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Katara is a popular cultural magazine that focuses around Esonian culture such as cuisine, celebrations, traditions, mythology, etc; and also history of Esonice and the people throughout time, including various other aspects of Esonice and talks about them in detail to readers. Katara was created in 1996 and was partially organised and supported by the Esonian Tourism and Travel agency to help with foreign tourists understand Esonian society and culture, and also encourage them to come visit the Serene Kingdom. In turn, this resulted in Katara becoming the most well known cultural magazine used by casual interested foreigners to learn about Esonice, and even also by Esonians themselves. Katara also shares the same slogan as Esonice's officail tourism slogan. The magazine’s headquarters are based in the Esonian capital of Esonyaveli. 

Katara has often been praised by historians and critics for trying to be as factually close as possible. Even many schools started using Katara's articles in 2012 as sources for certain topics to gain basic understanding of important historical figures and events. 


Controversies and Bias


Katara has fallen under scrutiny on some occasions for reportedly “prettifying” brutal historic events, specifically done by Esonice in an attempt “to hide Esonian wrong doings” in history. Some critical users also reported Katara as being biased in favour of Esonian nationalist agendas. But those controversies are far and few between, and Katara is often cited by experts as being mostly unbiased. 

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