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Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' Where we bring the News to the People of Ahrana, on todays edition we will cover the breaking news in the capital today at the joint session of Parliament. We will now go live to the Houses of Parliament where Georgy Shriv is at live;

Ah thank you Johnathan and Alexsandra, right so today we are getting a announcement from the Federal Government about the recent meetings held with all of the Federal Government. If you look to the podium you will see that all of the Federal Executive including the High Representatives for Xara and Thralhaven are here as well with all Republics Premiers as well. So in other words this has included every member of Government which can mean only one thing, a huge shuffle or re-organization. Currently there are only three empty seats at the podium and one is for the Federal President, the other for the Director of Intelligence and the other we are not sure at the moment. We are awaiting these three to make their way to the podium so the Joint Session may start. We ask a few Members of Parliament if they knew what was going on but they seemed determined not to talk to us.......Ah here we go the announcement was made that the President will now take the podium.

Good morning Members of Parliament, Members of the Executive, members of the Press Networks and members of the Judicial. Today is a very important day for this Government and the People that elected it, on this day we right a wrong that was done by a tyrannical dictator that kill hundreds. Today we fix what was done, today History will be re-written in more ways than one.

As of 13 of October this Federal Government and Judicial Justices agreed on what was called Constitutional Proposal Ratification. At the end of the day the vote was unanimous to push the proposal forward for signature by two people who would be needed to make this New Constitution work, as of yesterday at 1200AST the Constitution was signed and witnessed by the entire Judicial Justices, Federal Executive Government and was declared ratified by the notary of the Federal Government. As of yesterday the Imperial Throne has been re-established, with the re-establishment of the Imperial Houses of Chayka and Florence declared the sole Successors to the Second United Kingdom of Ahrana. As of Yesterday the Office of Federal President was renamed to Office of the Federal Monarchs.

The Third United Kingdom of Ahrana is headed by two Monarchs, Queen Aleksandra II of Chayka and Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring of Florence. The Office of Chancellor and State Councilor and the other Federal Executive Offices still exist, this transition is a mere lateral transfer from one Constitution to another Constitution. Everyone who currently holds a Governmental Posting will stay in Office for the Four Year transitional period after which the People will Vote in a Fair and Free Election on the Houses of Parliament to determined the leaders of the Federal Executive Government. 

Thank you all for coming and have a great day.

Well that was certainly interesting and unexpected on my half, as of today welcome to the Third Imperial United Kingdom of Ahrana Johnathon and Alexsandra.


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The Leading Newspaper in Ahrana

20th October 2020, Tuesday | 2nd Edition |Moskovo Press Building, 402 Main Street


The Constitution of the Third United Kingdom is Published, Human Rights? Why this Constitution has a Human Rights Bill attached to the Constitution | Coronation of the Monarchs



The Government publishes the new Constitution with Human Rights attached...

Article written by, Jacob Daniel Smith

On the 19th of October this year at Midnight the Federal Government published the Constitution of the Third United Kingdom of Ahrana making it accessible to the public. After we were informed by the Office of the Chancellor that the publication was in fact authentic we took a read over the new Constitution and found several things stood out from the entire Constitution and from the Constitutions from the past, this new Constitution has a Human Rights Section attached to the Constitution.

As we look back in history of Ahrana, no constitution has contained such a section regarding specifically Human Rights and Rights of the People. We asked ourselves what does this mean and why is this government publishing something like this, something we have never seen in our history. Our sources inside the government now free to talk about the Constitution and the new Government have been quoted saying this, 

"Many people will find this new Constitution and the government that will follow it to be very strange as it is going beyond what many in the past have not dared. This Government is attempting to challenge the very basis that we believed made Ahrana unique when in fact what made us unique was how backwards in the words of Democracy we truly were. This Government truly wants to move out of the past and into the future and what a better way of doing it then by declaring the Kingdom respects the Rights of not just the Citizens of the Realm but the very thing called humanity. This constitution declares humanity as important as the government itself." -Member of Parliament, John V. A. Luk

When we were told the Government was changing not many people envisioned something like this, thereby overshooting our complete expectations we have. Some people say this is just a front and is a coverup and that the government will not hold true to these principles, however if you read the Constitution and its Fundamental Human Rights of the People Act you see that any violation is met with criminality. What's this mean you ask? Well if the government infringes on any of these rights and any article in the Act is breached then those responsible will be held accountable and will face criminal charges.

The Act also lays out the idea of not allowing capital punishment. In the article it specifies that the need for capital punishment is to only be used in extreme cases deemed acceptable by law. What law is this referring to? Well we have a answer for just that. The Parliament has announced it is looking into specifying the area of Capital Punishment and when this has been decided they will publish it the same way as the constitution. 

While this Act of Fundamental Human Rights of the People is a new idea to us Ahranaians the other strange thing is the clear specification of the powers of the Executive and in particular the Monarchs. The Monarchs have sweeping authority but it seems from the wording that the Chancellor will wield most of this authority with the Monarchs asking the Government to form in their names instead of forming the government themselves.

Truly the question that has been asked around the office is, what does this mean for the new Ahrana and how long will this government last this time?


Federal Government sets the Coronation Date...

Article by, Alexis Victoria Francis

The Federal Government released a brief statement this morning with the official dates of the Coronation of the Monarchs which is to take place exactly five days from now on the 25th of October 2020 at the National Cathedral in Moskovo. It has been said that the ceremony will follow much of the old tradition with the new Oaths to be said with the pledge from the monarchs.

The Government has said that unlike the past ceremonies this one will be less grandiose as compared to the very last coronation that the Second United Kingdom had held for the late Goustov XVII, however the Military Ceremony will not change along with the celebration in the People's Square in downtown Moskovo. Yet, like the day the President took office the people are invited to their square to celebrate with the Monarchs themselves. Unlike the past the after party will not be limited to royals and government officials only its open to everyone. 

The Bishop of Moskovo has expressed his sincere delight that the nation has resorted back to what it was always supposed to be, a United Kingdom of the people who make up the Realm of Ahrana.

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Hello and welcome to the Ahranaian Federal Press Network, the leading news agency brining you all government affairs of the Ahranaian Government and the International Realm. I am Steven Austin Olsen, the leading news anchor for the AFP, joined with Natasha Nilsson my co-anchor. On todays edition of the AFP we will cover the new Constitution, the Act of Human Rights and the announcement from the Federal Procurators Office. All here on Ahranaian Federal Press Network.


Today the country woke up to see that the Federal Government published the new constitution in the public domain, and it has most certainly cause a lot of commotion among the other Press Networks and most certainly at home. My kids have gone none stop asking me about the Constitution and I cant speak for Natasha and her family but I am almost certain that all Ahranaians are most certainly in a motion of shock and awe. 

Well I must say Steven that my family are in the same state on trying to figure all of this out as well, some of the stuff that is written in the constitution is very complex to some people and it leaves a lot of room for the Parliament and the Federal Government a lot of room to expand on in the future. However i think we here at the Ahranaian Federal Press Network may able to get some people at home to understand some of the basics. What do you say Steven?

Most definitely Natasha, this new constitution outlines what most constitutions should and have done in the past, but what this one has done differently is the Executive is structured in a manner that we have never seen before, for the first time the History of a United Ahrana we have a duel Monarchy. The Monarchs have been granted sweeping authority by this Constitution but from what we have been told by the members of Government the Office of Chancellor is the one who will be running the show so to speak.

Yes Steven that is correct, in fact the role of the Monarchs are more ceremonial with powers invested to them by the Constitution but as history has shown us. It is that the monarchy always invests those powers into the Head of Government as it is their responsibility to form the Government and run the country in the name of the Monarchy. So when it comes down to it the powers the monarchy are entrusted with will be used in reserve and only when necessary.

However Steven the most strange and newest thing to everyone is the Act of Fundamental Human Rights of the People, this is something completely new to everyone inside the realm and it goes to show exactly how much the government is investing into this new structure and government. For the first time in our history we have been given almost a Declaration of basic human rights and freedoms that we have been given by previous governments but this time they cannot infringe on these rights without breaking the law.

Yes indeed that is correct Natasha, the government has promised us that unlike the times in the past when our rights have been swept under the door in the name of security of the state; this time they are trying to uphold what has been taken away time after time. This time they are saying we acknowledge what has happened several times in the past and we admit it is wrong. Now they are trying to make a promise to uphold our basic rights as citizens and humans alike. They are not just entitling these rights to us Ahranaians but to those who come to this country in a hope of making a better life or fleeing persecutions or whatever it may be. They are telling us that no matter who we are, we all have these basic rights and that by far is the best thing anyone in a Government of this country has ever done and its the first time ever its been done.


Now on other terms the Office of the Federal Procurator which for those at home who do not know what the or who the procurator is, the Attorney General of the Realm and Federal Government. This office has released a statement with documentation which has stated the following:



20 October 2020, Tuesday 1200AST

Office of the Procurator Second Floor Justice Ministry


After several months of deliberation under the Ahranaian Federations Ministry of Justice the then Office of Attorney General had the intent to open up a trial against other members of the Ivanoff Era of those who had committed crimes against humanity and the people that were committed during the period dubbed The Revolution Era. The former Office under the Former Government had been working on getting details together to bring together a formal indictment against the following people listed below.

This new government being the successor to all previous government before it holds the responsibility of ensuring that the indictment that was ready to be motioned and filed with the Federations Court be carried out under the Royal Government. It is the will of this Office, the Office of Procurator of the United Kingdom of Ahrana, that these people be brought forward on the charges of Crimes Against Humanity, the Intent to committed genocide on several counts, and the intent to undermined the former Government of the Federation and the possible intent to undermined the Royal Government of today The following listed will be brought forward on these charges. The following are to be trialed by the court of law:

- Alexander Luka, Colonel of the Militia of Tatani

-Anastasia Victoria Pederson, Captain of the Secret Police Unit #302 Tatani Division

-Alica Lisa Hanson, Sub-Commander of the Secret Police Unit #004 Moskovo Division

-Lukas Nikioloavic Stephans, Lieutenant of the Secret Police Unit #098 Ahran Division

-Alexander Peterson, Action Commanding Officer of the Tata Rifle Infantry Unit

-Viktor Purshenko, General of the Death Squad of Peterburi

-Alexsander Mishia Lukshenko, Lieutenant-Colonel of the Special Policing Authority

-Natasha Alexsandra Henson, Master Sergeant of the Secret Police Unit #004 Moskovo Division

-Stephan Lukas Allum, Captain of the Militia Lockiee Division

-Scott Anker, Commander of the Peoples' Revolutionary Army Special Forces Division


These people have been arrested as of 1000AST this morning by the commands of this Office, a trial headed by the Supreme Court Judge backed by two other Judges given the circumstance of the charges. These people will face the Judges on the 22 October 2020 at 0900AST to be given their court date and allowed to motion for a trial by peers. Once this motion has been filed the Judges will set a Court date for the accused and reasonable actions will be taken to ensure a fair and free trial for the accused.

Thank you, 

Stephan Jacobson

Federal Procurator for the United Kingdom of Ahrana 


Steven I will say this, this trial is a continuation of the Ivanoff Trial which was promised by the Core Government. It has taken two governments to prepare for this trail and neither have been able to come foreword till now. I do believe this shall be interesting.

That is agreed Natasha. However this concludes the end of todays segment of Ahranaian Federal Press Network. Thank you for joining us today and do have a great day. Good Bye.

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