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World map of Eurth

Welcome to this interactive world map of Eurth, our conworld. This interactive version map displays both political and topographical geography. This means: you can see information about each nation and cities on top of a simple version of the height and landscape. You can consult additional, more specific maps if you scroll down towards the bottom of this page. More information about rules, how application work, and further discussions can be found in our dedicated map subforum.

For our world map, we have chosen to work with the Equirectangular projection. Sometimes this is also called the equidistant cylindrical projection, the rectangular projection, or even 'la carte parallélogrammatique'. It was created by Marinus of Tyre in the year 120 CE. The advantage of using this cylindrical equidistant projection is its simple geometry, which conserves distances along meridians. If you are interested in learning more about map projections and how they transform the surface, have a look at this list of map projections over on Wikipedia.

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Zoomable slippy map

Using the controls on this map, you can zoom in and out. This works much the same as with other interactive applications, such as Google Maps. If you are using a mobile device, you can also rotate the image. This zoomable slippy map uses tiles of different sizes to create the effect of zooming in. Right now, we are using the paid version of MapTiler to generate these tiles.

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More maps

For added realism, we have created several map overlays. You are welcome to discuss the finer details of these in our map's forum.

Physical map
Physical map of Eurth

Climate zones and biomes with Köppen climate classification
Climate zones and biomes of Eurth, with Köppen climate classification

Tectonic plates
Tectonic plates of Eurth

Time zones
Time zones of Eurth

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