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  1. RIOTS BREAK OUT IN BELLEVILLE OVER MAYORAL ELECTION BELLEVILLE - The reelection of Liberal Mayor Gabrielle Renaud proves to be deeply controversial in Belleville. Riots broke out early last night through into the morning, with protestors burning flags, automobiles, and commercial buildings. Oddly enough, the rioters were composed of people that have wildly opposed political beliefs. As expected, members of the far-right National People's Party are rioting in full force, but so did members of the Socialist and Social-Worker's Parties. It seems that both the left and the right hav
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  2. Alright! The final draft (if no issues are brought up by the community) of the first map update involving me in the process. I must thank Orioni for teaching me the ropes of properly editing the map using photoshop and keeping to the map guidelines to make sure my involvement in the maps is seamless with minimal theme clashing, as well as being incredibly patient with my blunders and mistakes :). If no other changes need to be made, the v5.0 map will (should) be posted sometime in the upcoming weekend. (Also the "Draft 5.0.X" has been officially standardised, huzzah!) 5.0.3 Map
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  3. Press Office of the Monarchs of the United Kingdom of Ahrana All Press Releases will be stored and released to the Public here from the Monarchal Palaces Press Office
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  4. The team had arrived where the intelligence coordinates had specified. It was just ten miles west of where the heart of the Sentist beast lay, and the factory complex could be seen from miles around. Surrounding the factory was something best described as a thick shanty town where the workers had gathered as there was no proper settlement nearby. They had parked their vehicle just a kilometer from the sprawl and began the approach on foot, wading through the tall unkempt grass that was growing out of control outside the shanty town. The entire landscape felt eerie, an imposing calm permeating
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  5. The Greater Dominion Council room was a large cube with a light grey carpet and wooden walls with sound-proofing foam. Situated in the room were three C-shaped tables with a total of around 500 seats. Xōčiyo sat in her modest throne at the back of the room with the tables facing her, she’d become quite an expert at holding her own tongue and extending her patience over the past two decades of her rule as Archpriest. But on this particular day her nails were sunken into the softwood frame of the throne with a frown across her face and deep sunken eyes. Besides her was a Λaxcalixe represent
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