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Request: Stalgora

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That's a really really nice map I just can't pinpoint where it's at.

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I will get working on the factbook asap. I had the numbers mostly discussed with Iverica from when I first joined and created my proposal for my nation. I will make sure it gets posted.

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Hello Stalgora,


This is simply a notice for the record. Your application has been approved by the present staff. Your spot on the map will be addly shortly, once @Orioni releases the next update. He may reach out to you for any clarifications or suggestions.



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    • By Eulycea
      Nation in Europa: The Kingdom of Eulycea


      Capital name: Brisa
      Capital location:

      Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Eulycea
      Newsroom link: 

      Culture: Eulycea embraces a culture analogous to western Europe, particularly the western Mediterranean. As the product of the Salvian Crusades, it has significant Salvian influences, particularly in its state religion (Eulycean Catholicism, a schismatic branch of Salvian Catholicism). However, the common (and official) language is Eulycean Aroman, primarily as the result of the evangelization of the Order of St. Joseph, who assimilated much of the native Lycean peoples into Catholicism by teaching them Aroman and Aromanizing their names and culture. This resulted in the cultural assimilation from the bottom up of the Salvian colonial elite into a distinctly Aromanish culture.

      Climate: Eulycea has an arid, equatorial climate divided across three terrains: coastal plain, highland plateaus, and mountains. While near the coast, temperature is fairly mild and dry, the mountaintops remain cold and snowy all year. It is most analogous to Peru.

      Location History: The Lycean peoples (analogous to indigenous Andean peoples pre-Columbus) developed a complex, well-organized agricultural society from 5,000 BC to 1100 AD, where they were finally unified under the Tihuanaco Empire. While the region had always been abundant in precious metals, the discovery of a massive new deposit at Montargent in the 1400s prompted invasion from the Yellow Empire in the 1400s, resulting in the Tihuanaco Empire becoming its tributary puppet. The Salvians, who were obstructed in trade by the Huang with their Lycean subjects, declared a crusade in Lycea as part of their broader campaign to dismantle the Yellow Empire in the 16th century. It succeeded, and the Salvian king became a dual monarch of both Salvia and Eulycea, with a governor administering the colony in his place. Later, in the 1700s, when republicans overthrew the Salvian monarch, he fled with much of the nobility to Eulycea, becoming a de facto (and later de jure) sovereign kingdom of its own.
    • By Tagmatium Rules
      I'm going to ask to add Aroma to the map.
      If it can be added as a port in the place shown on the map as a red dot. It's a been a long time coming, considering it's relative cultural importance, in the scheme of things.
      I've been thinking about it and also checking the cultural map of Europa, it seems to be the most logical place for it to go. I apologise for it now being super busy there, but I think I kind of need to illustrate where it is. Me and Adaptus did agree that it would make more sense to be in my territory than his. We'll assume that the equivalent of Rome's port of Ostia has been swallowed by urban sprawl or something in OTL
      I'm open to comments on whether that is the best place for it to go. I'll attach the cultural map, too, so that everyone else can chip in. The map is also a work in progress by O and may be subject to change.

    • By Gallambria
      Could I have the labels for "HMAS Hartlepool" and "HMAS Brighton" removed from the map please

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