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  2. Tamäj Vilhälm Köseg Chief Consul of the Stedorian People's Republic Tamäj Vilhälm Köseg, born December 4th 1963, is the Chief Consul of the Stedorian People's Republic, serving since the Stedorian Revolution in 2009. Born to a working-class ethnically Stedorian family in Nölka, his family had been poor labourers for generations according to official familial records recovered after taking office as Chief Consul. His prominence came at a young age. After the Stedorian monarchy's slide from a hybrid democratic-like system into that of an absolute monarchy, various guerilla gr
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  4. Maisie Alcorn Queen of Oyus since June 2020 Maisie Alcorn was born August 5th, 1986 to Donald Alcorn and his wife Bonnie Alcorn both of Fearann descent. The Alcorn family is a well established family with wealth and notoriety. Her father is a shipping magnate whilst her mother was a well known socialite that dabbled in local politics in Port Dorcha, Oyus. Maisie very much so followed in her mother's footsteps, as for most of her adult life she spent time fundraising for charities and bringing attention to local issues. It is believed that the Alcorn family had close ties to the Miary Fa
  5. I like Incastan. The idea will be good. Look forward to seeing it progress.
  6. I don’t have any problem with this map placement.
  7. I am also fine with sanarija being placed in east argis, it would be nice to have someone from a different ideology, would make roleplay more interesting.
  8. I was somewhat concerned when you popped up, but upon your assurances, I am a little less concerned. A little less. Still... An interesting choice for a nation name. Have you considered something, uh... a little more subtle, maybe? (I mean, maybe not one to talk here since my nation's name is Cashar, has cash in the name, and its literally run by a conglomerate of corporations, but it does kinda sound like an actual country name - my nation is a hypercapitalistic somewhat dystopic parody of sorts itself) Maybe Celastan? Or Incastan? I think you have an interesting, if indeed nightmarish
  9. IC, my nation is the nightmarish incel dystopia that would put many folks in cold night sweats. OOC, my ideology is not so extreme, of course. It's just a RP nation that I created, based on the scenario of a society that has collapsed and been reorganized by incel terrorists in their image. Not surprisingly, things are pretty rough for much of the population....except for the former incels, of course. Brother Ray is the supreme leader of this nation, dictator, etc. You get the idea. Complete cult of personality and Messiah complex. Nobody knows his original name and he prefers it that way. He
  10. I'm all for placing Sanarija in East Argis. Would be nice to have a northerly neighbor, despite the huge culture difference.
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  12. From: The Offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry), and The Offices of the Zero Circle (Haru Intelligence Security Services) Authorization: Duke Sias Hu'yan, Vilicus of The Third Circle Authorization: Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos, Advocate of the Empress, Head of the Zero Circle Honored kin of the Ateenian people, I speak with authorization of the Empress, her divine authority, and command of the imperial throne of the Sovereign Imperium. As of current the Empress is within the territorial holding of North Korninon, however, she has expressed attending this festival with that of h
  13. From: Her Majesty, Ena Kalinka To: Her Majesty, Kira'Karn Elemmiire Your honoured Empress, I would like to send you an invitation to the Kingdom of Ateenia for a feast and to celebrate our upcoming Miðnóttleysa festival that I wish you to be apart of. As my distant relative through the blood of our great ancestor Jorling Kalinka, I would be honoured to have you and your family visit Ateenia and partake in one of our most important national holiday. There will be food, drinking, dancing and fighting, all the good stuff. As such we will reserve a spot for you and your famil
  14. The National Courier ᚱÍᚲᛁᛊᛒᛟᚦᛁ 15.06.2021 AD 11.03.1949 AJB ________________________________________________ Preparations for Miðnóttleysa festival begin. People all around Ateenia have begun preparing for Miðnóttleysa festival that is only 7 days away and like always, lasts untill the 20th of Sólmánður. Like always, the government asks that people would get overboard with the purchasing of alcohol and food. The Queen herself has begun preparing for the festival as evident by the number of trucks, full of sacrificial animals, logs. food and alco
  15. Stefan Mikolay Bielak (Grenesian: Cтeфaн Mикoлaй Биeльaк, born 24 June 1947) is a Grenesian lawyer and politician who is serving as the current President of Grenesia since 1996. Born in Novy Ostrobod, Bielak is a graduate of law and administration of Karlich University. In 1978, he was awarded his Ph.D by Pobzhezhe University. During the communist period, Bielak was an activist in the pro-democratic anti-communist movement in Grenesia, the Workers' Defence Association. In 1980, Bielak became a member of the Grenesian Underground Movement. On 25 May 1990, just two weeks after the coup
  16. I am so sorry for the discrepancies. I really like number 1, and I apologize I was not able to reply sooner because I was busy. Its perfectly fine not to have desert, I thought that being in Alharu meant I had to make accommodations for desert. I like the stats, and I the region I am choosing is perfect. Since there is a theme of driving out agressors in Rhava, I could totally use the Yellow empire as a gateway for that arch. I dont mind earlier colonization, just need to know who. Ty for all the hard work. -Rhava
  17. We're not done just yet. For that area to be taken you need consent from @Fravina / @Delamaria / @DPR Velaheria / @Stedoriaas your culture is significantly different from those in the area. Also @Seylos as he's been working to keep Argis' cultures from contradicting. If they don't respond by sunday, consent will be assumed.
  18. Thank you, Metz. For this I will have to choose draft 2. Being a dry, rural, never ending steppe is very important to the events of the Civil War which took place from 1997-2004; a decentralized society has decentralized motives. Thank you for your time once again -Sanarija
  19. Hello Sanarija. Your application is quite vague, although does provide all the information required for me to be able to showcase to you several proposals for your nation's location. Your stats are good. Zero points in population means your population would be less than 10 million. 2 points in the economy means your GDP per capita will be between 16,000 - 20,000 USD and 2 points into land area means an area between 270,000 to 350,000. Overall your total nominal GDP would be, at maximum, 200,000 million. The biggest issue is that it's very difficult to be able to tick all of your criteri
  20. Hello Rhava, Currently there are some discrepancies with your map application which would make having everything you request impossible: Both of your desired locations, despite having a lot of rivers, are desert. This has been an issue for a while since the Climate Map Update and one me and O plan to tackle in the near future. Sorry about that. There is also the issue that monsoons don't work like that. Wet Seasons (Monsoon) and Dry Seasons (Not Monsoon) act independently of the four season system. This is because Wet and Dry Seasons are the seasons for areas in the tropics. The
  21. As written by @Metztlitlaca: UPDATE (12th June 2021) The Terms of a member's nation to be erased have been changed. Metacommentary posts (posts that are not RP, Factbooks, Expansion/Reserve Posts, or similar) do not count towards time since activity as metacommentary posts can be used as a loophole to unfairly extend inactivity. Also, recently graduated members that have officially been added to the map will have a 2 month time limit (60 days) before they are removed from the map again. This of course only applies if a member of the community has not made any posts to declare their i
  22. Nation in Eurth: Sanarija Capital name: Solazok Capital location: Oceanside Stats Chosen: 0 population 2 economy 2 area Factbook/iiwiki link: Sanarija Vision Statement Culture: Vaguely South Slavic Climate: Arid Temperate; steppe History: two-millennium kingdom followed by 100 year brutal communist regime and finally a brutal Civil War brought on by decentralized national interest followed by a shaky republic. Desired Location: Central Argis
  23. A War At an End Reports have been confirmed that the High Priest of the Northern Sentist faction of Sentists has been captured after fleeing his administrative compound south of the Rewhain border. The capture occurred after the joint Seylosian/Tagmatine/Gallambrian forces made for the final push on the Sentist compound. Allied forces expected to find a battle to the death, instead finding themselves accepting the surrendering of tens of thousands of enemy soldiers looking to escape from the horrors of Sentist conscription. Despite the surrender of the vast majority of Northern Sentist ar
  24. The Triple Opoly Building - 2015 Design Plans Architecture Firm: Imagineer Structures, Inc. History: Imagineer Structures, Inc. got its jumpstart in 1920 and became wildly successful in the 1930s after multiple designs submitted and approved for the city of Malmega's buildings including the Malmega Mega Mall. Details: The Triple Opoly Building is 430 meters high. It has eighty-two floors. The upper-most floors contain an indoor theme park with food, gambling parlors, bumper cars, and a giant slide. The rooftop allows for the construction of an extensive rooftop garden for relaxation
  25. Last week
  26. Nation in Eurth: Rhava Rhavanese Flag: https://content.invisioncic.com/r278479/monthly_2021_06/2096572_BenjaloneseFlag.png.d7318dbde1a1903af79e5a3e71df8505.png I think the link will work, if not, just check my nation state page. Capital name: Rhavapura Capital location: [coastal? in-land? riverside?] Rhavapura is in the north of the country on river. Other cities I might want in the map: Chow Chó, most south-eastern city on the coast. Quây yuán, directly east of Chow Chó and directly down the middle of the country on the coast. And Giang Dó is the northern most city, and o
  27. June 2015 Sirius Savings & Loans, the largest private commercial bank in Orioni, is seeking to build a new headquarters. SLL concludes that the most value will be added by constructing a new building on the same site, which blends in with its urban surroundings. This also benefits from the variety of existing transport solutions. The current headquarters of SSL in Zuidhaven, built in the 1970s, will be demolished. The building complex, which is about forty years old, is now completely outdated, both in terms of energy efficiency and the efficient use of space. It no longer meets
  28. General Secretary of the Workers' Republic of Fulgistan Tomur Almas (啊儿马同母 A'erma Tongmu) A Party cadre from Kuanqiao, Mingsheng Province, Almas was born in 1967 into a secular Muslim family, apart from his maternal grandmother who was a Bozan woman of the Blue-Black Orda. His personal name, Tomur, means "iron" in the Bozan language, and it is common for Fulgistanis both supportive and unsupportive of his policies to refer to him informally as 钢I母 (gangmu, “Iron-Mur”) in conversation and political cartoons. Almas first rose to prominence as a representative for Mingsheng Province, af
  29. Rhava's unique traditions As we come closer to this years Day of the Dog (June 16th), Rhava would like to inform the international community on how we celebrate this momentous occasion this time of year. The Day of the Dog was the day Rhava, or Benjalonia as it was known back then, declared itself independent from colonizers and western society as a whole. On may 17th, 1782, Nayasarri led the peoples revolt, made up of over 14,000 farmers, artisans, and ex-soldiers, they took the city of Quây Yuan, raising a banner of a Rhavanese wild dog with a spear in its teeth. Nayasarri then walked
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