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    • Whedon's Row — Presidential Speech, Stedoria Invades Velaheria.

      :pic: WDC Peacekeeper observes a field

      “Good afternoon Pentium, I'm Johnathan Blythe with PNA, today is full of important developments.  So let's not waste any time and get down to business.  Welcome to the afternoon news, today's top story revolves around two major stories involving the Republic.  Our main story today is the President's speech commemorating the civil war, and the Siege of Whedon's Row.  We will play the President's speech in full here.”  Johnathan paused, and the screen faded to black, and then to a video.

      The President stood in front of the destroyed Flood MK.1, the previous “battle tank” that Pentium operated.  It had been destroyed during the siege itself, and had been cleaned of its superficial damages, dust and blood that had caked the tracks and lower armour.  However, the rest of the damage, absorbed shells, deflections, bullet gouges and the penetrating shot that brought the beast down, were all still visible.  It was meant to stand as a reminder of the price that was paid by many soldiers and civilian militia that manned the walls and defended the city.  

      The city, was quiet with a sense of revelry and calm for this moment as the president began to speak.

      “People of this Republic, a year ago today.  One of the most adverse and terrible periods of our history came to call, armed mercenaries came to lay siege to our homes.  Like a bad memory from our history, a trend that has continued since the days of our time as an independent city and as the defender of this peninsula under the banner of the old Federation.  Another terrible, yet passing memory that we have endured as a nation.” Callahan took a pause, taking a quick breath before continuing. “Once again, our finest and our bravest people defended this city without a second though, with courage unmatched, and we took up arms against those who would batter down our gates, and take what we have now and cast it into the darkness of the past.”

      And today, we have just begun to reap the rewards of our determination.  A safe home for our people, a nation united and stronger than ever in our past.  Today, the Republic of Pentium stands on the wurld stage as an equal in foreign affairs.  Our negotiations with foreign powers and states have secured jobs, economic prosperity and higher accessibility to modern luxuries and appliances.  This government is still committed to delivering on this, and more, as we continue to seat ourselves on the Wurld.”

      Our nation's military, has seen the first positive budgetary growth in a decade and is expanding its capabilities to keep us safe, and to protect others around the Wurld. Our social services, research, and payments to citizens have also seen positive growth as we reinvest the fruits of our success back into you, the people who make this country all it can be.”

      “Lastly, for today, I want to thank our people for their sacrifices.  Behind me, is one of the casualties of our fight in this very city. Angus Edbury was a young officer whom I had spoken to, and mentored, several times during my lifetime.  I served with his grandfather during the war with the Southern Union.  It was a conflict in which he would give his life for, and much like his grandfather.  Angus would meet the same fate, more than sixty years later.  Due to the enduring sacrifice of the Edbury family, this… reminder of one of our darkest hour.  I dedicate this monument, to their enduring legacy.”

      Callahan turned around, and gestured to the tank.  Applause rang out for a time, it was not loud or overwhelming.  Callahan raised his hand as he retook his podium and shuffled his notes.

      “Thank you all for listening today, Courage in Every Heart, Unity in Every Hand!”

      The screen went to black again, and returned to Johnathan Blythe in the newsroom.  “Onto our next major piece of news.  We have received confirmation of a Stedorian invasion of Velaheria, to recap the current situation.  After an Orinese backed coup that ousted the Starinburg regime within the nation of Velaheria, the Assembled Nations Security Council authorized a peacekeeping operation within the nation.  Pentium, which is part of the temporary security council, has deployed a brigade sized unit to assist in restoring order to that country.  While we are unaware of their exact positions, Colonel Markus Dentz has led these troops and their support elements in the endeavour of restoring order.”

      “What we know, at the moment, is that the AN is already within Vertia.  We are unsure of how far the Stedorians are planning to advance into Velaheria, but considering their defensive justification for this attack, we suspect they will attempt a takeover of the northern Velaherian provinces.  The Pojacki government was quick to condemn the action, President Andrej Petrović stated in a press release that this invasion is a ‘threat to the peace and stability of post-totalitarian Velaheria.’ and ‘The Stedorian government shows precisely why far left governments cannot be trusted.’  This invasion is nothing more than an effort to destabilize the country and cast it back into the darkness of totalitarian oppression.  The Stedorian government, like all far left governments, knows only oppression and control, stifling the free will of the people of this planet.  This is yet another example of the cancer that communism has wrought upon our planet.”

      “Our President was also quick to condemn the actions of the Stedorian invasion, stating that ‘additional WDC peacekeepers are being put on standby.’  This is what we know of the situation at the moment, but we will keep you informed.”

      “That's all we have for you this afternoon, thank you for tuning into PNA.  I've been your host, Johnathan Blythe.”

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      Breaking :: wurld Affairs

      Pojački Government Condemns Stedorian Invasion of Velaheria

      By Natasha Yenotova
      17 July 2024 12:52 [UTC-3] • Updated 7 minutes ago


      • President Petrović condemns @Stedoria invasion of Velaheria
      • Stedorian forces have invaded northern Velaheria
      • Pojački forces presently deployed to Gotain for SFOR Velaheria

      RUGI, 17 JULY (PBN) - On Wednesday, the Stedorian People's Republic invaded northern Velaheria ostensibly for defensive purposes.  The Pojački government under President Andrej Petrović was quick to condemn the invasion as a "threat to the peace and stability of post-totalitarian Velaheria."  In a statement made from the Predsjednički Dvori on Wednesday, President Petrović called upon the PS to withdraw its forces and allow the ANSC to continue its mission of "supporting the peaceful transition to democracy in Velaheria."

      "The Stedorian government shows precisely why far left governments cannot be trusted.  This invasion is nothing more than an effort to destabilize the country and cast it back into the darkness of totalitarian oppression.  The Stedorian government, like all far left governments, know only oppression and control, stifling the free will of the people of this planet.  This is yet another example of the cancer that communism has wrought upon our planet," President Petrović said in his speech.  He further called upon the Assembled Nations to condemn the actions of the Stedorian People's Republic and urged the Velaherian people to stay the course towards democracy even in the midst of these actions.

      The Pojački National Army currently has around 900 troops deployed to Gotain alongside Pentian forces in support of the ANSC's SFOR Velaheria mission.  

      Relations between Stedoria and the Konfederacija Poja have been suspended since the Second Stedorian Revolution in 2010, which ushered the communist government to power.  Since then, the Pojački government continues to recognize the Front Regik Stedoriänik Taduna Monäkiälik (FRSTM) as the legitimate government of Stedoria, which has put the two nations at diplomatic odds.  The President's remarks are sure to further enflame relations between the two nations.  While the President did not announce an increase in deployed forces to counter the Stedorian invasion, he did suggest that the Pojački military presence "could be augmented if necessary."

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      Breaking news out of both Stedoria and Velaheria this morning with confirmed reports that Stedorian Defence Forces personnel have crossed the border into the Velaherian provinces of Elbenau and Veldoria to engage in what has been described by the Stedorian Government as a defensive military operation. The military operation comes after months of political and economic turmoil within Velaheria following a coup d'état counducted by Orinese military personnel under the guise of military co-operation, along with a slow and disorganised deployment of peacekeeping forces throughout the country by the Assembled Nations. Whilst the Government has not yet made public the exact goals of the military operation, it is known that at the Defence Forces plan to temporarily occupy partially or wholly the Velaherian provinces of Elbenau and Veldoria in place of an AN-sponsored peacekeeping force.

      Currently, it is unknown as to how long for this military operation had been planned by the Defence Forces. Days before the operation's commencement, the Stedorian Foreign Affairs Ministry released a statement personally written by Chief Consul Tamäj Köseg, lambasting the AN not only for its disorganised and laggard deployment of peacekeeping forces to Velaheria, but also for the AN's failure to sufficiently condemn and punish the Orioni for its overthrow of the Velaherian government, along with criticising governments that lauded Orioni for its illegal overthrow. Chief Consul KPo further noting that "this is a double standard that shall not be forgotten by the Stedorian People's Republic and its citizens."

      The Velaherian region of Veldoria is the westernmost of the country's provinces, bordering Stedoria, the Morthal Bay, and the provinces of Elbenau and Heisberg. The provincial capital, Vertia, is Velaheria's second largest city, containing 1.1 million citizens, and a pivotal industrial city in the country's north. The city also served as an experiment for budding market reforms during the previous Starinburg government, having been made into an exlusive economic zone in 2009. Additionally, the province's west is home to a Stedorian minority of around 500,000. The province of Elbenau on the other hand, is less populated and economically significant compared to Veldoria. Its capital of Grestin, however is considered to be culturally and historically rich, often being a popular place for cultural festivities. Like Veldoria, the province also contains a small Stedorian minority of approximately 60,000.

      Given how recent the news of the military operation is political and military commentators are still unsure if the operation will result in any sustained military combat or possibly no fighting at all. However, it is believed by some observers that any Velaherian Army resistance would be quickly quelled owing to the currently disorganised state of their military. At the same time however, other observers argue that the Stedorian Government desires to avoid any armed combat, fearing that any hostilities against the AN peacekeeping force in Velaheria would be met with severe international repurcussions. Additionally, it is likely that the Stedorian Government also desires to engage in full-on hostilities so soon after the war against Dolchland following their failed invasion of Velaheria. 

      Foreign reactions to the Stedorian military operation is expected to be strong, particularly from the nations involved in the AN peacekeeping operations in Velaheria. In the statement by Chief Consul Köseg in the days leading up to the operation, the Chief Consul emphasised that the mobilisation and deployment of Defence Forces will solely follow a defensive nature, and that aggression and belligerence is not the goal of Stedoria. However, should the international community act with indignation towards the defensive military operation in Velaheria, it will indeed become abundantly clear that Chief Consul Köseg's accusations of a double-standard by the AN will undoubtedly be accusations with strong merit.



      • Flooding in rural Nujaln-Folkajtadt, no casualties
      • Schennland elections see gains for Gemotamists
      • Republican Institute of Medicine announces expansion of dentistry program
      • Kapojvar FC beat FC Nulfor, 2-1
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      Poja formally recognises Velaheria, boosts diplomatic and democratic ties

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      velaheria-mass-people.jpgRUGI, @Poja -- In a surprising diplomatic move last Monday, the Pojački government officially recognised the new Velaherian government of Lilian Sagan. This marks a new chapter of international relations between the two countries. The formal recognition follows the recent democratic elections in Velaheria, a harsh contrast to its previous totalitarian regime, which Poja refused to acknowledge due to its oppressive policies.

      Speaking from the steps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, Minister Cvjetko Parlov highlighted the significance of this new beginning. “Today marks the first day in the future of Pojački-Velaherian relations. We hope the Velaherian people understand why the Pojački government refused to recognise the murderous and totalitarian regime of Velaheria's past,” Minister Parlov stated while referring to the misdeeds of former supreme leader Ander Von Starinburg, who was apprehended by Orinese forces. “With the removal of that regime, the adoption of a new constitution, and the nation's first free elections, there is nothing more that we can ask of the Velaherian people except the turning of a new page.”

      The recognition comes as Pojački troops join the Peace Legion's initiative in Velaheria, underlining Poja's pledge to support the Velaherian democratic transition and ensuring it remains on a peaceful track. “Pojački forces deploying with the AN Security Council are there to ensure that Velaheria's transition to democracy does not slip backwards. We are on the side of the Velaherian people and this mandate, which they have decided,” Parlov added.

      As part of establishing formal diplomatic relations, Poja is set to open a preliminary diplomatic mission in the capital city, Bastaria. In a first phase, this is achieved through a third-party government until the construction of an official Pojački embassy is completed. Correspondingly, Velaheria is expected to establish its diplomatic presence in Rugi. Minister Parlov announced that Zlatko Lacković has been named as the new Pojački ambassador to Velaheria, signalling a forward momentum in fostering strong bilateral relations.

      This development not only represents a major shift in Poja's foreign policy towards Velaheria, but also demonstrates a broader international willingness to support emerging democracies in their pursuit of stability and governance reform.


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      Arhomaneia embarks on naval expansion for expeditionary forces

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      A large military ship docked in the waterPETRION, @Tagmatium Rules -- A significant milestone in Arhomaneia’s naval expansion was celebrated with a steel cutting ceremony for the first vessel of the new Protomartyr-class aircraft carriers at the Petrion Naval Yard. The ceremony, attended by the Grand Minister of War, Honorios Kontarian, government officials, naval officers, and the Metropolitan of Petrion, marks the beginning of Plan 7542, a robust enhancement of the Imperial Navy.

      Grand Minister Kontarian activated the steel-cutting machine, signifying the start of construction for the Medium-weight Carrier 1 (MWC1), which will lead the Protomartyr-class. This class of aircraft carriers is part of a broader initiative to fortify Arhomaneia's naval capabilities in response to global security challenges.

      “This marks the beginning of a new phase in the history of our holy nation and that of Eurth,” stated Kontarian. “This vessel, her sister ships, and all the other vessels that are to be built by Arhomaneia will help to ensure world peace and a stronger Greater Holy Empire. The events of the Anglian War will never again come to pass.”

      The naval construction program is not only a strategic expansion, but also an economic stimulus, securing jobs across the Greater Holy Empire. The plan includes the construction of 236 ships and over 340 aircraft, amounting to an A$100 billion investment. To address potential environmental concerns, an Inter-Ministerial Working Group for Mitigation of the Environmental Effects of Plan 7542 has been established, tasked with significant tree planting and re-wilding efforts.

      In response to comments from Orinese Chairman Edric Kageni, who labelled the expansion as “aggressive and provocative,” Kontarian emphasized that the expansion aims to provide stability, not disruption. “Aromania will work with its allies and partner-nations to provide a stability that was never there before. With the Greater Holy Empire standing with TRIDENT and others, there will never be a repeat of the mad actions of King Creighton III by any nation,” Kontarian explained. Roiters reached out to Kageni's office for comment, but hadn't received an answer before publication.

      Additionally, the Holy Imperial Government plans to enhance its global naval presence by upgrading facilities at the Imperial Naval Base Ptelenos in the Exarchate of @Kirvina and other locations worldwide. These bases will support the latest generation of Aroman vessels and act as hubs for expeditionary force operations, thereby extending Arhomaneia’s capability to project power into the southern Oriental Ocean.

    • E6Q9eLB.png


      Steel Cutting Ceremony Held

      The First Step to Aroman Naval Supremacy

      The first of the steel cutting ceremonies for the new vessels of the Imperial Navy, announced as part of Plan 7542, was held today. The first vessel will be constructed at the Petrion Naval Yard, and this is the first part of that construction process. The vessel, currently designated Medium-weight Carrier 1 (MWC1) will be the lead ship in the Protomartyr-class, a new class of aircraft carrier for the Imperial Navy. Often, the steel-cutting ceremony is not one that is attended by the high personages of the Holy Imperial Government, but the Grand Minister of War, Honorios Kontarian, activated the machine in person. Also in attendance were numerous other government officials and naval officers, as well as the Metropolitan of Petrion, Ioasafos VI. His Eminence performed a blessing for the ceremony, for the construction to go smoothly and safely.

      “This marks the beginning of a new phase in the history of our holy nation and that of Eurth,” Grand Minister Kontarian said after turning on the steel cutting machine. “This vessel, her sister ships and all the other vessels that are to be built by Aromania will help to ensure wurld peace and a stronger Greater Holy Empire. The events of the Anglian War will never again come to pass.”

      His Most Gloriousness also went on to say how the naval construction programme will also secure jobs across the Greater Holy Empire, as many other vessels are to be built in both shipyards owned by the Imperial Navy and by civilian companies. As well as the 236 ships that make up the programme, over 340 aircraft are also going to be built as part of the A$100 billion upgrade and expansion of the Imperial Navy. He also mentioned how part of the Plan will also see significant tree planting and re-wilding efforts, led by the new Inter-Ministerial Working Group for Mitigation of the Environmental Effects of Plan 7542. This is likely to head off the criticism that such a large shipbuilding programme will have lasting environmental impacts, even beyond just the construction of the ships.

      When asked about the comments made by the new Orinese (@Orioni)Chairperson, Edric Kageni, that the construction programme was “aggressive and provocative”, Grand Minister Kontarian said the following:

      “Whilst some may feel that the Holy Imperial Government might destabilise the wurld with this naval expansion, it is in fact quite the opposite. Aromania will work with its allies and partner-nations in order to provide a stability that was never there before. With the Greater Holy Empire standing with TRIDENT and others, there will never be a repeat of the mad actions of King Creighton III by any nation.”

      The new Protomartyr-class is certainly going to improve the abilities of the Imperial Navy to project itself across the seas of the Eurth. The vessels are to displace 45,000 tonnes when fully loaded and carry 36 aircraft, including 26 M/T-09 Pelagikos multirole fighters and numerous helicopters. Although it will be a much smaller vessel than the Protathlites tou Khristou-class nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, about half the size and with half the number of aircraft carried, it will still be a formidable vessel. The design itself is derived from the Despotes-class bought by the Imperial Navy from the Great Queendom of Suverina, although modernised and designed to better fit our nation's navy.

      Although not part of the naval expansion plan itself, the Holy Imperial Government is also going to be expanding the capabilities of the naval bases that the Imperial Navy operates across the wurld. One of these is Imperial Naval Base Ptelenos in the Exarchate of @Kirvina. It is a naval base between the cities of Taurapetra and Canthos, and it was built in the late EK7500s (AD1990s). The base was utilised during the Anglian War to host a carrier strike group during the crisis, in order to protect Kirvina from Anglian attacks. Now, the Ministry of War plans to spend several billion Adapton Solidi to upgrade the base's facilities. This is so that it can resupply and repair the latest generation of Aroman vessels, as well as to act as a base of operations for a carrier strike group. It will also be able to act as a base for expeditionary force operations, with significant logistics facilities planned on being built there. Such bases – and there is a plan to establish more across the wurld – will help Aromania to bring peace and stability across Eurth.


      Aromania to Increase Foreign Aid

      New Logothesion to be Established

      In an announcement made by the Holy Imperial Government, Aromania signified that it was going to take a leading role in the rebuilding of the wurld after the Anglian War. Tagmatika is going to increase its foreign aid from 0.55 to 0.7 as part of a programme of reconstruction now that the conflict caused by Great Anglia is over. This equates to roughly A$38.8 billion. A third of this budget will be allocated towards the nations of Aurelia, as these nations bore much of the brunt of combat against Anglia and its minions. Along with this increase in the amount of money to be given as aid, a new ministry is to be founded, in order to coordinate foreign development aid and how it is allocated. Previously, this was split between a variety of different ministries, depending on how the aid was being offered or, indeed, spent by the recipient nation.

      This new ministry will draw together experience from differing ministries and enable foreign aid to be sent where it is needed. The ministry is to be named the Ministry of International Development. This will be the first new ministry founded since the Ministry of Alliance Affairs. This ministry was split off from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in EK7518 (AD2010) but folded back within it in EK7522 (AD2014). It is yet unknown as to where the new ministry will be located within Tagmatika.

      The new Grand Minister, Aristoklea Papanikolopoulou, is an expert in foreign development aid who had previously been an adviser to numerous ministries, including the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Ministry for Agriculture. The Holy Imperial Government has not yet made mention of the size of the ministry, although this is thought to be established within the coming days. The act of creating a new ministry is a rare one, as it can often cause friction between other ministries, although this does nothing to affect the functioning of God's chosen nation.

      The new ministry continues with one of the key focusses of his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ, Holy Emperor and Autocrat of the Aromans and Equal-to-the-Apostles – engagement and cooperation with all other nations and governments of Eurth. To illustrate this, this is part of the mission statement for the new Ministry is as follows:

      “The Greater Holy Empire of the Aromans ties itself to the principles of not imposing any political conditions and not interfering in the internal affairs of the recipient nations. Aromania will fully respect those nations' right to independently choose their own paths towards development. Nations have the right to choose their own social systems and way of life in light of their national conditions. The politicisation of euman rights as a condition of economic assistance is something that should be vigorously opposed, as it itself is a violation of euman rights. Our holy nation will pursue relationships of mutual respect and benefit, free of ideological considerations, and working towards the future of eumanity and Eurth.”

      As well as helping the wurld get back on its feet after the ravages of Great Anglia and its minion-nations, a key aim of the new ministry will be to encourage renewable energy development across Eurth. It will also promote sustainable development and aim to eliminate wurld poverty. This new ministry will make Aromania a wurld leader in helping the rest of Eurth out of the poor conditions it finds itself mired in. Obviously, such actions are also part of our duties as Christians, especially as Aromania is the foremost Christian nation on Eurth.

      It should be noted that, previously, the Holy Imperial Government had, under other Holy Emperors, placed conditions on the recipients of aid, such as allowing missionary activity and recognising that the Holy Emperor of the Aromans was the paramount leader of Eurth. This had lessened under His Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, as it was realised that this often turned nations away from requesting or receiving aid from Aromania. Other conditions were often also attached, such as attempting to work towards such nebulous and often biased expectations as improving their political systems or euman rights. Often, these are less concrete measures than is otherwise assumed, and it is a step towards a fairer Eurth to remove these as a barrier to receiving foreign aid.

    • 5FHYniW.png

      Poja :: Military Affairs

      Pojački Military Readying for QUICK START

      By Anroniki Shabalin
      12 July 2024 13:11 [UTC-3] • Updated 92 minutes ago


      • Exercise QUICK START set to launch in September
      • Combined arms exercise with all units of the Pojački National Military
      • Last exercise was 2022

      RUGI, 12 JULY (PBN) - On Friday, the Ministarstvo Narodne Obrane (MNO) announced that the biannual military exercise QUICK START is scheduled to commence on Monday, 9 September.  Last held in April 2022, QUICK START is a twenty-day military exercise involving all branches of the Pojački National Military (PNV).  As explained by Minister of National Defense, Brajko Tanacković, "QUICK START is designed to test and hone the readiness of the PNV in dealing with a major invasion of Pojački territory by a foreign aggressor.  It features air, land, and sea exercises, emphasizing a combined arms response to an overwhelmingly capable enemy poised on our shores and our borders."

      Though details of the exercise are usually kept classified, a press release in 2022 stated that QUICK START 22 - as it was then called - focused on a combined invasion by two nations against Poja in the Mediargic and Kezanoi Seas.  The findings of that exercise remain classified but anonymous officials within the MNO have revealed that Exercise KEZANOI ENDEAVOR, which was launched in June 2024 was meant to "Close the stopgap on some findings."  During that exercise, a retired and decommissioned destroyer was sunk in a test of new, anti-ship weapon systems.

      While defense officials hail QUICK START as the "most important exercise for the Pojački military," it does not have the same reception with the Pojački people, especially those who live near military bases.  Complaints by civilians often center around massive disruption to their everyday life due to road closures for aircraft disbursement basing, noise levels due to armored vehicles and low-flying aircraft and helicopter, and property damage.  One such famous incident of property damage occurred in 2006 when a platoon of tanks inadvertently went in the wrong direction and caused Đ2.5 million in property damage at a major farm and led to the deaths of nineteen farm animals.  Civilians who live near airbases often decry the late-night noise of low-level flying and the inability to use certain roads hindering their everyday lives.  The disruptions are normally front and center in local news but have since received major attention on social media, which defense officials say, "countermines the safety and security of these exercises."

      It isn't just Pojački civilians who find controversy with QUICK START either.  In the past, Poja's neighbors have often raised diplomatic protests over their portrayal in these exercises.  During their authoritarian eras, both Baltica and Garindina were typical enemies for QUICK START, though defense officials have been quoted as saying, "All OPFOR [opposing forces] during these exercises are fictional countries, any resemblance to real countries is merely a coincidence."  While somewhat facetious, experts have long stated that Baltica and Garindina were often replicated with unparalleled accuracy in these "fictional countries."  With the cessation of both of those nations' authoritarian regimes and the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Poja and both Baltica and Garindina since, it is unknown who the military will use to portray "the bad guys" in this year's exercise.  

      There are also unconfirmed reports that this year will feature not only Pojački military forces but foreign forces as well.  Rumors suggest that this could be TRIDENT nations but nothing has been confirmed at the time of this article and defense officials have not responded to requests for clarification of foreign involvement, which could complicate matters with dissatisfied locals.

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      Breaking :: wurld Affairs

      Pojački Government Formally Recognizes Velaheria

      By Suferina Thika
      24 June 2024 11:17 [UTC-3] • Updated 43 minutes ago


      • Recognition ends history of strained relations between Poja & Velaheria
      • Pojački forces will be supporting SFOR Velaheria with the ANSC
      • Result of long diplomatic effort following overthrow of Velaherian regime in 2023

      RUGI, 24 JUNE (PBN) - Following recent elections in Velaheria, the Pojački government on Monday formally recognized the country for the first time in history.  Formal recognition had been withheld from the prior regime due to the government's totalitarian and communist policies.  This recognition comes on the heels of the deployment of Pojački troops as part of the ANSC's SFOR Velaheria initiative.  

      In speaking from the steps of the Ministarstvo Vanjskih Poslova (MVP), Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cvjetko Parlov announced, "Today marks the first day in the future of Pojački-Velaherian relations.  We can only hope that the Velaherian people understand why the Pojački government refused to recognize the murderous and totalitarian regime of Velaheria's past.  With the removal of that regime, the adoption of a new constitution, and the nation's first free elections, there is nothing more that we can ask of the Velaherian people except the turning of a new page.  Pojački forces deploying with the ANSC are there to ensure that Velaheria's transition to democracy does not slip backwards.  We are on the side of the Velaherian people and this mandate, which they have decided."

      The Pojački government is expected to establish a preliminary diplomatic mission in Bastaria through a third-party government, which is yet to be named, until the construction of a Pojački embassy can be completed.  Likewise, the Velaherian government is expected to do the same in Rugi.  Minister Parlov named Zlatko Lacković as the new ambassador to Velaheria.

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      IFL regular season ends with twists and turns


      The IFL Playoffs Season 2024 Map

      The IFL regular season ended with nuemrous twists and turns that changed the playoff map.

      The last game of the regular season of the Rossano Wolves vs Tropea Dolphins was one of the most closely contested games despite the fact that both teams have long since secured a playoff pass where Rossano Wolves first in the IFC standings secured to skip the wild cards round and go directly into the divisional rounds where they will have to take on the winner between Aurora Titans vs Brindisi Ravens. This year, the Rossano Wolves managed to pull off the feat of winning every game of the regular season indicating that the moves undertaken by coach Corrado Cozzo proved successful.

      Same for the Mirto Lions who are first in the NFC entailing skipping the Wild Cards Round and directly will have to play in the Divisional Round against the winner of Torre Canne Buccaneers vs. Siena Cowboys.  

      Except for the Mirto Lions and Rossano Wolves many teams have instead encountered difficulties and some teams such as the Martina Colts have changed coaches also resulting in a change of strategies in the middle of the regular season. Unfortunately, there was no shortage of controversy because of the rule in which teams in the same division with the same number of wins and losses clashed with the Winning Percentage decreeing some teams not to participate in the playoffs despite the fact that they had the opportunity. 

      But many believe this general drop in performance among players because of the aftermath of the war and factispece there is a climate of discouragement and anger among citizens despite the fact that reconstruction is proceeding quickly and the state is active in economic and social policies to support war-affected citizens and reconstruction. 

      On Saturday, July 13, the Wild Cards Round games will begin, and next week the divisional rounds will begin where we will find out which teams will compete for the championship title of their respective Conferences




    • Whedon's Row — 2024 Budget, PNA Special Report.

      "Good evening Pentium, I'm your host Roz Anastos anchor of Late Nights in Blemish broadcasting from the walls of the fortress.  While typically my segment of PNA is far later in the evening, I've been asked to report on a very interesting development within Whedon's Row.  While typically the budget of Pentium comes in as a footnote of our Republic, the budget for 2024 has come as a surprise.  So, I'll be breaking down the main points, and filtering out the political talk for your viewing Convenience."

      "So, starting from the top.  There have been several increases in spending across the board, with a focus on investing into the economy, research and development.  Specifically in the mining, transportation and construction industries that have begun to boom lately with the help of Hisera's WielkWykopil group.  Civilian innovation and military innovation have also seen a bump in funding, mostly in the fields of developing technologies to put Pentium into a better position economically."

      Roz shuffled his notes, and took a sip of water from a glass on the desk.  There was a lot more to get through.

      "Military spending also saw a bump in funding allotment, while we can't be exactly sure on where that money will go.  We suspect that much of the new funding will be moving towards properly funding the airforce in order to modernize it properly.  Though I will admit, the blackhole that is military spending isn't the largest item on the new budget.  We have also seen small boosts in immigration and veterans affairs."

      "Finally, the question that was on my mind while I was reading the document.  We went into debt in 2023 after the civil war in order to finance the war, modernization efforts, and the Hisera deal.  Concerned as I was, I felt a wave of relief seeing the ending statement and balance sheet on the document.  The new taxes raised from tariffs, new products and a higher production has seen a larger available budget to the government.  Which has been able to pay off the debt we owed."

      "Generally folks, I have very little to complain about in this budget.  Of course, year after year there are increased payments to the regions and people, which is reflected in the 80 Billion dollars spent on transfer payments overall.  The transfer payments have been steadily increasing over the years of course, as more people retire and the population grows.  As I said though, there is very little that I have to complain about here.  That'll be all for the PNA special report however, thank you all for tuning into the special report."

      "I've been Roz Anastos anchor of Late Nights in Blemish for the PNA 2024 Budget Special Report.  Good Afternoon Pentium!"

    • spacer.png

      Good evening folks, I'm Saoirse Björnsdóttir and alongside me is Finn Ólafsson. Today's top story is Queen Sarah II has postponed her wedding with Prince Aldric of Eladorhenge due to a major health issue that her older sister Crown Princess Sophie has been dealing with. 


      On the screen: 



      News Reporter from standing just outside Langueuil Palace.

      “Hello guys, I just got out from a press briefing that was originally going over the events of the Queen's Wedding, but then we shocked to her as she had delayed it, but now it all makes sense. But from the little I know, Crown Princess Sophie has dealt with this illness since she was 14, and it seems that her recent pregnancy hasn't helped but has worsened it for her.  I just hope that God allows for speedy recovery.

      Back to you in the studio.”


      (Finn) Yes, our prayers are with Queen Sarah and her whole family. May god protect them. And allow for a speedy recovery.


      Published on the official website of the Walnerian National Television


      Tyrámen, June 27

      Snap elections: President Gyntŕ Ssvarc announced in an ad hoc press conference, that they have decided to dissolve, in accordance with the Constitution, the National Assembly, and call for a snap election. The selected dates are Friday 19th and Saturday 20th July 2024. Parties are to submit their candidacy until next week, after which the campaign period begins. The period before the election – 21 days – is the shortest allowed by the constitution. It is assumed that over 20 parties are to participate, with almost 10 parties having a real potential of crossing the threshold and being elected into the National Assembly. Any citizen aged 18 or above on the second day of the election is allowed to vote.

      In conjunction with the National Assembly, the delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of CDANA is to be elected as well, consisting of a total of 10 seats. Voters would have the possibility of giving one or more candidates preferential votes, as party lists for this election are semi-open and any singular candidate crossing the 3/2 multiple of Hare quota gets to move up the list.

      Voters living abroad, if they so choose, may vote by post. Any ballot submitted on Thursday 18th at the latest will be counted. If they choose to vote in person, they get to cast their vote in selected polling locations in embassies, consulates and cultural houses, for nations within the time zones GMT-1:00 to GMT+12:00 on Tuesday 19th and Saturday 20th, and for nations within the time zones GMT-12:00 to GMT-2:00 on Monday 18th and Friday 19th.

      FAQ How do I vote?: Democracy lies at the heart of Walneria, and elections have to be transparent. Voting by proxy is NOT allowed.

      If you are a citizen of Walneria, to cast your vote in your local polling location, you just need to appear in person and prove your identity using one of the following documents: national ID card, passport, military service card or a diplomatic passport.

      If you are a citizen of Walneria, to cast your vote in a polling station that is not your local one, you have to apply for a voter ID. You can do so online by using your e-Identity until July 7th or in person at your local municipal office until July 14th. To be allowed to cast your vote in a different location, you have to bring this voter ID as well as at least one of the aforementioned documents to prove your identity and be allowed to cast your vote.

      If you are a citizen living abroad, you have to register to vote in your electoral constituency, if you have not done so already for previous elections. To register, you have to show in person on the local representative office where you wish to cast your vote. Once you are registered, you may cast your vote either in person following the principles of voting for citizens living in Walneria or by post. To vote by post, make sure to print the ballots available on the website of the Supreme Electoral Office and also fill in the affidavit form provided. Include both documents in the envelope and address it to your local representative office. In case you were coerced or have changed your mind, you may choose to overrule your postal vote by casting a vote in person on the representative office, after which your original vote is discarded.

      The Interim: With the dissolution of the National Assembly, the Interim Legislative Committee was assembled to take over the most essential duties of the office. This Committee, consisting of only 12 members and a speaker, has the rights to adopt temporary acts in selected areas that are deemed essential to the continuous functioning of Walneria. These acts lose their effect if they are not approved by the newly elected National Assembly, once it is sworn in.

      A Massacre: The Prime Minister Zimón Novák was removed from office by a vote of no confidence earlier this week, officially due to shadow operations in @Velaheria. It is projected that the party of the PM, the Liberal Party (LPR) is poised to lose a lot of their seats, similarly to the Christian Democratic Party (ChDPR), which participated in the coalition government. The centre-left Green Party, a newly formed political alliance Chvidë and the NPR-PNO alliance are projected to win the most seats. Given the short span before the elections and moratorium on campaigning and opinion polls, no reliable poll can be collected and published in time before the ban takes effect. The question is simple: who will be the new Prime Minister? And will they follow the trends of further integration into regional alliances, or will they revert to strict neutrality once again?

      (OOC: Yeah, so… I wanted to do this for a looooong time, but now it feels cheap because the UK and France both announced their snap elections after I have decided on the timetable. It just sucks.)

    • Poja

      Posted (edited)


      Breaking :: wurld Affairs

      Pojački Forces Depart for Velaheria

      By Jasna Krivec
      19 June 2024 15:40 [UTC-3] • Updated 72 minutes ago


      • Pojački ANSC contingent departs for Bastaria
      • Deployment comes 3 months after EMG/01 passed
      • First major foreign combat deployment in Pojački history

      KRIŽETINA, 19 JUNE (PBN) - On Wednesday morning, the Pojački National Army (PNA) commenced its first major, combat deployment on foreign soil in history with the departure of the cargo vessel OCEANEX SUNFLOWER from Križetina.  Bound for Bastaria, the 3rd Infantry Battalion (Motor), 51st Infantry Brigade (Motor) will be deploying in full with nearly 900 men and over 250 vehicles to the Velaherian capital for peacekeeping and stabilization efforts following the overthrow of the former regime by Orinese forces in December of last year.  The deployment comes in support of ANSC Resolution EMG/01, which passed in March of this year.  EMG/01 has called upon all of the member nations of the ANSC to deploy troops in support of peacekeeping efforts in Velaheria.  The ANSC is expected to deploy over 22,000 troops to Velaheria to support its transition to democracy.

      The overthrow of the Starinburg regime in December ushered a new age for Velaheria and opens the possibility of normalized diplomatic relations between Bastaria and Rugi.  Commenting on the matter, President Andrej Petrović offered support for Velaheria's recent elections shortly after the results were announced on Roiters.  "Today is a day I never imagined possible in the DPRV.  The holding of elections a mere six months after the overthrow of the Starinburg regime is a major accomplishment for the Velaherian people and it is a positive step in establishing future relations between our two countries.  The Pojački military is stepping up to safeguard the transition to democracy in hopes that it will not only stick but it will show the Velaherian people that the Konfederacija Poja opposed only the Starinburg regime and not the Velaherian people."

      PNA forces are expected to arrive in Bastaria in two weeks where they will begin immediate peacekeeping operations under the combined AN Command Velaheria, which is to be led by Major General Julia Rondtyk of the Confederacy of Walneria.  Not the first deployment for Pojački forces on foreign soil, thanks to prior deployments to Suverina and Azuria, this marks the first major deployment of combat forces, which was affirmed by a 34-to-1 vote in the House of Magnates this past March

      All eyes are on the PNA for this deployment, which marks the culmination of over a decade of changing policies ridding the Konfederacija Poja of its non-interventionalist and neutral stance that was adopted at the founding of our nation in 1900.  Current polling for United Poja remains strong with an approval rating over 72% as of the most recent polls, with significant support for this deployment, which has become known as SFOR Velaheria (Stabilization Force Velaheria) in official government documents and releases.

      Our Standards: The Principles of Trust & Transparency in Journalism


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      © 2024 Pojački Broadcasting Network. All Rights Reserved.


      Edited by Poja (see edit history)
    • Whedon's Row — Troops to Arrive in Velaheria, Civil War Anniversary Speech, Upcoming Q2 Statement

      “Good afternoon Pentium, I'm Johnathan Blythe with PNA, today has been packed with new stories and announcements.  So let's not waste any time and get down to business.  Welcome to the afternoon news, today's top story revolves around two major developments from abroad and within."

      "Around two hours ago, we received confirmation that our military contribution to the Velaherian peacekeeping mission have arrived just outside the territorial waters of Velaheria.  We are likely to see the unloading of men and material either later today or tomorrow, depending on which port they begin unloading at.  Its all still moving parts and reliable information is difficult to verify as we are yet to get reporters on the ground or information trickling in from our sources.  We will update you of course as soon as we gather more information on the topic."

      "In other news, within Pentium itself, there are a few important developments that you should be aware of.  Firstly, the government is expected to release information about the state of the economy and what we can expect.  There has been some buzz about the release of the 2nd Quarter statement, while these were fairly predictable over the last few years, especially under the previous regimes, much has changed within the halls of power, and in the agreements that we share with other nations.  Primarily, the new trade deal and investment plan with Hisera.  Some parts of these deals have had impacts already on our lives.  New electronics, students and the infamous port issues in Saltbrook Channel.  However, we will be seeing how much of an effect this is predicted to have in the next few years."

      "Additionally, the office of the president has announced a televised broadcast across the nation on the anniversary of the civil war.  It will be joined with the unveiling of a monument commemorating the victory, those who gave their lives for our freedom and their sacrifice.  Callahan is expected to give a speech in addition to the unveiling."

      "That's all we have for you this afternoon, thank you for tuning into PNA.  I've been your host, Johnathan Blythe."

    • bg-news-june-2024-kageni.jpg

      Welcome back to BS News, everyone! I'm your host, Bron Urgundy.

      TONIGHT I'M SITTING down with a very influential figure, Chairman Edric Kageni of the Party of Order & Nation.

      Bron Urgundy: It’s always a great day when we have you here, Chairman. So, let’s dive right in! I understand there’s been some significant progress with your Subcouncil for People. Can you share more about this innovative initiative?

      Edric Kageni: Absolutely, Bron, and thank you for having me. Our Subcouncil for People is dedicated to redefining how we measure national success. Traditionally, governments focus on economic metrics like GDP. But I'm advocating for a shift towards metrics that reflect the actual wellbeing of our citizens. The committee is exploring how state policies can enhance happiness and overall mental health at the population level. We’re looking into interventions not just for severe mental health issues, which might affect a smaller percentage of the population, but also for more pervasive issues like anxiety and depression, affecting perhaps up to a third of our citizens. It’s about preventive strategies in mental health, much like preventive medicine.

      URGUNDY: That’s a visionary approach indeed! How are these strategies expected to influence the general public?

      KAGENI: Well, Bron, by focusing on happiness and wellbeing, we can enact policies that contribute positively to the mental and emotional health of our populace. This could mean more public spaces that encourage social interaction and physical activity, programs to reduce workplace stress, and educational reforms that include emotional intelligence and resilience training. Our approach is inspired by global conversations on population-level mental health. It's time policy caught up to these discussions, much like how economic policies evolved decades after GDP became a common metric.

      URGUNDY: Turning to a more hotly debated topic now. The situation in Velaheria has been causing quite a stir. Your administration has been in the hot seat, despite these issues being inherited from previous leaders. What’s your take on this ongoing controversy?

      KAGENI: It’s indeed a challenging situation, Bron. The actions taken in Velaheria were set in motion by the previous SPO-led socialist government, which is now sitting in opposition. It was their Chairlady Awidefale Rezovi who initiated what they called the ‘liberation’ of Velaheria. And the fallout from their misguided policies has unfortunately landed on our doorstep. It's crucial for the public to recognise where the responsibility truly lies. I'm committed to correcting these missteps while ensuring stability and support for Velaheria moving forward.

      URGUNDY: And now, a little bird told me about some intriguing military developments from our Occidental neighbours in @Tagmatium Rules. Something about Plan 999 or 911, focusing on a naval revamp. Sounds a bit ominous, doesn't it?

      KAGENI: That’s right, Bron. The Tagmatines announced a plan that involves a significant expansion of their naval capabilities. This move is seen as quite aggressive and provocative, given the current geopolitical climate. It's reflective of the Occident history of stirring conflicts in the region, such as @Great Anglian War and recent coups in Lysia and @Suverina. As for us, we will stand firm. The presence of foreign navies in or even the construction of foreign naval bases on or near the Oriental Ocean would be intolerable—it would indeed be over my dead body! That's why I support a continued presence of EOS in western Meteorolas, specifically in @Ayubi and @Damak Var, to counter the destabilizing influences of the OCA Pact.

      URGUNDY: Chairman Kageni, your leadership is always a shining example of strong will and clarity. Thank you for sharing your insights with us tonight, and for your continued dedication to our nation’s wellbeing.

      KAGENI: Thank you, Bron. It’s always a pleasure to discuss these crucial issues with you and reach out to our citizens through your platform.

    • Orioni

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      Sunday, 16 June 2024

      Roiters News

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Velaheria ushers in a New Era: Glorious Dawn Party emerges victorious, coalition talks loom

      Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

      BASTARIA, Velaheria -- In a historic moment for this fledgling democracy, the people of Velaheria have spoken, and the results of the nation's first free elections are in. As the final ballots were tallied late into the night, a picture began to emerge of a country deeply divided, yet united in its determination to forge a new path forward.

      2024 Velaherian National Election Results

      With all the votes counted, the Glorious Dawn Party (GDP), led by the charismatic Lilian Sagan, emerged as the biggest winner, capturing a significant portion of the vote but falling short of an outright majority. According to official results released by the Velaherian Electoral Commission, the GDP secured 41.7% of the total votes cast, a resounding endorsement of their progressive, reform-minded agenda and continued close ties with Orioni.

      “This is a victory for all Velaherians, for those who dared to dream of a better future,” Sagan declared to a rapturous crowd of supporters gathered outside GDP headquarters. “But our work has only just begun. We must come together, put aside our differences, and build the glorious dawn that our people deserve.”

      Hot on the GDP's heels was the Moderate Path Party (MPP), whose centrist platform and promises of stability and gradual change resonated with a significant portion of the electorate. The MPP garnered an impressive 28.9% of the vote, positioning them as a likely coalition partner for the Glorious Dawn Party in the formation of the next government.

      In a surprising turn of events, the New Velaherian Front (NVF), a party comprised of rebranded loyalists to the old regime, managed to capture a substantial 19.8% of the vote. This strong showing among more conservative and traditionalist voters has sent shockwaves through the political establishment, underscoring the deep divisions that still persist within Velaherian society.

      The Economic Freedom League (EFL), backed by influential oligarchs and advocating for a free-market economy, secured a modest 6.4% of the vote. The remaining votes went to the controversial Party for the Resurrection of the Velaherian Nation (PRVN), which captured 4.1% of the ballots cast.

      A remarkable aspect of these historic elections was the incredibly high voter turnout. Of the estimated 25.5 million eligible voters, a staggering 23.2 million citizens exercised their constitutional right, resulting in an impressive turnout rate of 91%. From the cities to the most remote rural villages, Velaherians braved long queues to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

      Political analysts have hailed this unprecedented level of civic engagement as a resounding success for Velaheria's first free elections, emphasising the people's determination to shape their nation's destiny after decades of oppressive rule. Mercy International, the independent organisation which provided election overwatch during this vote, applauds the process and remarks how: “Velaheria going up in the rankings of democracies.”

      As the country awakes to this new political reality, all eyes are now turning towards the crucial coalition negotiations that will determine the shape of Velaheria's next government. With no party holding an absolute majority, the GDP and MPP are widely expected to form a governing coalition, though the terms of such an arrangement and the extent of concessions each side will have to make remain uncertain.

      One thing, however, is clear: the road ahead for Velaheria will be a challenging one, fraught with the difficult task of healing the nation's deep political divides and navigating the looming domestic and international issues that await the new government.

      Among the most pressing matters will be the passing into law of the proposed constitution. There's also the contentious issue of war reparations from Dolchland. Despite legal obligations, scepticism remains rife about Dolchland's willingness to honour these commitments, setting the stage for what could be a protracted and acrimonious negotiation process. And lastly, there is the Assembled Nation's request to allow peacekeepers to enter the country.

      As the San rises over Bastaria, the people of Velaheria can take solace in the fact that they have taken a significant step towards securing their democratic future. But the hard work of building a truly free and prosperous nation is only just beginning.

      OOC. While a new day dawns for the Velaherian people, this epilogue with election results will conclude the Clearance storyline. Over now to the players who will run the upcoming AN mission in Velaheria.

      Edited by Orioni
      +Mercy Int (see edit history)
    • RTS-Logo.png


      Political shockwaves were sent throughout Stedoria, Velaheria, and Argis earlier today as Viktor von Starinburg, brother to exiled Velaherian leader Ander von Starinburg, appeared and spoke at a government-led press conference; also in attendance were Chief Consul Tamäj Köseg and Second Consul Djjuràd-Françwa Delvau, with the two also speaking following Viktor Starinburg's appearance. The whereabouts of much of the Starinburg family has remained a major discussion by governments and journalists alike since the Orinese-backed coup d'état in Velaheria. Questions regarding the influential political dynasty had also begun to be answered last month, when former leader Ander Starinburg, and former General-Secretary Fredrick Staffenburg were unceremoniously yet unexpectedly dropped outside the Assembled Nations' headquarters in Anbrektport, Iwenland. The identity of the two leaders' captors still remains unknown, although Orinese involvement is speculated.

      Speaking at today's press conference, Viktor Starinburg spoke of his involvement in the Velaherian government, along with announcing the formation of a new political party to take part in Velaheria's upcoming self-described free and fair elections.


      I, in all aspects, feel obligated to preface my statement in order to express my immense gratitude to the Stedorian Government, along with my personal gratitude to Chief Consul Köseg and Second Consul Delvau. Stedoria, and its leaders, have saved me from a dreadful fate that I undoubtedly would've met were I to have remained in Velaheria in the midst of the Orinese coup d'état and Orinese-backed chaos. Stedoria, in my time of need, has served as my asylum and refuge.

      I firstly must address certain aspects regarding my role in the previous administration of Velaheria, especially with regard to certain accusations and allegations that have arisen following the coup. I firstly must state that my role in the Velaherian government, particularly after the death of Alexander von Starinburg in 2000, has always remained in a ceremonial capacity—a figurehead. My brother Ander always ensured that my power within the government remained marginal, fearing me as a threat to his power and influence. It is abundantly clear that, in the most simple of terms, our people's republic, our revolution, and our Party were betrayed by my brother, Ander Starinburg. Under Ander's leadership, the Party deviated towards a path of ideological revisionism, whilst also incorporating unscrupulous elements of corruption that eroded the people's faith in the Party. All my attempts within my position in the Party to combat the growth of corruption were sabotaged by Ander's cronies, along with Ander himself. To the people of Velaheria, Ander von Starinburg betrayed you, he betrayed us, and used his position in the Party for his opportunistic goals.

      I have, for the time being, been forced to remain in hiding within Stedoria; whilst I have no support for Ander, I equally do not have any towards the unjust and illegal manner in which our country's government was deposed by Orinese imperialists. The people are and must remain the group that makes the decision of the nation; yet, both under Ander's leadership, and the Orinese military occupation, the people's true desires have been disregarded, instead supplanted by the interests of Party bureaucrats and Orinese government officials respectively, masquerading as being in the people's interests.

      Whilst in Stedoria, I have learned and understood that the Velaherian interpretation of socialism was not a model that could be sustained for the people's welfare and development. I must firmly state that it is not a model that I seek to be re-implemented within Velaheria. Instead, I have seen the success brought to Stedoria, its economy, and its people through their model of socialism. Additionally, whilst our nation has, under the Party's leadership, rejected our ethnic connections to both the Stedorian and Dolch peoples, I see now that rather than using this similarity to cause division and strife as the Party did, we instead must unite around this common, shared identity.

      I thus announce that I, along with others who have joined me in exile, have formed the Party for the Resurrection of the Velaherian Nation, with myself being designated the party's regional General-Secretary. I also announce that this new party has sought entry into the wider Dolchic Socialist Gemotam Party as a regional branch of the DSGP. Our new party will contest Velaheria's upcoming elections. Our party stands upon the principles and foundations of socialism and pan-Dolchism, whilst emphasising a conciliatory tone towards Dolchland and the further closening of relations between Velaheria and Stedoria.

      To the people of Velaheria, our nation has yet to be resurrected from the damnation it has faced through Ander and Orioni. This new party, will ensure that our nation, our dear Velaheria, shall once again stand on its own, and that during this process, no citizen shall be forgotten.

      -- Viktor von Starinburg, brother of former leader Ander von Starinburg

      Following Viktor Starinburg's speech, Chief Consul Köseg made a speech, expressing the Stedorian government's opposition towards the Assembled Nations presence in Velaheria, along with calling for Ander von Starinburg to be released from AN custody.


      The crisis within Velaheria has made clear to the entire wurld the Assembled Nations' inability both to react in a time of glubal crisis and punish nations the break international law. The presence of peacekeepers within Velaheria by the AN is yet another unnecessary step by the organisation. The presence of peacekeepers is itself insulting to the dignity of the Velaherian nation; it itself implies that the Velaherian people are incapable of ruling themselves, and are incapable of ensuring order and stability within their own country, that they require the presence of foreign nations and regimes to dictate how they shall and shall not live. The Stedorian government must also question the presence of peacekeepers through the lens of security; how is the Assembled Nations, the Stedorian government, and the Velaherian administration to know the true intentions of these peacekeeping forces? It could very well be possible that peacekeeping maybe a cover for espionage against the Stedorian and Velaherian people. Should this be revealed or suspected in any possible form, then our nation shall have no choice but to respond proportionately and in turn.

      We must also call into question the seriousness of the AN's commitment to upholding international law in two different aspects. It is clear that there exists a great hypocrisy within the glubal community towards the actions of some nations. Prior to the foreign coup d'état, many nations made it abundantly clear their disdain for the VPP administration in Velaheria for alleged human rights abuses and violations of international law, whereupon Velaheria found itself under heavy sanction. Yet, the Orinese goverment's overthrow of a foreign government, one of the most unscrupulous violations of diplomatic protocol and international law in recent years has been met indifference and even celebration in certain nations. The AN must punish the government of Orioni, lest it become clear to wurld that overthrowing foreign government is behaviour that will go unpunished.

      The Stedorian People's Republic also must demand the release of the currently incarcerated Ander von Starinburg. The AN has not, in any aspect, made clear their plans with Starinburg. To allow him to remain in legal limbo is unacceptable, and is undoubtedly a violation of internationally recognised habeas corpus rights. We ask this: what is Starinburg accused of? And where lies the proof of any of these accusations? Should these questions remain unanswered, then the clear answer is that Starinburg must be released without charge to the nation of his choosing. Should the AN continue to keep Starinburg under detention without informing the wurld of his status or the organisation's intentions with him, then Stedoria shall continue to call for his immediate release.

      Whilst the exact date of elections in Velaheria have not been set, the country's Orioni-installed leader, Chelovek Budushchego, has claimed that elections will occur before the end of the year. Whilst polling regarding the election is at this time unavailable, some election observers have claimed that Viktor's new party may fare well within the Velaherian region of Veldoria, where nearly 600,000 Velaherian of Stedorian descent live.


      • 300,000 new units of housing planned in Kapojvar, says gov't
      • CinemST announces new plant in Haptbärg
      • Gov't approval rating highest since revolution, polls show
      • Paysania election called for August
      • See: What is the gov't doing to go green?
    • Rinava

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      Rinava set to renew a trade deal with Garindina ahead of ATARA talks

      Dávid Hůrka - Friday, 3 May 2024


      The much-awaited renewal of the Garindinan-Rinavan Trade Deal is set to be signed by both nations by the end of the month with “all preliminary talks successfully concluded” as said by the Rinavan Prime Minister, Martin Sidor, after today's meeting with Garindinan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tatyana Kuzmina. Mr. Sidor stated that he will accompany Queen Jelena II to Garindina to sign the finalized agreement.

      The original trade deal was signed in 2014 for the duration of 10 years. This signing took place towards the end of the Rinavan isolationist era and was approved thanks to the vital need for Garindinan resources and the ideological closeness of the two governments. The agreement allows the exchange of goods at significantly reduced tariffs, boosting Rinava's export of gold, timber, and luxury goods made from these resources while easing the import of petroleum and heavy industry products from Garindina. The deal also opens Rinavan markets to famous Garindinan buffalo products and alcohol, and at the same time brings Rinavan regional wines and beers to the people of the United Federation. In 2022, Rinava exported goods worth AD$572M and imported AD$7.55B from Garindina alone, making it the Kingdom's largest non-neighboring trading partner.

      According to an official source, the renewed deal with Garindina is just a first step in the direction of broader economic cooperation with the rest of Argis. With Garindina being a member of the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association, there are talks about the United Federation acting as a sponsor state for Rinava's own ascension to the organization. This lines up with the government's foreign policy as announced by Minister Peter Dvoran, who promised that “Rinava will seek membership in ATARA and CDANA (Council of the Democratically-aligned nations of Argis), and will strive to present applications by the end of the year 2024” in his February press release.

      © Rinavan Journal 2024

      Edited by Rinava (see edit history)
    • Rinava

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      What is the Rinavan Journal?

      The Rinavan Journal (RiJournal, RJ) website is the first and by now the most popular online news media in Rinava with a primary focus on providing foreign and domestic readers an overview of Rinavan affairs within the context of Argic and glubal events.

      The non-profit RiJournal Press manages the www.rijournal.com.ri site, created in 2014 by a group of journalists led by Boris Štrgáč and Dávid Hůrka, who remain in charge of it. To give editors financial and journalistic independence from political, economic, or advertising interests, the Journal is financed primarily through subscribers. You can become one of them here!

      Edited by Rinava (see edit history)
    • Pentium

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      Whedon's Row — Deployment of Troops to Velaheria

      “Good afternoon Pentium, I'm Johnathan Blythe with PNA.  Today we have a few developing stories coming up in just a few short minutes, today our parliament has finally resolved the deadlock in its halls.  A process that has taken far too long, passing resolution C-47 to fulfil our commitment to the AN to send troops and humanitarian aid to the embattled nation of Velaheria.  Despite protests from opposition parties and independent MPs, the motion passed with a slim majority today, and was approved by the president just hours later.”

      “To that end, over five thousand troops from the 3rd Field Army will be transferred to the AN Command within Velaheria.  The 7th Pentian Light Motorized Brigade was placed under the field command of Colonial Markus Dentz, best known for securing the town of Blemish from internal security threats during the Civil War.  However, overall command of the operation falls to the AN Commander, Major General Julia Rondtyk.  Humanitarian supplies were sent as well, as dozens of crates of canned goods from local Pentian industries were loaded onto cargo aircraft for rapid transportation.  The troops, however, will be arriving by sea with a small escort, they are scheduled to arrive in Velaheria in roughly two weeks.”

      “In other news, port restoration has begun to show fruit in its efforts.  While slow-going, we do have reports from the mayor of Saltbrook Channel, to quote the mayor.”

      “Efforts to restore the port are well underway, though some parts are worse off than the more recently abandoned areas, several parts of the port have been successfully reactivated, and new staff is already working to integrate them into our systems.  There is much more work to be done, and we are focusing all effort we can into fixing the supply issue in our ports.  Sadly, the easy part of our work has finished and restoration of the more decayed parts of the port must now undergo modernization and safety procedures must be enforced.  Bear with us a little bit longer, friends, we are almost finished.”

      Johnathan took a breath, smiling at the camera again.

      “In other news, the Blemish Agricultural Institute has seen a moderate increase in student numbers.  Mostly due to the new programs offered to Hiseran foreign students, this has allowed the campus administration to invest further in internal systems and infrastructure for its students and faculty members.  On the subject of Hisera, new electronics have started rolling into business in Pentium.  A major part of the deal between the two nations was the investment of new industries in Pentium for development in Hisera, the new products are affordable and available for Pentians.”

      “That's all we have for you this afternoon, thank you for tuning into PNA.  I've been your host, Johnathan Blythe.”

      Edited by Pentium
      2 Weeks, not 2 days (see edit history)

      Thursday, 30 May 2024

      10:15 pm


      (Photo of Ekaterina II in 2020)

      Raisa: Good evening. We bring you urgent and somber news from the Royal Yedo Estate.  Dowager Czarina Ekaterina II has been diagnosed with grade three glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer, after being found in her room unconscious two days ago.

      (Raisa paused for a short moment)

      Around 10 AM Tuesday morning, the dowager czarina was found unconscious on the floor of her room by her personal attendants. Medical personnel were immediately summoned, and she was rushed to Yedo City Hospital. Where an emergency CT scan revealed the presence of grade three glioblastoma, a highly aggressive form of brain cancer.

      Igor: Grade 3 glioblastoma is known for its rapid growth and severe neurological damage. Ekaterina has requested to not be given treatment, stating “I wish to spend my last days with my family and loved ones, not in a hospital hooked up to machines”. The news has greatly shaken the royal family and the country, as Ekaterina has long been a beloved figure in Garindina. 

    • 5Nh8JH5.png

      Breaking :: History

      Wreckage of Lost Submarine Finally Found 50 Years Later

      By Milanka Mlinar
      31 May 2024 15:22 [UTC-3] • Updated 43 minutes ago

      First photograph of the wreckage by deep-sea submersible.


      • Piranha (SS-24) finally located after 50 years
      • Submarine lost with all hands under mysterious circumstances
      • Discovery the result of long legal battle with government

      RUGI, 31 MAY (PBN) - Oceanographers led by Adjinuan Goran Juras announced on Friday that they have discovered the wreckage of the Piranha (SS-24), a Foxtrot-class submarine that was lost with all hands under mysterious circumstances on 10 July 1974.  The Piranha was located approximately 900 kilometers southeast of Križetina in the Qingming Sea at a depth of around 3,200 meters, almost eleven times the crush depth of the Foxtrot-class.  Described by Juras as, "Having gone through a shredder twice over," the wreckage was finally located thanks to the declassification of records related to the Piranha's loss after a nearly decade-long legal battle between family members and the Pojački government.

      The Piranha was one of two Foxtrot-class submarines acquired from Volsci.  The first of those two submarines, she was commissioned on 2 May 1959 and assigned to patrol duties in the Kezanoi and Qingming Seas.  While submarine operations remain classified for the Piranha's missions, even those conducted so many decades ago, it is known that she regularly patrolled areas off of the Kyzentsian and Baltican coastlines.  Crewed by seventy-nine sailors, the Piranha put to sea for her final, thirty-day patrol on 24 June 1974.  Sixteen days later, the submarine failed to check in and within twenty-four hours, presumed lost with all hands.  In the aftermath, the Pojački National Maritime Force conducted an extensive search in the Qingming Sea but were unable to locate the wreckage.  However, based on records, the PNMF was searching over 300 kilometers away from where the wreckage was found, suggesting tha the Piranha had been operating outside of its designated patrol zone.

      In 2002, surviving families brought a lawsuit against the Pojački government to declassify records of the loss of the Piranha in hopes of finally locating the wreckage.  The suit dragged out in court for ten years until judges ruled in favor of the families and directed the Pojački government to declassify all materials related to the loss of the Piranha.  This alone took another two years and it wasn't until summer 2014 that the records were finally released, albeit heavily redacted.  Two expeditions were launched in 2017 and 2021 but neither failed to find the wreckage as both were operating roughly in the same area as the original search by the PNMF.

      Oceanographer Goran Juras, known for locating shipwrecks throughout the Mediargic Sea and the Kezanoi Sea took the task under hand in 2019, believing that the submarine was elsewhere.  Using the declassified material as well as his unique knowledge of naval operations - Juras was a former sailor with the PNMF and served on surface warships from 1988 - 1996 - he set his search sights further away.  Juras' search began in September 2023 and has finally come to fruition with the discovery of the wreck.

      "Finally, we can give closure to the families of the Piranha," he said during the announcement, "and we implore the Pojački government to declare the wreck site a 'Site of National Interest,' which will afford it a protected status commensurate with the sacrifices of those onboard."  Juras announced that there are plans to recover some limited artifacts from the site to be donated to the Pojački government for use in memorials and museums honoring the lives of those lost.

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      OOC. Call to action for First Secretary @Gaellicia and/or Second Secretary @Aurivizh. See Clearance §29.3. Image created with Tweetgen.

    • bs-news-may-2024-eurthvision.jpg

      Good evening, folks. I’m Bron Urgundy, coming to you live from back in good ol' San Cristobal in Manamana.

      TONIGHT'S EXPOSÉ EXPOSES all that's wrong with the EurthVision Song Contest. Now, if you missed it, let me paint you a picture of the night that has everyone talking. And trust me, they’re not just talking about the music.

      First off, let's address the elephant in the room: Orioni took home the crown, again. This year, they had a song called “I Like To Party.” It's a real head-scratcher, folks. Twice now, Orioni has won this contest. And you have to wonder, with all the glitz and, let's be frank, the overwhelming flamboyance of the night, what's really drawing the crowds and the votes? 

      Now, don't get me wrong, the stadium was filled with flashing lights and what some might call ‘musical talent’. But between you and me, it seemed more like a parade of the latest in fashion disasters than a song contest. While my co-host basked in the pink and plastic joy of it all, I couldn’t help but feel like I was witnessing a spectacle that left little room for genuine musical critique. 

      But here’s the best part: the viewership numbers were off the charts. And why do you think that is? You guessed it: because of yours truly, bringing some much-needed scepticism and reality to this fake festival of frivolity. Folks, the fans tuned in not for the glitz or the high notes, but for a dose of reality from someone who isn’t afraid to question the status quo.

      And sure, while you could commend the organisation for keeping the show running despite no-shows, it begs the question: what are we really celebrating here? Is EurthVision about music, or is it just another opportunity to push a dazzling, yet shallow, cultural agenda?

      But I don't wanna to be a Debbie Downer, so let’s end on a high note. The closing fireworks were impressive. As much as I question the motivations behind this extravaganza, even I can appreciate a good show. The dome opening up to the starlit sky was a nice touch. It was a moment of real, unscripted beauty.

      So, there you have it. EurthVision might not be my cup of tea, but it brings in the viewers. And who am I to argue with that? After all, they’re clearly here to hear a voice of reason amidst the madness. So, thank you, EurthVision, for another unforgettable night, and thank you, viewers, for choosing real insights over flashy theatrics. Goodnight, and remember: not everything that glitters is gold, but it might just be worth a watch.

    • Roiters News

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      EurthVision 2024 was a night of high notes and higher spirits

      Written by Feridonanidi Nehase Tiigisiti


      ZUIDHAVEN -- The EurthVision Song Contest, hosted this year in Zuidhaven, once again proved itself as a powerhouse of cultural celebration. The event brought together diverse nations in a display of musical skill and international friendship. Its influence was felt well beyond the confines of the Zuidmax Stadium.

      Saturday's event saw a spectacular line-up of performances: ranging from the soulful ballads of Orioni's own Fred Berrymore and Charlie Reign to the energetic displays from the likes of @Kori Chi and @Baltica. Yet, the night was about more than just music. It was a brilliant illustration of EurthVision's unique power to cross the cultural divides and create unity through the universal language of music.

      The contest this year was particularly notable for the dramatic twists and turns that led up to the final tally. Despite a series of mishaps – including no-shows from @Neswetej Per Aten – the spirits remained high, and the competition fierce. The final point distribution saw Orioni at the top with 40 points, closely followed by Kōri-Chi at 37, and a three-way tie for third place by the trio @Advocatius, Baltica and @United Republic, each with 36 points.

      Orioni, reclaiming the crown after a stunning performance of “I Like To Party,” not only showcased the host nation's talent but also underscored the unpredictable nature of the contest. The win marks Orioni's second victory at EurthVision, a feat only previously achieved by @Prymont in 2010 and 2017.

      My co-host, Bron Urgundy from BS News, often noted for his sceptical views on the so-called “EurthVision magic,” found himself both challenged and charmed by the evening's proceedings. While he maintained a critical eye, the overwhelming enthusiasm and participation from across the globe – highlighted by a record-breaking viewership – seemed to soften even his sternest reservations.

      As always, the event was not without its share of controversies. Bron's vocal criticisms of voting biases and his plea to avoid partisan voting sparked significant discussion online and off. However, these moments also provided an opportunity for dialogue about fairness and the true spirit of EurthVision.

      The evening concluded with a dazzling display of fireworks and the traditional re-performance by the winners, leaving the audience both in the stadium and at home with a sense of wonder and anticipation for next year's contest. As the dome of Zuidmax Stadium opened to reveal a starlit sky, it was clear that EurthVision had once again achieved its goal: to unite different cultures in celebration of their diversity and shared love of music.

      Looking ahead, the question on everyone’s mind is how future hosts will take the baton from Orioni and elevate this cherished event to new heights. But for now, Zuidhaven can bask in the afterglow of a job well done, having delivered an unforgettable night that will echo in the memories of its participants and viewers for years to come.

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      MENÜ ⚙ SPRACHEN | Alemannisch · Anglish

      Home | Politics · Economy · Science · Opinion · Sport · Culture | Wurld · Aurelia · Anglian War | About

      The Schennmünder Zeitung is Schennland's largest new outlet, founded in 1920; it was one of the few private news outlets to survive the dictatorships of the twentieth century. It takes its name from the Schennmünde district of Harburg, where it was founded. It offers reporting on domestic topics as well as international interests.

      Falling on harder times since the dawn of the internet and the decline of physical newspaper sales, the publication — once a bastion of conservatism — has become infamous in recent years for increasing salacious reporting and muckraking.

      For more reporting, subscribe to the Schennmünder Zeitung online news feed.

      Schennmünder Zeitung. Schennlands Nachrichten, seit 1920.

      Edited by Schennland (see edit history)
    • 23 April 2024

      Roiters News

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Rohinese resilience shines despite defeat in thrilling 2024 Wurld Hockey Cup Match

      Written by Erimi Yenili

      Two ice hockey players on the fieldPARSA, @Garindina -- In a gripping game at the 2024 Wurld Hockey Cup, the Rohini men's national ice hockey team, representing a small island nation, showcased its prowess on the international stage, albeit in a narrow 2-1 loss to Davyrec Hockey National Team from Great @Xio at Unity Park Stadium. This strong showing against a formidable opponent highlights Rohini's status as a top 8 contender in world hockey.

      The game began with both teams displaying defensive excellence, with the Rohinese goalkeeper, Samir Al-Jabari, making several crucial saves. The tension was electric as both team vied for control, but the period ended scoreless, setting the stage for an intense continuation.

      The action intensified as the players from Davyrec broke the deadlock. At 19:04, Rurik Noname from Davyrec unleashed a powerful wrist shot from just beyond the blue line, finding the back of the net after a sleek pass from Nikita Noname cut through Rohini's defence. Not to be outdone, Rohini responded quickly. Bjorn Al-Hakim capitalised on a well-orchestrated play initiated by Amir Sorensen and Leif Al-Farsi, delivering a swift wrist shot that shot past the Davyrec goalie Luka Noname, equalising the score. The cheers were short-lived, however, as Davyrec's Vadim Noname later pierced through Rohini's line with a strategic manoeuvre assisted by Igor Noname and Makar Noname, regaining the lead with a sharp shot that ricocheted off the post and in.

      Despite numerous attempts and a visibly increased offensive effort from Rohini, the third period mirrored the first, with both teams fortifying their defences and no further goals. Rohini's persistent attacks were met with formidable resistance from Davyrec's solid defence and goalkeeper.

      As the final buzzer sounded, the narrow defeat was felt deeply by Rohini's players and fans alike. However, the performance against such tough opposition was proof of their skill and determination. Rohini's impressive defence and strategic gameplay demonstrate a promising potential for the remainder of the tournament. This match brought out the competitive spirit of the Rohinese team, and established their reputation as a promising power in international ice hockey.

    • MciuKky.png


      Holy Imperial Government announces Massive Naval Expansion

      Last month, the Holy Imperial Government released a defence white paper to little fanfare, despite the fact that it revealed one of the largest naval building programmes ever undertaken by any nation. It involved the construction or procurement of 238 vessels and 328 aircraft and was predicted to cost A$100 billion over the course of a decade. The white paper, titled “Naval Defence of the Greater Holy Empire of the Aromans and Conflict in a Changing Wurld – Plan 7542”, would take the Imperial Navy from being a strong navy to likely one of the most powerful on Eurth. The white paper also explicitly laid out the idea that Aromania needed to be more interventionist and aimed to give our nation the means to do so.

      As the white paper itself stated, many of the vessels used by the Imperial Navy are beginning to become outdated, with many of the larger vessels being over thirty years old. The aim of the plan is to replace these with modern vessels, as well as vastly increase the number of vessels like landing craft and logistics ships. By expanding the number of these kinds of ships, the ability of Aromania to land troops almost anywhere on Eurth will be increased. The Greater Holy Empire under his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III has always followed a course of interventionism in international affairs and it seems as if the end of the Anglian War will not change this.

      Surprisingly, there has been little comment on it from other nations and it does not seem that many foreign press outlets have caught on, either. Whether this was an intentional move by the Holy Imperial Government or not is unknown – it may well just be that the wurld has become inured to stories about warfare, conflict and military matters and therefore it has slid by.

      Some have suggested that such a large naval expansion at this time is precisely the sort of move that would inflame the situation across the wurld. The Kentro Erevnon Exoterikes Politikes (Centre for Foreign Policy Research, KEEP), an independent foreign policy think-tank based in Europatorion, took the stance that the naval expansion would make the wurld less stable and that the Holy Imperial Government was undertaking a scheme that could even threaten wurld peace.

      “Despite the end of the Anglian War, much of Eurth remains on a knife-edge,” said Helena Apokauka, a spokesperson from KEEP. “Whilst it seems to make sense for Aromania to bolster its military to make any attack against our holy nation less likely, it may make many other nations on Eurth nervous or feel threatened. This is especially true of the other naval powers of Eurth, like the North Adlantic Union (@Seylos) or the Kingdom of @Gallambria. The Adlantic might become a front line in a new war.”

      This may be alarmist but it certainly could be the case. Even the allies of Aromania might look at the naval expansion with some concern. If the programme goes as laid out within the white paper, it would bring the size of the Imperial Navy to almost five hundred vessels. This might cause worry amongst many smaller nations on Eurth, especially since the last few years have seen repeated examples of what might be seen as imperialistic actions by Europan nations – not just the actions of the Kingdom of Great Anglia but the recent coup undertaken by the Orinese Empire (@Orioni) in Velaheria.

      The white paper also highlights the environmental impact of the plan. There have been no independent studies undertaken as to how the construction and operation of so many vessels and aircraft might impact the levels of greenhouse gases emitted by Aromania. It is likely to be a huge amount and it is unknown how much of an impact the measures outlined by within the plan will affect the amount of emissions that are likely to be produced.

      Plan 7542 also covers a planned increase in the defence spending of Aromania, taking it from 4.5% of the nation's GDP to 5%. This would mean that defence spending would be A$277 billion, second to that of Adaptus. It remains to be seen whether Aromania can afford this in the long run. A increase in defence spending when Eurth seems to be shifting away from a wurld-encompassing conflict may be something of a poorly judged move and Aromania ought to be focussing on peace, rather than conflict.


      Naval Forces withdrawn from Dolch Sea

      The Ministry of War (MoW) has announced that much of the large naval force currently based in the Ceriser nation of Secryae is to be withdrawn within the next few weeks, beginning with the aircraft carrier BPP Agios Pantaleon and its carrier strike group. This vessel and its group have been in the Dolch Sea since the start of the Ceris Crisis and it has been determined by the Imperial Navy that it is time that these vessels are moved back to the Occident for maintenance. The rest of the naval forces in the area are to be moved back to Aromania in the coming weeks. This includes the forces that were sent to monitor the situation developing in Velaheria, as it is felt that the situation no longer needs a carrier strike group monitoring it. The Ministry of War was keen to emphasise that peace in both Ceris and the wider Dolch Sea area is one of the highest priorities to Aromania and that this movement of vessels does not mean that our holy nation is turning away from its commitments.

      “Aroman forces have fought hard to bring peace and security to all of the nations around the Dolch Sea and the wider south-eastern Argis area,” said a spokesperson from the Ministry of War. “This withdrawal of forces represents a move away from a war footing and towards a normalisation of the situation in the Dolch Sea, not the abandonment of our allies and friends in Secryae or the North Adlantic Union. Aromania will be maintaining a significant armed forces presence based in the Dolch Sea for the foreseeable future.”

      Although the MoW has not made public the size of the naval force being sent to replace the forces under Epinarvarkhos Stylianos Ethelred, it is thought by military analysts that it will consist of a surface action group, supported by several frigate squadrons and perhaps even submarines. A surface action group consists of a Protosebastos-class guided missile cruiser and a Limanion-class light aircraft carrier and numerous other vessels, including destroyers. This remains a sizeable deployment by the Imperial Navy, and there are a variety of reasons for that.

      The first is that the Sentists remain a threat to all of the nations of Ceris and Aromania will need those forces in the area if the fanatical cult makes a resurgence from the south of the island. A strong naval presence is also reinforced by large Imperial Army and Imperial Air Force units deployed across Ceris.

      The second is that the full fallout of the actions by the Empire of Orioni within Velaheria remain to be seen. The Orinese coup shocked most of the nations of Eurth and it was the most proactive move by the Oriental nation in many years. Many of the other capitals of Eurth will not have forgotten that the Orinese, and their Entente of Oriental States, was content to let the other powers of Eurth do all of the heavy lifting against the Occidental-Azanian Pact during the Anglian War. The reaction towards the coup was mixed – many governments condemned the action as imperialistic whilst others pointed out the fact that the Velaherian regime was amongst the most oppressive and totalitarian on Eurth and that no other was taking steps towards freeing the Velaherian people. There have been rumblings from the Stedorian People's Republic that they might invade to reinstall the ousted Starinburg regime but this has yet to go beyond what seem to be empty threats.

      Overall, it is not surprising that the Holy Imperial Government does not see the end of the Dolch War as a time to completely withdraw Aroman military forces from south-eastern Argis. The area remains one of the most fractious on Eurth. Many of the recent crises that have rocked Eurth have been in this area of Argis. Nations seem to have a habit of rising and falling remarkably quickly in this part of Eurth, or at the very least violent regime changes seem to be very common. In this regard, there are similarities to the atmosphere in pre-Collapse Europa. Our own continent has become much calmer over the last few decades and it is to be hoped that, God willing, the same pattern might emerge in Argis.

      However, this peace can be shattered and it is only likely through cooperation between nations that any peace will be maintained. Actions like those of the Orinese do stretch the hard-won peace in the aftermath of the Anglian War to its very limit. It had been hoped that the new Orinese government under Edric Kageni would have been more willing than his predecessors to work with the other powers of Eurth but it seems that Mr Kageni might be more willing to take unilateral actions and ignore the opportunity for cooperation.

    • Media Alliance

      Majority Whip, 🟨 Sir Anderson, announced the 🟨 Liberal Party to leave the governmental coalition, leading a complete and utter disarray in parliament as uncertainty grows regarding the “Motion of Containment of Political Extremists” which specially targeted pro-peace and pro-Anglian people, as to censor not only protests but equally the internet, for the sake and preservation of a healthy democratic lifestyle in the own words of 🟦 Atashita Sogami.

      This happens as the turmoil left yesterday by the resignation of 🟦 Hagana Nosha shocked the people, and enlarged a fissure in the 🟦 Kaiji Party regarding foreign policy, on which Sir Nosha was considered a moderate. The recent alliance with the 🟪 Purple-line Party, known hardliner with pro-imperial foreign policy, came in contrast with this wing of the 🟦 Kaiji Party which on its part, allowed the alliance with the 🟨 Liberal Party to shape the one-representative governmental majority.

      Hereby, the Chancellor 🟨 Dontaki, Minister of Justice 🟨 Gounza, Minister of Infrastructure 🟨 Ippei, Minister of Knowledge 🟨 Nori and Minister of Industry 🟨 Kaori, have resigned from their position.

      Minority Whip ️ Yūki Sadatake saluted the move, as of course, rumours goes that this may allow the ️ Dentō Party to size the prize that is the cabinet. Question remains: an alliance with whom?

      Logically the 🟨 Liberal Party, if willing to make concessions on its economic program, would ally the ️ Dentō Party, which is known as a more pacifist regarding international relations… However, on the matter of the war against Great Anglia, the majority of the Party (68 votes) voted in favour of the Motion of Containment of Political Extremists, with only 3 abstentions and 10 against. As among the ranks, it is seen as a holy crusade against tyranny and therefore creating an immense purpose for the ultimate purpose of Great Anglia.

      As such, following the daring move engaged by 🟨 Sir Anderson, it may be proven fatal. The convictions may have started a political suicide for its leader, which was given to be the favourite last December in the elections, only to finish third, resulting in a failure from the polls.

      Therefore, a national unity coalition, as to manage the war and push for a crushing victory against Great Anglia, between the 🟦 Kaiji Party and ️ Dentō Party may even result in the expulsion of the 🟪 Purple-line Party as to satisfy the more moderate stance taken by the ️ Yūki Sadatake, alongside give them perhaps, the sensible Ministry of Defense. Rumours are going on strongly, with further uncertainty. As it would require suspension of economic changes, while Aragushi’s government engaged in a great opening to international investors and projects around mining industry, which may kickstart an economic stall if not sustained.

      A great opportunity arise for Aragushi to keep his control over the cabinet with such, a national union against Great Angli. However, as the moderate wings from the 🟦 Kaiji Party and ️ Dentō Party may defect resulting in a fatal blow for next elections, vote against resolutions pushed by their very own party and even act of direct scission.

      Respective party leaders are walking on eggs, and may size the prize of the cabinet, if negotiated well. But nothing is certain. Failure to rapidly come to a swift and decision new governmental coalition, may jeopardize the Dominion’s international engagements and shut down ongoing economic ventures. Therefore, adding the pressure to Prime Minister Aragushi to be decisive, and more easily give concessions to potential allies.

    • Media Alliance

      Given the radicalism’s increase that demand a peace with Great Anglia, as to allow the tyrannical nation to regain its strength for better defeating later on the allied nations of Eurth in their struggle against the dictatorship. Home Affairs Minister, 🟦 Atashita Sogami, announced the discovery of infiltrated agents acting within the administration itself, alongside journalists and other agents, at the service of the dictatorship. Under the umbrella of pacifism, those were actively attempting to push forward and make thrive contestations movements against the ongoing liberate of Europa, and collaborating with the enemy. Approximately 34 people have been arrested so far, as the investigations shall continue.

      Sir Sogami announced that, “A democracy to work well, cannot tolerate foreign interferences in its domestic affairs, specially to destabilise our healthy political lifestyle. Therefore, it remains our strictest duties to cut any separatist or radical movement that prove to be violent and betraying our nation”. While on its part, Prime Minister 🟦 Sang Aragushi have proven to be quiet, as he called to abstain on the vote regarding the latest passed Motion to preserve our democracy. Rumours have it, that international reactions to such determining events were feared.

      A vocal opponent to this, is well 🟦 Hagana Nosha, Minister of Royal and Foreign Affairs who announced his resignation following the wave of protest, considering it an “attack on free speech” and “undermining what we fight for”. As yet, no figure to replace him have been pushed forward by the 🟦 Kaiji Party, while some political experts consider this to be the beginning of a political crisis, as some consider “measures against political views, as radical as they may be, still represent a censorship of free speech”.

      In the events that followed, the 🟨 Liberal Party, well known to be mitigated on the issue, apparently threatened to pull from the government coalition, which remains tight, as the majority is of only one Representative. However, given the opposition, ️ Dentō Party vote on the latest Motion and its overall support for war. A government of national union in those tumultuous times may surprisingly appear, and further isolate the 🟨 Liberal Party as well as the 🟥 Socialist Party which would shape an ultra-minority in Parliament.

    • hbTumcp.png

      The Catalina Chronicle, having been founded in 1853, is one of the longest-running newspapers in Aurora, and has long served as Aurora's newspaper of record. The Chronicle remains one of the most popular ways for Aurorans to consume both local and glubal news; as of 2024, the newspaper has over a million subscribers combined for both its print and digital circulations, while being distributed in Anglish, Stillian, and International versions to readers in Aurora and beyond. Once widely circulated in its print form, the Chronicle has successfully shifted towards the online space through its website, chronicle.ao. The Chronicle publishes pieces on domestic Auroran news as well as glubal stories, while also covering the latest in business, health, science, sports, etc., and delivering detailed opinion pieces and reports on the state of Aurora and the wurld. The Chronicle is the cornerstone publication of its publisher, Chronicle Media, Inc., which also publishes several other publications such as The Financial Times of Aurora, The Chronicle Magazine, and The Catalina Chronicle International, among others, as well as producing CCToday, a television broadcast version of the newspaper.

      The Catalina Chronicle first garnered its reputation in the late-nineteenth century through detailed reporting on glubal events and scathing reports on corrupt politicians in Aurora. Notoriously, General Arturo Gabriel Vizcaíno, dictator of Aurora from 1941 to 1947, strongly opposed the Chronicle, having raided the publication's headquarters at the Catalina Tower in Catalina several times from 1938 to 1940, until a fire in 1940 forced the Chronicle out of the building, and then out of the country entirely when Vizcaíno took power in 1941. However, these obstacles did not stop the Chronicle from printing and circulating detailed stories on the atrocities which were being committed by the Vizcainist regime both at home and on the front lines, earning The Catalina Chronicle glubal recognition and a reputation as a bulwark for Auroran democracy. Today, the Chronicle is regarded as a trusted and impartial source for information domestically and internationally. Despite this, however, the publication has been subject to many controversies, including more recent criticisms of Aurora-centric coverage and a lack of accountability directed towards large, Auroran corporations, while also facing accusations of bias against third-party politics. Still, the Chronicle remains one of the most popular forms of news consumption for many Aurorans and beyond today, and continues to be held in a high regard for its quality coverage of both local and glubal events and detailed reports on what matters most to Aurorans.

    • Media Alliance

      Following yesterday’s pro-anglians extremists with the police, Minister of Home Affairs 🟦 Atashita Sogami announced with delight the arrest of about 8 901 people that attended the pro-anglian and disinformation event, alongside openly defied police orders to disperse.

      Majority Whip 🟨 Anderson expressed his disappointment at the corruption done to korichian democracy, due to the war on disinformation waged by the tyrannical Greater-Anglia. On its part, the 🟪 Purple Party responsible for putting the vote of the pro-democracy motion on the floor, stated that “that such motion is in the sole and only interest to prevent pro-anglian extremists from corrupting our democracy, as we shall bear no tolerance to tyranny”.

      This happened as a mere hour before the voting, Prime Minister 🟦 Sang Aragushi have advised representatives from his own party to abstain, as his very own 🟦 Kaiji Party put down the motion ironically. Creating confusion in the ranks, as Majority Whip 🟨 Anderson announced that “nonetheless, I shall vote against the motion”. 🟪 Ani Koachi, Minister of Defense, took upon himself the duty with the Minority Whip ️ Yūki Sadatake to whip the votes in the house.

      Ultimately, during the intense hour prior to the debate, Party-lines apparently ceased to exist as defections took place for the sake of the vote, as the growing fear over pro-anglians extremists only further sized the discussions by the throat.

      For the sake of our readers, due to the very contentious and delicate voting representation that took place, only mirrored by some scapegoats series of the television, we shall dive into the details of each party’s votes:

      🟦 Kaiji Party - 3 Nay - 35 Abstain - 37 Aye

      🟨 Liberal Party - 8 Nay - 1 Abstain - 0 Aye

      ️ Dentō Party - 10 Nay - 3 Abstain - 68 Aye

      🟥 Socialist Party - 4 Nay - 0 Abstain - 0 Aye

      🟪 Purple-line Party - 0 Nay - 0 Abstain - 2 Aye

      The authority of the Prime Minister 🟦 Sang Aragushi seems to suffer further more, given his lack of authority on the matter.

      Some civil rights organizations have denounced the rapid passing of the law, questioning its true intention and considered the reaction of the government as a “zero tolerance policy for differing opinions”. To which, Minister of Home Affairs 🟦 Atashita Sogami firmly responded that “this is the voice of democracy, we cannot tolerate the intolerants. Therefore as dichotomic as it may be, we need to censor the extremists pro-anglians that are a threat to our functioning democracy. The Parliament today, affirmed its trust in the principles of democracy”.

    • Media Alliance

      Manifestants clashed heavily with the police. As the offices were emptying themselves to leave for the weekend, private extremists groups have organized manifestations, enjoying of the great flow of movements in public transports and in the traffic. Leading ultimately to, at first glance, an improvised parade of pro-antiwar anarchists cleverly organized.

      Following already late-March protests, Minister of Home Affairs 🟦 Atashita Sogami has decreed that close monitoring of online activities alongside media was imposed as to prevent further escalations. Such seems to have failed, evidently.

      Protesters attempted to establish a firm grip on where they stood, namely in face of government administration buildings in Dakuoku and Shigo, leading to an emergency deployment of police contingent that went under heavy aggression of the anarchists. Following first reports, it seems a police office even have lost an eye due to a direct hit by a rock from one anarchist. Such led the demand for a strict and tight response against such pro-Anglian extremists, followed by a police charge in the manifestants as to secure order back, with a few hundred arrests being ongoing as we write those words.

      On its part, the 🟪 Purple Party announced minutes ago that it shall second and put into vote tomorrow the motion deposed by the 🟦 Kaiji Party regarding moderation of online content against “disinformation” and “pro-Anglian propaganda” following latest amendments made, which are sadly becoming the norm, and provoke actions made by extremists that call for the end of the war, at the advantage of greater-Anglian rule over occupied nations.

      Some representatives of the ️ Dentō Party already have announced their support for the 🟦 Kaiji’s motion regarding the war against disinformation and dissidence, leading to a special and unique bi-partisan agreement on the danger pro-Anglians extremists represent with their terrorist demand of a stop to war against the tyranny, associating themselves and their family with dishonour and shame.

    • Itza

      Posted (edited)


      Home | Wurld | Itza | Politics | Economy | Tech | Opinion | Arts & Culture | Health | Science | Sports

      18 April 2024, 15:15 IST
      Itza Issues Warning to Mesothalasa After Capture of Alleged Spy
      Written by Chima Tepeuaspacer.png

      ITZAL, Itza — The government of Itza issued a stern warning to Mesothalasa on Thursday after announcing the arrest of a Mesothalasan citizen accused of being a spy operating in the Itzan capital.

      Prime Minister Chac Xiu held an emergency press conference to denounce what he called “flagrant violations of Itzan sovereignty” by Mesothalasa's intelligence services. Xiu stated the alleged spy, whose name was not released, was captured earlier this week by Itzan security forces while attempting to extract classified government documents.

      “The brazen actions of this Mesothalasan asset represent an unacceptable breach of trust between our nations,” Xiu said. “Itza will not tolerate such underhanded tactics. We have engaged in diplomacy to resolve our differences, but if Mesothalasa insists on resorting to espionage, they will face severe consequences.”

      Xiu announced that Itza is immediately increasing border security, especially along its eastern frontier, which borders most closely with Mesothalasa. Additional naval forces have also been deployed to patrol the southern coastline and the Typhon Sea.

      “We have no interest in escalating tensions further, but make no mistake — we will defend our people and our national interests by any means necessary,” the prime minister warned. “Mesothalasa must immediately cease all clandestine operations within our borders.”

      Mesothalasa has not yet responded to Itza's allegations. Itza and Mesothalasa have been embroiled in a tumultuous relationship spanning centuries, having never formally declared peace after Itza defended its sovereignty against an invasion by the Anglian Empire in 1696.


      More Headlines:

      • Itzal FC Claims Controversial Title After Referee Dispute
      • Drought Endangers Harvests in Nichmal Province
      • Massive Sinkhole Appears in Downtown Kayochtal, Swallows City Bus
      • Itzal Culinary Scene Heats Up with Arrival of Uxlan Food Trucks
      • Ancient Curse Blamed for Chakan’s Sudden Iguana Infestation
      Edited by Itza (see edit history)
    • GJHx94F.png

      "Nowhere to Go": A housing crisis in Halawai reaches breaking point

      In this special report, Mark Kameo discusses Konalani's increasingly concerning housing market

      Mike Kameo | 15 April 2024

      koz0QwR.jpeg Halawai — Sarah-Napua Kalani is a 37-year old policy analyst with the Mokunui ʻaha kūkā government, and considers herself financially privileged. "I grew up upper-middle class, I was able to pursue three degrees with minimal debt, and I'm in a very well-paying job", she explained with me while at the Aloha Joe Café on Kalōkahi Street in downtown Halawai. "So you can imagine my surprise when I'm still renting, and can't pay a down payment on even a townhouse around here." Kalani mentions a three-bedroom detached house she was looking at going for over Ꝃ750,000 on the market. A 750 ft. condo on Kalakawilika St. was going for Ꝃ580,000. Even the sleepy suburb of Lawaia are seeing single-family homes going north of Ꝃ800,000 on average, stated Kalani.

      Her story is a common one for Konalanese of all ages and income levels. Since 2020, the average cost of a two-bedroom detached house has increased by over 150%, averaging around Ꝃ800,000. "You see it even in rural communities, it's not just in Halawai", explained Kalani, who mentioned a dilapidated dwelling in the remote village of Kameleka selling for over Ꝃ200,000. Her concerns have been shared by those within the housing and renting advocates' movement, who have been monitoring what the Konalanese Housing Advising Council (KHAC) stated in the 2021 report as "an insurmountable barrier to homeownership on all levels".

      Lead researcher Mana'olanakeiki Kalei of the KHAC noted earlier this week while meeting with Na Kānaka that Konalani is "in a vise of both a cost of living crisis and housing crisis. Wage stagnation since the 1990s have placed us essentially in a position where we cannot effectively correct the massive inflation on numerous prices within the Konalanese economy, and working class people are suffering. We are also just not building housing anymore at the rate we used to." Numerous organizations, including the KHAC, have condemned the lack of building and subsidizing council housing since the mid-1990s, with the KHAC stating Halawai alone faces a 8,000 deficit in needed housing. "My mother grew up in a hale Kalanianiʻoli in the 1960s, and it absolutely helped her family later in life", recounted Sarah-Napua Kalani, using a term of council housing popularized during the government of Labour Prime Minister Kimo Kalanianiʻoli from 1961 to 1967, which was defined by the creation and mass construction of almost two-thirds of Konalani's current council housing projects. "Since then, you just don't see that investment in housing anymore", Kalani said.

      She, and the KHAC, are generally right that both national and ʻaha kūkā governments have exited the housing market. Kale Alika's nearly eight years in power has seen no new construction on council housing, and little financial investment regarding the portfolio. In fact, each national government since 2000 has averaged under 100 new homes, both private and in the council system, constructed per year. Even more damning, in 2009 the National Union government of Kaiholo Allen passed the National Housing Reform Act, converting over a thousand councils houses to private hands while loosening foreign ownership regulations, in an attempt to help recover a then-staggering economic projection in the wake of a recession. Such deregulations and divestment in council housing, at least according to the KHAC, has led to "wild speculation, 'starter homes' going for over half-a-million kālās in rural communities, and a complete lack of engagement with council housing as these units begin to break down after sixty years."

      Sarah-Napua Kalani believes she will be renting for the long-term, but even then, she noted that her current rent of Ꝃ3,500 per month, excluding utilities, was increasingly unsustainable with increasing costs in other areas. "It's slowly moving towards that conversation of choosing between groceries or rent in the future, and I shouldn't be having those thoughts with a salary over Ꝃ75,000 a year. It worries me more that I know many others who are at that question with much lower incomes."

      "No one can live in Halawai", she ended our conversation, "so where then do we go?"

      © Na Kānaka 2024

      Edited by Konalani (see edit history)
    • Saltbrook Channel — Port Authority 

      “Good afternoon Pentium, I'm Johnathan Blythe with PNA.  Today's top story is from Saltbrook Channel, the Port Authority of the channel has put out a statement about the lack of adequate space for the current operations after the deal with Hisera was passed by parliament.  While Saltbrook Channel has a large and robust port, which has been capable of maintaining sea based trade, the influx of new products, materials, and manpower has been overwhelming for the current staff and resources on hand, which has caused a slowing of operations.”

      “The disruption has been causing delays in some industries, and development of new projects around Pentium.  While critical operations have been earmarked for rapid entry into the country, business owners have begun lodging formal complaints about the quality and speed of the service.  A local shop owner, Henry Clarkson.  Who operates ‘Outside Hobbyist Emporium’ said this:”

      “The delays are costing me and my family hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in potential revenue.  The loss of business and confidence from our customers has been a nightmare to contend with and work through.  I know I'm not the only one suffering through the delays.”

      “In response to the delays, we have with us the Minister of Trade and Economic Development Marius Bradford, here to talk about what steps the federal government is taking to solve the backlog, Marius?”

      “Thanks for having me on, Johnathan.  Our commitment to the wellbeing of the economy, and the smooth flow of commerce, is at the forefront of our minds as we work towards a solution for the downturn in shipping and transportation.  It's no secret that since the end of the long war, that swathes of the harbor have been inactive and that previous administrations have reduced the amount of port workers.  This was in response to the loss of trade and lowered manpower that we had available to us during the restoration efforts of the nation, seeing as now is the perfect time to reinstate much of the facilities and workers that we had initially removed from play.”

      “The unfortunate reality that pushes us onward now, is the lack of trained dockworkers and the poor state of the old sections of dock that have been neglected, while restoration efforts have already been put underway by the city of Saltbrook Channel, it will take time for efforts to bear fruit and work in tandem with the main segments of dock.  I assure you, that work is being completed as quick as we can manage it.  I can't give you an estimation on how long it will take.”

      Johnathan smiles, and nods as the Minister's face leaves the frame.  “Thanks Marius.”

      “That's all we have for now folks, thank you for tuning into PNA once again.  I wish you all a good afternoon, and pleasant evening.”

    • bs-news-april-2024.jpg

      Good evening, folks. I'm Bron Urgundy, defender of all that's stagnant and crumbling. Tonight, I've got quite the announcement for you.

      ON MAY 11TH, yours truly will be hosting the EurthVision Song Contest. It'll be broadcast live from Zuidhaven. My best buddy, Chairman Edric Kageni, arranged a 24-hour temporary amnesty for me, so I can be back in Orioni.

      This isn’t just any regular karaoke night. It’s pitched as the most outrageous spectacle of modern music on Eurth. It's what the woke liberal elite calls a real pinnacle of diversity and inclusivity.

      Remember last July? I joked on my show, “If this is leading, then I'm the next EurthVision sensation!” Well, be careful what you joke about—it's come back to bite me in the butt. So when they roped in good ol' Bron to guide you through this charade, I promised them a night to remember. And I intend to deliver on that promise. Broadcast live on this here Channel 4, we're going to beam this extravaganza right into everyone's living room.

      Picture this: a stage where global talents belt out their so-called truths, from tear-jerking ballads to high-energy anthems. Each one of these inept low-to-mid-range ‘talents’ flaunting their brainwashed version of a world run by progressive indoctrination. While I haven't seen any of the candidates, wanna bet there's at least one bearded lady?

      Let’s cut through the unity crap. They say this is all about the music. But think about it—is it really? We're talking about an event that’s not just pushing tunes and flashy dances. No, it’s a full-blown celebration of the non-traditional agenda, parading it as mainstream, wrapping it up in a rainbow flag and calling it unity.

      But let’s get something straight. While the stage will be drowning in glitz and glamour, the real story here is how these artists are used as pawns in an alternative lifestyle crusade. It’s about turning music into a tool to bridge whatever gaps they claim divide us.

      And here’s the kicker: while they parade their agenda, I’ll be right there, exposing the charade for what it is. Mark my words, Uncle Bron will do everything in his power to undermine this liberal woke agenda. They've set the stage, but I'm rewriting the script.

      Goodnight, and see you there… if you dare!

      OOC. Wanted to write something about Bron being forced to present the 2024 EurthVision show, just because his corporate owner is broadcasting the event. Naturally, there would be a clash between his crazy views and the LGBTQ+ side of our ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ clone. I wasn't really sure how to phrase it, so I've just gone and called it “the non-traditional agenda”.

    • Roiters News

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      First 100 days of Kageni's chairmanship

      Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati

      Edric Kageni

      O'POLIS -- As Chairman Kageni's first 100 days in office come to a close, the achievements, and challenges of his tenure so far reflect the complex mechanics of the three-way governing coalition between the Party of Order & Nation (PO&N), Blueropa, and Pink!. Elected in December 2023 and officially taking office on 1 January 2024, Kageni's leadership has seen significant policy movements and a few controversial issues within his coalition.

      Under the chairmanship of Edric Kageni, PO&N has focused on enhancing Orioni’s security and economic stability. One early achievement has been the implementation of a comprehensive migration policy aimed at streamlining the process while ensuring the security of national borders. Kageni called this policy “crucial in managing Orioni's demographic challenges and the efficiency of its labour market needs.”

      Coalition partner Blueropa, known for its market liberal policies, has carved a significant achievement with the liberation of Velaheria. This strategic victory not only enhanced Orioni’s stance on global democracy, and also continues to the Blueropa councillors – currently Anna Hackney and previously Sri Andrew Pipkin – as key players in global foreign policy. The liberation has been touted as evidence of the Orinese government's commitment to upholding human rights and spreading democratic values, which could potentially open new avenues for trade and economic cooperation.

      The ecologist partner in the coalition, Pink!, has yet to secure a legislative win. The party has been vocal and active in pushing for the introduction of a comprehensive carbon tax. This proposed tax aligns with their environmental agenda. It aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote greener practices across industries in Orioni. Although the policy has not been enacted, Pink!’s persistent advocacy shows the party's dedication to its core green principles. Their continued emphasis on the implementation of this policy item will certainly lead to interesting negotiations within the coalition.

      Finally, Kageni has proposed an ambitious plan to further expand the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve by an additional +50% storage volume. Proponents praise the move for its aim to secure the country's energy independence and stabilise domestic fuel markets in the face of unpredictable global oil volatility.

      The first 100 days of Kageni's chairmanship have not only highlighted the individual achievements of the coalition parties, but also revealed the complexities of governing a coalition with diverse and sometimes conflicting ideologies. The harmony between PO&N’s security-focused policies, Blueropa’s liberal economic measures, and Pink!’s environmental initiatives requires a challenging balancing act by the Kageni government.

      As Chairman Kageni continues to steer this coalition, the give-and-take between these varied agendas will be crucial in shaping the Orinese domestic and international policy. Forward projecting the coalition's current trajectory, the future holds potential for significant progress in economic reforms, environmental protection, and regional stability.

      The public reception of Kageni’s first 100 days has been generally positive, with particular praise directed at his handling of coalition challenges and the strategic foresight in energy security and global diplomacy. However, as the coalition moves forward, the success of integrating Pink!’s environmental policies could be a decisive factor for the sustainability of Kageni’s governance.

      Looking ahead, Chairman Kageni's ability to bring together these diverse policy areas into a coherent governmental strategy will be key to his continued success and the coalition's stability. The next steps for the government will likely focus on furthering economic stability, addressing environmental concerns, and enhancing Orioni’s role on the global stage.

    • Narvik_Nomarch_1.png?20240408010653

      Announcement of Sekhemrekhuatawy's replacement

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