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League of Alharu and Aurelian Native Nations

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9th October, 2009
2 months after the signed agreements to end the Metztlitlalio Civil War, between the Agilnaj Tapelts and Metztlitlalio with backing from Fulgistan, Oyus, and Limonaia.



The Archpriest, Tletlaxoxitle the Second, sat on a cold stone chair. The chair was made of a dull grey granite with black and white veins stretching across the rock with different shades of greys sprinkled across the rock. It's likeness was more that of a swivel bar stool then a throne. The room was cylindrical in shape, 15 feet in radius and 60 feet in height. A large set of light grey wooden doors are built into the side, with 2 other doors made of the same brick as the walls as secret passages in case of emergencies. Desks adorned with mirrors big and small dot the perimeter of the room, with 5 closets made of the same light wood as the doors. Rays of sunlight danced across the air from the many windows looming above, mountain tops visible even with parallax as extreme as where Tletlaxoxitle sat.

Infront of Tletlaxoxitle was a table with several stacks of documents. One stack was entirely letters in crimson red, and were official overviews, statements, and papers from the many Tokallē and Kalpolli that run the nation on the behalf of the Archpriestess. Another were of an assortment of letters from Tletlaxoxitle's priests and family, easily distinguishable just by what the letter's refer to the Archpriestess as, ranging from 'Her Monarch, her Archpriest, Alamatli of Purpose, Tletlaxoxitle, second to hold said great name' to 'Hello Xoxi!!'. An already open letter lay in front of Tletlaxoxitle, her dark chocolate coloured eyes reading, head resting on one bronze brown hand.

The letter was in a standard white envelope, a standard Metztli Intrakalpolli Stamp, a standard start of 'To Tletlaxoxitle'.

If the letter was from any regular priest or member of the public, Tletlaxoxitle would already be fuming at such disrespect of blatant cheapness and cutting of corners. However, as most likely guessed, the letter was not from any regular priest or member of the public. The letter claimed to have been written by Isayōkōnexetli, the Archpriest's Tekilanani, wife.

To Tletlaxoxitle, my Alamatli of purpose, the mountain I rest my own at. I speak from the Temple of Finance, as one of my priest boys has spoken to be privately on how he believes we, as a nation, could strive for greatness!

Sighing, the Archpriestess' own thoughts came out as a small whisper.
"Oh Isayō. These lower priests do not understand how economics truly works yet. Even if they are part of the Temple of Finance"
Nonetheless, she trudged past her own thoughts and continued to read once more.

At first I had heeded your warnings, attempting to disregard the young man's words, but he was so persistent I eventually succumbed to his voice and listened. And he has me convinced!

His idea is that for decades, our people have been under the foot of outside powers, so we should band together. The native nations of Alharu and Aurelia! He called it 'The Native Nations!'

"Thats a stupid name." Tletlaxoxitle muttered. After another minute had passed, Tletlaxoxitle had reached the end of the letter, refolding it and placing it to the side. Moving on to the next letter of her two towers of documents and files.




Later that night...

Tletlaxoxitle lay within her sleeping quarters staring at the large mural on the ceiling, the large king-sized blanket over herself. Despite the many piles of letters she had read and reread, a single spotlight in her mind had put itself upon the letter by her Tekilanani. The ethnic civil war had just ended, the economy was in shambles. Perhaps it was best Metztlitlalio finally broke out of isolationism?

The thoughts continued to echo and ring and spiral and swirl. Mixing and stirring, until the many puzzle pieces fitted into place. A near-completed picture. A union of native nations, of Alharu and Aurelian native ethnic groups, working together.

A league, of Alharu and Aurelian native nations.







To: Ismail Tian-Han, Secretary of the Bureau of Foreign Diplomacy of the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan.
From: The Ixeloyanakisē of Metztlitlalio Foreign Affairs office, Oqixatlitetl Yanakisētla'tosollo.


For many years, nations like ourselves have been back seat to the northern Alharu powers and forced to be under their influence. But your nation has shown nations like ourselves in less fortunate situations that we can fight back against these descendants of Europa and forge a new path, a new destiny, for our people and our cultures. And your recent contribution to the end of our long standing civil war has been nothing but thankful.

As such, we wish to pay back with gratitude to your nation, to hopefully begin a new chapter of Alharu, a brighter chapter. As such, attached alongside this letter will be a document with a proposal for further economic ties between our two nations, as well as an invitation further into the year for your great leader, Wu Ping, and several high ranking officials to have dinner and spend a weekend within Altepetl Tekaken. We can promise to you and your leader that the capital is far safer then the western outskirts of Metztlitlalio. The invitation details the dinner and weekend further.


-Letter approved directly by Archpriestess Tletlaxoxitle, second to carry the name.


Edited by Metztlitlalio
Nation switch due to OOC.
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