the response from the future opposition parties paints a picture of disappointment and introspection. The Socialist Party of Orioni (SPO), notably sidelined in the formation of the new council, faces a period of reckoning. Eremi Ciris, leader of the SPO, expressed a sombre outlook: “While we respect the democratic process, it's clear that we must reevaluate our approach and reconnect with the electorate. Our mission remains steadfast, and we will continue to advocate for progressive values from the opposition benches.”

      Fronde Verdur, completely excluded from any talks, finds itself in a position of isolation. Despite their significant electoral gains, their far-right stance seemingly put them at odds with the coalition's broader agenda. This exclusion might fuel their narrative of being the true alternative to the current political mainstream.

      Acting Chairlady Awidefale Rezovi of the SPO, despite the disappointment, extended a diplomatic gesture towards the new government. “I wish my successor all the best in leading our nation forward. It's a challenging role, and I hope they can rise to meet the expectations of our people,” she stated on a show of grace and political acumen.

      Empress Joni I, typically aloof from day-to-day politics, responded to the new government formation with her characteristic detachment. Her response, or lack thereof, underscores the monarchy's role as a ceremonial figurehead, distanced from the political machinations of the Imperial Council.

      As the new council prepares to take the reins, the responses from the opposition parties highlight the complexities and divisions within Orioni's political landscape. The new government, while embarking on its path, will face scrutiny and opposition, making its journey a challenging yet potentially transformative one for the nation. The nation watches with cautious optimism, hoping that this new coalition can transcend political divisions and deliver on its promises to the Orinese people.

      Roiters News

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      Kori-Chi initiates evacuation of nationals from Velaheria

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      People Walking in the Main Terminal Hall

      DĀKUŌKU, @Kori Chi -- In response to escalating tensions in Velaheria, the Kori-Chi Ministry of Royal and Foreign Affairs has commenced a full-scale evacuation of Kori-Chi citizens from the region. The ministry has secured three transport planes from the Ministry of Defence for continuous rotations to facilitate this operation, and has also extended transport support to Gallambrian citizens.

      The Kori-Chi embassy in Bastaria is actively negotiating for safe airport access and maintaining an operational air corridor for evacuating nationals. Ambassador Hitoshi, ensuring the embassy's continued operation, stated their commitment to protecting and evacuating Kori-Chi citizens and facilitating discussions with all involved parties, including the People’s Republic of Velaheria, Orioni forces, and the Lily revolutionaries.

      The primary objective, as outlined by Ambassador Hitoshi, is to avoid a bloodbath and create conditions conducive for dialogue among the conflicting parties. This approach aligns with the government's neutral stance on the actions of Orioni and the Lily revolutionaries, with no official support or condemnation expressed.

      Prime Minister Aragushi praised the efforts of Ambassador Makoto at the Assembled Nations, highlighting the importance of restraint and transparency in these critical times. The Prime Minister emphasised the need for a thorough investigation into the events in Velaheria, advocating for truth and caution against hasty conclusions.

      This evacuation operation underscores Kori-Chi's commitment to the safety of its citizens abroad and represents a strategic effort to de-escalate the situation in Velaheria while maintaining diplomatic neutrality.

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      Deadly attack in Kallgard, Erdland responds with military deployment

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      Three Firemen Standing Near TreesASGALSTAD, @Erdland -- Kallgard County witnessed a violent clash between insurgents and the Security Police (SEPO) at a traffic checkpoint, resulting in the death of one SEPO officer, five injuries, and two insurgent fatalities. The attack, claimed by the terrorist group Red Army Front (RAF), is the latest and deadliest in a series of insurgent activities challenging the AE-FWP's established order in Erdland.

      The RAF, identified as a successor to the earlier Deer Armed Group, has been a persistent security threat since its emergence in the late 2000s. This recent incident marks a significant escalation in the group's activities, posing a severe challenge to public safety and national security.

      In response to the attack, the government has deployed a Reserve Army regiment to Kallgard and surrounding counties, supplemented by additional SEPO and Greater Erdlandic Police forces. The deployment aims to demonstrate a strong state presence, protect local communities, and support ongoing investigations.

      Authorities have advised residents to comply with instructions from police and military personnel, emphasising the severity of penalties for aiding terrorists. This response echoes past measures taken during insurgencies in the 1970s and 1980s, reflecting the state's determination to prevent a resurgence of such threats.

      The Deputy Leader is scheduled to address the nation at 20:00 hours, providing further insights into the government's strategy to counter the rising insurgent activities and maintain public order. The situation in Kallgard remains tense, with heightened security measures and ongoing efforts to neutralise the RAF threat.

      Roiters News

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      Hisera signs transformative Whedon's Row agreement with Pentium

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      President Elric FiiTALORD, @Hisera -- In a landmark development, Hisera and @Pentium have finalized the Whedon's Row Agreement, a comprehensive deal that promises significant economic and infrastructural advancements for Hisera. President Elric Fii has hailed the agreement as a pivotal step in reinstating Hisera as a global economic power.

      The agreement includes a major investment package potentially exceeding $10 billion from Pentium, which will primarily fund the construction of the MH1 Railway and a network of highways connecting key Hiseran cities. Additionally, Parlahaven, Hisera's 'future city,' will receive a $450 million investment for transportation infrastructure improvements.

      In terms of education and agriculture, the agreement opens opportunities for Hiserans to study at the Blemish Institute of Agriculture in Pentium, enhancing agricultural expertise and expanding markets for Hiseran produce in Pentium. The WielkWykopil Group is set to assist Pentium in resource extraction, though some critics question the involvement of the Hiseran mining conglomerate.

      The military aspect of the agreement involves Hisera assisting in the development of both civilian and military aircraft, a move that aligns with the Hiseran Republican Air Force's focus on expanding its capabilities. In a significant territorial exchange, Hisera will transfer control of the Elgan Isles to Pentium in return for 22 naval vessels, bolstering Hisera's maritime presence.

      This comprehensive agreement signifies a new era of Argic cooperation and is expected to foster economic growth, infrastructural development, and military advancement in Hisera.

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      President Fii urges national unity amidst ‘Bastaria Crisis’ tensions

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      President Elric FiiTALORD, Hisera -- Amidst growing societal divisions over Hisera's involvement in the Bastaria Crisis, President Elric Fii called for unity in his Christmas Day address. His speech comes at a time when the nation is polarised over its foreign policy stance, with a significant portion of the populace advocating for increased intervention, while others prefer a more cautious approach.

      The President's call for unity reflects the need to balance diverse opinions and navigate the complexities of the international crisis while addressing domestic concerns. With only a quarter of Hiserans in agreement over the current level of intervention, the President faces challenges in maintaining stability and consensus.

      As the situation in Bastaria evolves, TVH remains committed to providing timely and accurate updates, recognising the importance of informed discourse during these critical times. The President's appeal for solidarity underlines the importance of collective decision-making and national coherence in navigating both domestic and international challenges.

    • spacer.png

      President Fii: Whedon's Row Agreement agreement 'a major step forward for Hisera's return to the Glubal Stage'

      Written by Parv Biodra — TVH Headquarters, Talord

      Christmas Eve brought with it not only gifts for Hiseran children, but a stunning gift for Hiseran and Pentian businesses, economists and the people alike. With the finalisation of the Whedon's Row Agreement, major development may be in store for Hisera in the months to come. The agreement has already been hailed as a 'major diplomatic success' and 'a major step forward for Hisera's return to the Glubal Stage' by President Elric Fii, and is widely regarded by Hiseran economic analysts such as myself as a crucial, nay, essential agreement in bringing Hisera back to its former status as a glubal economic powerhouse. The agreement will see the economic bonds between Hisera and Pentium greatly strengthened, and also presents a major shift in Hiseran-Pentian relations, as we may see agreements beyond the economy soon to come.

      The Whedon's Row Agreement will be vital for Hisera's reconstruction. Presenting an investment package which may potentially reach over $10 Billion, @Pentium will nearly completely fund the construction of the MH1 Railway, as well as a diverse network of highways connecting the entirety of the coastline, as well as Talenar with Parlahaven. On the topic of Hisera's 'future city', the WRA will also see significant investment of $450 Million into Parlahaven's transport infrastructure, helping to support the city's buses, trams, and automobiles. The economic minds at TVH are pleased to say that we believe these investments to come at a perfect time, and it is our belief that Pentium will greatly benefit as well, with near total advertising rights along the new highways being given to Pentium, as well as significant control of Hiseran rails.

      Furthermore, even the humble Hiseran farmer won't be left behind! With this new deal, exciting new opportunities will be open for Hiserans to study at the Blemish Institute of Agriculture, a prestigious Pentian facility which will be an excellent school for students to learn from and improve agriculture here in Hisera. Hiseran farmers will now also have a brand new market on which to sell their products, with the WRA greatly encouraging the entrance of Hiseran exports to Pentium. Overall, this deal is set to strongly boost Hisera's agricultural industry, as well as provide vital expertise which was unfortunately lost during the civil conflict.

      In addition to this, the WielkWykopil Group is set to begin assisting Pentium in exploiting it's rich natural resources. WielkWykopil, the group of mining companies famous for its operations in the Narein, is known for its fair treatment of workers, and so fosters a sense of stability for possible WW expansion into Pentium. Critics however have questioned the validity of choosing WW for this task, with some wondering if the President's personal friendship with WW Head Miorek Lev was an influence in the decision. Either way, its seems that the choice has been made, and positive news can be expected in the future for Pentian resource extraction.

      What's not to be forgotten also, is the Hiseran deal regarding Pentian aviation. While Hisera still lacks a suitable airforce, it is a public well-known fact that our military minds have significantly diverted funds to the production of aircraft, with many civil conflict factory-veterans taking up jobs in the production wing of the new Hiseran Republican Air Force (HRAF). With this new deal, Hisera is to assist in both the development of civilian and military aircraft. While this sudden shift to the more military side of things seems unusual, it does serve to clear up the final factor covered by the Whedon's Row Agreement.

      Near the end of the Agreement, it is stated that Hisera is to give the Elgan Isles in exchange for about 22 Pentian ships. The Elgan Isles, which are a little ways away from Elgus Island itself, have long-served Hisera as a major forward base in the Geltic Sea and even the Adlantic Ocean, however this deal sees these islands fall into Pentian control. Thankfully, Hisera did not loose these islands for naught, as the new ships entering the Hiseran fleet will greatly strengthen Hisera's foreign power projection across the seas - which many have called a necessary measure, using the Bastaria Crisis as proof. This specific deal in the agreement could show closer cooperation between Hisera and Pentium in military matters, due to the significance of this so-called 'Islands for Ships deal'.

      Overall, the WRA serves as an excellent example of Argic cooperation during these troubling times, and may inspire confidence in other nations for further investment into Hisera.


      President calls for Unity during Christmas Day Speech

      Written by Fredricka Ulinksa — Marnahaven Office of TVH

      During his Christmas Day Speech in front of the Marble Palace yesterday, President Elric Fii has publicly called for unity in the nation. The last week has seen some societal upheaval, as protestors in favour of further intervention in the Bastaria Crisis and those against it have both organised marches, parades and in some cases even boycotts. The tension across the nation remains tense even during the holiday season, with individuals from both sides advocating for different courses of action. In a recent survey, TVH found that only 24% of Hiserans currently agreed on Hisera's level of intervention in the crisis, with 42% calling for increased intervention and possibly war if need be in support of the Lily Revolution. In contrast, 29% of surveyed individuals called for a lesser degree of intervention in the crisis, with many stating additionally that Hisera should be taking care of it's own problems first instead of charging into another conflict. Finally, 5% gave no answer. This heavy level of political division is unfortunate for the President's approval ratings, and there is belief that the President may be pushed to consider a harsher stance in the crisis. TVH watches the developing situation with bated breath, and promises to inform it's readers as soon as new information is available.

    • Terrorist Attack in Kallgard, Reserve Army Deployed

      Written by Asreil Hansson
      22 December 2023 • Asgalstad Office

      The county of Kallgard became the site of a firefight yesterday between insurgents and Security Police following an attack by the former on a SEPO traffic checkpoint. 5 SEPO officers were reported injured and 1 declared dead with 2 insurgent bodies found on-site after the firefight concluded. This is the deadliest in a series of attacks by insurgents for the past decades, with this one being perpetrated by a terrorist organization that calls itself the Red Army Front. One of many terror groups that threaten to destroy the perfect society created by the AE-FWP and order as a whole, this is the group's deadliest terror attack since their estimated founding in the late 2000's. Police investigations have concluded that the RAF are the successor to the Deer Armed Group - an organization that terrorized Erdland during the early years of Realm Consolidation.

      The response from yesterday's attack was quick, with officials announcing the deployment of a Reserve Army regiment into Kallgard and the counties surrounding it. The Reserve Army regiment will be accompanied by Alert Security Police and Greater Erdlandic Police investigators. During the press conference announcing the military deployment, the spokesperson iterated that the plan was a show of force while protecting locals and investigators. Insurgencies from the 70's and 80's caused insurmountable damage in the regions affected, and the state is keen on preventing any insurgents from regaining the abilities and preparation they had from the 70's and 80's. 

      Local citizens are advised to cooperate with orders from police and the military. Any harboring of terrorists and enemies of the state has a possible death penalty sentence. The Deputy Leader will appear on behalf of the Leader on a conference at 8 PM today.



      Triumph to Erdland!

      Edited by Erdland (see edit history)
    • Media Alliance

      All out evacuation of His Majesty’s Subjects in Velaheria. The Ministry of Royal and Foreign Affairs announced that it have reserved three transport planes from the Ministry of Defense, as to engage unlimited rotations for ensuring the evacuation of korichians citizens. Gallambrians citizens are also to be tolerated in the transports. Ministry of Defense did not deny nor confirm the extent of the mission that military personnel on board of the plane have been given.

      The embassy in Bastaria shall negotiate locally as to facilitate access to the airport and push for it remaining active, hoping to achieve a corridor to korichians willing to go home, and perhaps open the route to other embassies’ duties. His Excellency, Ambassador Hitoshi, have confirmed on his side, that “(the embassy) shall remain open no matter what” and that “we shall, to the best of our abilities, manage the mission we were trusted with, as to protect and evacuate His Majesty’s Subjects, and in those considerations, shall discuss with all parties, the People’s Republic of Velaheria, the orioni forces and the Lily revolutionaries, as to guarantee safe conducts of our nationals to the airport, and guaranteeing an air corridor to the international airspace”. When asked about potential negotiations to avoid a fuse, His Excellency trusted “Our first duty is evacuating our fellow nationals, and to allow such, a bloodbath needs to be avoided. Therefore of course, we shall push for a statu quo and hopefully have the parties discuss around the table and avoid shooting one another”.

      No declaration on the support or condemnation of orioni and lily revolutionaries actions have been made by the government, Prime Minister Aragushi for his part however have saluted the “professionalism and seriousness” of Her Excellency, Ambassador to the AN, Makoto, that does “call for restrain, and hopefully, avoid a bloodbath, while evidences of what happened need to be shared, as only truth may prevail, and swift conclusions are counter-productives”.

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      Orioni summons Stedorian ambassador over diplomatic crisis following Velaheria intervention

      Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati

      Stedorian summonsO'POLIS -- In a recent development following the controversial intervention in Velaheria, Foreign Councillor Anna Hackney has summoned the Stedorian ambassador to Orioni for a critical diplomatic discussion. The meeting comes in response to Stedoria's severe actions, including the temporary detention and planned expulsion of Orinese diplomatic staff, the expropriation of Orioni government assets, and punitive measures against Orinese citizens.

      The crisis erupted when Orioni's military intervention in Velaheria, ostensibly for military equipment purchase, escalated to the capture of Bastaria, Velaheria's capital. According to anonymous sources at Radion Televid Stedoriän, Orioni's actions were part of an alleged scheme to facilitate illegal regime change in Velaheria, supporting what is known as the Lily Revolution against the Starinburg regime.

      The international community, including @Stedoria, quickly condemned these actions. In a dramatic response, Stedoria detained Orinese diplomatic staff, seized government assets, and imposed restrictions on Orinese citizens and vessels. This reaction has significantly strained relations between Orioni and Stedoria, with the Stedorian public expressing outrage at Orioni's actions, labeling them as imperialistic and warmongering.

      In her summons, which were leaked on Wittier, Hackney expressed a desire to clarify Orioni's intentions in Velaheria and address the allegations raised by the Stedorian government and media. “It is imperative to underline that diplomacy is the preferred channel for resolving international disputes,” Hackney stated, emphasizing the need to de-escalate tensions and maintain bilateral relations' integrity.

      The diplomatic crisis with Stedoria and the broader international backlash place Orioni in a precarious position. With its reputation and relations at stake, the outcome of these discussions could have far-reaching implications for Orioni's foreign policy and its role in the international community.

      As the situation continues to unfold, the focus remains on the meeting between Hackney and the Stedorian ambassador. The international community closely watches the developments, awaiting the resolution of a diplomatic crisis that has not only affected Orioni and Stedoria but has also sent ripples across the global political landscape.

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      Political upheaval in Kori-Chi: surprise vote on war participation shakes government ahead of elections

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      Interior of the parliament of Kori-chiDĀKUŌKU, @Kori Chi -- In a stunning turn of events, Kori-Chi's parliamentary landscape has been upended by a surprise vote that could significantly impact the upcoming national elections. The vote, orchestrated by Majority Coalition Whip Sir Enderson of the Liberal Party, successfully passed a motion for Kori-Chi to actively participate in the war alongside the Homeland, the Kingdom of Gallambria, and its allies. This move defies the cautious approach favoured by Prime Minister Aragushi and his Kaiji Party.

      The motion's success, overshadowing another crucial parliamentary decision on establishing an obesity commission, was a result of an unexpected alliance between dissenters from the Kaiji and Dento Parties and the Liberal Party. Sir Enderson, leveraging his position granted as part of his support for Prime Minister Aragushi’s government, rallied 101 MPs out of 171, including defectors from both major parties and crucial votes from the Purple-line Party.

      This political manoeuvre has positioned Sir Enderson as a potentially dominant figure within the Coalition, especially with the Liberal Party poised to increase its seats in the upcoming elections. “Sir Enderson's move was a master-stroke, capitalizing on the disorganization within the Kaiji and Dento Parties,” stated a political analyst. The vote has not only asserted the Liberals as a formidable force but also cast a shadow over Prime Minister Aragushi's leadership, with accusations of incompetence emerging from within his party.

      The unexpected alignment of the Purple-line Party, reportedly in exchange for support on the newly established obesity commission, has added to the tensions. Sources close to the Kaiji Party reveal internal inquiries are being launched following the vote, indicating significant unrest and potential power shifts.

      With the elections mere weeks away, this development has thrown the Kaiji Party's strategy into disarray. The Liberal Party's successful push for a more active role in the war reflects a growing sentiment among the middle and high-class voters, challenging the Kaiji Party's more reserved stance.

      As Kori-Chi braces for its elections, the political landscape is now fraught with uncertainty. The outcome of this surprise vote not only reshapes the nation's foreign policy stance but also signals a potential realignment of domestic political power. The next few weeks are crucial as parties reassess their strategies and voters reconsider their choices in what has become an increasingly unpredictable political arena.

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      Growing international tensions: Hisera and Seylos respond to Velaherian intervention

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      Tiny tugboatTALORD, @Hisera -- The political and military landscape surrounding Orioni's intervention in Velaheria has escalated rapidly, with significant developments from both Hisera and Seylos drawing global attention.

      In a powerful address, President Elric Fii of Hisera condemned Orioni's military actions in Velaheria, raising the spectre of potential conflict. Fii's speech, laden with anti-colonial sentiment, suggested Hisera could become a bulwark against Europan influence in Argis. “We cannot allow Europan colonial interests to infiltrate our continent,” stated President Fii, asserting Hisera's readiness to counter Orioni's moves if they do not withdraw from Bastaria. His remarks have heightened concerns about a possible Hiseran-Orinese confrontation.

      Following the President's speech, a significant contingent of the Hiseran Navy was observed departing from Eastwall Port on Elgus Island, marking a major shift in Hisera's stance. This deployment, coming on the heels of the President's inciting comments, indicates a ramping up of Hiseran involvement in the escalating ‘Liberation of Velaheria.’

      Adding to the tension, Seylosian naval forces were supposedly also spotted near Velaheria's Koinsburg Coast. This movement aligns with Seylos's earlier veto of Orioni's resolution at the Assembled Nations, and suggests a more direct involvement in the crisis. Merlin Opol, a military analyst, expressed concern, stating, “The possibility of confrontation between Orinese and Anti-Orinese forces is becoming increasingly likely.”

      The developments have caused widespread anxiety, with fears of an impending conflict involving multiple Argic states and Orioni. The ‘Liberation of Velaheria’ has evolved into a significant geopolitical issue, with potential ramifications for the stability of the region and beyond.

      Amidst the mounting tension, there is a growing call for world leaders to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis. The situation in Velaheria and the increasing involvement of regional powers underscore the urgent need for dialogue and de-escalation.

    • spacer.png

      President holds Press Conference in Talord on the ‘Bastaria Crisis’

      Written by Maria Yvgres — Szlescagrunt Office of TVH, in partnership with TVH Headquarters

      In a clear sign of action and proper reaction, President Elric Fii held a vital emergency press conference at the Talordian Diplomatic Nexus of Aulmen Diplomatic Hall. In the pre-question speech, the President strongly condemned Orionese actions, with some political commentators even alluding to the possibility of the President calling Orioni a ‘colonial power’ during the speech, due to his allusion of the need for Hisera to become an anti-colonial bulwark on the glubal stage once more. The President also clarified Hisera’s stance on the situation, with the following extract expertly summarising the contents of the half-hour speech, as well as the administration’s stance on the crisis:
      “The Lily Revolution potentially could stand as a breath of the fresh air of democracy, blowing away the stagnant pungent smell of autocracy, which has held on so long in our Western neighbour. The Lord knows, and you, fellow citizens, as well as I, that it would be the highest hypocrisy for us to condemn an Argic revolution for freedom and democracy. This act of revolution, in fact, holds the highest democracy; an imposition of the people’s will on the state. However, we cannot allow europan colonial interests to infiltrate our beleaguered continent. As such, we believe we may see the start of conflict between Hisera and Orioni in the near future if Orioni does not fully retreat from Bastaria. This may seem extreme, but we shall stop at nothing, to safeguard the future of Argis.”

      Many geopolitical analysts have expressed some worry at the President’s statement of possible near-future conflict, and Hisera watches as the ‘Bastaria Crisis’ reaches a new boiling level of tension.


      Hiseran Navy on the move - Large contingent spotted leaving Elgus Island
      Written by Merlin Opol — TVH Subdivision - Military Watchdog Headquarters

      Welcome back, dear readers, and maybe even listeners! Military Watchdog has breaking new information on the rapidly escalating ‘Bastaria Crisis’ after Orionese troops seized the Velaherian capital of Bastaria in the later hours of Monday afternoon. As time goes on, the image we have of the conflict becomes clearer and clearer, and the responses of wurld leaders are becoming far more organised.

      Shortly after the end of the Press Conference at Aulmen Diplomatic Hall at 9pm, a significant contingent of the Hiseran navy was seen departing from Eastwall Port. This comes as a major development in the conflict as we could be potentially seeing an increase in Hiseran involvement following the President’s inciting remarks. MW will be watching carefully as the situation develops further, and be ready to inform its readers and listeners as the Crisis unfolds.


      Tensions rise in Velaheria as Seylosian Navy seen approaching Koinsburg Coast

      Written by Urval Ulinskin — TVH Subdivision - Military Watchdog Headquarters

      The ‘Bastaria Crisis’ has seemingly reached boiling point, as MW ground and sea journalists have reported spotting Seylosian ships approaching the Koinsburg Coast. This move has come as only a slight shock, with further Seylosian involvement being expected after the veto of the Orionese resolution in the AN late yesterday.

      The Seylosian ships, which were spotted earlier today at 7:38AM, were seen heading in a northwards direction, coming closer to the city of Bastaria. Merlin Opol, experienced military and geopolitical analyst remains worried however, stating:

      “This entire crisis is seemingly becoming more and more tense, and I believe there is a true fear permeating amongst the population, and the possibility of approaching war. And as much as I would like to alleviate those fears, I feel that I am amongst that group. Currently, it seems that confrontation between Orionese and Anti-Orionese forces is becoming less of a hypothetical, and more of an actual situation that needs to be prepared for. The consequences of this crisis could very easily spell destruction and war between many Argic states and the second greatest wurld power.”

      MW looks on at the situation in Bastaria with worry, and strongly encourages wurld leaders to come together and find a peaceful resolution to the crisis. For the future of Eurth.

      Edited by Hisera (see edit history)
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      Breaking has been reported out of the neighbouring Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria, causing not only uncertainty throughout Velaheria and Argis, but also throughout the entire wurld. Stedorian diplomatic staff and attachés, allegedly along with other foreign diplomatic staff in the Velaherian capital of Bastaria, have reported the city's illegal seizure and capture at the hands of foreign military forces from Orioni. It had, in previous months, been scantly reported, that Orionese military personnel had been spotted in Bastaria in relation to what was believed to be the deepening of military ties between the Orionese and Velaherian governments. It appears, however, that this façade by the Orionese government was instead a front for its real goal: illegal regime change in Velaheria.

      According to diplomatic staff reports, the crisis began on December 18th, when it was reported that Orionese troops had seized key assets within Bastaria, broadcasting a television message by a presumed Velaherian comprador declaring the end of what was described as an "80 year-old dictatorship", and urging Velaherians to take up arms against their own nation in the so-called "Lily Revolution". The legitimate Velaherian government, led by Ander Starinburg, has, since the beginning of the crisis, remained silent; it is believed that communication channels used by the Velaherian government have been sabotage and/or destroyed by foreign Orionese forces and Velaherian fifth columnists. The current status of the Velaherian government and military is considered unknown, and efforts to contact Velaherian leaders by foreign governments have apparently been unsuccesful. 

      The foreign-led coup attempt in Velaheria has led to wurldwide diplomatic chaos. Many nations were quick to issue their immediate condemnation of Orioni's illegal actions. Whilst the government of Orioni made an attempt to introduce to the Assembled Nations Assembly a bill for the "Support and Facilitation of Democratic Transition in Velaheria", it appears that the wurld was not fooled. The proposal was, potentially to the surprise of many, nearly immediately vetoed by the government of Seylos, whose role as a permenant member of the security council grants them the right to veto proposals. Additionally, the representative for the Alharun nation of Per-Aten introduced a motion to the Assembled Nations to censure Orioni for its actions against Velaheria. The diplomatic fallout is already becoming clear; the wurld has recognised the role of Orioni in foreign regime change in Velaheria. This may raise questions regarding Orioni's possible involvement in historical instances of regime change that may not be currently known to the public.

      The Stedorian government was equally quick in its condemnation and response to Orioni's illegal actions in Velaheria. It has been reported that all Orionese diplomatic staff in Stedoria, including the Orionese ambassador to Stedoria, Tinadem Hakim ina Belai, have been temporarily detained by the Committe of Public Safety in order to be expelled from Stedoria. All Orionese government assets in Stedoria have also been expropriated. Punitive measures have also been taken against citizens of Orioni; all Orionese citizens in Stedoria are to register themselves with local authorities or face potential detention and/or deportation, all citizens of Orioni will be refused entry into Stedoria without special approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Orionese vessels and aircraft are forbidden from traversing through any Stedorian territory. There has also been confirmed reports of Stedorian Defence Forces units amassing at the Velaherian border, and Landsturm units on the Velaherian border being temporarily mobilised for national protection duties.

      The Stedorian public has also expressed their outrage at the actions of Orioni. A protest was held outside the Orionese embassy in Kapojvar as the building's diplomatic staff were being escorted away by the Committee of Public Safety to be removed from the country. Many of the protestors were carrying anti-Orini signs, declaring the country to be imperialist, warmongering, and regime changers. In one instance, Kapojvar police had to directly intervene in order to prevent a group of protestors attempting to make their way into the embassy. It is evident that Orioni-Stedoria relations have been severely damaged, and will likely remain so for years. It is unclear as to what will happen in Velaheria, but the coup attempt within the country is undoubtedly one of the largest diplomatic events in recent history.

    • medani-monitor.gif

      Orioni's Questionable Military Foray into Velaheria Raises Eyebrows

      A column by Oladois Gufov.

      BASTARIA, Velaheria – In a move that's raising more questions than answers, the socialist-led Orinese government has ordered its military to execute a bold and controversial intervention in Velaheria, seizing control of its capital, Bastaria. Cloaked initially as a mere military equipment transaction, this action has quickly escalated into a full-blown political intervention in a sovereign nation's affairs.

      Sources close to the situation suggest that the Orinese socialists might be used to prop up the Lily Revolution, a movement opposing Velaheria's long-standing Starinburg regime. But the narrative isn't so clear-cut. Is Orioni genuinely supporting a local revolution, or is this an opportunistic power grab under the guise of liberation?

      The likely outgoing left-wing Orinese government is spinning this intervention as a benevolent effort to usher in democracy and stability in Velaheria. “We are here to help stabilise and democratise,” claims foreign Councillor Anna Hackney. However, this altruistic façade is hard to buy. Is Orioni truly the champion of democracy, or is this just another imperialistic venture wrapped in noble rhetoric?

      The international community isn't buying it either. At the Assembled Nations, the move has sparked significant backlash, with some member states outright condemning Orioni's actions. The representative of @Neswetej Per Aten was particularly vocal, slamming Orioni's manoeuvre as blatant imperialism and even calling for its removal from the Security Council. This is a drastic but increasingly justified proposition, given the circumstances.

      In Orioni, the public opinion is split, but the critical voices are getting louder. While some naively see this as a stride toward regional stability, many are waking up to the uncomfortable truth of their nation's meddling in foreign affairs. This isn't just intervention. It's an imposition of Orioni's will on another country, and it's not going over well with those who see through the charade.

      As the world watches the unfolding drama in Velaheria, one has to wonder: what is Orioni's endgame? Is this a genuine attempt to aid a struggling nation, or a reckless dive into the murky waters of international politics for self-serving interests?

      As more details emerge, the story of Orioni's intervention in Velaheria is shaping up to be a textbook example of political overreach, leaving us all to ponder the real motives behind this audacious military manoeuvre.

    • Roiters News

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      Orinese military intervention in Velaheria amid political crisis

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      Military Roadblock

      BASTARIA, Velaheria -- In a dramatic turn of events, the Orinese military has actively intervened in the ongoing political upheaval in Velaheria by capturing the capital city of Bastaria. Apparently initially disguised as a military equipment purchase, this move marks a significant escalation in Orioni's involvement in @DPR Velaheria's crisis.

      Sources indicate that Orioni's intervention supports the Lily Revolution, a local movement opposing Velaheria's 80-year-old Starinburg authoritarian dictatorship. This bold manoeuvre by Orioni's forces has elicited mixed reactions both within the country and on the international stage.

      The Orinese government has declared that their intervention aims to facilitate a peaceful transition to democracy in Velaheria, supporting the local populace's desire for freedom. “Our commitment is to stabilise the region and aid in democratic reforms,” the Orinese foreign Councillor Anna Hackney stated. She also emphasised the international commitment of supporting the Velaherian people through this transition.

      At the Assembled Nations, the intervention has raised eyebrows, with some member states questioning Orioni's true intentions and its compliance with international law. The representative of Per-Aten, Nomarch Sekhemrekhuatawy, lambasted Orioni's actions as “imperialistic” during a recent session, proposing a controversial motion to remove Orioni from the Security Council. This suggestion that has sparked diverse reactions among member states.

      Back at home, Orioni's populace remains split over the intervention. While some citizens view it as a crucial step to counter regional instability and uphold democratic principles, others worry about the ramifications of meddling in another nation's internal affairs.

      As the global community monitors the unfolding events in Velaheria, the Orinese government reassures that its primary aim is to assist in the peaceful transfer of power and the establishment of a government reflecting the Velaherian people's wishes.

      The story continues to develop, with additional details expected to surface shortly, keeping both Orioni and the international community on alert.

    • spacer.png

      Turmoil in Velaheria ; Orinese Troops in Bastaria

      Written by Maria Yvgres — Szlescagrunt Office of TVH

      Eurth saw a major glubal geopolitical shift yesterday, as Orinese troops seized control of several key points in the Velaherian capital of Bastaria. Reports from TVH Ground Journalists report the spread of pamphlets in support of a ‘Lily Revolution’. This supposed revolution espouses the ideals of returning democracy and freedom to Velaheria, although this humble institution wishes to bring this into question.

      Velaheria has already embarked on the path of economic liberalisation, and many expected political liberalisation to follow soon. As such, this ‘revolution’ seems to be somewhat out of place. The deployment of Orinese ground forces in Bastaria to support this also brings the legitimacy of this movement into question. Overall, it is the opinion of this humble reporter that what we are seeing here is not in fact a people’s revolution, like the one we experienced here in Hisera, but an imperialist attempt by a former colonial power to bring about their colonial oppression to Argis, toppling an Argic nation in order to impose a loyal puppet regime. And it seems that the glubal powers think so too.

      Seylos, Bulwark of True Democracy and Freedom in Argis and affectionately referred to as the ‘wurld police’ by geopolitical analysts, has already expressed their discontent with the Orinese deployment of troops onto Argis, and while we are yet to hear of any news relating to their proper involvement, TVH Szlescagrunt remains cautiously optimistic that Seylos will choose to pursue a moral path and assist its Argic brethren in eliminating Europan influence from the continent.

      President Elric Fii has already announced that he will be holding an open-attendance press conference at Alarianplatz where he will voice the stance of the administration on this situation, and allow reporters to ask further questions. TVH will make sure to update regularly as this volatile situation develops.

      Edited by Hisera (see edit history)
    • Media Alliance:

      As the obesity rate have been steadily climbing over the last decade, parliamentary discussions around solutions have arose. Interestingly enough, in a bilateral spirit between the Kaiji and Dento Parties, a commission, against the will of Prime Minister Aragushi, have been established through a successful vote. This vote however, shadowed a more important one, unexpectedly one that succeeded that was at the center of discussions for the last few months and which risked to hinder Prime Minister Aragushi’s party for the elections: sending our boys to war.

      Majority Coalition Whip, Sir Enderson from the Liberal Party, office he obtained as compensation for supporting Prime Minister Aragushi’s government, granting him the small majority required of a fair 86 votes, seemingly have been advancing his pawns right before the elections. The Kaiji Party under Aragushi’s governance, not willing to make any decisions on the potential supply of our men to support the Homeland, the Kingdom of @Gallambria and its allies in its war against barbaric tyranny, have pressed to maintain the statu quo, to push for a decision after the coming elections.

      However it seems like Sir Enderson, from the recent polls, would enjoy to extend the number of seats of the Liberal Party, by spearheading a motion as to ascend to the demand of more actively participating to the war, not just “diplomatically” and “legally” as it is. The middle and high classes, the core of Liberal Party voters supported the move. While defectors from the Kaiji and Dento Parties, have both actively been pushing for what they considered to be right.

      Leading to a twisted result, where Sir Enderson managed to pass through vote his motion, equally enjoying that a vast majority of Kaiji and Dento loyal to their parties were supporting the campaign, yet managing to meet the quorum of 101 MPs out of 171, pushed by his 8 firm liberals, 32 kaiji voting against party rules, the same for the 10 dento, and finally securing the 2 votes from the Purple-line Party, meeting the majority. The vote came as a surprise, as the dento and kaiji in the parliament were disorganized in the discussions and could not agree on a common line nor a procedure to delay the vote. It is clear that Sir Enderson cunningly back-planned it all, as to strike like thunder. The most unexpected, being the alignment of the Purple-line Party, with its two crucial MPs, that were supposedly reserved thanks to a promise of the support on the now successfully passed commission on obesity, reported an anonymous source close to the Kaiji Party.

      At best, Sir Enderson is seen as the leading figure of the Coalition, at worse Prime Minister Aragushi is seen as incompetent by his own Party and voters, a mere 2 weeks before the election. Such vote certainly asserted the Liberal Party as a force, remaining minor against the two main parties, but degrading the Kaiji Party stance, specially as it seems internal parties inquiries are being pushed forward following the vote.

    • spacer.png

      President selects Pinai Sastrosatyo as new Supreme Court Judge

      Written by Julia Ygrevs — North Talenar Office of TVH

      In a surprising turn of events, Pinai Sastrosatyo - famous Marna Judge and human rights activist - has been selected by the President-Led Presidential Commission to become the youngest member of the highest court in all of Hisera. With an extensive list of qualifications and a powerful story of her rise to fame, Pinai sets a precedent for a changing Hisera.

      Born to Kertic immigrant parents in Marna on October 1st 1985, Pinai experienced many challenges in her early life. In her autobiography, ‘Immigrant in Hisera: A Story of Trials and Difficulties’, Pinai discusses the blatant discrimination and prejudice that she faced growing up. However, bullying, comments, and discriminatory actions wouldn’t stop the passionate woman from pursuing her dreams. In 2004, she became the youngest-ever member of the Member of the Marna Council at 19, displaying her remarkable charisma and strong desire to help those in need. However, her conviction in herself and her talented mind led her to pursue a career in law at the same time. After working for 7 years as a lawyer, she became a Judge in 2010, and would quickly rise to become a figure of Regional Importance after the Women’s Rights Movements of the Early 2010’s swept through the east of Hisera. Despite spending nearly 3 months in a jail cell, she stayed close to her beliefs, and would be released after an increase in the militancy of the Movements after her departure. Her role as a powerful orator, organiser and firebrand against the socially-regressive elements in the Provisional Government of the Third Republic helped cement the power of these protests and would lead to the Equal Rights Act of 2014 ; a major victory for the women of Hisera, and at last an official guarantee of their rights nation-wide.

      Since the famous Movements, Pinai has maintained her radical approach to enacting change, recently giving a speech in front of the Parliament building in Talord, condemning government inaction on the protections for and legal rights of LGBTQIA+ people. Her ascension to the position of Supreme Court Judge now places her in a situation where she can get a foot in the door for progressive legislation hoping to get past the furious scrutiny of the conservative Court. TVH Talenar looks on in excitement, optimism and hope at this radical development.


      HLEE moves to expand abroad

      Written by Parv Biodra — TVH Headquarters, Talord

      As Hisera enters into a new age of rebuilding and remaking the nation, HLEE is starting to enter an era of potential international expansion for the company. Hiseran Economists have noted a surprising international shift in HLEE expansion policy, as the company starts to face significant challenges from rich Parlahavener companies such as Light Industries and WaterWheel. This month of December has seen what could be the start of this new rapid international growth for HLEE, as the company has placed a significant bid of A$116.25M on newly-Ionian Solarios Electricity Company, as well as expressed significant interest in recently-discovered Kertic oil fields. 

      In a recent conference following the recent announcement from Kertosono regarding the opening of Kertic Oil Fields, HLEE has publicly expressed strong interest in investments into oil extraction in the oil-rich Alharun nation. In a recent statement from Mark Flirn, Head of HLEE Foreign Operations Team, it was announced that HLEE would, “pursue a change in company policy regarding Kertosono, in order to reflect the adapting, changing situation.” During an interview with TVH, Flirn commented that, “The leadership of HLEE feels confidence in Kertic authorities and congratulates the government in this vital step forward for the Kertic economy and the Alharun oil sector,” In an announcement from the company's leadership earlier today, HLEE has already stated an interest in the Prakasa Field and Gemintang I Field, declaring that it would wish to enter into negotiations with the Kertic government regarding the acquisition of these Fields as soon as possible. Hiseran workers watch apprehensively as HLEE takes its focus off of Hisera, with worry about the potential loss of already-rare jobs and an increase in energy prices if a less patriotically-generous company was to take over HLEE facilities in Hisera.

      TVH will be sure to update you as soon as possible with any new information about this Hiseran energy giant.


      Change approaching? Parlahavener-style change to Equal Rights Act introduced to Parliament

      Written by Fredricka Ulinska - Marnahaven Office of TVH

      Hope and Optimism are at a sky-high amongst Hisera’s marginalised communities as Emalia Piorka, MP for West Narla’s Cove, has introduced an amendment in the Parlahavener Style to the Equal Rights Act of 2014. The Equal Rights Act Amendment of 2023 would aim to outlaw discrimination on the basis of not only Gender, but also Race, Ethnicity, Religion or Belief, Sex, Age, Marriage and Pregnancy. This would completely change the dynamic structure of the relationship between National and Regional Governments, giving the National Government much greater control over how people are treated across Hisera. This act is also particularly important as it will override the Hiseran Supremacy Act of 1972 - the act which changed the legal definitions of a Hiseran to an ethnic Hiseran -, changing the legal definition of a Hiseran to simply a citizen of Hisera. This is important because, legally, many civil rights in our nation are limited to ethnic Hiserans, discriminatorily excluding foreigners, immigrants, migrants and refugees. This act, while quite radical, would be a great step forward for all Hisera and would serve as major progress in Hisera catching-up to Parlahaven’s rights, liberties and protections.

      Most of the Liberal Democrat Party and Green Party have come out in support of this bill, however there are also a significant group who believe this is far too much far too quickly, this group mostly consisting of the Socialist Hiseran Worker’s Party members and some less radical Liberal Democrat Party members. There has also been significant pushback from the nationalist All-Hiseran Front, which has labelled the change to the definition of Hiseran as ‘woke politics’ and ‘an attack on Hiseran values’. The Act will be voted on by January 20th, and who knows what manner of changes it will go under before then.

      Edited by Hisera (see edit history)
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      Rumours swirl as political parties begin coalition talks

      Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati

      People Taking PhotosO'POLIS -- Following the inconclusive outcome of the Orinese general election, the nation's political arena is abuzz with rumours and speculations about potential coalition formations. The Social Progressive Party (SPO), having retained its status as the largest party despite a slight decrease in votes, finds itself at the heart of these strategic discussions.

      The recent sighting of Blueropa leadership at the SPO's headquarters, Liberty Hall, has fuelled widespread speculation. While the details of these meetings remain confidential, insiders suggest that talks could be centred on renewing their governing coalition. Sources close to the matter hint that both parties might be considering adjustments to their policy agendas to reflect the electorate's changing priorities. “It's about adapting and evolving to meet the country's current needs,” a senior SPO member was overheard saying, hinting at potential policy shifts.

      Pink!'s enhanced parliamentary presence has positioned them as potential kingmakers. Rumours suggest that their leadership, especially Mrs Ihova Myna, is being courted by both the left-leaning SPO and the right-oriented coalitions for support. Behind closed doors, Pink! is believed to be pushing for substantial environmental commitments as a condition for any coalition agreement. “Our influence has never been greater, and we must use this opportunity to drive our agenda,” a Pink! strategist reportedly commented.

      On the other side of the spectrum, PO&N and Fronde Verdur, buoyed by their electoral gains, are believed to be exploring possible alliances. Sources report a series of discreet meetings between their leaders, discussing strategies to maximise their parliamentary influence. “There's potential for a strong coalition here, but we need to align our priorities,” a PO&N advisor mentioned in a guarded conversation.

      In a late-night television interview with BS News, it was revealed that the combined strength of the centre-right and far-right parties, PO&N and Fronde Verdur, is close to crossing the majority threshold, holding an impressive 49% of the votes. This near-majority presents a significant opportunity for these parties to lead the new government, provided they can secure a viable coalition.

      The leaders of PO&N and Fronde Verdur, Mr Edric Kageni and Mrs Nigela Merabiya, respectively, expressed optimism about forming a coalition during their appearance on the show. Kageni emphasized PO&N's commitment to practical solutions and economic freedom, stating, “Teaming up with Fronde Verdur aligns with our goal to rejuvenate Orioni's economy and maintain our cultural values.” Merabiya echoed this sentiment, highlighting the alignment of their party's principles with PO&N's economic strategies. “It's a coalition that promises real progress,” she noted, indicating a strong inclination towards formalising an alliance with PO&N.

      The political landscape is rife with theories about what's being discussed behind the scenes. Some insiders speculate that the SPO might be willing to concede certain policies to secure a stable coalition, while others believe Blueropa is seeking a more prominent role in the next government. Amidst this speculation, the only certainty is the uncertainty of the final outcome.

      As Orioni stands at a critical crossroads, the coming days will be decisive. The results of these coalition talks will not only shape the composition of the government, but also set the tone for Orioni's policy direction in the years to come. The nation watches with anticipation, hoping for a coalition that can navigate the complexities of the current political landscape while addressing the needs and desires of its people.

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      Orioni election update: diaspora vote shakes up results, coalition talks intensify

      Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati

      2023 Orinese election results

      O'POLIS -- The final tally of the Orinese general election, including votes from the Orinese diaspora, has introduced a new twist to an already complex electoral landscape, with the Socialist Party of Orioni (SPO) losing ground and Pink! making gains.

      The SPO saw a decrease of 1% in its overall share, dropping from 33% (down from 34%), after the inclusion of the diaspora vote. In a surprising turn, Pink! gained an additional 1%, bringing their total to 8% (up from 7%), thanks in part to a significant green vote from Orinese expatriates in @Tagmatium Rules. This shift further complicates the process of forming a government, with no clear majority emerging.

      Political party Votes (incl. diaspora) Share Seats
      SPO 33,392,315 33.21% 54
      PO&N 32,911,863 32.74% 53
      Fronde Verdur 16,051,798 15.97% 26
      Blueropa 9,797,937 9.75% 16
      Pink! 8,386,331 8.34% 14
      Total: 100,540,244 100,00% 162

      To determine the most likely majority governing coalitions based on the information provided, our election desk team has analysed the ideological compatibility of the parties and their combined share of the vote.

      Effective ruling coalitions have a majority of seats in the Sibiseba, meaning: 82 seats out of 162 total (i.e. 50% +1). The SPO, despite its slight dip, still holds the largest share and the traditional privilege of initiating coalition talks. However, the new dynamics have opened up a range of possibilities. Here are the potential combinations, sorted by which scenario we think is most to least likely:

      SPO (54 seats) + Blueropa (16) + Pink! (14) = 84

      • Likeliness: This coalition is ideologically coherent, as all parties are centre-left, focusing on social justice, environmental issues, and progressive reforms.
      • Ideological Compatibility: High. All three parties share a centre-left orientation. The SPO focuses on social justice and economic equality, Blueropa emphasizes individual freedoms and progressive social reforms, and Pink! prioritises environmental issues alongside social equality. These parties are likely to find common ground on a range of policies, particularly those related to social welfare, environmental protection, and progressive societal reforms. Their similar ideologies suggest a cohesive and cooperative partnership.
      • Estimated Likeliness: 70%

      PO&N (53 seats) + Blueropa (16) + Pink! (14) = 83

      • Likeliness: This coalition is ideologically diverse, combining centre-right, liberal, and green parties. The balance between economic and social/environmental policies might be challenging.
      • Ideological Compatibility: Moderate. The PO&N is centre-right, Blueropa is liberal and centre-left, and Pink! is a green, centre-left party. While there are ideological differences, the potential for compromise exists, especially between the liberal and green agendas of Blueropa and Pink! and the economic policies of the PO&N.
      • Estimated Likeliness: 45%

      SPO (54 seats) + PO&N (53) = 107

      • Likeliness: This coalition is ideologically diverse, combining centre-left and centre-right ideologies, which might be challenging but could appeal to a broad range of voters.
      • Ideological Compatibility: Low. The SPO is a centre-left party with a focus on social justice and state intervention in the economy, whereas the PO&N is a centre-right party advocating for free markets and minimal government intervention. This ideological gap might pose significant challenges in forming a stable coalition.
      • Estimated Likeliness: 40%

      PO&N (53 seats) + Fronde Verdur (26) = 79

      • Likeliness: Though this combination falls slightly short of a majority, it brings together centre-right and far-right ideologies, which might resonate with right-leaning voters but could be controversial.
      • Ideological Compatibility: Moderate to High. Both parties lean to the right, but with different emphases. The PO&N is a centre-right party that supports capitalist and pro-business policies, while Fronde Verdur is a far-right party with nationalist and neo-imperialist ideologies. They could align on certain issues like pro-business policies, law and order, and perhaps some aspects of national sovereignty. However, the more extreme positions of Fronde Verdur might create friction with the PO&N’s potentially more moderate base. The challenge will be to reconcile the PO&N’s focus on economic growth with Fronde Verdur’s hardline nationalist stance.
      • Estimated Likeliness: 30%

      SPO (54 seats) + Fronde Verdur (26) = 80

      • Likeliness: This combination is highly unlikely due to the vast ideological differences between a socialist, centre-left party and a far-right nationalist party.
      • Ideological Compatibility: Very Low. This combination is the most ideologically divergent. The SPO is a centre-left party that champions social justice and a strong role for the state in the economy, while Fronde Verdur is a far-right party with a focus on nationalism, restrictive immigration policies, and neo-imperialism. Their core principles and policy priorities are fundamentally at odds. The SPO’s commitment to social welfare and equality contrasts sharply with Fronde Verdur's nationalist and neo-imperialist agendas. This ideological gap would likely make it extremely challenging to form a stable and cohesive coalition.
      • Estimated Likeliness: 10%

      The influence of green votes, particularly from Tagmatium, highlights the growing importance of environmental issues in Orioni's politics. Pink!'s gain underscores a shifting electorate, more attuned to climate change and sustainable policies.

      As coalition talks begin, Orioni faces a period of uncertainty. The diverse possibilities for government formation reflect the nuanced and varied priorities of the Orinese electorate. Despite the complexities, there remains a sense of cautious optimism. The electorate and political leaders alike hope for a coalition that can navigate the challenges ahead, fostering a stable, prosperous, and inclusive future for Orioni.

      OOC. For the possible coalitions, I wanted to create the hemicycle apportionment diagrams of party seats. But this election story has already eaten soooo much of my time. You're just going to have to imagine what it looks like.

    • Boom, headshot!

      Good evening, folks! Bron Urgundy here, your beacon of truth in a sea of political correctness.

      TONIGHT WE WITNESS what can only be described as a seismic shift in Orioni's political landscape. The left-leaning governing coalition, the darlings of the “progressive” elite, have had their wings clipped. And oh, how the mighty have fallen!

      Have a look at these numbers, ladies and gentlemen. The SPO and their buddies in Blueropa, after years of steering the ship, have found themselves on the receiving end of a reality check. The people have spoken, and the message is clear: not only is it time for change. It's a signal that the populace is yearning for leaders who are in touch with reality, not just those who have overstayed their welcome in the corridors of power.

      And it's also an opportunity for new voices and ideas to be heard. It’s time for the real leaders to step up and those who've lost to step aside. Governing is a serious business, and it’s not for those who've been handed their walking papers by the electorate.

      But let's not get ahead of ourselves. While the centre-right, my personal favourite, made impressive gains, they're still shy of the 50% mark – just 49%. Close, but no cigar, as they say. This situation underscores the need for strategic alliances, meaning: there is a need for compromise, negotiation, and yes, effective coalition-building are the orders of the day.

      So, what's the ideal coalition, you ask? Well, folks, it's simple. The PO&N, the champions of free enterprise and common sense, need to find common ground with Fronde Verdur. Yes, Fronde Verdur! This partnership has the potential to bring together differing perspectives, they've got the nationalistic zeal and the strong spine to make tough decisions. Combine that with PO&N's business savvy and what do you get? A common-sense approach to governance, a coalition that respects tradition, values Orioni's heritage, and is laser-focused on economic growth. It's a match made in political heaven.

      And speaking of matches made in heaven, let me bring in a couple of good friends, the stars of tonight's show: Mr Edric Kageni from PO&N and Mrs Nigela Merabiya from Fronde Verdur.

      URGUNDY: “Welcome, Edric and Nigela! First off, congratulations on your parties' remarkable performance in these elections. Edric, Nigela, tell me: how do you feel about this stunning turn of events?”

      KAGENI: “Thank you, Bron. It's an exhilarating moment for us.”

      MERABIYA: “It's a pleasure to be here, Bron. We at Fronde Verdur are indeed elated.”

      URGUNDY: “And more importantly, what's your take on this potential coalition that's got everyone talking?”

      KAGENI: “PO&N is all about practical solutions and economic freedom. Teaming up with Fronde Verdur aligns with our goal to rejuvenate Orioni's economy and maintain our cultural values. We're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

      MERABIYE: “We're committed to Orioni's heritage and future. We see this as an opportunity to bring our strength and dedication to the forefront. Working with PO&N means combining our passion for Orioni's heritage with sound economic strategies. It's a coalition that promises real progress. Aligning with PO&N is a strong start, and we're actively exploring alliances that respect our principles and can collectively cross that crucial 50% threshold.”

      URGUNDY: “So, a coalition is on the table, but it's clear more support is needed. Any hints on which parties might be part of this grand coalition, given the current political landscape?”

      KAGENI: “Discussions are ongoing, Bron. We’re considering several options. We aim to create a coalition that crosses the 50% mark and represents the best interests of the Orinese people.”

      MERABIYA: “Right, Bron. We're looking at various potential partners. Our goal is a coalition that stays true to our values and effectively governs Orioni.”

      URGUNDY: “You heard it here, folks! A coalition in the making, but the game of numbers is still on. Thank you, Edric and Nigela, for joining us.”

      As for the others, well, they had their chance. Now it’s time for them to sit back and watch how real governance is done. We're on the brink of a new era in Orioni, my friends. It's time for bold action, not worn-out rhetoric.

      That’s the view from here. As always, we’ll keep our eyes on the prize and tell it like it is. This is Bron Urgundy, signing off. Remember, keep questioning, keep challenging, and never settle for the status quo. Goodnight, Orioni, and let's brace ourselves for a fascinating political ride.

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