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[Academy RP] Monday Morning

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[WIP, will finish soon]


October 7, 2019

7:43 AM Corona Time

Epsilon, Corona Territory, Aurora


"Lucas, stop tugging on my tie!", yells a man at his son. The little boy, who has completely neglected his daily routine of putting on his school clothes, lets go of his father's tie. The father rubs his knuckles atop the boy's head playfully, then straightens his tie.

"Dad, stop it, I need to put my clothes for school!", the boy says. The father steps away and slips on his proper work shoes.

"Yes, I suppose you do. I don't think they'll let you wear your pajamas when running about in the classrooms." They both laugh and the boy runs off to the closet to change into some more proper clothing and ready himself for his upcoming lectures of education that would come in the next hours. The man walks into the living space of their small apartment. These kinds of accommodations were common across the crowded cities of Epsilon and other Coronan cities.

"I'm off for work! See you later!" The man walks up to his wife and gives her an affectionate kiss on the cheek, then hugs each of his three children, including the boy who had just ran out of the closet with half his clothes on backwards. Then, he was out the door. He hopped in his car, the one three spaces away from the entrance to the apartment tower. He would have taken a metro, but those were too busy Monday, especially this time of day. So, he had about three minutes of smooth driving, until he got to Kolonie Circle, where the traffic got extremely backed up. From there it was regular Epsilon traffic habits; the cars were bumper to bumper, no room to move, no way to change lanes, just the same .00000001 miles per hour that everyone goes until something happens that makes the jam move a slight 1% faster. No wonder people left for work so early.

October 7, 2019

7:52 AM Aurora Time

Rabzidion, Capital, Aurora



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