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    "We shall fight them on the regional message board, we shall fight them in the comment sections, we shall fight them in the discords. We shall never surrender and fight until the Internet trolls are defeated."

    All our Moderators come from a community of volunteers who help support the community mission. This article will explain the guidelines that apply specifically to our Forum Moderators. The forum moderators are hand-selected members of the community who are here to help us maintain a healthy and collaborative community environment in the forums. We spotted them by noticing their love for learning, collaboration, community, and teaching.

    1 Moderator Guidelines

    Our community of Forum Moderators volunteer for an active writing community. Moderators are the leaders and main contributors to the stories and discussions. Although they help us all maintain a safe, fun, and productive learning environment, their primary purpose is not to police others, but to take an active role posting relevant content and contributing to discussions as role models for all users.

    Here is a general overview of the guidelines that all Moderators agree to before stepping into this role:  

    2 Moderators will:

    1. Be reasonable and use their abilities responsibly
    2. Be respectful and sensitive to learners of all backgrounds and abilities 
    3. Help new learners feel welcome 
    4. Lead by example
    5. Uphold and encourage the Community rules
    6. Give explanations when content is not approved  
    7. Report abuse 
    8. Communicate with each other and staff 
    9. Reach a consensus before speaking “officially” to members
    10. Remove profane or hateful attacks toward individuals or groups of people
    11. Remove personal information (when reasonably deemed inappropriate or dangerous)

    3 Moderators will NOT:

    1. Delete discussions before confirming they break the guidelines
    2. Delete threads or discussions based on personal views or dislikes
    3. Delete threads just because they are critical
    4. Ban or request a ban without evidence of the member breaking a specific guideline
    5. Speak “for” the entire community without confirming information about to be released
    6. Go overboard with the number of sticky comments
    7. Publish private correspondence, screenshot, resources, etc. before obtaining permission from all involved—community members and/or staff

    4 Good to know

    1. Moderatorship is not a trophy
    2. Moderatorship is not an entitlement
    3. Moderatorship is not diplomatic immunity
    4. Moderatorship is not a game
    5. Moderatorship is not for sale

    5 Mentors

    Roleplay mentors are members who, through consistent high-quality RP posts, have earned the distinction of being named an RP Mentor.

    6 Want to become a moderator?

    As a Moderator, you are volunteering to become a leader and contributor to within this community. Your primary purpose is not to police others, but to take an active role posting relevant content and contributing to discussions in order to set the tone for the types of conversations you yourself would like to see more of. Some elements that might increase your chances to become a forum moderator are:

    • Be super helpful, respectful, welcoming and polite in the forums. Mods keep an eye on caring and knowledgeable community members and remember them when new moderating slots open up
    • Be an active member of the community
    • Be a calm and positive participant in conversations
    • Be considerate when it comes to username, wording, avatar, bio and other choices associated with your account
    • Create interesting and relevant forum posts regularly, or help answer questions within the course
    • You can also contribute to a guide if you want to help out with a particular topic

    Now if you think you'd be a great moderator, all you have to do is to share your full application in the main technical forum. Please copypaste this text and include your answers.


    1. How many months have you been an active member of the community?

    2. Which specific forums would you like to start moderating?

    3. Are you currently a mentor?

    4. How often do you access the community forums?
    Daily / About 2-4 times a week / Weekly / A few times a month / Monthly / Rarely

    5. Do you ever help out in ongoing discussions?
    Yes / I have in the past, but rarely do it now / No

    6. Why do you want to be a moderator as opposed to simply helping out other members as a regular user?

    7. Do you have prior forum moderation experience? (this isn't a requirement)
    Yes / No

    8. Please list 1-3 moderators you have seen doing good work in the forums.

    9. How much time a week do you predict you could spend helping out in the forums?
    At least once a day / About every other day / About 1-3 times a week / 1-2 times a month / A few times a year

    10. Please link to a post or comment, where you provided value to the community so we can see you in action!

    11. Other comments (optional)

    12. We're glad to have you! Finally, when submitting this form, you are applying to volunteer some of your time and skill to help others as a Forum Moderator. This is an unpaid role and comes with some responsibilities. Have you read (and agree to uphold) the Moderator, Community and Roleplay Guidelines?
    Yes / No

    Thank you.

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