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Academy Submission: I accept your nomination.

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“This is how Liberty dies, with thunderous applause” - Senator Padme


In a haste voice the newsreader reads,

”The United Party convention has been postponed due to a bomb plot being foiled, after a DSS investigation found two far-left groups working in unison to assassinate the President”

The cameras show armed police dragging those found into black trucks.

 “THIS WAS MONROE! WE DIDNT DO THIS! FIGHT FOR U-“ The doors swing shut and the trucks drive off to screaming sirens.


One week earlier, November 12th.

”Should we both wear the pins or is that a bit much?” Asks Vice President Van Roose to her Chief of Staff, Ed Walls.

”Well Monroe’s guys thought you should. It’s no secret there’s a rift between you two now. They want to project unity, even if you do hate the bastard.” She replied.

“You know Ed, I don’t think the President is going to last that long anyway, he’s got more red lasers on his back than his father”.

”Why do you say that Madam?” Walls replied.

”The DSS hates him for one, then he’s got the Commonwealth Guard, the Navy, the Army, the mafia, the Unions, even the Girl Scouts want their pound of flesh. Maybe It’s time for me to jump ship and swim about with the Delamarian people.” 
“Maybe it’s time you make a move, if they really hate him that much, maybe a change of management is what the nation needs.”



Trudeau Plaza, Delamarian Security Service Headquaters, Labrador.

”Yes Director, if we want to keep the the mafia happy they’ll want their cars back, even if there’s more dead drivers to come.”

”Okay, send em’ back, but put a locator on them. I want to know who they’re talking to, and what they’re doing near Pritchett House so often.”

”Yes Director. Also, the Vice President is on the line, she says it’s urgent”

“Okay put her through”

The phone rings.

”Hello Madam Vice President, how is Nassaua?”

”Good thank you. How’s protecting the free world Will?”

”Same old, same old, Monroe isn’t coming by much lately, last time we spoke he just wanted to know the capital of Orioni”

”Oh and what is the capital of Orioni Will?

”Not a clue, I said it was Orioni City and he took my word for it.”

”Yeah, now watch his aides try to find Orioni City”

”They’re even dumber than he is, doesn’t he know the internet exists, and books, and maps”

”Yeah!” She exclaims with laughter.

”Look Will. Is this a secure line?” She says with mild concern.

”The only people you need to be worried about monitoring your calls is me” Patton replies.

”Okay, look. I feel that Monroe is on the way out, if you know what I mean”

”Oh no, he’s definitely going to win the nomination, probably the house again”

”Oh yes I know that, but nobody in the house wants him to. He’s a liability, Patton, he’s going one way or the other, and I want to see if you would want to speed that up a little”

Both pause.

”Look, Deb, this is treason. If anyone, and I mean anyone, outside of you, me, and the guy we get to get him, finds out, we’ll be hung from the spikes at congress!”

”Thats why I need this done quick and well, if we can get this done before the election, who knows, maybe the DSS will get a, I don’t know, much larger budget maybe?”

“Deborah, I have to go, but I will call you later. This intrigues me.”

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November 16th. Vice President’s Lake Lodge. Crownsland. 

Surrounding a circular table are some of the most powerful, secretive and richest people in the nation.



Deborah Van Roose, Vice President of Delamaria

William Patton, Director of the Delamaria Security Service

Jacques Devereaux, Senator and Vice Chair of the United Party

Nathaniel Eganheimer, CEO of Keyhide Industries

Amy Tallin, Minister of Transport

Ed Walls, Chief of Staff to the Vice President

Rhys Hayfield, General of the Commonwealth Guard

“Welcome, gentlemen, lady.” Van Roose begins.

”We are all here today because we have something to gain from the ending of the Monroe Presidency. William, you’re budget has been cut again and again for years, it’s time that comes to an end. Jacques, you’ve been gunning for Party Chair for years, and Monroe is the reason you haven’t reached there yet. Nathan, your company has lost contract after contract to Monroe International. Amy, you deserve to be Foreign Minister again. Ed, you should be in Pritchett House, with me. And General, well Rhys you get one less annoying voice in your head, and maybe command of the Defence Staff. Now, I don’t blame you If you want to leave right this moment. This could lead to your head sitting on a spike in Monroe’s office, but if you want to leave, Will here is going to arrange an accident, and it will not be traced to me. Are you all on board?”

A deafening silence fills the room.

”I’ll take that as a yes, now let’s get to work”.

The next day. Office of Transport and Economic Statistical Analysis and Licensing Procedure.

”How come a department with such boring and frankly unnecessary duties, have such a big budget?” Walls says. 
“There’s no office of transport and economic blah blah, this is a DSS shop. We’ve run half of our missions from here, and the thing is, no congressional investigator has the Will or balls to cut through this much red tape.” Patton replies.

The pair enter an elevator and Patton puts in his key and heads down. The doors open to reveal a fully operating headquarters, with maps, conference tables and giant screens, directly below the Government District. In front of the doors are the Vice President, though shorter than the two, commands them to follow her.

“Okay Patton, let’s hear your plan.” Van Roose says.

”Yes Madam Vice President”

”At 2:30 PM on November 22nd, the last day of the United Party Convention, and the day before Election Day, The President, and Foreign Minister Denby will be standing together on the podium. Inside the podium will be a small plastic explosive we planted there this morning, since we took control of the catering and planning of the convention this should be easy. Our people in the Protection Service will give the all clear to the President’s security detail. At 2:32 the President should be announcing Denby as his new running mate.”

”Monroe is ditching me?!” Van Roose shouts

”Oh yeah, sorry I thought you knew. Anyway. This is when the explosives will detonate. Killing Monroe, Denby and whoever donated the most to get the front row seats. Then you become President, you will need to invoke the emergency security act, this will need approval from congress, but it will pass since the explosion qualifies as an emergency. The act grants you to enforce curfews, detain people without reason, great stuff. You can use this to prevent people from voting the next day. You’re already behind in the polls, and it’s likely well all be out on the street come December 1st.”

”Okay, hang on I’m getting a call... Yes what is it?”

She puts down the phone.

”Monroe’s announced that Denby will be his running mate”


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