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Eurth's Annual 2019: Revenge of the Poll

Eurth's Annual 2019: Revenge of the Poll  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. [Pax Eurthica] Which nation is the most peace-loving nation in the region?

  2. 2. [Big Stick Dick] Which nation do you think is likely to declare war on you at the drop of a pin?

    • The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan (红旗工人共和国)
    • The Holy Empire of Derthalen
    • The Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex
  3. 3. [The Pushitzer Prize] Which news agency have you found to be the most realistic?

  4. 4. [Bron Urgundy Award] Which news agency do you get the most giggles out of?

  5. 5. [Fully-Diplomatic] Which well-written diplomatic event do you think has made a significant impression on the world?

  6. 6. [Business Cat] Which well-written event or series of events do you think has been the most significant in global trade?

  7. 7. [Moving the Goalpost] Which well-written cultural or sports event do you think has been the most entertaining?

  8. 8. [Leading the Green Scene] Which event or resolution do you think has had the best results for our environment?

  9. 9. [Ms/Mr Congeniality] Which RP character do you find to be the most likeable?

    • King Aidan I (Seylos)
    • Dina Diva (Variota)
    • Matteo Arlotta (Alenveil)
  10. 10. [Lex Loathor] Which RP character do you like the least?

  11. 11. [Notable N00b] Which member that joined in 2019 deserves our special recognition?

    • Creaturae
    • Metzlitlalio
    • Galahinda
    • Eulycea
    • Oyus

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  • Poll closes on 12/23/2019 at 11:00 AM

Recommended Posts

  1. [Pax Eurthica] - The Cussian Humanitarian Coalition.
  2. [Big Stick Dick] - In my neck of the woods, the only nation I've actually seen misbehave is Haruspex.
  3. [The Pushitzer Prize] - Loads of choices in the good category. I can't choose so let me just nominate Salvia, Sfakia, Tagmatium and Gallambria.
  4. [Bron Urgundy] - #BoycotBron and his fake news.
  5. [Fully Diplomatic] -  Asta L'Vasqqa by Iverica.
  6. [Business Cat] - The SSI push for a fully technocratic regime combined with Elegy, with all its benefits and flaws. As explained in The Implant.
  7. [Moving the Goalposts] - The Bogd Gioro Olympics.
  8. [Leading the Green Scene] - The Laren Environmental Conference by Morheim was interesting. Posted December 30th of last year, but I'll nominate anyway since most of the story played out in 2019.
  9. [Mr/Ms Congeniality] - I rather liked Matteo Arlotta and his search for the Aresi Stone.
  10. [Lex Loathor] - Newly crowned emperor Ji'mar of Haruspex (The Dragon Takes Flight, Imperium News Night).
  11. [Notable N00b] - Loads of new members deserve to be nominated. Some nice people who joined us in 2019 are Galahinda, Metztli, Creaturae, and Eulycea. And Oyus who joined in November 2018.
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