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      Greetings Citizenry of the Imperium, Cherished Allies, and the Wurld at large, I am Grath Ul'Oelk, on behalf of INN, this message is broadcast.

      Citizens of the great Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex, today, is a day of days. Celebration of Unification is upon us, steady your hearts for the anthem of the Imperium, and welcome in the new year of our continued existence, and an end to the fighting in the North as the NTC led traitor forces have been dealt with. Hail the Empress and the rise of our nation once more!

      This event comes after northern fighting amongst several of the rebel held cities, most of these fell in short order to our brave fighting legionnaires, However one city, that of the rebel held Aden city-state was able to resist the Third Imperial Army for the past forty-four hours where it was said that NTC forces were so heavily entrenched that they were able to withstand and beat back about four attacks in the countryside surrounding the city-state.

      The tide soon turned against the traitors however, when General Enin Xukuth of the Third Army was able to successfully launch the fifth wave of the assault on the city, allowing the Third Imperial Army able to enter the city after breaking through the outer perimeter overrunning about 98% of the Varagrosa Ward, a central area of Aden.

      However the traitor legions would make a final stand within the heart of the city in order to try and evacuate out of the Varagrosa Ward and its surviving districts, through the use of ground transports that were on the way, but the actions of the Third Imperial Army, prevented the traitor legions from escaping the city, while at the same time destroyed the convoy that was sent to retrieve the trapped units within the ruins, where by January 21st, 2021, the city was placed under royalist control, and was claimed officially occupied zone for the Third Imperial Army during the assault in the Northern Territories. As the days progressed, the Third Imperial Army were able to make more gains on NTC held areas despite hardships conducted by heavy resistance.

      On the morning of August 22nd, 2021, the Third Imperial Army was able to assault and occupy the valuable river shipyard that Aden possessed, where afterwards they would then make their way into the Hamaii and assault an NTC stronghold known as Ithicus, which was said to hold the largest amount of NTC forces nearest Hamaii itself. Despite heavy fighting, the Third Imperial Army was able to crush the defending traitor legions and secure the fortress on later in the same day.

      During the course of the campaign by this morning, August 23rd, 2021, the Third Imperial Army has also been able to claim sanctuary within the Ithicus fortress, where General Enin Xukuth decided to establish his headquarters for the rest of the fighting against the NTC forces, sighting its strategic positioning. 

      It's also where General Ti'Ran Elghinn of the Task Force Hades ground forces would soon be lured into a trap by General Enin Xukuth before he was captured and summarily executed. This trap is said to have been as the NTC forces moved towards the fortress, General Enin Xukuth ordered the signal relays to deliver an all clear message using the traitor legions communique system. Beliving that the fortress was still held by NTC forces despite battle damage, General Ti'Ran Elghinn, his command staff, and a half legion of troops entered the facility. 

      Twenty minutes later, all of the NTC troops had been killed, as had Elghinn's officers before he himself was executed for his turncoat ways by forces loyal to the Empress.

      Later that same day, the Third Imperial Army would blitz the Uricodia Ward where the remaining Task Force Hades and the House Buki Elghinn 7th, 9th, and 22nd legions were deployed, comprising twenty-two thousand traitors; was known to have been the only ward of Hamaii untouched by the fighting in the North since the Third Imperial Army began its concentrated attack over a month ago back on December 17th, 2020.

      The smoldering ruins however now, show the signs of this war. The traitor legions of House Buki Elghinn have been smote, with survivors rounded up and arrested. The whole of the NTC has been carved out by the smooth stroke of the blade that is the Third Imperial Army, and even now, encouraged by this success, the forces of Ulusk are stamping out the flames of would be secession. 

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      The Lost Tomb of Empress Nonaka Found







      Yesterday archeologists delivered shocking news: The lost tomb of Empress Nonaka has been found. After an exhaustive three decade search the temple was found carved into the mountainside and overgrown by dense foliage. Dr. Nakata Uka, the head archeologist of the expedition, has released a statement regarding the discovery of this near mythical tomb: "This discovery could change everything we know about who Empress Nonaka really was! Despite the growth on the surface of the tomb we are certain that the lower levels are still sealed and left intact." Full interview here.

      The top layer of the tomb consists of a grand courtyard flanked by all sides with large watchtowers. Ancient burial posts just from the ground at steady intervals, marking areas for trusted servants who died before their empress or agreed to be sacrificed to make the journey into the afterlife with her. Other areas served as repositories for goods and treasures, sealed inside great clay urns and remained remarkably preserved. One of the most notable finds was one urn filled with coins estimated to be around 30,000,000 in total value, adjusted for today's inflation.

      Empress Nonaka was a rather divisive empress, ruling from 731 to 785 CE, totaling 54 years. The empress ruled during the terrible period of the Keton Wars, a time when dozens of different heirs of the previous empress fought over the country. Empress Nonaka was know to be exceptionally blood in trying to enforce order back in Theaca. Certain historical accounts have recorded that the empress put over ten thousand Theacans to death and committed massive purges until the people rose up against her in her own palace. After a short battle and supposedly mortal wound Empress Nonaka fled with her treasure into the countryside, leaving the palace guard in a state of confusion and loss. However the confusion was put to rest when the soon-to-be Empress Riho invaded Utauchi with her army and restored order. While it is unknown how long Empress Nonaka survived after the battle the archeologists have confirmed that loyalists stayed to ensure the proper rites were observed when burying the Empress.

      The archeologists have kept the lower levels sealed in order to preserve the likely untouched areas until the teams are ready to catalogue what is found within. Further activity is expected to occur around February 2021 with the first teams opening the deeper recesses of the tomb in March 2021. This discovery promises to not only light a fire in the archeological community but also to shed light on one of Theaca's most mysterious and infamous empresses. After careful study archeologists and historians will finally be able to settle the debate on if the accounts of the Empress's life were accurate and if The so-called "Bloodiest Empress" truly deserved that title.



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    • Jingle, a patriotic nationalist san castellinos song. Hugo Illamen, the TV presenter nicknamed the "voice of Gazallenoa", is sitting in his seat.

      - "San Castellinos, San Castellinossa, my dear compatriots. I am Hugo Illamen, your favorite TV presenter live from the RSC National Chronicle TV studios. First of all, we are going to talk about the new laws passed in an absolutely democratic, constitutional and corruption-free manner by the party last week. Then we'll talk about the news of the day with our reporter Elio dom Ursullo."

      He's putting his glasses back on.

      - "Today, with the agreement of the President of the Republic, the National-Capitalist Pact passed two new laws, which are as follows. The first, created in the continuity of the "anti-luxury" program, increases the penalty for same-sex sexual relations between people of the same sex - commonly known as homosexuals - from 20 years in a sexual re-education center to the death penalty. Hopefully this will curb the evil of homosexuality. The second law, proposed by the eminent General Sergio Tameni, obliges anyone with capital equivalent to less than 1,000,000 pesetas who wishes to obtain San Castellinos nationality to pass an anti-communist test. The purpose of the test is to verify that immigrants to San Castellino are not spies in the service of the pro-European communist imperialistic dictatorships.

      Now, we're going to talk about the news of the day and more precisely of the morning."

      He looks at his notes for a few seconds and continues.

      - "Drugs. Today, a superb descent by our glorious gendarmerie forces, since a brigade this morning found a kilo of cocaine from the car of the prefect of Montedoux. He did not fail to congratulate them.
      Dead. Today, the anarchist leader Michel Dupond was found dead in his apartment with a knife in his back, right in the middle of his shoulder blades. The gendarmerie is thinking that it is suicide.
      Demonstration. Today, during the military march of our glorious Supreme Leader, the inhabitants of the capital could not hide their joy."

      The screen now shows Elio dom Ursullo on a large avenue. Behind him, General Di Foxycionni marches in the presidential car with a few tanks and a few hundred soldiers in front and behind him. In front of the general, a hundred angry demonstrators shout slogans like "Down with dictatorship! ». Some even try to throw paving stones at the general, but they don't achieve their goal.

      - "Yes, that's right, Hugo. The people of Gazallenoa have today come en masse to celebrate their joy to see the almighty Supreme Leader in power and to witness the demonstration of the glory that blesses our beautiful nation."

      *The image suddenly returns to Illamen. He's listening to his earpiece.*

      - "Ah, wait, the control room tells me it' s a sensitive image. So I wish you a good day and see you tomorrow. Now a page of advertising."

      Ending jingle, same patriotic nationalist san castellinos song.

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      The RCN National Chronicle (or "Republica de San Castellino National Chronicle" of its full name) is the official newspaper (both print and television) of the government and the party. It is also the only authorized media in San Castellino. It is of nationalist tendency, deeply Catholic, anti-communist, anti-anarchist, quite francophobic and slightly anti-European. The newspaper, which is a widely used propaganda tool, is often untrustworthy and gives a very subjective opinion.

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    • The following is a news article related to The Mermaid's Dark Metamorphosis.


      Backdated June 3rd, 2020

      CPO Officer Haja Tiady Appointed As Southern Secretaryspacer.png

      MORALAVITRA, OYUS -- On an isle that saw lots of back and forth with a rebellious organization in the now known as the Communist Party of Oyus, the isle’s newest executive was a prolific leader within. Haja Tiady has been tapped to replace the seat made vacant after Maisie Alcorn’s ascension as the monarch of Oyus. Tiady was the lead negotiator for the CPO several years ago when the Matriarchy called for peace between the two factions. It is another example of Alcorn’s impression on the Matriarchy after having cleared house with the National Congress. It is also one of the few appointments Alcorn has made of indigenous ascent as opposed to the largely foreign-descent slate of newcomers in leadership.

      Secretary Tiady has stated that he intends to champion Alcorn’s vision for Oyus in Morlavitra and the south, looking to make their voices louder in the government halls of Yulaa. “There has long been a disconnect between Yulaa and the south, and it is important the south is included in these conversations.” This has been the common talking point among Alcorn’s appointees and Alcorn herself: Oyus has been left behind by Yulaa and is a direct reason why corruption grew. Queen Maisie has gone on record to say the reforms to come will be an overhaul long overdue for Oyus and that there will be more inclusion across the nation for the better. While Tiady would not comment on whom he intended to choose to make up his advisory team in the south, the incoming secretary hinted that there would likely be more CPO influence with the approval of the Queen, despite not necessitating such consent.

      In a poll conducted by the Spectator, it was found that a majority in Moralavitra approved of the appointment while responses were more mixed in the rest of the isle. Those against it have concerns as to why the CPO are so quickly trusted after having only recently made peace with the Matriarchy. “I don’t have a problem with their ideas, I have a problem with their past.” one local resident told us.


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      The Economics Report is an international economic newspaper headquartered in Marusonya, Esonice, and has many bases in other nations. The Economics Report focuses on reporting statistics, information and events relating to business, trade, technology and economics.The newspaper tries to be as politically neutral and unbiased as possible to report statistics and economic situations accurately, and everyone in the publication has to adhere to strict editorial codes to prevent current day-to-day politics getting in the way of reporting - As a result, the Economics Report is considered to be the most trustworthy source pertaining to economics not only in Esonice, but internationally and is often cited by many experts and universities. 


      The Economics Report was first circulated by the economist Arichi Sugo in 1977 during Esonice’s rapid growth towards a modern industrialised economy, he believed the nation and foreigners needed a reliable economic news source to take information from and further encourage people to start a business, and for foreign nations to further invest in the Serene Kingdom. He also coined the term “The Esonian Tiger'' to refer to Esonice’s economic boom in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Ever since, the Economics Report has grown to be the most prominent and well known economic newspaper in Esonice, and soon the newspaper decided to grow internationally in 1987. Opening many branches in other nations and has received considerable success and positive receptions by the international community.

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      Shūkan Festival Soars in Attendance




      The Shūkan Festival is a venerable celebration of Theacan culture and how far the country has come. It originally began sometime in the year of 2305 BCE. The event was recorded after a particularly harsh winter when a young empress saw the poor condition her people were in and opened the imperial reserves to save her people from starvation. The people rejoiced at the sudden influx of food and the festival was held in the subsequent years as an act of good faith and kindness during the harsh winter months. While harsh winters and low amounts of food are a thing of the past the festival has persisted throughout the years and the different iterations of Theacan society. It is frequently considered to be the largest and most culturally significant festival in all of Theaca and has since spread from only Utauchi to the rest of the country and even other countries that have populations of Theacans. 

      This week long festival traditionally consists of consuming large amounts of food, offering friendship to your neighbors, small handcrafted gifts, and dancing. In more recent years the festival has also spawned a day devoted to Theacean independent films and music as small scale concerts and film festivals are set up. Surprisingly larger bands, movies, and performers only take part as spectators or judges. For larger creators and those with international acclaim it is seen as a faux pas and as a day to let more unknown artists and talented individuals to have the stage. Each year the submissions for films to be screened and art pieces to be displayed has a certain theme to tie it all together. This year the theme was "The Young Getting Older." The number of both films and art pieces by groups and independent creators has risen by nearly three times as Theacans, young and old, express how their lives have changed in recent years and how they feel the progression of time. 

      The largest of the festivities was held in the old palace courtyard. Dozens of tents, displays, and stages were set up for performances, art displays, carnival games and distractions, and the world class food. Nearly 3.81 million people have visited the palace and Utauchi this years, smashing the previous record held in 2008. The festival was also notably graced by the Empress herself. During the third night of the festivities the young Empress Suki mad a public appearance and speech regarding the state of Theaca. It was short, sweet, and completely unannounced, leaving most news teams covering the event to scramble in an attempt to catch a picture of her or her speech. According to eyewitness statements the Empress was seen in the company of a strapping young man, although no news on what their identity was has been uncovered.

      This year did mark a rather interesting departure from the norm: A massive amount of tourists have been reported to attended the Shūkan Festival this year. The people of Theaca have been all to happy to invite others to share the festivities and experience the culture. The tourism brought in by visitors to Theaca has not only helped the local businesses grow from the festival but has also hopefully highlighted Theacan culture on the world stage and helped our neighbors get to know us as a nation. Documentary film crews were also reportedly seen taking footage of the festivities but as of yet there has been no further developments on the film crew or their exact purpose.1cONfm7m.jpgi7iuZhnm.pngK7BsqKJm.png







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    • The Horror of Ceris

      The war in Ceris has dragged on for some months with only some hope on the horizon. The loose coalition of Seylosian, Gallambrian, Tagmatine, Salvian, and ICEB has managed to hold the line against the wave of religious extremists known as the Sentists. However what has been the human toll as a result of this? Most of these nations can hold their heads high and say their military casualties have been quite low, but as the SBS has noted throughout the conflict they haven't done most of the fighting. The brunt of these attacks have hit independent Ceriser nations causing mass destruction on an immense scale. No nation has been hurt worse than Hodrea, which used to dominate the central mass of Ceris and had taken up the mantle of successor state of the Occlait Kingdom. Even before the disaster of Liechnenfax Hodrea suffered a series of disastrous defeats that lead the the deaths of hundreds of thousands. The worse loss before their capital was the city of Kassel. Originally a population of over two hundred thousand, reports show it as nothing more than a ghost town crumbling in its abandoned state. Most of the inhabitants were massacred when the Sentists began their first major assault throughout Ceris. After Kassel, city by city continued to fall adding to the body count created by the extremists.

      The SBC has obtained statistics from the military that show disturbing numbers from Ceris. Liechnenfax by itself has caused a single loss never before seen on Eurth. From initial counts, which are still increasing today, over two million people were killed as a result of the battle. Of course the entire city was nearly razed due to the massive explosion set off by the Sentist extremists, with some reports showing fires burning in the city over a month after the initial attack. Refugees have poured over the eastern Ceriser states, and ships fleeing the devastation have been stuck outside Seylosian ports seeking refuge from the terror of the island. Though the SBC doesn't have hard figures, experts have made the estimation that as many as ten million civilians have been killed in the apocalyptic conditions of the island.

      "What we are seeing is a humanitarian crisis never before seen in the history of the planet." Professor Jacob Harrington, chair of Humanitarian Sciences at Selbourne University, said when interviewed, "The surrounding nations can't take in this massive influx of refugees. Seylos itself has tried to deal with almost half a million displaced Cerisers as a result of the war. These are just the people that have arrived by ship, usually in the most unsafe conditions. Refugee camps in the north of the country are close to bursting, Seylos can't support anymore people coming in from Ceris. The situation is at the point of apocalyptic."

      Other nations have pledged their support to varying degrees over the months. Tagmatium has dedicated itself to securing the nation of Secryae, which many refugees have fled to. Gallambrians, while not hosting much in the way of refugees have dedicated considerable military support to the Seylosian cause, a continuance of the close relations between both Seylos and Gallambria. Galahinda has pledged significant amounts of financial support for reconstruction efforts in the area and the Salvians have helped secure the coastal regions of northen Hodrea while devoting more military resources to assisting the Tagamtines in Secryae. However it has yet to be seen if these efforts have had any significant impact on the peoples that have been uprooted from their lives in the desolation of Ceris.

      One thing is for certain is that the rest of Eurth needs to act. Ten million dead, how can this small collection of countries handle the devastation left in the wake of such horrors?

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    • 8IKMd0t.png

      Empress Kira'Karn's forces have arrested seven non-commissioned officers and twenty-one enlisted NTC rebels on suspicion of committing war crimes during the country's devastating aftermath within the Northern Territories after the coup d'etat against former emperor Ji'Mar.

      The prosecutor's office said the suspects were members of the NTC rebel military "suspected of crimes against humanity in the Crethia and Kamor village areas".

      "Acting on the order of the prosecutor from the Special Department for Judgement, legionary of the 32nd Renor Elemmiire Motorized Rifles located, identified and imprisoned several persons," a statement said.

      The suspects are accused of imprisoning, torturing, and murdering five hundred Cussian civilians around the central Cussian villages of Crethia and Kamor.

      Cussian civilians were tortured, abused, treated inhumanely, and inflicted physical and psychological injuries, the statement added.

      Hundreds of prisoners died, while many others suffered permanent and severe physical and mental injuries.

      Arrests were made in the northern territories, within the village of Kamor after securing it with no loss of life to the 32nd regiment.

      The former legionary are under investigation and have been charged with committing Crimes against Humanity under Article 172 of the Haru-Legionary Criminal Code (HLCC).

      The suspects have been handed over to the acting prosecutor, who will then make a further decision on the case.

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      Luxury Flying and What It's Really Like

      LINK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This Article is part of a paid promotion.

      The discovery of flight has fulfilled one of humankind's most ancient dreams: to soar amongst the clouds. Through careful innovation and an eye for detail Blue Orchid Airlines has brought the premium in luxury flights to the forefront of the market. Blue Orchid offers one of a kind luxury and speed for the most discerning of customers. The Blue Orchid fleet is comprised of ZH-23 supersonic passenger planes that make the often too long and too cramped travel on traditional planes a thing of the past. Each Blue Orchid plane has been thoroughly detailed for the most luxurious experience possible with no expense spared to ensure an experience that is unmatched by any other airline service available. 

      Blue Orchid was founded in 1954 by noted businesswoman and billionaire Lai Chao. She saw the advancements in military technology in the field of aeronautics and wanted to take the cutting edge technology and apply it to the growing field of commercial flight. In 1965 she completed the first porotype of the ZH-20, the world's leading and first supersonic jet made for passenger flight. Over the decades Blue Orchid grew and Lai Chao knew that the market was evolving. While other airlines focused on cheaply made planes that crammed as many possible passengers inside and charged the customer for every conceivable extra dime Lai Chao envisioned something different. She saw a state of the art luxury airline service that provided unparalleled speed, efficiency, and most of all comfort to all its valued members. Blue Orchid doubled down on its super sonic jet research and created the incredible ZH-23, the fastest and most luxurious supersonic passenger plane in production.

      The premium service is the most affordable option for getting from one part of the globe to another. With the supersonic capabilities of the ZH-23 Blue Orchid can take members anywhere in the world in a fraction of the time. Traditional airplane services are compact and can fit upwards of 360 people inside. However, Blue Orchid promises that no more than 40 passengers will be flown at any one time, allowing others to enjoy the freedom and space that comes with a reduced load. The premium service ZH-23s feature a comfortable seats with large amounts of leg room, built in seat heaters and massagers, as well as the ability to recline. The premium service also includes an in-flight snack prepared by gourmet chefs and an in-flight accessible bar for relaxation of members.


      The executive service is the best way to travel in complete privacy with Blue Orchid. Each of member will be given their own private room and the ability to enjoy the flight in peace and comfort. Each room comes equipped with entertainment services, a bed, a desk, charging ports, a table, and a rotating massage chair that offers a full 360 degree range of freedom. The executive service, during mealtimes, also offers a full menu with a range of specially prepared options for the discerning pallet. The executive service is a the choice of businesspeople and celebrities all over the world as the only way to travel in today's busy times.


      The royal service is available as a charter option for members who truly wish to fly the way of the future. With a completely private plane featuring a full lounge, an entertainment system, fully stocked and complementary bar, a private bedroom, showers, and a full 3 course meal, catered to your specific tastes; The royal service is truly the option for anyone who desires to have the finest flying experiance. The royal service will be available to charter anywhere on the globe that a member could desire. No matter the distance or the location the royal service can be there at any time! The royal service prides itself on a policy of "members first" and Blue Orchid guarantees full satisfaction with the service and no questions asked.



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      New Telescope Promises a Stunning View


      The final segment of the first RNT Project telescopes.

      The final segment of the first ELT in the Roku National Telescope Project has been completed. After two months of delays to ensure proper calibration in the system the final component was produced and is scheduled to be fitted into the the completed ELT as of January of 2021. The Roku National Telescope Project, abbreviated RNTP, has long been a promise of the government to create a new telescope that would not only give scientists across the world a much bigger and clearer picture than ever thought possible but also provide eager Theacean stargazers and astronomers the chance to observe planetary bodies in detail that has never before been seen. With the completion of the fist telescope: Roku I, on the horizon production for Roku II is scheduled to begin in mid April. Roku I is the first of a chain of six telescopes that will compose the entire RNTP. Once all six are functional they can be used simultaneously to take a picture of unparalleled resolution. 

      With the new year just around the corner and Roku I ready for its final tests before operation the world's eyes fall upon Theaca to see what the first images that the Roku I produces will display and what new insights such a tool can give humanity. Bai Wen, chief director of the RNTP, had this to say on the project: "The project is unfolding smoothly and within four weeks the final piece should be installed and the telescope will be operational. The RNTP has already chosen the stellar coordinates of the first image captures based on promising radiation reading captured by other space agencies around the world. We are proud that everyone could come together for such a large project and we hope to show the world what Theaca can offer."

      The Roku I telescope is currently one of the most advanced telescopes in the world with a stuffing 2.5 meter diameter adaptive optical unit and over 6000 actuators to help get the clearest image possible. The final segment (pictured right) ins one of nearly 800 identical 40 meter segments that make up the entire array of the Roku I telescope. With a total cost of 1.6 billion guilders the Roku I is also one of the most expensive pieces of modern technology. From the sensitive optical instruments to the large amounts of computers dedicated to image process. Even the floor of the facility has been designed, no pun intended, from the ground up. The foundation has been built specifically to be earthquake resistant due to the sensitivity of the equipment within the telescope's interior. With both the extreme cost and amount of technology invested into a single telescope the RNTP has taken great care to ensure each part is delivered in the safest and most efficient manner possible as even the slightest error in transport could have devastating effects for the equipment.

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      Ten Thousand Turn up for Spontaneous Pride Demonstration



      A crowd in front of the stage where Night of Firsts was set to preform live.


      Over ten thousand party-goers gathered in the historic Terrace Plaza for an impromptu concert by the indie band Night of Firsts. Crowds flooded the plaza garbed in white outfits and carrying flags and signs depicting the 1943 Terrace Plaza Riots. This spontaneous and unplanned demonstration was news to both city administration and local residents who suddenly found their streets flooded with activists. By 13:45 the crowd had grown to over an estimated one thousand people and festivities were in full swing. The original call to action appeared to be a headed by both the Night of Firsts Nu-Board page along with the popular "cyberactivist" Bnd3. Both parties pinning a similar post on their boards.

      The Nu-Board post by Bnd3 approximately 3 hours before the festival's start at 13:34.

      The festivities included speeches from well known community activists such as Lian Guo, Sun Heng, and the aforementioned Bnd3 as well as a surprise appearance by famed actress and LGBT advocate Liu He. Poetry reading along sharing personal stories was also highlighted during the festival with members of the LGBT community, many of whom were young Theacans, coming to share their stories of adversity and triumph in the recent years. Many of the interviewed attendees stated they were called to the Terrace Plaza in remembrance of the events that occurred in the Terrace Plaza Riots and to celebrate the progress in LGBT rights.

      By 23:40 the strange pop-up festival had died down and the last of the party-goers dispersed. The last forty minutes were dedicated to cleaning up the mess left behind by the earlier celebratory actions. When interviewed one attendee said "(they) were sticking around to make sure everything was cleaned up. We want to make sure this is a positive experience for everyone, including the people who live here." Residents in the area have confirmed that the gathering was peaceful and that after the festival volunteers had finished with tidying up one might never even know that a massive party had concluded mere minutes ago.

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    • sX9OlXP.png

      Full Text of The King's 2020 Christmas Message

      At this time of year, few sights evoke more feelings of love than seeing families around the wurld gather to celebrate Christmas.

      In 1991 during the Marenesian War, I spent Christmas onboard the HMGS Monmouth as a father of two children, the first time having been away from my family at this time of year.

      Since then, I have endeavoured to remain at home here to be with the ones I loved.

      Gathering around the table here at Santhope House for Christmas lunch, gives us a chance to think about the year ahead - I am looking forward to a busy 2021.

      It also allows us to reflect on the year that has passed, as we think of those who are far away or no longer with us, for me personally, my son the Late Duke of Wessex.

      Many people say the first few Christmas' after losing a loved one is particularly hard. But it's also a time to remember all that we have to be thankful for.

      This year, as part of my Christmas tradition of donating to charity. I am glad to announce, that Mary and I have agreed to establish the Duke of Wessex Foundation and Institute for Brain Cancer Research.

      It is true that the wurld has had to confront moments of darkness this year, but the Bible contains a passage, which many see as a verse of hope and prosperity. "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."

      Sooner or later we all become award of the passing of the years, but every now and then we get a sharp reminder that time is moving on rather quick than we expect.

      This happened to me last month when we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Mary and I were very touched that so many of you were kind enough to send messages of good wishes.

      There is no point in regretting the passage of time. Growing older is one of the facts of life, and it has its own compensations. Experience should help us to take a more balanced view of events and to be more understanding about the foibles of human nature.

      Like everyone else, I learn about what is going on in the wurld from the media, but I am fortunate to have another source of information. Every day hundreds of letters come to my desk, a I make a point of reading as many of them as I possibly can.

      The vast majority are a pleasure to read. There are also sad ones from people who want help, there are interesting ones from people who want to tell me what they think abut current issues, or who have suggestions to make about changing the way things are done. Others are full of frank advice for me and my family and some of them do not hesitate to be critical.

      It is only too easy for passionate loyalty to one's own country, race or religion, or even to one's favourite football club, to be corroded into intolerance, bigotry and ultimately into violence.

      We have witnessed some frightening examples of this in recent years. All too often intolerance creates the resentment and anger which fill the headlines and divide communities and nations and even families.

      From time to time we also see some inspiring examples of tolerance. Mr William McInnes, whose daughter Catherine lost her life in the horrifying Tamworth Terror Attacks, impressed the whole world by the depth of his forgiveness.

      His strength, and that of his wife, and the courage of their daughter, came from their Christian conviction. All of us will echo their prayer that out of personal tragedies of Tamworth and other similar tragedies, may come a reconciliation between communities.

      There are striking illustrations of the way in which the many different communities can come together in peaceful harmony. In August, I attended the National Day of Remembrance inter-faith service Observance at St Christopher's Cathedral in Tamworth. At that service we were all united in our willingness to pray for the common good.

      This is a symbol of mutual tolerance and I find it most encouraging. Of course it is right that people should their beliefs and their faiths strongly and sincerely, but perhaps we should also have the humility to accept that, while we each have right to our own convictions, others have right to theirs too.

      At the Remembrance service, I had the opportunity to talk to Allan McMurtrie, the leader of the Cambrian Independence Party, who was the leader of the Cambrian Revolutionary Army during the Cambrian Uprising. While he was a part of the Cambrian independence movement in the 90's, he unreservedly stated that political violence has no place in Gallambrian society, particularly not in this day and age when we have so much at stake.

      But, I am afraid that the Christmas message of goodwill has usually evaporated by the time we lay our heads down for a much needed sleep at the end of the day. This year I hope we will remember the many victims of violence and intolerance and the suffering of their families. Christians are taught to love their neighbours, not just at Christmas, but all the year round.

      I hope we will all help each other to have a happy Christmas and, when the New Year comes, resolve to work for tolerance, peace, and an understanding between all people.

      Happy Christmas to you all.

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      Arhomaneia Steps up Preparations for Winter

      Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion Determined Not to See Repeat of Last Year

      Last winter was one of the worst winters on record and certainly within living memory. Severe winter storms saw chaos brought across northern Arhomaneia and lasted until late spring. Temperatures in the Trapezion, Kalamanion and Ioubaboion themata rarely got above freezing for several months. Road and rail networks were repeatedly closed by snowfall or avalanches and there were many stories of motorists becoming cut off by sudden blizzards and succumbing to the freezing weather. Villages and towns were often entirely isolated for weeks at a time, and it took major efforts by both civilian and military forces to reopen routes to some settlements. Whilst it is true of every economy, much of the north of our nation is dependent on those routes being open – sustainable logging and mining make up much of the economy and, in turn, support most of the local jobs.

      In the aftermath, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had to cover the cost of damage to infrastructure, which led to a tax rise across the country. At first, it was reported that the Logothesion tou Genikou, the Ministry of Finance, planned to levy this purely against the north of the country, before it was pointed out personally by the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator this would cause more hardship than necessary. However, this rumour has been denied by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, which has stated that it was clear that any tax raised for the recovery of the most affected regions couldn't be raised within those regions themselves without causing further damage.

      The rise in taxes, although stated to be for a fixed period, was unpopular in the south. This was especially across the Kentriki Thalassa, the Central Sea, as the weather felt there even during the depths of the winter was nowhere near as bad as in the north. There were surprising scenes of weeks of snow in Dymafos and other cities in the far south, however. In the end, the Arhomaiki sense of Christian charity won through and there were no public protests against a rise in taxes. It certainly helped that the Patriarkhai of Arhoma and Dymafos made vocal calls to support those most affected by the awful weather.

      Throughout the summer and autumn, the local emergency services have been performing exercises, both physical and digital, to be able to better perform if this coming winter is as bad as the previous one. The vaunted Apelatai, the élite mountain infantry, also took part within these exercises, along with the Pyrgioi, the border guard, and various volunteer organisations and groups. The aim of these was to respond to rapidly to any worsening conditions and to try to rescue cut off people as quickly as possible, as well as to make sure that all of the organisations could work well together.

      “Whilst at times it did stretch the imagination to pretend to be in winter conditions whilst sweltering in the summer heat, it is felt by the Apelatai that we and our civilian colleagues are prepared to face another winter like last year,” said Vounokrator Exaugoustos Apsaras, the commanding officer of the Apelatai. “I pray that we do not see a repeat of last year but I also hope that people are more prepared that last year, and are willing to take heed of the warnings issued by our holy government.”

      Arhomaneia was not, of course, the only nation to suffer from the severe winter – most of the nations in the north of Europa similarly suffered. The Gharoi used the terrible weather to heap further misery and hardship on the heretical Christians that they were forcing from their borders. The other barbariki nations of northern Europa were as hard hit, if not worse, than the Megas Agios Basileia. It is rumoured that the Volskiki Demokrateia, the Volsci Republic, sank further into turmoil over the winter, with the weather presaging significant famine across the country, as stockpiles were used up during the cold months, although there have been few verifiable reports from that country since the Great Europan Collapse. To an extent, this is likely due to that fact that they have been repeatedly antagonistic to God's Chosen Nation on Eurth in the past, so they are now facing comeuppance for their actions.

      Nonetheless, God willing, this winter will not be of the severity of the last. If it proves to be, it should be hoped that our citizens will follow the advice of the authorities and there will not be the hundreds of needless deaths of Arhomaioi as there was last year.


      Koussoeiki Official Lambasts Arhomaneia

      Leading Expatriate Appears to Bite the Hand that Feeds

      In a move most within Arhomaneia would consider surprising, Hormisdas Haakon, the unofficial head of the Koussoeiki expatriate community, launched a scathing attack on the actions of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion over the fate of Koussoeia. The statements were given as part of an interview on Arhomaiki Radiotileoptikí Hetaireía, the state radio and television network. Although the state network prides itself on being more or less separate from our government itself, this may well have been a step too far. Allowing a barbaros to attack our holy nation in such manner goes well beyond an attempt to be impartial and moves towards a direct attack on our government. Indeed, due to the fact that our nation is a mirror of the Kingdom of Heaven, it verges upon the blasphemous.

      Worse, however, is the fact that a group that the Megas Agios Basileia has taken in through the kindness of our hearts and Christian mercy is willing to portray their gracious hosts as almost culpable for the crimes inflicted upon them by the northern savages. Haakon was once a middling official in the Koussoeiki royal court, as Axwarbed or Stable Master. It would not be surprising to find that he was merely a fixer or supplier for the sort of hedonism that happened in the scandalous court of the Shahanshah, lurid tales of which have long been heard throughout Arhomaneia.

      “Our nations were allies against the threat of the Gharoi for many years and we were abandoned by the Arhomaiki in our hour of need – both by Adaptos and by Tagmation,” Haakon said. “Indeed, before that, too. As Europa suffered one of the worst financial shocks in the history of the continent, if not the Wurld, our southern neighbours ignored our plight.”

      Indeed, Haakon went on to indulge in a conspiracy theory that has been doing the rounds within the expatriate community – that the Arhomaioi allowed the crisis to spread unchallenged throughout northern Europa, in the hopes that it weakened the other nations there so that both Arhomaneia and Adaptos could then exert further influence or even attempt to conquer the nations that surround them. The so-called Axwarbed went on to point towards the Northern Europan Development Fund as evidence for this, that it represented an attempt by the ABK to make other nations dependent on Arhomaneia for their financial security and therefore amenable to political demands.

      The Koussoeiki leader also suggested that this reluctance on the part of the Megas Agios Basileia to intervene forcefully against the actions by the Exkousiokrateia will be regarded by the Gharoi as weakness, especially within the Occidental subcontinent. “Because of this failure to stand up against the Gharoi, the Arhomaioi will likely face threats in the future, especially in those lands that now border the territories of my unjustly occupied homeland. They will look back on the time when they could have nipped the excesses of those enemies to civilisation in the bud and deeply regret it.”

      This paper questioned the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion on whether our nation had attempted to take advantage of the crisis in Europa over a decade ago. This was flatly denied by a representative of the government. “It entirely untrue that the Megas Agios Basileia allowed the situation during the Great Europan Collapse to get as bad as it did in order to profit from it, especially as it damaged the livelihoods of Arhomaioi and our nation's economy almost as badly as it did other nations.”

      When further asked about the idea that our western neighbour planned to annex the Endoxi Epikrateia, the Glorious Dominate, which would not be protested by the ABK, the representative continued: “In recent years, it seemed that Koussoeia was on the verge of collapse and with hindsight, it would have been preferable to have supported them at the time, to prevent the anarchy that boiled over. And likely an occupation by Adaptos would have avoided the refugee crisis that we have seen in recent months.”

      The representative went on to respond to the suggestion that the Exkousiokrateia would become a threat to the wider subcontinent. “We believe that although our friendship with the Gharoi has become strained of late, we do not feel that any attempt to annex Arhomaioi territory is likely, whether of the Megas Agios Basileia or the Megas Omospondí Autokrateia. The lands of the Arhomaioi, whether under the Agios Basileos or the Sebastos, remain inviolable.”

      All in all, the comments by Axwarbed Haakon seem to be needlessly antagonistic and it is as yet unknown how the nascent nation-in-exile that is crystallising around himself and Shahzadeh Arsaka will react towards them. Or how representative they are of the views of the Koussoeiki that live within our glorious nation.

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      Winter solstice lottery results: jackpot hits Φ500K

      Winter solstice lotteryANDRO -- The Orinese Winter Solstice Lottery (officially “Yekiremiti Loteri”) is a special draw of the Biherawi National Lottery. The special draw is the biggest draw of the year and takes place every winter solstice.

      This year the jackpot went to a woman from @Pirilao. She was the only one to have the winning numbers 4 - 7 - 11 - 17 - 18 - 28 and the bonus number 23. “I’m going to buy some Cataplana de Marisco to celebrate,” she said. The last time a person from Pirilao won an Orinese jackpot was in 2006.

      On Monday evening, children from the Andro Academy of Fine Arts school called out the winning numbers. Each year, the lottery is marked by a grand celebration. After they announce the number, jubilant street parties follow the winners with bottles of Lysian champagne.

      The Winter Solstice lottery is the biggest lottery draw wurldwide. And this year, there’s Φ500.000 euros being shelled out. Tickets cost Φ20 and there’s a total of Φ2,5 billion in payouts available this year, much of it in smaller prizes. Prizes under Φ50K are tax free.

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      The two best Oimadeta Syngadc (Yuletide markets) are on the long slope of Khatai Square. The markets' brightly decorated stalls sell wooden toys, Cussian crystal, handmade jewelry, classic Haru marionettes, and plenty of potential for tooth decay: honeyed gingerbread, Pnyetat Bycdno (a braided pastry studded with raisins), and kumtah hacdc' ("golden nests," nutty cookies heavy with rum). 

      Wash it all down with mead and cfaadfeha simmat (a sweet mulled wine). Dinner consists of wine sausages and carp—you'll see barrels of the fish everywhere. Slip a carp scale into your wallet to ensure an adequate cash flow for the upcoming year.

      Yhlacdunc' Vacdejym

      Yhlacdunc' Vacdejym (Pronounced: "AE-ha-luah-ku-deoon-ku' FUah-ku-deeay-jaeaem"; "Ancestors' Festival") is a twenty-day Haru religious festival, culminating in celebrations on the 4th day of the first month in the Haru calendar, at the end of Yule.

      The first ten days is a time when many citizenry will pay their respects to deceased relatives of up to seven generations. Monks chant the suttas in the old Dakat language overnight (continuously, without sleeping) in prelude to the gates of Ghe'Tor (closest translation is a form of Hell) opening, an event that is presumed to occur once a year, and is linked to the cosmology of Yanji Ki'Ra, First Priest of Nidaba. During this period, the gates of Ghe'Tor are opened and manes (spirits) of the ancestors are presumed to be especially active. In order to combat this, food-offerings are made to benefit them, some of them having the opportunity to end their period of dishonor, whereas others are imagined to leave Ghe'Tor temporarily, to then return to endure more suffering; without much explanation, relatives who are not in Ghe'Tor (who are in Rymmc uv Mekrd (Halls of Light) or otherwise reincarnated) are also generally imagined to benefit from the ceremonies.

      In temples adhering to canonical protocol, the offering of food itself is made from the laypeople to the (living) monks, thus generating "merit" that indirectly benefits the dead. However, in many temples, this is either accompanied by or superseded by food offerings that are imagined to directly transfer from the living to the dead.

      One the eleventh day of the festival, it will become the Time of the Crows. The ebony winged ones are thought to help guide the deceased into the afterlife, so families with a recently departed loved one will guide a crow (or a child dressed as a crow) through the streets to both honor and aid their deceased to the Rymmc uv Mekrd.

      On the last day of the festival, it is the Rite of Passage. It is here that Emperor/ress who believes in the old ways, will ascend to several thousand steps to the summit of the Tyng Sudran temple within Prathen. Here, he or she will accept the deaths of those who've chosen to die as sacrifices to the Goddess Nidaba, Lady of writing, learning and the harvest. As the ruler of the land collects the hearts of those who've chosen to give their lives so that the land may grow, the hearts will be placed within urns and laid before the great statue of Nidaba, daughter of Tyng Sudran, as an offering of daughters and sons, for the next hundred years.

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      Cristina strikes Mantellan army bases after bombs found in Bianca Plains

      Cristinese aircraft struck Mantellan military targets this Friday, the Mantellan government confirmed the attack in a rare statement.




      City of Siena - Cristina's military says it launched air strikes against Mantellan military targets in Triangolo Bianco region, north of the city of Siena overnight, after explosive devices were found in the Cristinese-occupied Bianca Plains.

      The Mantellan state news agency said the country's air defences had "confronted a Cristinese aerial aggression" and downed a number of missiles.

      It reported that three Mantellan soldiers were killed and another was injured.

      But a monitoring group reported that seven people died, including two foreigners.

      Mantella has repeatedly struck Cristinese targets in the region and those of allied militia groups in recent years, but it rarely publicly claims responsibility.

      It has said it will not tolerate Cristinese "entrenchment" in Mantella.

      On WednesdaThursday, five M-18 anti-personnel charges were found near a Cristinese military position in the Bianca Plains, Cristinese military spokesman Lt Col Fabio Sperino told RCN reporters.

      The devices were planted by a Mantellan squad on the orders of Mantellan's Avanti Force, the main overseas operations arm of the Mantellan National Armed Forces, he added.

      "That is why we decided to retaliate against them in Bianca."

      Cristinese SAF-13 fighter jets hit targets belonging to the Avanti Force and the Mantellan army, including "storage facilities, headquarters and military compounds", as well as Mantellan surface-to-air missile batteries, according to the Cristinese military.



      Photo: A Cristinese Royal Air Force's SAF-13 aircraft used to strike against Mantellan military targets.


       LtCol Sperino said three Mantellan command centres were hit - a headquarters at Lucca international airport, east of Siena, a Avanti Force base inside the headquarters of Mantellan Army's 5th Division, and a "secret military site which served as a hosting facility for senior Mantellan delegations".

      "We hope now that the message is clear - that it is unacceptable that the Tito's New Order regime allows and tolerates and facilitates the use by Mantellan forces of the region as a launchpad for attacks against Cristina," he added.

      Mantellan state television showed blasts in the sky above Lucca before dawn.

      "The Cristinese also launched an aerial aggression from the direction of the occupied Bianca Region that targeted the Lucca region as the Mantellan air defences confronted it and downed a number of rockets," a military source later told the official news agency.

      The source added: "Three soldiers were martyred in the aggression, and a soldier was injured, in addition to causing material damage."

      The Royal Observatory for Human Rights, a Cristina-based monitoring group, reported that the strikes targeted air defence positions near Lucca airport and south-east of the city, as well as positions and ammunition depots used by pro-New Order fighters near Siena.

      Two foreigners were killed in addition to the three Mantellan soldiers, it said.

      They comprised one fighter who was "likely Emakeran and belonging to the Avanti Force", and one other who may has been a mercenary fighter from @Novanya  or  @Miiros, it added.

      Europan intelligence sources suggest Cristina has stepped up strikes on Mantella this year with Lysian approval, in an effort to check Mantella's military reach.




      Photo: The Cristinese Royal Army on patrol in the Bianca region.


      The latest strikes took place one week after Queen Nova Korvini expressed her wish to downsize the Cristinese military presence in the 'Cristinese Corridor' and one day before Cristinese Minister of State Adriana Monadic was due to arrive in Siena for a two-day visit.

      Cristinese government reports that Mrs Monadic is expected to become the first Cristinese Minister of State to visit the region. The state department has not yet confirmed her itinerary.

      Cristinese seized the Triangolo Bianco zone from Mantellan in 1999, during the Cristinese War of Independence. In 2019, the Lysian Republic was the first country to recognise Cristinese temporary right over the area since Cristinese effectively occupied it in 2001 as part of the buffer region known as the Special Administrative Zone (SAZ) or  'Cristinese Corridor' that comprises Mantellan provinces that oppose the current Mantellan regime.

      Edited by Cristina
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      Prime Minister Nadia Burnett has apologies for failings in the lead-up to the Bloody January attacks, after a royal commission recommended a raft of legislative changes to prevent another attack in the future.

      In January, Cambrian Separatists launched attacks in various locations in Tamworth, killing 4,234 people and injuring scores more.

      The royal commission into the attacks has recommended new legislation to criminalise planning or preparing a terrorist attack, and the strengthening of laws around acquisition of commercial quantities of as Ammonium Nitrate and other hazardous chemicals.

      Ms Burnett said there would be accountability, and said implementing the recommendations was the "least we owe" those who died in the attacks.

      "On the matters of how the attacks occurred and what could have been done to stop it, the commission found no failures within any government agencies that would have allowed the terrorist's planning and preparation to be detected," Ms Burnett said.

      "But they did identify many lessons to be learned and significant areas needing change." The report found Gallambria's intelligence and security services failed to appropriately investigate the threat of separatist extremism before the attacks. "While the commission made no findings that these issues would have stopped the attacks, these were failings none the less, and for that, on behalf of the Government, I apologise," Ms Burnett said.

      The report also found that the New Cambrian Revolutionary Army had began to plan the attacks almost immediately, once material support had been confirmed.

      However, the report ultimately concludes that police and counterterrorism authorities could not have been alerted about the imminent terrorist attack.

      "Given the operational security that the NCRA maintained ... and capacity of the counter-terrorism agencies, there was no plausible way the plans could have been detected except by chance," the commission found.

      The 6 members arrest shortly after the attacks, are now serving life sentences for planning an act or acts of terrorism. They will not be eligible for parole.



      Gallambria's chief spy has blamed his agency's "inappropriate" focus on Salamic extremism on a lack of Government funding, after the royal commission's terror inquiry criticised a lack leadership within the national security system.

      Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, Sir Peter Wakeley defended the Government's national security operators on Tuesday, when a report from the Royal Commission into the Bloody January attacks revealed "a systemic failure to recognise that there was threat of extreme separatist domestic terrorism".

      Wakeley apologised to the Salamite community, which had been critical of its treatment by the Security Service. But he asserted the Salamite community as a whole were not monitored.

      "I know that it has been really difficult for them over the last few years, and that they have found some of the interactions they have had with the Security Service difficult and it has made them feel like they have been targeted," he said.

      The inquiry found the focus on Salamic extremism was "not the result of a considered system wide decision", and there was no method for evaluating the national security system's counter-terrorism efforts.

      A patchwork of agencies contributed to the national security strategy, including GSIO, GSIS, Gallambrian Signals Directorate, Office of National Intelligence, the Federal Police and, Customs and Border Protection.

      The inquiry found that, despite the Office of National Intelligence acting as the lead agency for counter-terrorism, there were differing views about who was leading counter-terrorism work.

      Wakeley welcomed the recommendations of the royal commission, and stated he was willing to work with the government to establish a joint national counter-terrorism apparatus.



      The sharemarket rose as investors bet on a more positive outlook for defence contractor GAe Systems and wealth management firm Crimson Permanent Assurance.

      The benchmarks GSX 200 advanced 1.34 per cent, or 169.81 points, to close at 12,889.40.

      "Our market has really been driven today by a stellar performance from GAe and CPA which have been the two main gainers," said Michael Patterson, an investment adviser at GMP.

      CPA, who announced a new board of directors after last weeks annual general meeting was the second-busiest stock traded on Tuesday with 5.2 millions shares changing hands. CPA rose 7.2 per cent to £1.52. The shares have jumped 25 per cent this month, but are still shy of their all-time high of £1.73 in early January.

      Shares in CPA are in demand after the company rejoined the benchmark in August, prompting investors who track the index to add it to their portfolios.

      Adding to the demand, analysts at AMP, published an optimistic outlook for the company last week, following publication of its projected first-half profits last Friday, saying they expect the share price to double to £3.00 over the next year.

      "They have been able to rally strongly since their result and that broker upgrade. That momentum has been carried on into this week," Patterson said.

      "A number of investors are looking for value and thought that was an opportunity with CPA."

      GAe Systems was the most active stock, with 7.4 million shares traded. 

      With the Government set to release it's preferred supplier for the previously undisclosed project Titans' Reach, an acquisition project to give Gallambria the infrastructure to project a sea-based nuclear deterrence, GAe Systems has been pitted as the favourite to win out-right the contract, which will be announced on Friday.


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      On December 2nd, a car bomb exploded near a refugee medical zone within reach of the city-state Tver, killing a civilian staffed medical unit and injuring fourteen others. Aleksandar Keturo, Jian Frerl, Dai K'lur, and Yasmine Hallas were later identified as the members of the medical team killed in the bombing. 

      The device used in the attack was filled with metal fragments. According to Aqdaneun-ECC, Department C/ EEC/C spokesman Ane Yakel, it contained around 10 kilograms (22 lb) of explosive. "For the future of Tver it could not be a more tragic incident," Sihelebym Bumela (Municipal Police) spokesman Derk Hanga stated. "This is an attack against everything that people trying to build this country are working for."

      The crime scene was quickly secured by SB police and EEC/C personnel. It was soon discovered the detonator that had been used in the attack; Torlin Yrel's fingerprint was found to be on it. Yrel was arrested several days after the bombing. He was charged with murder, attempted murder and terrorism.

      In 2001, Yrel was discharged from the Imperial Legionary under Paragraph 55 of the Legionnaires' Act, which is enforced when a member of the legionary has "culpably violated their duty to serve" or "seriously endangered the military order or the reputation of the regiment in service to".

      Yrel's trial commenced December 4th; he pleaded not guilty. The trial was held under heavy security, with Cbaleym Vunlac Nacbuhtanc (CVN) officers wearing ballistic vests and armed with automatic rifles. The prosecution argued that the bombing was a "revenge attack" stemming from Yrel's "hatred of Cussians". On today's date the 7th of December, Yrel was convicted on all counts and sentenced to thirty-five years' imprisonment at the hard labor prison of Ninas Pente. 

      Edited by Haruspex
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      A Proclamation
      By His Majesty, King Albert the Second, by the Grace of God, King of Gallambria.

      Whereas, we have taken into our Royal Consideration, the existing territories of the Kingdom of Gallambria, and their contribution to the Kingdom of Gallambria; and being desirous that Our loving subjects be able to continue to identify their home lands according to their long-established practices and traditions.

      We have thought fit, with the advice of Our Said Privy Council, the Cabinet of His Majesty's Government and the Special Committee for Marenai Affairs, to issue this Our Royal Proclamation, hereby to publish and declare to all our loving Subjects, that we have, with the advice of Our Said Privy Council, granted Our Letters Patent, under our Great Seal of Gallambria, that within the islands and territories of Marenesia, the following Orders do apply.

      First - That His Majesty's Administrator and Government of the Ashford and Tarago Islands cede governance of the Territory of Ashford and Tarago Islands, to the Administrator and Government of the Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territories.

      Secondly – The Government of the Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territory shall govern the lands and seas consisting of the lands of Blackwell Island, Huon Island, Tashkar Island, Kentley Island, Fortuna Island, Balfry Island, Mary Cay, Albert Cay, Ashford Island, and Tarago Island, and the sea for two hundred nautical miles from their sea coast.

      The Island known as “Blackwell Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Eight Degrees, Seventeen Minutes, Twenty-Three Seconds North, and One Degree, Twenty-Six Minutes, Fifty-Four Seconds East, shall know be known as "Ma'erepu".

      The Island known as “Huon Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Five Degrees, Thirty-Two Minutes, Thirty-Five Seconds North, and Twelve Degrees, Eight Minutes, Twenty-Two Seconds East, shall know be known as "Wharekauri".

      The Island known as “Tashkar Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Seven Degrees, Fifty-Two Minutes, Twenty-Three Seconds North, and Two Degrees, Thirteen Minutes, Ten Seconds East, shall know be known as "Ara'ura".

      The Island known as “Kently Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Two Degrees, Five Minutes, Fifteen Seconds North, and Nine Degrees, Fifty-One Minutes, Forty-One Seconds East, shall know be known as "Makei".

      The Island known as “Fortuna Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Five Degrees, Eleven Minutes, Forty-Seven Seconds South, and Three Degrees, Twenty-One Minutes, Twenty-Two Seconds West, , shall know be known as "Motutapu".

      The Island known as “Balfry Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Five Degrees, Three Minutes, Ten Seconds South, and Six Degrees, Eleven Minutes, Fourteen Seconds West, shall know be known as "Rangitoto".

      The Island known as “Albert Cay” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Five Degrees, Forty-One Minutes, Thirty-One Seconds South, and Seven Degrees, Eighteen Minutes, Forty-Four Seconds West, shall know be known as "Te Puka-Hereka".

      The Island known as “Mary Cay” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Four Degrees, Twenty-Two Minutes, Six Seconds South, and Seven Degrees, Twenty-Seven Minutes, Five Seconds West, shall know be known as "Mar'raru".

      The Island known as “Ashford Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Seven Degrees, Forty-Five Minutes, Twenty Seconds South, and Five Degrees, Fifty-Seven Minutes, Twelve Seconds East, shall know be known as "Whakaari".

      The Island known as “Tarago Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Nine Degrees, Thirty-Nine Minutes, Fifty-One Seconds South, and Seven Degrees, Forty-Two Minutes, Two Seconds East, shall know be known as "Raratoka".

      We have thought fit to publish and declare, by this Our Proclamation, that We have, in the Letters Patent under our Great Seal of Gallambria, by which the said Government is constituted, given express power and direction to our Governors of our said territory, that so soon as the state and circumstances of the said territory will admit thereof, they shall, with the advice and consent of the Members of Our Council, summon and call General Assemblies within the said Government, in such manner and form as in use and directed in that territory which are under our immediate Government.

      We have also given power to the said Governor, with the consent of our Said Council, and the Representatives of the People so to be summoned as aforesaid, to make, constitute, and ordain laws, statutes, and ordinances for the public peace, welfare, and good government of our said territory, and of the people and inhabitants thereof, as near as may be agreeable to the Laws of Gallambria, and under such regulation and restrictions as are used in other territories, and in the meantime, and until such assemblies can be called as aforesaid, all Persons inhabiting in or resorting to our said territory may confide in our Royal Protection for the Enjoyment and Benefit of the Laws of our Realm of Gallambria.

      Given at Our Court at Santhope House, on the 6th Day of December 2020, in the seventh year of our Reign.



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      Dual citizenship in the cards

      CitizenshipO'POLIS -- Orioni has on of the Eurth’s largest diaspora but the country’s constitution doesn’t permit Orinese nationals to have dual citizenship: if they wish to apply for citizenship elsewhere, they must forsake their Orinese passport and the right to participate in their home island's democratic process.

      Some in O'polis think that it would be a good idea to allow the 10 million Orinese living abroad to have the best of both worlds. A bill is currently being considered in parliament that could amend the constitution and throw out the rule barring dual citizenship for Orinese nationals.

      Many of Orioni's brightest and best seek education and business opportunities abroad; the proponents of dual citizenship will hope that the measure encourages Orinese to return home.

      Who watches the watchers?

      ZUIDHAVEN -- O'polis wants to keep better tabs on its citizens. This week authorities announced a Φ4m plan to increase surveillance on the streets of Zuidhaven by introducing a smart system that will consolidate CCTV cameras and enable the southern metropolis to deploy more in the future. The plan is to have 2.000 eyes monitoring the city in the next three months and then to expand to about 6.000 by the end of 2021.

      While few people would complain about making the city safer, the technology behind the system is worrying others. The imaging – which can be accessed by the police service, the Akali 11 and the transport authority – will use facial-recognition software. The government will certainly learn in the coming months that residents have mixed feelings about being watched.

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      Trade and Finance Minister: ‘Salvian Economic League’ Likely After Positive Initial Discussions


      :pic: The minister held a press conference with journalists this morning shortly before noon

      The Minister of Trade and Finance Leo Conway spoke to the media earlier this morning to disclose a potential deal being discussed by Salvia’s immediate neighbors.  He told reporters that he felt “confident” that “some sort of ‘Salvian economic league’” will be formed in the coming year.

      The deal intends to form a trading bloc with Salvia and several other neighboring nations, including Alvernia, Tanemum, and Kitea, with calls among Salvians for reunification with the formermost nation.  

      Some Salvian nationalists have pushed the deal so as to promote unity amongst the Salvian people.  “Salvian unification starts with small steps,” Ductaha Concilio representative Jacob Moltisako was quoted as saying after Conway’s discussions with journalists.  “This economic deal is one such step that will promote overall Salvian unity.”

      The Trade and Finance Minister declined to state whether the aim of this economic deal was to promote unity, insisting the focus of it was economic.

      “Forming an economic bloc with our neighbors will help Salvia immensely economically by allowing us to negotiate better trade deals and promote economic growth,” he would state, “the focus is on our economy, not political unification with our neighbors.”

      Conway explained to reporters that the talks, which were reportedly held in October, were only preliminary, initial discussions and were largely “just a proposal for some sort of framework,” however the talks were still “very successful and promising.”

      Despite the minister’s cautions of the deal being in the very early stages, he also emphasized his confidence in the deal’s future success.  The market seemed to mirror Conway’s confidence, with stocks jumping shortly after the lunch break following the press conference.

      President Saulius, when asked to comment, said the deal would grow Salvia’s “booming economy” even further, “profoundly meeting the needs of the Salvian economy.”  He also praised the negotiators for their work in “securing Salvia’s economic success.”

      Salvian unification has been at the forefront of Salvian politics since 2019 and has only grown in prominence since.  Many nationalists greeted the news with excitement and optimism.

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      ArhomaneiaGalahindeia Spat sees No Sign of Abating

      Although it has bubbled below the surface for some weeks, the diplomatic argument between the Megas Agios Basileia and the Eniaio Synkrotima appears to be on the cusp of erupting again. There are rumours, unconfirmed as they are, that the only reason that the situation quietened down was due to the fact that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion did not pick up on the refusal of Proedros Yiu Amistacia, the head of state of Galahindeia @Galahinda, to apologise for their actions. This was because the reply to Arhomaneia's request was not returned through diplomatic channels, but during a press conference in the aftermath of a fashion show. Perhaps adding to the confusion, the Arhomaiki government did not publicly call for an apology, but felt that one given privately by the Proedros would suffice, thereby diffusing the argument and allowing the barbariki leader to not lose face to their own nation.

      However, it now appears that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has now issued a call for a public apology through diplomatic channels to the Proedros, although with the caveat that it can be given as a private individual, rather than as the Galahindiki head of state. It is thought that is to make the apology more palatable and to make sure that the situation does not spiral further. It remains to be seen whether Amistacia will take that step – if their previous actions are anything to go by, then the likelihood of that is minimal. Precisely what, then, the Arhomaiki government will do is unknown. The likelihood is that the relations between the two nations will continue to cool, although it does not seem that they could possibly get much worse than they currently are. However, due to the fact that this is not likely to turn into an open conflict, the worse the situation will get will possibly be a withdrawal of diplomatic representation by Arhomaneia and Galahinda, rather than any sanctions or embargoes. Who will blink first and take that step is, as yet, unknown.

      His All-Holiness, Kosmas I Arkhiepiskopos ton Europatorion and Katholikos Patriarkhes was approached by the Arhomaiki Alfa Tileoptikou Diktyou for comments on the statements made by Proedros Amistacia during the press conference. When asked about whether the Proedros resembled a 'champion of the arts', his All-Holiness said this: “Whilst 'art' itself is a remarkably broad topic, the definition and perception of which changes from individual to individual, what was performed on that video was intentionally provocative, in every sense of the word apart from that which implies making one think more deeply about a topic. It was nothing more than mindless, artless pornography.”

      It is a remarkably harsh statement by His All-Holiness, who has, in the seventeen years since he was installed as the Katholikos Patriarkhes, striven to act in a more accepting manner and heal the rifts that have developed between the various branches of Christianity over the past two thousand years. It shows the anger that has developed within the Oecamenical Church at the actions of the Galahindoi. It is felt by the Church that its open door policy towards foreign film crews for documentary purposes was abused for ends that mocked and insulted our shared faith. It is reported that the Church looked into retaining a law firm in Cascadia in order to investigate the possibility of a suit against Alyiah Arotica and Yiu Amistacia, although this has not been confirmed, either officially or unofficially.

      Perhaps the most surprising thing about the press conference, however, was the appearance of what seems to be military uniforms, manufactured by MYNE. This is the company that Yiu Amistacia represents on the Corporate Board, the governing body of the Eniaío Synkrotima. Whilst the Proedros themselves said that it was an attempt to break into the market of uniforms for other nations' militaries, rumours have flown that it is actually the start of the formation of a Galahindiki armed force, beyond the privatised security bodies that they currently possess. How this might shift the balance of power in the Adlantic Ocean is unknown. It seems that the diplomatic spat between Arhomaneia and Galahindeia may well have been manufactured by the Proedros to provide a reason for a military to be built in the island nation. It is unknown how the other corporations based on the island might react to this.


      Dairy Farmer Support Draws Further Criticism

      The plight of small, independent dairy farmers has become one of the major issues in the farming sector in recent years. As dairy farming is arguably one of the most polluting forms of farming, through the very nature of the cows themselves, it has born the brunt of the attempts of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion at making Arhomaiki farming more ecologically friendly. Cows themselves are a massive producer of methane, one of the major contributing gases to the greenhouse effect. However, Arhomaneia is a nation that similarly consumes a significant amount of dairy products – not just the milk in the tea that keeps the nation running, but the cheese in the sandwiches of the average working people that run our country. An increase in price of milk or cheese has always been unpopular, which has led the dairy farms themselves down the trap that they are currently in.

      The Arhomaiki consumer is very resistant to the change in the price of dairy products, especially in the aftermath of the Long War, when rationing was slowly reduced. Beef has always remained something of a perceived luxury, with mutton being the main meat consumed in Arhomaneia. Even this has declined in recent years, as meat alternatives become more popular year on year. However, what does not seem to change is the fact that dairy products have always been seen as an everyday necessity. Even as the ABK subsidies arable farmers to reduce the size of their fields and replant hedgerows, which were torn up to increase the size of those fields as the mechanisation of farming intensified during and after the Long War, dairy farmers have not been able to access similar funds to try to reduce their own costs. There are options for mechanisation and even computer-guided milking methods that enable the cows themselves to choose the times that they are milked, but the ABK has seemingly turned a blind eye to these options.

      Instead, the majority of dairy farmers are stuck with utilising the machinery of their parents and grandparents – often literally. Whilst the ABK’s options are still open, the two that are gaining the most traction are either subsidising the diary farmers or offering a minimum pricing. Neither of these are precisely desirable, and both have the issue of pushing the cost on to either the consumer or the state. And both of them ultimately favour the large concerns that have been springing up in recent years. Perhaps it is merely a coincidence that two of the biggest farming concerns are owned by the Zemarkhoi and the Kommenoi, two families that need very little introduction. Whilst these families have always shown that they have the best interests of the Megas Agios Basileia at heart, any policy that directly subsidies the cost of diary products or enforces a minimum pricing will benefit those great families more than any other.

      It was posed by this paper to the Logothesion tou Paroikonikou that the two favoured methods for farmers to either recoup or reduce the costs imposed on them by the ABK would favour those two families and the large concerns over the the small farmer. These same small farmers have seen their costs increase in recent years, especially as the ABK has put into place taxes on diesel and machinery that they are unlikely or unable to be able to deal with, at least in the short-term. What was especially raised was the potential for corruption, as both the Zemarkhoi and the Kommenoi families remain linked to the inner workings of the Arhomaiki government. Megas Logothetissa Andrea Khakonakissa herself penned an answer.

      “The Logothesion tou Paroikonikou recognises that there is the perception that any subsidisation or relief given to farmers, whether arable or livestock, will benefit some over others, especially those who have more than most. That is not our intention. Our intention is to make sure that the Arhomaiki farmer, who has long been the backbone of our nation, is not forced out of business by either competition by large-scale combines, foreign imports or the fact that our wurld needs protection from human-influenced climatic events.”

      The Megas Logothetissa denied the inference that the ABK's policies were unfairly benefiting those connected to the Arhomaiki government and that the eventual policy decision was going to make sure that the ordinary farmer was not going to lose out, either due to the environmental policies enacted by the government or due to any price changes of their products that might be forced on them by the supermarkets.

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      Shadowy AI service transforms women's photos into fake nudes
      Rogue Salamite soldier could be released from prison

      'Make fantasy a reality' : Shadowy AI service transforms women's photos into fake nudes

      An artificial-intelligence service freely available on the web has been used to transform more than 100,000 women's images into nude photos without the women's knowledge or consent, triggering fears of a new wave of damaging "deepfakes" that could be used for harassment or blackmail.

      Users of the automated service can anonymously submit a photo of a clothed woman and receive an altered version with the clothing removed. The AI technology, trained on large databased of actual nude photographs, can generate fakes with seemingly lifelike accuracy, matching skin tone and swapping in breasts and genitalia where clothes once were.

      The women's faces remain clearly visible, and no labels are appended to the images to mark them as fake. Some of the original images show girls younger than 18.

      News of the service's widespread ability to create "deepfakes" is not new, after Prime Minister Nadia Burnett took office, the Gallambrian Federal Police investigated members of the far-right Marenai nationalist party, MarenaiFirst, after it was revealed that member's of the party were distributing "deepfakes" of Prime Minister Burnett in an effort to discredit her.

      Rogue Salamite solider who killed three Gallambrian servicemen could be released in Bashan peace talks

      A rogue Salamite soldier who shot dead three Gallambrian servicemen could be freed from prison as part of a Gallambrian peace deal with Arbet 'Aswad.

       Private Michael Adams, Lance Bombardier Robert Manning, and Sergeant Stephen Wright, were murdered by a Sharab-Bashani soldier, Mushtaaq al-Masood, who was later captured and sentenced to life imprisonment.

      After seven years in jail, al-Masood may soon be released as part of a prisoner swap deal being orchestrated by the Hartog administration.

      The move has drawn the criticism of Prime Minister Nadia Burnett.

      "Al-Masood was responsible for murdering three Gallambrians and our position is he should never be released," she said.

      "It is a matter that I've written to the Governor and Chief Minister of the Bashan about, We do no believe his release adds to peace in the region."

      Al-Masood's potential freedom has also enraged Sergeant Wright's widow, Susan, who says pressure should be applied on the Bashani government.

      "Don't let it happen - it's that simple," she said.

      "Letting a murderer out like that. We've got to consider about continuing on helping them"

      The Bashan's government has since signed off on the release of prisoners, including Al-Masood, at the request of Arbet 'Aswad in exchange for peace talks.


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