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      At an extraordinary congress of the Dolchic Socialist Gemotam Party held in Kapojvar this weekend with Gemotamist parties throughout the Dolchic wurld attending, General-Secretary Tamäj Köseg announced a major ideological and policy change with regard to the DSGP's official line on its advocation of pan-Dolchic unity. Pan-Dolchism, since the founding of the DSGP, has remained a significant and important part of the party's ideology and goals, along with the party's ideological commitment to societal rebirth and the creation and development of a socialist society. Whilst Dolchic unity has not been achieved yet, DSGP has continued its efforts in ensuring that pan-Dolchic ideals remain alive and strong, especially within Stedoria and Gadutea.

      General-Secretary Köseg announced today that following the end of the extraordinary congress, the DSGP would expand on its policy of pan-Dolchism by officially declaring the party's endorsement of a variant of pan-Dolchism known as pan-Buranicism. In doing this, the DSGP would officially expand its recognition of brotherly nations which will be included in the DSGP's path for integration and eventual unity. Rather than solely Dolchic nations being a focus for unity, nations containing Cerisar, Anglic, Variot and Nordic cultural-linguistic population will also be officially recognised as cultural sibilings of Dolchic peoples, thus proving their positive relation to Dolchic peoples.

      General-Secretary Köseg stated during his introduction of the idea that the Gemotamist movement, being a progressive movement, must change and form around new times and discoveries, and must come to new realisations through its extraordinary congresses. As such, it is the duty of the DSGP to recognise that peoples and cultures distantly related to the Dolch must be included and encouraged to join and take part in the Gemotamist movement so that the movement can not only gain further support and traction, but also so that these brotherly peoples of the Dolch can join the Dolch in their fight for the unity of all Dolch-Buranic nations, whether these nations be Dolchic, Cerisar, Anglic, Variot, or Nordic.

      Delegates of the wurld's Gemotamist parties, seeing the logic in Secretary-General Köseg's decision and understanding the Reason that guided him to make such a decision, happily and eagerly voted in favour of the Secretary-General's suggestion, understanding that the Gemotamist movement is a movement of acceptance, not a movement of puritans. Upon the vote in favour of the Secretary-General's decision, the assembly burst into applause, giving the Secretary-General a standing ovation, and the leader of the Gadutean branch of the DSGP personally thanking the Secretary-General for his contribution and expansion of Gemotamist theory, along with his willingness to present the DSGP as an organisation of tolerance and acceptance.

      Upon the congress' vote in favour for the Secretary-General's amendment, the Secretary-General then announced that regional branches of the DSGP would be created in all new Cerisar, Anglic, Variot and Nordic nations, and would immediately begin introducing these nations' populations with the theories and ideas of Gemotamism so that these new parties are able to gain traction in their nations' electoral systems.

      With this new amendment to the DSGP's official ideology, a new era falls upon the DSGP in which more and more people become culturally conscious and aware of their Dolch-Buranic heratige and come to take pride in it, and act on it to help promote the unity of these Dolch-Buranic nations so that one day the children of these nations can grow up in a nation of power, but also a nation of co-operation, peace, and socialism.

    • Queen made 1st trip to far northern Gotneska:


      In what seems like a shock the queen has officially made her first official appearance in far northern Gotneska. The locals where very pleased and delighted to see her.

      One gentleman said “I haven’t seen a monarch come this far north since I was 12, and with this young lady coming that ends 82 yrs of not seeing the our leader. I’m delighted to she her, I believe she will bring greatness back to our nation. I maybe gone by that time but my children and there children will see it, and I’m happy for them. May God Bless our Great Queen Sorcha II”.

      Sarah would also take some time seeing some of the areas natural beauty. 

      below is a image of her standing on a road in front of what is  Mt. Skadi when looking South.euCJcZM.jpg


      While on her visit she was informed of the coming Fire Season. The Northern Gotneskan Fire Season lasts from Mid June to Late September on average. But unfortunately this year looks like a above active fire season. Weather reports from 1st January to 24th May 2022 have shown that the region is down generally 5 to 8 mm of precpation. For a area that normally only gets between 19 to 25 mm. Just shows how bad this coming fire season could be.


      On a happier note, the Queen officially named the newest Gouthian National Park. We will talk about this in our next post. As the details on it are still very limited.

      Edited by Gotneska (see edit history)
    • 26th May 2022

      Breaking isolationism?

      Since Ranju Bastola's appointment as Head of Government, he has made his primary goal to break Mahana's renowned isolationism and to make closer, stronger relationships with nations and to use that to help build the nation's economy. Before his time in office, Mahana were only a member of one organisation, a regional forum known as the Central Oriental Forum (Later the Oriental Association for Regional Cooperation). Since then, Bastola has made great strides in building relationships with Mahana's neighbours, notably with Kotowari but also with Tamur, Mekabiri and Orioni.

      The largest step forward for Mahana in breaking the historic isolationism and loner mentality was the entering as an observer state of the Entente of Oriental States (EOS) in 2017, as soon as the option came available. It is known publicly that Ranju Bastola and Bina Sharma both have positive views of the Entente, with Bastola publicly showing interest of a future Mahanan enterance into the entente in 2020. Since then, however, no further steps had been taken, until the last week. A national referendum has been called by the Federal Parliament which will last three weeks. The vote is "For or Against the joining of the Entente of Oriental States", which if passed will mean the beginning of the Mahanan bid to enter the Entente.spacer.png


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      Feldora Airlines flight passenger restrained on board after being caught smoking
      According to Iberos media, the man behaved erratically and attempted to assault the flight attendant.


      A passenger was involved in a confrontation with a flight attendant, on Monday, on a Feldora Airlines flight which took off from Sintra and was bound for Porto Premia, after being caught smoking in the bathroom and ending up with him being immobilised and tied down by crew and passengers.

      According to Iberos media, the man became violent after his passport was seized by a crew member and was held back by two other passengers who witnessed the incident.

      In videos shared on social networks it is possible to hear the passenger insulting the crew.

      Feldora Airlines told the Feldora News agency that “crimes committed on board by passengers are reported to the competent authorities” and the perpetrators are handed over to the authorities upon arrival at the airport.

      “Flight safety is the top priority for Feldora Airlines and our crews are trained to carry out the necessary and appropriate actions, always in compliance with applicable procedures, regulations and laws, to ensure that all passengers comply with the rules of conduct and security."

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      Hello and welcome to today's edition of "Ahrana Today," where we bring the news of the Realm and the Wurld to you the viewer at home. On today's edition we have: The Government Announces a new Economic Plan for the Realm, the Dniester-Ahrana situation and what you need to know, and more on the conflict in @Baltica. All here on "Ahrana Today".


      The Federal Government announced today that it would ushering in some new and major policy changes in regard to getting the Ahranaian Economy up and growing. The Government is calling it a Six Point Plan, and that it should help the Economy across the Realm improve and to make the life of the individual even better.

      The first part of this plan is that the Ahranaian Government will now start encouraging the individual person who has been an entrepreneur and those who are attempting to join that area. The Federal Government has told the Federal Patient Office to expect an influx of Patient Requests from Inventors and Creators from across the Realm. The Federal Government will also be issuing a Tax Break for one year for those people whose entrepreneurship takes off within a year from the start date of whatever it may be.

      The Second Part of this plan is that the Ahranaian Government will start to look at the Immigration Laws and to ensure that they are not prohibiting the growth for an influx of skilled workers that are needed in Ahrana at this time. The Federal Government is also opening up the rest of the Market to all Business Foreign and Domestic to open up inside the Realm so as long as all Tax Laws and Labour Laws are followed. The Federal Government will also look to create policy in regard to Education for Immigrants as well as ensuring all higher Education is available to all with little to no costs.

      The third part of the plan is that the Federal Government will end the War on the Drug issue inside the Realm, like the Federation did before the Federal Government will seek to benefit from seeking to rehabilitate the addicted and to decriminalize lesser drugs such as Marijuana. The Federal Government along with the Regional Government will be issuing Licenses for Businesses to begin setting up and selling legal marihuana. The current Educational Program to inform students and children alike of the dangers of drugs will continue for the more dangerous drugs.

      The fourth part of the plan is to require all unemployed to volunteer at local volunteer locations across the Realm. The Unemployment Benefits will no longer last as long as they have been for up to two and a half years, as of now the benefits will last only for six months to a year after which the unemployed person must have found a job. The purpose of this program is to get the individual additional training for say a certain job field to encourage them to learn more and seek a job in that area.

      The fifth part of the plan is to cut Healthcare cost to which the Federal Government is already trying to do. The Federal Government will double down and make it possible for an individual to receive Healthcare for little to no cost if not free provided by the Government. The Federal Government will keep trying to make this a reality for all int he Realm.

      The Sixth and final part of the plan is to remove any unnecessary and unclear laws that impend in businesses to carry out the day-to-day activities for their employees. Business will still be required to make sure that they are preforming in a safe manner and that the employees are not being overworked per the Labour Laws that are there for the protection of the People.


      The Dniester-Ahrana situation has fell further into chaos thanks to the Dniesterian Governments unwillingness to come to peaceful terms. The Federal Government has asked for the Parliament to begin looking at the possibility to draft the Articles of War against Dniester. "The time for peace is almost at an end when the other side does not wish to seek a peaceful termination of hostile acts against a nation of peace," a quote from the Federal Chancellor.


      The War in @Balticahas continued to ravage the country, the 200 Peacekeeping Mission is still in Kauni but has continued to protect those inside Kanui. It is still unclear who will end this conflict in this country and how much longer it will continue, the Federal Government is still watching the events unfold in Baltica and has showed of worry over many events. The Government is still monitoring the conflict for Human Rights Abuses on all sides.


      That is all here on "Ahrana Today," thank you and have a great day.

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      The ongoing conflict in the territory of the former nation of Baltikon (@Baltica) is something that has horrified the wurld. Several nations, some of which the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion is proud to call allies, have stepped up to undertake peacekeeping operations within parts of the civil war ravaged state. This undoubtedly has helped many of those displaced by the conflict to escape relative harm, but the conflict itself sees no sign of abating. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion wishes to see a peaceful end to the conflict, one that is equitable to all of the sides within it. It was clear from the rapid collapse of Baltikon that there were inherent structural problems within that former state – something that any new state that arises from the ashes should strive to overcome or surmount.

      Whilst some nations are working towards peace in the area, other nations are striving hard to undermine it. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is usually content to let the affairs of central Argis be their own – Arhomaneia's partner nations of the Regaseion tou Seilosiou (@Seylos) and Koinopoliteia tes Delamareias (@Delamaria) are more than capable of dealing with any situations that arise there without the interference of Arhomaneia. Other nations, however, seem to be intent on worsening the situation in Baltikon through direct military intervention. And it does not appear to be with regards to the lives of the ordinary citizens, either, but with possible schemes of setting up something that is perhaps more than a puppet state of those meddling nations.

      Amongst the most shocking and appalling pictures and videos to come out of the conflict in recent weeks has been of aircraft of the Aeroporía tou Velahereikou Laikou Stratou, the air force of the Laiki Demokrateia tes Velahereias (@DPR Velaheria). This nation's air force has been indulging in indiscriminate bombing campaigns against the people of the former Baltikon. It does not seem to be the case that these are peacekeeping operations, but to support the aims of the Velahereiki government in Baltikon. The attacks also have the impact of wrecking the infrastructure of the former nation, meaning that aid and medical care is less able to reach those that are suffering the worst in the conflict.

      Therefore, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion sees fit to announce the following sanctions against the Laiki Demokrateia tes Velahereias. The aim of these sanctions is not to hurt the ordinary people of Velaheria, who live and work under an oppressive and godless regime, without freedom of thought, conscience or expression, but to render the military of that state unable to wage aggressive war against the people of Baltikon.

      The sanctions are as follows:

      • A ban on the sale and export export of arms, ammunition and armaments to Velahereia or entities registered or based in that country.
      • A ban on the sale and export of raw materials, including but not limited to iron ore, coal, seed oil, petrochemicals to Velahereia or entities registered or based in that country.
      • A ban on the sale and export of foodstuffs, agricultural goods, farming machinery, transport equipment, heavy machinery to Velahereia or entities registered or based in that country.
      • A ban on the sale and export of automotive parts, vehicles, machinery to Velahereia or entities registered or based in that country.
      • A ban on the sale and export of computer equipment, software, hardware, telecommunications equipment to Velahereia or entities registered or based in that country.
      • Freezing of accounts and financial exchanges relating to the government of Velahereia and members of its government.
      • Any vessels, military or civilian, registered in or part of the navy of Velahereia will no longer be able to use the Isthmos Kanalos.

      It is hoped that these sanctions will be enough for the government of Velahereia to reconsider its belligerent actions in Baltikon. The sanctions will continue until such a point that the Arhomaiki government is satisfied that Velahereia is no longer acting in an aggressive and belligerent manner in Baltikon, and that meaningful steps are being taken by the Velahereiki government to ensure peace, rather than what appears to be an attempt to carve out a puppet state in the former Baltikon. Further to this, Arhomaneia also reserves the right to increase the severity of these sanctions, if it appears that they are not working as intended and encouraging Velahereia onto the road for peace.

      If further sanctions do not curb the actions of the Velahereiki government, then other steps may well be considered. This could be, but not limited to, the deployment of Arhomaiki peacekeeping forces within Baltikon. This, of course, would be coordinated with the other peacekeeping operations currently in place. Arhomaneia values and cherishes peace and is fully committed to working with other nations and the maintenance of the rules-based international order that many nations have worked so hard to establish.

      The government of Arhomaneia does recognise the fact that, due to the small size of the economy of Velahereia and the fact that other nations in Argis make preferable partners to the Megas Agios Basileia, these sanctions alone will unlikely go far enough to quell the Velahereiki urge for conflict. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion therefore calls upon its allies, friendly nations and those nations that wish to see a peaceful end to the conflict in Baltikon to cease trading with that nation, and to enact similar sanctions. This is especially true of those nations within TRIDENT.

      May peace return to central Argis and Baltikon. Prayers will be said for the Baltikoi and their fate, and for peace to return to those long-suffering people.

    • Action and Reaction 
      With tensions rising, Nyantastan needs to act quickly and determined. With the newly Proclaimed Treats against Allied Christian Nations, like @Gotneska and @Tagmatium Rules @Ulfheimr crossed a line.
      After 5 days of Intense debates and Conferences, Nyanta Akamura addressed the Nation today. 

      "From this moment we will not pursue any Diplomatic Relations with the Nation of Ulfheimr. They seek to destroy the Freedom and Prosperity of our Nation and Argis. We will no longer sit idly by when a leader like Erilaz  who seeks reasons everywhere and let's Anger and Hate grow. We will close our Trade Routs and Ports for every good that has Ulfheimr as Destination. Furthermore, we will  also impose punitive tariffs on every Nation that is Trading with Ulfheimr.  Nyantastan will stand its ground and hopes that bloodshed can be avoided. But we can no longer Talk to Barbarians and Savages that want to see the wurld burn. And to avoid any more attacks, Nyantastan will enforce a no-fly zone over the entire airspace. Every plane that violates this zone will be shot down."
      Many Nyantastani cheered when Akamura finished his short speech. The Population seems to be on their Side. There is no talk with Barbarians, and no one shall say we didn't try to talk. Akamura later made clear that Nyantastan is willing to negotiate, but only trough Mediators. 


      Later that evening, James Hurst made clear that the Army is in increased readiness and more Troops and Divisions are relocated to the Nyantastan/Ulfheimr border. Reservists should also be prepared if the worst case happened. 
      According to rumors, regiments of the Viking Division and the Pelecinian Guard have been spotted on the border.


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      New traffic rules in Sintra
      Drivers in Sintra will have to pay attention to the new rules as the maximum speed of circulation will be reduced by 10 kilometres per hour and car traffic on Avenida do Morroc on Sundays and holidays will be not be allowed.



      These measures are part of amendment bill that was approved on 12 May at a private meeting by Sintra Council.

      As such, those driving in Sintra would have to face new rules such as "reducing the maximum allowed speed by 10 kilometres per hour to 30 kilometres per hour on the 3rd, 4th and 5th road network, to 50 kilometres per hour on the 2nd road network and to 70 kilometres per hour on the 1st road network," according to Feldora News agency.

      The bill also sets a "ban on car traffic on Avenida do Morroc on all Sundays and public holidays", something that used to only happen on the last Sunday of each month.

      The bill, which is part of the PRP's initiative "Against war, for the climate: proposal for reducing dependence on fossil fuels in the city of Sintra", also establishes that the cut in car traffic on Sundays should be extended to more places.

      The main goal is to encourage the population to travel more on foot, in a safe and comfortable way and without using their own car. The PRP proposal also calls for the promotion of public transport as well as cycling.

      PRP : Partido da Reforma Popular (People's Reform Party), the dominant-party in the Republic of Feldora.

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      Orioni may introduce conscription as Anglo-Azanian conflict stokes fears

      Orioni may introduce conscription as Anglo-Azanian conflict stokes fearsO'POLIS -- Orioni is considering introducing compulsory military service for young citizens of one year, said defence councillor Toren Nabérrie in an apparent reversal of the island’s years-long transition from conscription to a volunteer-only military.

      The OCA-Anglian invasion of Azania and elsewhere has reignited debates in Orioni over the readiness of its defence force for a potential escalation of tensions with Anglia. The OCA insinuated claims over the Meteorolan archipelago as a territory it must at some point “liberate”. The Orinese government has been increasing defence spending and weapons procurement from its EOS partners. But at the same time, it has been trying to change its defence force to an entirely voluntary organisation and address long-running problems with training and resources.

      On Saturday, Orioni’s defence councillor, Toren Naberrié, said the current system was “inadequate” in the event of a conflict, and that “the IODF would review and report on a proposal for extension.” Naberrié added that any changes would not happen quickly, and the undertakings would be at least 3 months away. When asked for comment, the office of Chairlady Awidefale Rezovi told Roiters the imperial council was considering everyone’s views, but that nothing was decided. It added that training content needed to be reformed to better answer the needs of modern warfare.

      After the disturbing decades of the Thalassan War (1941-47) and Argic Wars (1949-54, 1968-74), Orioni enforced compulsory service of two to three years. Every male over 18 was required to complete six months of training service in the military, in a supporting role to the mostly voluntary force. The six months, often derided as a “summer camp”, included about eight weeks of basic training. Participants could deduct time if they had done training classes with school or college. They became reservists at the end of the six months.

      This policy met its end in the early 2000s, when SP.O proposed to revoke the law. Over the next decade, conscription was replaced with an expanded voluntary service. However, problems with Orioni’s armed forces are well documented. Despite major weapons purchases and increases in military budgets, the IODF continues to struggle with insufficient recruitment in key frontline sectors.

      Re-introduction of mandatory service would be likely to get public support. A recent poll, conducted last week by Roiters, found that 59.7% of respondents say it would improve Orioni’s defence posture against the perceived Anglian aggression.

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      Hello and welcome to today's edition of 'Ahrana Today,' where we bring the news of the realm and of the wurld to you the viewer at home. On this edition: Coronation of Adityawarman III of the Empire of @Kertosono, a possible meeting between the Government of @DPR Velaheria and the Government of Ahrana, the Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence issues its Intelligence and Risk Report, and the Government moves to end official dialogue with the Government of Dniester. All this and more all here on 'Ahrana Today'.


      In the Empire of @Kertosonothe crown has fallen to a new generation of ruler, that being Emperor Adityawarman III the son of the late Emperor Mulawarman VII. An Article of Legislation was attempted to be passed to allow the First Born of the late Emperor to allow his daughter to ascend the throne, but due to unforeseen circumstances with the rapid decline health of the late Emperor the Article of Legislation was not passed till after Emperor Adityawarman III was made Emperor by Succession Rights. The Ahranaian Government sends their best wishes to Emperor Adityawarman III and hopes he has a long and joyous reign.


      Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry has been hard at work to try and make a Diplomatic Meeting between the Democratic Peoples' Republic of @DPR Velaheriaand the Ahranaian Government possible. Sor far both sides have agreed a meeting would be needed given the rise of Influence both nations are having in the Central Argis Region. The Government has made it clear that this meeting is only to talk about the Central Argis Security and the nations respected "Sphere of Influence" in the region. The Ahranaian Government still claims that while the Government of the DPR continues to ignore Human Rights and commits atrocious activities against its people there can be and will not be any Formal dialogue beyond the Safety and Security of the Central Argis Region.


      Around 1200 AST yesterday, the Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence Agency released its Threat Assessment of multipole nations from across the Wurld as well as its Qurterly Intelligence Report for the Central Argis Region. While the actual documents have yet to be placed in the public domain for public access, we do have access to a report over these Reports that has been verified as accurate by the ADI.

      The ADI has labeled the Republic of Dniester as Hostile and Unstable and stated that in months it is possible that the very structure of the Government could collapse even without Ahranaian Intervention. The ADI has also stated that the recent attacks we have been seeing in the west of Ahrana are just the starting attacks and more will follow that will make these small attacks child play.

      The ADI has labeled the Republic of @Balticaas a failed state and has also stated that the effects of the current Civil War will be felt throughout the Country of Baltica well after three consecutive Governments have been in power. The ADI has also heard whispers of possible Human Rights abuses in and across the nation committed by almost every side in this Civil War as well as by some Foreign Troops.

      The ADI has labeled the Democratic Peoples' Republic of @DPR Velaheria as corrupt, abusive, and emerging. The DPR is considered corrupt due to the immense power that is held in the higher echelons of the Government by the Rulers, abusive by the sheer inconsideration to even basic human rights, and emerging due to the interference the DPR Government is running in the Central Argis Region. The ADI has cautioned the Government to watch the movements of the DPR Troops involved in the Baltican Civil War.

      There are other nations on this report however these are considered the most important ones in the eyes of the government at this time. When the full report has published for Public Use, we will have it posed on ahranatoday.co.aha


      The Federal Government has begun the discussions at the Federal Council and at the Imperial Privy Council on if the dialogue attempts with the Republic of Dniester should be stopped due to the ineffectiveness they are having. As these discussions with the government continue a clear picture of the strategy the Government will use will become public knowledge.

      In addition to these discussions the Ahranaian Government has also decided to withdraw 450 Ahranaian Peacekeepers in Baltica citing rising tensions on the Dnisterian-Ahranaian Border. No other comment was made on this discission. A force of 200 Ahranaian Peacekeepers will be stationed in Baltica and the No-FlyZone will still be helped enforced by the Ahranaian Air Force.


      That is all for this edition of 'Ahrana Today' thank you and have a good day.

    • The National Courier


      03.05.2022 AD

      60.02.1950 AJB




      First Haruspex soldiers arrive in Ateenia

      For the past couple of weeks, the first Haruspex troops have been arriving to Ateenia and have started setting up their bases across Ateenia, with many being stationed in existing Varnar bases and others being tasked with setting up temporary Haru bases in the jarldoms of Osarvik, Atha, Grundvik and Konallandi, as permitted by the queen. This however has recieved heavy backlash from Konráðið and even heavier disapproval from the jarls Calder of house Hrein, Astrid of house Tofi and Sigmund of house Olafsson, for it is their jarldoms that have to accept the presence of a foreign army. Jarl Calder went even as far as to call Ena a foreign puppet and the death of Ateenia, to which the queen made no comments. While the queen left the Konráðið room shortly after explaining the situation, her brother Harald entered in her stead, where he discussed things with the jarls that remains unknown for now. 

      The Queen has ensured the people of Ateenia that the Haru troops are there for Ateenian interests and shall be tasked with fighting communist influence in the region, both in Ateenia and abroad. In recent interviews, the minister of defense has given subtle but clear hints of increased involvement in the current Baltican civil war in the near future, which is expected to involve the Ateenian and Haru militaries. Ministry of Defense has also announced that a join military exercise will be held soon, between the Varnar of Ateenia and the 1st Legion Renor Vlos of Haruspex at a date which has yet not been decided. As for now, the disembarking of the legionnaires of the Imperium of Haruspex continues in the Osarvik port, with the port being under heavy security for the past 2 weeks.



      On other news:

      • First powerlines are being set up in Kliþorp and the town is expected to have full electricity coverage by the end of the month.
      • Grundvik dockyards considers scrapping the unfinished Aslaug Class corvette which was originally built for Baltica, but abandoned after the start of the civil war.
      • 17 people arrested in Osarvik, after throwing stones and eggs at the military convoy passing through the city this morning.
      • Unheim temple to have another housing block begin construction at 27th of Dauðamánður, which is expected to increase the housing capacity of the temple by 420 people.


    • spacer.png

      New rural tourist development
      Luxury resort promoted by Chalk Properties, will cover over 30,000 m2 of rural space.



      A new real estate megaproject is under development in Morisca, according to a report.

      Signed off by Soros Architects, the new Morisca Vintage tourist development by Chalk Properties is designed to be located in a rural space of more than 30,000 square meters (m2) and the project is now under public consultation until 6th May.

      A total of 166 plots are planned (165 for housing and one for agricultural activity), 194 tourist accommodation units and 858 beds. There will also be space for a spa, swimming pools, paddle tennis courts, restaurants and bars.

      The luxury resort will be located in Hanseca, 10 kilometres away from Morisca, Almeigas.

    • Breaking News: Queen is Reportedly spotted with young handsome Gentlemen.

      For the first time since becoming queen, Sarah II has not been seen or talking about her love life, until this evening when a reported so happen to see her walk in a fine restaurant with a tall, young, gentlemen. Some people believe the reported may have confused him with one of the Queen's brothers, but this is highly unlikely. No one knows who is unknown gentlemen is. All we can say is everyone in the nation now knows he's dating one of the most popular female in the nation.


      For more information please check out our Newscast about all things Royalty. Every week night 6:30 pm. and Weekends 7:00

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      New Sintra RT strike
      Workers at Trânsito Rápido de Sintra (TRS) will carry out a partial strike on 20 April (Wednesday) and 26 April (Tuesday) between 05:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. , according to the company.



      In a statement, Trânsito Rápido de Sintra informs that, on both days, the forecast is that the transport service will only start at 10:30 a.m.
      In the note, the company “thanks its customers for understanding and regrets any inconvenience that these strikes may cause”.
      TRS workers have already carried out a partial strike (05:00 a.m. - 09:00 a.m. ) on 7 March and 27 March, alleging the lack of working conditions in the drivers operational area.

      Contacted today by the Feldora News agency, Glória Soares, from the Association of Communications, Transportation and Logistics (ACTRAL), explained that this strike is based on the same assumptions as the two partial strikes held in last March. 
      According to Soares, the association want the company to “put into practice a series of commitments made to workers a long time ago”.

      The agency also contacted TRS to obtain a comment on this stoppage, but is still awaiting a response.

      Trânsito Rápido de Sintra operates with four lines: Yellow (Guimaraes-Parque Filipa), Green (Pojón-Tosca), Blue (Almariz-Don Juan) and Red (Airport-Serra), from 06:00 a.m. to 01:00 a.m.

      Edited by Feldora (see edit history)
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      BREAKING: Imperial Palace Announces Coronation of Adityawarman III

      26 Gugur 1928 KE

      Pictured above: Poster announcing the coronation of Adityawarman III

      Ngawi, the Imperial Palace of Kertosono and Ngawi has announced the coronation of Emperor Adityawarman III, who has ascended to the throne of the empire earlier this year after the sudden death of the late Emperor Mulawarman VII. The coronation would be the second coronation event in 10 years, and would mark the great start of Adityawarman III's reign. Through a spokesperson of the Imperial Palace, the coronation event is set to take place on the 14th of Bumbu 1929 KE in the imperial palace grounds of Ngawi. The coronation ceremony would see the young emperor wear the jeweled crown of Singhasari for the first time, and would see the emperor take his personal oath to God in serving his country.

      Preparations for the coronation event have begun to take place. Massive socialization campaigns and advertisements have been installed in almost all public spaces throughout Kertosono, and online socialization efforts have also been undertaken by the Imperial Palace's cyber team. Invitations to a multitude of foreign dignitaries and other persons of interest have been sent out, and are awaiting for confirmation. Meanwhile, contests and other events regarding the coronation would be held starting next week and would last until the coronation day.

      "We are expecting this coronation event to be one of the most grandiose and extravagant coronations in the history of Kertosono, because we will include all elements of society and everyone to participate in the event, both ceremonially and publically." said K.R.T. Tumenggung Singhadiwiryo, chief organizer of emperor Adityawarman III's coronation. It is indeed the first time in which a coronation of a Kertic Emperor would be accompanied by festivities and contests of the sort for the wider population of Kertosono, and would be a great way of bolstering the young monarch's support, according to Singhadiwiryo.

      Previously, the 18 year old son of late Emperor Mulawarman VII, Aditya Sanjaya, ascended to the throne of Kertosono to become Emperor of the Kertic People and the Kertic Realms. A bill changing the rules of succession of the Kertic Emperor from agnatic primogeniture to absolute primogeniture was on its way to be ratified by the upper house after being passed with a supermajority of votes in the lower house in early Saddha of 1928 KE. Under absolute primogeniture, Mulawarman VII's firstborn child, Princess Mangkuretno, would become Kertosono's first empress since the formation of the country.

      To everyone's surprise, Mulawarman VII died suddenly before the bill could be passed by the upper house, thus making current Emperor Adityawarman III the monarch of Ngawi and Kertosono. The bill was passed shortly after Adityawarman III ascended to the throne, but would now would only apply to the current emperor's offspring. Only if the emperor chooses to abdicate would the crown go to his elder sister Mangkuretno. Although so, Adityawarman III has proven to be a very popular monarch, continuing in his gradnfather and father's footsteps. With an approval rating of almost 80% after his first year as emperor, it is highly unlikely that the emperor would abdicate soon. 

    • akoFZWV.png

      Three weeks ago, the 77th Vosō Ne began what has been dubbed the ‘Imperial Purge’, with over 23 Syndics and high government officials having been arrested since March 17th on the grounds of corrupt.

      Today marks the 21st day of the Imperial Purge. Thus far 23 government officials have been arrested, 14 of the arrested officials are Guild Syndics primarily from northern Leho and Hōq’nuka.

      Last night near midnight the first trial came to an end with Lodhāa Heevo Xakasono, the Secretary of Agriculture within the Leho Kingdom, being found guilty of corruption. According to the Leho National Court, Lodhāa Heevo was found guilty of embezzlement of foreign aid for the last 7 years and university grants since the start of the Rhodellian Sentinel Program. Lodhāa Heevo’s sentencing involves paying the government $32M and with all companies under the Xakasono family to be forcefully bought by the government for below-market value. Lodhāa Heevo will also be sentenced for nine years in prison under sýmvasi exóryxis and banned from holding any government secretariat positions for 18 years.

      Other secretariats thus far detained are expected to reach similar verdicts and punishments over the coming months.

      Lehoan National Courthouse in Imperial Session.

      Although many in the public, especially along the river, have championed this as an excellent decision to curb corruption within the nation, others who live in the kingdoms of Leho and Hōq’nuka have accused the government and the 77th Vosō Ne of destabilising the peace between local Syndics and the Guildlords whom herders fear may raid border settlements in retaliation to the government’s purge of bribed officials.

      There have also been four separately approved protests within Nanhong City, Pashae, and Soq’aska especially where both urban and rural guilds have financed the licenses for day long protests for Saturday and Sunday. For Nanhong City and Pashae, the protests have been scheduled this coming Monday after noon.

      Numerous ambassadors, children of charged and imprisoned secretariats, have already been recalled as part of the ‘Imperial Purge’ including the ambassadors to Seylos and Rhodellia. Khevhēwe-diē Xakasono and Doho-khao Hokiho are the most recently recalled ambassadors by the remaining Imperial Government on charges of corruption and disruptive behaviour.

      Khevhēwe-diē was the head ambassador for Seylos, but according to correspondences within the Imperial Government she has been recalled back to the Kingdom of Leho with backing from the I.G. due to disruptive actions in preventing dialogue for logistic support for Seylosi peacekeepers in the recent Baltica civil war.

      Such disruptive activity only adds to the controversies to the bill on supporting Seylos, with several Guild Syndics rescinding their approval since the initial vote and the start of the ‘Imperial Purge’. It is likely that this behaviour rose out of Lodhāa Heevo Xakasono’s, Secretariat of Agriculture and the father of Khevhēwe-diē, dismissal from government office and subsequent imprisonment on account of corruption. Spokesmen of the Imperial Government have also confirmed that the embassy in Selbourne will be temporarily closed for the 'near term', however the dedicated Kasekan embassy will remain operational.

      Doho-khao Hokiho has similarly been recalled back as his father, Xakhīosha-Lao Hokiho the Defence Secretariat, was recently recorded in Kaseka after missing his court date. All high profile members of the Hokiho family have also been called to return to the Kingdom of Xio as part of the investigation, thus its unlikely for Doho-khao to be suspended unlike other government officials and Guild Syndics.

      Interior main commons room of the Great Xioan Embassy in Friedrichstadt, Rhodellia

      Doho-khao is the head ambassador for the Kingdom of Rhodellia and helped develop what would eventually become the Rhodellian Sentinel Program in Leho and Hōq’nuka, it is unlikely for the RSP to be disrupted whilst Doho-khao returns to Xio. The embassy in Friedrichstadt will continue to remain open with the deputy head ambassador Wohā-lidhe Pekemana temporarily promoted to head ambassador for Rhodellia.

      Related Topics (07/04/2022):
      ● Xakhīosha-Lao Hokiho caught on camera in Kaseka at ATM.
      Seylosi Logistics Aid Bill narrowly passes with a 53% majority.
      ● 77th Vosō Ne to hold speech in Xiseka tomorrow evening - predictions.
      Agriculture Secretariat arrested at Dhiikala summer home.

    • 5th April 2022

      Avalanche in the Sadheshi Province leaves three injured.

      An avalanche hit the village of Kishu in the Sadheshi Province of Mahana, injuring three residents and one hospitalised with serious injury. The avalanche was caused by a build up of snow that was disturbed by a small-scale earthquake that hit the region at 13:00, 5th April 2022. This caused the avalanche which fell, damaging buildings in the village and injuring three, with one being hospitalised with a 'serious injury'.


      Gold Panner Hits Oil

      July 20th, 1866

      The small mining town of Clarence Hill in the Northern Territory is awash with jubilation today, as the town celebrates alongside it's new wealthiest resident. Charles Morris, aged only 22, was on an expedition by the Intrian Sea last Friday to pan for gold and amber, during which he uncovered a reservoir of oil whilst digging in search of a gold vein. It is unknown how much oil the reservoir contains, however after establishing the first well and completing the first sale earlier today, Charles is ecstatic. "First, I'm going to build a railroad" the young entrepreneur stated. "Something to transport my oil across the country, down to the big city perhaps." The celebration was not without tragedy, however, as during the expedition that lead to the discovery of the black gold, Morris' employer, Mr Henry Vostrom, aged 55,  was tragically killed in an accidental weapons discharge, caused by a fault in his rifle's trigger. He has no known relatives. Morris states that he plans to honour his employer's legacy by naming his new company, in part, after him. "This oil is half his, it may as well have half his name on it." Papers filed today state the name of this company is to be Morvos Petroleum and Tar.

      If you are interested in reading the full article, please click this link.


      Ramadan Celebrations Begin

      Ramadan Celebrations have begun in Nowhere City, as the Muslim population prepares for the month long fast. Lights were strung up in the district of Little Fulgistan, and worshippers gathered to begin prayers. "Ramadan is a time for contemplation, and self control." Imam Zhang. "It is important in these troubled times to reflect on one's self, and what is truly important." 

      Bishop Hayes wished a happy Ramadan for those partaking, joining the government officials and corporations who have already done so. Eichhörn & Stowe has offered employees flexible working hours, offering the chance to switch shifts with staff until after Ramadan in order to work shorter hours during the festive months. 

      When dusk breaks, it is expected that Iftar meals will be held across the city in order to break the fasting. Saint Viktor's Cathedral in New Godstone Island is holding a communal Iftar feast in order to celebrate and promote unity between Hinterians. Bishop Hayes had this to say; "At a time when the wurld is becoming more divided, it is important to remember what we all have in common." Hayes and Zhang have issued invitations to all who wish to join.

    • 4Lvrjuz.png

      Hello and welcome to another edition of Ahrana Today, where we bring the news of the wurld and the realm to you the viewer. On today's edition we bring the press release from the Federal Government concerning Dniester and the situation on the border.


      The Federal Government has released a Press Release in regard to the Emergency Meeting called yesterday. The following is the Release:



    • 4Lvrjuz.png

      Hello and welcome to this edition of "Ahrana Today," where we bring the news of the wurld and the realm to you the viewer at home and abroad. On this edition, escalation of the Dniesterian Situation, the Federal Government issues a statement, and the Ministry of Defense is set to release a press statement. All here on "Ahrana Today".


      The situation on the border with Dniester in the western regions of Ahrana has grown to a point that the Federal and Regional Government can no longer ignore the issue at hand. Today it was announced by a spokesperson with the Regional Government of Tatani that, "The Regional Government of Tatani no longer believes these attacks will cease and that the Federal Government must act soon, or the Regional Government will push an invasion of Dniester with the support of the other Member States with or without the Federal Governments backing." The Federal Government has since acknowledged the statement the Regional Government has made and has called an emergency meeting of entire Government including the Governor-Generals and the Regional Prime Ministers. No statement has been released yet, but we will cover the Press Release as soon as it is known to us.


      The Federal Government has issued a statement regarding the Baltican Civil War. In it the Government stated that "Intimidation and violation of neutrality of a neutral nation should and needs to be respected." The government also stated, "The Kauni Coalition are in the state of Kauni to help keep the peace, which has been undermined by the invasion of the insurgency of the forces of the state of Dokestva, which has also put the lives of Ahranaian Peacekeepers and other members as well. It is highly unacceptable for anyone to violate neutrality in this way as well as put others in harm's way that are trying to help the people." 

      The Government has made its stance clear on how it views this recent aggression shown by Dokestva, and that it does not view this state as a non-aggressor to no extent. The Government has also decided that any Military aid traveling through Ahrana to any other State in @Baltica will no longer be allowed to flow through Ahrana or the ports of Ahrana.


      The Ministry of Defense has yet to release their Press Release due to the Federal Government Emergency Meeting still being in session. Once the release is being done, we will cover it as well.

    • spacer.png

      Imperial Domain -- HIN submarines sailed off for drills in the Amnalos Thalassa Seas and mobile missile launchers are now roaming the snow covered forests near Ttoile and other areas shared along the border with Adaptus. The Council of Nine ordered the nation's mobile strategic rocketry forces put on high alert over tensions within the Occidental of Anglian nature.

      The 2nd Strike Fleet said in a statement that several of its submarines were involved in exercises designed to train maneuvering in stormy conditions. It said several warships tasked with protecting the Kaldana colonial holding, where several naval bases are located, would join the maneuvers.

      Alongst the western border of the Federacy, units of the Strategic Missile Forces dispersed Nayban (Reaper) intercontinental ballistic missile launchers in forests to practice secret deployment, the Imperial Defense Ministry said in a statement.

      The military didn't say whether the drills were linked to the council's order on Thursday to put the country's rocketry forces on high alert amid Anglian aggression throughout the region. It also was unclear whether the exercises represented a change in the imperial legionary's normal training activities or posture.

      The council's decree applied to all parts of the strategic rocketry services triad, which consists of submarines armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles, strategic bombers and MIML's (mobile intercontinental missile launchers). Whilst the Imperium does not utilize nuclear weapons, preferring to use its nuclear technology for reactors and so forth, it does make use of biological and chemical weapons as an alternative. Of which a point could be made perhaps, that such is on par with the devastation that a nuclear warhead could bring.

      The standard ICBM used primarily by the ESCNC (Imperial Mobile Rocketry Strategic Services), is that of the Nayban II or 'Reaper' translated to Anglish. It is believed that the current model ICBM, the Nayban III (R-4) is a biological/chemical weapon armed ICBM that entered service in 2011. The Nayban III is believed to have two or three-stages, using solid propellant and having a payload of 1,000 to 1,300 kg. The payload could be a single 750 kg airburst warhead, although a MIRV system is rumored to be in some of the weapons. Details are still incredibly limited, even to our dedicated staff and those watchdog entities observing the imperial government.

      Experts however suggest that it more than likely has an estimated launch weight of 30,000 kg and a length of 15.5 m with a width of 1.56 m from brief appearances in parades and so on. It is estimated to have a range of 4,800 to 6,500 km (2,982 to 4,038 miles). Our experts consulted are from the Imperial Rocketry Research Laboratories, and the Rocketry Advancement Society which is keen to observe and record as many imperial rocketry/missile designs as it can find.

      According to an official report that was submitted to the imperial legion command in 2004, it may be that with a payload of 1,000 kg the Nayban gives the Imperial government strike capabilities within the entire Occidental, and potentially even into Argic territories.

      The range of the Nayban II also provides an extremely high impact speed for nearby targets, enabling it to avoid any Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) defenses that may develop in the immediate region. On 17 January 2008 the ESCNC test fired a multi-stage ballistic missile believed to be of the Nayban II type, reportedly capable of carrying conventional or non conventional warheads. On 2 November 2011, ESCNC successfully test fired a missile believed to be the upgraded Nayban III just outside of Belaya; the long trail of smoke was seen throughout the central imperial territory.

      Some within the Imperial court, and even prominent house lords have said the council's move unnecessarily escalates an already dangerous conflict, but so far there have been no announced changes in the weapons alert level.

      The Imperial Legionary have the land- and submarine-based segments of their strategic forces on alert and prepared for combat at all times, but launch-capable bombers and other aircraft are not. One party raising the combat readiness of bombers or ordering more ICBM-carrying submarines to sea would ring alarm bells for another.

      Ria Mel'Ana Velven, currently the highest ranking officer of the Seventh Circle [ECC - Imperium Security Services], and member of the Council of Nine, commented on the status of the economic war with Anglia. Don’t forget that in human history, economic wars quite often turn into real ones. The council knows this all to well, and as such, this is the reason for the heightened military activity. We of course will highlight our naval activity to interested powers in the area that are also concerned with Anglian naval and aerocraft activity within the Amnalos Thalassa sea.


      April 6th, 2022 marks two hundred years since the Financial Gazette first entered print, starting off as a pet project of Nowhere City corn trader Howard Gillmore in his basement. To celebrate this anniversary, alongside our regular articles, we'll be recommending a selection of articles from the past two hundred years, carefully extracted from our archives and uploaded to this site. If you wish to browse our complete digitised library, click the link at the bottom of this article.

      Murderer's Execution Botched

      August 9th, 1954

      The execution of convicted murderer Michael Harper today ended with a bang, as a malfunction with the electric chair used resulted in a spectacle described by most in attendance as "gruesome and horrifying". Harper, who was convicted of the murder of his wife Judy Harper in their Edgewood home in 1952, had a final meal of eggs benedict, lobster tail, and five bottles of soda, alongside a pack of cigarettes provided by Morwood Cigarettes. Upon entering the chamber, Harper made a statement in which he once again protested his innocence, before being sat in the chair. Upon activation, sparks flew from the wiring behind the chair, and one officer was concussed after tripping over a Morwood Cigarettes promotional cut-out, resulting in a hospital stay, partially paid for by Morwood Cigarettes. Although the gory details have been deemed by the editors of this newspaper to be unfit for print, full details are expected to be revealed at a Parliament Hill inquest later this week, where the members will debate on the death penalty.

      If you are interested in reading the full article, please click this link.


      Morvos releases new patent details

      At a conference today, the Morvos Group released new details on a patent filed for an employee safety device. Known as the Morvos Safety Vessel in internal specifications, some groups have condemned the new device, branding it as a 'wage cage'. The device, which is operated by one employee inside a cage like structure atop the chassis, contains features such as a intercom for communication with management, a light that can be activated for emergencies or to alert others of it's presence, a CCTV camera to ensure employee safety, and a biometric lock to prevent theft or hijackings. 


      Some groups, however, have criticised the device, pointing out the fact that the intercom is a one way system, and the biometric lock cannot be opened from inside the safety chassis. Morvos has declined to comment on this, stating "The Safety Vehicle is designed with the best interests of out employees in mind. Full details of the safety vehicle will be released later this year.


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    • With the changing weather pattern we have once again updated our forecast for 30 March to 1 April.


      Wednesday: 30th March (Happy  Éadjós)

      Wednesday in our latest forecast is looking much colder then oringally predicted. With the daytime high of 2°C, and overnight low of -4°C. The biggest change is just how windy it will be. Sustained winds of 21 to 30 knots, with gusts up to 39 Knots. This will create  Wind Chill values during the day -5 to -6°C is possible, but once the sunsets values will drop very quickly creating dangers Wind Chill Values between -13°C & -15°C. So we causation anyone spending time outside please Wear the right clothing and if you get cold go indoors to rewarm your body. Sunset will be 7:55 pm (19:55).


      At this time a Winter Storm Watch remains in affect till 9am local time Wednesday Morning.

      A Wind Chill Watch maybe issued in the coming hours. if one is it will mostly be in affect from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning.


      Thursday: 31st March 

      The forecast for Thursday hasn't changed much unlike Wednesday. 

      Cloudy, high near 4°C, with a low around -5°C. Chance of precipitation is 20%.


      Friday: 1st April

      Fridays forecast like Wednesday has been update quite a bit. Daytime temperature wise it going to be a tad warmer high near 5°C. But the overnight low is going to much colder close to -2°C. By far the coldest temperature of the week. Friday morning and early afternoon have a slight chance of rain. Rain chances of 40%. Clouds will start to clear out by sunset but will start to increase during the night. Rainfall, measurements between 21 to 30 mm of rain possible.


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      Durnovaria-Cunetio, North Korinon — 

      The NKSF in conjunction with the HIL will build a new communications facility on one of two bases it maintains on the island nation, an NK Defence Ministry spokesman said Monday.

      The spokesman told The North Korinon Associated Press that the purpose of the small-scale infrastructure project is to modernize communications infrastructure and increase our resilience.

      The spokesman, speaking on customary condition of anonymity, gave no further details. The facility will be built at a recently constructed overwatch base between two other also recently constructed facilities.

      The NKSDF became the operator of two said bases shortly after the northern part of the island became a protectorate within the Haru sphere of influence.

      The bases incorporate a large airfield at NKAF Akro and an important electronic intelligence gathering station at Ayios. Both operate between the cities of Cunetio and Durnovaria. 

      Notably, the Imperium has projected its military strength in the region since it annexed the Kyussia (Cussian) territories as its own, with large naval deployments.

      RYVC (Haru Aero-Force Services) and recently acquired NKAF military aircraft have also flown from NKAF Akro to assist in sea-lane patrols and escort missions in the last month alone.

      Verlucio, North Korinon - 

      Some fifteen-hundred new recruits are expected on Thursday in Verlucio, and by next Tuesday, another eight hundred of them are expected. NK Defence Minister Savvas Angotoi, who visited the camp on Monday morning and was briefed on the process, expressed his satisfaction with the number of arrivals.

      In a statement the minister welcomed the recruits to the “big family of the Self Defense Forces” and assured “both them and their families that all the instructions have been given and all the necessary measures have been taken to ensure their health, safety and respect for their dignity.

      It is a 14-month term and recruits must take advantage of all the experiences and knowledge of this education so that they will be protected from difficulties they will face later in society, the minister said.

      Regarding the recruiting process, Angelides said that “everything seems to be going smoothly."

      He congratulated the approximately the new recruits who had arrived by 11am in Verlucio who were waiting for transport to the main NK training facility of Fort Vestia within the central vale-lands, saying they came with a smile ready to serve. 

      These recruits will eventually become NKSDF proper legionary. Many will head to the advancement courses for officers, technical studies and so on. The infrastructure need of the budding military will be raised by these brave volunteers.

      Ulusk, Kyussia Territories - 

      Kunya Trade Consortium (GDL) has completed operations on the Thalassa ton Kataigidon-2 appraisal well located in Zone 8x8 offshore, between Ulusk and the Territory of Akwisia @Tagmatium Rules,  which confirmed a high-quality gas presence.

      Imperial Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry said that the work on the Thalassa ton Kataigidon-2 drilling in the Zone was completed successfully and safely.

      The Ministry added that the drilling operations, which included production tests, were carried out by Kunya Oil and Ulan'Uz Petroleum, which are partners in the zones.

      The drilling demonstrated the presence of a gas reservoir with high-quality characteristics. The consortium will proceed with a detailed analysis and evaluation of the collected data to determine the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the reservoir as well as the potential options more accurately for development and commercialization of the discovery.

      Under the current legislation, the consortium will notify the Ministry of the results of data evaluation collected from the drilling and test works as soon as it is completed.

      The country’s Energy, Commerce, and Industry Minister Natasa Hallas also confirmed the completion of Thalassa ton Kataigidon-2 well operations via open channels with the Imperial government news outlets.

      The work of the evaluation drilling of Thalassa ton Kataigidon-2 started in late December 2021 and was carried out by the Hakon Uta drilling rig, which departed from the drilling site on March 20, 2022.

      In the second half of 2022, the Stena Dar is expected to mobilize from the moorage of Ulusk to drill one more well for the Kunya Trade Consortium.

      To remind, the Thalassa ton Kataigidon-2 gas discovery was made in 2019 with estimated in-place resources of 5 to 8 trillion cubic feet of gas. The well was drilled to a final drilling depth of 14,000 feet below sea level in 6,800 feet of water by an Ulan'Uz Petroleum research vessel.

      In the same month when Thalassa ton Kataigidon-2 drilling started, the GDL and Ulan'Uz Petroleum signed an exploration and production sharing contract with the government of the city-state Ulusk for zone 8x8. The zone covers an area of 1,740 square miles in water depths of up to 8,200 feet and is adjacent to zone 10.

    • spacer.png

      Update for today and Tuesday. A winter storm watch has been issued and will be affect from 06:00 Tuesday morning to 09:00 Wednesday morning.

      Stay tune for any further updates!!


      Carlos Renaldo, in conjunction with high-level defectors from all three major political parties, held a news conference today to announce the formation of the new Christian People's Party (Ebrarese: Partito Popular Christian; PPC). The new party is branded as a big-tent party, meant to unite the Ebrarian people. Other noteworthy individuals who have defected to the new party include Deputy President Abraham Morgano (formerly Farmer-Labor Party) and Minister of Education Jon Albo (formerly Ecumenical Dominionist Party). All three men were present today at the news conference, broadcast on state television.

      In addition, a slate of candidates were announced for the party-list portion of the Ebrarian Popular Assembly election. Fifteen constituency seats in the Popular Assembly, mostly of Renaldo's former party the Center Reformists, have also defected to the new party, as well as two Senators. Renaldo has left open the option for any member of the Popular Assembly or the Senate to join the new PPC.

      The party's provisional platform as revealed today endorses Ebrary's Christian nationhood and increased international trade. Domestically, it breaks with Renaldo's previous positions on trade unions by supporting moderate labor rights. The party promises to defend Ebrary's utility cooperatives and state-owned industries against privatization. The platform pledges to reduce healthcare and energy costs for Ebrarians. Most controversially, the party has endorsed the ability of women to be elected to the Popular Assembly and serve in the Ebrarian Cabinet.

      Spokesmen for the established political parties have issued strong statements condemning this move by Renaldo as a betrayal of the current unity government. The campaign season for them has started in earnest, but it seems the most attention has been drawn to the new Christian People's Party as Renaldo maintains record approval numbers. Only time will tell how this gamble plays out for Renaldo and his allies.

    • Official Forcast for the Capital Region, Læniguëil. This forecast is good from Sunday 27 March to  Saturday 2 April 2022.



      Sunday: 27th  March

      Mostly Cloudy, high near 4, with a low around 2. Chance of precipitation is 20%, chance of snow will greatly increase the farther west/ inland for the region.

      Monday: 28th March

      Party Cloudy, high near 5, with a low around 0. Chance of precipitation is 10%, but night fall will increase to around 40%, chance of rain/snow mix mainly for the coastal/ lowlands. More Snow for hignland regions. Est. totals less then 10mm.

      Tuesday: 29th March

      Rain/ Snow Mix, measurements between 22 to 46 mm of rain/ snow possible. high near 5, with a low around -2, Chance of precipitation is 90%. Winter Weather Advisory's are likely to be issued.

      Wednesday: 30th March (Happy  Éadjós)

      Party Cloudy, high near 5, with a low around -1, Chance of precipitation is 10%. Sunset is forecasted to be around 7:55 pm or (19:55). Please remember to dress warm.

      Thursday: 31st March

      Mostly Cloudy, high near 4, with a low around -3. Chance of precipitation is 10%.

      Friday: 1st April
      Party Cloudy then becoming cloudy by 3pm and chance of rain by 9pm. high near 4, with a low around -2. Chance of precipitation is 15% and will gradually increase to 60% by nightfall. 

      Saturday: 2nd April

      Rain/ Snow Mix, measurements between 44 to 79 mm of rain/ snow possible. high near 5, with a low around -1, Chance of precipitation is 100%. A Winter Storm Watch will likely to be issued.

      (OOC I'm Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this. I've been working on some history stuff and also trying to do as much before I start my job. 

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      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Ahini celebrated by Orinese with fireworks

      Ahini celebrated by Orinese with fireworksO'POLIS -- Millions of people celebrated Ahuni, a festival of ancient Orinese origins which marks the new year, on Monday. Ahuni marks not just the start of spring, but also the start of the solar year. It was celebrated by millions of Orinese people on March 21.

      Men and women in Orioni and the Orinese diaspora welcomed their new year by lighting torches and fires, and climbing up a mountain where large Orinese flags had been put on display under colourful explosions of fireworks. It symbolises the passing of the dark season, and the arrival of the season of light. The festivity is celebrated by Orinese in Tamurin, Bainbridge Islands, Niederoestereich, and elsewhere.

      Ahuni in Oharic means "New Day", and it is also known as Orinese New Year. The festival has sentimental importance as it symbolises Orinese culture, and the cultural ties that bind them across vast distances. More than 5 million Orinese live in Tamurin, Bainbridge Islands, Niederoestereich, Mekabiri, San Ba, and Damak Var. The festival is also popular in Hufahitha, Pañkaiana in @Safiloa, where thousands gather every year.

      The holiday, dating back 3000 years and incorporating ancient traditions, is the most important event in the Orinese calendar and for Orinese in the region. It is the equivalent of New Year’s and Salvian Christmas rolled into one. While there are many unique traditions connected to the Ahuni that run across the Eurth, many communities will mark today with some sort of feast, and by spending time with family members and friends.

      On Sunday, various leaders and politicians offered their best wishes to those celebrating the festival of Ahuni. Empress Joni, monarch of Orioni, shared her greetings on Wittier, saying she hoped for peace and happiness for all. “Congratulations to all those celebrating Ahuni, both in Orioni and around the wurld. May the year ahead be one of peace, prosperity and wellbeing for all,” Empress Joni said on Wittier on Sunday. Chairlady Awidefale Rezovi also wished those celebrating the festival of Ahuni “peace, prosperity and wellbeing.”


      President Carlos Renaldo of Ebrary

      President Carlos Renaldo of Ebrary has officially resigned from the Center Reformist Party amid a row with high-ranking party leadership over the structure of the party and the continued “unity cabinet” with Ecumenical Dominionist Party and the Farmer-Labor Party. The unity cabinet, formed under informal advice from the Sovereign Protector, has been increasingly strained. Renaldo has for some time been openly critical of the current power-sharing arrangement, which has hampered his ability to enact policy. While this has thrown the current administration into crisis, Renaldo has made no moves to remove members of the current Cabinet.

      Unnamed sources state that Renaldo is in talks with allies in his own party as well as receptive members of the other two major parties to form a new political party before the October legislative elections. While the three major parties in the Popular Assembly both have roughly equal shares of the vote, the next election could upset this balance.

      The Sovereign Protector’s High Protectorate Office has issued a statement urging Renaldo to maintain the current cabinet arrangement and calling for cooperation among Ebrary’s political faction for the greater good of the nation. However, no direct comments from Sovereign Protector Daniel Lucas have been forthcoming, typical of his recent silence in recent months.

      President Renaldo gave a speech today concerning the matter, a relevant excerpt is below,

      “The current bureaucracy of the Center Reformist Party has forced my hand, and I am resigning from the party effective immediately. I seek to forge new alliances and build a better organization which will serve the interests of all of the Ebrarian people and our great Christian heritage, instead of merely serving the interests of those who are too afraid of rocking the boat to do what is right. We sit idly by and wait while the wurld will pass us by! I ask all Ebrarians who care about this country’s future to join me. We will stand for strength, morality, and prosperity. I represent strong leadership in an era when we are dangerously close to slipping into weak oligarchy.”

      The leadership of the Farmer-Labor Party and the Ecumenical Dominionist Party have both expressed negative views of the move by the current President, but some MPAs (Members of the Popular Assembly) from both parties have state their support for this move and have hinted at a willingness to join a new party.

      However, opinion polls are on his side, with the President having a 58% approval rating according to most recent averages. Meanwhile, the current political parties (including the PRC which Renaldo just resigned from) have lower approval ratings. Analysts believe that Renaldo is cutting out unpopular dead weight in an effort to form a big tent coalition to help him increase his power as the current Sovereign Protector ages and withdraws from politics. However, this is a gamble as we are six months from the election. Renaldo will have to act fast to avoid being a president with no allies in the legislature.

    • 4Lvrjuz.png

      Hello and welcome to this edition of "Ahrana Today," where we bring the news of the Realm and the Wurld to you the viewer. On this edition: More news from the Western Provinces for the Kingdom, the 2022 Election Campaign Debates, The Federal Government to accepting refugees from Warzone in Baltica, and much more here on "Ahrana Today."


      The first of the three Public Debates for the Office of Prime Minister will be taking place this Saturday Night around 2000AST at the Convention Center in downtown Moskovo. All candidates for the Office of Prime Minister will be in attendance and will be answering several unscripted questions from the public at the Convention Center.

      So far, the current sitting Chancellor, Liv Bjorkman, has been on several speaking engagements while maintaining her duties as Federal Chancellor. The Loyalist Party, the current party supporting the Chancellor, has released their party platform as well as the other Parties that have a candidate in the Election for Federal Chancellor has as well.

      The Regional Elections for most of the country have also released their party platforms for their election campaign for election. Many provinces have multiple people running for election and most Members of Parliament are seeking re-election due to the special circumstances of this election. Please keep in tune to the Electoral Commission as the Parties update their Platforms.


      The Federal Government has decided that with the Civil War in Baltica raging and many civilian deaths have occurred due to malicious intent and pure accident in times, to start accepting refugees that are fleeing this warzone and feel that the neutral zone established by the Peacekeepers of Seylos is still not enough to protect them. The Federal Government will accept any and all who come to Ahrana with or without passports. There will be a two-year waiver on their visas for when they arrive in the Kingdom for the reason of fleeing war and strife. The Federal Government will provide as much aid to the refugees as possible, but the government also asks the Ahranaian Population to do their part and help these people fleeing this war.


      More on the situation in the western part of the country, the last two days have seen severe attacks on several small villages on the border in Ahrana. There has been reports of possible genocide in some of these villages, however currently these reports are not verified that this is exactly happening. The Federal Government will send a Human Rights Commission into the area along the border to verify reports of possible genocide and other human rights violations on behalf of the aggressors. The Federal Government has not issued any statement regarding these recent attacks.


      That is all for this edition of "Ahrana Today," join us later for more news.

    • (OOC: Originally meant to be released on the 18th)






      With last night's March 18th general election finally over, it is now the following day, and Elections Stedoria have finally released the official results of last night's polls; the NPLS have once again one another astounding victory and absolute majority within the National Assembly of Popular Power, and Chief Consil Köseg has once again reaffirmed the Stedorian people's trust in him, allowing him to once again be elected. Despite this, however, the NPLS's margin is lower than last time, securing only 55.91% of the vote and 102 seats in the legislature as opposed to last election's 61.04% and 110 seats respectively. This slight and modest decrease has allowed other parties to also make gains in the elections, resulting in not only NPLS supporters being left somewhat satisfied.


      Chief Consul Köseg speaking after his party's victory in last night's election.

      In second place came the newly formed Democratic Alternative coalition, formed after the arrest of Liberal Party leader Talmät Malsäg on charges of money laundering, achieving 20.23% of the vote and winning 37 seats in the National Assembly. Despite the fact that this is only a 1 seat increase from the Liberal Party and United Development Party's seat count combined from last elections, Democratic Alternative leader Hins Talan has thanked all those who have voted for the new alliance, although has once again criticised the NPLS in its victory, accusing the NPLS of conducting an unfair and anti-democratic election campaign, though failing to provide proof of this. Malsäg claimed that the Democratic Alternative will act as a formidable opposition to the "authoritarian and tyrannical gemotamist ideology and agenda of the NPLS".

      The Action Party under Henri Jalan has also seen his party achieve a modest increase in vote share, achieving 10.88% of the vote and 20 seats in the National Assembly as opposed to last election's 9.99% and 18 seats in the National Assembly respectively. Party leader Henri Jalan thanked his supporters in his home ciry of Nolka, and has pledge to take a pragmatic approach to its role in opposition, and has stated that should the NPLS introduce legislation favourable in the Action Party's view, it will support such legislation.

      The far-right Freethinkers' Party also won big in yesterday's election, increasing their seats to 6 from last election's 2. Party leader Matyu Fovalt has thanked what he referred to as "patriotic Stedorians" who recognised the true partiotic deeds that the Freethinkers' Party was fighting for throughout Stedoria. Fovalt also congratulated the NPLS's victory in the election, saying that under the nationalist rule of the NPLS, Stedoria's glory would be further restored to the glorious times of Drejlär's military government of the 1970s.

      The Alzi-oriented Popular Party of Alzi suffered minor setbacks in last night's elections, losing a single seat and being reduced to only 5 seats. Leader of the PPA, Djilles Marçon, in a post-election speech, recognised that the party has suffered a minor defeat, and had placed the blame on voters being swayed to newly-created Democratic Alternative. Despite this, however, Marçon has pledged that he, along with his party, will continue fighting for more recognition and rights of the Alzi community, which Marçon has stated was under threat by gemotamism.

      The Communist Party, although achieving increased electoral success from last election, largely underpreformed. Many expected the party to win the same amount of seats as the Freethinkers' Party, though it appears that this did not happen. Party General-Secretary however was not discouraged by the election's results, and stated that the party will only work further to increase its appeal to the Stedorian people. Grifman also congratulated the NPLS and Köseg on his victory in the elections, and has stated that under the NPLS's rule, workers' rights have been greatly expanded, and that he hopes that under this new NPLS mandate, further expansions to workers' rights will be made.

      With the election over peacefully, it appears that attempts to disrupt and interfere with the election by royalist terrorists and the unpatriotic, incarcerated Malsäg have failed. It also appears that a military offensive in Stedoria's mountains will be prepared soon: one of the NPLS's promise should it win the election, which last night happened, was to launch another military operation to annihilate the unpatriotic monarchist terrorist groups roaming throughout rural Stedorian causing chaos and harm to hard-working Stedorians.

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    • Overview

      Each year, the Oriental Association for Regional Cooperation, otherwise known as the OARC, holds a meeting between all member states; Tamurin, Kotowari, Mahana and Mekabiri, to speak on diplomacy and relations between the states, looking to continue the regional cooperation and continued peace.

      For 2022, the meeting is being held in the city of Ormath, Tamurin and is planned to be attended by the heads of each of the nations, barring any disruption. 2022 marks the 6th year that the meetings have been held since the OARC was rebranded from the previous Central Oriental Forum (COF). The following nations have held the conference in the past:

      • 2016: Piri, Mekabiri
      • 2017: Ghobari, Mahana
      • 2018: Kotowari City, Kotowari
      • 2019: Kotowari City, Kotowari
      • 2020: Alaghon, Tamurin
      • 2021: Kotowari City, Kotowari
      • 2022: Ormath, Tamurin

      The conference will begin on the 12th April 2022, and end on the 15th April 2022. Other Oriental states have also been formally invited to attend, as well as observers from the Assembled Nations and the Entente of Oriental States.

    • RTS_Logo.png





      Since the outbreak of a civil war on the unstable nation of Baltica two weeks ago, the government of Stedoria has reacted variously regarding the situtation, along with the Stedorian government's plans in helping the people of the now conflict-striken Batlica. After a failed coup d'état attempting during a session by Baltica's government in deciding a new president after Baltica's now-former president, Algridas Banis, suffered a large stroke, various parts of the country declared their independence, and Baltica effectively ceased to exist save for small pockets of resistence by remnants of Baltica's former government, state forces, and state apparatuses. Today's article will highlight the actions taken by the Stedorian government, along with any statements that government officials have made concerning the situtation in Baltica.


      "Stedoria's thoughts are with the people of Baltica in this time after the outbreak of hostilities. We urge the government entities of Baltica to fine a peaceful solution for this conflict. We have deoployed a small contingent of Defence Forces to Dokestva in order to ensure the safety of the Dolchic Balticans of the area—a brotherly people to the people of Stedoria."

      Chief Consul Köseg shared his thoughts along regarding Baltica's civil war whilst also providing a brief, small amount of information regarding Stedoria's actions in response to the conflict. Köseg offered his, and the people of Stedoria's, thoughts to the people of Baltica, and urged all sides in the war to make attempts to work towards a peaceful solution to a conflict, rather than being forced to resort of violence. Köseg also revealed that a small contigent of Defence Forces personnel has been deployed to Baltica in order to aid in the protection of the local Dolchic population residing in Baltica; in Ras-occupied regions of Baltica, Ras extremists have been responsible for expulsions, murders, and war crimes against Dolchic minorities, something Köseg later referred to as a "crime against humanity" in a later post. In a soon-after released post, the Defence Forces revealed that Stedorian troops have been deployed to the Dolchic-led rebel-state of Dokestva, which at this time is also recieving significant military support and aid, both direct and indirect, from Stedoria's neighbour, Velaheria. It however is unknown where specifically Defence Forces personnel are deployed within Dokestva. It is also believed that as of now, Defence Forces troops will not fight in offensive battles, as Velaherian forces have, though it is possible that this could change.



      Defence Forces official accounts also issued the following warning on social media to any Stedorian citizens who are considering, or are currently aiding non-Dokestvan forces through military means. The warning states that the Stedorian government will request the Dokestvan government and forces to repatriate any captured Stedorian citizens found to be aiding non-Dokestvan militarily to face a revolutionary tribunal, likely for charges such as fighting for an enemy army and terrorism. Punishments for these two charges range significantly, all the way from a year of jail time to capital punishment, depending on the circumstances of the crime. Notably, the Defence Forces warned that this can also indirectly include foreign citizens: those born outside of Stedoria to a parent who was born in Stedoria are automatically considered Stedorian citizens. Furthermore, as foreign citizenship is de jure forbidden, foreign citizenship will be disregarded, and such people will be considered as solely Stedorian citizens, thus making it extremely to recieve help from the country of their birth. It is likely that this warning is meant to discourage ethnic Stedorians outside of Stedoria from directly helping forces hostile to the Defence Forces. Whether or not this will be successful remains to be seen.

      The war is currently still too early in order to determine which side has the advantage. However, the Velaherian government has stepped-up in its aid to Dokestva; Velaherian forces were recently involved in what was believed to be the conflict's largest battles yet around the cities of Kavkari and Janikis, fought between Dokesvta and Velaherian forces against the self-proclaimed neutral rebel-state of Kauni, supported by Delamaria, Ahrana, Seylos, Fina, and significant amounts of Rhodellian volunteers as of now. Though the battle ended in the retreat of Kauni forces, Dokestvan forces underpreformed, which could allow other rebel-states to take advantage of Dokestva's currently military weakness with it being revealed. Delamaria and Ahrana have recently stepped up their efforts and have prepared to start taking a more active role in the conflict, now rebranding their "peacekeepers" as "Intervening and Stabilising Forces", though what this means is unclear. Seylos and Fina as of now have not taken the same actions of Delamaria and Ahrana, though according to foreign policy experts, it should not be ruled out that they will eventually take the same course of action. Current casualty figures are unknown as of now, but its presumed to be in that thousands at least.

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    • Nyanta

      Posted (edited)

      Ulfheimr´s Military Exercise 
      spacer.png                                                                                          spacer.png

      The Head of State and the Government are Concerned with the Recent Development from Ulfheimr. With near 0 Communication, this Incidence could even be seen as a Thread  and direct Attack against Nyantastan and its industry. Reports say that the fire Spread to Nyantastani borders and a Forest fire on Nyantastani Soil emerged. With Great Efforts and the quick mobilization of Firefighters and the Army, it was possible to keep the damage minimal. Meanwhile, the Rearmament Effort has been completed. With Recent development, some Response Forces have been station  at the Border. The Nyantastani Air Force and Air Defense is on Standby. The Chancellor Akamura announced that he wants to keep thing civilized, and they will Contact the Ulfheimr Government as soon as Possible. This could be seen as a Direct Attack against the Nation, but things should not be escalated that quick. No one want this to get out of Hand, he stressed.  Voices from the Peopel seem to show a Concerned with the Recent developments in the Argis Region.  We hope that this won't hinder the Economic Offensive planed, said Arthur Cornwall.  We inform you with how the Situation evolves. Likewise, we hope for a peaceful Solution, no one wants a war. We hope that we have the support of our Allies and this won't turn into another Crisis 

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    • Báo Quốc Dân


      Thịnh Vượng Của Quốc Dân Đảng Tuyên Bố Tham Gia Cuộc Tổng Tuyển Cử Để "Thay Đổi Bầu Không Khí Chính Trị"


      The People's National Prosperity Party Announced Their Participation In The General Election To "Change The Political Atmosphere"


      Party leader of the People's National Prosperity Party, Nguyễn Công Đình, recently announced publicly on television that he would be running for the President position, as for the Party as a whole, they would be participating in the legislative election as well. The Party launched multiple campaigns via television and social media, raising awareness of the current government and how the PNPP would solve the problems currently ridden in the country.


      In a series of political ads on television, Nguyễn Công Đình stated the Party's intent and goals if they won the general election:

      • Wealth redistribution to revive the Ngocluatian economy and empower the middle class
      • Tax breaks for corporations willing to raise wages
      • Advance administrative reforms to facilitate digitalization
      • Massive investment in science and technology and funds for university research
      • Securing robust supply chains for critical materials, such as rare Eurth
      • Raising the minimum wages
      • Universal access to free education from preschool to university
      • Expanding public support for housing, education, health care, nurseries, and elderly care


      The Party ads seem to be effective as opinion polls showed that more and more people support the Party due to its aims to improve the country and people's wellbeing. Nguyễn Công Đình is also experiencing a boost thanks to his massive presence in social media and his participation in his Party political ad. State-run television network, NLTV, initially praised the Party for its goals but criticized its way to promote their campaigns. But independent news outlets and politicians commend the Party and their political beliefs and views.


      Several other parties also announced their endorsement for the PNPP. Lâm Bá Khải, leader of the Populist Conservative Party (Dân Túy Bảo Thủ Đảng), commented that the Party would "be a prominent opposition against the dominating Nationalist People's Party" and it might "win and transit Ngoc Luat into a new era." Nguyễn Khí Công, secretary of the Democratic Party for the People (Đảng Dân Chủ Cho Nhân Dân), remarked that the Party can "be the new face of Ngoc Luat."


      On other news:


      • Bắc Hà Province experiencing mudflow, the governor said: "recovery will come soon and quick."
      • Ngocluatian e-newspaper eclipsing traditional newspapers.
      • Equality in education and the workplace, a problem yet to be solved!
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    • spacer.png

      Nyantastan´s Great Economic Offensive

      Speech from Chancellor Akamura in the House of Commons

      “My Fellow Citizen and Representatives, we have set ourselves a Big Goal, and I think we as a state are finally in a Position where we can start to Tackle the Future with resolve. We shall become one of the wurld's Finest suppliers of Timber Products. With our Industrial Development, this will take long without Reliable Trading partners. Nyantastan needs to grow to protect is sovereignty and Freedom. We need to be able to become what we once were without the failures in the Past. It is time that we once Again become a Flourishing Nation that has lots of Interests in Investors and Company's. Our Products shall become a trademark for the finest quality. I know that this will be a grand venture, but I am sure that we should be able to accomplish our Goals. Henceforth, I here by Propose an Economic Offensive. We Lower our Taxation for Foreign Company's and our own. We need to be more Attractive to foreign investments, whilst also focusing heavily on our Strengths and Exporting them. For this matter, we have worked out a plan that stabilizes our Markets and keeps them as risk-free as Possible. Nyantastan is already a Stable Country with growth. And we want to Support this Growth even more. With this and some other Points I will shortly explain I Detail, I hope we shall bring Nyantastan back on Top….”

      The Nyantastani Chancellors Speech lasted longer than expected, over one Hour he Explained the Importance of a Growing Economy and how It could benefit not only Cooperation’s but the People and the state. The Speech was a success and the Plans were formulated this week as always we got you covered with the most Important Changes and Proposals, so you don’t have to listen through the entire thing.

      Foremost, the Most important thing, Nyantastan Opens its own Stock market in Arkos. The Arkos Stock Market will be an opportunity for Foreign and Native’s to Safely Invest in our Company's and enable Company's in our Country to work with a bigger Budget.

      The second-biggest Change will be a heavier focus on Export via Sea with the good location on the Auraid Bay the Trade via Ports and Seat routs shall be expanded. The House of Commons already accepted an investment plan to Expand the Arkos Trading Port to solidify the Trading sovereignty in the Auraid Bay.

      The most interesting Part for our Economy should be the Changes in taxation that were especially endorsed by the LDP and the HDL. The Taxation will be changed to be more attractive to Foreign Businesses. They will get tax relief's in Certain Areas and shall be able to get through
      bureaucracy a little faster. While this was Heavily Opposed by the Left. The Left Head of the Party said that this could Harm Native Company's in the Long Run. But the Chancellor assured that our Native Company’s get a fair share of Tax reliefs too. While many already fear the deficit in Household Revenue the Ruling Party's assured that this will be negated by higher Investment in the Nyantastani Economy trough groceries and other everyday things.

      With heavy Opposition and a very close call for the Ruling Party, a new change in Work Visa was made. They shall now be easier to get and afford, this shall also interest foreign specialist and workers. Also, can the visa now be more easily changed to Regular Visas or an Application for citizenship.

      The Last major points where Regulations, but a heavy debate, lead to no Changes in our Current Regulations. The Green's see this as a Victory. A Renowned Politician said, “This is a Victory. We can be interesting for Investment and grow without betraying our Values and destroying our ecosystem”

      These covers the first week of development on our Economic front, we don’t know what will happen next and how this will affect Nyantastan in a long term, but we hope we can welcome new People and Companys into our Country. Whilst focusing on Economic Export in other Country's.


    • DBC NEWS

      Baltica peacekeeping force increased.


      Labrador. President Van Roose announced today that the peacekeeping force deployed to the civil war torn nation of Baltica would be increased in size from 99 servicemen to 1200 peacekeepers. This follows large increases in @DPR Velaherian deployments in the region. The peacekeepers will be joining those of @Seylos and @Ahrana in the Kauni region. Early reports from the region indicate that ethnic violence may be taking place, and as such peacekeepers have been directed to protect people of all ethnic backgrounds in the region. 

      The Delamarian government expressed concern to Velaheria recently in a letter to their leader. It emphisises concerns that Velaherian troops could come into contact with peacekeepers, which could escalate the conflict internationally which has been a concern for many since foreign troops first began arriving in Baltica. 

    • 4Lvrjuz.png

      Hello and welcome to another edition of 'Ahrana Today,' Where we bring the news of the Realm and the wurld to you at home. On today's edition, news from the western border and news on the Civil War in Baltica all brought to here on 'Ahrana Today'.


      The Western regions of the country has yet come under attack again by the Terrorists from the Republic of Dniester, today the terrorists bombed four other cities along the border with an estimate of two hundred casualties in each city. As the days continue on the death toll rises with each attack as well as the injured numbers. The Hospitals in the area are starting to become overwhelmed with the amount of people coming into the hospitals. 

      The Ministry of Health and Social Care along with the National Health Service has issued a request that any available medical personnel from other hospitals or organizations please come to the western regions hospitals to help with the influx of patience. The Federal Government also met today to discuss potential actions that can be taken to help with the situation. Nothing has been released by the Federal Government in regard to today's attack, but a response is expected soon.


      The Diarchs released a public statement to the Free Republic of Kauni and stated that additional resources are being sent to help with the Peacekeeping mission that has been started in that region. The Diarchs have also decided to send General Gunvor Einarsdóttir of the Royal Army to Kauni to direct the Ahranaian Peacekeeping Force in co-ordination with the other Peacekeepers already in Kauni.


      Thank you for joining us here on 'Ahrana Today,' join us later for more news.

    • Ebrarians react to outbreak of civil conflict in Baltica


      It is now well-known to the wurld that civil war has broken out in Baltica, a country in Central Argis. Multiple major and minor powers are now involving themselves in the conflict both directly and indirectly. The Ebrarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a warning to Ebrarian nationals to avoid the area of Baltica and for all Ebrarian nationals in Baltica to vacate the country immediately. Other than this warning, the Ebrarian government has remained neutral concerning the conflict. 

      The All Ebrary Companions Association (ACEO), the largest group of Lamenters in Ebrary, has issued a declaration calling for prayer and charity to help alleviate the suffering caused by the war. The statement contains the following,


      "We Companions pray, and call upon the wurld to pray, for peace and understanding in Baltica, which has recently been plunged into the dark pit of war. We believe that violence is never the answer, and urge the factions in Baltica and the international community to seek a peaceful resolution to this sad state of affairs. It is also important for all the wurld to show brotherly love and help the Balticans who are victims of violence and brutality. We give our prayers and love to the Balticans and the wurld."

      Many Lamenter churches have held late night prayer services for peace. Lamenters represent a visible religious minority in Ebrary, having historically opposed military conflict.

      However, not all Ebrarians feel the same. Notable controversial Christenist writer, talk radio host, and pastor Carolo Galano has openly challenged the Lamenters, saying that peacekeeping intervention is necessary to reduce the number of deaths. In addition, he attacked their pacifism as "naive and dangerous". Galano is a noted critic of President Carlos Renaldo, and has openly disagreed with his foreign policy. He also states that the civil war is a "sign of the end times" and that it is "Ebrary's destiny" to fight on the side of God in the coming struggles around the wurld. In the recent past, Galano was highly critical of the concessions made to the Aurivizh minority after the "Speech of Hate." Galano was fined in 2017 for hate speech when he made comments critical of the Gallasian minority, but his popularity has only grown since and the Renaldo administration has been largely loathe to prosecute far-right critics of government policy.

      In addition, the small Ebrarian Orthodox Church has issued a call for prayer in support of peace and the Ahranaian peacekeepers in particular, due to Ahrana's status as a majority-Orthodox country.

    • Special Message from SBC International Regarding Baltica

      The Seylosian Armed Forces has asked the SBC International branch of our broadcast team to put out a special message regarding the developing situation in Baltica. A representative from the Armed Forces wishes to convey the danger of the situation as it continues to develop, and that anyone not a part of a professional peacekeeping force can be put in a situation that could be impossible to get out of, and potentially lose their life in the combat zone. Battlefields are not playgrounds, and the consequences could be dire for all parties if unaffiliated groups attempt to join the battle haphazardly.

      That said we do understand that some cultures have an inclination to seek out warzones and assist those they see needing it the most. In this case we wish to emphasize that the Seylosian Foreign Humanitarian Corps (FHC) is always accepting skilled volunteers to help people in need. The organization has always been open to recruitment from anyone of any nationality, and any non NAU citizen can go to the Seylosian embassy or consulate closest to them and apply to join the FHC. An applicant will have their skills and psychological state assessed before moving forward with the organization. Of course the FHC does maintain its own security teams, though it should be emphatically stated that these security personnel only protect the local humanitarian operation and DO NOT act as a military force in any capacity.

    • Kharai

      Posted (edited)


      Capital Updates 

      In early 2011 Minister Saetang announced plans for a city outside of modern Lamei, 320 kilometers from the major port of Tiau Chit Kau. Loah Be throughout the past decade has broken multiple records as being the largest planned city in the region of Indonadisi, as well as being partially funded by the Indonadisi support system between Rhava and Kharai. Rhavanese leader Thao Seng-Souk released a joint statement with Minister Vichu Saetang saying that this should be a proud moment for all Indonadisi people, whether you’re Nalinese, Pyin, Kedani, or Lan. Loah Be is estimated to be completed in early spring, but only time will tell. This was KNN.



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    • KNN 

      This the Kharanese national news station bringing you the top stories in Kharai

    • War tourists converge on Baltica
      Gansükhiin Batzorig, March 4, 2021, 03:11. Edited March 6, 2022, 01:51.


      Armed Rhodellians have a penchant for showing up in odd places far away from home

      In the weeks since Baltican president Algridas Varkas collapsed from a fatal stroke, the Republic of @Baltica plunged into another bloody civil war. The Central Argic nation-state disintegrated into many smaller successor states divided along ethnocultural lines, interspersed with some regional governments and military commanders-turned-warlords declaring independence. The main driving forces behind the conflict are long-standing ethnic tensions between the native ethnic-majority Ras, the mixed-heritage Jonikai, and the ethnic-minority Dolchs. The Baltian Dolchs consolidated hegemonic power over the rest of the Baltican population and propped up an oppressive authoritarian regime favourable to their own interests. A grave humanitarian crisis looms over central Argis as critical infrastructure gets damaged, civilians get caught in the crossfire, and refugees flee in all directions. But regardless of thoughts and prayers, RNN journalists on the ground report that the situation in Baltica is only getting worse.

      The Kingdom of Rhodellia has yet to make an official statement on the Second Baltican Civil War. But hundreds — if not thousands — of individual Rhodellians are already planning on getting involved. The battlefield may be on the other side of the planet, but this is not deterring the so-called ‘war tourist’ community from organising an impromptu expeditionary force over the internet. 

      Since major fighting broke out, hundreds of Rhodellian social media users declared their intent to join in. The war tourism communities on Threadit, Volkscast, Wittier, and Boogaloo+ are buzzing with renewed vigour as ordinary users share their inventories of tactical helmets, body armour, night-vision devices, weapon accessories, radios, batteries, medical supplies, portable chargers, power adapters, MREs, canteens, baby wipes, and other important items for thriving on the modern battlefield. Almost every travel agency and tourism website that offers information and guided tours to Baltica is reportedly going offline from Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks as prospective war tourists scour the internet for what limited available information exists of the former isolationist country. The more other nations’ governments urge their citizens to avoid Baltica at all costs, the more reasons war tourists find to flock there.


      The sound of battle can act as a clarion call for Rhodellians

      What are war tourists?
      In the context of Rhodellian culture, a ‘war tourist’ is a private individual who travels to active war zones to participate in the conflict, usually as active (and often unlawful) combatants. They do not arrive as members of state militaries or private military companies. What separates the war tourist from a normal mercenary is that they are primarily motivated by non-financial incentives; common reasons for embarking on war tourism include: support for a foreign cause, wanting to make a positive difference, finding better opportunities to win glory on the battlefield, honing one’s abilities as a warrior, boredom at home, and difficulties readjusting to peaceful civilian life after leaving the military. The prospect of dying on foreign soil, their body potentially doomed to never see their homeland again, does not deter them. In the eyes of the wider Wurld, war tourists are some of Rhodellia’s strangest exports.

      Rhodellia has a long history of ‘war tourism’ traceable as far back as the late 16th century. Both Native Aurelian warriors and non-indigenous Rhodellian colonists boast well-documented histories of sailing off to far corners of the Glube just for the sake of fighting. Among Rhodellians, the 'Father of War Tourism' is Walther von Rödel. Walther was a 16th-century Dolchic fencing master, duellist, rival and later travelling companion to legendary Kirvinan duellist Constantine. He was also the progenitor of Rhodellia’s royal family. He claimed in his fencing treatise, Life by The Sword, to have won 60 duels in his lifetime, never losing once. He wrote that he wanted to ‘see the Wurld’, live by his ‘own strength’, and ‘die a legend, with [his] sword in hand.’ A century after his death, his descendants, now the House of Rödel, arose as royalty of Rhodellia in 1755. Life by The Sword became a national bestseller, cementing Walther as a national hero, popularising early war tourism, and inspiring a still-unbroken line of warrior-adventurers. This includes many of today’s war tourists.

      According to the Office for National Statistics, the typical war tourist from Rhodellia grew up within the kingdom’s militarised education system and underwent two years of National Service in the Rhodellian Army. Roughly 28% of war tourists come from combat arms backgrounds; this entails that they are seasoned combat veterans with extensive military training, technical certifications for operating a variety of advanced military hardware, and at least some experience fighting near-peer adversaries (namely the Native Aurelian Liberation Army and Nordwalde Separatist Movement). The remainder hail from combat support and combat service support backgrounds. However, thanks to the Spartan Protocol and Citizen-Warrior Initiative, ‘Every Rhodellian is, first and foremost, a warrior’; even truck drivers, cooks, and administrators should be able to give a decent account of themselves in combat. A large variety of backgrounds are represented among the war tourist community.

      Among the war tourists with military backgrounds, most of the Rhodellian Armed Forces' military hierarchy is represented. Roughly 82% of war tourists with prior military service were enlisted personnel. Of the former enlisted ranks, 52% were junior enlisted, 44% were mid-level non-commissioned officers, and 4% were senior NCOs. The remainder are commissioned officers between junior and field-grade.

      War tourists typically lack military logistical support and local connections, so they have to reach their battlefield of choice through their own means. They book normal flights to countries adjacent to war-torn countries, as civilian air traffic over active war zones usually gets suspended right before the outbreak of hostilities. From the nearest airport, they travel the rest of the way in taxis, buses, or trains. Sometimes, they have to hike cross-country to their faction of choice’s nearest recruiting station. The journey is often long and arduous. 

      But if a conflict rages on for long enough, they will inevitably give rise to entrepreneurs offering support services to war tourists. These include language classes, translators, liaisons with a war’s factions, transportation to recruitment offices, and body retrieval and repatriation. This emergent war tourism industry appears to be in its infancy. However,  it is rapidly growing more complex and sophisticated as more Rhodellians show interest in the activity and enterprising individuals seek to profit off them. But until this supporting industry matures, war tourists generally lean on each other for help.

      War tourists congregate on the internet before shipping out. The Internet enables the international war tourism community to discuss history and politics, share advice, give recommendations for military hardware, help each other plan their journeys, and view 4K 60FPS helmet camera combat footage uploaded by other war tourists. Throughout the 2000s, war tourists were mainly scattered across dozens of small hobbyist forums. But the consolidation of social media platforms and skyrocketing popularity of war tourism-centric Volkscast channels throughout the 2010s both exponentially grew the community and concentrated its online discussion within just a few popular websites.

      Threadit, a ‘social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website’, hosts the most popular online spaces by and for war tourists. Virtually every armed conflict on Eurth (where at least one major faction accepts foreign volunteers) has its own war tourism-related Subthreadit. But by far the largest and most active online war tourism community is based in the aptly-named th/wartourists Subthreadit, which currently has 81.5k registered members and is frequently updated with new user-generated content.

      Many people deride war tourists as ‘thrill-seeking morons’, ‘LARPers’, and ‘cowboys who couldn’t hack it in a PMC’. But at the same time, many people in Rhodellia still respect them as modern successors to the medieval knight-errant or comparable to the adventurers of modern fantasy literature. The tradition of war tourism is still going strong.


      Rhodellian war tourists involve themselves in various ways, for example: serving as frontline combatants, medics, intelligence analysts, engineers, and logistical truck drivers.

      Who are the war tourists going to Baltica?
      From analysing 10,420 Wittier posts including the #Baltica or #BalticanCivilWar tag posted between February 27 and March 4, 2022, RNN’s Cyberspace Research teams identified 104 Rhodellian social media users showing ‘serious’ intentions of war tourism to former Baltica. Of these people, RNN journalist Tao Liáng managed to contact and interview five people, all of whom shedded some insights into the goals and motivations of war tourists gearing up for this specific conflict.

      Gunther Köhler, 29, is a former combat engineer and Civil Engineering postgraduate of the University of Gottesberg. He served in Nordwalde in the 3rd Brigade Engineer Battalion “Tunnel snakes” between 2012 and 2017, concluding his military career as a Sergeant. He currently works as a civil engineer at König Engineering AG, but gave a week’s notice of his resignation so he can travel to Baltica with some friends.

      “While I’m glad to be out of the Army, I sort of miss the feeling of going outside the wire with the guys.” Köhler said. “In a f*cked up sort of way that I can’t exactly describe in detail.. I felt more alive hunting muzzle flashes and getting shot at than I’ve ever been at any other point in my life. Yeah, I might have a well-paying job, a comfy lifestyle, and a [video game] library full of tactical shooters, but it’s nowhere near as fulfilling. If I ship out to Baltica, where there’s a lot more fighting going on, maybe I’ll get more chances to feel that genuine combat high again. I can’t think of a better idea for a long vacation.”

      Mark Taylor, 27, is a former artilleryman and Physics graduate of the Janbourg Institute of Science and Technology (JIST). He served in Nordwalde in 1st Infantry Division Artillery between 2013 and 2016, finishing his National Service as a Specialist. He was considering taking a Master’s Degree in Physics before hearing of the Second Baltican Civil War.

      “I’ve probably smoked more motherf*ckers than most Infantry guys nowadays can brag about, but I’ve never been in a firefight myself.” Taylor said. “I was pretty good at Maths and Science back in school, so when I graduated and started National Service, my parents told me to pick ‘Artilleryman’ as my first job of choice. I got to become a crewman on a Black Knight Systems PH63A7 Trebuchet self-propelled howitzer, and it was pretty cool. But all my kills were from miles away, and it’s not like I ever got to see my own handiwork first-hand. I just want to go to Baltica because it may just be my last chance at crossing ‘being in a firefight’ off my bucket list.”

      Paramjit Singh, 22, is a former rifleman who fought in Nordwalde between 2019 and 2021. He served in 3rd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment “Bloodthirsters” concluding his military service as a Corporal. He plans on resigning from his job at a Friedrichstadt call centre before shipping out with a few internet friends.

      “I want to help Baltica rebuild itself as a flourishing bastion of freedom and democracy in Central Argis, and make a positive difference in the Wurld.” Singh said. “I heard that [the Free Republic of] Kauni was Baltica’s best bet for that. I mean, if Seylos is deploying peacekeepers to Kauni, then it must be better Freedom Index-wise than every other faction. Problem is, everyone on Threadit says Kauni’s not taking foreign volunteers. So people are going for the next ‘best’ thing, which is apparently this smaller Baltican Army remnant faction that’s at least paying lip service to democratic ideals. It’s something, and fighting for them should still be better than helping genocidal Ras nationalists, fighting for Dolchic supremacy again, or doing absolutely nothing.”

      Ranjit Gurung, 26, is a former rifleman and decorated Durkha warrior who fought in Nordwalde. He began his National Service in 2013, serving in 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment “Manslayers” until 2015. At that point, he enlisted for four more years; was reassigned to the 2nd Battalion, 1st Durkha Regiment; and left the military as a Sergeant. He earned three eagle feathers and an Iron Cross (2nd Class) for gallantry in action against Nordwalde separatist insurgents and Native Aurelian Liberation Army regulars. Gurung currently works as a martial arts instructor at a Gottesberg secondary school.

      “I come from a long tradition of Durkhas, and I want to bring pride to the Mahanan people through feats of skill and gallantry on the battlefield. A high-intensity conflict like Baltica’s will give me plenty of chances to do just that.” Gurung said. “A lot of countries are jumping on the Baltica bandwagon, and it’s safe to say that the war’s drawing a lot of the Wurld’s attention. So me and a bunch of other Rhodellian Durkha vets are planning on flying over to Argis while the war’s getting hotter and there’s still a lot of glory to be won.”

      Siegfried Ritter von Nordufer, 52, is a knight and former Infantry officer. He served in the Rhodellian Army between 1992 and 2018 before retiring at the rank of Colonel. He fought on the frontlines of the Littenheim Offensives against the Native Aurelian Free State between 1993 to 1996. He spent the rest of his career in Nordwalde. He now works as an author; his most well-known work is national bestseller 18 Hours, which recounts his experience on Day One of the First Littenheim Offensive.

      “My youngest son is telling me that there’s hundreds of Rhodellians going over to Baltica, and I want to be there for them when they get there.” Nordufer said. “I proudly served our country for 26 years, ever since I was a butterbar in ‘92. I also led our troops as the commanding officer of the 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team in counter-insurgency operations across Nordwalde Province from 2011 until I retired in 2018. With my decades of leadership experience, organisational skills, and credentials, I have what it takes to whip this haphazard expeditionary force into a true force to be reckoned with. Someone has to step up before they forego military discipline, devolve into cowboys, and make a complete ass of Rhodellia in front of the international press. And I’m not hearing of any other retired field officers willing to make the trip to Central Argis.”


      When armed conflict breaks out anywhere on Eurth, there are always a significant number of Rhodellians expressing joy and excitement, especially if there's a chance they could join in

      To make the trip to Baltica, the most upvoted routes being recommended by th/wartourists users all involve a connecting flight to @Hinterlands, disembarking in @Transbaltia, taking either a taxi or bus to Transbaltian towns near the Baltican border, and proceeding on foot towards the Baltican Army-occupied zone on the southernmost tip of Baltica. Alternatively, for more humanitarian-minded prospective war tourists, the Seylosian Foreign Humanitarian Corps (FHC) is taking on volunteers as aid workers and security personnel.

      The Subthreadit’s members are also discouraging prospective war tourists from attempting to join either the Republic of Kauni, Ras nationalist factions, or Baltian Dolch factions. Despite the presence of Seylosian and Delamarian peacekeepers in Kauni, the provisional government is not accepting foreign volunteers, and the Baltica state media is reportedly cautioning its citizens to avoid all contact with foreign peacekeepers. Apparently due to Baltican government propaganda, Baltian Dolchs also allegedly view other Dolchs with disdain as ‘fake’ or ‘inferior’ Dolchs; the Baltian Dolchs will similarly not be taking on foreign volunteers. Ras nationalist factions are vehemently anti-Dolchic, reportedly to the point of assaulting and systemically killing people merely for speaking Dolch or having Dolchic-sounding names. The situation is complex and volatile, and discussion shifts and continues as new information filters out of the country. Anyone browsing th/wartourists is advised to stay alert for misinformation and baseless speculation.

      The Rhodellian government does not officially condone or encourage war tourism. But nevertheless, the GOV.RD website’s ‘Foreign travel advice’ page contains comprehensive advice for prospective war tourists. The government does not consider anything that happens to Rhodellian war tourists — including death in battle and kidnapping for ransom — to be its responsibility. Travel to foreign battlefields at your own risk.

      Trending news

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      Government clarifies proposed financial reforms
      by Kristel Schefer
      2017 November 29th

      Amid furious debate within the People's Congress regarding Chancellor Ernst Krenz's proposed financial reforms, the Chancellor and his office has issued a statement clarifying the extent of his proposed financial reforms. The move is stated as something required to allay the concerns of some Communist Party members, who voiced concerns that the reforms may mean the return of capitalism to Volta. Specifically the statement clarifies the role that credit unions are to play in Volta's economy going forward and the role of the Voltan People's Trust Fund.

      The role of credit unions is stated to be twofold. First and foremost, these credit unions are to provide the Voltan people with a financial service to make savings and financial transactions easier. This would be in the form of current accounts with attached debit cards.  The second would be to provide individuals and co-operatives with finances they require to set up or expand operations.

      Perhaps most importantly, these credit unions are to be entirely owned by their members. This is in order to remove the incentive that causes many traditional banking institutions in capitalist countries to engage in dangerous and predatory investment and loan practices. That is to say, the incentive to please rich shareholders. Furthermore, these credit unions are to be forbidden from being for-profit enterprises. While the nature of their business will require them to operate with a small surplus of revenue, the purpose of their existence will be explicitly forbidden from being to maximize profits. Instead, the goal of these credit unions is to be to provide a service to it's members and the community.

      The tole of the Voltan People's Trust Fund is also stated to be to provide a service to the country. The stated goal is to facilitate investment into Volta from interested foreign investors while insulating the Voltan economy from the worst excesses of capitalism. This is to be accomplished by adding a layer between direct investment in Voltan co-operatives and the investors. The fund is to be in-part controlled by the state, which will regulate it in a way to protect Volta's national interest and the socialist revolution.

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