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    Mission Statement

    Why do we exist? Our purpose is to connect, facilitate and inspire a community of worldbuilders and roleplayers.

    How do we do this? Our mission is writing the stories of nations and the journey of their characters across time, space, history, and politics, with a focus on how they’ve transformed (themselves, their people, their neighbours) as part of the process. We help each other improve through storytelling and character development.

    What do we hope to achieve? Our vision is to build a thriving community that connects a number of quality writers, artists, and storytellers together to help them realize, build, rethink, and grow the next story of their fictional nation.

    (The purpose is why we exist. The mission is what we're going for and how we’re going to do it. The vision is where we want to go.)

    Our culture

    Whether planned or not, all communities have a culture. Culture is a set of shared beliefs, values and practices. Our culture code is the operating system that powers the community. This culture doesn't just help attract amazing people, it also amplifies their abilities and helps them do their best work. Because talented people are more easily attracted when a great culture is present.

    Where we come from

    Established on January 9th 2004, Europa is a colourful mosaic of diverse nations and players, based on the ideals of freedom and democracy. We enjoy a realistic RP with Modern Tech, and offer a welcoming community spirit. Good writing is appreciated and we are proud of our solid history and lore. We are originally based on the game of NationStates. This is probably where you found us in the first place, right?

    Is this community for you?

    Worldbuilding is not for everyone... but it might be for you.

    You are someone who likes to imagine alternative worlds. With characters who resemble real-life, but different. You've always wanted to be the leader of a nation. You like showing off different points of view. You have a thorough grasp of what it takes to create a realistic setting. For writers, artists, philosophers, and wannabe politicians alike: the creation of new worlds and new universes has been a key element of fiction writing.

    If you've answered yes to most of these questions, then you might be into worldbuilding.

    » Get started with: Worldbuilding for Dummies

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