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  2. 🎉 A very happy birthday to you!

  3. Took a first stab at adding some basic maps to our timeline. No lines or borders. Only labels. The idea behind is this might help explain the changes through time. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Timeline_of_major_events_on_Eurth Feel free to edit and replace. Use the "Upload a new version of this file" feature. Assistance will be given if you don't know how this works
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  5. Greetings Citizenry of the Imperium, Cherished Allies, and the Wurld at large, I am Grath Ul'Oelk, on behalf of INN, this message is broadcast. Citizens of the great Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex, today, is a day of days. Celebration of Unification is upon us, steady your hearts for the anthem of the Imperium, and welcome in the new year of our continued existence, and an end to the fighting in the North as the NTC led traitor forces have been dealt with. Hail the Empress and the rise of our nation once more! This event comes after northern fighting amongst several of the re
  6. Thank you @Esonice for the reminder. Reading your description of the economic situation and evolution, I get the feeling you're positioning yourself with the role of: an exporter of rare Eurth metals, minerals and gems; and an exchange and distributor for similar resources going to and leaving Alharu. For the 1st role as exporter, your description story of economic recovery and investment would work very well. I like the reference of the "Esonian Tiger" model. The RL analogues of Bolivia (Lithium) and Chile (copper) spring to mind. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of
  7. Welcome to Eurth ! :D Your nation is very interesting but I don't know if that would be possible. You should see this with the admins. I really hope that your nation will be accept !
  8. Hello there, from the UCW(United Continents of the World), a nation consisting of islands and Various land on every continent in the world.
  9. I'll float a radical idea because why not - why not use/change/replace Adaptus? I know he's supposed to be Greco-Roman but if it doesn't throw a wrench in any works by changing him to !Italian I'd say it would be a decent option. Personally I'd go with reworking Byzantium Nova, since it seems to work out pretty well with everyone with minimal struggle. It'd be close to other !WesternEuropean nations, as opposed to using an Occidental nation, a region that's, well, not !WesternEuropean. But I just wanted to throw an idea into the ring and see how it would do The religions of the
  10. The Lost Tomb of Empress Nonaka Found Link Yesterday archeologists delivered shocking news: The lost tomb of Empress Nonaka has been found. After an exhaustive three decade search the temple was found carved into the mountainside and overgrown by dense foliage. Dr. Nakata Uka, the head archeologist of the expedition, has released a statement regarding the discovery of this near mythical tomb: "This discovery could change everything we know about who Empress Nonaka really was! Despite the growth on the surface of the tomb we are certain that the lower
  11. I think I might have flagged up how Limonaia's place on the map petty much meant that any colonising would take place on the forbearance of others, although I doubt I was the only one to do so. I'm also not sure about the "understandable" part of his leaving, since from the outside it seemed like a silly argument with obvious avenues of compromise for both sides but here we are. I don't mind who gets replaced or where this possible NPC gets put, just so long as it makes sense and, if there are PC nations nearby, everyone agrees. I know @Seylos floated the idea of replacing Byzantium
  12. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    The city of Brilon had sat relatively safe throughout the course of the war, hundreds of thousands of refugees had fled to the city after the sacking of Liechnenfax. Now though refugee ships were fleeing again en masse as forward elements of the Sentist army had already begun a soft occupation of the city. Panicked civilians rushed to the docks to try and escape the terrible fate that might become of them if they stayed. However this is what the Sentists had hoped for, as the Hodrean militia still in the city abandoned their posts as the military docks and set up protective lines around the ci
  13. Here i am! Soooo about Limonaia you hit some good points, and i read too that infact the Marenesia Team don't want to have him in their continent, and infact i think it's right because, as Gallambria said on Discord: "Moving a rebranded Limonaia would through an already established and still in-the-works, regional lore." And i support this thing with the fact that in the end my colonization is just a detail, i mean... i don't want to support the idea of moving an inactive nation for then use it and maybe IF i leave the region in the future (probably not because i love this place)
  14. Relevant parties: Team Alharu @Esonice@Eulycea@Faramount@Fulgistan@Heiheguo@Kaitaine@Mauridiviah@Metztlitlaca@Variota@Yeosan Limonaian Colonies @Shffahkia @Anatea Others with a stake (or potential one) @Cristina@Orioni@Tagmatium Rules Recently there has been more discussions about who should stay and who should go as well as there being further development of our regional lores. Limonaia has long departed this community and indicated in no uncertain terms that they had no plans to return, understandably. Thus, this leaves an eternally inactive nation in Alharu. In discussions with some m
  15. Anti-Flood Programme [4:00 PM, New Cochin] Quilan has introduced a new initiative to upgrade all houses in the flood prone region of Kuttanad into stilt complexes. Though most houses are going to be separate structures, a few houses are going to be joined to make a stilt megastructure, with rooms for economic activity such as a balcony orchard. Boats are also going to be installed in every complex to escort the residents if flood levels become dangerously high, or when the residents run out of food and other necessities. New inundation canals are also being planned in the Periyar river to dive
  16. Quilan introduces Quxing River Dyke Pond Farming System [2:30 PM, New Cochin] Quilan has introduced the Quxing River Dyke Pond Farming system to efficiently farm crops in a small plot of land. The system will have a "Quilite makeover" to it, replacing mulberry with coconuts. The system basically revolves around sustainable farming. As coconut gets planted, the coconut gets harvested, and the coconut hair will be sent to the choir industry to produce low quality sacks and ropes, the coconut water to beverage factories, and the coconut flesh to restaurants as dessert. The coconut leaf will b
  17. Had the general made his announcement a year ago, there would have been very little chance that the Megas Agios Basileia would really have cared. Certainly, there was the chance that the dictator of @San Castellino's actions would have drawn some attention from Tagmatika – maybe a finger being wagged and the parties concerned preached at about the benefits of turning to green energy, rather than continuing to maul God's creation with burning fossil fuels, but that was about it. If the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had seen fit to really care about the situation, it might have offered to send t
  18. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation:Kingdom of East Quilan Government type of nation:Absolute Monarchy (Partial Zamorinate) Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Dravidian (Tamil, Malayali, Telugu, Sinhalese, Kannada, Tulu, Konkan, Brahui) Give us a short description of your nation: Lower Middle Income, yet highly developed, due to socialist policies. Do you have an IIWiki page?: No WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying?: I do rp a lot, but might not rp once i make myself comfortable enough :P. I make relatively short posts, mostly
  19. Maybe a good way to expand your holdings down around your colony - bringing peace and stability the Haru way!
  20. The Kingdom of Quilan (Known as Kerala/Kollam locally) is a nation located on the southern Faramount islands. It is divided into 14 provinces with the capital being the Old City of Cochin. Quilt is the most widely spoken language and is also the official language of the nation, along with Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Brahui and Anglish. Etymology The name Quilan comes from the Anglish term for a region called Kollam in the southern part of the nation. The earliest text to mention Quilan is the late Anglish text God's Own Country, written by William Cork. Quilan was alternatively
  21. My points are from more of an IC perspective, cohabitating those of Tag's of a sort. MH-Land doesn't have any sort of interest in the New Wurld, it has to a degree already intervened in it's activities to the North, and any further expansion or attempts to land upon the Occidental or anywhere near MH-Land's interests will result some frowny face moments, never mind the new power in charge. Some things change, some don't. Attempting to bring New Wurld 'Civilization' to the Occidental will be met with, probably a frowny face and a bayonet. That being said, if the New Wurld na
  22. Welcome to Eurth!! As Oyus said feel free to come to the discord server and ask for any help you want!
  23. Jingle, a patriotic nationalist san castellinos song. Hugo Illamen, the TV presenter nicknamed the "voice of Gazallenoa", is sitting in his seat. - "San Castellinos, San Castellinossa, my dear compatriots. I am Hugo Illamen, your favorite TV presenter live from the RSC National Chronicle TV studios. First of all, we are going to talk about the new laws passed in an absolutely democratic, constitutional and corruption-free manner by the party last week. Then we'll talk about the news of the day with our reporter Elio dom Ursullo." He's putting his glasses back on. - "Today, with
  24. The RCN National Chronicle (or "Republica de San Castellino National Chronicle" of its full name) is the official newspaper (both print and television) of the government and the party. It is also the only authorized media in San Castellino. It is of nationalist tendency, deeply Catholic, anti-communist, anti-anarchist, quite francophobic and slightly anti-European. The newspaper, which is a widely used propaganda tool, is often untrustworthy and gives a very subjective opinion.
  25. You grave-digging monster! I think it's worth me putting my comment here as well as on Discord, just in case it gets lost or not noticed as things progress. I have no problem with this but with some caveats. The first and most obvious one would be any suggested wipe or erasure of nations in Europa, although I do believe it was merely a suggestion. It does, however, need addressing. This was kind of suggested but is either impractical or needs close thought. Europa, certainly the Occident, western Burania and heading down into Amutia, is the cradle of not so much civilisat
  26. The following is a news article related to The Mermaid's Dark Metamorphosis. Backdated June 3rd, 2020 CPO Officer Haja Tiady Appointed As Southern Secretary MORALAVITRA, OYUS -- On an isle that saw lots of back and forth with a rebellious organization in the now known as the Communist Party of Oyus, the isle’s newest executive was a prolific leader within. Haja Tiady has been tapped to replace the seat made vacant after Maisie Alcorn’s ascension as the monarch of Oyus. Tiady was the lead negotiator for the CPO several years ago when the Matriarchy called for peace between th
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