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  • The Community Rules of Eurth

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    At the end of the day, all of these rules are here to help keep the community accessible, fair and honest with all of the members. Use your best judgement and common sense when posting, and most of all have fun. Thank you for taking the time to read the rules and know that we appreciate you.

    Article 1: Community Rules

    1. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service.
    2. By registering on this forum, you agree to any and all terms and conditions set forth within this document at all times and any changes made to them thereafter. The forum Administration reserves the right to change these rules at any time without notification. 
    3. This forum contains additional terms that further dictate procedures. By engaging in the roleplay forums, you agree also to abide by rules and guidelines outlined in the Roleplay Rules of Europa
    4. Members are responsible for regularly reviewing this document, and by continued usage of this forum and that which it stands for, signify acceptance and agreement to such changes.
    5. These terms may be updated at any time without notice. But we'll ping everyone just to be clear.

    Article 2: Your Account

    1. Please sign up using your NationStates name
    2. All names are subject to these community rules as are avatars, signatures, posts and posted images. 
    3. Each member is responsible for any and all activity performed on their account. The sharing of accounts is highly discouraged, and each member is advised to keep their account secure.
    4. You are not allowed to have multiple accounts on this board. This includes (but is not limited to) active, suspended, or banned accounts.
      1. The use of multiple accounts to bypass punishments such as, but not limited to, posting restrictions, suspension, or bans is strictly prohibited and in such cases, the Administration reserves the right to ban the new account(s) created. 
      2. The use of multiple accounts for voting is strictly forbidden and frowned upon. Such cheating will result in the banning of the new accounts, and punishment against the original account.
      3. Additional accounts will be tracked down, and Staff will decide on the penalty. 

    Article 3: Your Content

    1. Above all else, respect others. If you see disrespectful behaviour, report it, rather than further inflaming the situation.
    2. Before you write or comment, ask yourself if your contribution increases the strength and virtue of the community. 
    3. Although we feel that full internationalization is important, please keep all posts and replies in English.
    4. Search before posting. If you have a question, please use the forum search function before posting, to make sure that it has not already been asked and answered. Searching the forums before posting will help prevent duplicate posts, which may result in you being able to find what you are looking for much faster.
    5. Copyright and ownership. Comments and forum messages are owned by the poster.
    6. No spam or offensive content. As a member of this community, you are asked not to post any prohibited content. You may not post, upload, link to, or email any content that contains, promotes, gives instruction about, or provides prohibited content. Prohibited content includes any of the following: 
      1. Racist, abusive, threatening, or harmful material. 
      2. Content that infringes any rights. 
      3. Pornography, nudity, or sexual content of any kind. 
      4. Excessive profanity. 
      5. Any personal information without the consent of the individual or invasion of privacy. 
      6. Illegal Drugs. 
      7. Terrorism. 
      8. Viruses, hack tools, or other harmful or malicious software. 
      9. Gambling. 
      10. Torrents, cracks, Warez, CD-Keys, Serials Numbers, etc. 
    7. Posting of this nature will be removed by Moderators and persistent posting of prohibited content will result in a warning and possible banning. If we find that a member continuously makes inappropriate or unneeded posts, the member will be put under Moderator review for as long as deemed necessary.

    Please remember that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy or completeness/usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this forum. Any member who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact a member of the Staff. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so within a reasonable time frame if we determine that removal is necessary. You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will not use this forum to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a member's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law.

    Article 4: Your Actions

    Staff will try to use discretion and common sense about these offences while the board is small. However offensive posting or activities that break the terms of service cannot be allowed.

    1. Account Hacking: Stealing another member's account by gaining their password. If you lose access to the forum, you can report this by TG to a Moderator's nation.
    2. Flame: Expressing anger at someone in uncouth ways with OOC comments (i.e. swearing, being obnoxious, threatening etc.) though it does to watch what you post IC as well unless the other posters know you're not serious.
    3. Flamebait: Posts that are made with the aim of angering someone indirectly. Not an outright flame, but still liable to bring angry replies. It's in the same context of trolling but with flame baiting, it's just the one person.
    4. Gravedigging: Posting a reply on a long-disused thread; bumping threads that aren't used anymore without good reason.
    5. Obscenities: Sexually graphic images and posts. Very strictly forbidden. Obscenities in the forums should be reported to this forum.
    6. Quote Pyramids: When replies with quotes get quoted and then that reply gets quoted and so on and so forth. It's OK if it's just a few quotes but once they start getting monstrously huge, it is not OK.
    7. Spam/SPAM: Off-topic, irrelevant and multi-posts that clog the board. This includes posting lots of smilies which is known as Smilie Spam. Spamming in the forums should be reported through this forum.
    8. Thread Hijacking. Appropriating a thread for a discussion totally unrelated to the original purpose of the said thread.
    9. Trollbaiting. Posts that are made to attract trolls.
    10. Trolling. Posts that are made with the aim of angering people. (like 'ALL JEWS ARE [insert vile comment here]' for example). Also is used to refer to making obviously silly topics that people nonetheless will reply to. (making a case for the proof that Teletubbies exist for instance. There will always be someone who feels compelled to post 'No they don't.' Threads like this should just be ignored.)

    Article 5: Consequences

    As a consequence of these agreed-upon rules, the staff agreed on implementing the following system of warnings and punishments regarding roleplaying:

    • Warning. Ignoring these established rules, as well as other behaviour deemed as 'misbehaviour' by the members in general and staff in particular, will be subject to the following warning: the member will receive a clear warning by a staff member. Members can inform the staff of any abuse by reporting a particular post/topic, or via private message.
    • Strike 1. If the initial first warning is ignored and more misbehaviour from the member takes place within a 90-day period, then a three (3) day warning will be issued during which all posts on the entire forum will be presented to a staff member for review before appearing on the forum. This will also go on your permanent record as the 1st of 3 strikes.
    • Strike 2. If both the first and second warnings are ignored, the following measures will be taken by moderation/administration: one (1) full week of moderation of all posts; a ban from the role-play section for a full week as well; the staff will discuss the matter and decide if additional punishment(s) are in order. This will also go on your permanent record as the 2nd of 3 strikes.
    • Strike 3. If the member(s) still continue to be a pest, ignoring the same rules despite previous warnings and punishments, you will receive a 3rd and final strike on your permanent record. No further warning will be given. The member is immediately banned from the forum until pigs fly.

    Don’t try to cheat the punishment system. If you are banned, the staff can ban all your other accounts on the forums.


    Proposal to update §3 (23 June 2018)

    Content that is prohibited in this community includes that which may:

    • Invade the privacy of another individual;
    • Incite violence against an individual, race, ethnicity, or orientation;
    • Be pornographic in nature;
    • Be otherwise indecent or obscene.

    Content that is intended to defame, slander, ridicule, mock, threaten, harass, intimidate or otherwise abuse another individual is also prohibited.

    Examples of these types of prohibited content include:

    • Sharing links or media that have been intended to cause harm and incite fear within groups and individuals that can be or has been used for racial (e.g anti-semitic propaganda), ethnic or gender vilification (homophobic remarks or jokes); and
    • Posting your (ex-)partner's home address;
    • Posting pictures of your partner inappropriately dressed;
    • Mocking someone based on their nationality.

    This applies to all content that is shared "In Character" (IC) or "Out Of Character" (OOC), there is no excuse.

    Proposal to update §4 (20 January 2019)

    http://www.computerbuddies.us/sofweb/netiquette.htm#ten rules

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