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Where Worldbuilders Write

16 years, millions of words, one community.

Established in 2004, this community of worldbuilders enjoy a realistic RP with Modern Tech, and offers a welcoming community spirit. Good writing is appreciated and we are proud of our solid history and lore.

Here is the place to be part of this venture, Project Eurth. Even thought we're spread across the globe, everyone knows one another for so many years now this has become a "third place"

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    • Sanar System 2021 December Contest
      For thousands of years, mankind has been exploring and conquering Eurth. From the depths of Thalassa to the heights of the Tapetepetli Mountains, the sweltering summers of Paran to the bitter winter of Argis, mankind has reached every nook and cranny on this blessed Eurth. Now humanity looks up to space, the final frontier, to take those first steps onto the Mun, to explore the great planets of... Uhhh... And the moons of...
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    • [IDEA] Longest Rails! (Intreimor to Labrador)
      As Aristutle once said: "It's not the length of your rail, but how you use it." Now, clearly, Aristutle didn't have a very long rail. How could he? He was Aroman. Aristutle was wrong and Freud was right, when he said: "If you salivate when you see trains, it was because your mother wasn't impressed by your smol rails. Well no more! Your mother would be impressed by your long rail. So precisely, it becomes our heaven-sent mission to build them! Build Argis, build the longest rails on Eurth and find for them the thickest, most bossom-gauged trains to ride them.
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    • Canamo forest party
      This morning, around 11am, the Varnar ammunition depot near Skógheim has exploded which set fire to the whole complex and destroyed multiple buildings in the base. The fire itself has not gone out yet, and the depot is still burning and occasionally detonating any remaining munitions that launch off in multiple directions. The base was ordered to be evacuated shortly after the detection of fire and explosions alongside any settlement or town within 10 km radius of the base.
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  1. General

    1. Hello, my name is...

      Welcome to Eurth. We're glad you could join. New here? Introduce yourself!

    2. Community Board

      Just about anything. The sky is the limit, but do keep it civil. Forum is rated PG-13.

    3. Academy

      All RP candidates start out in this Academy. Graduating will unlock the main RP forums for you. Instructions are included. Feedback and guidance are provided by the staff. This table includes all active candidates and their progress.

  2. Role-Play Department

    1. Affairs

      All about our world today. This general activity forum is the starting point where leaders gather to discuss day to day events. Included are the various national newsrooms that provide up-to-date news, every hour on the hour. [in-character]

    2. Business

      Exchange of goods and services, global economics and trade. A place to keep your storefronts. A great opportunity to conduct your business. [in-character]

    3. Conflict

      A staging-point for declarations of war and other major military events. Grab your helmet, load your gun, and hope you don't get killed! Godmodding is frowned upon. [in-character]

    4. Diplomacy

      This global platforum is a debate hub where diplomats can exchange expertise in the realm of international affairs. Fostering sustainable relations between multinational organisations, IGOs, and NGOs. [in-character]

    5. Entertainment

      A great place for your cultural exchange and sportive events. Celebrate the human achievement of a particular people or society. [in-character]

    6. Future & Past

      The present is nothing without the past, and the future could be an interesting place as well. Come and explore it here! [in-character]

  3. Community Led Resources

    1. OOC Planning & Discussion

      Talk out of character and discuss RP. Also, a great place to launch ideas you have about role-playing. Respect the rules as well as our dedicated moderators, and no harm will come to you.

    2. Factbooks and National Information

      A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world.

    3. Map of Eurth

      The Regional Carthographer's Office. Review our new and improved map. Before claiming your own little place, make sure to read the map rules.

    4. The Art Gallery

      Request a flag design, banner, coat of arms, or anything custom. Our talented designers are here to help polish your designs.

  4. Nuts and Bolts

    1. Technical Helpdesk

      Bug reports, general help, ideas for improvements and questions about how things are meant to work.

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