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Request: Eskeocha

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Hi @Orioni,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

To clarify what I meant by Alaskan, my culture is partly inspired by first nation natives, particularly the Tlingit.  There are some changes that will be introduced as I am worldbuilding and roleplay, but they are my intended bouncing off point.  I hope that works for you.

I knew my nation was quite large, I am not so talented with geographical software, so I had no idea how to ensure I would not go over 350,000.  Thank you for letting me know.

Regarding the changes you brought forward, I made some adjustments of my own I wanted to run by you.  This is largely because, while I like many of the ideas you brought forth, I have a few concerns regarding the overall shape of my nation and some features that I have been intending to make use of:

  • I am totally open to removing the northern region and instead having the river follow the border towards Mastikan.  I think that is equally as good, I just started further north arbitrarily.  
  • Regarding the Mountains and Mt. Caskada, would it be possible instead to have the border go further south and I will take the lower mountain range instead?  I can move Caskada there with no problem, and I would be able to preserve Abasol.  Part of the idea I had for Abasol was that it would be a city built around an old Christian settlement from the original expansion of the religion westward.  If it is an issue of coastline, please let me know.
  • Cranarie Passage is my biggest concern, as it is very significantly how I have shaped my nation for a long time, even before I arrived in Eurth.  Is it at all possible to keep it?  Removing it from my nation would require a lot of worldbuilding upheaval and changing that I am not prepared for.  If this is absolutely off the table, I understand, it will, however, take me a long time to figure out how to solve this, as it promotes many internal challenges regarding how my nation is currently set up.

I have attached a picture below, overlapping my original submission. The old pieces I am removing are crossed out in purple, and the long purple line is my new border suggestion.  Please let my know if there is a specific problem with Cranarie Passage, or if it was just a suggestion to fix land size.  I am ok with going under 350,000 a bit if it means keeping the passage.


Thank you again!



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