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The Capital Paper (Newspaper)

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The Capital Paper (Amatluatekaken)


Pēyotl Farm Bust - Destructive Drug Still Alive?

A quiet morning in the town of Atlētemoyan within the Kalpolli of Tepatōsōkatlasla, 5am yesterday morning, the sun slowly starting to appear on the horizon. However all of this was about to end as the Temple of the Warrior's Tokallētōnatli of the Dark Eyes division had begun a large-scale raid on the eastern front of the town. Within an hour one of the largest headquarters for the infamous T'sompanatli Cartel had been secured. What should of been a great victory for the nation, as 43 low to mid ranking workers and 6 high ranking members were arrested and subsequently executed, soon turned dark as the Dark Eyes division had uncovered something truly horrific: an entire acre of Pēyotl cactus farms.

Pēyotl cactus is a dangerous psychoactive drug and was thought to have entirely eradicated from the Palu Peninsula by 1912, one of the few times Yatotlan and Metztlikua worked together, primarily by the Fourth Ometekotli Archpriest and Giorgio the First of Limonaia. The cactus initially was considered a medicinal plant, but when Ometekotli unified the many monarchal states under one empire, he decreed the inherit destructive nature of psychoactive plants such as Pēyotl, and thus had them outlawed in his empire.

The Pēyotl cactus grows close to the ground and on cliff edges in large colonies, spineless, and bloom with pink and white flowers. The cactus that use to grow in the southern half of the Palu Peninsula has adapted to the hot tropical climate, primarily growing at high elevations, thus Pēyotl shoots have been recorded in historic texts to have reached sizes up to a meter in diameter. However the average Pēyotl shoot only grows 15-20 centimeters in diameter once they have reached maturity.



Specimen of Pēyotl from the cactus farms before being destroyed.
Photo permission gained from the Temple of Culture and Religious Life.

The rediscovery of the Pēyotl cactus has already sent shockwaves through the Temple of Culture and Religious Life, Temple of the Warriors, Temple of Commoners, and the Temple of the All-High. The Temple of the Warriors has already sent a decree to the Temple of the All-High for the reintroduction of the old anti-Pēyotl laws, however due to the lack of information regarding the Pēyotl cactus, and such little time between rediscovery and notifying of the main bureaucracy there has been no official statement from either the Temple of the All-High nor the Archpriestess.


If you suspect your neighbours of possessing Pēyotl or know someone distributing the cactus, please notify your local community temple or local Warrior Temple.

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The Capital Paper (Amatluatekaken)


Illegal Loggers Save Environment

Last Wednesday, 3 AM, a fire broke out 150 kilometers from the Atlakapetesakatlēxika (Western River). The fire is assumed to have been caused by ash gatherers but became too unwieldly. By 5.30 AM the local authorities from the nearby city of Zhēgewan in the north-east corner of the Faloki Autonomous Kalpolli had arrived to the fire. By then the fire had stretched out to over 1,080,000 square meters in size.


Image taken by the Zhēgewan Local Authorities.
The Flames tear through an opening meant to be harvested for ash.

By 5 PM, the Rainforest Protection Services had finally arrived to the location, the fire had spread out to over 25,000,000 square meters in rapid succession. However the Rainforest Protection Services soon began to cut down a perimeter around the fire to prevent further spread. In the process discovered a long strip of recently cut down trees within a protected area south of the fire, which could only be the result of illegal activity. However, the Rainforest Protection Services took full advantage of the cut down, reducing the time to create the perimeter by a third. The long strip also meant the fire could not reach the protected area, leaving it unscathed by the flames.

By 10PM, the fire had completely burned through it's fuel and died out with an estimate of 27,000,000 square meters of rainforest burned down. Thankfully no major settlements had been destroyed and deaths are minimal.


Image taken by the Rainforest Protection Services.
Aftermath of fire at the north-east perimeter.

The lead officer for the Rainforest Protection Services released a statement regarding the long strip. Stating that although he is grateful for his men, he condemns those who illegally chop down the rainforest, especially within protected areas, and that monitoring within protected areas should be increased.

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