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  1. Hello there, I know it is highly uncommon for a relatively new person which has done so far only few things for Eurth to ask for a NPC nation to be station on their border, yet here I am. (note, the north-western and easternmost boundaries should align to the rivers, I found only a pixelated jpeg version, so the drawing there is approximate) I would like to ask for this nation to be formed south-west from me, being named "Dazhdinia" in Anglish and "Daẑinıja"/"Даҗіния" in Dazhdin (a slavic conlang I am working on which relies on nasal vowels and yats). The general idea of the country is to be a general eastern european counterpart for my roleplay, having the general history of a authoritiarian takeover of the country in 1920's, which resulted in a conflict with @Walneria which ran concurrently with the Stedorian-Walnerian war and ended up with a defeat and an economical collapse of the right-wing authoritarian government and a communist revolution in late 40's or early 50's. Then, the nation might've aligned itself closer to other socialist nations in the region, most notably @DPR Velaheria and @Stedoria. In late 80's or very early 90's, a peaceful revolution was crushed by a military action and the new regime has displayed extremely authoritarian tendencies, which in turn caused it to lose ground and succumb to the second, violent, revolution in 1998. Eversince then, the nation has greately recovered from the economical desparity it faced back then, but it also has a long way to go. The general idea for a nation is a counterpart to the past and current countries of the former socialist bloc, most notably Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union. At the present day, I envision the nation as a federation of five countries. Three of them, Posąvragia (capital in Gromųva, which is also the federal capital), Kozlųka (which is the ethnically deverse half-Posąvrag half-Syranik heart of the nation, similar to Bosnia) and Syranika (capital in Jilinsk) are Dazhdin (similar to Serbo-Croat, there would be some rather tense discussions on wether Dazhdin is a single language with Posąvragian and Syranik literary forms or if it is a language family consisting of Posąvragian and Syranik), while the other two are of different ethnicities. I envision Ljukrina (capital in Brěgava) to be a rather multi-cultural region with many Ustokans (Czechs) and Maleniks (Sorbs) living in the area, maybe with a possible Dolch (German) language offshoot and some Slovak population. And finally, there is the Jalivia (capital in Kolikovo), which is the westernmost part of the nation. I want to leave that one's history open to potential people which come to settle next to it, but in general, it is probably the most different region of them all and possibly has a rich history of secessionism. The flag itself presents the diverse nature of the nation: the blue stripe stands for the Posąvrag eagle, while the green stripe stands for the traditional green Syranik shield, which features a fleur-de-lis (both or and argent were used). The white in between is often interpreted as the "middle road", but it is rather more likely that it was simply a tincture used in both of the coats of arms. The wreath is possibly the most controversial part of the flag, because it may ring the bell of the blood that was spilled in the name of socialism, but in this case, it stands for the general fame that Dazhdinia is bound to achieve if it just tries to reach it. Out-of-character, it would provide Walneria with a semi-direct sea access and would pose an interesting dilemma in Walnerian politics - Do we align with a struggling democratic slavic nation over a highly organized germanic brother? Do we need to align at all? - With those things and many more, such as the idea of multiple Dazhdinia-Walneria interractions, I would really love to have that nation added. The general displacement of points on the stats are: 2 for economy, 1 for area and 1 for population If there is anything I neglected to mention, please be sure to remind me over it! Sincerely, @Walneria
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